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Rockman/Megaman 3 Boss Guide for NES, Genesis (Wily Wars), and Playstation.
Version 0.9 by Strider VM (

Yay, another boring day for me, time to write another "Requested" FAQ. :)
This time, for Rockman/Megaman 3.

Another thing, my FAQ is based on the NES/Genesis versions of Megaman 3,
since there is a Playstation version, I only played the Rockman/Megaman 1
on the Playstation, but it was NES perfect, so there should be no problems.

Table of Contents :

I. Megaman 3 Robot Masters
II. The Spirits of the Megaman 2 Robot Masters Return!
III. Dr. Wily's Laboratory Bosses
IV. Credits

I. Megaman 3 Robot Masters

Hard Man
Weakness : Magnet Missile
Weapon acquired : Hard Knuckle

Pattern :
At the start of the battle, he fires two of his rocket fists, then he jumps
over your character and tries to smash you, then the pattern restarts again.

What to do :

Avoid the two rockets, then slide to avoid his smashing, then pepper him 
with Magnet Missiles. Sometimes, the Magnet Missiles had a tendency to
miss Hard Man when he is just standing there.

Top Man
Weakness : Hard Knuckle
Weapon Acquired : Top Spin

Pattern :
He throws three tops which flies for about a second and then goes
in the direction of Rockman all at the same time, then he spins (In this
part he can't be hit in any way.) for about 4 seconds goes to the other 
side of the screen, then pattern starts all over again.

What to do :

To avoid all three tops run on the opposite direction Top Man is facing,
when he spins memorize the timing before he goes into the other side of
the screen, fire while the three tops are still flying and not doing

Gemini Man
Weakness : Snake
Weapon Acquired : Gemini Laser

Pattern : 

He makes another copy of himself, then one of his copy's jumps to the other
side of the screen, then the two will systematically run into a 
counter-clockwise pattern while firing lasers. 

What to do :

Stay in the middle of the screen, after half of Gemini Man's life is
gone, his copy will also be gone, then he will just run slowly and fire, 
just stay a few inches away from him and keep firing.

Magnet Man 
Weakness : Shadow Blade
Weapon Acquired : Magnet Missile

Pattern : 

He jumps two times and does either; he turns into a magnet himself
and tries to magnetize you, or he sticks himself into the ceiling
and fires three Magnet Missiles.

What to do:

Stay in the left corner of the screen, then fire when he is still 
jumping or when he is in the ceiling. When he magnitizes himself, just 
run to the opposite direction. To avoid the missiles, just keep moving.

Snake Man
Weakness : Needle
Weapon Acquired : Snake

Pattern :

One of the most inpredictable patterns, he runs into your direction,
then near the middle of the screen, he launches two snakes and runs to
the other side of the screen, then the pattern repeats.

What To Do :

One of the hardest bosses in Megaman 3, keep away from him and try
to know when he jumps.

Needle Man
Weakness : Gemini Laser
Weapon Acquired : Needle

Pattern :

He jumps high and fires three needles, then jumps near to you, if
you are near enough, he uses his close-up weapon, if not he
jumps again and fires another three needles.

What to do :

When he fires his three needles, walk to the opposite direction (NOT slide)
to avoid it, if he jumps and lands near you, slide to avoid being hit
with his close-up weapon since it's a little too fast to just jump
over, the best time to hit him, is when he is jumping, and since the
Gemini laser bounces on wall, you can hit him with proper aiming.
(Along with some stroke of luck.)

Spark Man
Weakness : Spark/Shadow Blade (Yes, his weakness is his own weapon.)
Weapon Acquired : Spark

Pattern :

He jumps twice into your direction, then charges his weapon and fires,
Pattern repeats all over again.

What to do :

He's a little slow, so just pepper him while he's jumping, to avoid
his spark throw, just position yourself below him and jump over his shot.

Shadow Man
Weakness : Top Spin / Shadow Blade
Weapon Acquired : Shadow Blade

Pattern :

He hops twice in to your direction, then either ; throws two blades, or
he slides.

What to do :

When he hops twice, get ready to jump, since when he throws his two
blades, there is an opening you can jump to between the two blades,
you can also jump to avoid his slide, best time to attack him is
while he is hopping.

Extra Note : I think there is a bug in the game that drains ALL of your
weapon meter after getting hit and doing your Top Spin on Shadow Man.

II. The spirit of the Megaman 2 Robot Masters Return!

Weakness: Needle / Gemini Laser

Pattern :

Well, he run and jumps around, after a while he uses his stop flash,
and fires a multitude of blasts to your character. pattern repeats again.

What to do :

Just pepper him  with your weapons, and when he gets near, run to the
other side of the screen, and keep firing.

Weakness : Needle / Snake

Pattern :

He fires six if his leaves in the air then makes another six for
his shield, then the six leaves starts falling from the ceiling.
When the leaves from the ceiling is in the middle of the screen,
he launches his leaf shileld and jumps, after the leaves from the 
ceiling had disappeared, pattern starts all over again.

Weakness : Magnet Missile

Pattern :

When you fire, he jumps and fires from one to two metal blades, if you
get too near, he jumps to the other side.

What to do :

Sicne you have the Magnet Missile, fire and then get ready to avoid his 
metal blades, don't even bother getting near to him.

Weakness : Top Spin

Pattern :

He just fires three fires at different angles, when he is hit with
his weakness, he flames up and goes to another part of the screen.

What to do :

His flames are not impossible to avoid, since there will be an opening 
between his flames, after hitting him with the Top Spin, time him before
be flames up and you should be able to jump over his attack.

Weakness : Gemini Laser

Pattern :

He runs VERY FAST, then jumps and fires three quick boomerangs. Pattern
repeats again.

What to do :

Well, he's one of the hardest, if not the most of the MM2 bosses, and
since he runs so fast and the Gemini Laser is a little slow, well
fire and hope he gets hit, that's all I can say.

Weakness : Spark / Shadow Blade

Pattern :

First, he fires two bubble blasts, then he swims near the ceiling (The 
ceiling, by the way has spikes, so don't jump too high since your 
underwater.) then while he pulls down, he fires mini bubble blasts,
after reaching the ground, pattern repeats again.

What to do :

It's easy to avoid the Bubble blasts since they bounce so much, 
hit him when he is falling to the ground and firing his mini-bubble

Weakness : Hard Knuckle

Pattern : 

He just runs, then jumps if you fire and
fires a clash bomb at your direction, pattern repeats again.

What to do : 

Jump to avoid his clash bombs, the tricky part
is hitting him with the Hard Knuckle, to actually hit him,
get as near as possible then fire, the damage the Hard
Knuckle does can kill him in 5 hits.

Weakness : Spark

Pattern :

It's not possible to go for a perfect against this guy, since he fires
three patterns of flying tornadoes, one of which is not possible to
avoid, after three shots, he jumps to the other side of the screen
and the pattern starts again. 

What to do :

Get near him, and blast him, since the tornadoes will deflect your

II. Dr. Wily's Laboratory Section           

Dr. Wily Laboratory 1st Boss (Some turtle thing)
Weakness : "Nah, no need to use any special weapon."

Dr. Wily Laboratory 2nd Boss (Reminiscent of Megaman 1 boss)
Weakness : Shadow Blade / Hard Knuckle

Pattern :

Parts of him flies to you, when all of his sections are combined
his weak point appears and fires a shot, then he goes to the other side
by dividing himself again, at the third dividing, he just divides into
five parts and hops into the other side, then pattern starts again.

What to do :

When he divides himself, there is only one pattern of them flying at you,
and it is slower than in the Megaman 1 version, so after his weak point
has appeared, you should be able to hit him three times. you can walk
(Yes, walk!) past the other pattern of dividing.

Dr. Wily Laboratory 3rd Boss (Megaman Clone)
Weakness : Snake

Pattern :

Three Megamans appear out of the teleporters and runs to both sides
of the platform and fires, upon reaching the teleporter, they disappear
and when they appear again, the vulnerable one will be different.

What to do :

Since you can't really tell which clone is the vulnerable one, choose
the snake weapon, choose the side you want and hope for the best.
(PS : Well, I always choose the top part first.)

Dr. Wily Laboratory 4th Boss (After fighting all the robot masters again.)
First Form Weakness : Spark
Second Form Weakness : Rush Jet

First Form Pattern :

He just slowly crawls his way and fires by using the turret found
in the lower part of Dr. Wily's machine.

What to do :

Just fire when the turret comes into view, it will be destroyed in no time.

Second Form Pattern :

Dr. Wily's face will appear in the part that was shielded before, then fires
from above.

What to do :

Use the Rush Jet to get to the same level as him, then fire away until
he's defeated.

Dr. Wily Laboratory Final Boss
First Form Weakness : Shadow Blade

Pattern : 

Simple, he just fires shots at you below.

What to do :

Use the Rush Jet to get to the right platform, then use the Shadow
Blade to defeat it.

Second Form Weakness : Top Spin or Snake

Pattern :

The same as the first, but the hand of the robot randomly attacks
and can kill in one shot.

What to do :

There will be a new platform above the right one when the second form
appears, get your Top Spin ready and jump and hit him, one hit will
kill him.

There, Rockman/Megaman 3 is finished, enjoy the additional bonuses!
(If you're playing the Playstation version.)

III. Credits

Capcom : Well, the Megaman/Rockman series remains one of the best 
         platformers in my list.

Boredom : My main reason for writing FAQS :)

GameFAQS : Has the best FAQ's out there! Thanks for posting my works!

There, another FAQ/Walkthrough finished......

FAQ 1999 Strider VM