FAQ/Walkthrough by SeanKelson

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                         Snake, Rattle, Ďn Roll!
                       A walkthrough by SeanKelson

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Game Basics
    2.1 Controls
    2.2 Objectives
    2.3 Items
    2.4 Monsters
    2.5 Dying
3.0 Walkthrough
4.0 Secrets
    4.1 Warps
5.0 Closing and Credits
    5.1 Contact Information
	5.2 Licensing
    5.3 Credits

1.0 Introduction

      Created in 1989, Snake Rattle Ďn Roll is a game that cannot be
related to many others.  Rare and Nintendo created an action game unique to
its, and our, time.
      This walkthrough will attempt to cover every aspect, every secret,
every detail of the game.  Although this goal will probably not be
achieved, I believe itís a noble thing to aim for.  If youíre intending
on playing through and discovering the game yourself, I think itís
almost too obvious to this state that this walkthrough is what is a
spoiler, it will spoil aspects of the game for you.  May it be noted
that I do not own an instruction manual to this book, so my names of
items are fabricated.  With that said, letís get on with it.

2.0 Game Basics
      In this game, you are a snake.  You run around trying to reach the
exit of each level.  Sounds fairly simple.

        2.1 Controls
      Control Pad : Move
                        Down Moves Down-Left
                        Right Moves Down-Right
                        Up Moves Up-Right
                        Left Moves Up-Left
      B Button: Eat/Attack With Tongue
      A Button: Jump
      Start: Put Game on Hold (Pause)
      Select: No Effect

      Most of this game will be jumping directionally.  By holding two
keys, you can jump in different directions, and by changing directions
mid-air, you can reach some platforms that would otherwise be impossible
to reach.  Jumping will be your worst enemy in this game.

        2.2 Objectives
      This game consists of eleven (11) levels.  The first ten are
similar, and the last level contains a last boss.  Through the first ten
levels, you will run around attempting to find the exit: A mouse hole.
To open this mouse hole, you must step on a scale, which will only open
the mouse hole if your tail is long enough.  To get your tail longer,
you must eat pellets (Iím not sure of the exact name, so for sake of
this walkthrough I will call them pellets).  These pellets come in 3
colors, red, yellow, and purple.  By eating these, your tail will grow
longer.  That is effectively the purpose of the game.

        2.3 Items
      Throughout the game, you will find a lot of items.  Each of these
have an effect, and they add to your total score.  The effect of the
items, the point value, and their physical description are summarized

         Physical Description:
      Purple Pellet: Small purple ball
      Red Pellet: Small red ball
      Yellow Pellet: Small yellow ball
      Pellet Bomb: Pellet with a fuse (Can be Purple, Red, or Yellow)
      Tongue Extension: Upright flashing rectangle that has a solid line
                        at the bottom which splits into two lines near
                        the top (like a tongue)
      Extra Life: A small flashing snake head
      Clock: A stopwatch.
      Direction Block: Small flashing square with an arrow on it
      Magic Fruit: A flashing slice of fruit, in a half circle divided
                   into 3 parts
      Wind-Up: What you would expect to find on the back of a clockwork
               toy, the type you wind up and they begin moving, singing,
      Gem: A flashing gem
      Open Snake Mouth: A flashing open snake mouth

         Point Summary:
      Purple Pellet: 100 Points
      Red Pellet: 200 Points
      Yellow Pellet: 300 Points
      Pellet Bomb: 0 Points
      Tongue Extension: 1000 Points
      Extra Life: 1000 Points
      Clock: 1000 Points
      Direction Block: 1000 Points
      Magic Fruit: 1000 Points
      Wind-Up: 1000 Points
      Gem: 1000 Points
      Open Snake Mouth: 5000 Points

         Effect of Items:
      Purple Pellet: Adds to the tail of your snake
      Red Pellet: Adds to the tail of your snake
      Yellow Pellet: Adds to the tail of your snake
      Pellet Bomb: Destroys your tail
      Tongue Extension: Increases the length of your tongue for one
                        level (VERY useful)
      Extra Life: Gives you an extra life
      Clock: Increases the time you have to complete the level by 30
      Direction Block: Reverses your controls for about 5 seconds (to
                       move the direction down would normally move you,
                       you must press up)
      Magic Fruit: Enables you to climb waterfalls by alternately
                   pressing the A and the B button
      Wind-Up: Increases your speed for a short time
      Gem: Makes you invisible and invincible for a short amount of time
      Open Snake Mouth: Gives you points

        2.4 Monsters
      Appearing in almost every level are monsters which will harm and
hinder you.  You can either avoid these monsters, or kill them.
Monsters regenerate health, so you must hit them consistently with your
tongue to kill them.  Below is a list of monsters, along with the level
they appear in.  Listed further below are brief descriptions of the

      Black Disc: Level 1
      Foot: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level
            7, Level 9, Level 10, Level 11
      Sea Monster: Level 1, Level 2
      Mushroom: Level 2
      Mouth: Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
      Spike Ball: Level 4
      Bell: Level 6
      Spike: Level 7
      Bubble: Level 9, Level 10
      Ice Cube: Level 9, Level 10

      Black Disc: Appears to be a black circle with a glare on it.  Very
                  low health.
      Foot: This appears in almost every level.  It is a foot that jumps
            around and required many consecutive licks to kill.  Beware,
            if the foot lands on you, your entire tail will be
      Sea Monster: In some instances, when you fall in the water, this
                   purple monster will come and devour you.  So, donít
                   spend too much time in the water!
      Mushroom: Easy enemy to defeat.  A quick lick will kill this
      Mouth: Fast moving monster.
      Spike Ball: This monster occasionally explodes, sending spikes in
                  a radius around him.
      Bell: Slow moving monster that is easiest to kill with 3 jumps.
      Spike: Only killable by licking.
      Bubble: Hard to kill, landing on one will bounce you away.
      Ice Cube: Hard to kill, fast moving.

        2.5 Dying
      There are many things throughout the game that will hurt and/or
kill you.  Below are some short descriptions of how you can die:

  - Getting hit too many times by a monster
  - Running out of time
  - Falling onto a spike
  - Falling a substantial distance (regardless of where you land)
  - Falling off the map
  - Having a falling object, such as a stone, run over you
  - Having a blade come out of the ground and swipe you

      Most monsters will remove your tail when they hit you before they
proceed to kill you.

3.0 Walkthrough
      This part of this document will guide you through the game.

          LEVEL 1
   Tongue Extension x2
   Clock x2
   Extra Life x2

   Black Disc x5
   Foot x1
   Sea Monster

   Pellets on this level simply roll around.

Tail Length:
   Must be 4 units long to active the scale.

      An easy introduction to the game, the first tongue extension will
be sitting right in front of you.  Jump down and kill the black disc.
Now you will see two sewer holes.  Use the tongue button to open these
up.  The upper sewer hole contains a red pellet, and the lower one
contains a purple pellet.  Proceed onwards, killing the next black disc.

      Now you will encounter a waterfall.  Experiment jumping over it,
around it, and wading through the falls, so you get a feel for the
dynamics of waterfalls.

      If you want to get the extra life above the waterfall, jump into
the water and let the sea monster eat you.  (Be sure you have a tail, or
this will kill you.)  When the shark spits you out, move towards the
ledges on the waterfall.  You should be able to jump up to the extra

      If you fall in the ocean below and you arenĎt trying to get an
item, just jump out quickly, before the sea monster eats you.

      Proceeding on, you will notice your first pellet shooter.  This
gold structure shoots out pellets and pellet bombs.  Here you will
harvest pellets so your tail can grow to its required length.  Also,
notice the bottom left of the island you are on.  There is another
tongue extension there for you to collect.

      There are also two sewer holes that you will immediately notice.
They both contain yellow pellets.  Move onwards to the next black disc.
Kill him, then jump over to the small, one square island to your lower
left.  The sewer hole on this island will take you to a bonus stage,
where you can collect a number of pellets fairly easily.  Once you get
out of the bonus stage, you can go for the clock on top of the ledge.
Eat some pellets so you have a tail, then get in the water by the narrow
ledge and have the sea monster spit you out.  Move towards the ledge
with the clock to collect the clock.

      Move on. The next sewer hole contains a foot.  Stand by the sewer
hole and wait for the foot to come out.  When he does, attack with your
tongue as fast as you can.  The foot should drop quickly.  His spoils
contain an extra life, which you should quickly grab.  If you fail to
grab the extra life, it will shortly vanish.

      Moving on, you will notice another pellet shooter.  Kill the black
disc around the shooter.  Also, kill the black disc by the mouse hole.
In the sewer hole here, there lies a yellow pellet.

      Notice that to the right of the screen are two islands with sewer
holes on them.  The upper island has a red pellet buried in it, and the
lower island contains a yellow pellet.  Jump on to of the pellet shooter
and climb the ledge.  You will find another sewer hole.  Inside this one
lies a clock, which will extend your time you have to complete the

      Once you have a long enough tail, step on the scale and move
through the mouse hole.  Nice work, youíre done with the first level.

          LEVEL 2
   Gem x2
   Wind-Up x2
   Clock x1
   Tongue Extension x2
   Extra Life x2

   Mushroom x6
   Mouth x1
   Foot x1
   Sea Monster

   In this level, the pellets bounce around.

Tail Length:
   Must be four segments to activate the scale.

      Immediately as you enter the level, two sewer holes are before
you.  The one closer to the mouse hole contains a red pellet, the one
farther away contains a purple pellet.  Notice how the pellets have
changed the way in which they move.  This will happen throughout the

      You will see a tongue extension on a ledge above.  Jump into the
water (make sure you have a tail, so the sea monster doesnít kill you)
and have the sea monster spit you out.  When he does so, move towards
the tail extension to collect it.

      Now move on, killing the first two mushrooms.  Youíre at two sewer
holes now.  The lower sewer hole contains a yellow pellet, the second
one contains a gem.

      Moving forward, youíll see another pellet shooter.  Kill the
mushroom there.  The sewer hole by the shooter contains a wind-up, which
will increase your speed.  (In my opinion, this usually doesnít help me
any, but it might help you.)  On the island on the lower right side of
the screen youíll see a tongue extension.  Grab it.

      If you move on the lower terrace, youíll find another sewer hole.
This contains yet another wind-up.  On the upper terrace youíll see a
pellet shooter and another sewer hole.  This hole contains a mouth.
Move out of the way as soon as you open up the hole, the mouth is a
fairly fierce enemy.

      Proceeding, you will see a lake with an island.  There is also a
ledge with an extra life above.  Have the sea monster spit you towards
the ledge with the extra life.  Once again, be careful you have a tail
so the monster wonít kill you.  When you jump down from the ledge with
the extra life, move to the ledge right by the pellet shooter.
Otherwise, you may fall too far and die.  Then go into the sewer hole on
the island.  Itís another bonus stage.  If you have both tongue
extensions, this will be fairly easy.

      Keep moving and youíll see a sewer hole on the mainland.  This
contains a yellow pellet.  The sewer hole on the island contains a
clock.  Kill the mushroom above the sewer hole that contained the yellow

      Jump up and youíll find a waterfall.  Cross the waterfall to find
a foot in the sewer hole.  Killing this foot will merit you an extra
life.  There will be a pellet shooter on the ledge above.

      Get a tail 4 long then scale the waterfall up to the pellet
shooter.  Kill the mushroom there.  Activate the scale next to the
pellet shooter.  Scale the waterfall up to the mouse hole.  Be careful,
you might fall off the back of the course.  Kill the mushroom by the
mouse hole and enter to complete level two.

          LEVEL 3
   Tongue Extension x3
   Extra Life x2
   Directional Block x1
   Gem x2
   Open Snake Mouth x1
   Wind-Up x1
   Clock x1

   Mouth (Purple) x1
   Mouth (Red) x5
   Mouth (Yellow) x2
   Foot x1

   The pellets walk around in this level

Tail Length:
   Must be five segments to activate the scale.

      Youíll start the level on a ledge.  Start by noticing the tongue
extension on the upper part of the waterfall on the upper left part of
the screen.  A well-placed jump from the top platform will let you get
this tongue extension.  Youíll have to stop on the square with the
tongue extension, or youíll tumble over to the spikes.

      Now jump down and go back up the waterfalls as far as you can,
killing the mouths.  There are a tongue extension and extra life on the
edge of the water fall.  In the water, swim against the current to get a
feel for what control you have.  Now obtain the tongue extension and the
extra life.

      Notice that there is a sewer hole on the right of the screen.  A
well-placed jump will get you to the sewer hole, and into the bonus.
Once youíre out of the bonus, jump the same way you did to get to the
sewer hole.  Youíll barely make the height you need to get back to safe

      A little bit ahead youíll see a yellow mouth.  Kill it, and take
the open snake mouth.  In the two sewer holes on the lower left of the
platform are yellow pellets.  The one on the top contains a red pellet,
and the one on the right contains a purple pellet.

      From the sewer hole with the purple pellet, youíll see a ledge you
can jump down to.  Go for it.  Kill the mouth.  After the mouth is a
directional block.  Move slowly into this.  Afterwards, move slowly and
see how it affects your movement.  You can either get the gem and make
the next jump with the direction block, or you can wait about 5 seconds
for the effect to wear off.  Either way, get to the next platform.
Using the invincibility from the gem, you should be able to make it
through the three blades.  Otherwise, take your time jumping over them.

      In the next area will be two pellet shooters and a yellow mouth.
Kill the mouth.  The sewer hole on the lower left contains a red mouth.
In the sewer hole on the upper right is a wind-up.  With the wind-up in
effect, go to the ledge on the upper left.  Jump around the pellet
shooter to the sewer hole, and youíll receive a clock.  A warp lies
beyond this, if youíre interested, check the warps section.

      Straight down from the platform with the pellet shooters is
another bonus.  Go for it.

      Jump back to safe territory.  On the bottom step of the staircase-
like terraces are two sewer holes.  The one on the upper left contains a
red mouth, the one on the lower right contains a yellow pellet.

      Move downwards.  The sewer hole on the upper left contains a
yellow pellet, the sewer hole on the lower right contains a gem.  In the
water is another tongue extension.  Kill the mushroom and hop around to
the scale; but look out.  In the sewer hole by the scale is a foot.
Kill the foot for an extra life, or try to avoid it, and climb up to the
mouse hole, and level 3 will be over with.

          LEVEL 4
   Tongue Extension x4
   Wind-Up x2
   Gem x2
   Clock x1
   Extra Life x1

   Mouth (Red) x3
   Mouth (Yellow) x1
   Spike Ball x2
   Foot x1

   The pellets are solid in the air, but when they land they squish into
   a blob and cannot be eaten until they go back to the air.

Tail Length:
   Must be five segments long to activate the scale.

      The level begins in a series of ledges.  Immediately you will find
a sewer hole with a wind-up inside and a tongue extension.  Be wary of
the wind-up: it can cause you to move too quickly and tumble over the
edge.  The next sewer hole contains a red pellet.  The next sewer hole
will appear to contain an extra life, but this item is really a bomb, so
look out.  Kill the red mouth that is moving around.  In the sewer hole
after him youíll find a purple pellet.  Jump up and kill the yellow
mouth and grab another tongue extension.

      Now youíve reached an area with a pellet shooter.  Kill the spike
ball first of all.  The sewer hole on the lower right contains a red
mouth.  The sewer hole farther right on the upper left side of the
screen also contains a mouth.  The leftmost contains a foot.  When you
kill the foot, move out of the way of the extra life.  Depending on how
lucky you get, the extra life may not turn into a bomb.  Stick around
here until you get a tail of five to six length, thereís not another
pellet shooter between here and the end.

      Grab the gem on the ledge above.  Be careful as you climb up to
the next platform: It may be pretty hard to figure out where you are.

      When you get to the next platform, kill the spike ball.  The lower
sewer hole contains a gem, and the upper one contains a yellow pellet.

      Now jump down to where you notice the tongue extension.  Use
caution when grabbing the tongue extension, the item is very close to
the edge of the square.  The first sewer hole youíll run into has a
wind-up.  Use caution when climbing up to the next ledge, especially if
you have the wind-up in effect.

      The next ledge up has a blade on it.  Be careful, and look out for
it.  The sewer hole contains another extra life that will turn into a
bomb.  Climb on up to the next ledge, avoiding the blades.

      Now jump to the sewer hole.  Itís a bonus stage.

      When you leave the bonus stage, youíre going to attempt to jump
across the narrow patches of ledges directly above the ledge you were
just on.  This gets a little harder.  At the end of that ledge youíll
find a sewer hole with a clock.

      Jump up to the ledge by the waterfall, then jump to the ledge with
the scale on it.  Look out for anvils as you cross the ledge.  Go ahead
and get the tongue extension.  Once the scale is activated, make your
way down to the mouse hole.  If you donít have enough of a tail to
activate the scale, youíll have to turn around, eat more pellets, then
make the climb all over again.

          LEVEL 5
   Tongue Extension x4
   Gem x1
   Directional Block x3
   Extra Life x2
   Clock x2
   Wind-up x1

   Foot x1

   The pellets on this level have wings, and will fly around.

Tail Length:
   Must be five segments long to activate the scale.

      Begin the level by moving over to the first flying carpet.  Use
caution when getting on the carpet.  If you get on the carpet from the
second square from the bottom, youíll make it onto the carpet just fine.

      In the sewer hole at the bottom is a yellow pellet.  You might
want to get the tongue extension in the middle of the water before you
open the sewer hole so you have a chance of getting the pellet.

      Cross the waterfall and notice the pattern of the flying carpet
that will take you back across the water and into the other tongue
extension.  Try to ride the carpet over to the tongue extension to
collect the item.  Jump when the carpet is at itís upper-rightmost point
to collect the extension.

      Watch the carpet that moves across the spikes.  To get on this
carpet, youíll have to make a well-timed jump from the very middle of
the ledge you are currently on.  If you successfully make it, youíll
wind up by a pellet shooter.

      The sewer hole on the right contains a yellow pellet.  The sewer
hole on the left contains a gem.  Notice a tongue extension to your
left.  To get the tongue extension, back up against the wall.  With a
running start, jump until you hit the extension, then quickly turn
around.  Once youíre ready to leave the pellet shooter, jump down to the
carpet near the directional block.

      Now youíre at another pellet shooter.  Collect the tongue
extension near the bottom edge.  The sewer hole in the middle contains
an extra life, and the sewer hole on the outer edges contain fake extra
lives that will turn into bombs.

      Now itís time for the tricky part.  Jump onto the carpet by
backing against the wall.  If you take a full jump, youíll hit the
carpet when itís farthest left.  When you jump over to the ledge the
carpet takes you too, stop immediately when you land.  Otherwise, the
direction block will take you right back off the ledge.

      Wait for the block to wear off, then cross the ledge.  Look out
for the objects in the wall: they will push you off the edge.  Climb up
to the platform with four sewer holes.

      The first sewer hole contains a clock.  The second: a wind-up.
The third contains a foot.  This one is harder to kill then the others.
Youíll either receive an extra life or a bomb when you kill the foot.
The last sewer hole contains a clock.  On this platform is also your
last pellet shooter.

      When your tail is long enough, climb on up to the scale.  After
you activate the scale, the tricky part comes.  Get on the carpet and
walk off onto the platform.  Notice how the next carpet fades out and
disappears at times.  When you cross, you must jump when the carpet is
done fading.  Try to keep yourself in the middle of the carpet.  If you
jump directly after the third reappear, you should be able to clear the
directional block.  If you canít avoid it though, stop moving so you
donít tumble back the same way you came.  Go in the mouse hole and this
levelís over.

          LEVEL 6
   Tongue Extension x3
   Clock x1
   Wind-Up x1
   Magic Fruit
   Extra Life x1

   Bell x7
   Foot x1

   No pellets on this level.

Tail Length:
   No scale on this level.

      Begin the level by jumping up and collecting the tongue extension.
Proceed to the bell.  The best way to kill these are by jumping on their
heads three times.

      Collect the next tongue extension by carefully swimming against
the current.  Jump up the platforms, avoiding the purple object in the
wall (which will swing out and push you off the cliff).  On the next
ledge, Iíd avoid the bell and cross the waterfall.

      Move down, avoiding the purple coloration in the wall yet again.
Now youíll find a group of 4 bells.  I usually avoid the first bell by
jumping from the ledge above it to the lowest ledge on the right.  Donít
hug the wall when you make your jump or the second bell will hit you.
Now carefully jump up to the right corner of the next square.  The bell
wonít hit you.  Lick the bell a few times and heís gone.  Repeat with
the next two bells.

      Now jump across the waterfall.  Stop immediately as you hit the
next platform, or youíll be forced off the edge. Collect the next tongue
extension.  Swim against the current to collect the clock.  Now move by
the purple coloration, collecting the wind-up if you so choose.

      Cross the waterfall and you will find a series of 3 terraces.  On
the top terrace is a device that will shoot bells and occasionally a
piece of magic fruit.  Your objective is to climb up the waterfall,
avoiding the bells, and getting at least one piece of magic fruit.  Once
you reach the top, youíll be able to climb the water fall on the upper
left by continually spamming the B and A buttons.

      When you reach the top carefully exit the pool of water onto the
ledge and collect the extra life.  Use caution so you donít trip and
fall off the back side of the map.  Then you can battle the foot, but
itís unlikely this one will die easily.

      Proceed down the top ledge of the castle.  Avoid the spikes and
kill or avoid the bell.  Youíll have to skip a ledge because there is an
object that will push you off the edge of the castle there.  Youíll have
to carefully cross the long waterfall.  Jump over the purple coloration,
and get down to the mouse whole.  Tap your right button to go off the
ledge then quickly hold left to get in the mouse hole safely.

          LEVEL 7
   Tongue Extension x2
   Open Snake Mouth x1
   Clock x2

   Spike (Silver) x11
   Spike (Gold) x17
   Foot x1

   No pellets on this level.

Tail Length:
   No scale on this level.

      As you start the level, charge directly at the tongue extension
and jump.  You should make it past the first two spikes and be safely on
the third platform.  Without touching up or down, jump over the next set
of spikes and collect the tongue extension.

      Now move up to the line where the first gold spike isnít.  Jump
over to the next square, and when the second gold spike begins moving
right, jump once and then jump again over the gold spike.

      Now jump carefully to the middle square.  Proceed to jumping into
the waterfall pool and carefully collect the open snake mouth.  Beyond
the pool collect the clock.

      By using tongue extensions to kill the gold spikes, youíll be able
to cross the waterfalls by killing the 5 gold spikes.  To get across the
waterfall easier, go to the upper part of each platform and wade across
the pool.  Youíll land safely (barely) on the next platform.

      Keep on moving.  Hug the wall and jump over to the platform with
the gold spike.  Youíll be safe and able to kill this spike with your
tongue.  Repeat for the next spike.  Kill the next spike by constantly
jumping and licking.  Be sure you donít hug the walls of the platform
the spike is on, or the spike will hit you.  If you have trouble killing
this spike, move closer to its platform.  Move up to the next ledge.

      Now you must jump over a few large rocks.  Take your time, but
make note of where the rocks fall.  Be sure to position yourself so the
rocks do not fall on  you.  Once youíre past this dilemma, collect the

      Now you must move up ledges by getting on top of geysers.  The
movement is pretty similar to what you would do when the sea monster
spat you out in the first two levels.  Once you get up the first geyser,
use your tongue extension to kill the gold spike.  Avoid the spike you
run into after the second geyser.  On the next ledge, do not hug the
wall.  Jump once and two spikes will show up.  Get in the middle of
their path of movement, jump, and lick the spikes to death.  The next
set of geysers is hard and time consuming.  The geysers will only appear
on the row of water closer to the waterfall moving down from your
position.  Youíll have to aim yourself to the lower platform, and you
may end up hitting the gold spike above you.  The next geyser is fairly
easy, aim for the lower platform.  Use caution when you jump to the next
platform: a gold spike will appear.  Kill it by licking the middle of
its path of movement.  Take the geyser up to the next platform.  The
final geyser looks easy, but itís a tough one in reality.  Take the
geyser and jump right and up.  Avoid the foot and the silver spike, and
level 7 will be over.

          LEVEL 8
   Tongue Extension x3
   Clock x1
   Wind-Up x1
   Extra Life x1


   Pellets are fishes in this level.

Tail Length:
   No scale on this level.

      This level is definitely a relief from the last one.  Begin by
jumping over to the ledge and diving into the pool.  Grab the tongue
extension underwater, and eat as many fish as you can.  The black fish
will turn into other colors of fish if you lick them 3 times.  If you
eat enough, youíll get to go dive into the next pool.

      In the next pool is another tongue extension.  Grab it and eat
some fish.  Try to be quick, because the timer is your worst enemy on
this map.

      Before you jump into the next pool, climb down the ledges to grab
the clock.  In the lower section of this pool, almost off the screen,
are an extra life and a wind-up.  The extra life will prove useful,
since your time is probably on the edge of running out.

      The next pool has a few spikes to look out for, and another tongue
extension.  Finish up this pool, and then as you get out, move up
quickly.  The exit door is right there, and youíve beaten the level.

          LEVEL 9
   Tongue Extension x3
   Extra Life x1
   Clock x1

   Bubble x6
   Ice Cube x2
   Foot x1

   Pellets are in the form of helicopters in this level.

Tail Length:
   Must be five segments long to activate the scale.

      Now you begin by far the hardest part of the game.  Notice the
whole world is made of ice now, and itís very slippery ice.  This level
and the next one will require you to make a series of near-impossible

      First, grab the tongue extension.  Notice the dynamics of the ice.
Proceed to jumping over the bubble, holding your right and your up
button.  Try to land on the lower of the two ledges, the upper one
contains a fast moving ice cube that is almost bound to hit you.

      Jump over to the next set of ice and climb up it.  At the top, try
to jump on top of the ice cube, then jump over and around it.  Now move
forward, jump over the bubble, then climb the ledge.  Youíre going to
have to jump over the falling rocks by temporarily moving backwards and
jumping, then moving forwards again midair.  Use great caution jumping
onto the platform at the top, youíre very likely to fall off of the back
of the map.  Oh, and donít get hit by a rock.  Theyíll kill you

      Proceed to the next ice slope.  Get the extra life very carefully,
or youíll use your new life falling off the back of the map.  Move down
the slope, avoiding the bubble, and jump to the platform with the tongue
extension on it.  Youíll be able to steady yourself on this platform.
Jump down to the slopes with the rocks, and avoiding the rocks and
bubble, make it over to the platform with the pellet shooter.

      Follow around the foot enough and you might be able to kill it, I
actually havenít had the patience to kill it because it regenerates
health if you donít constantly lick it.  Grabbing the tongue extension
on the lower part of the screen will be quite a feat: If youíve gotten
the two before it, I donít recommend getting this extension.  Get the
scale activated, then you get to climb to the finish.

      On your way up, you may lose a tail segment or two in your battle
to get past the bubble, but thatís not a problem since youíve already
activated the scale.  Collect the clock without being smashed by rocks.
Move down and jump to the next set of slopes.  Get by the bubble again,
and itís time for the final jump.  Slide down the slope and jump around
the corner.  And of course, look out for the rocks.

      Well that was fun.  Ready for something a little harder?

          LEVEL 10
   Tongue Extension x2
   Extra Life x1
   Clock x1

   Ice Cube x2
   Bubble x1
   Foot x1

   Pellets are in the form of helicopters in this level.

Tail Length:
   Must be six segments long to activate the scale.

      As the level starts out, get your balance on the ice then move to
the right.  Avoid the ice cube and slowly climb down the slope to pick
up the tongue extension, avoiding the bubble.  Charge past the bubble,
and when you hit the wall to the left, slowly slide down.  Cross this
next ledge and get on the solid ground, avoiding the ice cube.

      Steady yourself on the lowest solid ground, then jump around the
corner onto the slopes.  Avoid the falling rocks, pick up the tongue
extension, then slide down to the pellet shooter.

      Collect all your tail segments (once again I recommend just
avoiding the foot) and slide down to the bottom of the screen to find
the scale.  Great work, thatís activated.  Now time to climb.

      If you choose to go for it, down past the scale across the ledge
is an extra life.  Getting there will be tough, but the reward might be
worth it.

      Head on back up to by the pellet shooter.  Hug the wall and make a
running curving jump onto the slope.  Climb the slope and get the clock
on the steady ground at the top.

      Back up and take a running jump, being careful not to hit the
wall.  If youíre lucky youíll make it to the steady ground beyond the
spikes.  Quickly climb the slope until you hit steady ground.  Jump over
two boulders, then charge for the steady ground.

      Now jump over the spikes with a running jump.  This will require
even more caution then your last jump did due to the condition of the
ground you will be landing on.  Climb the slope now.  Pay very close
attention to which way the slope faces, and adjust yourself to move
against the slope, or youíll find yourself further down the mountain.
By jumping over 1 rock, you should make it up to the next ledge.

      Youíll have to edge your way over to the side of the ice ledge
now.  Then jump, holding down.  You should make it.  Now comes the
tricky jump.  Look carefully at the slopes youíll be going up.  You have
to make your first jump when you are basically halfway off the edge.
Head up to the ledge with the falling rocks.  If you hug the upper wall,
youíll be able to avoid rocks that are rolling, but not rocks that are
FALLING.  So, hug the wall over to your last ledge of the game.

      Youíll be able to make it up if youíre good and/or lucky.  The
final jump to the mouse hole is pretty hard too.  But once youíre in the
mouse hole, you are done.  Exception of the last boss.

          LEVEL 11
   Tongue Extension x1

   Foot x1

      You might be relieved to hear that the last level doesnít involve
any jumping or any pellet collecting.  But to beat this level, you have
to follow around a foot for a few laps around the moon.  You have to be
on his tail the whole time, and constantly licking him.  Fortunately,
you have a tongue extension to help you.  Good luck with this one.  I
donít think itís as hard as levels 9 and 10 were, but it comes pretty
close.  Once youíre done, nice work.  Youíve beat Snake, Rattle, Ďn

4.0 Secrets
      Iím not too great at finding these, but I managed to find two
secrets that may be of use to you guys.

        4.1 Warps
      If youíre upset because after you finally finished the walkthrough
portion of this document and now you finally figure out thereís an
easier way to get through the game...


      There are two warps Iíve found in the game that are pretty useful
if youíre sick of playing certain levels.

        Level 1 To Level 8
      As you begin level 1, charge in a straight line towards the
finish.  Jump when necessary, lick when necessary.  You must run in a
straight line without stopping once: No hitting ledges as you try to get
up from the water, and no hitting enemies.  If you make it, youíll
barely be able to jump into a rocket which will warp you to level 8.
Pretty cool, eh?

        Level 3 To Level 5
      Go to the first set of pellet shooters in level 3.  Underneath one
sewer hole is a wind-up.  Using the wind up, jump on the platform on the
left, then to the ledge with the sewer hole, then to the next solitary
raised square (you should be on the far right now), then jump to the
next highest ledge.  After that, you can get up to the highest ledge
easily.  The sewer hole there goes to level 5.  Itís a bit tricky to
jump up there, but once you do it once you wonít have trouble with it

5.0 Closing and Credits
      Fun game, donít ya say?  Man I love old school games.  Anyway, I
hope this walkthrough served you in some way or purpose for the better.
With that said, happy gaming!

        A: Contact Information

    My e-mail address is SeanKelson@aol.com. I am unavailable to provide help on
game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
and requests.

	If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
read the next section.

        B: Licensing
As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed 
under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License 
(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). This means you are free to 
redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only 
thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.

        C: Credits
Rare, for the game
Nintendo, for the system
GameFAQs, for the FAQ hosting
My friend Doug, heís a Snake Rattle Ďn Roll expert and helped me get
   through the game, as well as find secrets.
You guys, although I donít know why youíd read the credits.