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            _____                _  _
           |  __ \              (_)| |                                    
           | |  | |  ___ __   __ _ | |                                    
           | |  | | / _ \\ \ / /| || |                                    
           | |__| ||  __/ \ V / | || |                                    
           |_____/  \___|  \_/  |_||_|                                    
           __          __           _      _                              
           \ \        / /          | |    | |                             
            \ \  /\  / /___   _ __ | |  __| |                             
             \ \/  \/ // _ \ | '__|| | / _` |                             
              \  /\  /| (_) || |   | || (_| |                             
               \/  \/  \___/ |_|   |_| \__,_|                             

Guide and Walkthrough V 1.00

An informative FAQ written by Frankomatic
Copyright 2004 Frankomatic

All Trademarks and Copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their 
respective Trademark and Copyright holders.

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                              Table of Contents

i.   Version History
I.   Introduction
II.  Controls
III. Characters and Enemies
IV.  Round Descriptions
    -Stage One
    -Stage Two
    -Bonus Stage
V.   Enemy Groups by Round
VI.  Future Additions
VII. Credits

                              i. Version History

1.00 First Public Release. (6/23/04)

                              I. Introduction

Frankomatic strikes back once again with another odd little game for you all to 
enjoy! Devil World, as best I can tell, only ever had a Japanese release way 
back in 1984. The game itself is somewhat of a mix between a rip-off and a 
reinvention of Pac-Man. Each round is split into two stages, and the rounds 
seem to go on until you die. Either that or I'm just not good enough to get to 
the actual end yet.

The most distinguishing feature of this game, however, has to be the blue, 
dancing Satan up at the top of the mazes. His dancing shows which way the 
screen will be scrolling, but it's also pretty funny to see. More on that when 
we get down to it, though. Let's get this thing moving!

                               II. Controls

The controls for this game are quite simple, but this is a required section 
since I don't know of an English release anywhere.

Directional Pad:    Move in the pressed direction.
A Button:           Shoot a Fireball if you have a Cross or Bible.
B Button:           Shoot a Fireball if you have a Cross or Bible.
Select Button:      Allows you to choose between One or Two Players.
Start Button:       Starts or Pauses the game.

                         III. Characters and Enemies

A list and description of the characters and enemies in this game. I'm not sure 
on the official names of any of these guys, so I've just invented my own. Here 
we go!

The Player: You are a little dinosaur that is attacking Devil World for... some 
reason that isn't really explained in game. You have the ability to spew forth 
bursts of holy fire, but only if you're powered up with a holy item. Actually, 
you look vaguely like Bub or Bob from Bubble Bobble, but that's a whole 
different subject.

Satan: Making a rare blue appearance, Satan happens to run Devil World. 
Fitting, isn't it? He doesn't do much to you directly other than dance around 
like a loony and point. When he points, the screen begins to move in that 
direction, which can lead to you getting crushed if you happen to be in a bad 
position at the time. He also shrinks and turns into a bat after the second 
stage of each round.

Cloaked Cyclops: These little one eyed monsters with purple cloaks have the 
distinction of being the most common enemy in the game. They do nothing other 
than run around the maze in an attempt to run into you. There are even two down 
outside the maze turning handles to make the maze scroll the way Satan wants! 
Blasting them with your holy rage will make them turn into what appears to be a 
fried egg(!). They cannot be crushed by the screen, instead reverting to a Dig-
Dug-ish ghost form to get back to safe ground.

Mini-Satan: A smaller version of the big blue guy at the top of the screen! 
Instead of dancing around, he makes like the Cloaked Cyclops and chases you 
around to try and directly kill you. He also has the distinction of being 
invulnerable to your Holy Halitosis, so just avoid him.

Red Devil: A red, one-eyed thing with devil horns. Much like the Cloaked 
Cyclops, his main purpose is to chase you around the maze and run into you. He 
can be destroyed by a shot of your Holy Breath, and the only real difference 
between him and the Cloaked Cyclops seems to be that he can track you better.

                            IV. Round Descriptions

Each round of the game is broken up into two stages followed by a bonus round. 
There are three distinct mazes that cycle around in order, but due to my lack 
of ASCII ability, I am unable to map them out for you. I will, however, 
describe the setup and object of each stage and the bonus round for you.

First off, some shared general things about the mazes. Each one has a bar going 
down each side of the screen, boxing you in and keeping a little distance 
between you and the edge of the screen. These are technically controlled by the 
Cloaked Cyclopses to make the maze scroll, but really they're just there for 
more difficulty.

Second, getting smashed by a bar or the bottom or top of the screen will kill 
you. So don't let that happen. Lastly, every now and then in any stage other 
than a bonus round, four ice cream cones will appear and circle around the edge 
of the screen. You can grab these for a point bonus if you're willing to risk a 
possible crushing. Now, on to the stages themselves!

Stage One
The important features of this stage in all rounds are the pellets scattered 
about the maze, as well as the crosses scatted about. The object here is to 
pick up all of the pellets, but in order to pick up the pellets you must be 
carrying a cross. In order to get a cross, you just need to walk over one of 
the icons on the floor. The icon won't disappear, but you'll get your cross. 
This allows you to breath Holy Flame as well as pick up the needed pellets.

The screen is boxed in just enough that you won't be able to get all the 
pellets until the screen scrolls up or down, and left or right a little 
distance, so one of the main things you need in this stage is patience. 
Occasionally Satan will seem to get stuck and keep pointing in one direction 
endlessly. All you can do here is wait for him to actually change the 
direction. The crosses also wear out and disappear after you've been carrying 
them for a few seconds, so you have to keep getting new ones.

Stage Two
In this stage, the most prominent feature is the flashing skull box in the 
middle. You'll notice that there are four holes in the box, one on each side. 
You'll also notice that there are four bibles in the corners of the screen. The 
object of this stage is to grab each bible and fill in the holes in the box 
with them.

The bibles stay in their corners of the screen despite the scroll, so don't 
worry about them going anywhere. This also can make it dangerous to grab them, 
because it's easy to get crushed in the corners. You can only carry one bible 
at a time, so it'll take four trips to finish the stage. The bibles won't wear 
out like the crosses did, and will allow you to fire off your Holy Breath of 
Death as well. If you die while carrying a bible, it'll stay where you were on 
the screen when you died.

When you fill in all of the holes, Satan will take up a frightened pose, shrink 
into a bat, and fly away. Congratulations, you've beaten Satan and his Disco 

Bonus Round
There are six boxes in this stage, one in each corner and two near the middle. 
Also, since Satan and his two Maze Turners are defeated, there are arrows on 
the ground. You have a time limit here, and the object is to grab as many boxes 
as you can before time runs out.

One of the boxes has an extra life in it, and the one chosen appears to be 
random. The rest have points in them. Walking over an arrow causes the screen 
to start moving in the direction the arrow was pointing, so you are in control 
of the scrolling of the maze for this stage. When time runs out, you are 
transported to stage one of the next round, featuring increased speed and more 
(or different) enemies.

                           VI. Enemy Groups by Round

Every stage of every round has its own set of baddies to deal with. In this 
section, I will list the enemy groups for each one.

Round One 
Stage One: 2 Cloaked Cyclops
Stage Two: 2 Cloaked Cyclops

Round Two & Three
Stage One: 2 Cloaked Cyclops
Stage Two: 1 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Mini-Satan

Round Four - Six
Stage One: 3 Cloaked Cyclops
Stage Two: 2 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Mini-Satan

Round Seven - Nine
Stage One: 2 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Red Devil
Stage Two: 1 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Red Devil, 1 Mini-Satan

Round Ten +
Stage One: 1 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Red Devil, 1 Mini-Satan
Stage Two: 1 Cloaked Cyclops, 1 Red Devil, 1 Mini-Satan

That's right, this set just keeps on repeating until you get bored or the game 
ends. The only thing that changes here is the speed.

                           VII. Future Additions

Well, I don't think there -are- any. This guide appears to be as complete as it 
can possibly get barring some maze maps, and those would be better off as 
actual images rather than ASCII drawings. I'll have to see what I can do about 

                              VIII. Credits

CJayC for running and maintaining GameFAQs.
Fealu_Bryne for being around when I need her.
My Masochism for getting me through round 13 to make sure that Ten set was the 
last one.
Nintendo for making this game... insane as it may be.

Dance like you've never danced before! See you next time, loyal readers.