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                                 DRAGON BUSTER
                                    A I e x
                                July 12th, 2006

Table of Contents

1. Controls
2. The Basics
3. Items
4. Enemies & Bosses
5. Codes
6. Credits & Legal

1. Controls

Attack [B Button]
Jump [A Button]
Doule Jump [Double tap A Button]
Thrust Attack [Jump and press down + A]
Downward Stab [Double Jump and press down + A]
Use Item [Press A while holding down]
Run [Tap opposite direction of movement]
Pause [Start]

2. The Basics

Every stage is designed in a similar fashion.  You begin at one end of the map 
and your goal is to make it to the dungeon on the other end which contains the 
Dragon.  Between you and your goal are a number of different types of locales.  
They include one castle-type, tower-type, mountain-type and cave-type.  With 
the exception of the colour palette, most of these areas are basically the 
same.  The few differences included a change of minor enemy types and 
occurrence frequency of the minibosses.

In each level you will encounter (randomly) four types of minibosses.  These 
are described in the "Enemies & Bosses" section.  One of these minibosses 
hides the exit for that particular stage.  In order to find the exit within 
each stage, the player must battle through these minibosses until one of them 
spawns the exit door after it dies.

Each miniboss will drop some kind of item (described in the items section of 
the guide).  These items can be used not only in battle, but often have 
passive uses on the map as well.  To use an item simply press the A button 
while holding down on the D-Pad.

Be aware that some levels will loop forever and you must be aware when you're 
moving through repetitious terrain.  Most of the time it's obviously and 
especially so if you walk through a seemingly new area that should have a 
miniboss, but doesn't.

Basically the most effective way to play thorough this game is to use the 
thrust repeatedly.  Do a single jump and press down and A to perform a stab 
attack much more powerful than your regular strike.

3. Items

You will be awarded with an item every time you defeat one of the minibosses.  
These range from common and weak to rare and powerful.  The use for each of 
these items is described below:

Scroll - Shoots a single fireball

Magic Staff - Shoots a basic projectile

Lantern - Summons multiple pillars of fire 

Skull Necklace - Freezes enemies in time allowing player to attack freely

Goblet - Damages all enemies on the screen at once

Blue Potion - Restores Vitality

Axe - Used to clear one forested area on the map

Key - Used to open one locked gate on the map

Jewel - Awards experience points

4. Enemies & Bosses

Very few of the basic enemies in this game have any noteworthy quirks about 
them.  The majority can be defeated with a single sword swing.  One exception 
is the zombie (not the large one) which cannot be killed using physical 
attacks.  Some kind of magic (a fireball for example) is necessary in order to 
eliminate them.  

The "Cave Shark" as it it is known is a light blue coloured enemy which only 
appears if you stand in one place for too long, or just generally take too 
long to do anything.  It will attach itself to the hero and drain his 
Vitality.  You can detach this monster by striking it repeatedly until it 

The Bishop

The robed enemy holding a staff.  He will shoot a projectile out at you on 
occasion.  The way he holds his weapon makes it difficult to get close.  Use 
the downward stab attack to defeat this enemy.

The Wizard

Knives float around the ceiling and swing down to strike you.  His attack is 
similar to the Bishop's, but his defenses are weaker.  Just run in stabbing 
and you'll do fine.

The Fafnil

A fire-breathing dinosaur is the third type of enemy you will encounter.  
Getting close without being burned to a crisp is difficult.  Again, use the 
double jump and the downward stab to eliminate this foe.  

The Skeleton

Swings a sword and does little else.  Your best bet is to attack in kind.  Go 
in swinging and using the thirst attack for an easy win.


This enemy is the final boss of every single stage.  He very rarely changes, 
though as you progress through the game it will take more hits to defeat him, 
and his fire breath will stay on the ground longer (and spew further).  
Getting under his head while attacking, and moving away from him while dodging 
are necessities in order to ensure victory.

5. Codes

Enter code: Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, A, B, Start (on the title screen)

The first thing you will notice is that the world have transformed fro ma 
verdent green to a bloody red.  Enemies are now more difficult and more 
powerful.  You also don't gain more power and Vitality with experience.  The 
code makes the game virtually impossible, but does unlock a different ending.

6. Credits & Legal

This guide is copyright (c) 2006 - 2007 A I e x

Credit to Pluvius for the increased difficult code.

It is written specifically to be used on GameFAQs.com