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    Super Robot War Complete Box:
    Super Robot War 2: The Divine Crusaders Conflict
    Version 1.2
    Phillip L Yee
    This FAQ may be distributed freely. None of the information
    in this document may be reproduced in any form with out the permission
    of the Author whom can be reached at peeyee@hotmail.com
    New Versions (if any) can be found at http://ranma.com/~philyee/srw or 
    All Names and characters are copyrighted by their respective owners:
    Super Robot War  Complete Box
    Banpresto/Winky Soft
    Sony Playstation
    6800 Yen
    This is mainly a character Guide for the SRW2 part of the SRW Complete 
    Box.  Don't ask me if and when there will be a guide for the SRW3 and 
    SRW EX parts of the SRWCB cause I dunno.
    G-Armor: On Episode 2: "City of Intrigue", Send Amuro to the 
    coordinates (41,1) and he'll find Kai. At the end of the episode, 
    Amuro's RX-78 Gundam will gain the ability to change into G-Armor Mode.
    Queen Montha: On Episode 24: "Ghost of Girugirugan", Move Puru to the 
    coordinates (36,16) and you'll receive this mobile armor at the end of 
    the episode.
    Michiru Saotome: On Episode 2: "City of Intrigue", don't attack Getta-
    Q. 4 Turns later Jack will show-up telling everyone the hostages are 
    safe. Getta-Q will change sides and become a NPC. Keep her alive till 
    the end of the Episode and she'll join your Roster.
    La-La Sun: On Episode 3: "Coup of Dekkar", just send amuro to talk to 
    her and she'll join.
    Minerva X: On Episode 4: "Ma Kube's Trap", Just have Kyouji convince it 
    to join.
    Four Murasame: On Episode 10: "Marionette Four", wait till turn 6. Four 
    will try to resist the mind control she's under. At that point send 
    Camille after her and talk to her.
    Puru: You have to talk to her on 2 different maps for her to join. Send 
    Jerrid to talk to her on both Episode 13: "Shiroco's Shadow" and twice 
    on episode 17: "Solar Ray launch" .
    Puru Two: Getting her is tricky. On episode 19: "Moon surface 
    Deathmatch", Puru (if you have her) must be defeated by her. After Puru 
    is gone , send Judo to talk to her.
    On episode 22: "Atmospheric Reentry", send Judo to talk to her 2 times 
    and she will join the team.
    Cecily Fairchild: Like Puru, you have to talk to her on 2 different 
    maps for her to join your team. Have Seabook talk to her on Episodes 
    16: "Take Off" and 25: "Last Battalion, again".

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