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Better than the first, a true classic!BBigwig9/10
Mega Man Kill Robot Dog! Mega Man Save Dr. Light! Mega Man Great! Blue Bomber Go! Yeay Mega! Marry Me Mega! Have My Babies! I Love You Mega Man!Bobo The Clown10/10
THIS is what I call a masterpiece!Brak10/10
It's overrated, but not horrible.Calamity8/10
In the year 20XX...carnage549/10
A really good platformerChrisKantos9/10
Now the games are starting to get good!!!Crusher Man9/10
Best one in the entire series.DarkMark4210/10
This was where the Mega Man series truly took off...EPoetker10/10
A worthy sequelFigure Four8/10
Classic action for the NES, and better than the first one.JHarring9/10
Megaman's Word's of Wisdom #2 : When sending you're robot on to another mission which involves Platform skills, Equip him with a better Jump ability!Lagunathemoron6/10
COOL STUFF!Leetdude10/10
Mega Man is back!!!LOZ_OOT10/10
Dr Wily is backMI4 REAL8/10
Mega Man is back in one of the best games of the seriesNint1259/10
This follow-up to the popular Mega Man sports a longer game, better graphics, and better sound than the original..Ranma9/10
The quintessential Mega Man game is perhaps the most overrated Mega Man gameroadtosalvation9/10
Best Mega Man game ever? The answer is ... YES!shand20019/10
Best Megaman game out thereshigman10/10
The beginning of the Mega Man Era starts with the best in the series.Spektre10/10
Still fun to play, even todayTBranford9/10
The amazing sound, visuals and gameplay make up for the very rare cheap level designTheMadcapLaughs10/10
The Megaman series stays as good as always.Undertaker Powerbomb9/10
An Awesome sequel to a pretty good game.Vegita9/10
It's certainly not MY favorite Mega Man game..Vertabreaker8/10
A Mega Man Game that is Very InterestingWarhawk8/10
One of the best 2D games everWriter8/10
Almost perfect.xF0x9/10
A game with wonderful music.(Metal-man and flashman's stages, there we talk MUSIC!!)Yakuza10/10
Best Megaman on the nes, but also the easiest.yatesy8/10

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