For the Nintendo Entertainment System

Written by Ian Rogers

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Version 1.2

Revision History


Version 1.2

In this version I've made a few small sentence and grammatical changes (so 
small that you won't even notice them) and made a few formatting changes.  I 
also added a theory about a lawn ornament that comes to life, and a solution 
to that mysterious newspaper headline.


Version 1.1

Dang, I didn't think that I'd be updating this FAQ again!  But, I am.  Anyway, 
I added a few more Frequently Asked Questions, and fixed a little mistake in 
the Training Course Section.


Version 1.0

Initial release of this FAQ.  


I think that the original Paperboy is a classic game.  No questions asked.  
And it's also the only game in it's class.  There was a poorly made NES sequel 
(Ugh, I shudder at the thought) and of course the N64 version, which actually 
didn't fare too well.

But anyway, they never could succeed in making a game quite like Paperboy.  
You know what I mean?  No, of course you don't.  Let's just get on the FAQ!

Table Of Contents

1. Storyline
2. Controls
3. The Absolute Basics
4. Types of Houses
5. Points and Scoring
6. The Enemies
7. The Obstacles
8. Fun on the Training Course!
9. Scoring & Survival Tips
10. A Little Bit on Two Player Mode
11. Frequently Asked Questions
12. Game Genie Codes
13. Acknowledgments
14. Copyright Info

And with that in mind, let us begin.


1. Storyline

In Paperboy, you're a kid who wants to earn some money delivering papers for 
the Daily Sun.  But the only paperboy route open is down the roughest, 
toughest, most dangerous street in town.

But of course, you signed on anyway.

If you can successfully deliver papers without getting too battered (or losing 
all your customers) for one week, you'll have enough money to last you a long 

Any questions?


2. Controls

Okay, so you've never played Paperboy before.  That's understandable, I'm sure 
that a lot of people haven't.  So, I guess you'll want to know the Controls:

D Pad Up: Speeds up 
D Pad Left/Right: Turns
D Pad Down: Brakes

A/B: Throws Paper

Start: Pauses the game
Select: Selects the Number of Players at the menu screen

The Select button serves no other function used during the game.

I hope you have these down, because they couldn't be any easier to understand!


3. The Absolute Basics

Okay, we've started the game and are prepared to deliver some papers.  Now 

Well, first of all, at the beginning a picture of the street will appear, and 
it will show red and blue houses.  The Blue houses are the ones that you 
deliver papers to, and the Red ones you can leave well enough alone.

The houses are their respectable red and blue colors both on the map, and 
during the game.

NOTE: White, blue, and yellow houses are all subscribers.  In other words, all 
of the non-red houses are subscribers!

Now you have to deliver papers to all of the blue houses.  That means getting 
a paper in the mailbox or on the doorstep of each house.  Note that getting a 
paper in the mailbox will earn you more points.

Oh yeah, and if you miss a house, or break one of their windows, they'll 
cancel their subscription!

If you should make a perfect delivery, that is, get a paper to every 
subscribing house, someone will resubscribe and you'll have another customer.

But, as you might have expected, the street is full of enemies and obstacles 
that are determined to make sure that this doesn't happen!  Your other job is 
to avoid all of these hazards, making sure that you don't get a broken back by 
crashing your bike into something.

You can also have a little fun, too.  There are lots of windows to break, 
garbage cans to knock over, and little trees to damage, which will earn you a 
lot of points!  Just simply throw a paper, and if your aim is good, you'll get 
some points.

Just make sure you only break the windows on the red houses, not the blue!

If you make it to the end of the street, you get to run through the Training 

And then, it's on to the next day.


4. Types of Houses

Of course, not all of the houses on the street are the same.  But there are 
only 6 basic types of houses, three that start out red, and three that start 
out blue, so I've listed some notes about them here.

Blue Houses

#1. The Small House

Description: A small house with attached garage.  The doorstep is located in 
the center, but the mailbox is on the other side of a window, located closer 
to the garage.
Notes: With this house, I usually aim for the doorstep.  Whenever you go for 
the mailbox, there is a large chance that you might break that annoying 
window, making you lose that house.

#2. The House of Windows

Description: A larger house, shaped like an L.  There are lots of windows on 
every side.  The mailbox is right next to the doorstep, which is located at 
the corner of the L.
Notes: On this house, just aim for the doorstep, as there is a good chance 
that you might make it in the mailbox.  If this house unsubscribes (turns red) 
then start madly throwing papers, because it's easy to break lots of windows 
on this house!

#3. The Square House

Description: The house itself isn't really square, it just seems that way.  
There are lots of windows on the back of the house, and the mailbox and 
doorstep are located on the front side, right next to each other.  There is a 
large driveway, so you can ride your bike up close to the house and deliver 
your paper.
Notes: This is the easiest house to hit the mailbox!  Just ride right up 
close, and throw right when you get to the mailbox.  It couldn't be any 

The Red Houses

#1. The Slanty Z House

Description: This house is laid out in the shape of a Z, only slanted a 
little.  There are a few windows scattered around, and two tombstones in 
front.  The doorstep is large and very easy to hit with a paper.
Notes: This is the best red house to get for a resubscriber, as the doorstep 
is easier to hit than the other houses.  There are only a few scattered 
windows, so breaking them will take careful aim.

#2. The Hidden Doorway House

Description: This house is laid out in the shape of a slanted I.  The doorway 
is tilted to one side, so it is impossible to see the doorstep.  The house 
itself is very small, and has a large driveway, ideal for riding through.
Notes: This is the worst house to get for a resubscriber.  As I said before, 
the doorway is tilted so it is hard to see exactly where to throw the paper.  
Try to get up close for a better shot, if the situation calls for it.

#3. The Mansion

Description: A larger house, it is built in the shape of a square, with 
sloping roofs and twin towers next to the front door.  An easy to hit line of 
windows is located to the right of the doorway.
Notes: This is a great house to break windows on!  The line of the three 
windows to the right of the doorway is perfect for breaking, and there are a 
few other easy ones scattered around as well.


5. Points and Scoring

Here are the point values for various objects throughout the game.  The point 
values stay the same in every level.


Bundle of Papers: 50 Points

Successful Delivery to the Doorstep: 300 Points

Successful Delivery to the Mailbox: 700 Points

Broken Window: 300 Points

Trash Cans: 300 Points

Small Palm Trees: 300 Points

Stone Posts: 300 Points

Tombstones: 300 Points

Training Course

Circular Targets: 200 Points

Square Targets: 100 Points

Time Bonus: 100 Points for every second remaining.

If I've missed anything, email me about it.


6. The Enemies

Throughout the game, many people and things are always trying to gang up on 
you to force you to crash, and then quit your job.  I classify an enemy as 
"Anything that moves, but does not necessarily have a mind of it's own."

Some of these enemies will not appear on Monday, and will instead be found 
starting on Tuesday, and will continue to show up through Sunday.  This is 
noted where applicable.

Bicycle Tire
These things roll around in a predictable square pattern.  Watch the pattern, 
so that you won't be caught by surprise.  You could also hit it with a paper 
to stop it rolling.  Don't you wish a real tire could roll forever without 
falling down?

Remote Controlled Car
Like the Tire, the remote controlled car drives around in a square pattern.  
You can also hit this one with a paper to stop it.

Remember back in the 80s, when skateboarding was considered cool by all?  The 
skateboarder in the game, however, pops out of nowhere coming down the 
sidewalk at you at high speeds.  If you see him, drive on to the lawn of a 
nearby house to get out of his way.

Why would an old lady be so mad at the local paperboy?  As you speed by a 
house, she'll pop out and start running after you with a rolling pin.  Just 
ride away quickly to get away from her.

Kicking Man
The standing joke over at my house is that this guy is trying to put his pants 
on while lying down in the middle of the sidewalk.  I usually just ride around 
him.  If you hit this nut with a paper, he'll stop kicking, but he'll still be 
in your way.  I've also heard that this guy is just break dancing.

Construction Worker
He just stands there, jackhamering away, not making any holes of any kind, 
just jackhammering away.  He's also blocking your way!  Most people just ride 
around him, like with the kicking man.

Go Kart
Some little kid has come out here to play with his go kart.  He just pedals 
out of the driveway and stops.  Sometimes he blocks your way, sometimes not.  
If he does, just ride around him.

This annoying mutt can be found alongside most doghouses.  If you ride by, 
he'll start to chase you.  When he does, throw a paper at him to make him 
stop!  If you don't, he'll keep following you, and will manage to attack you 
if you make any left turns.

Motorcycle Dudes
At the two intersections, you can always find these guys driving along.  Brake 
if you see them coming in front of you, and speed up if they're coming right 
at you.

Man in Sewer
Some nut job is hiding out in the sewer, poking his head up in random 
locations.  He's usually not much of a problem, as all of the sewers are on 
the street, but he can catch you by surprise if he pops up right in front of 

Running Kid
As you ride by, kids will run across the sidewalk right in front of you.  
They'll keep running until they go off screen.  If you see one coming, hit the 
brakes!  Some also say that this mysterious figure is a lawn ornament that has 
come to life, but no one really knows for sure...

All of the moving cars on the street are red, and they're headed in your 
direction!  They are very hard to get around if you're in the street, which is 
why I like to stay on the sidewalk.

Dust Devil
This little cyclone (tornado) will come up behind you and get in the way.  
Pedal at full speed to avoid crashing into it!  The cyclone does not appear on 

The Grim Reaper, much like the kid on the go kart, will walk into the middle 
of the sidewalk, sometimes blocking your path, and sometimes not.  He does not 
appear on Monday.


7. The Obstacles

I classify an obstacle by anything that does not move, but can kill you.  
Houses are not counted as obstacles.

Parked Car
These green antiques are always parked right up next to the curb, so it's easy 
to crash into them!  Be especially wary if you are riding in the street!

Miniature Fences
Is there a gardener in the house?  These little fences do nothing but take up 
space in the front yards of houses, making them easy to crash into if you're 
cutting across lawns.

Drainage Grates
Who crashes their bike when they hit one of these on the street?  Not me!  Oh 
well, these must be special.  They appear right next to the paths between the 
street and the sidewalk, so watch out for them!

Trash Cans
These always appear two at a time.  While you can crash into them, you can 
also get 300 Points for hitting them with a newspaper!

Miniature Palm Trees
Like the trash cans, you can pick up 300 points for hitting these with a 
paper, and they also come two at a time.

Stone Posts
They're small, they appear on the corners of yards, and they make a funny 
sound if you hit them with a paper.  As a bonus, you'll also get 300 points.

Who would bury a person in their front yard?  Don't you need a special permit 
for that?  Anyway, tombstones are found in front of most of the red houses.  
You can pick up 300 points for knocking them over with a paper.

Large Trees
The larger, real trees can be found usually on the far left of the screen, 
where no one ever goes.  With that in mind, we can safely say that they're 
easy to avoid.  Of course, some also appear in the front of red houses, as an 
alternative to tombstones.

For Sale Signs
Is every house on this street for sale?  Probably not, the game just needed 
another obstacle!  These signs tend to get in the way, so watch out for them!

Remember those hand powered lawnmowers that they always had to use on TV in 
the 80s?  Well, they're in this game!  When the lawnmowers appear, they're 
always on the far left of the screen, and are easy to avoid.

Half the time, it's the dogs that are the danger, not the doghouses!  But, the 
doghouses are still an obstacle blocking the lawn.  Be careful.

The small lines of bushes appear on lawns.  Drive around them the same way you 
did with the Miniature Fences.

Fire Hydrants
The little fire hydrants are always right next to the curb.  They're usually 
easy to avoid.


8. Fun on the Training Course!

At the end of a hard days work, every Paperboy likes to have some fun and fine 
tune his skills on the training course.  It's also a great place to earn 

In order to get to the end (and get the final time bonus, no doubt!) you'll 
have to pass by some tricky little obstacles.  Here's a list of them:

Walls are everywhere!  Watch out that you don't crash into them!

Normal Ramp
This is easy.  It's just a ramp!  You can use it to get some air, or you could 
ride around it!  Just don't crash into the side of it.

There are a lot of these, and they get in the way!  Ride around those annoying 
little things.  

Jump the Pool of Water
Basically, there's a little ramp next to a little pool of water.  If you can 
successfully ride up the ramp at high speed, you'll jump over the pool of 
water.  If you don't, you can either ride around the pool or crash into it.

Moving Walls
Every once and a while there will be a break in the wall.  Sometimes, there is 
a little piece of that wall that magically moves back and forth.  You have to 
ride around it.

Moving Ramps
These are a little trickier, but can be mastered with practice.  There will be 
a wall, and a ramp that moves from side to side.  You have to ride up the ramp 
to make it over the wall.  Make sure that you're riding in the angle of the 
ramp, or you'll crash for sure!

Jump the Wall
This is exactly the same as above, only it's easier because the ramp doesn't 

You can crash into these things too.  They're not in your direct way very 
often, so they're pretty easy to avoid.

Point Values for Targets:

Square Targets: 100 Points
Round Targets: 200 Points

Time Bonus

At the end of the Training Course (if you can even make it that far) you get a 
time bonus.  That bonus is 100 Points for every second that you have remaining 
on the clock.  You start off with 45 seconds.

My best time for completing the Training Course is 19 Seconds.


-Don't worry, because if you crash on the Training Course, you won't lose a 

-Every time you go over a ramp, your supply of papers will fill up.  So, go 
over as many ramps as you can!  Thanks to for pointing this 

-You have an almost infinite amount of papers, so don't afraid to a let a few 
random ones fly at a faraway target!

-Aim for the big round targets; they're worth more points!

-Take the left path for a quicker route, and a lot of targets to hit!

-You can still hit targets while you're in the air.  Keep this in mind when 
going over some of the ramps.

-On the final stretch, there are a lot of square targets that are easy to hit.  
They are located in the middle row.


9. Scoring & Survival Tips

-If you see a skateboarder coming, ride on to a nearby lawn, fast!

-When you see a group of three windows in a row, throw a few papers.  You have 
an excellent chance of hitting at least one of them.

-When crossing the street, keep an eye out for bikers.

-On Monday, try to conserve your papers.  To me, it seems like they give you 
less extra papers that day.  Plus, you have a lot of houses to hit.

-Don't be afraid to cut across lawns to get out of the way of an enemy.

-If the dog starts to chase you, quickly throw a paper at it to get it out of 
your hair.

-When you see an extra bundle of papers, start throwing wildly before you pick 
it up.  You might just score a few extra points.  Only do this if you are by a 
red house so that you won't lose any subscribers.

-Do the same thing with the last house on the road, if it's red.  Your supply 
of papers always fills back up when you get to the Training Course, so try to 
score some last minute points!

-Try not to go into the streets.  Cars are always coming, and it's hard to get 
away from them.


10. A Little Bit on Two Player Mode

When I say "A Little Bit," I mean a little bit!  Actually, there's not much to 

Basically, you and a friend each take a controller, and take turns delivering.  
When one player crashes, it's the next persons turn.  Each player keeps their 
own individual score.

If you want to make things a competition, you could say that the person with 
the highest score wins.

There, all finished.  Told you there wasn't much!


11. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the newspaper at the beginning say "Hero Paperboy Stops Thief?" I 
don't remember doing that!
A: In one of the earlier versions of Paperboy there was a gas station that you 
could ride past.  On one of the days during the week, a robber would run 
outside with a bag of money, and you could score a lot of points by hitting 
him with a paper. Unfortunately, this cool feature was not included in the NES 
version.  Thanks a lot to the person who first told me this, but I lost his 
email, so proper credit can not be given.

Q: Is it possible to hit a Motorcycle Guy with a paper? 
A: I don't think so.

Q: Is there a way to earn extra lives?
A: No, not that I know of

Q: Can you completely stop the bike?
A: No, you can't.  That would just make the game dumb anyway.

Q: When does the game end?
A: It ends after you beat Sunday.  That's seven levels, just so everyone 

Q: Why do Death and the Dust Devil not appear on Monday?
A: The Dust Devil is a harder obstacle to avoid, so they put it in later 
levels.  Death isn't that hard, but I guess they just needed another enemy for 
the later levels.

Q: What is the kicking man doing?
A: I think that the creators of the game intended to him to simply be kicking, 
but he kind of looks like he's trying to put on his pants.  I heard someone 
say that he was break dancing.

Q: What does Grandma have against paperboys?
A: I don't know.

Q: Did Paperboy take their level title screen from The Shining?
A: I don't think so, but they both look pretty much the same.

Q: Is it possible to get a "Perfect Game" by delivering every paper to every 
house, getting a resubscriber every day, and finishing the game with a total 
of seventeen customers?
A: I believe that it is possible, but I've never done it.  Email me if you 

Q: Have you beaten Paperboy?
A: Yes.

Q: Without Game Genie Codes?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens when you beat the game?
A: You get a headline saying "Paperboy Retires in Glory."

Q: Why do customers paint their houses when they cancel their subscriptions, 
or resubscribe?
A: I don't know, it's just how the game works.

Q: At the end of the Training Course, it looks like one of the guys doesn't 
have a head!  What's the deal with this?
A: The guy's head and the bleachers behind him are the same color.  Therefore, 
he looks like he doesn't have a head.

Q: Did you REALLY beat Paperboy?
A: For the last time, yes!

Q: Why is a man hiding in the sewer?
A: It's his home.

Q: Why is it that you can crash into a measly little grate?  It just doesn't 
make sense!
A: The grate is covered with grease and wet leaves, so you slip if you hit it.


12. Game Genie Codes

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...

Game Genie Codes!

SXSEVZVG	Infinite lives
PAUOEIGA	Start with 1 life
TAUOEIGA	Start with 6 lives
OZNOKAVK	Infinite papers 
GOXAUOZA	Start with 20 papers
GPUONUZA	Gain 20 papers on pick-up


13. Acknowledgments

First off, I'd like to thank Nintendo for making the game.

My other big word of thanks goes to Gamefaqs, for posting this FAQ on their 

Thanks to <> who pointed out a mistake that I made.

Thanks to <> for telling me about his theory of the lawn 
ornament that comes to life.

And also, thanks to Gamesages, which is where I got the Game Genie Codes from.

Thanks a lot everybody!


14. Copyright Info

This FAQ Copyright 1999 by Ian Rogers

This FAQ may not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without written 
permission from the author.  That means you have to email me if you want my 
FAQ posted on your website.  You may NOT steal this FAQ and claim to have 
written it.  You also may not separate this FAQ into little pieces, and put it 
on your website that way.

Well, that's the end.  Email me if you have a question, a comment, or a