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Snake Rattle 'n Roll NES FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
by Stephen Maiorana (RoyalRanger)
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Last Update: 6-28-01

Note: This FAQ is not fully complete. It covers levels from 1 through 5, as well 
as the dreaded final boss and a few other items to take note of. More will be 
added in the very near future. 

How To Play
Bonus Rounds
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Final Boss
Final Notes


Welcome to this Snake Rattle 'n Roll guide, based on Snake Rattle 'n Roll, the 
excellent 3D-isometric game by Rare LTD. This has always been one of my favorite 
NES games, hard as it is, so it's time I helped you in the venture.

The main purpose of this game is to reach the top of a huge mountain. In order 
to do this, you must complete each level by eating little round Nibbley Pibbleys 
to open the door to the next level.

Not much more can be said, so let us proceed through this guide...

Control Pad

Because Snake Rattle 'n Roll is viewed from a sort-of diagonal angle, your snake 
will also be moved at an angle. In other words, the snakes don't move straight 
down, up, left, or right; but instead, they move diagonally.

 _        _
|          |
  \      /

  /      \
|_        _|

Other Controls

Select - This button isn't used in the game
Start - Pause and continue the game

B - Flick snake tongue
    Swim up a waterfall
    Open a sewer lid

A - Jump


You can chose to play this game with one of two players. When playing in two-
player mode, both players play simultaneously to help each other out. The first 
player will play the pink snake, Rattle. The second player will play the purple 
snake, Roll.

Upon starting the game, each snake will be given three lives. That may not seem 
like much for a hard game like this, but that's not all you have. In addition to 
the three lives, you also have two continues.

When playing the game, don't fall from a ledge that is too high up. If you move 
off of a ledge and fall more than four vertical blocks down, you will lose a 

Also keep an eye on the timer at the bottom of the screen. You'll lose a life if 
it hits 0.

Nibbley Pibbleys

As I've stated earlier, you need to eat Nibbley Pibbleys to proceed through the 
game. These Nibbley Pibbleys will continually pop out of dispensers you find 
along the way; but these dispenser will also throw out bombs that are disguised 
as Nibbley Pibbleys, so make sure you watch out.

In each level, the Nibbley Pibbleys will usually take on a different form, such 
as helicopters or birds. You can eat one of these Nibbley Pibbleys by flicking 
your tongue at it. Each Nibbley Pibbley you eat will give you a number of units, 
based on the color of the Nibbley Pibbley. After every four units you gain, your 
snake's tail will lengthen with another segment. The number of units you gain 
per Nibbley Pibbley are as follows:

Nibbley Pibbley Color   |  # Units Gained
Yellow                         3 Units
The color of your snake        2 Units
Other color                    1 Unit

After you've eaten enough Nibbley Pibbleys, the last segment of your tail will 
start to blink. At this point, you have to find a scale and jump on it to make 
it ring. In the case of a two player game, both players must have blinking tails 
and must get on the scale together to make it ring. When the scale rings, you 
just have to find the exit door in the level and leave to proceed to the next 


Along your way, you will encounter many strange enemies. Most of these enemies 
can be defeated by jumping on them a few times, and this is the method that will 
earn you the most points. All of the enemies can be killed by flicking your 
tongue at it a few times, but this doesn't earn as many points. If you happen to 
touch an enemy, you will lose a tail segment. If you lose all of your tail 
segments, you lose a life.

Most of the enemies change from level to level, but this is one that you have to 
look out for. The Big Foot will appear in every level, except for the last few. 
It usually pops out from under a sewer lid when you get close, but it sometimes 
just sits still and doesn't start to move until you near it. When the foot does 
appear and start to move, it will jump around in a certain pattern. If you touch 
the foot, you'll lose a tail segment. If you get stepped on by the foot, you'll 
lose a whole life. To kill the Big Foot, you cannot jump on it, but must lick it 

There is another enemy called Ice Foot, which appears in the last few levels 
instead of the Big Foot. The Ice Foot is much like the Big Foot, except the Ice 
Foot must be hit with a steady stream of tongue licks. If you miss a hit, Ice 
Foot will get all of its energy back.


Here is a list and rough drawing of items you will find during the game.

 / | \
|  -- |  Use this to add 25 extra seconds to your level timer.

/ __ \
\    /  This grants your snake temporary invincibility.
 \  /

Extra Continue: 

(Snake head with mouth open. Can't create picture for this object.)

This adds one more continue to those you already have.

Extra Life:

(Small snake head. Can't create picture for this object.)

This adds one more life to those you already have. Be careful, though, because 
if the Extra Life doesn't blink, it's not really an extra life but a bomb.

\/|    \
/  ---/|  This item temporarily reverses the controls on the control pad.
\  ---\|  Try to avoid this item as much as possible.

Speed Up:
 _   _
   |     This temporarily lets your snake move around very quickly.

Tongue Extension:
|| ||
||_||  Grab this to make your tongue longer.
| | |


In a few of the levels of the game, there will be a bonus round that can be 
found under a certain sewer lid. In the bonus round, five Nibbley Pibbleys will 
pop out of a dispenser, move around a bit, and head back to the dispenser. If 
you can eat all of the Nibbley Pibbleys before they return to the dispenser, 
you'll get 5000 extra points.

The best way to win the bonus round is to start eating the Nibbley Pibbleys as 
soon as the begin to pop out of the dispenser. A yellow Nibbley Pibbley will 
appear last. Since the yellow one moves very quickly, go after that Nibbley 
Pibbley right away, even if you haven't eaten t all of the others. Once you eat 
the yellow Nibbley Pibbley, you can continue to eat the others.


Nibbley Pibbley type: Pibballs

This is the first and easiest level in the game. If you've never played Snake 
Rattle 'n Roll before, this is the perfect place to practice and become 
accustomed to the game control.

Try to stay out of the water as much as you can in this level. If you stay in it 
too long, a shark will bite you, taking away a section of your tail.

All the way to the right (at the other end) of this level, there will be a 
rocket that will take off approximately 9 seconds after the level begins. If you 
can make it all the way to the rocket and jump in before it's gone, you'll be 
warped to Level 8. I don't recommend trying to use this warp. It's very hard to 
jump in before it takes off, therefore usually just wasting your time.

You will shortly see an extra life on ledge high up. This is one point where 
that nasty shark comes in handy. First, make sure your snake has at least one 
tail segment. Place your snake in the water right in front of the ledge where 
the extra life is. Let the shark bite you and, when you fly into the air, use 
the UP button to move to the ledge directly beneath the extra life. Jump to the 
ledge to your left. Then, use your RIGHT and UP buttons to jump to the ledge 
containing the extra life. You can leave the ledge now, but remember not to fall 
to far, or you'll lose a life.

You can use the same shark-jumping method to reach the clock that appears later 
on, if you even want the clock.

If you would like to earn a lot of points in the game, the best thing to is to 
eat as many Nibbley Pibbleys as possible on this, the first level. You can get a 
lot of points here but not as many on other levels due to time restrictions.

Once you have eaten enough Nibbley Pibbleys and the end of your tail (or both 
players' tails if in two-player mode) is blinking, you can jump on the scale all 
the way at the right end of the level. The door next to you will open and you 
can enter it to proceed to the next level.


Nibbley Pibbley type: Pibbleboings

Beware of the shark, because he will appear in the water of this level, also.

To reach the tongue extension on the high ledge to your right, use the same 
shark-jumping method used in Level 1.

When you come to two Nibbley Pibbley dispensers close together, there will be a 
sewer lid between them. This sewer will contain an enemy that will jump out when 
you open it, so be careful there. You can get some points from it by killing if 
you want. It's not hard at all.

You'll notice an extra life on another high ledge to your right. In order to get 
this, first make sure you have at least one tail segment. Jump into the little 
pool of water beneath the extra life and use your LEFT button until your snake 
is against the wall. Then press the DOWN button until your snake stops moving. 
Let the shark bite you and, when you fly up in the air, hold the LEFT button. 
You should be extremely close to the edge of the ledge, so be careful you don't 
fall off and hit the big spikes next to you.

When you have eaten all the Nibbley Pibbleys you need and you're at the spot 
where the scale is, you'll have to maneuver some jumps that may be a little bit 
difficult if you're not quite used to the game yet. First, jump up onto the 
platform that is directly beneath the Nibbley Pibbley dispenser. Get to the edge 
of the platform and jump out towards the waterfalls. Use the DOWN button while 
you are jumping and tap the LEFT button to safely land on the ledge between the 
two waterfalls. From here, jump onto the platform to your right and kill the 
jumping mushroom. Get on the scale to open the door.

You'll notice a mushroom dancing around in front of the door to your right. If 
you have a long enough tongue, try killing the mushroom from the scale instead 
of risking getting hit by the mushroom after you climb up there. When you're 
ready to proceed, jump back over the Nibbley Pibbley dispenser and use the same 
jump (DOWN button and tap the LEFT button) as you did earlier in order to reach 
the next highest platform between the waterfalls. Then, you can jump to your 
right and reach the door to exit the level.


Nibbley Pibbley type: Pibblejoggers

When this level starts, your snake will be up on a high platform. If you hold 
down the LEFT button, you'll see a Tongue Extension to a ledge to your left. Try 
reaching the Tongue Extension by jumping to the small platform between the 
waterfalls and from there to the Tongue Extension. If you fall, you don't have a 
chance to get the Tongue Extension, but don't worry about it because I've fallen 
many times.

To get the Extra Life and the Tongue Extension at the edge of the waterfalls in 
your area, get in the stream of water and tap the LEFT button so you don't get 
pulled too far. As soon as you grab the item, hold your LEFT button for a few 
seconds, and then hold your LEFT and DOWN buttons to reach land.

You may notice a sewer on a small platform below the spot where you begin the 
level. Unless you've mastered the control of the game, don't even try to get it. 
It is merely a bonus round, which you don't even need because there will be 
another bonus round later in the level. If you did try to get this bonus round 
without being good at the control, you'll either die trying to reach the sewer 
or you'll die trying to get back.

Later on, on a narrow ledge, there will be a Reverse, which switches your play 
control. Try to jump over this Reverse, if possible. If not, grab the Reverse 
and wait for it to die off. If you try to proceed with the Reverse in effect, 
chances are that you'll fall off of the edge.

From the small ledge where the Diamond is (right next to the Reverse), you'll 
have to jump around a spike onto another narrow ledge. When on this ledge, move 
very slowly. Little blades will pop up from the ground when you get too close. 
Just continue to move slowly and, when one pops up, lick it a few times to 
eliminate it.

When you reach the Nibbley Pibbley dispensers, you'll see a sewer lid up high, 
next to the top of the rightmost dispenser. This sewer contains a warp that will 
take you to Level 5. To reach this warp, jump on the narrow platform between the 
large spikes and the leftmost Nibbley Pibbley dispenser. Hold the RIGHT button 
and jump when you reach the edge of the platform. When you are in mid-air, let 
go of the RIGHT button and hold the UP button to try to successfully land on the 
ledge between both dispensers. Repeat this same procedure to reach the other 
ledge to the right of both dispensers. Then hold the DOWN button and jump off of 
this ledge. As soon as your snake is in line with the lowest part of the high 
platform (immediately to the left of the rightmost dispenser), press the LEFT 
button to land on the platform. You can now open the sewer and successfully warp 
to Level 5. This is a warp that I do recommend to take, as long you are good at 
jumping and game control.

If you decide not to use the Level 5 warp, you can proceed to the left once 
you've eaten all of the Nibbley Pibbleys you need. As you proceed to the scale, 
be careful when you are in the water because the current will try to pull you 
down a waterfall. Also be careful of the sewer right in front of the scale. This 
sewer contains a Big Foot, and you sure don't want to lose your tail segments 
before you have a chance to reach the scale. When you've gotten the scale to 
ring, just climb the little "stairway" to your right, jump over the waterfall, 
and go into the door.


Nibbley Pibbley type: Pibblesplats

Of the various levels in this game, Level 4 is one of my least favorite. That's 
why I recommend taking the warp in Level 3 if possible. You may have to maneuver 
a few difficult jumps in this level, so try your best.

Beware of a few things when this level first starts. Beware of the pins that are 
thrown into the air by the pin cushion on the platform above you. Also beware of 
the third sewer that you come across, which will contain a bomb disguised as an 
extra life (though you'll notice that this one doesn't blink like extra lives 
always do). Don't try to jump on any of the pin cushions in this level, since 
they can only be killed with your tongue.

Eat all the Nibbley Pibbleys you need at the first dispenser here. Once you have 
a full tail, be very, very careful. There are no more Nibbley Pibbley dispensers 
along the way. If you do happen to lose your tail segments along the way, you 
don't have to return, though, because there is an alternate way to trip the 

After proceeding a small amount through the level and killing the upcoming pin 
cushion, you'll have to jump over a waterfall and land on a lower ledge to your 
left. To do this, get on the lower-left square on the high platform you are on. 
Then, use your LEFT button while you jump, tapping the DOWN button once in the 
middle of the jump. This should put you on a low, narrow platform.

As you gradually move up two levels from where you are, move very slowly, as 
blades will pop up in front of you at a few places along the path. Also be 
careful of sewers that contain bombs. When you pop open a sewer, back away a 
little bit before you try to grab anything from it.

When you reach the third platform from the bottom, there will be a small ledge 
with a sewer on it that you have to jump to. This jump might be easier if you 
give yourself a little running start. Just use the LEFT button when you jump, 
and try not to slide off of the small ledge if you land on it. When you're on, 
you can open the sewer to play a little bonus round.

Proceed to move up the platforms until you are just about to get onto the 
highest one, where the scale waits for you on the other side from where you are 
(you will be on the right side of this platform). This platform, while it may 
seem simple, is actually the hardest part in the whole level. Get onto this 
narrow platform and slowly move to the left. You will soon see an anvil fall 
from the sky in front of you. Once this anvil hits the ground, go past it, but 
don't go too far past it. There will be another anvil that falls from the sky 
there. When this anvil hits the ground, use your LEFT button and go all the way 
to the scale without stopping. If your tail is long enough, quickly get the 
scale to ring and use the RIGHT button to go all the way back to the other end 
of the platform, where you can jump to the door to exit. If your tail isn't long 
enough to trip the scale, there will be a yellow anvil that falls from the sky 
above the scale; this anvil will slowly try to follow you, so try to maneuver 
the yellow anvil onto the scale. This anvil can trip the scale by itself, 
leaving you to get to the other end of the platform as soon as possible and jump 
to the door.


Nibbley Pibbley type: Pibblebats

Compared to some other levels, I actually found this one to be kind of easy. All 
you have to do is master jumping on the magic carpets. This level should be a 
breeze after that.

When the level begins, use the RIGHT button to move down the narrow ledge until 
you are next to the area where the magic carpet flies up and down. When the 
carpet is near the top of its rise, walk out onto it. When the carpet is near 
the bottom of its drop, walk off of it onto the ground.

You'll see a sewer where you get off. Inside this sewer will be a yellow Nibbley 
Pibbley, but you don't even have a hope of catching it with your small tongue, 
so ignore it for now. Get the tongue on the small "island" in the water. Above 
here, a magic carpet will fly back and forth. When the carpet stops in mid-air 
next to you on its path to the right, jump while using your LEFT and DOWN 
buttons to land on it. When the carpet stops next to the Tongue Extension, jump 
and tap the UP button to grab it. Now, you can open the sewer with the Nibbley 
Pibbley in it and try to eat it.

Get on the left side of the waterfall and position yourself on the second square 
from the bottom (in line with the flying carpet above the huge spikes). When the 
carpet comes close to you, jump for it and try to land on it. When you're on the 
carpet and the carpet is near the opposite side of the spikes, jump for the 
platform on the other side.

You can eat Nibbley Pibbleys here to lengthen your tail. You can open the 
manholes here to get a yellow Nibbley Pibbley and a diamond for temporary 
invincibility. If you want to grab the tongue lengthener to your left, you'll 
have to get as close to the edge of the platform, near the lengthener, as 
possible. If you would prefer to run and jump (the way I do it), you can do 
that, but jump when you are right at the edge. Go for the tongue lengthener 
(using the DOWN button), and turn the opposite direction as soon as you hit it. 
This should land you back on the platform again. If you're still not very good 
at the jumps, I do not recommend you try this.

When you head for the flying carpet that lead to a lower platform, there will be 
a Reverse in your way. You can either choose to jump over this Reverse and onto 
the carpet, or you can grab the Reverse and wait until it stops working for you 
to get on the carpet. When you're ready, get onto the carpet when it reaches the 
top of it's climb. Then, you can get off onto the lower platform.

Watch out for the manholes on this platform. The two uppermost manholes will 
contain bombs disguised as extra lives. The lower sewer will have a true extra 
life in it. If you want to grab the tongue lengthener at the corner of this 
platform, approach it carefully, so you won't fall off of the edge. If your tail 
isn't blinking, I recommend you try to lengthen it fully here, because the next 
Nibbley Pibbley dispenser throws many of it's Nibbley Pibbleys in hard-to-get 
spots (like over the edge of the platform).

When finished here, proceed to the next flying carpet at the left end of the 
platform. This one can actually be tough to jump on successfully sometimes, so 
time your jump carefully. You'll notice that on the next platform is a Reverse 
that you'll hit as soon as you jump off of the carpet. Use your left button to 
jump off of the carpet and onto the platform. When you hit the Reverse, let go 
of the button immediately and wait a few seconds for it to die off. If you want, 
you can hold the DOWN button to see when the Reverse has lost its effect.

When ready, use the DOWN button to head down this narrow platform. When you come 
to a purple square in the wall, jump over it, because these blue squares will 
try to push you off of the platform. When you're finally at the end of the 
narrow platform, jump off of the edge while holding the DOWN button. Hit the 
LEFT button right away after that. If it looks like you're drifting over the big 
drop, you may have to also hit UP to successfully land on the next platform. 

Then, jump onto the next platform. Do this by jumping off of the platform you 
are currently on, along with the RIGHT button, and hitting UP as soon as you're 
in-line with the next platform. This should make a successful jump. Now, you can 
just easily jump onto the platform right above you. You are very close to 
completing the level now.

The left-most manhole on this platform will contain a clock to lengthen your 
timer. The next manhole will contain a Speed Up. The next will have an enemy 
foot that will pop out when you get near it. The final manhole will also contain 
a clock to lengthen your timer.

Now, try to get rid of the foot before it gets in your way. This foot will move 
while you are licking it, so this will be somewhat tougher to do. When you 
defeat the foot, be careful, because it will sometimes give an extra life and it 
will give a bomb other times. Just check to make sure the item blinks before you 
try to grab it.

If you're tail isn't blinking at the end, try as hard as you can to eat more 
Nibbley Pibbleys until your tail is long enough to set off the scale. Once your 
tail is long enough, get onto the scale for it to ring and the end door to open.

Now, this next part will be one of the hardest parts in the level. Get onto the 
carpet to the left of the scale once the carpet is at the bottom of its fall. 
When the carpet reaches the top of its rise, jump off of it, along with the UP 
button, onto the little platform to your right. This next carpet that leads to 
the door will blink on and off while floating over the large spikes. This carpet 
will follow a, pretty much, set pattern. When the carpet is near, jump onto it. 
When the carpet blinks a few times (a fraction of a second), jump in place 
(without pressing the control pad). This should keep you on the carpet and off 
the spikes. When you try to jump onto the opposite platform, there will be a 
Reverse there that you're libel to grab. If you do, hit and hold your DOWN 
button. If you happen to jump over the Reverse, keep your hand on the UP button 
to successfully end the level.

 LEVELS 6-10

These levels will be covered in a later version of the FAQ.


Here it is, the enemy feared by so many because of its power. This ice foot 
provides such a strong opposition that it becomes very hard to kill. But, 
fortunately, there is a way, and I will now let you know how.

The final boss, the ice foot as you see, is toughened by his "recharging" 
ability. You have to continue to hit the enemy with a very constant and steady 
stream of hits, or else he will regain all of his power. You'll have to follow 
the foot around the "big cheese," as I like to call it, as you lick it 
continuously and avoid the meteors falling from the sky; luckily, these meteors 
always fall in the same direction, so you don't have to worry about that too 
much, as long as you make sure to avoid them at all costs.

Just follow the foot around the cheese and keep licking it. You'll know when the 
foot is vulnerable, as you'll notice he slows down when power is not full. If 
the foot starts to speed up again, you know he's regained all his power. 
Continue to hit the foot with stream of hits until it explodes; this procedure 
will take anywhere between one to two rotations around the cheese, but it 
usually happens at one and a half rotations, as long as you have made sure to 
keep hitting the foot steadily. Also watch that you don't get too close to the 
foot, or else you'll lose a tail segment and the foot will probably speed up by 
the time you're back on your feet... err... tail.

When the foot is vanquished, a space ship will fly out of the sky to the upper-
most corner of the cheese. When the top of this spaceship opens, continue to 
keep watch for the meteors and jump into the ship.

You have defeated the monster, made it to the moon, and have beaten this very 
difficult game!


This guide may be used for personal use ONLY. Do not alter this document in any 
way or post it on any other website without first attaining my permission. Do 
not sell or take credit for this document.

If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at RoyalRanger@safeplace.net

Copyright 2001 Stephen Maiorana