FAQ/Walkthrough by gabbo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/17/05 | Printable Version

                     ,#    ;W##;             ###      ###
                    ,##:  ;M##               .##W     ,##M
                    :;#   ###                 #;#      #;#    ###
                    W;#  M;#M                 W;#      M:#   ###
                   ##;#  #;#                  :M#      :;#       ,,
                 ;##  W# #W#   ,######.  .M##:M#; .M##;M##  W#W  ##  .M####
               .##;   :# ##;  ###M  .## #### .:# W### .:#  ###  ;#W.#####:#W
             .##########  #  M##    ##  #W   :#W ##   ;## WW#, WM###;   ,;#M
 ###W      ,###       ### # M;#  ###WW  #   #W#; #  ;###  W## M###     ;###
 #W     ;##########     # # ###### ###  ####;#W# ####WW# M#M  ##,   .####
  M#######               #                                          ##

                               ASCII by arminjewell

\                                                                             /
 |                            Aladdin for the NES                            |
 |                         FAQ/Walkthrough by gabbo                          |
 |                                Version 1.0                                |


                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             1. Introduction

                             2. Version History

                             3. Basics
                              - 3.01 Controls
                              - 3.02 Game Mechanics
                              - 3.03 Items

                             4. THE WALKTHROUGH
                              - 4.01 Agrabah Streets
                              - 4.02 Agrabah Rooftops
                              - 4.03 Agrabah Nights
                              - 4.04 BOSS #1
                              - 4.05 Cave Part 1
                              - 4.06 Cave Part 2
                              - 4.07 Cave Escape Part 1
                              - 4.08 Cave Escape Part 2
                              - 4.09 Genie's Lamp Part 1
                              - 4.10 Genie's Lamp Part 2
                              - 4.11 Genie's Lamp Part 3
                              - 4.12 Pointless Pyramid Part 1
                              - 4.13 Pointless Pyramid Part 2
                              - 4.14 A Whole New World
                              - 4.15 Jafar's Palace Part 1
                              - 4.16 FINAL BOSS

                             5. Passwords

                             6. Contact Me

                             7. Special Thanks/Legal Stuff

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                                1. INTRODUCTION

Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the game Aladdin on the NES. I
found this game on a ROM (don't shoot me), while trying to find a game for
niestnie's NES FAQ Completion Project. The project is basically just a way to
get a good FAQ for each and every NES game. As I stated earlier, as I was
searching for a good game to do, I found this one. I liked it, and decided to
do one for it. There are basically two versions of this game. There's the
pirated version, which I've been playing, and the original. They play very
similar, apparently, except the pirated version has similar graphics to the
SNES game. This game was only released in Europe, which explains why it's not
very well known. But enough with my blabber. On with the show!


                              2. VERSION HISTORY

Version 0.1 - 5/31/04
   Started the FAQ. Finished the Basics section, and got a good start on the
   Walkthrough. All the headers are completed.

Version 0.3 - 6/06/04
   Worked on things some more.

Version 0.3 - 7/13/05
   Remembered that I was supposed to finish this thing.

Version 1.0 - 7/16/05
   Finished all the levels. Submitted to GameFAQs


                                   3. BASICS

          3.01 Controls

Here's an ugly ASCII of the NES controller:
             /  ____ \_/ /
            / /     \___/
|                (________________)                     |
|      ___        ________________       NINTENDO       |
|     |   |      (________________)                     |
|  ___| _ |___    ________________                      |
| |    / \    |  (_SELECT___START_)                     |
| |___ \_/ ___|   ________________   _______   _______  |
|     |   |      |  ____    ____  | |  ___  | |  ___  | |
|     |___|      | (____)  (____) | | (_B_) | | (_A_) | |
|                |________________| |_______| |_______| |

It's crude, but it gets the job done. Here is each button, and it's function:

------ D-PAD -------
 - Move character
 - Hold left or right to run faster
 - Press up while hanging to climb up
 - Press down to duck

----- A BUTTON -----
 - Throw apple.

----- B BUTTON -----
 - Jump

 - Pause
 - Select option

 - Nothing

Simple, no? Then lets move onto the actual game mechanics.

      3.02 Game Mechanics

This is game is very different from the Genesis version, in terms of Game
Mechanics. Just like the SNES version, there is no sword, so it's only you and
your apples. If you've played the SNES version, you should have no trouble
getting used to these controls. Here's a rundown of everything you need to be
aware of, to fully understand the game mechanics:

 - Since you have no sword, you'll have to kill enemies a different way. You
can throw an apple to stun the larger enemies, like guards and archers, and
then while they're stunned, you can jump on them to kill them. Or, you can just
jump on them without throwing an apple, but it's a lot riskier. Smaller
enemies, like bats and scorpions, can be killed by just an apple. No jump is

 - Throughout the game, you will be jumping and swinging from things. In fact,
you'll be doing this A LOT. You can grab poles sticking out horizontally in the
Agrabah levels, to swing from them. While swinging, you can jump at the peak of
Aladdin's swing, to jump higher and farther. While jumping from things like
vertical poles and enemies, you can press the Jump button as soon as you hit
the top of them to jump higher and farther. Also, getting a running start
before jumping onto something, helps a lot. This may sound confusing, but you
should be able to get a feel for the game pretty soon.

 - Jumping from platform to platform is a bit more complicated. If you try to
jump to a platform, without getting a running start, you won't jump very far.
This can get very frustrating later on. So my best suggestion is to just get a
running start as often as you can.

I think that's it. It's a simple game, compared to other NES games out there.
But it is fun.

            3.03 Items

Here are the items. In order of how often you'll see them:

--- APPLES ---
 Apples are your best friend in this game. Use them to kill or stun enemies.
 Usually, you'll find apples in vases, in groups of 3. Each apple is worth 10
 apples.   347 596 4309

--- GEMS ---
 Gems are like the coins in Mario, the rupees in Zelda, and the G in just about
 every RPG. Collect 100 of them to gain an extra life. And you want extra

--- TURKEY and BREAD ---
 Food like the turkey and bread, give you health. Turkey recovers 2 hearts, and
 bread recovers 1 heart. You have 8 hearts total.

--- SCARABS ---
 Scarabs let you play the lottery at the end of each level. Find them, and
 collect them.

--- VASES ---
 While they aren't a collectable item, vases hold items. Simply jump on them to
 knock them over, and collect their insides. You'll usually find apples, bread,
 turkey, or a scarab.

--- 1 UP ---
 These bad boys give you an extra life. They are basically just the words, 1UP.
 You can't mistake them for anything else.

--- SACKS ---
 To be perfectly honest with you, I still have yet to find a purpose for these
 things. All I know, is that when you get one, they appear next to your apples
 in the top right corner.

That's all the items you need to care about. Onto the walkthrough! Finally!


                                4. THE WALKTHROUGH

And thus begins the walkthrough.

      4.01 Agrabah Streets

The first level of the game. You should know that it'll be easy. As soon as the
level starts, throw an apple at the guard in front of you, while standing
behind the barrel, then jump on him, to take care of business. Continue to the
right, and jump on the 3 barrels, to reach the horizontal pole. Swing off of
it, and collect the 2 gems on the way down, onto the turquoise shop roof. Jump
to the purple roof, and watch out for the walking vase as it walks off of the
windowsill above you. When it's out of your way, jump up to the windowsill that
he was on, and continue jumping up the 3 windowsills, to the top of the
building. Jump off the last one, and collect the 3 gems on your way down.

When you land on the ground, throw an apple at the guard walking towards you,
and jump on him. Then jump on the green vase to knock it over, and collect the
3 apples. Continue to the right, past the vertical pole, and past the turquoise
shop. Collect the 3 gems past that roof, and jump on the purple roof. Then jump
up to the windowsill above you, and then to the next windowsill above you.
Collect the sack, and jump up to the windowsill above it. Jump off the
windowsill, and grab the 2 gems on your way down.

As you hit the ground, beware of the guard coming in from the left. Kill it, if
you want, go past the vertical pole, and jump onto the purple roof. Wait for
the walking vase to go by, and jump onto the windowsill in front of you, while
collecting the 2 gems. Get on the next windowsill in front of you, and get the
1 UP in plain view. Don't stay on that windowsill too long, however, since the
archer will shoot some arrows at you. Kill him, jump on the NEXT windowsill,
then go to the windowsill in front of it, and jump off to the ground.

If you grabbed the horizontal pole on your way down, then swing from it, onto
the snakes coming out of the bottle. If not, then just jump on them anyway.
Make your way past the 4 snakes and the 2 vertical poles, and get to the green
vase. Jump on it, to knock it over, and unleash the golden scarab. Grab it when
it's at the bottom of it's circular pattern, and move on. When you see the
turquoise roof, watch out for the archer below it. Avoid the arrows he throws,
and kill him.

When he's done with, jump onto the stack of barrels, and move on, until you see
the next archer. Jump on him, then jump on the ledge above him, grab the gems,
jump onto the next ledge, and finally jump on the last archer at the top of the
barrel stack. When he's gone, jump off the barrel stack, and run to the right
to the sign with an arrow on it, and the end of the level.

     4.02 Agrabah Rooftops

When the level starts, jump on the 2 platform's above you, so you can kill the
archer in front of the 3 barrels. After that, jump on the 3 barrels, and onto
the wooden structure. Climb that structure to the top, and knock over the green
vase that you find there, to get 3 apples. Then jump to the ground, and
continue going right. Toss an apple at the oncoming guard, and jump on him to
take him out. Pass the barrel at the top of the small hill, and continue on
your way, until you see a set of stairs and a horizontal pole.

Climb the stairs, throw an apple at the guard, and jump on him. Continue going
up the stairs, until you see another guard at the top. Kill him with your
jumping skills, of course, and grab the 3 gems you see there on the stairs.
When you're done with that, jump off the building to the right, straight down,
while grabbing the next set of 3 gems. On the ground, knock over the green
vase, and collect the roasted turkey, for some hearts.

Jump onto the platform just above you, and jump over and onto the archer on the
stack of barrels. When he's taken care off, throw an apple at the next archer,
jump onto the horizontal pole, swing off of it, and onto the archer. Then run
down the sloped building, and jump onto the next horizontal pole. Watch out for
the guard running up and down the other sloped building, and only jump off the
swinging pole when he's at the bottom of the slope. When he's dead, grab the
gems, go right.

This next part can be very frustrating. Either way, jump onto the second
platform from the right, and throw an apple at the archer on the left. Quickly
run over to him, and take him out, before he can wake up again. When he's gone,
jump up to the platform above you, and grab the 1 UP that's in plain sight.
Once you've got it, jump back down to the platform you were on, and jump over
to the higher platform on the far right. Climb up the ascending set of
platforms, while dodging the arrows from an archer ahead. Once you are on the
platform in front of the archer, throw an apple at him, get a running start,
and jump in him to take him down. Then you can go to the next platform above
you, and finally onto the last set of stairs at the very top. Go down the
stairs, while grabbing the gems, to reach the sign with an arrow on it, and the
end of the level.

      4.03 Agrabah Nights

You will start the level in a small alleyway, with just a green vase and a
platform. First, knock over the vase, grab the bread, then jump onto the
platform, and over onto the trampoline-like cloth. You'll be sprung up onto the
roofs of Agrabah, at night. Walk to the left, grab the gems, then go right. As
soon as you see a guard, throw an apple at him and jump on him. Afterwards,
jump up the platforms, and collect the 2 gems at the top. Now you can jump
down, onto the horizontal pole just below you. Once you're on it, jump off,
onto the archer, and back onto another horizontal pole. Swing off of that one,
grabbing the 2 gems, onto a platform.

Continue going forward, to the right, until you see an archer. Use your apple-
jump combo to kill him. Then keep going right, and jump onto the next archer
you see, before he can even toss an arrow at you. Once he's done for, jump over
the gap, still going right, and jump on the first guard that you see. Now you
can jump to the right, over the next gap, onto the top of the 2 platforms.
Swing off of the two horizontal poles, and onto one of the next horizontal
poles to the right. Get off that pole, and get onto one of the three platforms
in front of you. But before you continue, go down to the bottom of the three
platforms, to find a bread. If you don't need it, don't even bother. Either
way, get to the top of the three platforms, and onto the larger, fourth
platform at the very top.

Kill the guard you see there, and then jump off that platform safely onto a
building. You will see a green floating platform. Ignore it, and keep going
right, until you see 3 gems in a triangle formation, and another swinging green
platform. Get those gems, jump onto that platform, and carefully jump to the
next swinging platform. Once on that one, go to the third green platform, still
being very careful. Now that you're on the last moving platform, jump onto the
set of long stone platforms to the right, and climb them to the top.

At the top, you'll find a slanted clothesline and a flailing cloth. Jump onto
this cloth, to grab onto it, and ride it to the bottom. Then kill the archer
you see, and knock over the green vase to get a piece of bread. Now you can
climb up the next set of stone platforms, and slide down another clothesline.
Go right after that to get to the end of the stage.

         4.04 BOSS #1

Before the actual boss, you'll meet some guards. It's pretty straightforward.
You'll also see some green vases with bread and turkey in it, to keep your
health up. And you'll get some apples out of it as well. Then it's time for the
first boss.

This boss is very easy, if you know what to do. When the battle starts, jump
onto the barrel in front of you, and get to the top of the roof in the center
of the stage. Then, carefully get as close to the left edge as possible, and
wait for the boss to get under you. He will then swing his sword downwards, and
pause. As soon as he does, walk off the edge, onto his head. Watch out, though,
because he will then swing his sword all around him, in fury. Use this time to
get back on the roof, and in your position. The only time you can hit him, is
when his sword is not above his head. Do this until the man is dead, and you
can walk off the stage to the right.

        4.05 Cave Part 1

Now for the cave portion of the game. You'll start off with a pit of spikes in
front of you, and a stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Grab onto this
stalactite, and treat it like a horizontal pole in the other levels. But don't
hang on it too long, or else it will break and you will fall. Once you get past
that, traverse the next pit of spikes with the stalactite, and jump over the
gap you see afterwards. Go down the slope, and jump onto the two stalactites
over a larger pit of spikes, to get to the other side.

Jump onto the platforms above you, and climb them to the top. Kill the bats
however you see fit, and go to the left at the top to see a blue vase which
holds a piece of bread. Then get your butt over to the other side, and continue
to the right, going down the sloped rock surfaces. At the bottom, get the 3
apples from the blue vase, and keep on truckin' to the right. Toss an apple at
the scorpion climbing up and down the wall, so you can hold onto that ledge,
and climb up it.

Go past the bat and the gaps in the ground, until you see a blue vase. Knock it
over, to unveil a gold scarab. The only way to get it is by jumping off the bat
that flies over the large hole, and getting it that way. It's risky, so don't
even bother if you don't have a lot of confidence. But if you're a risk taker,
then go for it. Either way, jump over the gap, to the ledge on the other side.
Kill another scorpion with an apple, as it climbs on the wall. Jump onto that
ledge, and continue forward.

Jump past the flying bat, and onto a thin rock surface. In the SNES version,
this ledge breaks apart as you walk on it. For some reason, it doesn't do that
in this version. So simply walk across it, avoiding the many bats and
scorpions. At the end, you will have to jump off of that small stalagmite
coming from the ground, to reach the stalactite on the other side. It's
frustrating, but it can be done. Be careful, and be sure to get a good running
start before attempting it. Anyway, swing off that stalactite, onto another
one, and off that one, to get to safe sweet land.

Continue forward, and drop down the gap that has two gems leading down it.
You'll land in a treasure room, full of gold. Avoid the skeleton guards (they
can't chase you) and shoot apples at the walking swords. Keep going to the
right until you see the wonderful arrow sign at the end.

        4.06 Cave Part 2

There are two ways to do this level. There's the easy way, and the hard way.
For the easy way, simply get onto the floating raft, go towards the edge of it,
and as you fall from it, grab onto the edge of it. Now you can just ride the
raft while hanging from it through the entire level, without having to deal
with a single bat. I recommend this way of doing it, since it's pretty useless
to do it the hard way, and actually go through the level the way it's supposed
to be played. So cut a few corners, and do it the easy way.

At the end of the raft ride, you'll have to climb up a steep rock surface,
while avoiding the falling boulders. It's not too complicated, so do that. Then
get to the arrow sign at the end.

    4.07 Cave Escape Part 1

This level automatically scrolls to the left, so you'll have to keep up with
it. Go to the right, and jump over the lava pit. Easy. Then jump on the rock in
the next lava pit, but be careful since a stream of lava will make the rock go
straight in the air. Jump off of that rock, and keep going, until you see a
stalactite. Swing on that stalactite, and land on the thin rock pillar.

Wait for the screen to go over, so you can see what's in front of you, then
jump over the lava pit in front of you, avoiding the fireball that comes out of
it. Jump over the next few lava pits, until you see a large stalagmite appear
from a larger lava pit. Get a running start, and jump on that stalagmite, and
off it, onto the higher ledge above you.

Go forward, and jump onto the high stalactite on the ceiling. Jump off it, onto
a safe platform. Then go right a little bit, and jump on another stalactite.
And another. And another. You will soon see a large gap, with a ledge that is
higher than you. Avoid the fireball, and jump across it. Now you'll have to
jump down, onto a smaller platform, in the middle of a large lava pit.
Carefully do that, and then jump back up to another high ledge, avoiding the
fireball. Now you can safely jump down onto a large ledge at the bottom.

Keep up with the screen, walking across the safe platform. Jump over a small
lava pit, with a fireball. Knock over the red vase, and try to grab the gold
scarab. Continue to the right, and jump onto the thin rock pillar in the middle
of the lava pit. Then get a running start, and jump over a larger lava pit,
onto a small platform in the lava. Jump off that platform onto a slightly
larger one. Now jump onto the small rock in front of you, and wait for the lava
to shoot that rock into the air, and keep it there. Then get on the rock
platform ahead.

You'll see another small rock in the lava pit, so get on that one, and jump
onto the low thin rock pillar ahead. Get a running start, and jump onto the
higher thin rock pillar. Then safely jump onto the next rock platform. From
there, get onto yet another small rock, wait for it to get elevated into the
air, and jump onto the stalactite in front of you. Jump off that, onto another
rock platform. Go forward, and jump onto another thin rock pillar. You will
then see another one of those small rocks. Wait for it to get elevated, and
jump onto it, and off of it, onto another thin rock pillar. Do that same thing
again with the next obstacle. Now from there, jump onto another small rock
below you, and jump from that onto a large rock platform, and the end of the

     4.08 Cave Escape Part 2

I can't really give you a walkthrough for this level. You are flying on your
magic carpet, above the lava, and flying through small tunnels while avoiding a
consistent stream of falling boulders. Just a few pointers for this level:

 - ALWAYS keep yourself on the far left side of the screen. This way, you won't
be touched by a single boulder, and you can fully see what is in front of you.

 - The level goes from light orange rock backgrounds, to dark orange, to
purple. The level ends after the long straight tunnel in the purple rock

 - Be patient. Stay on the left side of the screen. This level if fairly easy
compared to the last level. Don't make it harder than it should be.

Just traverse the rock tunnels, and escape with relative ease.

       4.09 Genie's Lamp 1

Go to the right, from the start, and jump from one cloud platform to the next,
avoiding or jumping onto, the flying pots. When you get to the part with the
flying Genie heads above you, you can simply walk under them, then jump to the
next blue platform. You can jump on the pot here to get some apples.

Now you'll have to jump onto the Genie's head at this point, to get to the
other side. Go forward after that, until you see another Genie head flying
vertically up and down. Jump on it, get the gems that are above you, then jump
onto the next blue platform, being aware of the flying pot at the bottom.
Continue forward, throwing an apple at the next flying pot. From there, you
should see a set of two Genie heads, one flying vertically, and one flying
horizontally. Jump across them (the pattern isn't too complicated), and get
onto the cloud platform with Genie's hand under it.

Get onto the down-sloping blue platform, and go on it until you see Genie
flying over you. He will then help you out by showing a series of platforms for
you to jump on, in order to get across the large gap. There will either be a
cloud platform or a ring tied to some balloons for you to swing on. Once you're
on the other side, you may proceed.

Go across the cloud platform and the blue platform, then jump over a flying pot
to land on another cloud platform (platform platform platform). Jump from one
cloud platform to the next, until you see a Genie head floating up and down.
Get onto it, then get onto the Genie head next to it. Jump off that one, to
reach the end of the level.

       4.10 Genie's Lamp 2

Once you start, go forward, and jump off (or swing off, from the bottom of) the
Genie balloon to reach the purple platform, all the while being aware of the
flying pot. Next, you'll have to either jump continuously on top of two Genie
balloon, or swing continuously from two Genie balloons. The first one is
easiest, but if you do that one then I suggest waiting a bit for the balloons
to get higher in the air before executing, and be sure that you get good jumps
from balloon to balloon, by pressing B right when you land on it. After you've
done that, you should land on a golden platform.

From there, you'll jump off another Genie balloon, onto another golden
platform, then after that you'll do the same thing, until you reach a down-
sloping purple platform. Go down it, throw an apple at the flying pot, then
jump to the next purple platform. Now you'll need to throw another apple at the
flying pot in front of you, so you can safely swing on the hanging post. Yes,
you can swing on that weird golden spade-looking thing hanging from the sky.
Now do so, to land on another purple platform, with another golden stick
hanging from the sky directly above it.

Next, you'll have to jump off two balloons, onto a golden stick, then onto a
purple platform, then onto another balloon, and finally landing on a purple
platform, all the while avoiding a set of reddish spikes on the ceiling. It's
not as hard as it sounds, so you should be able to do it. Now you can go
forward, jumping off the pot or the stick coming from the ground, onto another
golden platform. Then jump off the stick in front of that, onto a taller golden
platform, and then jump off the Genie balloon in front of that. You'll land on
a purple platform.

From there, jump onto a balloon and a golden stick, until you reach a purple
platform with a blue pot on it. This pot holds a scarab, so get it by releasing
it, then jumping on the hanging golden stick to the right of it. After that,
you'll have to avoid a cyclone that moves up and down, so you can reach a small
purple platform. These platforms go up, like a staircase, so jump from one to
the next. At the top, you can jump down, to a lower purple platform. Swing
across the hanging stick, onto another platform, then jump over to a platform
just above that. The cyclones are still there, and they're a pain in the butt,
so just take it easy, don't rush it, and you should do fine.

Continue till you reach a golden platform, then jump off that to reach a lower
purple platform. Kill the flying pot, then jump to a purple platform, then to a
golden platform, then again to another purple platform. Run across this, then
jump off it onto a flying pot, then onto a golden stick, and finally landing on
the platform that holds the end of the level.

       4.11 Genie's Lamp 3

You'll start off by having to jump across a series of small, light-brown boxes
with faces on them. They will fall shortly after you land on them, so you'll
have to almost literally run across them, then jump to the next, run, jump,
run, jump. A few times you'll be blocked by a red column hanging from the sky,
so just wait on the far left corner of that square, wait for it to fall, then
run across it, jump, and continue the cycle. At the end you'll have to jump off
a Genie balloon, onto a golden platform.

Jump off the golden platform, and you'll soon find yourself in another box run
like before. Except this time you'll have to jump off Genie balloons in between
boxes. You'll soon reach another golden platform, this time being smaller. Then
you'll have to start another all over again. It's short though, and you'll end
up on a bigger golden platform. Continue forward, until you see a blue spiral-
looking thing. You'll have to jump on it, then off it, like a spring. They're
pretty easy to handle, so it shouldn't be much of a problem to jump across the
set of them, before coming upon another 3 boxes, and a golden platform after
that. From there, continue to another box-challenge, with blue springs. At the
end of it is another golden platform, this time holding the arrow sign we all
know and love.

         4.12 Pyramid 1

Even though there isn't a single pyramid in the entire Aladdin movie, they
decided to throw one in the game. It's dumb that they did (the Genesis Aladdin
game didn't have to add in stupid levels), but I have to cover it anyway.

Start off by jumping on and over the two small platforms in front of, onto a
river of sand. Now, the sand will probably be the toughest thing about the
level. It'll move in whatever direction it wants, and you'll have to follow it.
Continue past it, over the sand bats that come out of the ground, over a small
pit, up some stairs, and onto a high level with a cobra head right above it.
Now, you can jump onto the cobra heads by jumping off the bats first, so keep
that in mind.

From that point, continue downward, past some more bats, until you see an
archer on the ground. Carefully jump on him without landing in the pit, and
then grab the piece of bread on the platform to the right of where he was.
Still being careful, jump up to a platform that holds two pots. One has some
apples, while the other has a scarab. Go on after that, and you'll see a river
of sand that slopes down. Climb up it, go past it, jump on the swinging
platform, then kill the archer.

After that, you can jump on some ascending sand platforms, up to a platform
that holds the end of the level (easy enough...).

         4.13 Pyramid 2

Immediately from the start of the level, you'll meet some flying pots, that
will jump up and down. Throw some apples at them, then climb up the sand river
until you see some grey sticks coming from the floor and the ceiling. They will
try to crush you, in a very simple pattern, so simply jump through them. After
that, you can continue up a very steep set of stairs covered in sand. Not too
difficult. At the top and to the left, you'll see a 1 UP, so do the right thing
and grab it. Go right from there, and you'll see a pot. Knock it over for some

Beyond that you'll see some small cobra heads floating around in patterns. They
act like anything that you'd jump off, so do so. This really shouldn't be a
difficult obstacle, so just breeze right through it. At the end you'll find a
pot with a chicken in it, that'll recover all you health. Get it, then continue

You'll soon find a new enemy we haven't seen yet: a sword-throwing guy. He'll
throw two swords at you horizontally. An apple throw each will knock out both
swords, so do that then jump on the guy. After that you'll see more cobra head
jumping obstacles. These are harder than the last ones, but shouldn't be THAT
hard. At the end you'll see another set of crushing gray sticks. Past that
you'll see another sword-throwing guy. And past that you'll find the end!

     4.14 A Whole New World

This is basically just a bonus game for you to go through. No enemies. No
obstacles. Just you and Jasmine. On a moonlit night. Feelin' the love? No?
Good. Cause it's a dumb game that really isn't worth the time. I guess it could
be a good breather level, though. So just sit back grab your girlfriend, and
grab some gems (video game gems).

      4.15 Jafar's Palace 1

The beginning of the level is straightforward. You'll see some archers, so
knock them out. You'll also see Iago, the parrot, throwing down some skulls.
Avoid them with ease. Go on till you see a big thug guard. Kill him, then
you'll see some silver cobra heads moving around in a pattern. These are
regular platforms, but things to jump off, so just get on them, and get across
to the other side. Past that you'll find a sword thrower. Knock him out, then
move on, down some stairs. Kill the archer on the pedestal thingy, and grab the
1 UP in your reach.

From the top-right-most pedestal you can jump down onto a swinging stick in the
middle of the wall. Get on it, and jump to the next one in front of it. Doing
so will knock out another sword thrower. Swing from that stick to a pedestal
above it. And from there, jump down onto a platform. Be careful of the sword-
thrower. You can swing from the stick above, onto his head, so do that. He'll
be hiding a pot with a piece of bread inside, that'll heal one of your hearts.

After that you can jump onto another pedestal that's next to some spikes. To
get over them, just jump to the stick just below it, and swing off that.
Afterwards, you'll see a metal ring at the top and a baseball looking thing
floating near it. What you'll have to do is wait for the moving cobra head to
move below the baseball, then grab onto the ring. This'll make the cobra head
change it's path. When you see the cobra head again, jump on it, and it should
follow the top path. Avoid the flying pot, and jump onto the pedestal. There'll
be a pot with a chicken in it. Beyond that you'll see another baseball and a
moving cobra head. Now the key to this one is to jump on the cobra head AS SOON
AS YOU SEE IT!! This will make things easier. Get on it, and follow it to the
end of the level.

         4.16 Final Boss

Go forward, grabbing the apples in the pot, and get ready for the final boss

For the whole fight, basically, Jafar will float in the air above you. He will
do a few things from there. He will either swoop down at you, shoot down a
bunch of electric blasts, summon four jumping pots, or shoot down a staff to
the ground that you sends out electric currents on either side. Now your goal
is to jump on top of Jafar. You can do this during his swoop, where you'll have
to time it just right as he reaches the lowest point of his swoop. Or you can
do it when you shoots down the staff, by jumping over the current, then waiting
for him to swoop down after that. The staff will basically tell you where the
lowest point of his swoop will be, so use that to your advantage. His other two
attacks are easy to avoid. Just stay to the far left or right during the
lightning one, and then jump on all the pots during that one. After 9 or so
thumps to the head, Jafar will be locked up inside a black lamp, until Disney
decides to open it up again for a sequel.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You've beaten the game! Now enjoy the lame ending!!


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                            6. SPECIAL THANKS/LEGAL STUFF

Credits go to...

 - CJayC, since any good FAQ wouldn't be complete without thanks to the big man
 - Nintendo, for making good...stuff.
 - Disney, for sometimes managing to make good video games based on their good
 - Queen, for giving me something good to listen to, instead of the crappy in-
   game music this game has.


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