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Nintendo Baseball FAQ

FAQ written:  7/28/99
FAQ version:  0.9
Written by:   Barbossa
Rarity:       Very Common

Update 0.9--Oh my gosh an update!  Another Tip added.  Many Thanks go out to 
Edwin Wisanto for his e-mail 

Update 0.8--Woo Hoo more info in tips section from JPJPCLPS@aol.com.  Many 
Thanks go out to him.

Update 0.7--Found the use for the B button. Well not really. A Wade Goldberg e-
mailed me the use so i'm thankful for his e-mail. This might be the last version 
of this FAQ unless more infomation comes in.



Start:    Pause
A Button: To bat
B Button: Steals Bases


Start:     Pause
A Button:  Pitch
Fastball:  Down+A
Slowball:  Up+A


--Since game doesn't keep the batting order you'll have to keep it yourself.

--You'll big batters are usually 3, 4, or 5 in the order.

--For batting you can hold the B button down while you hit
the ball. You'll hit it very far and very high, a good chance for getting a
home run 

--Hit right/left while the ball is in the air to curve the ball accordingly. You 
can even curve the ball right AND left in one throw. 


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