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                                          Fire Emblem Gaiden
                                           by Archayanami

General Index

0. Legal Stuff
1. Tips and tricks
2. Walkthorugh
3. Character Bios
4. Character Groth Rates Chart
5. Character Magic learning Levels Chart
6. Wepons and Items
7. Weapons and Items Locations
8. Lion Head Bonus Information
9. Credits

0. Legal Stuff

This guide is under copyright protection. You cannot copy it. You cannot use
it in your site. You cannot distribute it to anyone, certainly you cannot
rip off and use this as your own guide or generate any profit from this.

1. General Tips to make you into a pro in no time at all.

-- Have a character stand on a pink tile as that character can
heal every turn.

-- Take note that fliers do not get triple damaged from bow

-- Undead enemies can be killed by attacks of a promoted
Pegasus Knight.

-- There are no arenas in this game. YAY! ^_^

-- Enemies can regenrate in this game allowing you to
fight them over and over again after each battle as you
exit the area first.

-- Characters that fall in combat can be resserected in
this game. YES! But only a few times though. Only let them go
whenever that you feel that is absolutely nessessary. Most prefered
from the hardest battles. If the statue runs out of uses then
otherwise you would have to restart.

-- Weapons do not break in this game.

-- Use dear whenever you get annoyed of having to battle the undead
enemies. But take note that they will not receive any EXP as you do
this. This is pretty much like an escape tactic.

-- Using the Start+Select option at the start of the game will
definitely make the game alot easier.

-- Chances of winning weapons from certain enemies is to be an
estimite of 1/255 supposedly.

-- Use the terrain to your advantage such as forests to increase a
character' evasion.

-- You must use an angel statue at the shrine in order to class
change your characters.

-- You can save anywhere on the map. YAY! ^_^

-- The archers can attack upon close distance.

-- The archers can attack a few spaces away.

-- Paola,Kachua,and Est can do the triangle attack which does an 100
chance crit upon a pyramid formation like  X this for example.
                                          X X

2. Walkthrough

Alm starts as he finishes his swordplay and well meets some city
folk friends that are willing to go on the assault against the
army of the evil general Tozeh that has already have conquered
the Sofia kingdom. Alm tries to ask Misan for help as well he refuses
as Alm is destined to do this himself. This is what Misan would of
wanted anyways.

Note: If you hold Start and select at the start of the game you
can access the easy mode which you can not only obtain more items
from certain enemies that they do not have in the normal mode.
But this guide is dedicated for the Normal Mode though.

CHAPTER ONE Sofia Castle

Battle 1


Thief LV1 X5

Alright your up against some thieves that shouldn't be any problem to
defeat. But however try to get Cliff some of the kills as he is rather
a really good character. Have Alm,Ruka,and Grey try to weaken the thieves
so that Cliff can get some of the kills. Although they do have a
a pink spot that heals your character some HP each turn as he/she is on it
but this one is not needed as the 5 thieves here are really nothing to
worry about as this battle is just meant for a warm up. Pretty much you
can consider this a warm up prologue battle. Next.

Battle 2

Well this is another start of an easy trip. You're going to go up against
alot more thieves and an archer. Send Ruka to kill that stupid archer as
for the others try your best to weaken them enough so that you can try to
get Cliff some kills. Try to keep your characters in the forests to keep
them from harming your characters too much. Some may run to the healing
tiles when they are low on health. But you can get them before they try

Battle 3


Thief LV1 X5

Head to the thief shrine to engage into combat against another 5 thieves.
Throughly there is no need for any explanation for this one. This battle
is so easy that it doesnt actually require a walkthrough for it. Feh!
After taking care of the thieves walk up ahead to meet a young sister
named Silk as she says that she is a sister from the shrine of Mira and
taht she thanks you for saving her from those thieves. Anyways once she
joins there is an angel statue yes that can class change a character.
But be sure to level them to the point that you feel that it is nessessary
enough before you go class changing them.

Note: You might want to consider bulding up your units some here as the
enemies regenerates here after going in and out of the cave. Repeat until
that you feel that it is nessessary enough. You can also win the Angel
Ring from the Thieves that inhabit this cave here. Do not know if this
is true or not. But if you actually got it from then e-mail me about it
and I will surely update it.

Battle 4


Archer LV1 X1
Thief LV1 X7
Thief LV3 X1
Mercenary LV4 X1 (Drops Leather Shield)

Oh great you going to go up against a mercenary that is going to be
superhard to defeat. And that you are going to go up against several
thieves with one of them being at LV3. I would advise to form this postion.



Put the other four by Silk well a little by her not next to her see this
way the other enemies cannot get through and that this will allow any of
your squadren to get healed by Silk if they sustained any severe injuries.
Eventually the Mercenary will try to run away as the foe gets low on heath.
Either have Alm and Silk follow the foe or that you could try to get Alm to
the healing tile. If Alm is on the tile this will allow him to avoid the
Mercenary' attacks more often and that Alm will heal every turn. Either
way is all that it takes to defeat him. The Mercenary should've dropped a
Leather Shield upon killing him. Give this to Silk pronto. As for the
Archer send someone like Ruka to kill him as there should be lower numbers
of the other enemies by now.

Battle 5


Soldier LV1 X6
Archer LV1 X1 (Drops Steel Bow)

Ookay now your up against several Soldiers and an Archer. Form a pattern
to allow Silk behind the so that she can heal them from behind. Form this


Okay getting the archer is going to be tricky. DO NOT send your villagers
nearby as the Archer will have fun picking them off. Damn *bangs on table*
this is getting to be a collossial war here. Well THIS archer is quite
deadly as this foe can easily kill at troop if you are not careful.
(Remember the archers can attack with five spaces. Practically Balliste
distance I know.) I would reccomend sending Alm up to try to kill the
archer as he is just about the only one to not sustain any heavy damage.
As you kill the archer (he should drop a Steel Bow) wait until the 40 turns
are up retreat. Then this battle gets easier as you can have fun killing of
the stragglers trying to get Silk to kill them as she can rather do good
damage against them.

Next go to the fort down east to recruit Clea. She is a pegasus knight
that the evil general Tozeh captured. Anyways she thanks you for saving
her that she joins you but she starts off rather weak. If your to use her
in battle right now I would highly advise to train her at the Thief Shrine
up to at least LV7. However you could level them to promotion right now.
But I would advise to wait to get the Angel Ring before leveling them.
See this way they gain twice as much stats each level gain but it's frankly
up to you. If you are going to get them some EXP right now then have your
villagers use the Thunder Sword on the enemies in the Thief Shrine as it
will kill them ALOT faster. Clea gets dealt 3 DMG from the thieves' attacks
at her starting LV so give her the Leather Shield before having her battle
the enemies of the Thief Shrine.

Be sure to turn the battle animation off once you get them to at least LV9
so that the EXP gaining speeds up greatly. But however DO NOT promote them
yet because you want them at LV20 before class changing them. Just LV them
up to a point that you feel that is nessessary enough. Then head out!

Battle 6


Soldier LV1 X7
Archer LV1 X1
Social Knight LV1 X1

This battle is very very easy. Just equip Alm with the Thunder Sword and
put him in the trees and watch the Soldiers crumble into dust. As for the
Archer and Social Knight they too will fall very easily. Of course you
can try to get your other characters some EXP as the numbers get lowered
in style. Having the Thunder Sword will inflict 15 DMG upon any enemy and
45 DMG with a critical.

Battle 7


Social Knight LV1 X6

This is rather quite an easy battle. Just have your stronger characters
protect the weaker ones like Silk putting her behind the others. Try to
get Silk some EXP though however. She does quite good damage on the Social
Knights. Use the Thunder Sword to weaken/Kill them and have your other
characters finish them off. Or you can just send Alm with Thunder Sword
to have him kill them all very easily if your in a hurry to go to the next
cavern. Either way this is all that it takes to kill the Social Knights trio.

Battle 8


Skeleton LV1 X2
Zombie LV1 X8

First talk to Pay as he guards the Shrine here guarding at his post. He
will disscuss that some monsters roams around in here and that he asks you
to take them out. This is Tozeh' doing alright. Anyways once you go north
you encounter another regenerative fight. Another place where you can earn
some experience.

This shouldn't be too hard of a fight. The Zombies are actually weaker than
the thieves but the Skeletons well thay are much more deadly than the Zombies
and that they should be taken out first. Is is best to take them out with the
Thunder Sword aka Silk' Rizaia. Anyways once the monsters that Pay was talking
about dies you go and talk to Fols. Seemingly Fols tells you about that the
bad things are happening because of Mira getting captured which Tozeh did
nonetheless. Kreb and Fols will join you and on your way out of the cave talk
to Pay again to get him to join your squadren. Give Pay the Steel Bow pronto.
Hold it hold everything. We could just go straight for Tozeh but however there
is a little preparing to do first.

I would seriously advise to train all of your units to at least LV10. Be sure
to turn off the battle animation when you do this so that the battles ends alot
quicker. Repeat battle 8 over and over again. If you're REALLY lucky you can
win a Steel Shield from the Zombies and that you may also win a Dark Sword from
the Skeleton enemies. If you did win the Steel Shield give that to Silk to up
her defense by another 2. Anyways after you're done training them to this level
stop them at around LV10-15 then just head straight for Tozeh whenever that you
are ready. No you do not need to promote them just yet. Have Pay fight in the
Thief Shrine and everyone else in the other cavern so that you can try to get a
Dark Sword/Steel Shield.

Note: You can get the Dragon Shield from Tozeh. But you would have to build up
like heck like say as much as one class change and at LV20 and Silk will have to
learn Warp so that you can get past Sreida. Because Tozeh will run away if you
kill Sreida.

Battle 9


Tozeh LV1 X1
Sreida LV1 X1
Archer LV1 X5
Soldier LV1 X2
Social Knight LV1 X6
Armor Knight LV1 X1
Priest LV1 X1

Oh my. =O Tozeh shows his face and he wants to have a piece of you. But you'll
soon show him. Muh hwa hwa ha ha haaaaa. Move everyone up north keeping the
lower defensive units below 7 defense away from the fort as they have many
archers there that will have fun sniping them to death if you send them up there.
Send Clea,Alm,and Pay to take them out. They should have no trouble defeating
them at all if you have grew them some extra levels.

Sreida will come down when you get within range from the Social Knight squadren.
The Social Knights can move 7 spaces per turn. send Alm with Thunder Sword up
there and he should have no trouble taking them out. Keep your weaker fighters
out of Sreida' range. A couple hits of the Thunder Sword should kill him. (Tozeh
will make a break for it. Wimp.) Send the others up to take out the remaining
Social Knights as they come to you. Warp Alm to the cranny up north so that the
other enemies up there doesn't get through. Send Clea making sure that she gets
on a healing tile up there so that she heals every turn. This is vital if you
are going to keep her alive.

Send Pay up there to snipe off the Wizard as well as Thunder Swording him. Kill
the wizard first before anything else. That soul attack of his looks like Garnef'
Maph doesn't it? Well in style. =D Anyways pick off the remaining enemies and then
victory is yours. And that you have saved and freed the castle from Tozeh' wicked
hard labor. YAY! ^_^

The citezens discussess about Tozeh bookin down to fort Rigal. And that he uses a
sword of royality that only he could use. Collect the treasure cheast that contains
a Knight Killer in it. And after that's settled Misen up north of the room has a
little chat with Alm then it asks you to save you game say yes first option then
now it heads to.


Next you meet another squadren of heros that stars Cecelia who is a warrior
pristess who look ALOT like Princess Minerva from Marth' NES game. Her mentor
chats with her a little as Cecelia says that she is on a quest to the Mira
shrine because of all the very strange things happening here as suddenly
monsters are roaming the entire Sofia continent. Her mentor Norm sends a couple
of pure hearted Magicians named Boey,May and Jeni. May claims that Boey is still a
child and that she can use Thunder on which Boey cannot. ;_;

Jeni says that she heals small wounds and that she can be a big help of medical
emergencies. Anyways after they all join Cecelia' party next head up north to
engage in another fight.

Battle One


Zombie LV1 X7

This is an easy battle. Just be careful with May if you are having her use Thunder
as that will greatly make her an easy target. If you are going to have her use
Thunder then you will want to keep Jeni by her so that she can get healed whenever
her health gets low. Casting Fire onn the Zombies is most effective anyways as the
Zombies have no magical defense.

Anyway once that the battle is done go to the pub in town to meet a drunkard named
Sevr and that he is a Pirate of the seven seas in this part of the coastal region.
Anyways once that he joins you get information from the city folks while you are
at it and now whenever that you are ready head up north into the ship by the
loading dock to engage into another battle.

Battle Two


Thief LV1 X7

This is a battle where you should watch out for your character' health as the
Pirates here can possibly kill a character if you are not careful. Well for
Starts have Sevr go to the cranny and fend them off as well as having your
Magic users pelt them from behind. As they try to run to allow themselves to
get healed this will by your characters a little time to allow themselves to
get healed. Anyways they should'nt do much harm to your chracters if you are

Note: Ack you may want to consider leveling up Cecelia' army a few levels as
the next battle is surely going to push them to the limit. I would highly
recommend training them to LV4 at the graveyard before starting this next battle.
Remember to cut the battle animation off so that the battles speeds up faster as
the Zombies take to long to animate their attacks.

Battle Three


Mercenary LV4 X1 (Leather Shield)
Thief LV3 X1
Archer LV1 X1
Thief LV1 X7

Oh my now this battle will be a little harder than your previous ones. I
would allow a Melee fighter in each group. One going west by the barrel and
one going up at the cranny corner. But however do not send Jeni up north as
they have an Archer that will just have sport with her. Have Sevr guard the
cranny and have him sticking it to them. Some enemies will go west but that is
what your western gruop is for. Anyways it can be a problem if the Mercenary
crits Sevr. But otherwise retreat him to Jeni and have her heal him if he is
close to dying and then send Cecelia up the cranny to help allowing Sevr to get

Have May/Boey attack the Mercenary from behind with Thunder. It doesn't matter
either character as Boey should have learned Thunder at LV3. Anyways if the
Mercenary ran to get to a healing tile then kill the others leaving with only
the Mercenary left. The Archer should have already have died by now. Just
repeat as before and the Mercenary shall die and drop a Leather Shield. Give
this to Jeni pronto. NEXT!

Battle Four


Daaba LV10 X1
Thief LV5 X5
Thief LV1 x6

Ugh! This is a battle where you will not be able to control these new characters
on the battlefield. It is suggested to wait until the retreat option comes up
before you make your first move. If it doesn't come up then quit the game and
try again. Once it does come up go into the battle again and the uncontrollible
characters will be gone. Credit to Lost Gamer for this difficult battle. This is
vital as they join your party later on.

Taking care of them yourselfs will definitely make this battle alot easier. Have
Sevr be given the Leather Shield and have them hold off the upper enemies. Have
Cecelia move west by the barrel. Have Boey move behind Cecelia. Now have May move
behind Sevr and have Jeni aroun both groups. Now you have an unstoppable position.
Have you spell casters hit the enemies that stand in range of the spells right =
next to Cecelia,Sevr,and the ship. Eventually some will retreat as Daaba will
refuse to get off. Some teammate he is blegh!

Eventually stupidly they will come back for another fight but they will get wasted
rather easily and that for Daaba. Easy Send Sevr with the Leather Shield and have
him knick at him as you use May/Boey behind Sevr to hit him hard with a barrage of
spells until Daaba dies.

Now then head to the fort as these guys that you had retreated will join you. Cami,
Leo,and Balbo (the leader of this squadern) will join you. Now then on to the next
battle. Oh and Leo tells you about that the undead enemies are very weak against
Angel magic. Which Cecelia should have learned by now. She learns it at LV5. And
Cecelia should get the sword from the treasure as it contains a Steel Sword in it.

Battle Five


Shaman LV1 X1


Zombie LV1 XUnlimited

Despite the fact that there is only one enemy here but beware as he can summon
Zombies which will later have Shamans that will summon more advanced enemies.
I would advise to let the Shaman summon the Zombies and having the character
with Jeni behind to kill them. I would advise to level everyone to level 5-6
maybe even 7 by doing this. This is vital because the battles are going to get
more difficult later. But you do not have to level them any farther than that.
You can also win a Steel Shield by killing alot of the Zombies that inhabits
the area here.

Turn the battle animation off as you do this so that this doesn't get
nervewracking. Okay now whenever that you are ready to battle the Shaman by
all means turn the Battle animation back on and then now to defeat the
Shaman bring everyone up have Jeni cast Illusion if you would like and then
have Cecelia on the healing tile to allow herself to be healed every turn
and likely she will miss the Shaman more than hitting him as he is standing
on a healing tile as well. Once the Shaman dies so do all of the Zombies
that he summons. NEXT!

Battle Six


D.Zombie X1 (Holy Ring)

Ouch! This is going to be a tough battle. Surely if you have the Steel
Shield then for sure you will want to hand it to Cecelia. Who cares about
attack here when the Dragon has 12 DEFENSE! YES 12 DEFENSE!!! Now then
you will want to put Cecelia in the tree brances to increse her evasion.
This dragon can do 19 DMG per hit. Yes per hit reduced by physical
defense of course. Just hit the dragon with everything that you got with
Angel magic WHILE IN THE TREE BRANCHES. Hopefully the Dragon will be kaput
in a few turns. If the Dragon got the best of her then try again because
it will be gameover anyways if she dies. Anyways *ahem* moving on.

Battle Seven


Skeleton LV1 X2
Zombie LV1 X8

This battle should'nt prove to be much of a challenge. It is just the same
as battle Eight in Alm' quest. Moving on!

Battle Eight


Skeleton LV1 X5
Zombie LV1 X3
Gargoyle LV1 X2

Oh this one will be a little harder than the other one. Just keep your low
defensive characters in the back keeping your Mercenaries up front as well
as your Armor Knight. The Gargoyles do a little more damage and they are
ALOT FASTER which means that double attacking them would not be a
possibility. Just heal anyone who gets too banged up and keep your cool
and this will all be over in a matter of minutes.

Next room collect the treasure to get the treasure that the villagers were
talking about the treasure in the Sea Cove. The monsters here were guarding
it. But now that YOU have it give it to Cecelia pronto! Hurrah! Now then
if you have won the Steel Shield from the Shaman battle then give the
Leather Shield to Boey if not then give the Leather Shield to May otherwise.
Anyways moving on! NEXT!

Battle Nine


Mercenary LV4 X1
Mercenary LV1 X3
Thief LV1 X4
Archer LV1 X2

Yesss! Now you can try that Holy Sword out that Cecelia just got. She will
heal every turn with it. Now then have her at the cranny and Jeni a little
behind her. NOT next to her so that the archers do not get her. Now then
watch Cecelia test her might. *Bangs on the Gom.* If she gets too injured
then have Jeni heal her. And yes Cecelia should be able to take care of them
all by herself. Once that's settled now then.

Battle Ten


Wizard LV3 X1
Wizard X6

Oh grea your up against Wizards here that will endore to heal each other
every turn with their recover spells and since there are seven of them
total with one of them being at LV3 this is a battle to NOT send Camu,Leo,
and Baldo into the fray because they have almost no magic defense and they
will just get blasted. Send everyone else into two groups. One by the
cranny and the other by the barrel. now as the barrel ones are gone having
Cecelia/Sevr do this. Frankly it is best to use Cecelia and Sevr in this
fight. Using May and Boey to help by hitting them hard with Fire. Fire
does just fine here. Now then once the battle is done...

..next go to town to meet the pegasi triplets well one of them has been
captured by pirates. Unfortunately you only meet Paola and Kachua. Yes
the were the ones who helped Prince Marth on his quest to liberate
Macedonia,Grunia and Doula and has went on a quest with Marth to slay the
Dark Dragon Medeius. *Ahem* now back to the game. Paola and Kachua says that
they are from Akaneia but they are really from Macedonia. Anywasy they are
looking for their sister Est who has gotton captured by some pirates. And
they are trying to find her but they are exhausted now and need to rest in
a town now. Now then there is nothing much to do here and NO they will not
join you right now. NEXT!

You may want to level Cecelia's army up a bit at the Thief Shrine. This is her
only chance to ever go there so make little time to go there please.. Have
everyone to at least LV 6-10 then go to the Sofia castle to allow Cecelia to
meet Misan for the first time. He is revealed to be Cecelia's grandfather too.
So this would make Alm and Cecelia cousions. Go up NW of the castle too allow
Alm and Cecelia to have a chat for the first time as they are revealed to be
close friends as kids as well as Cecelia discussing that she must go to the
Mira Shrine as well as Alm going to liberate Rigal castle as Tozeh needs to be

Anyhow Alm tries to stop her as Cecelia says "Sayonara Alm." Then she
leaves. Anyways on to Chapter Three now!!!!! You have just gotton through
the first 1/3 of the easiest portion of the game. Now then the next chapter
shall begin now. Even though Cecelia refuses to return to Sofia castle for
some odd reason.

CHAPTER THREE To Mira's Shrine

Great now Alm is now left alone. Now have him head downstairs. A small
earthquake happens as another attack is being breached along the coastline of
Sofia. Great. Now a set of new enemies is crawling around the upper area of
Sofia. Now as Alm leaves the castle now both Alm's and Cecelia's teams can now
be controlled. Press select to go to a different team. Now then onto Cecelia's

Battle One


Thief LV10 (Daaba) X1
Thief LV5 X14
Archer LV5 X1
Mercenary LV5 X2

Yikes this is going to be a tough battle as you can easily tell that you are
a little outnumbered as Paola and Kachua are determined to find their sister.
Thye join BUT you cannot control them. And you DO NOT want them to fall in
the heat of combat. Alright lets begin. First start off by allowing Cecelia
and Sevr to go to the front lines. They should be able to hold them off using
your distant attackers to hold them off. Anyways that is just about all that it
takes to kill them. Heal Paola if she is too injured and don't worry about
Kachua as she heals every turn with the Angel Ring.

Anyways once that the enemies are gone go to the same house that you have just
saw Paola and Kachua in. Talk to them and they know that you are on a journey
and that they are determined to find their sister Est. Anyways they discuss
that with all three of them are around they are invincible. Anyways they for
now need to be built up. Build them up to LV20 then promote them. But be sure
to turn the battle animation off as you do this. And they possess a really good
throwing spear as well as the best accessory in the game!!!!! The Angel Ring!!!

As you level up Paola and Kachua equipped with the Angel Ring this not only will
allow them to heal every turn but they will also gain 2X much more stats each
level gain. And that their luck will cap at 40. This is why that I told you not
to level them up much because you want to get both Alm's and Cecelia's armies as
much stats as possible so that they will get ALOT more powerful. Now that you
have got the Angel Ring. It's all thanks to Kachua. ^_____^ Now that you have
this you can go ahead and LV up Paola and Kachua with this. This will make them
invincible in no time. Okay now on to the next battle.

Battle Two



Zombie LV1 X7
Mummy X3

Skeleton LV5 X10

Skeleton LV1 X3
Gargoyle LV1  X7

Gargoyle LV X2
Skeleton LV1 X5
Zombie LV1 X3

This is an easy battle. Great place to level up your characters. The Mummies if
you see any are worth the most EXP in the game. Yep! Battle here enough times
and you shall meet some. Battle them whenever that you can. There is no
strategy required for this battle. This battle is so easy that this battle does
not need a walkthrough. But if your up against the tougher enemies then try to
make it so that a few attack you at a time. Train Paola and Kachua to unlock
their potentials. Wait until they are at LV20 before class changing them and then
use the Angel Ring to gain them some extra stats. They will become totally
invincible after promotion.

Meanwhile go to the village to recruit Atla who he is mad at Geese about something.
But what? =\ Anyways they have a trader here that you can use later to hand an
Wepon/Accessory/Item over to Alm's team.

Battle Three


Burai LV1 X1 (Dark Sword)
Mercenary LV5 X3
Witch(Fire) LV1 X1

This battle is very very easy. Just have Paola and Kachua stick it to them. Just
watch them have fun with them. Burai the Hero on the left will drop a Dark Sword
when killed. Give this to Atla. Or any other sword user. But for now give it to

Battle Four


Sniper LV1 X2
Wizard Lv1 X7
Mikaera LV5 X1

Oh great! Not only will Mikaera will flood the map to death with Gargolyes by
summoning them but as well as a couple of new enemies the more advanced sharp
shooters the Snipers are also nearby. Surely you will want to send Paola and
Kachua to kill the Snipers as well as the boss. Now then as for the other
enemies you may want your rookie units to have a shot at them and get them some

After that is settled go to town to have a little chat about the Sofia
dynasty as well as those of Sofia royality can get permission to move the water
wheel. Great Doma already captures Mira up north and the water is blocking your
way and only those of Sofia royality can move it. Curses! Alright now head out
and into Battle Five the one in the middle map as there is nothing else to do
here right now. Yes. Now then onto Battle Five the map sprite Sniper battle.

Battle Five


Wolf Sniper LV3 X1
Archer LV1 X9
Mercenary LV1 X4
Priest LV1 X2

This is a battle that you do not have to bother doing as you can just have
Paola and Kachua handle it all. Not only will the sand here hinder your foot
soldiers here but as well as it makes so that only Magic users and flyers will
be able to move here at all. There are better EXP Battles to do. This one isn't
one of them. Just have Paola and Kachua handle them all. If they are promoted
which they should be by now then this battle does not need a strategy to

Battle Six



Soni Witch LV5 X1 (Steel Shield) (Excalibur)
Witch LV1 X9 (Fire)

Yikes! Not only will you be up against several witches that can teleport to
any given location but they also prey to go after your lowest Magic Defensive
characters. Try to take them out and do not move anyone. They will come to you
first. As for Soni use someone like Paola and Kachua to take her out. Take
this fight if you want Dean.



Dean LV5 X1 (Hero Sword)
Mercenary LV5 X9

As for this fight it is much easier than the Soni battle but this isn't to be
taken lightly either. These are more experienced swordsmen and they have
pretty decent skill (10) that IS to look out for. Just send Paola and Kachua
to kill Dean and then give your Leather/Steel Shields to your Mercenaries and
then have some fun with them as they will not hardly scratch them. Pelt them
from behind with Hand spears. Magic and the like. This is all that it takes to
kill the mercenary trio. This is so that your other characters can get some EXP.
Take this route if you want Soni.

Pick one because you cannot have both. The one you don't want well has to die.
>_< Phooey! This is war you'll get over it. Alright now then on to the next

Battle Seven


Geese Magic Knight LV1 X1
Priest LV5 X1 (Death)
Priest LV1 X3 (Dora)
Shaman LV3 X1 (Summons Skeletons)
Mercenary LV5 X4
Sniper LV5 X1
Sniper LV1 X2
Thief LV5 X2
Hero LV1 X2
Witch LV1 X3 (Fire)

Okay you may consider wanting to stay on where you are and allow it so that
the witches can come first. Remember they can come anywhere in battle. Have it
so that your highly magic defensive fighters takes care of them. Have Paola
and Kachua defeat any of the promoted enemies. As for the ones that aren't
such as the Mercenaries try getting this experience to your lower experienced
fighters. As for the side castle enemies they are all promoted enemies. Send
Paola and Kachua to take care of them. Now all that's left should be the Shaman,
Geese and a Priest that knows Reserve and Slime.

Note: It is best to get the Dark Sword here. Keep letting Paola and Kachua
fighting them off until you get the sword. It may take awhile for them to
drop the sword. So turn the battle animation off until you get it. Once you do
turn it back on.

Now then once that's settled next just send Paola and Kachua to kill those
remaining stragglers. The Priest can inflict alot more damage but it's nothing
to write home about for Paola and Kachua. Once the battle ends go to the fort to
recruit Soni/Dean whoever that you left alone will join you and go to the girl on
the left NOT THE MIDDLE. Do not talk to the middle one right now because she will
statistically prove that she is of Sofia royality. This will class change her and
you want to make sure that she is at LV20 before doing this. So ignore the middle
girl for now and talk to the one in the left cell and guess who it is it's EST
WHOHOO!!!!! She says that she will join upon her sisters. YAY!

Once she joins surely you will want to level up Cecelia,Soni/Dean,Est and power them
up at the graveyard. Wait for the battle with the Mummies to show up so that they
can level up faster. Use the Angel Ring to do this to get them to have more stats.
Promote Est after she reaches LV20 then level her up another 10 times then stop her
right there. You people in the easy mode can exceed her farther than this though.
Level Soni/Dean to get them on par with the others Once Cecelia reaches LV20 now go to
the girl that you just left alone and promote her. Now then the guy down the basement
will finally move the water now. Go to town by the left of the graveyard and go have
the trader transfer the Angel Ring to Alm's group.

NOW next go to the Thief Shrine to start powering up your units. Or you could wait
until some Rogues comes. But do that after they class change. Okay battle the
thieves over and over again and for their first class Level them to 20 then class
change them. See because more experience is gained in the first classes. After you
promote them for the first time level them to 10 then promote them again. Now then
go to the next battle afterwards. Be sure to have them equipped with the Angel Ring
because you will certainly want to get them more stats during their level gains. Now
the onto the next battle.

Battle Eight


Zack LV5 X1
Social Knight LV1 X4
Wizard LV1 X1
Soldier LV1 X3
Archer LV X2
Armor Knight LV1 X2
Witch LV1 X1

As for this battle is not much to need a walkthrough for. Just do mass assaults or
just guide them yourself and have fun taking them out. This battle is very very easy
no walkthrough is needed for it. The boss suks just send someone like Pay to kill
Zack. He's just another Armor Knight like the rest of them.

Battle Nine


Bow Knight LV1 X1
Paladin LV1 X2
Wizard LV1 X6

This one is not much of a diference other than the last one. Just send in highly
magic defensive characters to take out those Wizards armed with Dora spells. And
send Clea NW to take out the Paladins and the Bow Knight.

Battle Ten


Paladin LV1 X3

Oh my gosh. This battle is so so easy till it isn't even funny. Much easier than
the last two no need for any strategy discussion here.

Okay there is a village up north. They have a trader there do not trade anything
right now. Up north they have a wizard named Ryu that is looking for his sister
Dyute that was put under Tatara's hypnotic command. Well as for the villager
guarding the tresure that has a Holy Lance in it. He is looking for his daughter
that has been captured by the Rigal forces. When you find her that is when you
can make this a happily ever after but. *ahem* let's move on to the next battle.
Shall we! The remaining villagers just talks about what Rigal really is. But
*ahem* moving on.

Battle Eleven


Tozeh LV1 X1
Archer LV1 X3
Wizard LV5 X1 (Reserve/Slime)
Armor Knight X3

Remeber the guy who booked from the last battle the wuss. Yeah that's him Tozeh
and this time he is torchering a Paladin named Matilda who is really Nina the
Princess of Akaneia in disguise. Not much to worry about her as she can rather
handle herself against the Zombies that the Shaman summons. Send Alm with the
Thunder Sword up north and put him on a healing tile and watch him tear the
opposition. Tozeh is easy if Alm is on a healing tile. Tozeh should go doen in
a few turns. You may want to send Clea east as they have a Priest there who knows
Reserve and you certainly do not want Tozeh and his army to get healed. Now then
Send someone like Pay to kill the remaining forces and the Shaman east that is
royally easy as he just summons only Zombies.

Now then go to the fort to recruit Matilda and collect the treasure that has a
Royal Sword in it. Give this to Alm as he is the only one that can use it anyhow.
Yep that was Tozeh's most prized possession. Now then onto the next battle.

Battle Tweleve


Loso Paladin LV1 X3
Social Knight LV5 X4
Social Knight LV1 X14

This time you are up against a herd of knights along with 2 Paladins. Surely you
will want to try to get Matilda and Ryu some of that EXP since they start out
quite unexperienced. Put Matilda in the trees to increase her evasion. Just hope
that she does not go to the right group or you may want to take out Loso first
before you allow Matilda to fight. But be sure to give her the Knight Killer as
this weapons is super effective against these enemies. This is a way to get her
started on getting her some easy EXP. As for Ryu he may need extra protection
because right now his speed is quite low and he WILL get attacked twice from these
Social Knights. Just keep your cool take them out and hopefully you'll make it. Now
then go to the Forest Temple on the left side of the map.

Battle Thirteen


Gargoyle LV5 X10

This isn't much of a fight, Just do not bring Matilda and Ryu in this battle because
they are not experienced enough to battle these enemies yet. If you do not feel like
doing this battle then have Silk cast Dear to clear out most of the enemies here in
one fell swoop.

Next go save the little girl who is scared to death then she runs off crying. =\ Now
then head back to town and talk to the father and daughter there. Next open the
treasure box to get the Holy Spear. YAY! ^_^ Hand this to Clea if she is already at
LV10 in her second class otherwise just hand it over to Matilda then otherwise. Now
then onto the next battle.

Battle Fourteen


Witch LV1 X2
Archer LV5 X4
Sniper LV1 X3
Bow Knight LV1 X1

Anyone that can attack at such distences will be a great asset to this battle.
First off have Matilda take care of the Witches if you can this will get her ALOT
of EXP. And also have it so that Pay takes out Gazerl here. The Bow Knight boss
that looks alot like Siradeia. Only with a haircut. Now then try to have it so
that Matilda kills the Archers also. BUT KEEPING HER out of range of the upper
enemies as the Snipers up north will make quick work of her if you are not careful.
Matilda should be able to take care of the Archers in no problem though. As for Ryu
you do not need to LV him right now.

Battle Fifteen


Tatara LV10 X1 (Reserve/Death)
Dyute LV3 X1 (Don't kill her) (Aura)
Wizard LV X8

Oh gawd! Tatara has Dyute under her control and that Dyute is out to get you.
Look at her portrait. Looks rather creepy right now doesn't it? Now then have Silk
Warp Alm to Tatara and have him kill her. She shouldn't be hard to defeat. The
Royal Sword will make this easy. Dyute will be out of Tatara's stinkin mind control
and she will teleport away after thanking Alm from the bottom of her heart.As for
the remaining forces have Matilda kill them all. Matilda is VERY good for this battle.
Hand her the Angel Ring and have her kill them all. With her 10 MAGIC DEFENSE she
shouldn't take hardly any damage from their Dora spells. Overall this is a very easy
battle. This is a way to get Matilda some easy EXP. She should also gain a little
stats from the Angel Ring as well. Now then head to the castle.

Next talk to Dyute as she says her apology pretty much. Talk to the the person in
charge of the water flow. If you didn't do this in Cecelia's route go and do that
now. Now then onto CHAPTER FOUR.


Now is the real thing. These new battles are going to push your party to the limit.
Now then onto the next battle.

Alm's Route (Continuing)

Battle One


Armor Knight LV5 X6
Sniper LV5 X2
Paladin LV1 X6
Priest LV5 X1 (Rizaia/Slime)
Priest LV1 X4

This the start a a dawning of a new age. Not only are you up against several Paladins
but also you will meet a new enemy called Great Knight. These are more advanced than
the Paladins. You may want to send Clea to take out the Snipers and the middly Priest
as that Priest may heal everyone making this a little harder than it should be. Now
the remaining enemies shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem. As for the Great
Knight which is a boss named Shiza here you may want to have Pay snipe him off. I know
that he will miss alot but eventually he will catch him. Once the Great Knight is
through you may want to have Pay snipe of the Paladins having Matilda finish them off
with the Knight Killer putting Silk by her so that she gets healed every turn. This
will get Matilda some more EXP. Now then onto the next battle.

Battle Two


Seiji Magic Knight LV1 X1
Witch LV5 X1 (Thunder)
Witch LV1 X5 (Fire)
Hero LV1 X3

Oh great your up against several annoying Witches that will prey to attack your lowest
Magic Defensive units. I would reccomend putting everyone in the trees so that the
Witches spells can be avoided with better chance. Take them out and try to have Matilda
get some of the kills on those Witches. Have Clea and Pay take out the Magic Knight and
those Hero enemies so that you can get Matilda some of the EXP. NEXT!

Battle Three


Armor Knight LV5 X4
Sniper LV1 X2
Priest LV3 X3 (Slime)
Hero LV5 X2
Baron LV1 X2
Paladin LV1 X1
Witch LV5 X1 (Thunder)
Witch LV1 X4 (Fire)
Mara Witch LV8 X1 (Aura)

Wow another fight that you have got to watch your characters' health carefully as they
have many Witches that can attack anyone wherever. Well try to get Matilda some more
EXP. Have her fight the Witches as she does good against them. Send Clea to kill the
boss Mara as she can summon more Witches. And they do not go away either after her
defeat. Well for starters you want Mara gone as she can cause problems for you if more
Witches spawns out. As for the melee enemies use your highest defensive characters to
take them out. Anyways moving on!

Fear Shrine

Enemy Map

                  Speed Ring
^                    ^
|                    |
|                    |



Witch LV5 X1 (Thunder)
Witch LV1 X4 (Fire)
Priest LV3 X3 (Slime)
Hero LV5 X2


Gargoyle LV5 X10


Mummy LV1 X3
Zombie LV1 X7


Skeleton LV5 X10

Shaman LV3 X1 (Mezziah/Dora) (Summons Zombies)

First Battle Part


Priest LV3 X1
Priest LV1 X6
Shaman LV3 X1 (Recover/Slime) (Summons Gargoyles)

The first part of the battle you can use to your advantage as the Shaman here
summons Gargoyles. Better use Dear to clear them out then kill the Shaman or
you can stop by and kill some Gargoyles for some EXP. NEXT you do some battles
as it is listed on the map. Also in the end go far north on the map to get the
treasure with a Speed Ring in it. Go left and down the stairs then go down the
stairs on the left to go to a room with a Magic Shield in it. Then go through the
waterway to get a Holy Bow in it and to choose either a Silver Shield or a Holy
Shield. I would recommend the Holy Shield as it heals the wearer every turn and it
protects against monsters's' attacks by raising Physical Defense by +13. For the
Silver Shield it only raises Physical Defense by +8. Only +3 points more than a
Steel Shield could do.

Anyways whichever that you choose the other one will be gone. YOU CANNOT HAVE
BOTH just keep note of that. Anyways now that you have got these wonderful items
now it is time to continue on to the next battle.

Battle Four


Witch LV5 X1 (Thunder)
Witch LV1 X4 (Fire)
Priest LV3 X3 (Slime)
Hero LV5 X2
Magic Knight LV1 X3
Bow Knight LV1 X1
Priest LV5 X3 (Reserve/Death)
Shaman LV5 X1 (Mezziah/Slime)
Nuuibaba PriestLV10 X1 (Reserve/Medusa) (Mage Ring)

Oh great! Not only will you be facing off against overwhelming odds of enemies
including the Boss Nuibaba that possesses a spell that can reduce the target' HP
down to 1. Well first off you will want to defeat the enemies that comes your way
first. Thaen when you get to the cobblestone area move Pay with the Holy Bow. Now
Nuuibaba will charge at you. If Pay dodges the Medusa spell great. If not then he
will die. But if he doesn't make it then let him go as you can get him back soon.
If Nuibaba is still alive then send Clea with the Holy Spear to finish him off.
Do not worry if Pay died you can get him back after this battle. Relax I'll tell
you how to get him back if he died now Hush!

Now then the remaining enemies are a mere joke. But watch out for the Priests as
do ALOT more damage than Slime does. Even your most durable characters such as Clea
and Cliff and Alm can die very easily if you are not careful. Anyways kill the
remaining enemies with those three as you really do not need to send anyone else up
there. The cobblestones makes it hard for them to get through.

Well after the chapter is cleared go to the fort to recruit Tita. Oh and as for the
three folks they are traders. But do not bother with them though. Now then onto the
next battle.

Note: If you lost Pay during the battle with Nuuibaba go to the Fear Shrine and go to
the Lion Heads and use it to get him back. Do not worry about the Holy Bow it will
not be lost. It'll automatically be in the items receivement inventory.

Battle Five


Priest LV5 X2 (Recover/Slime)
Bow Knight LV1 X2
Paladin LV1 X3
Great Knight LV1 X2
Jerome Great Knight LV5 X1

Honestly this battle is alot easier than the Nuuibaba one. As for Zeke in this battle
he is just about the only one who can stand a chance as his squadren will most likely
die in the heat of combat. Send Clea,Pay,and Alm to help out. Even if Zeke kicks the
bucket he will still be recruitible in town. But him losing here isn't likely going
to happen anyway. If he did fall then he will still appear in town. Jerome suks just
send Clea and Pay to kill him. Now then go to the town.

Recruit Zeke as he will talk about the origin of the Rigal family and that because of
Alm's birthmark of royality Zeke will join. Odd man but let's not forget that he is
Camus in disguise. He changed his name because he was forced into exile after Marth
conquered Macedonia. Ahem! Anyways he joins you then now go ahead and give the trader
in the other town the Angel Ring and it'll pass over back to Cecelia's army. Do not
worry Alm's army will get their own a few battles later.

Cecelia's Army

Go to the Mira Shrine. You know where you went to have the guy open the watergate.
Go there and go through the grey water and go right from there. There you will meet
Norma who has been watching you the whole time. Anyways after a little discussion he
joins.About the treasure that you see but could not get it. Relax I will tell you how
to get it. I didn't tell you this sooner because it wasn't availible until now. Alright
now then go down south through a black wall and go down south to go to a secret room
with a treasure box which has a Mage Ring in it. Okay go to the upper staircase in the
main room to go to the next battle. Give each Pegasi Triplet a healing ring.

Battle Six


Shaman LV1 X1 (Mezziah/Dora) (Summons Zombies)
Shaman LV3 X1 (Mezziah/Dora) (Summons Skeletons)
Galacia Shaman LV5 X1 (Mezziah/Slime) (Summons Gargoyles)
Sniper LV1 X2
Priest LV1 X4

This is an easy battle. Just have the Pegasi Triplets stick it to them. Nothing can
stop them now. Just watch out for the brown stuff as any character does take some
damage stepping in it.

Battle Seven


Skeleton LV1 X3
Gargoyle X7

This is a rather boring battle where you just do not want to be bothered with. Just
have Jeni cast Dear to end this. NEXT!

Battle Eight


Sniper LV1 X3
Hero LV1 X2
Priest LV1 X3 (Recover/Dora)
Priest LV5 X1 (Reserve/Slime)
Doruku Shaman LV10 X1 (Mezziah/Death)

This is another easy battle. Just send in the Pegasi Triplets to take care of Doroku'

Note: You may want to hold of on killing Doroku because he summons Dragon Zombies on
which they may drop a Dragon Shield when you kill ALOT of Dragon Zombies. This is by
far the easiest way to get the Dragon Shield. So do not kill Doroku here until you
get it. And  trust me you really will want this shield as this is the best shield in
the game. So do not kill the boss here until you get it. After getting the Dragon
Shield now kill Doroku and end this battle.

Go inside the fort. Now for the lost woods better use Lost Gamer's Lost Woods guide.
Now then when you arrive in the town talk to the girl inside the house who she will
talk about that Judah cannot be harmed when you try attacking him and to be aware of
his presense. Now then before talking to Sage Hark the guy on the far left of the
house. Yes do not talk to him. Now then if Alm isn't at LV20 yet level him to that
level NOW! Because he is ready to class change now. Once Alm is at LV20 now then talk
Sage Hark. He talks about something about Alm then a glimpse of a flash happens. Yep
that is Alm class changing. His true Aura has awakened now. Now then you will now
want to max out some of your characters. Up till now only Cecelia and the Pegasi
Triplets have been only good at fighting. Now is the time to unlock everyone elses

Choose 10 of the 15. I would recommend the pegasus sisters and Jeni. Now choose anyone
else that you would want for the remaining 6. Now then fight the Mummies over and over
again. Now is the time to make Cecelia's army powerful and in their final classes. Turn
the battle animation off like always when leveling and or winning stuff from enemies. Go
to the next room right from the Mummy fight. Inside has a treasure with a Silver Sword in
it. Give this to Dean/Sevr. Go left after going down once from start to battle some wizards
then go left afterwards to find a treasure with a Silver Bow in it. Give this to Leo.


Priest LV3 X1
Priest LV1 X6

Now then go from start up once and go left to encounter a battle with the Majins. Battle
them then go left again to get the Silver Lance. Give this to Est.

Note: It is rumored that you can win the Moonlight Lance from the Majins. But most likely
you will be tired of winning stuff now so we won't. Besides the Silver Lance will be good
enough anyways. Now then after you are done with leveling now's the time to do some trading.
Since now you have some extra good things that Cecelia's army is not using might as well
trade some of them to Alm's group. Definitely trade the Dark Sword to Alm's group. You won
that sword a long time ago this is so that Alm's group can have one. Trade the Hero Sword
if you are not using it as it is a REALLY good sword that would be a mere pity to leave it
sitting in storage. DO NOT TRADE the Angel Ring. Let Cecelia's group keep it because Alm
will be getting his own very soon. To begin the next battle. Go to the exit as it is just
left from the village.

Battle Nine


Mummy LV1 X8

Great place for leveling up your characters. Battle here over and over again to unlock
their true potentials.

Note: About Atlas make him into a Social Knight. Because this is the only way possible
that Cecelia's' army is going to have a Calvary unit. He does not need to become anything

Battle Ten


Magic Knight LV1 X5
Shaman LV5 X1 (Mezziah/Slime)
Priest LV5 X2 (Reserve/Death)
Majin LV1 X2
Jamuru PriestLV10 X1 (Reserve Death)
Witch LV5 X9 (Thunder)

This is not much of a battle. Move the 5 characters that you haven't trained out of the
way. Do mass assaults or just go up and kill the Thunder witches. No their magic is not
sinister enough to stop you. =P Once that the Witches dies now then send the Pegasi
Triplets down to kill Jamuru. Form a triangle and do the triangle attack. This will
make this boss a mere joke. Now then pursue the other enemies with your other powerful
fighters to end this sorry excuse for a battle. But be wary of those Priests they are
armed to the teeth with Death spells.

Battle Eleven


Majin LV1 X3
Judah LV10 X1 (Death) (Dragon Shield)

Oh my. =O Not only are you up against a Wizard that prevents you from attacking him but
somehow he looks like a mystic when you do battle with him though he prevents you from
attacking him. Yes it is possible to get the Dragon Shield but it is very very hard
though however. You could get him to waste his health by him casting Death upon you.
Alright *sigh* enough chaotic speak back to the game now. and let the sludge slash
away at his single health point. But it is easiest to let him flee by attacking the LV5

Note: It is rumored that you can win the best lance in the game from the Bigle enemies.
You could just sit and let more Bigles get summoned then have the Pegasi Triplets kill

Anyways either defeating him or forcing him to flee either way now then go to the Lion
heads. This is now the time to use them. Not until now because you could never know who
could really need them until now. See Lion head bonuses information for further details.


1st Fight

Priest LV3 X2 (Slime)
Magic Knight LV1 X3
Majin LV1 X1

2nd Fight

Bow Knight LV5 X1
Dragon Zombie LV5 X3

3rd Fight

Bow Knight LV5 X1
Dragon Zombie LV5 X1

WARNING: It is vital to sort out all of your Weapons/Shields,Rings,etc. Because it won't
be long now that you will NOT be able to control Cecelia's army for long. I'm just telling
you this right now so that your good equipment does not sit in the bleachers or stuck to
characters that you do not use or want to have them on. Sort your stuff now before starting
Doma's Tower.

The first fight is easy. The second and third ones have it so that the Pegasus Sisters
are in the first four positions. This will make the next 2 fights alot easier. Now then
if you haven't used the Lion Heads NOW IS THE TIME TO USE THEM NOW. Be sure to get them
all here in this tower. Because you will NOT get the chance to use them again. Now then
after getting all of the Lion Heads in Cecelia's quest now then on the top floor you meet
Judah who was waiting for you. Judah says that he is Doma's right hand man and that
because of Alm mening alot to her and that he says that to watch how we will suffer as
he meant to say he supposedly. Anyways Cecelia follows him on behalf that Judah will take
her to see the mother goddess. Not knowing that he was really.. ahem don't want to spoil it
for you. Anyways now it moves on to Alm's team and that Cecelia's quest has now come to an
end I'm afraid.

Alm's Route

Battle Twelve/Thirteen/Fourteen

1st Fight


Dragon Zombie LV7 X1
Dragon Zombie LV5 X4

2nd Fight

Dragon Zombie LV8 X1
Dragon Zombie LV5 X6

3rd Fight

Dragon Zombie LV9 X1
Dragon Zombie LV5 X9

As for these fights you may want consider setting up your positions because they are going
to bring all 15 of your characters in this battle. Making sure to keep your weakest ones
protected by surrounding them with your better skilled fighters. Equip Silk the Holy Shield
this will make it so that the Dragon Zombie attacks will only deal 1HP of damage to her.
The shield is incredibly useful for these battles. Now you will want to pick them off with
Angel Magic and magic such as Excalibur and Arrow. Or you can just use Dear to clear them out
if you can. Whatever you do just don't put your characters in any dangerous situation such as
having it so that they do not get all ganged up at once. The other two battles are not much
different from the first. It just has more dragons nothing more. Go to wait to engage two more
of these fights as you are right now stuck. Strange. After these battles...

.... Now it shows Judah showing Cecelia that Alm is actually suffering on Dragon Mountain
because of him being trapped. Not knowing that it was Judah who really trapped him. Anyways
Cecelia agrees to go with him to go prey to the goddess Mira but anyways follow him and it
shows a really divine battle. Judah has tricked Cecelia (well he took advantage of her oversoft
feelings. Sicko! >=| ) into following to the evil god Doma instead. Poop! Oh great Cecelia and
her army are about to become Doma's sacrificials now. Now it switches back to Alm's party.

Battle Fifteen


Priest LV5 X5 (Reserve/Death)
Baron LV1 X2
Great knight LV1 X4
Bow Knight LV1 X6
Shaman LV5 X1 (Mezziah/Slime)
Magunamu Baron LV10 X1
Hes Witch LV8 X1 (Aura) (Summons Witches LV1 (Fire) )

This is a fun battle. Surely you will want to watch out as they have lots of Bow Knights that
will pick off many of your weaker characters. Surely you may want to send Clea east as well
as sending Alm west taking care of those enemies. This will get him some good EXP while you
are at it. Make it so that Silk is in the upper group and have her cast Illusion. She should
be able to summon some Magic Knights. They will be increadibly helpful in taking out those
Death casting Priests as you certainly do not want to have to have your own army deal with
them and do not forget. Hes can summon Witches which can cause some trouble for you. But
the clones should do a nice job taking care of her for you. If not then send your good Mage
and have Him/Her attack Hes with Arrow. As for Magnamu he can be taken care of very easily
with a good Mage with Arrow. Now on to the next battle.

Battle Sixteen


Mummy X 8
Zombie X 7

This is where you can unlock Alm's potentials at. BUT NOT YET remember now you do not have
the Angel Ring. Do not worry Alm will be getting his own very soon. That is why that you
want Cecelia to keep hers. This battle is not difficult at all whatsoever. Level Tita at
least to level 4 if she isn't there yet because so that she can learn Reserve. This will
make the upcoming two battles a little more fair. Go ahead and level her to 7 if you would
like so that she can learn Illusion. Whatever. Now when you do get the Angel Ring come here
to unlock Alm's army' potentials. Anyway moving on.

Battle Seventeen


Baron LV1 X4
Bow Knight LV1 X10
Priest LV5 X5 (Reserve/Slime)

This is a battle to not send anyone that cannot attack at such distances. Tita should've
learned Reserve by now. Because this is a battle where you may need it. Now then send
Alm have him snipe them off in between the walls. As well as sending Clea,Pay and your
good magic user. If you made Cliff into a Mage then he will do very nicely in this battle.
The boss is a complete joke. Just send Clea as she should take care of him rather easily.
Heal with Reserve if your troops a royally beaten up. This is just like warfare like
strategy,strength ,and surprise. Like capture the flags with all of this shooting but
this is not a kids fight. Feh! Anyways moving on to the next bttle. =P

Battle Eighteen


Rudolf Great Knight LV20 X1 (Angel Ring)
Bow Knight LV5 X5
Bow Knight LV1 X2
Priest LV5 X2 (Reserve/Death)
Baron LV1 X4
Great Knight LV5 X5

Oh gawd! This battle is going to make it so that you troops are going to get a serious
real beating now. It is prefered to Warp Alm to the healing tile. Have him fight off
Rudolf. But be sure to have Pay/Clea take out those damned Priests as they CAN do some
serious damage with their Death spells. It is generally prefered to have your most
durable characters to take out the remaining forces. Trust me! You do not want to lose
anyone here. Well you do not want to have to do the chapter over or use another revival
use. Shek would be good for defending as well as Ruka and Fols. Now as for the crapload
of Bow Knights they can easily be handled with your most durable units. Clea would be
best for this. Anyways after Rudolf eventually kicks the bucket. This boss fight is
easy because Rudolf does not retalitae nor attack Alm. Once Rudolf is defeated you
receive an Angel Ring as well as the battle as it automatically ends. Yes it
automatically ends when Rudolf is killed.

Now Alm needs answers as to what Rudolf was talking about that Alm must defeat Doma
with the Falchion and that he just found out that Rudolf was his father. Rudolf didn't
attack Alm because he was his son. Anyways Misan says that Rudolf commanded Misan to
kill these children. Misan betrayed him even though Rudolf was the former king of
Rigal and that this means that Yep! Alm is the crowned prince of Rigal. Even though
it used to be an evil organisation. Alm and Cecelia are the crowned heirs to Rigal
and Sofia. See Misan didn't kill them because his plan was to have Alm beccome good
friends with Cecelia and he did. ^_^ This is so that the continenet of Valecia could
live in peace one day. Rudolf sent Tozeh to attack Sofia. Yes!

Rudolf was working for Doma and that he got Doma to capture Mira because she had an
answer to Doma's weakness. Even though this had turned Rigal and Sofia against each
other. Alm must now strive to undo the damage that Rudolf has caused. Anyways Misan
joins you and that the chapter now comes to a close.


Anyways Alm and the Magistrate has a discussion about where Cecelia is and that
everyone in the castle all hails Prince Albyne Alm. Well you are supposed to go down
to where another Magistrate is at by the SE area. But I'm going to tell you right now
that once you enter it there is no going back. So for sure you will want to train first
now that you have the Angel Ring. Go do battle Sixteen over and over again maxing out
a few of your characters. Select 10 out of the rest. Train them all to their finest
classes (with the Angel Ring). Now then after the training is over now then moving on
to the shrines.

Warning: Make sure to make two spaces of room. This is so that you can get two
treasures here. And keep note that you CANNOT SAVE YOUR GAME once you enter Doma's

But wait wern't there some Lion Heads in Alm's route of course. Now then see the Lion
Head bonuses information for further details. Now then whenever that you are ready now
then head downstarirs as the magistrate tells Prince Albyne to be careful. Now then
Keep going right as the exit back to the castle gets blocked. Crap! Yeah! I hope that
you have visited the Lion Heads first before coming here. Now then moving on. To get
the Gladius Spear go to the fourth intersection from the left hallway then go up and
then right and you should see a spear that contains the Gladius in it. The best damned
spear in the game. Hand this to Clea or to your strongest Calvary unit. Now then head
left and there should be four black holes. Go down the right bottom one then go right
to the next hallway but evedently a battle engages.

Warning: Cecelia's party will take damage if you take too long. I know you want to
save them so badly but first things first trying to find her.

Battle One


Majin Lv1 X2
Majin LV2 X2
Majin LV4 X2
Magic Knight LV1 X2
Bigle LV1 X2
Witch LV5 X4

This battle should not prove to be any problem. Just give them everything that you've got
but you'd better hurry as the floor way closes each turn showing the stuff that damages
you whenever you step on it. anyways after the battle ends now then on to the next phase.
Go inside a door and a sign says that only those of Rigal royality can enter that means
YOU ALM. Now then when Alm enters another battle engages.

Battle Two


Leech LV13 X10

This battle is not difficult at all. Just allow Alm to stand on the healing tile and
watch him kick their butts. Doesn't the skeletal warriors look alot like Stalfoses in The
Legend Of Zelda? Yeah they do don't they? Anyways moving on!

Go on up as another battle engages.

Battle Three

Balrog LV13 X8

This is another easy battle. Just watch Alm in action against the wings of death. Moving

Go up for another battle.

Battle Four

White Drgn LV10 X2

This is a very easy battle. Alm should be able to take care of them without the break of a
sweat. Moving on!

Go up and the chest contains a Falchion in it. YAY! Now Alm will be able to kill Doma with
it. Equip it on him then moving on.

Note: Alm is also the only one who can wield the Falchion.

Go all the way back down then head left and there should be three black holes. Go to any of
them they all go the same way. Then go down the south stairways and keep going up the stairs
until you cannot go no more. Go left of the hallway then you should see four black holes
again. You was here before only except this time go the upper left block then go right
ignoring the three holes and another battle commences.

Battle Five

Majin LV7 X1
Majin LV5 X2
Magic Knight LV1 X2
Witch LV5 X4 (Thunder)
Shaman LV7 X1 (Mezziah/Slime) (Summons Dragon Zombies)

The enemies here are going to try to get to the brown tile.

Note: If this brown tile is touched then the ground will turn into the muddy stuff that
drains health every turn and that it is hard to walk in.

This is a battle where Pay and Clea are most useful in. Surely you will want Pay to snipe of
the Shaman so that Dragon Zombies do not get summoned. The remaining enemies give them all
you've got. Just try to keep the enemies from getting to the brown tile. And you do certainly
not want to touch it either. Anyways moving on!

Go right from the hallway then you come to a room with some slender long black square pits.
Go to the right one at the very bottom then ignore the pit falls in the next room and go
south as you see some stairs. Go up them stairs until you cannot go up them no more then you
end up in a room where Cecelia is being trapped. Don't keep her waiting. AND NOW the final
battle of the game starts. After Alm and Cecelia has a discussion then the battle now begins.


Doma LV20 ??
Judah Priest LV20 X1 (Death)
Hades Paladin LV10 X1
Gerubesu Magic Knight LV10 X1
Berle Magic Knight LV10 X1
Mara Witch LV8 X1 (Summons Witches)
Hes Witch LV8 X1 (Sommons Witches)
Ganefu Priest LV10 X1 (Reserve/Medusa)

Well this is it the last battle of the game. Now then first things first. Anyone from Cecelia's
party is hurt and that a Reserve caasting use will tottaly fix this. Watch out for Hades,Berle,
and Gerubesu. They are quite fast and can very easily double attack a character. Send Clea to
kill them as she is best for this expedition. Or just have Dyute cast Ragnorok on those Magic
Knights. But making sure to have Jeni heal her with a Libro use. Now watch out for the bigles
as more can get summoned if you wait too long.

Note: Doma can cause earthquakes every other turn causing every character to take some damage.
Have Tita use Reserve to fix this problem as well as having Silk by her so that she can heal

As for Judah he cannot be attacked well he prevents you from attacking him. The only way to
defeat him is to have Pay snipe Judah off from the farthest distance. He should go down in a
flash. But watch out for his Death spell if you attack him though by mistake. As for Mara and
Hes they can summon Witches that knows Fire and that they can be a problem if too many witches
gets summoned. Watch out for Garnef. Say isn't he the fellow that caused Marth trouble in his
NES game? That has to be him dunno but if so then I'm a monkey's uncle.

Yes he knows Medusa. And you know how frightful that this spell really is. It is best to send
in Est with the Hand spear to kill him. The fools Mara and Hes will atack her but invincible
Est will show them how a real pegasi fights. ^_~ Now then as for the witches if they were
summoned then Est will very easily take care of them anyways. Now all that is left is Doma.
Now then watch out THIS BOSS DOES MOVE just keep note of that. Send Alm or just have Silk or
Tita Warp him up there. Now watch Alm in action as he strikes Doma by surprise. Doma looks
kind of like an iguana like god. As he can summon tenticles as well as eye beam attacks.
Anyhow these attacks shouldn't do much dependant on how Alm was trained. This battle can be
really easy or hard dependant on Alm's strength stat. If his strength is above 35 then this
will be a little easier. If not then this battle will drag on a little while otherwise.

Anyways once Alm eventually kills Doma. He dissappears into thin air. Now then Enjoy your
ending. You've deserved it. ^_^

           -----------  --------  |\            |    |
           |               |      | \           |    |
           |               |      |  \          |    |
           |               |      |   \         |    |
           |               |      |    \        |    |
           |               |      |     \       |    |
           |------         |      |      \      |    |
           |               |      |       \     |    |
           |               |      |        \    |    |
           |               |      |         \   |    |
           |               |      |          \  |    |
           |               |      |           \ |    |
           |           ---------  |            \|

I hope that you've enjoyed this wondeful game. Because I have. And
thanks for playing one of the top 10 of the greatest games ever made
PERIOD! Thanks for playing and I'll see ya later then. =D

*I Love you Nintendo for creating such a wonderful series such as
this YAY!*

*Cries with tears of joy.*

3. Characters Bios

Alm's Army

Rating 7/10

The hero of the game. He is a swordfighter that he is also a deciple that is
training under Misan. Use him to beat the toughest situations in his battles.
He will become a better fighter once he gets the Royal/Falchion swords. He is
also Misan's grandson.

Rating 8/10

A soldier of Sofia that is on a journey with Alm. Although he is not as good as
the other soldier but he will become a better fighter upon several promotions.

Rating 6/10

Another soldier of Sofia that is on a journey with Alm. Grey will grow more HP
than Cliff but that is about it. He would be great as a Mercenary.

Rating 4/10

Another soldier of Sofia that is on a journey with Alm. Honestly he isn't hardly
worth using much as he grows almost no defense and that he also lacks at growing
strength. You might want to make him a Calvary unit.

Rating 9/10

Another soldier from Sofia going on a journey with Alm. YES!!!!! Cliff is tight
not only does he possess a great deal of options that you can choose from from
his villager class but he gets astounding stats upon several promotions. He would
be great as either a Mercenary or a Mage.

Rating 8/10

A cleric that is from the goddess Mira's shrine as well as having the holy blood
of Mira running through her veins. She joins Alm after she gets rescued as she
was captured by a bunch of thieves. She is the besst healer in Alm's army. Although
it will take some work to get her to learn Illusion though. She can also heal those
that surrounds her when she is a Nun.

Rating 10/10

A Pegasus Knight that was captured by the evil general Tozeh. She joins Alm's army
as a token of thanks for saving her. A knight in shining armor plot. ^_^ She is not
only the only pegasus knight that Alm will get in his army. But upon promotion she
will also get the ability to kill any undead enemy with ease. She may not be good as
the Pegasus Sisters but she is someone not to be messed with in battle. Use her or weep.


Coming soon.

Rating 7/10

Overall he will get slightly better attack power and Magic Defense than Ruka will.
But that is about it. Even though Ruka is better overall.

Rating 7/10

A soldier of the Sofia fort standing guard to alert villagers warning whenever there
is a monster raid involved. He is rather sweet. He is not only the only bow user that
Alm will get but as a Bowman he will be able to hit almost anything far far away. He
performs best with the Holy bow.


Coming Soon.

Matilda (Nina)
Rating 7/10

A soldier that was Captured by Tozeh. She joins Alm's party as well as she is also
under exile as she is Nina in disguise as she is also the princess of Akaneia. She
becomes quite good after enoguh level gains as well. Probably the 2nd best Paladin
in the game next to Zeke(Camus).

Rating 9/10

A sorceress that is under the spell of Nuibaba and she is willing to follow her every
command. The sorceress will stop at nothing to obey her master. She not only is the
only two magic users in the game capable of learning Ragnorok but she also comes with
a Prayer Ring. She is one of the best magicians in the game. She is also the sister
of Ryu.

Rating 9/10

She is someone that loves Zeke. Nothing much is said about her after that. Honestly!
She is one of the utmost useful characters in the game and her knowing the all useful
Reserve and we know how useful that is. She is someone to use always in every

Rating 7/10

Zeke was sent on a mission from Rudolf to find the birthmark of the Rigal royality.
Hmm wonder who could be of that? He will not be as good as your other calvary units.
Better level him completly with the Angel Ring to make him more useful.

Rating 5/10

Grandfather to Alm and Cecelia. He trained them when they were choldern and there are
rather many mysteries as to why he dissappears every so often. Honestly! He can be
just a good as Zeke. But his stat groth really suks. But he doesn't really need to
grow much stats anyway. But he is certainly more powerful than Jeigan. =P

Cecelia's Army

Rating 8/10

The 2nd main hero of the game. She is a mage that was undergoing training
by Norma as well as she has been a really close friend of Alm's that they
have been since they were kids. She has to be Alm's cousion as to perfectly
explaining as to why as to she is Misan's granddaughter. She will become
alot better upon promotion and with the Holy Sword. She also is one of the
only two characters of the game that can learn Ragnorok. She also has the
ability to use swords as well.

Rating 7/10

A magician of the Sofia magistrate. She was a disciple training under
Norma and that she is a good friend of Cecelia. She does not like Boey
that much and that she thinks that he is still a child that he has not
learned Thunder yet.

Rating 6/10

A Magician that is training under Norma and that he is also May's rival.
Honstly he will grow alot more defense than May will but he possesses less
speed than May does and it is rather hard to level him up in the beginning.
Level him up enough times and he should perform decent at best.

Rating 8/10

A Cleric that is training under Norma and that she thinks that she is only
good for treating small wounds. Another Cleric that shall be just as good as
Silk. But overall she learns Illusion ALOT faster than Tita and Silk. She
will soon learn Libro which makes her more useful in the harder battles.

Rating 8/10

A pirate that loves a good party at the pub as he is rather a drunkard. He
joins Cecelia's party after a little chat in the pub. SERIOUSLY! He not only
has quite good magic defense for a sword user but he becomes very very awesome
in te very end. You will want to use this guy over Cami.

Rating 6/10

A knight that was destined for revenge of the pirates for an attack on a fort.
He and his army joins Cecelia as forr thanks for wiping out those pirates.
Well there is nothing much I will comment on this guy. But he pretty much will
perform like Ruka. That tis all.

Rating 4/10

A Mercenary of Balbo's army. Honestly this guy you may not want to use him as
Cecelia is only allowed to bring only ten units in the Final Battle. You may
just want to not bother with him as he has much lower Magic Defense and that
Sevr is better than him in every way.

Rating 7/10

An archer from Balbo's army. He pretty much will perform like Pay let's just
say that. Although he will have some lesser strength.

Rating Invincible

A Pegasus soldier that is looking for her sister Est as she was captured by
a bunch of pirates and she is also the oldest sibling of the Pegasi
Triplets. YES! She is also a hero of Marth's game as she went on a quest
with him as she betrayed Macedonia after Marth rescued her sisters Minerva
and Maria. A pure hearted Pegasus Knight of Macedonia even though in this
game they say that the Pegasi triplets are from Akaneia. But truely they
are from Macedonia. HONESTLY! *SIGH* If only in Marth' games they were
like this but they aren't they actually perform bestest in this game.
HONESTLY she is like one of the best characters of the game. Upon promotion
as you level her up enough times with the Angel Ring she will become a goddess
I swear it. Use her the moment that she joins you and youwill have yourself a
flying meatshield in the end. To tell you the honest truth some people play
this game because of the Pegasus Sisters being in it as well as some other
characters from Marth's games that are in this one as well. She does grow more
HP and Defense than Kachua does but less Speed and Luck though however. This is
also the only game that they can become Falcon Knights in. They are just awesome
against the undead after promotion.

Rating Invincible

A Pegasus soldier that is looking for her sister Est as she was captured by
a bunch of pirates and she is also the middle aged sibling of the Pegasi
Triplets. YES! She is also a hero of Marth's game as she went on a quest
with him as she betrayed Macedonia after Marth rescued her sisters Minerva
and Maria. A pure hearted Pegasus Knight of Macedonia even though in this
game they say that the Pegasi triplets are from Akaneia. But truely they
are from Macedonia. HONESTLY! *SIGH* If only in Marth' games they were
like this but they aren't they actually perform bestest in this game.
HONESTLY she is like one of the best characters of the game. Upon promotion
as you level her up enough times with the Angel Ring that she comes with she
will become a goddess I swear it. Use her the moment that she joins you and
youwill have yourself a flying meatshield in the end. She does grow more
Speed,Skill and Luck than Paola does but has less slightly less HP and lesser
Defense. This is also the only game that they can become Falcon Knights in.
They are just awesome against the undead after promotion.

Rating 8/10

He is one of Cecelia's most valuable units wanna know why. Because Cecelia
does not have no Calvary units. It is reccomended to make him a Social Knight
due to this reason.

Rating 5/10

He is someone who tried to save Est but has gotton captured by Wolf and his
Sniper squadren. He is not even worth using as he lacks in Magic defense.
But why bother with him when Sevr is alot better. Well use him if you would
like. But he will end up decent at best with enough class changes.

Rating 9/10

A Witch that works for Geese. Her duty is to protect Geese. But she does not
really get along with Dean all that well. YES!!!!! She is awesome. Her Stat
growths are not only better than May's' but she will also become more better
than May too as she is likely to have higher stats than her. If you have her
on your team instead of Dean then you do not have to use Boey.

Rating 8/10

A Hero that works under Geese or guards his headquarters. He does not get
along with Soni all that well. YES! This guy just might perform better than
Sevr once he becomes a Magic Knight. And his growths are not too bad either.
Use him instead of Sevr if you have him instead of Soni.

Rating Goddess

A Pegasus soldier as she was captured by a bunch of pirates and she is also
the youngest sibling of the Pegasi Triplets. YES! She is also a hero of Marth's
game as she went on a quest with him as she betrayed Macedonia after Marth
rescued her sisters Minerva and Maria. A pure hearted Pegasus Knight of Macedonia
even though in this game they say that the Pegasi triplets are from Akaneia. But
truely they are from Macedonia. HONESTLY! *SIGH* If only in Marth' games they were
like this but they aren't they actually perform bestest in this game.
HONESTLY she is the best characters of the game. Upon promotion as you level
her up enough times with the Angel Ring she will become a goddess I swear it.
Use her the moment that she joins you and you will have yourself a flying
meatshield in the end. To tell you the honest truth some people play this game
because of the Pegasus Sisters being in it as well as some other characters from
Marth's games that are in this one as well. She does grow more of everything than
her older siblings and that however she is probably the only character in the game
that can achieve perfect HP 52/52 and 40 in stat caps as well as a maximum of 9
movement. This is also the only game that they can become Falcon Knights in. They
are just awesome against the undead after promotion.

Rating 2/10

He is a teacher that taught Cecelia,May,and Boey how to fight. Nothing much is
said about him after that. He is no good just look at his stat growth. That should
fulfill the clue enough. Why bother with him when Boey is far better. I would
recommend using Boey over him any day. Feh!

Coming Soon.

4. Character Growth Rates Chart

Alm's Party

            HP   Str   Skill   Spd   Luck   Def   Res

Alm         50   35     40     30     20    30    0
Ruka        40   15     35     15     20    20    0
Grey        40   30     20     10     10    20    0
Robin       30   10     40     15     30    10    0
Cliff       50   20     40     50     20    40    0
Silk        20   30     30     30     30    10    0
Clea        20   30     50     40     50    10    0
Clerbe      40   20     20     20     20    20    0
Fols        30   40     10     20     20    10    0
Paison      40   40     15     20     10    15    0
Ryuto       40   20     20     15     50    15    0
Matilda(Nina)40  30     20     40     10    30    0
Dute        30   50     30     20     30    10    0
Tita        40   10     15     15     20    40    0
Zeke(Camus) 40   20     35     55     30    30    0
Maisen      20    5      5      5      0     5    0

Cecelia's Party

            HP   Str   Skill   Spd   Luck   Def   Res

Cecelia     30   25     40     30     40    20    0
May         20   40     20     10     10    20    0
Boey        40   30     15     10     20    40    0
Jeni        20   40     40     15     20    20    0
Sevr        50   20     15     15     10    20    0
Balbo       40   20     35     25     10    20    0
Cami        30   25     20     40     20    20    0
Leo         50   20     20     10     10    30    0
Paola       40   40     15     10     10    30    0
Kachua      30   30     30     40     20    20    0
Atlas       30   30     20     10     15    20    0
Jesi        40   25     40     40     20    25    0
Soni        30   30     30     30     30    30    0
Dean        40   20     15     15     10    10    0
Est         30   40     50     30     50    50    0
Norma       10   10     15     15     10    10    0

5. Character Magic Learning Levels Chart


      Fire   Thunder   Ragnorok    Angel   Excalibur   Arrow   Aura   Recover

Grey  Mage   LV10                                      LV9            Sage
Robin Mage                                 LV6                        Sage
Cliff Mage   LV4                           LV7         LV11    LV20   Sage
Ryoto Auto   LV10                          Auto        LV15           Sage
Dyute Auto             LV16       LV11                         Auto   Priest
Cecelia Auto LV8       LV20       LV5      LV15                       LV9
Boey  Auto   LV3                           LV18        LV12           Sage
May   Auto   Auto                 LV14                         LV9    Priest
Sevr  Mage                        LV5                                 Sage
Kamui Mage                                 LV7                        Sage
Atlas Mage                                             LV16           Sage
Jesi  Mage   LV9                           LV2                        Sage
Soni  Auto   Auto                 LV14     Auto        LV18           Priest
Dean  Mage                                             LV3            Sage
Norma Auto                                 Auto        Auto           Auto


     Recover   Reblow   Resire   Warp   Reserve   Illusion   Dear   Angel

Silk Auto               Auto     LV7              LV18       LV14   Nun
Tita           Auto     Auto     LV8    LV4       LV7               Auto
Jeni Auto      LV8      Auto                      LV4        LV12   Nun

6. Weapons and Items


               MT   Hit   Crit   Range   WT   Notes

Sword          O    90     0      1      0   An unarmed feature
Steel Sword    4    80     0      1      1   --
Silver Sword   8    90     0      1      1   --
Hero Sword     5   100    30      1      0   --
Darkness Sword 13   70     0      1      5   May DMG user dependant on Luck
Thunder Sword  --   80     0     1~2     3   Always does 15 DMG
Holy Sword     3   100    15      1      0   Has Regen effect along with
                                             supereffectiveness of the undead
Regal Sword    7   100    20      1      0   Alm only, Has Regen effect
Falchion       10   80     0      1      0   Alm only, Has Regen effect Super
                                             effective against the undead and
                                             is the only weapon that can harm
                                             the final boss


               MT   Hit   Crit   Range   WT   Notes

Lance          0    90     0      1      0   An unarmed feature
Steel Lance    4    80     0      1      1   --
Silver Lance   8    90     0      1      1   --
Javelin        3    70     0     1~2     2   --
Knight Killer  3    85     0      1      1   Effective against Calvary
Holy Lance     3    90    10      1      0   Has Regen effect,Effective
                                             against the undead
Gladius       15   100     0     1~2     0   --
Shooting Star 10   100    50      1      0   Has Regen effect
Moonlight     10   100     0      1      1   Has Regen effect,Ignores terrain
Sun           20    80     0      1      2   Has Regen effect


               MT   Hit   Crit   Range   WT   Notes

Bow            0    70     0      0     1~3  An unarmed feature
Steel Bow      3    70     0      1     1~5  --
Silver Bow     7    80     0      2     1~5  --
Holy Bow       5   100    10      0     1~5  Has Regen effect,Effective against
                                             the undead

Other Items


Leather Shield Defense +3
Steel Shield   Defense +5
Silver Shield  Defense +8
Holy Shield    Has Regen effect,Defense +13 when attacked by the undead
Dragon Shield  Has Regen effect,Defense +13 Resistance +13
Magic Shield   Reduces enemy magic accuracy to 10
Holy Ring      Has Regen effect
Angel Ring     Has Regen effect,Luck caps at 40,Doubles LV up gains
Speed Ring     Has Regen effect,Speed caps at 40,Movement +5
Magic Ring     Has Regen effect,Increases Magic range by 5
Prayer Ring    Has Regen effect,Crit=100 when below 1/2 HP

7. Weapons and Items Guide


Steel Sword
Attack +4 Speed -1 Range 1~1

Aquired from Dahna's fort in Chapter 2.

Silver Sword
Attack +8 Speed -1 Range 1~1

Found in the Lost Woods in Chapter 4.

Hero Sword
Attck +5 Speed 0   Range 1~1

Aquired in Chapter 3 by recruiting or killing Dean.

Darkness Sword
Attck +13 Speed -5 Range 1~1

This can injure user whenever used depending on Luck. Very good
sword to use with user with very high Luck. Can be aquaired from
a Hero in Chapter 3 or you can also get it by killing alot of

Thunder Sword
Attack -- Speed -3 Range 1~2

Found in the southern fort where you recuit Silk in Chapter 1.

Holy Sword
Attack +3 Speed 0  Range 1~1

Effective against undead enemies and it heals it's wielder ever turn.
Gotton in the Sea Shrine in Chapter 2.

Regal Sword
Attack +7 Speed 0  Range 1~1

Alm only. Aquired in Tozeh's fort by the end of Chapter 3. It
also heals him every turn.

Attack +10 Speed 0  Range 1~1

Divine Blade of Valecenia. Only Alm could use it and this is needed
to finish the game. Also heals Alm every turn. Found in Doma's Temple
in Chapter 5.


Steel Lance
Attack +4 Speed -1  Range 1~1

Kreb comes with it when he joins you in Chapter 1. You also get another
one in Chapter 3 from Wolf's fort.

Silver Lance
Attack +8 Speed -1  Range 1~1

Can be found in the Lost Woods in Chapter 4.

Attack +3 Speed -1  Range 1~2

Paola comes with it in the Start of Chapter 3.

Knight Killer
Attack +3 Speed -1  Range 1~2

Effective against anyone riding horses. Gotton in Sofia castle in
Chapter 1.

Holy Lance
Attack +3 Speed  0  Range 1~1

Rewarded for saving the girl in the forest in Chapter 2 from a man
whom is her father. Effective against undead enemies and heals the
wielder every turn.

Attack +15 Speed  0 Range 1~2

The best spear in the game. Found in Doma Temple in Chapter 5.

Attack +10 Speed -1 Range 1~1

A powerful spear. Obtained by killing alot of Barons or Bigles in
Chapter 5. (This may be unture though but this is still yet to be


Steel Bow
Attack +3  Speed -1 Range 1~3-1~5

Found in the Southern Fort from an enemy archer as well as from the
boss Wolf of Chapter 3.

Silver Bow
Attack +3  Speed -1 Range 1~3-1~5

Found in the Lost Woods of Chapter 4.

Holy Bow
Attack +3  Speed -1 Range 1~3-1~5

Effective against the undead and heals the wielder every turn. This
is also the best bow in the game. Obtained in the Fear Shrine of
Chapter 4.

Other Items

Leather Shield
Defense +3

Dropped from a Mercenary in Chapter 1 and also gotton from a Mercenary
in Chapter 2.

Steel Shield
Defense +5

Gotton when you either recruit or kill Soni. Also gotton by killing
alot of Zombies.

Silver Shield
Defense +8

Found in the Fear Shrine of Chapter 4.

Holy Shield

Raises defense to 13 against undead enemies as well as it heals the wearer
every turn. Gotton from the Fear Shrine in Chapter 4.

Dragon Shield
Defense +13 Resistance +13

Gotton from Tozeh in Chapter 1. Gotton from Judah in Chapter 4. Or you
can also get it by killing alot of Dragon Zombies. It also heals the
wearer every turn.

Magic Shield
Stats- None

Increases Magic attack avoid by 90. Found in the Fear Shrine of
Chapter 4.

Holy Ring
Stats- None

Heals the wearer every turn. Aquired from the first Dragon Zombie in
Chapter 2.

Angel Ring
Stats Luck 40 (Capped)

It doubles stats upon every level gain instead of 1 stat it would be
2 with this equipped. Most useful when you train your characters.
This is definitely the best accessory in the game as it also heals it's
wearer every turn as an added bonus. Gotton from Kachua in the beginning of
Chapter 3 as well as killing Rudolf in Chapter 4. You can also get it by
killing alot of Thieves. Don't know if that is true though.

Speed Ring
Stats- Speed 40 (Capped)

Caps Speed by 40 and also adds 5 extra movement. Gotton from the Fear
Shrine in Chapter 4.

Magic Ring
Stats- None

Heals it's wearer every turn and can also increase the magic spell casting
ranges by 5 instead of the usual 3. Gotton by a cheast in Mira's Shrine in
Chapter 3 as well as defeating Nuibaba in Chapter 3. Also received by killing
Judah in Chapter 5.

Prayer Ring
Stats- None

Heals it's wearer every turn. And also raises crit to 100 when below 1/2 HP
as well as it protects it's wearer from death as long as the wearer has more
than 1 HP. Gotton from Dyute when she joins you in Chapter 3 as you rescue her
from the sewer gate.

8. Lion Head Bonuses Information

Alm's Party

                          Left   Right    Uses

Thief Shrine              Speed   HP        3
Liberation Army's HQ      Defense Strength  3
Forest Shrine             HP      99EXP     3
Fear Shrine               Speed   Luck      3
Fear Shrine (underground)    Revival        3
Secret Shrine             Defense Revival   3

Cecelia's Party

                          Left   Right    Uses

Monastery                Strength Speed     3
Sea Shrine               Skill    HP        3
Dragon Shrine                Revival        3
Mira's Temple            Strength 99EXP     3
Sage Village             Defense  Defense   3
Doma's Tower Floor 1     Luck     Speed     3
Doma's Tower Floor 2         Skill          3
Doma's Tower Floor 3          HP            3
Doma's Tower Floor 4     Defense  Strength  3

9. Credits

CJayC Of course for creating and running one of the best gaming sites
on the net. And of course for posting this guide!!!!! Definitely
deserves major thanks!!!!! ^_^

Nintendo/Intelligent Systems

For creating one of the top 10 greatest videogames in the world.
Special thanks to SSBM (Super Smash bros Melee) game that got us
including me introduced into Fire Emblem series. The SSBM staff
definitely deserves major thanks!!!!!

Vincent ASM and Eaichu

For their sites providing me the weaapons and items information as well
as the Characters' stat growths as well as the Lion Heads bonus information.


For providing the locations on where the weapons and items are particularly
found as well as it's descrpitions.