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* |_  __   .  .  .''.  '|_ _| |_ _| .  _._  .\   /      |_  __   .          *
*   | | \   ..  .   .  . |  |  | | .  |  |  . | |        |  | \  .          *
*   | |  |  ||  |   |  | |   \ | | |  |  |  | | |        |  |  | |          *
*   | |  |  ||  |   |  | |  _ \| | |  |  |  | | |        |  |  | |          *
*   | |  |  ||  |   |  | | | \   | |   ''   | | |   ____ |  |  | |          *
*   | | .'  ||  |   |  | | |  \  | |  .--.  | | |   \  | |  | .' |          *
*  _| '-    ..   .__.  ._| |_ |  |_|  |__|  | |  |__/  |_|  '    /          *
*  |    __-'  .      .  |   | |   ||   ||   |/         ||     _.'           *
*  ----'        '---'   -----  ---  ---  ---- ---------- ---''              *
*                                                                           *
*                              -----         .---.   ----  ---- ---.        *
*                              |   |        /     \ |    | |  ||      ' .   *
*                               \ /        |  .-.  |'.  \' '..''.  ..   |   *
*                               | |        |  | |  |  |  \  ||  |  |  \  |  *
*                               | |        |  | |  |  |   \ ||  |  |   | |  *
*                               | |        |  '-'  |  | ._ \||  |  |   | |  *
*                               | |  ----  |  .-.  |  | | \  |  |  |   | |  * 
*                               | |   | |  | |  |  |  | |  | |  |  |.'   .  *
*                              .'  '''  | |   ||    ||   | |  ||        /   *
*                              |_________ |___||____||___| |__||___..--'    *
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Version 1.0 (02/15/2008)

Version History:
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (02/15/2008)

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Game by Data East... for McDonald's...

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type DL1)

DL1: Intro
DL2: Gameplay
     DL2.1: Basics
     DL2.2: Advanced Techniques
     DL2.3: Items
     DL2.4: Shop and Matching Game
DL3: Walkthrough
     DL3.1: Stage 1: Home Town World
     DL3.2: Stage 2: Lake Side World
     DL3.3: Stage 3: Forest World
     DL3.4: Stage 4: Sky World
     DL3.5: Stage 5: Oasis World
     DL3.6: Stage 6: Cave World
     DL3.7: Stage 7: Pond World
     DL3.8: Stage 8: Harbor World
     DL3.9: Stage 9: Ocean World
     DL3.10: Stage 10: Ghost Town World
     DL3.11: Stage 11: Dark Forest World
     DL3.12: Stage 12: Castle World
DL4: Enemies
DL5: Credits

Donald Land is rated "S" for "Smile." It contains scenes of anthropomorphic
hamburgers and clowns with bombs. Player discretion is advised.

|                                DL1: Intro                                  |

It's typical that people will take issue with games designed to sell other
product, such as a toy line, movie, restaurant food, whatever. Hey, even M.C.
Kids gets a hard time and that's actually a fairly well designed title. If you
can look beyond the obvious corporate motivation, you may be surprised to find
that some of these games aren't altogether terrible.

Donald Land is a Japanese NES game focusing on the McDOnaldland crew of
characters - Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook, Grimace, and so on. Now, the Golden
Arches have their share of flaws, but that shouldn't stop you from approaching
a game like Donald Land with an open mind. It's actually pretty typical NES
fare, and that's not a bad thing by any stretch.

You'll take the reigns of Ronald McDonald as you rescue your McDonaldland
friends. Ronald will take on evil dragons, woodpeckers, ghosts and so on with
his masterful use of apple bombs. Wait... what? Yeah, the game's very liberal
with the license.

|                              DL2: Gameplay                                 |

Donald land is very much standard NES platforming, except for a few key
elements that do give it its own flavour.

                             ---DL2.1: Basics---

The premise of Donald Land is quite simple. You can jump and toss bombs. Bombs
can be tossed at enemies to defeat them, and you can actually stand on top of
many of the enemies.

Each level is timed, and you must reach the end before the time runs out. At
the end of each level there is a boss enemy that you must dispatch. Once the
boss is destroyed, the stage ends and your points are tallied.

A: Bomb
B: Jump
Start: Pause
Control Pad: Move

Simple, right? Donald Land is much like many of the other platformers on the
NES. Ronald has a life meter that can go up to 5 bars. When the bars are
depleted he will lose a life. Ronald will also lose a life if he falls into a
bottomless pit.

Momentum plays a big role in this game, as I will describe below in Advanced
Techniques. The influence other objects have on Ronald will either help or
hinder his chances of finishing the level. This is important to note.

Throughout each level, Ronald will also encounter various items. These are,
again, described below. The final section here will describe the shop at the
end of each level, where Ronald can gamble for or buy items.

                       ---DL2.2: Advanced Techniques---

*Boosted Jump:

If you need a slight boost on your jump, try jumping while runnings and
throwing a bomb. The extra momentum of the bomb will give Ronald a slight
boost on his jump.

*Bomb Jump:

The bomb jump is the most important technique Ronald can master, and I really
do suggest you learn it early. While there is normally an alternate route to
reach your location, this technique gives you a major boost.

Toss a bomb into the air while holding up. Just after you throw it, jump along
a similar, though wider, path. You should land on the bomb as it peaks or just
after it peaks. You will technically be standing on the bomb in midair.

Now, jump as soon as your fet touch the bomb. This will send you soaring high
into the air.

This is not an extremely difficult technique, though it might require some
practice to get the timing extremely accurate. Once you do, most other problems
are moot.

*Bomb Control:

Okay, so this one isn't really an advanced technique, it's just a description
of the properties bombs have in this games and how to control them.

*If you hold down when you jump and throw a bomb, it will arc down.

*If you hold down when you're on the ground and throw a bomb, you will place
 it directly in front of you. This is useful for taking out enemies that track
 Ronald and stay on the same level as him.

*Furthermore, if you try the above while overlooking a ledge, Ronald will arc
 the bomb down as if he were jumping.

*If you hold up while tossing a bomb, the trajectory is controlled and short.

*If you walk forward while throwing a bomb, your momentum carries it in a
 longer trajectory.

*If your bomb lands directly on an enemy, it will stick to the enemy. This is
 often a guaranteed hit. You should normally try to do it this way.

*Most enemy projectiles can be blown up - this also means your bombs can stick
 to these projectiles. Ergo, you may be blocked by an enemy.

*A bomb will get stuck in the ceiling if it goes too far up. This renders some
 attacking futile at this height. It also makes bomb jumping at this height

*Standing on Objects:

Again, not exactly a thrilling technique, but it's important nonetheless. For
many bad guys and attacks, you can stand on top of them. Observe.

  +-  Top = Safe  -+
  |                |
 Side             Side

  =    (Enemy)     =

 Ouch             Ouch
  |                |
  +-Bottom = Ouch -+

See, if an enemy touches you from the side, or if you bump into one from below
you will get damaged. If you jump straight on top of them, however, you should
be able to ride them.

So whoc ares? By ridinge enemies you can add their momentum to yours, you can
use them as platforms, or you can use them for extra height.

And again - some projectiles can be ridden. Some may even be used as a fast
way of traversing a stage - ala Birdo's egg in SMB2.

*Using Momentum and Inertia:

I've hinted at it thus far, and it's a really easy concept. The way Donald Land
is designed allows you to exploit the momentum of other objects to your own

An object in motion tends to remain in motion, yes? The same is true here. The
velocity of an objectseems to be transferred -at least in part- to Ronald. This
extremely useful, but also extremely dangerous.

How about a diagram?

                                 O ------<I'VE PUT A SMILE ON!!!>
     ...------''''''''''        / \
 (.\/.)  -->
  |  \   -->
+------------+                   +----------------
             |                   |

Scenerio 1: Ronald jumps in the same direction the enemy is moving, he jumps
            the pit with relative ease.

     ...---'''''     ''..
 (.\/.)  <--             '.
  /  |   <--               .
+------------+                   +----------------
             |             O     |
                          / \  -----<I HAVEN'T HAD A BREAK ALL DAAAAAAAAYYY!!>

Scerio 2: Ronald falls to a greasy death because he jumped the opposite
          direction of the enemy's movement.

Ok, so it's not always this pronounced, but it definitely plays a part. It's
kind of like Ronald + Object = 1 mass. This mass is larger than Ronald alone.
This mass has a larger momentum than Ronald travelling at the same velocity.

So it's kind of like when Ronald leaves this mass, it increases the velocity
to provide the same momentum to Ronald as he did when he was a mass with the
creature on the ground OR Ronald keeps the initial velocity and adds his own
to his jumping velocity.

I don't know how it truly works, but it does. So you can eaily overshoot or
undershoot something based on what Ronald is standing on top of. The enemy, by
the way, does not change in velocity. It must be locked while Ronald can
accelerate. Neat.

Of course, I believe enemies in general give ronald a slight boost to height.
Our example from before also applies to objects moving up and down. If it is
moving down when Ronal jumps, he probably won't go as far as if it were

                             ---DL2.3: Items---

Items in this game are plentiful, though most are used for currency to use in
the after-level shops. All items you find in the game are in the form of icons.

Bomb: I'm not 100% sure here, but I would imagine bombs increase the potency of
      Ronald's apple bombs.

Hamburger: Ronald cans tore up to 99 Hamburge icons at once. These are currency
           that can be used to buy items int he after level shop. The unit of
           currency is "Mc."

Heart: Restores one of Ronald's health pellets.

Invincibility: Very brief invincibility. It kind of looks like a Mushrrom or a
               Helmet? EIther way, Ronald can still be tripped up - just not
               harmed while he is invincible.

Ronald Face: This provides Ronald with a 1-Up. An extra Ronald.

                     ---DL2.4: Shop and Matching Game---

The shop occurs after each stage, where Ronald can spend many MC to get items
or to play a largely useless matching game.

The matching game costs 85Mc to play. You have to buy every item in the first
shop. 20+20+15+15+15=85Mc. You have multiple chances to play.

+--+  +--+  +--+
|  |  |  |  |  |
|  |  |  |  |  |
+--+  +--+  +--+

+--+  +--+  +--+
|  |  |  |  |  |
|  |  |  |  |  |
+--+  +--+  +--+

There are six cards in the matching game. Three of these cards have Ronalds
face and three have Hamburglar's face. So it could be like this:

+--+  +--+  +--+  Rnld = Ronald
|Ha|  |Rn|  |Ha|
|mb|  |ld|  |mb|  Hamb = Hamburglar
+--+  +--+  +--+

+--+  +--+  +--+
|Ha|  |Rn|  |Rn|
|mb|  |ld|  |ld|
+--+  +--+  +--+

Or ANY permuattion therein, as long as it includes three Ronalds and three

Don't be fooled either - if you fail one game, it MIGHT be the same positions
but it more likely will change the set up.

The prizes are as follows:

(Ronald) + (Ronald) + (Ronald) = One free Ronald.

(Ronald) + (Ronald) + (Hamburglar) = One free heart item.

(Ronald) + (Hamburglar) + ( X ) = One free bomb icon.

(Hamburglar) + ( X ) + ( X ) = Nothing.

So yeah, once you get Hamburglar it ends the matching game and dispenses the
applicable prize.

The store fares better, with Free Ronalds for 40Mc, Hearts for 20Mc and bomb
It would be a better use of the Mc to just buy two free Ronalds and skip the
chance game altogether.

|                             DL3: Walkthrough                               |

Donald Land take splace over 12 stages of differing length. Each one has a
specific theme, and often its own cast of enemies. They are largely the same.
however, except for three select worlds. But you'll discover that soon enough.

                        DL3.1: Stage 1: Home Town World

Mayor McCheese wishes you luck at the start of the level. Oh yeah, you
contemptuous slab of beef? I'll be back to usurp you in a few, ciao babe.

Start moving to the right. Grab the bomb icon and stand near the boxes. Jump
onto the first box and let the nemy pop out. Once it's fully revealed, jump on
top of it and stand on the rightmost box.

Toss bombs at the gangster pacing back and forth on the ground. His dynamite
can carry your bombs and deal damage to Ronald so toss a few bombs and keep
your distance. Make sure to grab the hamburger icons.

At the next stack of boxes, jump onto the lower stack, then onto the nearby
tree Drop off to the right to activate the box enemy then climb back up onto
the tree. Jump past the box enemy at this point and continue to the right.

Take the hamburger icons then provoke the pumpkin to jump out of the box. When
he disappears, proceed a little tot he right and bomb the gangster. Take the
Ronald Icon and grab the burgers to the right. There are two pumpkins in the
boxes to the right. Make sure you provoke them to pop out before continuing.

Bomb the gangster when you see it and grab the bomb icon. On top of the pyramid
of boxes there is another of the springy box enemies. Let it pop out and then
skip on past it. There is a pumpkin in the next stack. Let it vanish then
continue to the right grabbing the burgers.

Continue right collecting burgers until you see the birds. These slow white
birds can be used as platforms though you don't want to jump into them from the
side. Instead jump on top of the lower bird, then jump to the higher. It will
fly underneath the bomb and heart, jump and grab them when it does.


A woodpecker. He will peck the tree and then large white balls (fruit of some
kind) will drop. There are three of them, they bounce, and can come back from
offscreen. You can jump on these, but they will harm you from all other

It's best to circumvent their arrival altogether though it can be difficult to
do so. Toss a bomb straight up (or the closest approximation thereof) onto the
woodpecker so that it sticks. When the bomb explodes, it should perish.

Otherwise, dodge the attack then try again.

                        DL3.2: Stage 2: Lake Side World

That Ronald Icon seems out of reach, yes? We're going to have to do a bomb jump
to reach it. Now, this is explained in depth in the controls section, but what
you basically should do is move a little to the right of the tree. Turn, face
the tree and hold up to throw a bomb. A very short time later, Ronald should
jump along a similar path with just a little more horizontal velocity. When he
lands on top of the bomb in midair, jump again and he should get enough of a
boost to reach the item. This takes a while to get used to the timing, but once
you get it down, no problem.

At any rate, approach the water to the right. A lizard (doesn't look amphibian)
will pop out. Lay a bomb in his path, stand back, and let him get destroyed.
Now, jump and grab the bomb icon over the water.

Jump on the first face tree to the right to reveal a heart icon. Grab it then
jump on the next. It reveals some burgers. Jump up to the normal tree to the
right. Ride the slow white bird to the right and jump as far as you can to the
right. The bridge falls as you walk along it so keep jumping.

To the right is a woodpecker, yes just like stage 1. Skip or kill the first one
then ride the second one up. Jump right over the water and you should be able
to grab most of the burgers as long as you jump from on top of the woodpecker.

Jump onto the next face tree and grab the bomb icon. Jump to the next for a few
hamburgers. There is a crying enemy tot he right. You can ride its tears to
get a boost to the next trees but it is not necessary. the ship in the
gackground will launch a few shells. Jump on the geysers these make when they
hit the water to make it across the lake.

Toss bombs at the fish jumping back and forth to the right. One should land on
it and this should defeat it. Don't proceed right away until there is no fish
jumping, there may be a return.

Pass the face trees (the third reveals a heart) while defeating the woodpeckers
as you head right. You eventually come to a slow white bird over a falling
bridge. It's there as a safety net I guess, but you can just keep hopping right
and over it and it shouldn't matter.

Another face tree with heart awaits to the right, as well as a woodpecker.
There are three hamburgers in a tree. Use the bomb jump to reach them.

Take short hops across falling bridge, and use the birds if their position is
convenient. Otherwise. just skip them. There's another boat to the right, again
you will have to ride the geysers the shells make when they land in the water.

You will have to ride the giant fish to the right in order to reach the next
shore. Grab the bomb icon. Use the fish again to cross to the next shore. The
crying enemy shows the position of the next boss.


A red lizard. Jump to the right of the crying enemy and toss bombs at him. From
your position, the tears should travel over you and the lizard should not be
able to reach you.

The elevated position just under door is the ideal spot, as long as the tears
go over you.

Now, the lizard moves back and forth and jumps, so he is best taken out from
your position. It takes a few bombs to kill him, but only take the risk of
approaching him if you're worried about the time.

                          DL3.3: Stage 3: Forest World

While the level looks like it could be vertically scrolling, don't be fooled.
The abyss still equals loss here.

You will need to make a very small leap to reach that bomb icon, probably with
the apex near the upper branch on the left side of the tree. If you feel this
is too truncated, you may have to conversely approach it form the right.

Bombs seem to get stuck in the ceiling of this stage, so you will have to kill
the caterpillar from below. Jump and toss fromt he lower branch and it should
land beside him and take it out. Trying to jump right while the caterpillar
lives is dangerous, because if you bop it with your head, it's damage for our
brave hero Ronald.

Skip the next caterpillar and stick to the upper path. Drop down and right to
collect the naburgers aligned vertically, then jump back tot he left to grab
the heart icon. Toss a bomb up from below at the next caterpillar, then climb
on up to its perch.

Get the three hamburgers as you head right. Just jump on the spider in midair
and continue right. The campfire is a non-issue. It seems you can't interact
with it. There is a spearman to the right though, toss some bombs at him then
proceed when he drops.

Ride the butterfly across the gap, and collect the hamburgers here before you
continue. Defat the spearman before jumping down to the long line of burgers.
The rock tosser to the right seems very similar though he can't get you from up
there. Bomb him from below and proceed to the right.

Skip the next caterpillar and butterfly while collecting the bomb icon. At the
next caterpillar, wait for it to move right then make a short hop down and to
the right. Hop left now for the heart. Bomb the caterpillar from below, then
proceed right.

Defeat the Rock Tosser and head right. Ride the butterfly up and get to the
upper right branch of this next tree. Drop to the ground and bomb the spearman
who is above you now. Grab the heart before proceeding. You have to jump out
then swerve back in. More trouble than it's worth if you have a close to full
life bar.

Stick tot he high path now. Where there is an opening above the spearman down
below, aim the bombs down and toss em'. This should quickly dispatch your foe.
Stick to the high path and get the bomb icon.

Bomb the spearman, and take the high path forward. Use the spider as a
platform. Two spearmen await after the campfire. take them out, then dispatch
the caterpillar.

Drop down after the next fire and grab a Ronald Icon. Bomb the caterpillar
from below, jump to the trunk to the right, then up to the caterpillar's branch
so that we can proceed.

Drop down past the butterfly to get the next heart. You will have to bomb jump
to reach the next branch to the right. I've tried it just with a normal jump
but I usually fall short.

Launcha  ball down at the next spearman, then kill the caterpillar when you
jump down. Ride the next spearman and jump up to get the bomb icon.


A large wooden machine stands in front of you. Jump and toss a bomb at the
spearman as the music changes. He should get defeated.

When the machine launches a stream of fire, jump over it. You can leap over it
while holding a direction if possible, as this fire kills Ronald instantly.

To damage it we will have to hit it in the eye. Now, either jump and toss bombs
at the eye, where you get a chance to jump everytime it blows fire, or bomb
jump up on top of its head. While up there, rapidly lay bombs until it stops
spitting fire.

Once it stops, climb inside its mouth.

                            DL3.4: Stage 4: Sky World

Sky World is controlled differently from the other stages, it forces Ronald to
fly. Now, you can fly by holding up on the control pad. This is slower than
falling, but it's necessary to reach the end of this stage. If you toss a bomb
Down, Ronald will move down a bit too, so beware of enemies flying close to
Ronald's feet.

Land on the tower tot he right and grab the bomb icon. From there, fly off to
the right and start collecting hamburger tokens. Fly up when you see the
balloon monster and toss a bomb down onto his head. Continue to collect
burgers as you fly right.

There's a few more balloons to the right though a bigger threat is found in the
angels that appear. They slowly fly towards Ronald, so bomb them from afar. If
they both meet up you can bomb them in one shot. Continue to the right.

You'll face two siungular angels before coming to a beanstalk in the
background. Now these angels are best taken out from below. Get down, lob a
bomb up and it should stick to one of them, retreat a little and it should
explode before the angel reaches you. Nice.

Now, after the beanstalks there is a clown tossing fireballs. Get down and lob
a bomb up to meet him. When you land on his tower, angels are best taken out by
laying a bomb directly on the tower as they're about to arrive. this should
take out the pair of angels, the first singular one should be taken out from
below as before.

Grab the odd icon that looks something like a mushroom and Ronald will be
invincible for a short time. He will still register hits, his life just won't
decrease. So, head right while flashing to observe an arrow angel. They rapidly
fire arrows. Fly above it and toss a bomb down on to of it to kill it. Do the
same to the next arrow angel to the right - you probably won't have the luxury
of invincibility though.

The beanstalks are very large now. There are two angels to the right, they are
far enough apart that it's unwise to try and get both at once. Stick to the top
and drop below an angel and bomb it, rinse and repeat.

Toss a bomb at the red and blue enemies as they form together. Otherwise, they
will become a large spark creature which fires sparks. So, the bomb should land
on the big spark and kill it before it causes any trouble.

Land on the next tower, and grab the bomb icon. Stay low after this tower and
toss a bomb up at the bomb arrow angel. You may want to take out the next one
from above. Landing on the next tower, you see a fireball clown. Drop down and
bomb when there's a break in his attacks.

Grab the heart icon and next bomb icon. There is a balloon near the bottom of
the screen which you cna ignore while we head into the Castle, but the next
Spark should definitely be eliminated. There is another spark just ahead,
destroy it from above.

Now, there is a bomb icon just above that fire. Grab it, and prepare to face
the boss.


This large dragon serves as the boss of Sky World. It's not terribly hard,
though you have to subscribe to more of a pattern than some previous bosses.
Also, your control scheme reverts to the normal Donald Land control scheme.

Once you land on the ground, the battle starts. The wholly visible eye is the
dragon's weak spot. If you jump and lob a bomb above the eye, it should make an
audible sound signifying pain.

Essentially, the dragon launches fireballs across the ground whenever he opens
his mouth, and every third or so has a second one following shortly after. You
can bomb these fireballs (lay a bomb straight onto the ground) but it's bets to
simply jump over most.

That is, of course, unless you see two fireballs close together. In this
instance you should bomb the first and jump the second.

So it's a simple matter of jump, lob, jump lob. the dragon is soon defeated.

                          DL3.5: Stage 5: Oasis World

Oasis World. Let's move to the right. A cloaked figure who tosses bombs? Real
subtle, McDonald's. Well, I guess we should get beyond the dubious nature of
this enemy and just return fire. He's just like the gangsters from stage 1.
Toss a bomb from afar then pass on by.

Grab the hamburger icons, bomb the next cloaked bomber and then grab the next
bomb icon. Move right and toss some bombs as you go to try and attempt to
defeat the next cloaked figure. Jump across the pit that comes up and grab the
Ronald icon at the same time.

Wait for the small purple ghost to jump into the hole before jumping across.
The bird here flies back and forth, dropping ghosts. When it flies toward you,
land a bomb straight onto its beak. Jump across the next pit and grab the heart

Leap across the next pit - that cloaked bomber is usually just a bit out of
range. Just run up and lay a bomb right next to him. Keep going forward and
grab the hamburgers. To the right there is an odd... tomato enemy that rolls
out circular projectiles after Ronald. Bomb it from afar (but not too far, you
can get fairly close).

Bomb the cloaked bomber to the right, grab the hamburger icons, and jump across
the pit while grabbing the bomb icon. Bomb the bird from afar - the ghosts it
releases will be either really easy to dodge or will disappear before reaching

Bomb the next bomber, grab the burgers and jump across the pit. Toss bombs at
the bird across the next pit, then jump across while grabbing the hamburgers.
Defeat the cloaked bomber across the next pit and jump across. If another
cloaked bomber arrives, drop a bomb on the ground to defeat it.

There's another tomato plant to the right. Toss a bomb and kill it, then grab
the bomb icon that was resting over it. Grab the heart to the right. Stay near
the stairs and kill the bird before proceeding much more to the right. Kill the
cloaked bomber to the right, then approach the building just ahead.


A skeletal snake. Each of his five rib bones will cause you damage if they
touch you, and then they disappear. This means touching all of them will be a
near fatal experience. He has enough ribs that it will be difficult for you to
avoid damage altogether in this stage.

Besides hitting you with his ribs, he also drops ribs from the skull. So you
can only pass him after he drops one. This makes it a very busy battle.

You have to toss bombs at the skull and attempt to land them there. This can
be difficult, but keep it up and it will go down. Esessentially, walk under the
snake as it and after it drops a rib.

The snake does have a pattern though. It goes up and down as it goes left, then
heads up and right when it reaches the end. The next time it passes low it goes
left and down to the right. The best way to avoid this is either stay beneath
it when it starts to come down or jump on the skull when it gets to the far
right, jump left when it's taken you up a little bit.

Once you have the pattern down, it's much easier. However, it will still be
hard to avoid damage altogether so don't sweat the technique.

You'll rescue the fry guys when you've beaten him.

                          DL3.6: Stage 6: Cave World

                                   -Cave 1-

Jump across the few pits top to the right and grab the hamburgers. Jump to the
dropping platform when it is near the top of the next platform. Jump up and
grab the bomb icon, then continue to the right.

Jump to the next platform that's dropping when it is below your max jump height
and continue to jump onto the next small dropping platform to the right. Keep
on running right. The next set of dropping platforms like this will have height
as an absolute requirement. If you don't have enough height to make it to the
next ledge, attempt a bomb jump or retreat and try again. Grab the hamburgers
on top of the ledge.

There are two spiders/pupae from World 3 just ahead. Bomb them, the continue
along to grab the bomb icon. Us ethe next such pupa to make it across a pit.
Jump on top of him, then continue along to the right. Jump tot he right onto
the blue spider, which will shortly drop. Before it does, jump right next to
the skeleton. Bomb it.

Bomb the next skeleton. Now, these skeletons toss their skulls. They can be
ridden, though for the most part we're going to be destroying the skeletons.
Prompt it to toss the skull, then destroy it before it can regenerate the

The next skeleton will have to be braved up close. This is because the bombs
you lob from up here will get stuck in the ceiling. Instead, let it toss its
head, then jump down and plant a bomb next to it. There are dropping platforms
to the right. Pass them, defeat the skeleton. Unless you can somehow ride here
on a skull, you will need to bomb jump to reach any of the items. When you're
ready, enter that clown's mouth.

                                 -Ice Cave-

This takes you to an ice cave. Be careful, Ronald can no longer stop on a dime.
He will slide a bit instead. There are some penguins to the right. Bomb them,
grab the hamburgers, and move on.

Jump across the gap, grab the items and look out for the man to the right. He
kicks ice blocks at you - dodge these and return fire before passing. When you
have dispatched him, jump right and continue along.

The next penguin is easily dispatched. Jump across the gaps to find another ice
block man. Due tot he perilous footing here, it's easiest to wait for him to
launch an ice block, jump over on top of him, and lay a bomb directly on top of

Enter the clown's mouth.


Grimace pleads for help from behind a barred door. Don't go too far to the
right, but just enough to cause Evil Grimace to walk onscreen. Evil Grimace is
quite a bit easier than the previous boss.

Basically, he walks back and forth, taking the periodical hop and flinging
small red jumping ghosts. These ghosts can be avoided by either bombing them,
or leaping over them as they take increasingly smaller hops.

Evil Gramce can be jumped over after he hops and you can either create some
distance and toss some bombs from afar, or lay bombs directly in his path - I
find this to be a much more fficient method even though you're at greater risk.

You have options, however, and that's the point. If he does manage to knock
some stamina out of Ronald, just fall back to distance attacking.

                          DL3.7: Stage 7: Pond World

Head to the the right jumping over the ponds and alligators. These gators are
completely friendly, except that they submerge. This makes their usefulness as
a platform only temporary - so mark their behaviour. Their googly eyes provide
a truly vacant expression though, kind of like a crocostimpy.

There's a few hamburgers to the right. Now, there is a red guy hidden in the
ground, head forward until he jumps out. This slimey dude looks like Blinky
from Pac-Man. Lay a bomb on the ground, then collect on those hamburgers when
the red slime is destroyed.

Let the Crocostimpy submerge and then jump on him after he raises again. When
he moves right, jump to the right. The extra momentum will easily land you on
the platform, just don't go too far.

Jump to the right, activate the slime and jump back left. Bomb it, continue
right and use the crocostimpy to cross right after he comes back up. Drop bombs
on the next two red slimes as they emerge. Run over to where they are in the
ground, lay a bomb, then run away. Grab the hamburgers and continue right.

Jump on top of the sleeping enemy and you will get a superior boost to your
jumps. Leap on top of the next tree, drop bombs onto the red slime. Drop down
and grab the heart.

Jumping on the next tree activates some hamburgers to the right. When you reach
the cat, don't toss bombs. You can't kill it and the platform can be killed.
Jump on top of the platform - if you touch it otherwise it will disappear and
you will need to bomb jump to the right. Leap off to the right before it
carries you into the cat.

Bomb the troll to the right, then leap across the water. Now, let the giant
gator submerge then make it to the right. You will either need to pick up some
steam jumping up and down on that sleeper for a bit. Though I find you often
slip to your detah this way. It's much more dangerous, but a bomb jump will
make the jump more cleanly.

You can destroy most of the Sleepers to the right, except the last one. Use it
to jump to the next face tree. Toss bombs down at the Red Slime, then leap to
the next sleeper. Drop down to the right, jump over to the yellow platform and
jump right before you hit the cat. There is another such setup to the right.
Pass the cat and kill the troll to the right.

Wait until the crocostimpy raises up, use him to cross the gap here. Toss some
bombs at the troll. Just make your way across the trees and sleepers now. Kill
the trolls, but the red slimes aren't totally necessary.

To cross the gap after the sleeper, you will need to jump on to it from the
left and jump to the right, giving you enough momentum to make it. Otherwise,
you will need to bomb jump. Bomb the next sleeper, then jump to the right and
grab the bomb icon and heart.

There's a sleeper at the end of the trees. There's also a giant crocodile. Let
it submerge, then jumpa  few times on the sleeper. When you are about to jump
right, start tossing bombs and hold right - this should give you enough
momentum to make it.


A giant tomato plant. This guy is pretty manageable. The vine will fire bullets
when it is extended, and these rarely go very far to the left. Stay near the
left and jump over any that draw near. When the vine receeds, run in and toss
some bombs at the vine's mouth. It'll go down in no time.

Really, that's all there is to it.

                          DL3.8: Stage 8: Harbor World

Pretty keen graphics actually. Let's start by approaching that stack of boxes
to the right. Fromt he top, attack the bomb pirate below. He is just like the
gangsters of stage 1. He moves back and forth lobbing bombs. Jump down and grab
the bomb icon.

You can either do a running leap at the heart icon while crossing the gap or
you can jump on the giant red fish as it jumps right to get a boost. The fish
is actually safer - the gap is just long enough that Ronald needs to max his
jump if he doesn't want to fall short.

Use the sleeping cat up ahead as a booster for your jump. They act just like
the enemies from the Pond, greatly increasing jump height. When you land on the
other side of the crates, bomb the pirate and grab the hamburgers.

Toss apple bombs at the fish to the far right underneath the seagull. When the
fish is dead, jump across the gap and pass this first horizontally moving gull.
Jump on the vertically moving gull and leap on over to grab the Ronald icon.

You will need to dispatch the next fish in the same way as he is dominating a
platform. Destroy the fish, grab the hamburgers, and bomb the pirate. After the
pirate, grab the bomb and heart and climb to the top of the stack of crates.
Drop off to the right. Jump and hold right just a little and toss a bomb. This
will give them the momentum they need to reach the pirate across the water.
When the pirate is dead, take his hamburgers and continue to the right.

Run right, jump onto and jump off of the sleeping cat to propel yourself across
the next gap - nevermind the fish.

Boss is just ahead. small world, yes?


This evil pirate will run back and forth tossing bombs. He is actually made a
little more threatening than some previous bosses because he is difficult to
hit. His pirate hat is where you want to aim - as it seems to be the only
place bombs will stick.

He can jump and he's tall, but you should be able to clear him for the most
part. He WILL damage you if his boots connect with your head. The Irate's
dynamite is quite similar to the gangster's attack form stage 1 - it's a threat
for sure but not so much as colliding with the pirate.

I find it best to stay near the left of the screen, lobbing bombs at the pirate
when he's going up/coming down the stack of crates. Then, you can jump when he
comes to the left and he should move to the right as or before you land.

                          DL3.9: Stage 9: Ocean World

                                   -Area 1-

You again have a new control scheme here. You can still toss bombs, but holding
it makes Ronald swim. Learn it now as it is VERY awkward and you need to
release your swim to attack. But you can also use the jump button Rapidly
tap the jump button to swim. There are a few jellyfish here. They move towards
Ronald - bomb them from a distance. It's easiest to drop down before lobbing.

Watch out when you pass the bomb icon. There is a pirate in a boat up here.
He rapidly fires his cannon. When he moves away, lob a bomb at him. Grab the
burgers and destroy the jellyfish. Want that heart? Stand on the blue coral
next to it and tap jump and over until you fall off the side. You will sink
down next to the heart. Swim into it, and then hold the bomb button to float
out of there.

Afte rthe next few hamburgers, you will spot a seahorse. Now, the sea horse
will move towards Ronald and hold him for a few seconds. Bomb it before it gets
there and keep to the right.

Drop into the gap at the end.

                                   -Area 2-

We're in an underwater cave now. Let's head right, as per usual. The jellyfish
goes down quickly, and the pufferfish is exactly the same - perhaps a slight
bit bigger. Bomb it and keep going.

A little to the right there is a seahorse shooting bubbles which push Ronald
back. Bomb it from afar, then collect the hamburgers and hearts on the ground.
Destroy the pufferfish as you get these. If it gets too close, drop bombs in
front of yourself rapidly so as you get him for sure. Swim under the ground to
the right in order to get some more burgers and invincibility. Swim back left
and around the top.

Kill the Jellyfish here and grab the bomb icon. Swim UP when you reach the end
of this tunnel.

                                   -Area 3-

Back to near the surface now. Start trying to bomb the shark as soon as you see
it. It's large and tenacious - charging right for Ronald. There's a pirate in a
boat tot he right as well. Again, wait for him to head right, then swim up and
bomb him.

After the next gap there is a shark. Drop a bit, connect with a bomb, then
raise back to the top. Head right again. Stand on top of the red coral and the
pirate should not be able to hit you. Lob bombs at it when it comes toward you.
Of one sticks, he's gone. Afterwards, sink down and grab the Ronald icon from
above the chest.

Bomb the bubble seahorse to the right, thne sink into the next pit.

                                   -Area 4-

A darker cave. Bomb the jellyfish as you approach them. It's just a few sharks
and jellyfish until you reach the pirate ship.

Kill the Bubble Seahorse, grab the bomb icon, and enter via the hole in the

                                   -Area 5-

Run and skip the penguin here. Destroy the skeletons and keep running right -
the time is probably quite strained by now.

There are also some red spiders here. If you're short on time, rather than just
running and killing, you can ride skulls tot he right. The second high up
Skeleton should be able to throw a skull to the right to the extent that you
should pass the spiders. The only thing you need to look out for is the bomb
and heart icon - could be useful.


This octopus and shoot bubbles at you that damage Ronald. You can either dodge
the bubbles and return fire, or you can run up and lay them directly on his
eyes... this seems to be the quicker route and honestly just as safe.

I'm sure there's a way to kill him form behind, but I couldn't see one that
wasn't overly time consuming.

Congrats, you've rescued Captain Crook.

                       DL3.10: Stage 10: Ghost Town World

This is a haunted town, and the enemies are largely the same as the first
level. Why complain, this one's like a rest.

Either way, bomb that first gangster to reveal a balloon. Ride that ballon up
into the sky and jump over to grab the heart on top of the tower. You will
probably fall to the ground now. If you don't, jump to the next roof top. If
you do fall, destroy the enxt gangster for another balloon to reach those next
set of hamburgers.

Drop down past the barrels. Grab the bomb icon and make your way to the top of
the next stack - stopping just before the top as a pumpkin will pop out. The
next gangster releases a balloon, though you probably can't use it to reach the
next building. Kill the gangster and slowly walk forward. Jump on top of the
pumpkin that emerges and jump up for the Ronald Icon and hamburgers. If you
can't use the pumpkin, you will have to bomb jump.

There's a witch on the next roof. Just skip her or bomb her. The gangster will
release a balloon and if you touch the witch you get her hat and turn invisible
for a very short time - like you will lose it before you leave the roof. Don't

Defeat the next gangster and ride the balloon up to get the burgers on the
rooftop. There is a pumpkin in the next set of barrels. Use it to reach the
bomb icon, then continue right. The witch is there without her hat, she flies
away so again - she's harmless.

Defeat the next gangster and - you guessed it - ride teh balloon up the
burgers. Just bomb the witch up here, she actually hurts you and you can't take
the hat.

Now, there's a large stack of barrels.There's a spring enemy at the top, a
pumpkin and gangster afterwards. Ride the gangster's balloon up, and jump off
the building to grab the heart icon. You will have to bomb jump to reach the
bomb icon on the police station.

Bomb the next gangster and ride to the roof - there are bomb icons and burgers
up here. Jump off the roof, try to get the bomb icon. If you miss, just jump
off the barrels to reach it.


Two ghosts will appear and disappear while tossing dynamite at Ronald. Don't go
crazy lobbing bombs - you need to wait for your chance. You see, they will
never run right into you if you stay on the ground and the dynamite is easily

Eventually you will see some white (eyes?) appear before the ghost does. When
you see this, lob a bomb at that spot. The bomb should stick to the ghost and
destroy it.

Each ghost only take some shot. They are easily dispatched once you figure out
their trick. Well, congrats - you just rescues Big Mac, the chief of police.

                       DL3.11: Stage 11: Dark Forest World

Runa nd jump to grab the bomb icon. There's a cloaked figure tossing rocks to
the right. Bomb that sucker and continue along. The bubble enemy to the right
just moves toward you. Toss a bomb up at him and keep going, leap the gap.

There is a clockwork bird to the right that drops the little ghosts from Oasis
World. Jump up and lob a bomb to stop it dead.

Across the next few gaps there's a bubble. Lay some bombs in front of you to
get it as it appraoches. Climb over the ruins here and grab all of the burgers
on the other side. Bomb the bubble from below as it approaches. Move and leap
the gap. There is a crying maiden here. It is invincible, like the crying enemy
from earlier in the game. Pass her, grab the Ronald Icon, and destroy the
bubble that's on its way.

Now, make your way across these gaps. There is a bomb icon way up there. Reach
it by jumping on top of the bubble and leaping up to reach it. There's going to
be a rock tosser after another gap. Bomb it, jump over the gap, and then aim
your bombs at the bubble making its way down after Ronald.

That maiden won't start crying until you're nearby. Jump over to her, stand on
top of her, wait for her to cry then climb to the top of the ruins. To get that
bomb icon and burgers, leap down that hole and hold right, you should land on
the ground at the bottom. Beyond this, just climb on out.

Keep to the right, and you'll soon find the boss.


What in the world is this? An icecream scoop of grease? Either way, it starts
by hopping straight at Ronald. Jump over it, but stay near the base of the
ruins. Basically, the greaseball will try to ram Ronald.

This boss is very manageable. It baiscally just hops back and forth. Ronald
should jump over him when he gets near. He should lay bombs when it's down near
him, and toss them with it's up on the ruins. No problem, keep it up and it
soon dies.

                        DL3.12: Stage 12: Castle World

Enter the castle. There are multiple Areas in this stage, kind of like the
world 8 castle in Mario Bros. I'll be describing this on a "where you need to
go" basis.

Start by entering the castle.

                                   -Area 1-

Lob a bomb at the knight on the ground. When you come to the lift with the two
down arrows, stand on top of it and hold down - there's nothing to the right.

                                   -Area 2-

Pass the eyes in the ceiling. There's a knight to the right, but also an
elevator leading up. Take this up asap.

                                   -Area 3-

To the right, there are two blue spiders and one red spider. Leap on top of the
first blue spider, then immediately to red as the blue will fall, then over to
the next blue, and across to land again.

Now, move past all the skeletons and keep heading right. Those two lifts are
red herrings, skip them.

Eventually you come to another set-up of spiders. Once again, use them as a
bridge to get to the other side - remember that blue spiders will fall after
you touch them.

That green stuff on the ground? That's nothing to worry about. Just jump to the
next lift and ride it up.

                                   -Area 4-

Move left. There are some parts of the floor designed to trick you. The floor
is normally green, so any sections of discoloured floor are those that Ronald
can fall through. So jump whne you approach a floor like this.

From here, it's justa  short jog left to the elevator up.

                                   -Area 5-

Simply head right bombing the two knights as you go. When you reach the far
end of the room, take the lift down.

                                   -Area 6-

The ghosts from Ghost Town World return as a miniboss. However, they are much
easier this time. Yes, they still appear and disappear while dropping dynamite.
However, they show some of their body before appearing much more frequently.

Show some of their body? Well, some ofthe white of their body before fully
materializing. Lob a bomb at the ghost as it is coming into being, it will
wtick there and blow it up.

You do have to defeat these guys before you take the next lift down.

                                   -Area 7-

There's anothe rminiboss here. You will need to use a boosted jump or a bomb
jump to reach the platform on the far right. Throw a bomb while running and
jumping and you should clear the distance.

This miniboss is just like the boss of Oasis world. It's a hand with sections
of an arm, however. It drops hands as well, rather than ribs. Its arm pieces
are more widely spaced than the serpent's ribs so you may be able to sail right
through them - don't try it though.

This fight is more manageable than the bone serpent, however. It has the same
pattern, up and down as it heads left, then from lower right to upper left,
then from upper left to lower right.

You are limited to the middle of the stage, however, so the dodging can't be as
fancy. To abalnce this, the enemy is technically much smaller, you can easily
walk under it even as it is swooping down and you're not as far right as you
can be.

Simply didge the falling hands and continually bomb the sucker. You may take
one or two hits, but a slong as you rarely jump there should never be too much
of an issue with that.

When it's dead, head down the next lift.

                                   -Area 8-

Head right when you arrive down here. Leap across the two pits and you will
arrive at the boss area. Get ready!


Hamburglar is in that portrait. He shouts "HELP" and flies away. Stay where you
are. He will burst fromt he portrait once more to attack Ronald.

If you can stay on the lower ground, terrific. Hamburglar is fast and hard to
hit. He will fly up and down while throwing his hat at Ronald. Contact (except
on top, of course) with either will cause Ronald harm.

He makes a few short up and down motions before swooping in, enough for Ronald
to walk out of the way or jump over him. It's best to stand your ground because
if you run around constantly trying to dodge him - he WILL catch up with you
more than once. At least if you stay still, you control the battle.

When he heads toward a wall, lob bombs. You may not be able to get one to land
directly on his head/hat, but it may stick to the wall. The explosion should
hurt the Hamburglar just as well as if it were on him. If you try getting him
when he's in the middle of the stage most of your bombs will sail past him.

Of cours eyou can stand on top of Hamburglar, but he moves so fast that he will
probably slam you into the ceiling before you cause him any real harm. When he
is beaten, you will then have to face the final boss.

                              ****FINAL BOSS****

An evil clown wizard. Wow, okay, but he's not actually that bad. At all. The
final boss is far more predictable than Hamburglar. He stands on one side of
the room, while charging a blast then fires it. He then flies across the
ceiling firing another few blasts, land on the other side of the room and
starts the pattern all over again.

Basically, you can toss a bomb into the position he is going to land before he
lands there. This will harm him, you can try it after he lands though you may
catch one of his energy blasts instead.

When he fires a blast from a standing position, jump over it. When he is
flying, you can run to the side.

That's it. Seriously, he's a cakewalk as long as you keep your patience. Hell,
you may be able to get two hits in instead of one every time.

Enjoy the ending. There's some obscure guests here, including Uncle McGrimacey
who never made an appearance otherwise in the game.

|                               DL4: Enemies                                 |

This section describes the enemies as they are introduced (as standard enemies)
in each world. As with all of my guides, I am just being descriptive here. I do
not even pretend to know the official names or anything.

                               ---Stage 1---

*Box Enemy Spring:

Pops out of a box - this is when it can damage you. You can see the white
parts of this enemy in the box itself, so provoke it to pop out before you pass
by. Once it has popped out, you can stand on top of it - it is now safe to jump
over it and continue along your merry way.


Paces back and forth along the ground. It's best not to stand on top of them,
but rather bomb them at a distance. They toss dynamite at Ronald, which has
similar behaviour to his own bombs.

An interesting property of the dynamite is that your bombs can stick to them
like they can so many enemies. So toss a few bombs so that you don't waste too
much time hitting the mobster. You can also just skip them, I suppose.


A purple pumpkin that bursts out of some boxes. Soon disappears.

*Slow White Bird:

Safe to jump on only from above, ergo you can ride them to reach a certain area
of the first level.

                               ---Stage 2---

*Crying Enemy:

Cannot be defeated with bombs and the tears hurt you if they hit you from the
side or above. You can ride the tears however. the safest way to ride them is
to stand on top of the enemy on either side of him. Then when he cries you will
get caught on a tear and carried in a parabola into the air.

*Giant Red Fish:

Jumps back and forth in the water. You can stand on top but its a risk if you
don't have to. Toss bombs and try to get one to land on top of it. This should
take care of the great beast.


Well, he doesn't look like an amphibian, though it could be a salamander. It
walks back and forth after hopping out of the water. So take care when you draw
near a pool of water. He can be stood on, and a bomb will take it out.


Yes, it is the stage 1 boss but it is a common enemy now.

Moves up and down trees, stopping to peck. When it does, dodge the projectiles
that drop down. Plant a bomb to destroy the woodpecker.

Note that you can also ride these enemies like most others. So you can get a
free ride to the top of the tree.

                               ---Stage 3---


A small butterfly that moves back and forth. Use it as a means to cross gaps
and the like. You CAN destroy it, but see if you need to use it first.


Walks back and forth on the branches. Bomb it. For the most part, they are just
in the way. If they are above you, you can injure yourself if you hit them with
a jump.

*Rock Tosser:

Runs back and forth tossing rocks, seems to attack less frequently than
spearman though he can toss rocks at different levels. Still best to take him
out from afar.


Kind of just hangs in the air, moving slightly. Maybe it is a pupa? Either way,
you CAN destroy it but it's bets used as a platform in most instances.


Runs back and forth tossing spears. They have a very short range, so bomb him
from afar. The spears travel laterally, as well, so if you aren't in line with
him it's even less to worry about.

                               ---Stage 4---


Slowly flies toward Ronald, matching his vertical position. It's best to stay
low and lob a bomb at them or to toss one down form above. While they ARE slow
enough to pass without injury, it's best if you land a bomb, retreat a little
and continue after they've been destroyed. This is especially true for groups
of them.

*Arrow Angel:

Flies up and down shooting arrows. You need to get above or below it and toss a
bomb, or just pass it. Don't stay line dup with it whatever you do.

*Blue Balloon:

Moves up and down in a sinusoid. Plant a bomb though it's often best to stay
out of the way altogether.

*Fireball Clown:

Tosses fireballs into the air which land one ither side of him. the arc by
which he throws them is always the same (there are four fireballs, eahc in a
different arc) so toss a bomb and get out of range.


When you see two small red and blue enemies that are kind of circular, watch
out. They quickly form together and create a large spark. This large spark
furthermore releases small electrical attacks in multiple directions while
moving back and forth.

It's best to toss a bomb while the red and blue are forming so that it lands on
the newly formed Spark. It's very large so I advise you to toss bombs down on
top of it if the initial strike fails. Try to pass if you must, but watch its

                               ---Stage 5---

*Cloaked Bomber:

A cloaked figure who tosses bombs while moving back and forth. The behaviour is
very similar to Stage 1's gangsters. You can ride on them, as you could the
gangsters. However, it's usually best to toss a bomb from afar.

*Jumping Ghost:

A small purple ghost who leaps forward in different bursts of height. It's best
to leap over these guys.

Most disappear really quickly.

*Jumping Ghost Dropping Bird:

Drops jumping ghosts while flying back and forth. Jump and lob a bomb at it so
that the bomb sticks to it. You should probably toss this bomb directly in line
with the bird so that it does stick.

However, note that that the bird is fairly quick and the ghosts come
unpredictably enough that the best course of action could be to just skip on
past this bird.


A stationary enemy that releases large balls that roll across the ground.
These balls will damage Ronald, but not stun. Bomb it from afar.

                               ---Stage 6---

*Blue Spider:

Stays relatively stationary on the x-axis while moving slightly up and down on
the y-axis. It's just like the red spiders from Stage 3 - it can be stood on
top of. However, it soon drops so you will have to proceed asap...

*Ice Block Man:

Kicks ice blocks at Ronald. These iceblocks travel straight ahead and can cross
gaps. It's best to jump over block and bomb this sucker.


These skeletons move back and forth, tossing their skulls periodically. Now,
you can stand on top of the skulls so that may be an option to ride through a
level and the skeletons can regenerate the skull - so watch out. Perhaps best
taken out from afar if taken out at all.


Moves back and forth, jumping when necessary. Bomb them from afar, unless you
need to ride one - could provide some stability in the slippery caves?

                               ---Stage 7---


Stationary enemy that seems oblivious to bombs. Running into it will kill it,
though you should just find a different way around it.


This dimwitted aligator moves back and forth in the swampy water and
periodically submerges. The majestic crocostimpy may be used as a platform
until it submerges. Happy happy. Joy joy.

*Giant Crocodile:

This huge sucker cannot be jumped on - it is purely an obstacle. Let it head
down before attempting a jump.

*Red Slime:

Looking very much like Blinky from Pac-Man, the red slime hides in the ground
until Ronald draws near. At this point, it leaps out. This is its most
dangerous moment. Afte rit pops out, you can simply bomb it and be done with

When they jump out, it isn't even quite a jump. More like they raise out of the
ground. So don't run into them and you should be just fine. They really only
stick you in place though - wasting valuable time.

*Sleeping Enemy:

The only danger is walking right into it. Jump on top of it and it will flail a
bit. If you jump now you will get sent very far into the air.


Hunch-backed enemy running back and forth throwing scum. Bomb him from afar.

*Yellow Platform:

It CAN hurt you unless you jump on top of it. You CAN destroy it by touching
any other part of it or with a bomb. Make sure you don't.

                               ---Stage 8---

*Bomb Pirate:

Just like the gangsters in stage 1, they walk back and forth tossing bombs. And
just like the pirates, you will be mostly dispatching them from afar.

*Giant Red Fish:

Just like the previous large fish, you can jump on top of these guys. Don't
stand on them when they hit the water or Ronald will be in dire straits.


Moves back and forth or up and down. Use them as a platform for the most part.

*Sleeping Cat:

Just like the enemy from Pond World, you can get a boost to your jumping if you
jump off the top of one of these dudes. Breeeeow!

                               ---Stage 9---

*Boat Pirate:

Moves back and forth firing his cannon rapidly. When he moves in the direction
oppsoite of Ronald, swim up and lob a bomb at him. Make it stick, and he'll be


Move toward Ronald with evil determination. Of possible, cut your swim to sink
below their position. This way, you will lob a bomb right onto it when you go
to attack. Jeah!


Just like the jellyfish, really, chasing Ronald. It expands and retracts very
rapidly - too quickly to make a difference in combat.


Moves toward ROnald. Unlike a jellyfish, they simply hold him there preventing
movement for a few seconds. Still, this is annoying when you're timed.

Some seahorses firebubbles to push Ronald back. Simply bomb it.


A large enemy that swims right for Ronald. Bomb him from afar if possible,
though you may have to lay bombs in front of you like crazy.

                               ---Stage 10---


Either stays still or flies around the top of the screen. Mostly harmless, just
lob a bomb up at her. If you touch her, you get her hat and turn invisible for
such a short time that I have no idea if it makes any difference or not.

                               ---Stage 11---


Moves toward you. Bomb the fool beofre it gets remotely close to you.

*Clockwork Bird:

Drops the little bouncing ghosts. Lob a bomb as it approaches.

*Crying Maiden:

She is invincible, and her tears can harm you. She's just like the crying enemy
from earlier, however. This means you can ride the tears if you stand on top of
them and let them carry Ronald. What's the point? Serious momentum boost for
your jumps.

*Rock Tosser:

A cloaked figure who rapidly tosses rocks. Dispatch him from afar.

                               ---Stage 12---


Walks back and forth tossing axes. These axes are fast and sudden. It's best to
get on top and destroy him with a dropped bomb, or lob one from afar.

|                                DL5: Credits                                |

Thanks to Data East. They've made some great NES games in their time. This one
isn't fantastic, but it is solid.

I guess I'm obligated to thank McDonald's.. ha ha. Thanks for the mythos behind
this game, even though it looks like it was taken with a grain of salt in
development. Ah well, I'm sure it sold some Mc. DLTs in its day.

Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
this guide.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Game by Data East for McDonald's