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Spot: The Video Game

NES 1990

Version:        1.0


Use SELECT or the D-Pad to cycle between the options. 

Press START to select an option. During the game, use it to pause the game.

During the game, use the A-Button to select and move Spot.


Under options you can select who is playing, a real person or CPU with the
appropriate difficulty and what kind of timer they have.

Press B to add and remove players.

Press A to select the player type and difficulty and set the timer. Choose
between No Timer, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds. 

Difficulty ranges from 1 to 5, 5 being the hardest.

|xx|@ @ @ @ @ @ @|xx|
 ŻŻ|@ @ @ @ @ @ @|ŻŻ
   |@ @ @ @ @ @ @|
   |@ @ @ @ @ @ @|
   |@ @ @ @ @ @ @|
 __|@ @ @ @ @ @ @|__
|xx|@ @ @ @ @ @ @|xx|

The @ represent the panels on the board, which can of course be modified to be
empty under Edit Mode. xx is the current number of Spots the player has on the
board at the current time. If there are less than four players, they will not
be displayed on all corners.


The goal of Spot:
The aim of the game is to have the most Spots on the board when there are no
more moves left. You can either multiply enough of your color to take over
the area, but also can surround some space to make it impossible for the other
person to get there. However, it is possible to turn the opponents' Spots by
moving one of yours next to it. The game is also finished when only one color
remains on the board, in other words all other players have no more pieces

Moving Spot:
Select the Spot you want to move around and then move to the desired position.
You can move to anywhere exactly two spot away the current position in either
direction, left, right, top, bottom and diagonally. You can also jump over
yours or an opponents' piece.

Multiplying Spot:
To increase the number of Spots of your color, simply move one spot away from
the current position. This includes left, right, top, bottom and diagonally.
Instead of moving, the Spot will duplicate itself and you will end up with
one extra piece on the board.

Winning in Spot:
You can start taking as many tiles by multiplying Spot. At the same time you
want to watch out for the opponents movements on the board. Take over pieces
if you get the chance, but don't fall for tricks top open up a strategic move.


If # would be the opponent's piece, a jump to x would result in a massive
advantage by gaining all the pieces surrounding it.

Sometimes you get a bonus game that plays like a slot machine. Get 3 Spots or 3
Cherries in a row to move again.

Edit Board:
You can edit the board to your liking by removing and adding panels on the
board for more variety in gameplay. Use the A-Button to do so, and use the B-
Button to get a pre-set board setting you can still choose to modify

Easter Egg

Directly from the GameFAQs Cheat Codes & Secrets Page:

"Here's a neat little Easter Egg that was told to me by Graeme Devine, who
co-wrote the game. Set all four players to AI level 5, and just sit back and
let the Nes play against itself. Once the game is over, the ending cinema
will display the credits instead of the usual ''(color) Wins!''"

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