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Ultima: Warriors of Destiny (NES) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.0.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net (anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. If you 
write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then I 
will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about 
answering e-mail. Sorry.

Please refer to my maps on GameFAQs to be able to see your way around better. 
This FAQ was made to work in conjunction with them.





  3. STUFF



    3-3. STORES



    3-6. SPELLS



      3-7-2. MOONGATES


      3-7-4. ITEM LOCATIONS














    4-13. SHAME

    4-14. DOOM


    5-1. BASICS





Ultima: Warriors of Destiny (WoD) is a port of the far superior classic game 
Ultima V for the Apple and PC. It's got most of the same critical characters 
and the same goals, but it's too slow, the conversations are silly, and the 
plot did get mauled in order to fit a critical conversation in. This game 
also manages to put together two things I revered--the NES and the Ultima 
series--and make them kind of, well, totally suck. Way to go, sort of, I 

Still, this game needed a guide. The one up on GameFAQs does a great job of 
summarizing, vaguely, how to win the PC version, and it drops in a few Game 
Genie codes. But it doesn't tell important things--the main one being that 
talking to people is necessary to get the real info from others. Whom to talk 
to, and the best people to talk to first, make the bulk of Ultima V's 
challenge, and so a walkthrough should contain that, as well as a recommended 

If you haven't played Ultima V, I'd recommend doing so after this game, 
because it's a MUCH better game than on the NES. You can see what it was 
meant to be.


Ultima V was complex on the PC and NES, with a lot of keys for a lot of 
things. It's tricky here, and knowing where controls might get bogged down in 
advance can save you in combat.

One thing I didn't note for a while is that you can move diagonally. This is 
part of the reason why the game is so slow, and it's really rather useless 
except when you obviously need it in a dungeon.

Time passes quickly if you stand still in the game, so be sure to open the 
context menu push A or B if you need to pause the game. Of course, you may 
need to wait for an event, or for night or morning. Night and morning aren't 
much different, except the outer squares of the display turn dark at night.

  3. STUFF


If you have played Ultima V on the Apple or PC, congratulations! You are in 
the Advanced Class. You will know a lot of the mantras and the general world 
layout. The first will not help you out with the game, because you need to 
know who is where--though you may recognize the names of who knows which 

The second will. Towns are in roughly the same spots, and while the castles 
are whittled down to 24x24 1-level affairs, the roads plus knowing what's 
where make travel easier. Shrines are in roughly the same spot, too.

Stuff that's different on the map:

--Britannia does not wrap. It has edges.
--no separate bigger "inside" areas for towns. The world is continuous.
--Skara Brae is connected to land.
--Serpents Hold is connected to land.
--Jhelom is connected to Dasterd, which is on the island where the Shrine of 
Valor was.



Sometimes it's not stuff you need but information. You can't just know it, 
either. The game records if you've talked to the right person. It should be 
automatic to ask people about everything.

Malifora(Moonglow) -> Honesty Mantra
Greyson(Lord British) -> Compassion Mantra
Thorne(Jhelom) -> Valor Mantra
Jeremy(Yew) -> Chamfort(Empath Abbey) -> Justice Mantra
Rew(Minoc) -> Sacrifice Mantra
Gruman(Trinsic) -> Honor Mantra
Kindor(Skara Brae) -> Spirituality Mantra
Wartow(Magincia) -> Humility Mantra

Annon(E of Lord British) -> Despise
Resistance passwords needed for all others
Malifora(Moonglow) -> Deceit
Goeth(Jhelom) -> Destard
Felespar(Lord British) -> Wrong
Fiona(Minoc) -> Covetous
Sindar(Trinsic) -> Shame
Hassad(Blackthorn) -> Hythloth

Kristy sells skull keys (who else does?? 
Kenneth(Paws) -> Sheet music -> (play in Lord British's) -> Sandalwood Box
Bidney(Buccaneers' Den) -> Lord Michael(Empath Abbey) -> Grapple
Lord(Serpents Hold) -> Horn(Cowardice)
Lord Michael(Lycaeum) -> Horn (Falsehood)
Lord Malone(Lycaeum) -> Horn (Hatred)

Tactus(Minoc) -> Dryden(NW Hut) -> Flain(Skara Brae) -> Elistara(Magincia) -> 
Badge (for the Oppression)

(paws) ?? Cat's Lair: food 2 torch 3 yellow potion 15 blue potion 25 
lockpicks 30 spellbook 200

Glass Sword is at 04N01W, or 8e,5b.

    3-3. STORES

Cure 25, Heal 50, Resurrect 250
This is a rip off job and you're better off getting everyone killed or having 
lots of food/cure poison spells

Healer's Herbs: Ash 1 Ginseng 2 Garlic 2 Spidersilk 4 An Tym 100 Spellbook 
Yew: Seaman's Shore: Food 2 Torch 3 Oil 5
Paws: Cat's Lair: Food 2 Torch 3 Yellow 15 Blue 25 Lockpicks 30 Spellbook 200
Skara Brae: Local Alchemist: Ash 1 Ginseng 2 Moss 5 Pearl 3 Mani 250
Moonglow: Moss 8 Nightshade 10 Mandrake 15
Dendra gin 2 gar 2 pearl 3 silk 4 talismen [sic] 75

Buccaneers' Den: dagger club leather


Only you get experience. Your cohorts are stuck at the level they start at. 
This affects the spells they cast.

You also don't get hit points for the next level--just ability to cast better 
spells. Since spells aren't too important, don't worry too much about this. 
You lose half your experience if you get killed, which amounts to a level.

Next Level|Exp
2         |512
3         |1024
4         |2048
5         |4096
6         |8192
7         |16384
8         |32768

20 for taking an item in a chest
50 for taking a pile of gold
8 points each time you hit something


Shamino |14|15|15|05|cloth armor, wood sheild, sword, start/LB
Iolo    |15|15|10|04|cloth armor, bow, start/LB
Gwenno  |11|15|14|05|cloth armor, Iolo's Bows(LB)
Dupre   |30|10|11|05|cloth armor, Bordermarch(entry)
Mariah  |11|17|15|05|cloth armor, Moonglow Inn
Katrina |11|15|12|04|cloth armor, Magincia
Johne   |14|14|14|04|cloth armor, under Despise
Jaana   |11|15|14|03|cloth armor, Trinsic
Gorn    |25|10|11|05|cloth armor, Blackthorn's (NW)

Two of your friends from Ultima IV/V, Geoffrey and Julia, do not appear to 
have made it to the NES port. Following the pattern for deciding who is best 
(strength, then intelligence) I would recommend Dupre, then Iolo, as you need 
only one character with intelligence, which will be you. Gorn is worth 
holding out for. Dupre should be in the front line because he has the most 
hit points. You can shuffle your characters by having them leave and rejoin. 
My preferred party is:


    3-6. SPELLS

Here are the following reagents, abbreviated in the table below, with lowest 
prices and towns:

black pearl 3 SB
blood moss 5 SB
garlic 2 Yew
ginseng 2 Yew
mandrake 15 Moo
nightshade 10 Moo
spider silk 4 Yew
sulfurous ash 1 Yew

You can find or buy reagents. Mandrake and Nightshade are the most rare and 
expensive, as in the PC games. However, prices do not fluctuate between 
towns. They are constant. The costs are in parentheses above. You may 
remember them in a different order in the PC version, based generally on 
potency (ash, ginseng, garlic, silk, moss, pearl, nightshade, mandrake) but 
here they are just alphabetical. I also could not replicate the trick of 
finding nightshade/mandrake at midnight, but I didn't try very hard. Nobody 
offered advice, and spells aren't too necessary anyway.

Spell point cost = level of caster

You can always cast Escape.

               b b g g m n s s|
               p m a i a i s a|$cost
1st level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+------
Cure Poison   | | |x|x| | | | |??
Escape        | | | | | | | | |
Heal          | | | |x| | |x| |
Light         | | | | | | | |x|
2nd level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Locate        | | | | | |x| | |
Magic Arrow   |x| | | | | | |x|
Poison        |x|x| | | |x| | |
Protection    | | |x|x| | | |x|
3rd level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Energy Field  |x| | | |x| |x| |
Fire Field    |x| | | | | |x|x|
Great Light   | | | | |x| | |x|
Mass Cure     | | |x|x| |x| | |
4th level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Dispel Field  |x| | | | | |x| |
Fireball      |x| | | | | | |x|
Poison        |x| | | | |x|x| |
Unlock Magic  | |x| | | | | |x|
5th level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Explosion     |x|x| | |x| | |x|
Great Heal    | | | |x|x| |x| |
Invisibility  | |x| | |x|x| | |
Wind Change   | |x| | | | | |x|
6th level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Group Heal    | |x|x|x|x| | | |
Lightning     | | |x|x|x| | |x|
Mass Protect  |x| | | |x| | |x|
Poison Wind   | |x| | | |x| |x|
7th level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Charm         |x| | | | |x|x| |
Flame Wind    |x|x| | |x| | | |
Destroy       |x| | | | |x| |x|
Mass Invis.   |x|x| | |x|x| | |
8th level-----+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
Gate Travel   |x| | | |x| |x| |
Mass Destroy  |x|x|x|x|x|x|x|x|
Resurrect     | |x|x|x|x| |x|x|
Time Stop     | |x|x| |x| | | |



Each virtue encompasses three principles. The eight virtues manage to 
encompass all possible combinations of each principle. That makes them a 
power set of the three principles, if you want to go all set theory about 

Honesty = truth
Compassion = love
Valor = courage
Justice = love + truth
Sacrifice = love + courage
Honor = truth + courage
Spirituality = love + truth + courage
Humility = none

      3-7-2. MOONGATES

Moongates here 19-6

Trailing moon determines where you go, but 23:00-2:00 to Shrine
Waxing starts on the left

Jhelom      40,1ce new moon
Trinsic     98,17f 1st waxing
Skara Brae  19, d3 2nd waxing
Yew         21, 3c 3rd waxing
Britain     c6, 8b full moon
Minoc      175, 19 1st waning
Magincia   14f, cc 2nd waning
Moonglow   1a0,120 3rd waning


Covetous 13f, 35  8N 21E
Deceit   1e4, c0  8S 41E
Despise   bb, 88  1S  4E
Destard   5e,167 29S  7W
Hythloth 1c1,198 35S 37E
Shame     61, 98  3S  6W
Wrong     c9, 29 10N 14E
Doom      f8,165 n/a (underworld)

      3-7-4. ITEM LOCATIONS



Here is the basic outline of the game's mission-critical quests. Some 
overlap, because it is more practical to get one mantra with its 
corresponding word of power. Also, note that many details are excluded, and 
the order differs from the walkthrough, as several quests can be woven 

1. initial items and clues
  1a. get the magic carpet and sandalwood box
  1b. get the Resistance password
2. get all eight Mantras
3. get all the words of power
4. during 2 and 3, side tasks
  4a. get Dupre(Bordermarch)
  4b. get boat from Serpents Hold
  4c. get Gorn(Blackthorn)
5. get Iolo back and get the sceptre from Stonegate
6. get the Mystic Weapons from below Covetous
7. improve attributes (not necessary but very helpful)
  7a. visit all eight shrines
  7b. visit the codex
  7c. visit all eight shrines
8. get the shards and kill the Shadowlords (horns in castle)
  8a. hatred/Wrong/Empath Abbey
  8b. cowardice/Hythloth/Serpents Hold
  8c. falsehood/Deceit/Lycaeum
9. get the amulet from below Destard
10 Go below Shame to get to Doom, using the Amulet
11. Go to Doom and use the Sandalwood Box at the maze's end to win the game

??check if the crown defends against the magic twinkles

Most of this can be done while avoiding combat. You can often pitch a tent or 
run away to do so. Many key events in the game will be talking to people: 
often you need to talk to person A about person B before person B can trust 
you. So you can't just go visit a location.

A useful rule to remember about critical events is as follows: you need to 
talk to people to open up passages and get some items. For items you can just 
find lying around, you don't need to talk to people, and they're often in the 
same spot as in Ultima V, if you played that.


You begin with seven questions about virtues in a sort of elimination 
tournament to decide your stats. Unlike Ultima V, your player is not given a 
class. There are no wrong answers, but some are definitely more practical 
than others. Here is how choices affect your initial stats:

Honesty +2 intelligence
Compassion +2 dexterity
Valor +2 strength
Justice +1 intelligence, dexterity
Sacrifice +1 dexterity, strength
Honor +1 intelligence, strength
Spirituality +1 all
Humility no change

Intelligence affects spell points.
Dexterity helps you to hit enemies or be missed or attack more frequently. 
I'd guess.
Strength is hit points and, presumably, damage done.

Though the game doesn't show your stats as you answer the questions, a little 
experimentation shows the following: you start with 14 points in everything, 
so you can decide what to improve, when. I think strength is most important 
for the walkthrough I use, because if your Avatar is killed, you must restart 
from Lord British's castle. Now, sometimes, this is more convenient than 
moving along. You don't actually lose any items or gold--just half your 
experience, which means one level. Levels are overrated, but unfortunately, 
so is getting 95% of the way to an important item before getting killed, so 
only get killed when it's convenient.

Your Avatar is not going to be your best fighter, but he needs to be a hit 
point bunker, as he must lead the way. Dexterity being second, as you tend to 
suffer incidental non-combat damage, and often getting in the first strike 
can win a battle quickly. Spellcasting is rarely critical, and pretty much 
anyone can use the special magic items in the game.

Thus, I see the practical hierarchy of virtues as:

Valor > Spirituality > Sacrifice > Honor > Compassion > Justice > Honesty > 

The questions are random, but which ones you get probably only costs an 
attribute point or two. It's possible to get Valor vs Humility and 
Spirituality vs Honesty right away, for instance, and the game doesn't seem 
to follow the 3-round knockout bracket of virtues you'd expect.

Knowing what to do is a far bigger boost than a good random start, though, so 
it's not worth continually restarting unless you get, say, honesty vs 
humility and compassion vs justice to start. With an emulator, you can futz 
around and get 25 strength instead of 24, as that is useful against monsters 
that do 8 damage.

??combat is unnecessary. Shamino/Iolo can cast the spells you need. When I 
say walkthrough it's more running past fights.


First, take Shamino's and Iolo's items and talk to them. Have them both 
leave. These guys just slow down the game early on, because the game keeps 
rendering them, and you don't need their assistance. Monsters aren't 
particularly plentiful to start out, and if you do run into any monsters who 
kill you, you'll wind up at Lord British's, which is your first stop anyway. 
Once you get experience, dying cuts it in half, but that's not a worry at the 
start. By the way--Iolo and Shamino are at Lord British's, in the entryway, 

Now while you can re-enter the hut, talk to David and get a Sextant, I found 
that item wasn't particularly useful once I had my map. However, you might as 
well go talk to him and get used to pumping everyone for critical 
information--basically, you just go through all the options til you get an 
interesting word or item or name of the next person to talk to. Even if you 
do need to drop the sextant for a game-critical item later, you can go back 
to David to get another one. This holds for other convenience items, too. As 
the game goes on, you may have some trouble properly juggling critical items 
with ones that make getting around easier.

Well, that's a lot of information for the first hut, but these fundamentals 
pay off later. First, it's off to Lord British's Castle with a stop at Yew 
and Empath Abbey. Avoid blue-green patches along the way, as they are poison. 
Dying does send you to Lord British's but being poisoned is so annoying.

Follow the dirt path south. Take it east, and at the end, go south and cross 
the bridge. The Healer's Herbs building has a scroll at the bottom. Now you 
can take whatever you want in this game, and you don't lose virtue. You only 
lose item spaces. These get valuable later on, so you may want to hold off.

The dirt path continues after a break to the east of the building. Head 
southeast and you should see it. It branches soon. Go west. When you see a 
drawbridge, go south to Yew. Find Jeremy and pump him for information. Jeremy 
is in the northwest--by the Seaman's Shore--during the day, and in the 
southeast room at night. Many people will be like this.

You don't need to give him $30 when he asks, but you might as well. Gold is 
not terribly important in this game. Jeremy tells you Chamfort knows a 
mantra. This is the first time that information from one NPC opens up 
another--if you just went to Chamfort, you would not have been able to ask 
him. Buy a lot of food from the Seaman's Shore. In fact, you can max out at 
99, and it's no real problem, because gold is not critical in the game. Yes, 
it's limited, but with my walkthrough you will get the big weapons early on. 
Food is even more efficient than spells, because you just need to rest, and I 
haven't gotten ambushed doing so. ??(try other places)

There's also a fellow named Landon here, but he doesn't have much to say, 
because you haven't talked to the person who refers him to you yet. He 
disappears to Skara Brae during the night as well. By the way, there's also 
garlic lying about here, so take that. Because garlic is already in your 
inventory, it doesn't take an additional spot.

Now you could go north to Empath Abbey, but it saves a bit of time going east 
back to the path. The following two paragraphs give the sort of information 
Empath Abbey will let you know, but the main bit--about the Resistance--is 
not available yet.

****Avoid the poison to the north when you head that way to Empath Abbey. 
This time you'll want to cross the drawbridge. You may see a red figure in 
the center. That is Lord Michael. You can get a horn of summoning from him, 
but that's not useful now. Later you'll want a grapple, but that's a long way 
off, still. If he is not in the courtyard, he is in the northwest bedroom. 
Tim the bard is to the left, but I don't think he's necessary to talk to Sir 

Nothing else here is terribly useful. There is a healing center in the 
northeast, and there are two sisters Ava and Leonna who together tell you 
where the Shard of Falsehood is.****

Go back on the main path and follow it east. It will hook around a bit. At 
the first T, go south. At the second, go east. This leads to Paws. The 
building east of the turn is Cat's. It has an important item for you to buy.

If you're there at night, you can talk to Bandaai about a message. "Infinity" 
is the solution to Ultima IV. The joke was a bit funnier in the original, 
because a lot of people were baffled by the final puzzle, where you couldn't 
save anywhere in the final dungeon. Bandaai may also tell you later about a 
carpet that we're going to get soon enough by being as nosey as good 
adventurers should be, anyway.

Cat is in the center of Cat's Lair, and he is there at all times. You want to 
buy Lockpicks from him. These will get you past yellow doors if you equip and 
use them. For instance, they would get you into the east of Yew, where 
there's not much, really. There's also food in the center room, and you 
should take that.

Exit and go to the building to the north. Kenneth and Glinkie are here. 
Glinkie is the knight, and he gives hints about the Shrine of Spirituality. 
Kenneth is in the upper right, and he is useful. Ask about Job, Teach and 
Stones to get sheet music as an item.

There's also a building to the south, but it is Bandaii's home. I have no 
clue what the northwest building is for, since nobody ever seems to be in 

Go back north on the path and go east even when the path turns north. Enter 
the building. Terrance should be there. If not, he is out back in his fields 
to the east. Job Yes Blackthorn No Resistance, and now you have someone else 
to talk to: Chamfort, who also has the Mantra of Justice.

First, though, let's make the trip back easier. Follow the dirt path north 
into the castle. Oh, look! Shamino and Iolo waiting at the front gate! 
They're still useless, so blow them off. Go up the left side and talk to the 
guy in red in the center. That's Chuckles. Ask him about Fun and say Yes. 
Then say No to get a gold piece. Try the other options if you want. By the 
way, "cantabrigian" means coming from Harvard, or something. I looked it up 
so you don't have to.

Go to the top and to the west. You will need to ready your lockpicks and then 
use them to get through one door, then the next. You'll be next to a piano 
here. You don't have to sit on the chair. Just be next to the piano, ready 
the sheet music, and use the sheet music on the piano. This opens the grate 
to the west. Now you can discard the sheet music, since it's done its job.

Go to the side room and get the gold coins (250) and the item in the chest 
(it may be worth saving your state so you get a good one like a morning star 
or halberd,) get the sandalwood box in the lower left, and then get the 
carpet in the south of the main room--that's a magic carpet that makes moving 
around easier--before entering the final door below. Yes, the box takes up an 
inventory spot, but it's critical for the game's end, and it can be easy to 
forget later.

Get the gold coins east of the bed (150) and open the chest to the left for 
another item, if you like. In general, items you find in chests are either 
scrolls, which can be useful, or weapons you can sell for money. Don't feel 
you're wasting resources dropping a weapon, though you do want to try and 
sell what you can at every weapon shop. Here you can put the magic carpet as 
one of your two items to use. Don't use it yet, as once you're on the carpet, 
all you can do is move or exit by using the carpet again. Or, if you get 
attacked by enemies, you're forced to exit. A bug in the game can make it 
tough to get back on even with monsters far away. You have to win another 

Go back east and past the throne through an open door, then south into the 
dining hall. You may have to wait until morning to ask Justin about job and 
mutton. Say yes and you will get information on Greyson. Ask about him. 
Greyson should be off to the west in the dining hall, but first, go south to 
Iolo's Bows and sell what you can. Gwenno may be there, by the way. She is a 
new companion but not a particularly good one, so don't ask her to join.

Ask Greyson in the west castle room (he'll be in the SE at night) about 
glassware and then about everything else--you will get the mantra of 
Compassion, eventually, and he'll refer you to someone at the Lycaeum. The 
glass sword isn't critical, but it's a neat side quest, and it's always fun 
to have more people to talk to, too.

Now you can go back to the Yew area along the path. Use the magic carpet. 
It'll be a smooth ride, as you can fly over vegetation, and you don't have to 
avoid poison patches. Going diagonally can make things a bit quicker. The 
carpet sails over everything except the mountains. Watch out for monsters, 
though, as if one hits you, it knocks you off your carpet. Also, watch out 
for the deep sea. It takes you for a lot of damage. This is convenient if 
you're trying to kill yourself to return to Lord British's quicker, but that 
doesn't apply here.

Back in Yew, ask Chamfort about the resistance and get the mantra from him as 
well.  He is west and south from the courtyard, in one of two places in his 
living area. (Incidentally, if you see him around 18:00, he walks through a 
wall to go to his bedroom.) You are told to talk to Landon, but you don't 
really need to. Once you have the password, it's best used to talk to people 
who can open the dungeons, and he is not one of them. If you see Landon, you 
can ask about Resistance and Council for general information if you want, 
though really just asking everyone about everything works fine. Talking him 
will not tip off any conversations with anyone else.

So from now on, if you can say "Dawn" to someone, do so. You'll get lots of 
information. This has been a lot of legwork, but now you can talk to a lot of 
Resistance members with more useful information.


Leave Yew and fly south after going west around the city walls. Continue 
south until you see rough seas. You should come upon a bridge. Follow it west 
to Skara Brae.

Skara Brae has some useful people to know. I'm not sure how Landon gets from 
Skara Brae to Yew and back every night, but he's here, too, in a building to 
the west. Flain is also there. You can't do anything with him yet. To the 
north, you have a building with Froed and Kindor. Froed tells you of his 
father in Trinsic, and Kindor tells you the mantra for Spirituality. He also 
tells you of Lady Jannell.

Hook around them east and south then head back west and south--keep pushing 
west when you can--and you'll go across calm waters to a new island. This 
holds the castle Bordermarch. You'll need to enter from the southeast of the 
isle, as mountains surround the rest of the castle. You can fly through a 
hole in the mountains and over a field to enter from the southeast, or you 
can walk via the southwest.

Bordermarch is light on information, but you can get just about everything 
else. Dupre is at the entrance by foot (SW) or maybe in the NE dining hall. 
He is very strong, and he is a good addition, because you can give him the 
magic sword as you get the magic axe. The magic weapon shop in the northwest 
is too pricey, but a magic shield, axe and sword are just sitting there. Take 
them all. Give Dupre the shield. Your plans for combat are for you to throw 
the axe at an enemy. This makes Dupre charge forward and engage in hand-to-
hand combat.

For optional dialogues to round out the game, Sir Simon may be in the NE or 
SE. He tells you of the crown, amulet and sceptre. Lady Tessa is in a field 
to the east, and she gives you details about the amulet and what it does. 
Neither are critical to material progress.


Now go back east, north around the mountains and east. The town ahead is 
Trinsic. You might as well take care of some chatting here. The Paladin's 
Protectorate has Plate Mail, which is nice, but you will find even better 
armor shortly. Sell stuff you can--except of course the magic stuff you found 
in Bordermarch.

The northeast is where you'll really want to go. There are two guys there. 
Sindar, on the right, tells you the word to the dungeon Shame. He is one of 
the Council, but if you aren't in the resistance, he just seems like a slob 
and a glutton. Note you don't have to say "Dawn" and he just knows you're 
okay, but you do have to have gotten the password. Gruman on the left tells 
you the Mantra of Honor if you cycle through the questions. He may be in the 
southeast at nighttime.

You've done all you can in Trinsic, but if you wish to explore more, you'll 
find Jaana in the center courtyard, or the southeast. She will join, but she 
really isn't very good. Greymarch is up north or in the southwest, and he'll 
ask you to find his son. This is an unnecessary quest. Wounds of Honor is in 
the southwest, and it offers healing at the usual high prices.

Paladin's Protectorate: 2h axe 150, 2h sword 200, halberd 250, magic sword 
3000, curved heater 100, plate mail 

Now get on the carpet and go south. When the road bends west, go SE. You'll 
want to go along the northern shore until there is a second river. The go 
straight east and you'll hit the moat for Serpents Hold. The entrance there 
is at the bottom. This way, you avoid some of the nasty fights you'd have 
seen walking overland.

Kristi the Cook is in the northwest during the day and northeast during the 
night. She sells skull keys, 100 for 5. You can actually reuse one, though 
the five you get from here may spread out through your inventory as 
individual items for some bizarre reason. You can always drop them and get 
more, though.

The other big thing to get in Serpents Hold is the skiff. The shop is in the 
east. For just 100 gold, you can use the skiff to travel pretty much anywhere 
in the sea, including the deep parts that would've damaged you on your 
carpet. There's a dock to the southeast of the entrance where you can take 
your boat, but you can use it anywhere on a pier or shoreline (half-sea, 
half-land) to start paddling around. You can also flip between the skiff and 
the carpet. You should not get attacked at sea--I've never been--so that's 

Now we're going to jump ahead from what the game probably wanted us to do and 
go to Blackthorn's. Sail east from the dock and you'll hit a big island. 
Land--it's best to be on a shoreline square, which is often half-water and 

Blackthorn's Castle looks intimidating, and if you mess around, it's awful. 
The south of the isle, though, holds a lever that opens the front gate. Then 
you talk to Blackthorn and after a little chat, you say no, you won't be 
staying long. He then vanishes. I'm not sure if this is a bug and you need to 
complete the Oppression quest for the badge, or if it's legitimate, but it 
worked for me.

**the Oppression quest to get the badge takes a while. Visit Tactus in Minoc, 
Dryden near where you started, Flain in Skara Brae, and Elistaria in 
Magincia. You can use the carpet for the first bits and the skiff for the 
last. It's very artificial, as they say "Fiona must be removed" and then say 
they'll wait once you tell them. Very different from U5 where she just 
vanishes and an incredibly weak plot hole.**

You can get behind him with two skull keys in a row. Get the crown in the 
room behind. Then retreat and find Gorn. He will be in one of two places: 
southeast in the day, northwest at night. Worst case, you have to go there 
and back and back again to find him. With a strength of 25, though, he is 
worth looking for.

You will also want to see Hassad before you leave. He tells you the word of 
power to Hythloth. He is located in the cells to the east. Kaiko in Magincia, 
whom you will see in a bit, refers you to Hassad, but you don't need Kaiko's 


Sail to the west coast then north. There'll be an island's shallow water to 
the east, then you should see a dock. Land on that dock. Go east and a bit 
north to the home if it's night. Go southeast if it's day. You want to find 
Wartow, to ask him about job/life/no/time, for the next mantra--humility. 
"Humble?! I call that lazy! Are there no poorhouses?"

Now go to the west off the dock. There's an uninhabited island, but go 
clockwise around the coast. Look for a channel upwards. That'll get you to 
Buccaneers' Den, where a pier is to the west of rough seas. Here you can ask 
a few more questions. Bidney is in the northwest house or the big southern 
shop as you start. He will eventually tell you about Lord Michael and the 
Grapple (drink/mountains/climb.) Once he does, just leave to the northwest 
through the mountain gap--the carpet is useful here--and sail that way. You 
will hit the Britain dock, or close to it.

Go north from there and enter the home of Annon. Talk to him for another 
word. "Monsters" gives one for Despise, which you don't necessarily need, but 
it's not out of the way, so why not. Now use the carpet once you're out to 
enter Lord British's Castle to the northwest. Go east at the first exit and 
you can now enter the door to the east. Talk to the first person in the 
dungeon you see, in the northwest cell. Felespar is one of the Council, and 
he will tell you the word for Wrong. You can talk to other guys, including 
Jeremy's brother Jerone, though they have nothing important. You'll also want 
to get Shamino or Iolo back. They are pretty much identical, but Iolo is a 
bit stronger, and you don't need another spellcaster. Plus he's easier for me 
to type. And he was better on the Apple version, and his avatar--err, icon 
annoys me less. He's the guy on the right.

So you now have your party: you, Dupre, Gorn, and Iolo. You also have five 
mantras and four words. Humility/Doom has no corresponding dungeon word--the 
Codex Quest, which reveals it in Ultima V, is just for building your party 
up. However, the big word is up next. Its dungeon gives your party a 
firepower boost and makes the other dungeons a lot easier.


Now you want to go back to Empath Abbey. You can head west from the entry, 
then northwest on the carpet, north a bit, and west. Now find Lord Michael, 
who is either in the center of the courtyard or the northwest room. He will 
now give you the grapple if you ask for it. Don't worry about the other 
stuff, as he just gives you a horn of summoning that takes up an inventory 
spot. You'll tackle that later. If you do get the horn by mistake, just drop 
it. He'll give it to you next time you talk.

Now I am going to give you a choice of getting the glass sword or avoiding 
the detour. The glass sword is a handy item that automatically kills whomever 
it faces. It's handy in a pinch against tough monsters, though it doesn't 
kill Shadowlords.

No detour: use the carpet, go east, NE at the path, and hook around the 
mountains. Go east until you hit the next path, but don't follow it. Go 
straight east for a small shortcut, until you hit it coming back down.

Glass sword detour: use the carpet to go east from Empath Abbey's drawbridge. 
After the path, there's a river to follow north into a cove. From the 
northeast of the cove, use the grapple to go northeast. Fetch the sword. Keep 
going NE eight more times. Use the carpet to go east and hit the path again.

On the path, go SE. When it bends E between the mountains, go east all the 
way, then use the grapple to go northeast until you reach a valley within the 
mountains. Use lockpicks to enter the castle and then skull keys to open the 
door behind. Unlike the Apple/PC versions, the Shadowlords aren't hanging 
around, so you can just walk to the center of the cross-shaped castle, get 
the sceptre, and get out.

A quick way out of here is, from the entrance, to fly east north and east. 
The last turn will take you past the edge of the castle. In the far-east 
enclave, ready the grapple and go east to get over the mountain. Follow the 
path northwards to Minoc. At this point you can drop the grapple, since its 
only critical purpose was to get you into Stonegate. Remember, inventory 
micromanagement now means that you can avoid annoying choices later.

In Minoc, enter the inn and go north on the path. You are looking for Fiona, 
who is in one of the small buildings in the northeast. The lower one holds 
Rew, who tells you the mantra if you ask her everything, so try that first. 
Then Fiona will give you the word for Covetous. Six down, two to go.

You'll want to heal and rest up, so use food and then a tent so everyone's at 
full strength for the next fight. Equip them with what armor you have, 
because if things work, you'll be getting new stuff soon.

Have your leader ready his magic axe and Dupre the magic sword and shield, if 
you don't already. Everyone else can get second rate stuff. Go south on the 
path, going southwest when it turns east. Hook west then south. You'll run 
into a reaper. Axe him when you're four squares away. Dupre will run at him 
and take one or two hits to whip him. You are faster than the reaper, so it 
won't retaliate much. Once the reaper dies, talk to the sphinx behind the 
ladder. "AVIDUS" is the only meaningful option, so use it, and now you can 
walk over the stairs and into Covetous.


Go north and find a way down. Then go south a way and find a way down. North 
and down, south and down. This is the basic way through Covetous, though I 
think it's useful to note that the twinkly squares can cause minor damage. 
The heavy twinkles just block you. Here diagonal movement is necessary to 
avoid damage piling up or just getting stuck.

Covetous is almost ludicrously easy. There are two stairs down. One leads to 
treasure you really don't need, and another leads right to the big haul.

Go north through the twinkly bits and down the stairs. Go south through the 
twinkly bits and down the stairs. Go north and down the stairs, then go south 
through even more twinkly bits and down the stairs. You will want to avoid 
them with diagonal movements when you can, but note something critical here: 
the heavy twinkles will block your way through, and if you just move 
regularly up/down/left/right, it seems they're blocking you. Fortunately you 
can move diagonally, so you can make it to the stairs down on level four and 
to the underworld.

At the bottom, you will see a wall to the west. Get on your carpet and 
traverse along that wall as it goes to the south and loops around. In terms 
of 8x8 blocks you want to go S SW W NW NW N NE and you can pretty much outrun 
any monsters you see. They will be pretty weak, and in general, monsters in 
the underworld are no tougher than above, but why waste time?

In the clearing at the end, once the path hooks back east, you'll see four 
armors, four shields, a bow, an axe, and two swords. Equip your back ranks 
with an axe and bow. You should still keep the extra axe for your avatar, 
because although you will have armor most of the time, sometimes you'll be 
holding a carpet, and that makes it tricky to switch. Axes are useful for 
companions with low hit points, too, since they are missile weapons.

Now you just need to follow the wall back, or reverse directions, all the way 
outside. Your party is very, very tough now. You can improve a few attribute 
points with the Codex Quest, but that is about it for further improvements. 
For most of what you want to do, you can avoid monsters or just rest up after 
a fight. You can even hack them down with missile weapons if you get into the 
odd fight, with Dupre and Gorn using magic swords, and you and Iolo with a 
magic axe and bow respectively. I will weave the Codex Quests into the rest 
of the quests, and while it's perfectly possible to get through the game 
without them, it means you have to rest less later, and fights are that much 
easier. So you can skip the shrines if you want to, but I don't recommend it. 
Basically, you need to visit all the shrines, visit the codex, and visit all 
the shrines again.


Hook around the mountain and through the inn. Follow the path southeast and 
go east and across the bridge. Go east until you get to the shrine. You can 
pop any guardians now. Do so, then pray at the shrine. That is your first 
Codex quest. Since you can visit the Codex one time after visiting all 
shrines, we'll take care of them.

Fly south from here. You can talk to Sin'Vraal if you want, but he has no 
critical information. Walk south from the west edge of his hut and use a 
boat. Go all the way south to the big island. The Lycaeum is just south. The 
carpet can shortcut around the moat. The east center room has Malifora, who 
gives you the mantra and word of power for Honesty and Deceit. Moonglow to 
the south has Mariah, a potential party member who is nothing special. It 
offers reagents and such as well. Nightshade is useful from there. It, spider 
silk, and black pearl will allow you to cast the poison spell later. That is 
a handy suicide trick.

So go east and northeast from the Lycaeum moat and you'll reach a small isle 
with stairs down. Whip any monsters around and then talk to the gargoyle 
guarding. "Fallax." That gets you into Deceit.

Deceit is a little tougher than the previous dungeons. You will go up and 
down a bit getting to the bottom.

South all the way, west all the way and north all the way--the NE branch to 
level 2. Then go east, diagonally SE, then keep going south and east until 
you get to a T facing north. Go east to the edge, nourth all the way, and 
northwest. Up back to level one.

West, south, west, north, and west past the fields. North and follow the 
passage down.

E N W* S E D.

S W N E S W and, at the rooms, take the NW passage. Go south. D.

N E U.

S E N W D.
E S and W at the big room, S E N W U.

E D.

S*, S at the intersection, U.

S D. You may need to rest here to recharge points from the force fields 
you've hit.

W U. E N NW D. W U. S D. W N W S W N and now it's a one-way passage: W S W N 
E N E D.

In the underworld you can go west along the walls and north when you hit one. 
In terms of blocks of 8, you can go W N W W W N N W W N W N N N W N W and you 
are at sea. Good time to rest here. Then go west untit the passage goes 
south, then SW and follow the river south. There'll be an island to the east 
with a rather tough fight. Whip these guys and get the shard of falsehood.

Now retreating takes forever, so you may wish to either 1) use the magic 
carpet on the rough seas, 2) step on a poison square, or 3) both. A problem 
is that you're back at Lord British's, but you can just take a boat straight 
east from below the moat to get to the shrine isle. It's a lot fewer steps 
overall. You may even be able to optimize my walkthrough further, by 
completing the shrines and dungeons in a different order. But this should be 
good enough.

If you exited without getting killed, then from the west shore, use the boat 
to go north to the next island. The Shrine of Honesty is there. Whip any 
guarding monsters and talk to the center stone again. Say Ahm and you've got 
your second quest.


You can use the magic carpet to go north and northwest through shallow waters 
back to the main continent. Go west from Sin'Vraal's hut. Go southwest when 
you hit mountains and west when there's a path through. This leads you to the 
path you took before. W S W N W and now fly SW through the gap to the Shrine 
of Compassion. Demons here may be quite tough so be healed before taking them 
on. Another quest once you give the mantra, Mu.

Go back through the gap and straight north. Talk to the gargoyle and say 
"Malum." Well, actually, you can't say much else. But you know what I mean.

Wrong is slightly tricky but it is not too bad. It has two ways down, and the 
one that's nearer on the first level is a bit longer overall. Go straight 
south through the field, then take the south path. It bends W N and go west. 
A path will go south, then west. Take the stairs.

You will work N E S E N E S E to the first turn-off, then E N W to the next. 
N W N around a bend, W around the second loop at the top, then W S W N E N W 
and W at the junction, then loop S E to the stairs down.

The stairs down are to the south on level 3. Then you go W, S at the T and E 
and S to the edge. E all the way and then N and down to the underworld.

Go east, then south when you hit a mountain until you hit another group. Then 
go east until you run into the next. North, east, north, east and you will 
reach the Shard of Hatred. It'll be about four squares east of the wall. 
Retreating is easy: you can fly southwest then west til you work yourself 
into a corner, then north then northwest.

If you don't mind casting the Poison spell on a square (have Iolo do it) and 
having your Avatar step on it, and the dungeon seems annoying, you have an 
easy way back up. The Shrine of Justice is then along the path to the east, 
then NW when it bends west then back right.

Climb back up Wrong. S all the way, W all the way, N all the way, W N E U. N 
U. W N E all the way, S W S E N E S all the way, E S E S W* N W S W N W S U. 
E N E S E N* U.

Southwest to the path, and when it bends down the third time, go northwest--
maybe a bit west--and northwest, north at the poison fields, and northwest at 
the next poison fields. That gets you to the Shrine of Justice. Wipe out 
enemies there and talk to the shrine. Say BEH.


You still have one mantra to find. That is for valor. If you can locate the 
moongates on my map and you notice that the trailing moon is in the right 
phase, by all means take a shortcut to Jhelom. However, you should be used to 
long treks by now.

SW from Justice and you can now hook W-SW around the mountain. Follow the 
path southwards. Don't take any of the turn-offs. Go through Trinsic and then 
when the path goes west, take the T to the west. Honor is west of the end of 
the path, and there'll be a lot of enemies. Rout them and talk to the Shrine. 

Go south, then southwest when you can. You need to cross by boat--it's 
possible to take damage once from the rough seas, but it's more trouble than 
it's worth. Here you find the final town, Jhelom, on Valor Isle.

Goeth, who gives you a word, is SW of the center of the winding path(when it 
bends W-S) or in the building west of the north end of the path. Thorne, who 
has the mantra, is in the building east of the path--either the top or bottom 
room. You can fly south now, below a building and by an isthmus to one more 

Destard has the most complicated underworld, but this FAQ should be a decent 
guide to it.  The dungeon is a little tricky, too, with some ups and downs, 
but not enough to get too lost. Follow the path to the opening, then go south 
of the big area, then west and south. The path winds to the stairs.

You will then go south and back down, then east all the way and down. 
There'll be another long passage. Don't take the turn east as it leads down 
to a dead-end area. Instead, unlock the east of the three buildings when you 
reach the openings. Climb up.

Go east a bit then north to an intersection. N E S leads down.

N W and N a bit leads down to level 3.

W U leads back to level 2. W U leads back to level 1 again. S W* S leads to 
level 2. S E S E (at the branch) N W (at branch) W N W N E D to level 3.

W S E N E S E N E N E* S W S E D to level 4.

N and the NW fork has stairs to the underworld.

You can move pretty quickly here in the underground. NW leads to a river, 
though you may have to go a bit west. Flooow the river--go NW then W then SW 
and a bit W. When it becmoes a full lake, go SE and then SW around the deep 
parts. W leads you back to another river. Follow the river S until it 
branches E and then go E past the first poison field. Go NE and you'll hit a 
mountain, eventually. Sneak E and NE to get beyond that. Head SE and then 
when you get trapped (you may need to go S a bit) go NE and there'll be a 
burial ground. The amulet is in the east of it.

Retreating is tricky, but there's lots of swamp, and really it's easier just 
to find the moongate east of Lord British's castle. Do so.


To get to the Shrine of Spirituality, you need to enter a moongate at night, 
from 23:00 to 2:00. Use your watch for this if you don't want to read the hex 

If you left Destard instead of killing yourself in the underworld, Trinsic's 
moongate is closest. Fly east to the path then southeast. The moongate is 
east of the poison fields and only shows up from 19:00 to 6:00. Rest up 
before entering, as there's a big fight. Shoot the gazers from afar, as 
several guard the shrine, and you may want to use healing spells when you 
can. Again, Dupre and Gorn should move in pretty quickly, but in case they 
get hit, you need to be able to use magic.

You will hit the shrine if you enter any moongate after 23:00. You can 
reenter the moongate and return to Britannia after 2:00. Now, which moongate 
you return to makes a big difference. They are all over the place. So I will 
take them on a case by case basis. You don't actually need to visit the 
Shrine of Humility to win the game, and it doesn't give you a bonus, so don't 
worry about it. Hythloth is next for the practical Avatar.

Hythloth is NE of an inlet in the Isle of the Avatar. The inlet is east of 
the north tip of Blackthorn's Island. For those who wish to boost their 
attributes and don't mind suicide-cheating, visiting the Codex, on the south 
tip of the isle, is best before visiting Hythloth.

Magincia moongate: south to Sutek's, SE to the Isle of the Avatar, south if 
necessary to the inlet with Hythloth.
Trinsic moongate: sail south until rough seas cut to the east. Then go 
straight west. You may have to go SE a bit when you hit the Isle of the 
Jhelom moongate: head south across the river and then go east. Keep going 
east (push south a bit if you hit an isle) until you hit Blackthorn's. It has 
mountains. Then go north along the shoreline, then east into the inlet.
Moonglow moongate: Go straight south and hook counterclockwise in the shallow 
Magincia moongate: go southeast and you'll hit the south tip of Verity Isle, 
where you should see where Moonglow's moongate is. There's a small L-shaped 
island to the south/west you want to steer around to get there.
Minoc moongate: go south, then when you hit the L-shaped island, go east to 
the shallow water then SE. Proceed as with the Moonglow moongate.
Britain moongate: sail SE, hooking east or south when blocked. You will reach 
the NW of the Isle of the Avatar.
Skara Brae moongate: fly then sail east past paws, then hook NE-E-SE around 
the Buccaneers' Den isle. Go SE as with the Britain moongate. Then go 
counterclockwise to the inlet.
Yew moongate: walk/fly to Annon's and go SE as in the two moongates above.

Hythloth is tough to get through, too. S= W* S* through a large area E* 
through another, N E S W* and down.

N* W leads down to level 3. E S E N E S W and back up. Then N* W= S* W S= E S 
W D to level 3.

E N W to the big area, then N* through it and W and S and E to level 4.

E N E* S E S and there's another passage a bit east and south. Take it and go 
SE around the first +, then S and E and SE around the second. S E E S W N E S 
E= and there is treasure to the right--a lot of potions to stock up on--and N 
W N and the NE branch leads to the underworld.

There's a bit of a maze here, but the dead ends are pretty obvious, so 
working through this is not too taxing. Fortunately, the 8x8 blocks make the 
maze relatively square. There's really only one way through it, so let's find 

First, by 8x8 blocks: W W S W W W N N E E N N N W W S W W S S S W W W W W W N 
N N E N N N W W W N W W W N N N E E E E S E E N E E N E E E and the shard is 
4 to the west of the edge. The way back is the reverse.

In maze notation, where you change direction when you hit a wall of 

W* S* W* N* E= N* W* S* W* S* W* N* E N* W* N* W* N* E* S* E* N* E* N= E*.

The way back is W* S* W* S* W* N* W* S= E* S= E+ S* W* S= E* N= E* N* E== S* 
W* S* E* N E*. You can create a poison field and walk into it, though. 
This'll require some boating back SE to the Isle of the Codex to continue the 
quest, but you can also pick off a few shrines in north Britannia and shuffle 
the order around.


Now you've probably hit all the shrines. One of them seems useless, and 
there's no great revelation/word for solving all the quests. So I think you 
can skate (?? make sure, may have cheated.) But the Shrine of Humility is 
close enough that it should not matter.

The shrine of Humility does not give an attribute bonus for solving it, but 
for completists, here goes.

West, north and east and south around the mountains gets you to the shrine of 
humility. Then you can go N W S back to the entry to the inlet to continue as 

The remaining two dungeons are an exercise in endurance. The Codex is west, 
south and east, in a valley on the south of Avatar Isle. You'll need to use 
lockpicks and skull keys to get to the codex. You should be able to talk to 
the Codex about seven of the eight virtues--eight if you looked at Humility.

You can now barnstorm counterclockwise across all the shrines as you destroy 
the Shadowlords. Humility, if you want. Now go north to Verity Isle. Get back 
to the Lycaeum and talk to the Lord there. Get the horn of summoning from 
him. Save the game after you use a skull key to get into the north room. This 
is because summoning the shadowlord is tricky--you want to use the horn, then 
the shard of the same color. Unfortunately the shards don't look that 
different. Since this is the castle dedicated to Truth, you want to use the 
Shard of Falsehood. That shard also should be the first of the shards in your 
inventory, since you got it first in Deceit.

If you do things right, the Shadowlord goes pop, and you're one-third of the 
way to getting rid of them. Exit the castle and take the carpet east and 
north around the edge. Go north and switch to the boat. Go NE. Go north when 
east of the poison fields and to the shrine of Honesty. You get a +1 
intelligence bonus for your work. Now you can go NE N W NW to the mainland--
it's tricky on carpet, but you can do so without hitting rough seas.

Hook around Sin'Vraal's hut and go north. The shrine of Sacrifice will be 
east. Sacrifice is love+courage, so everyone gets +1 dexterity and strength.

Now take the path west over the bridge, then go SW along the path and when it 
curves up the second tome, go SW to find the shrine of Compassion. +1 
dexterity for reporting back.

Go NW from here and you may have to loop around rough seas and go north 
through poison fields just after, but the shrine of Justice awaits. +1 
dexterity and intelligence.

Go west and once you cromss the bridge, go SW. You may run into the Healer's 
Herbs here, so go S SW and get to Empath Abbey. The same deal applies here. 
You talk to Lord Malone to get the horn, then throw the lever to get to the 
skull-key door behind. Save the game and then use the horn and the shard--it 
should be the first remaining in your inventory. Shadowlord #2 is down.

Go east and take the road south. Past Trinsic when it forks west, go west 
into the shrine of Honor. Talk there. +1 intelligence and strength.

Head east and follow the path. When it ends, fly east until you see Serpents 
Hold and its moat to the south. Then go south and east to enter Serpents 
Hold. You've got the last Shadowlord to deal with here. Talk to the lord, who 
is either dining or in the west, and get the horn. Straight ahead of the 
entrance, through a door you need regular lockpicks for, summon the 
shadowlord and use the final shard. Hooray! They're all gone.

Now go south from the entrance and, in shallow water, go about five squares 
south. Then go all the way west and you'll hit the isle with the shrine of 
valor. Go NW and talk to get +1 strength.

This leaves the shrine of Spirituality. Go north and then east and southeast, 
tiptoeing over the poison. Wait for the moongate to show up and enter it 
after midnight. Use your watch if you're not sure. The last shrine gives +1 
for all three virtues.

Now you need to get to Shame. It's in an inlet in the northwest, southeast of 
a poison patch on the north shore. A lot depends on where you exit the 
moongate after 2 AM, so I'll list all possibilities.

Skara Brae moongate: NE and enter the river.
Yew moongate: south to Dryden's, SE  and follow the river south and east.
Trinsic moongate: NW to the road, through Trinsic, follow the road and turn 
west. North and loop W N E around the mountain.
Britain moongate: NW around Lord British's, W, then a bit N around the 
mountains and S when W of Yew. SE to the river.
Magincia moongate: W and clockwise around the mountain until you hit the 
Moonglow moongate: W until you hit the path. See Trinsic.
Jhelom moongate: NE to the path. N to Trinsic. See above. You can also use 
the boat to go more or less straight north, if you don't mind picking it up 
and deploying it.
Minoc moongate: ouch, you got the booby prize. SW, through the inn, around 
the mountain west and west til you follow the path. West at the third turn 
south. Around another mountain west, then SW at the path. South from Yew then 
SE into the inlet.

    4-13. SHAME

This is the second-to-last dungeon.

N= E-S-E-N-W-N= W-N* E-N E-S= E-N-E= S-E= S-E-S*-W-S-W-S-E-N-E-S-D.

N= W= N-E-N-W-N-E-D.

W= S-E-S==-W-S*-E-D.


N-E-N-E-N= W-S-E=-S-W-S-E=-S-W-S-D.


So you've made it to the underworld. Head southeast on carpet out of the 
current enclosure, moving against the walls, then switch to a boat and go 
southeast some more. You should be close to a passage east. Take it and use 
the amulet on the starry squares. You will want to go southeast from the 
center, and you should get close to the stairs down to Doom after eight 
tries. You can always "move" south and north here to zoom in. Step off the 
stars and enter Doom.

    4-14. DOOM

Well, my map is hopefully adequate to get through here, but it's probably 
good to have full instructions, because the paths do tend to curve. There's 
more than one way through this dungeon, but I hope I have found a relatively 
short one. Doom is relatively tricky, but I've labeled the guide so the 
letters correspond to the lettered stairs on my map.

If you haven't killed all three shadowlords, you'll get your butt kicked and 
a free trip to the overworld. If you have, you need to use the scepter on the 
force fields to the south, then go south. E S W N E D. (a)

E N W N= (a bit E) N W N E N W U. You pass two stairs her to get where you 
need. (b)

SW to the stairs down. (c)

S D. (d)

N E D. (e)

W S= E* through the opening E* N E U. (f)

S W D. (g)

W S W S E S U, just past the force fields. (h)

S W U. (i)

S W N U. (j)

W D. (k)

W D. (l)

E D. (m)

N W S and enter the building through the top doors. Go into the small side 
room. Ready the sandalwood box and use it on the mirror to get the finale.


(this section can be moved)

Who's Where

Yew: Jeremy NW by Seaman Shore, SE in room
4-a. going south


Bandaii: Horse Iolo Smith Message (Infinity = final answer)
Glinkie: Adventure Destroyed Shrine
Kenneth: Job Teach Stones Harpsichord (get sheet music)

Gruman(NE): Job Lord British Honor Yes (Honor Mantra)
Sindar(NE): Job Sindar Wizards Dungeon for Word of Power
Greymarch(N Center or SW): Son Lord British Sceptre Sir Simon
Paladin's Protectorate in NW
Wounds of Honor in SW
Jaana: Resistance, Password, Join--4th member on team.

From here, go south and just cut south when the path turns west. Follow the 
path to the end.

Gardner: Flame Visions Dungeon End
Kristi: (NE) sells Skull Keys
Malone (Dining) Castle Courage Nosfentor (horn)
Loubet: Fencing, Distant Land, Magic Carpet
Thrud: he wants the password for the resistance. Don't know what happens if 
you give it to him, but the item is worthless.

[SKARA BRAE:] haunted inn, local alchemist
Ash 1, Ginseng 2, Moss 5, Pearl 3, Mani Scroll

Landon: [knows of crown and of password]
Flain: [member of the oppression]
Froed: [Greymarch's son]
Kindor: [job seek mantra shrine] tells of Jannell in Lycaeum


Healing Herbs
ash 1 ginseng 2 garlic 2 silk 4 antym 100 spellbook 150
ginseng 2 garlic 2 pearl 3 silk 4 talismen(sic) 75
dagger 3 shortsword 40 wooden shield 25 bow 75 crossbow 150 magic bow 800 
arrow 1 bolt 2


    5-1. BASICS

0x5c = hexadecimalized year
0x5d = hexadecimalized century
0x5e = day of month
0x5f = month
0x60 = hour
0x61 = minute

You can teleport easily enough by hitting start to get to the items menu, 
then changing bytes 71/75/79/7d. They work as follows:

X location = 71(low byte) 75(high byte)
Y location = 79(low byte) 7d(high byte)

Below are the hex locations for the Avatar's stats--add 1 for slot 2, 2 for 
3, 3 for 4.
69fa = avatar's strength
69fe = avatar's dexterity
6a02 = avatar's intelligence

Items start at 6a1e. Item amounts start at 6a42. So you can have 40 items in 
the pool.

armor 01=cloth 02=leather 03=chain 04=plate 05=magic
shields 06=wood 07=spiked 08=heater 09=magic
missile 0a=sling 0b=spear 0c=magic axe 0d=bow 0e=magic bow 0f=crossbow
2hand 10=2h sword 11=2h axe 12=2h hammer 13=halberd
weapons 14=dagger 15=morning star 16=club 17=short sword 18=sword 19=mace 
1a=glass sword 1b=magic sword
1c=arrow 1d=bolt
1e=blue potion 1f=red potion 20=yellow potion 21=black potion 22=white potion
Royal Treasures 23=crown 24=sceptre 25=amulet
Special Items 26=carpet 27=sextant 28=watch 29=skull key 2a=torch 2b=lit 
Reagents 2c=black pearl 2d=blood moss 2e=garlic 2f=ginseng 30=mandrake 
31=nightshade 32=spidersilk 33=sulfurous ash
34=ankh talisman 35=heart talisman 36=other talisman
37=spellbook 38=black badge 39=red scroll 3a=white scroll 3b=pink scroll 
3c=food 3d=grappling hook 3e=tent
3f=horn(pink) 40=horn(white) 41=horn(red)
42=flaming oil 43=lockpicks 44=sandalwood box
45=gem shard 46=gem shard 47=gem shard 48=sheet music

Experience is 6a66-6a67, low/high byte
Gold is 6a6e-6a6f, low/high byte

6b** = early bytes open up conversations with other people. You can probably 
set them all to FF to make the game go quicker.

6b30 = Honor Mantra
6b31 = Compassion Mantra
6b32 = Valor Mantra
6b33 = Honesty Mantra
6b34 = Spirituality Mantra
6b35 = Sacrifice Mantra
6b36 = Justice Mantra
6b37 = Humility Mantra

These bytes flip to 03 once you are on a quest and 81 once you are finished.

6b50 = Deceit Word of Power
6b51 = Despise Word of Power
6b52 = Destard Word of Power
6b53 = Wrong Word of Power
6b54 = Covetous Word of Power
6b55 = Shame Word of Power
6b56 = Hythloth Word of Power

     (80) = given Justice Codex quest
     (40) = given Honor Codex quest
     (20) = given Spirituality Codex quest
     (10) = given Humility Codex quest
     (08) = given Honesty Codex quest
     (04) = given Sacrifice Codex quest
     (02) = given Valor Codex quest
     (01) = given Compassion Codex quest

6a74 = health byte
  0x20 bit = poison
  76 = shamino
  77 = iolo (4th player??)


Well, not an official teleport spell. I mean, teleporting via byte editing.

Teleporting is useful for talking with the various characters quickly. You 
will want to stand a square away, of course, and you need to back out of a 
room and in if you do so.

Set bytes 71 and 79, with 75 and/or 7d set to 1 if a location is a 3 digit 
number. Here are useful people to visit if you get lost.

If you just want to move a few squares up or down, hit start and then move 
the various values a few numbers up or down.

Also, two locations indicate where someone is at night, and + indicates 
they're only there in the day. - indicates only at night. No notation means 
they're always there.

I have a feeling a lot of these may be off by one unit or more, so let me 
know if they are. I would also need to adjust my town/castle maps for every 
one that is wrong, so help is appreciated.

Iolo's Hut
  David (23,32)

Dryden's Hut
  Dryden (25,53)

Empath Abbey
  Jessica (3b,5e)H
  Tim (3a,5d)+ (4b,66)-
  Hardluck (43,5e)+ (47,66)-
  Lord Michael (43,5c)+ (3a,52)-
  Chamfort (3f,62)+ (3b,65)-
  Ava (4c,5b)
  Leonna (4e,5b)

  Terrance (9c,aa)- (a3,ab)+
  Pendra (8a,a4)H
  Joshua (9b,b3)+ (79,a2)-
  Leof (99,b2)+  (7c,a2)-

Lord British
  Wayfarer Inn (8e,82)I
  Justin (a6,81)+ #gone at nighttime
  Chuckles (97,83)
  Iolo (99,96)
  Shamino (95,96)
  Gwenno (9d,92)+ (a5,90)-
  Iolo's Bows (9e,95)
  Felespar (a2,88)
  Jerone (ab,8d)
  Prisoner (ac,87)
  Greyson (8a,8b)+ (a7,90)-

Skara Brae 
  Kindor (29,c2)
  Froed (2a,c6)+ (2c,c2)-
  Landon (23,cd)-
  Flain (24,ca)- (24,cc)+
  Local Alchemist (23,e5)M
  Haunted Inn (33,db)I
  Regina (34,d2)H

  Shield of Truth (1a4,107)I
  Honest Meal (1bc,10c)F
  Magic Supplies (1c2,115)M
  Mariah (1be,102)J

  Lord (1a2,ee)- (1a3,e3)+
  Sir Sean (1ad,e6)
  Malik (1b3,ed)-
  Malifora (1b5,ea)- (1b5,ee)+
  Janell (1a2,ec)- (1a4,e3)+

  Goeth (2b,1ba)+ (35,1ad)-
  Trian (25,1b3)+ (24,1ad)-
  Sword and Keg (43,1bb)I
  Naughty Nomaan's (3c,1c4)A
  Bullwier (39,1c3)+ (29,192)-
  Thorne (34,1aa)+ (33,1ac)-

  Landon (4c,7a)+
  Seaman's Shore (42,7b)F
  Jeremy (42,7e)+ (4d,84)-

  Glinkie (82,cc)
  Kenneth (82,ca)- (85,ca)+
  Bandaii (9a,d1)+ (85,dd)-
  Cat's Lair (8f,d5)S

  Greymarch (7b,13c)+ (74,14c)-
  Paladin's Protectorate (72,13a)A
  Jaana (7b,143)+ (82,14d)-
  Wounds of Honor (75,14c)
  Sindar (85,139)
  Gruman (83,139)+ (85,14b)-

Serpents Hold**
  Loubet (eb,1c4)+ (da,1bd)-
  Gardner (e4,1bf)+ (eb,b1)-
  Kristi (da,b3)+ (ed,1b2)-
  Thrud (e5,1b5)+ (db,1ba)-
  Lord Malone (e4,1b3)+ (da,1c6)-
  Siegecrafters (ed,1bc)A (a few squares below at night)

Buccaneers Den
  Scally (ec,ec)+ (ec,ea)-
  Bidney (ea,fb)+ (d9,e2)-
  King's Ransom (e7,fd)I
  Buccaneers' Booty (ea,de)A
  Sven (eb,fd)+ (dc,e2)-

  Kaiko (144,da)- (13d,e3)+
  Elistaria (13b,3a)- (13c,f6)+ **
  Wartow (14a,ed)- (14a,101)+
  Katrina (14a,f0)- (14b,ea)+
  Humble Palate (14e,102)F

  Rew (14a,1e)+
  Fiona (14d,1a)+
  Delwyn (142,24)+
  Ambrose (13b,1d)+
  Tactus (14c,24)
  Healer's Mission (139,23)I
  Inn (154,36)

  Sutek (150,167)+ (14a,163)-

  Sin'Vraal (1a4,53)+ (1a2,56)-

  Hassad (164,1ca)
  Gorn (165,1d4)+ (154,1c4)-



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 9/24/2009, basically outlined but I still have a lot 
of details to hammer out. I figured a more efficient way through and it 
conflicts with what I have.

Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
Thanks to the NES completion project in general.
Thanks to AdamL for mentioning that he needed this game for his NES North 
American Games quest. And for his feedback on the maps.

Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, 
Lagoona, Da Hui, StarFighters76 and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in 
his current not-yet-banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his 
gang, but I want him to be part of mine.
All you people at honestgamers, YELL AT ME if I forgot you and you deserve to 
be in there. I mean, it's partially because of HGWars and, well, the whole 
community, that I got re-interested in writing weird old FAQs, and I want to 
add to this in the future.

??grappling hook doesn't work underground
??no need to get close to people to talk. You can talk at them through walls.
??talk to folks in dark? Use on dark?

??what do potions do
??name of Lord of Lycaeum/Serpents Hold??

??moonglow cast "dispel field" to get to real treasures??
??healers are worthless
??signs wrong in Moonglow, town of Honesty

??buy lots at healers herbs