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Dragon Ball Z: World Fighting Tournament

Verison 0.2 - Written by Eaichu250

Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
2 - How to play
3 - Barcodes
4 - Credits Section
5 - How to contact me, etc...


This is one of the first FAQs, I have ever written in my entire life. This FAQ
is based soley on giving you barcodes for the Famicon game, Dragon Ball Z:
World Fighting Tournament. This guide only gives you working barcodes for the
emulator "Famtasia", which is the only emulator that can play this game.

Future verisons of this FAQ, will most likely include more character barcodes,
and item barcodes.

>Previous Verisons<

October 13th 0.1 - Release of this FAQ.

October 27th 0.2 - Added a couple of item barcodes, still working on trying to
uncover more characters.

October 28th 0.3 - Added a several new character barcodes, along with more info
and stats. Also added a new item barcode.

>How to play<

This game has a unique style of fighting, instead of having just one energy bar
for both fighters. Which is common in few fighting games,
you have three energy bars, HP stands for Hit Points (When you HP reaches 0,
you lose), BP stands for Battle Power (How powerful your attacks are), DP
stands for Defense Power (The more DP you have, the less HP damage you will
recieve). Each character has a special KI attack, Press A+B at the same time to
use the attack. Pressing A alone with throw a kick, pressing B alone will throw
a punch. If you tap the D-Pad the way your character is facing, you will run.
Pretty simple, eh?

When you start playing the game, you will be granted two options. The top
option brings you to the options and VS Modes, along with some tournaments.

The second option brings you to Korin's Tower, which if you enter a character
barcode. You will see the character's face, and his stats.
If you enter an item barcode, you will see the item, and Korin will tell you
what the item does.

If you picked the first option, you will be shown to four more options.

The first option will bring you to a one-on-one match with a second player.

The second option is a real-life tournament, there are 10 second one-on-one
matches. If either player fails to beat the opponent, the match ends you are
brought back to the character screen. And your characters stats are decreased
depending on what stats were damaged. There are four-people for this
tournament, and matches are decided randomly.

The third option brings you to a 8-people tournament, there are one-on-one
matches last until either player is knocked out. And then the second match
proceeds to go on, then the third, fourth, etc... if time runs out while you
are playing your match, you and your opponent will have the ability to enter an
item barcode. Which can increase your stats, or drop an item onto the field.

The fourth option brings you to an options menu, I dont exactly know which
option does what, but the last option will increase the difficulty of the
tournaments. Which brings in tougher characters with great stats.


Remember, enter a barcode when you are playing in a tournament(Or VS Mode). You
must be using the emulator Famtasia, for it is the only emulator with the
barcode feature's in it.

Item Barcodes -
Item Barcodes are neat little tricks, if you are playing in a tournament or VS
Mode, when the time runs out. You will have to enter an item barcode, which can
boost your strength, or throw a booby trap onto the field. They are very

Here's the list of current item barcodes, use each item wisely.

Dragon Ball - No. 1 >7859475<
- What does it do?

I dont want the hell this is for, You can try using it if you want. I dont
think you'll get any results, however...

Dragon Ball - No. 2 >9999777<
- What does it do?

Same as above...

Dragon Ball - No. 5 >7875143<
- What does it do?

Once again, same as above...

Dragon Ball - No. 6 >2223335<
- What does it do?

Ack, I'm sick of repeating this. >:)

Dragon Ball - No. 4 >5593723<
- What does it do?

C'mon, you should know.... Right?

King Kai - >9999999<
- What does it do?

King Kai restores a good portion of your BP, He is somewhat useful. Use him
when your low on BP.

Hoipoi Capsule - >6543897<
- What does it do?

The Hoipoi capsule falls down onto the field, if it hits somebody. The person's
stats will decrease. This is kinda dangerous to use, and can ruin you if your
trying to stall time to use more items.

Saiya-jin Armor - >9999955<
- What does it do?

The Sayia-jin armor increases your DP by an extreme or low amount. This is an
extremely useful item. And you should use it when you get the chance.

Crystal - >9999799<
- What does it do?

The Crystal increases your stats by a fair amount, somewhat useful... But i
prefer the Sensu Bean.

Sensu Bean - >3567795<
- What does it do?

The Sensu Bean recovers your HP,DP,BP back to it's original state, it does not
increase your stats whatsoever. It only recovers them. This is the most useful
item in a match your arent winning. Use frequently.

Genie Lamp - >1245893<
- What does it do?

The Genie Lamp takes away a fair portion of your HP, and your DP and BP
increase by a great amount. Only use this when you have plenty of HPs to spare.
Because it is a rather risky item.

Karin - >9763549<
- What does it do?

Just a weaker verison of the Sensu Bean, that's all.

Porunga - >3241567<
- What does it do?

I do not know what Porunga does, but i do believe if you enter all DragonBalls
and then use the Porunga card. You will get three wishes.

Shenron - >8907105<
- What does it do?

Increases your stats by a fair amount, Whoopty doo...

Bulma's Mom - >5623784<
- What does it do?

I believe it does something to the opponent, I havent seen any effects, though.

Kami - >8987465<
- What does it do?

Kami completely restores your HPs, Kami is somewhat useless compared to the
great Sensu Bean.

Roshi - >7523987<
- What does it do?

Roshi restores 50% of your HPs, Nothing compared to Kami or Sensu Bean...

Bulma - >8855661<
- What does it do?

Restores a fair amount of HP. Not really useful, I dont see the point in this

Dende - >7777777<
- What does it do?

Restores all your HPs, just like Kami.

Turtle - >2025053<
- What does it do?

I dont know how this item works yet, I recently discovered it. And I have yet
to find out the effects.

Puar - 2679874
- What does it do?


>Character Barcodes<

To play this game, you will need character barcodes. Once you enter the barcode
for that character, you will see his face. Along with his stats.

Gokuu - 0480128

HP - 66500
BP - 17000
DP - 35250

Info: Gokuu is the hero of Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball. He fought aganist
many opponents, and was the first to go SSJ, after the death of his friend,
Gokuu is pretty hefty in DP and HP. His BP seems a bit lacking, but it's
perfect for wiping out L2 and L1's. Tall character, decent jump.

A+B attack - Gokuu fires off a KI blast from his hands. While it's not really
eye-candy, it has it's purposes.

Bejita - 0097274

HP - 34500
BP - 48500
DP - 33250

Info: Bejita was one of the elite Sayia-jins of his race, until his planet was
destoryed. After that, he sought to find a new planet for the Sayiajin race. He
sent Radditsu to Earth, to kill everyone there. But Radditsu was killed by
Piccoro and Gokuu. Soon enough, Bejita and Nappa went to Earth. Which resulted
in Nappa and several of the Z fighters being killed. Bejita took on Gokuu, and
ended up losing. He tried to beat Gokuu using the Fake Moon technigue, which
lets a Sayia-jin with a tail, turn into an oozaru. However, Yajirob cut off
Bejita's tail. And Bejita was soon beaten after that, Gokuu however, let him
flee. Later on, Bejita helped Gohan and Kuririn on Namek. Bejita is the second
person to go SSJ.
Bejita has excellent stats all around. His HPs are a little lacking, but if
your perfect with him. It will not be a problem. Bejita is a excellent jumper,
and has a good size for fights.

A+B attack - He has none.

Piccoro - 0134854

HP - 31500
BP - 12500
DP - 11500

Info: Piccoro was born after his father, Piccoro Dai was killed. He sought to
kill Gokuu and take over the world, he trained for a several years. And finally
took on Gokuu in the 21st Tenkachi Budokai. He lost, and a couple of years
after that. He helped Gokuu beat Radditsu. And soon gave up on trying to beat
Piccoro is only good for L1 or L2 tournaments. He will be wiped out far too
fast in L3 tournaments. He is a tall character, and will be easy to hit. His
jumping ability is somewhat decent.

A+B attack - Simple KI blast.

Gohan - 6674823

HP - 29500
BP - 12750
DP - 13750

Info: Gohan is the son of Gokuu and Chi-Chi, he was kidnapped in his early
years by his uncle, Radditsu. Gokuu and Piccoro rescued him at the price of
Gokuu's life. Piccoro helped Gohan release his fighting spirit, and Gohan
became much stronger after that. His hidden power was awakened on Namek. And he
helped beat Furiza Form's 2 and 3, he was the 3rd person to go SSJ. And the
first to go SSJ2.
Gohan is pretty decent in stats, but will be killed easily in L3 tournaments.
He is a small character, with dark hair. And is pretty fast, decent jumping

A+B - Gohan fires off a KI blast.

Saibaman - 0085742

HP - 85500
BP - 23500
DP - 22750

Info: Saibaman is the fighter from the Sayia-jin Saga, he was planted by Nappa.
And fought Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Chao-Zu, Gohan, and Piccolo.
This Saibaman is perfect to use in L2 tournaments. And will not stand too much
of a bad chance in a L3 tournament.

A+B attack - Saibaman fires a shot from his head, this fires straight at the
opponent, and slowly falls while doing so.

Artifical Human 16 - 0084784

HP - 64500
BP - 20250
DP - 23750

Info: Artifical Human 16 was created by Dr.Gero, his task was to search out and
kill Gokuu. However, 16 refused to obey Gero's orders. And was deactivated,
until further release. Artifical Humans 17 and 18 released 16 after killing
This character can last for a while in a L2 tournament. Can easily sweep the L1
tournament. But he dosent stand a chance in L3 tournaments. Unless your
skilled. :)

A+B attack - 16 fires two double-KI shots from his hands. This attack is
powerful, and if people dont know about the second one coming. You'll be seeing
good damage done to the opponent.

Artifical Human 18 - 0018426

HP - 72500
BP - 36750
DP - 13250

Info: 18 is one of Dr. Gero's Artifical Humans, her tasks was to kill Gokuu and
the rest of the Z Fighters. However, she dis-obeyed Dr. Gero, and soon 18 and
17 killed Dr. Gero, and set off on their own.
This character has decent DP, good BP and HP. She can last for a long time in
L1, L2, L3 tournaments.

A+B attack - 18 fires off a super duper KI blast. :P

Form 2 Zarbon - 9812435

HP - 24500
BP - 17750
DP - 28250

Info: Zarbon was one of Furiza's men, in this game. He thinks he's a pretty
guy, and hates to go into his second form, which makes him, pretty damn ugly,
in this game, he is in his second form.
Zarbon has all around stats, but god-awful HP. He's slow and wide, which makes
him an easy target.

A+B attack - Zarbon fires off a huge KI blast. Which can deal more damage than
other KI blasts.


1. Bandai - For creating this game, without them, there would be an extreme
lack of Dragon Ball Z games, and... this game wouldnt exist!

2. Myself - For writing this FAQ, go me.

3. You - For reading this FAQ. :)

>Contact Info<

Are you wishing to send hate/comments/barcodes email to me, contact me at


Written by Eaichu250.