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Where can I find (hammer and grapple hook)?

I need to know where to find the hammer and the grapple hook! Please help!

MI4_REAL asked for clarification:

The "Grapple Hook" might be referring to the Hookshot.

Both the Hammer and Hookshot are items in "The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past"

Is that the game you intended to ask a question for?

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MetalSmasher86 answered:

To get into Death Mountain, first you need to find Bagu's house in a forest south of the second dungeon. Then talk to the river guard at the edge of the southwestern town of Saria and show him Bagu's note and he'll let you cross the river into Death Mountain. After navigating the Death Mountain maze, you will find the Hammer and a magic container at the end.

There is no grapple hook in this game.
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Camden answered:

You can find the Hammer by going through Death Mountain. It's located in the southwest on this map made by ReyVGM.
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Soundsquid answered:

Grapple hook? There's no grapple hook.
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