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Your average platform game.12/27/00ATadeo
Best game of the series. Mega Man doesn't get any better!01/30/00BBigwig
There just seems to be something missing in this game....04/16/00Brak
This is when Mega Man started OWNING!!!09/30/08Calamity
Mega Man 3 is a great game, but is not reccomended for the die hard NES gamers.08/20/10CorruptOwl
The best game of the NES Mega Man series!!!07/19/01Crusher Man
As hard as a delicious nut10/16/07Discomaster
A Game Worthy of Mega Man.05/20/02Doodleheimer
A best of the series07/16/01Figure Four
Outshines it's predecessors in every way...12/02/10jk8yone
Megaman's Word's of Wisdom #3 : When you managed to win your last adventures by the skin of your nose, get a sidekick called Rush.10/31/01Lagunathemoron
Certainly not the best game in the series....02/22/01Megamur
My Favorite Megaman in the series09/24/01MI4 REAL
Given the NESMaster best game award!!!08/27/01NESMaster
A step forward?01/26/15Ofisil
The highly tauted "best" deserves its praise.07/07/11Q_Sensei
The highly tauted "best" deserves its praise.07/07/11Q_Sensei
Could have been great; instead it's merely decent07/07/11roadtosalvation
Almost Better than Megaman 2.....04/11/01shigman
Improved graphics and gameplay, plus replay value- but it just doesn't have that feeling.02/02/00Spektre
A Good Game and a Good Addition to the Mega Man Series12/02/08tazzyboyishere
This, is a Mega Man game03/26/01Van Veen
My favorite NES Mega Man game03/13/01Vertabreaker
A Highly Great Mega Man Title06/17/02Warhawk
The pinnacle of the Mega Man series05/22/01Writer
A follow-up to the serie......07/16/01Yakuza

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