Guide For International Cricket
           On The Nintendo Entertainment System

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                  Platform: GAMEBOY

                    Version 1.8


Part 1

Different Game Modes

Part 2

Batting Tips

--- Batting To Fast and Medium Pace
------ Odd Overs
------ Even Overs
------ General Batting Tip's
------ What To Do On Wides

--- Batting To Spin Bowling
------ Odd Overs
------ Even Overs
------ General Batting Tips

Part 3

Bowling Tips

Part 4

Fielding Tips

Part 5

Bug's and Glitch's
Contact and Copyright

Part 1


Ok I would consider this to be in it's day one of the best games going 
and since I managed to get a hold of a copy I have decided to write a short
guide to it.  I hope to comprehensively cover every aspect of the game and
provide helpful gaming tips also since at GameFAQs there isn't a guide for
this I though it deserves at least one.


30/9/00   Version 1.8
          -Ran the spellchecker over the FAQ and made a few changes

09/7/00   Version 1.7
          -Made slight change to layout to get all my FAQ's looking the same

22/8/00   Version 1.6
          -Made a few changes to layout
          -Made a few changes to contact info

24/7/00   Version 1.5
          -Made a few alterations to layout, though miner.
          -I think this FAQ is finished HORAY!!!

18/6/00   Version 1.4
          -Converted FAQ to text file from a word file for easier use

16/01/00  Version 1.1:
          -Added fielding tips section

05/01/00  Version 1.0:
          -First finished version bar the fielding tips


Since this is a NES game the controls are pretty simple.

A:   This can select a player and confirm decisions.
     Also in game as a batter you play a ground shot.
     While fielding you return the ball to the keeper of the bowler
     You deliver the ball while bowling
     While the game is paused you can look at the batting card
     While batting you can press it to start to take a run

B:   This cancels and in game decision
     While Batting you play an airborne shot that is a bit risky
     While Fielding you return the ball to the keeper or the bowler
     You deliver the ball while bowling
     While the game is paused you can look at the bowling figures
     While Batting you can press it to return to your crease when you are
     running between wickets

Start:   Pause the game
         Make and in game decision

Select:  Look at the weather conditions and the fall of wickets on the pause

Different Game Modes:

Fast Game: In this mode the computer randomly chooses two countries and
who is in each 11 and immediately takes you to the coin toss.  This is
available to one or two player games.

Single Game: In this mode you can select which country you want to be and
which players are in the 11.

World Series: You play two games in a row if you win the first you go to
the second and if you win the second you win the series.

Options: This allows you to adjust some of the games features, like number
of Overs and sound and stuff.

Part 2

Batting Tips:
Ok first off this game is easy to score a lot of runs in once you know what
you are doing.  It may take a little practice but since the computer never
changes the field setting you can play the same shots all the time and get
away with it.  The only time the field is changed is to move cover up or 
a little, or move mid on or off up from the fence or back to the fence.

Batting to Fast or Medium Pace Bowlers:

These types of bowling are close to the same thing so you play pretty much
the same shots to be successful against the bowler.

First off the A button plays a ground shot and the B button plays and air
shot.  Most of the time I use the A button shots as it's safer and i can
keep up a 10 to 15 and over run rate.  But you can get the run rate up to
15 to 20 runs an over if you play a lot of B button shots but you may find
wickets falling quickly if you try to smash every thing for 6.  This is
because the B button shoots never travel the exact same distance each time,
some might go for 6 but others will be lucky to clear the field with out 
caught.  Keep this in mind

This next section id broken down in to odd Overs and even Overs because you
can get away with different shots for more runs in odd Overs ( 1,3,5,7 ).
While you can play different shots again in even Overs ( 2,4,6,8 ) to 
your scoring.

Odd Overs:

Offside Batting Options:

Ok in the odd Overs you will be able to get away with B button shot's over
cover if the blower is keeping them out side off stump.  But if you play a
A button shot to cover it will be cut off but he should through it to the
keepers end if you are starting to run and you can get though for a single.
Just start to run when you play the shot and when the fielder gets it turn
and try and return to the end you where originally at and when he throw's
it to the keeper run through for a single ( be careful though because he
some times goes for a direct hit at the bowlers end and you mightn't be able
to get back in time.  You have been warned).

Onside Batting Options:

If the bowler bowls one on the leg stump or just on middle play a ground 
while holding diagonally down on the D PAD to the right.  This will 9 times
out of 10 result in 4 runs.

Even Overs:

Offside Batting Options:

This time on the offside it will be easier to split the mid-off and cover 
get 4 runs for it with a ground shot.  About 80% of the time you will get it
through the field and away for a 4 but if you don't there will be time for a
single.  But if you go to hit over the top for 6 or 4 you will most likely 
caught as the fielders have more chance of getting to the ball before it
lands than before.  This is weird since the ground is the same size on both

Onside Batting Options:

Once again if you get a ball on your pads if you put it away along the 
you will get 4 nearly every time, if not you will get at least 2 runs.  Also
if you go over the top you should be pretty safe as you have more chance of
not being caught.  But still if the ball doesn't connect you could easily be
caught, but the risk is still lower than the odd overs.

General Batting Tip:

>From testing both the Arial square cut and the Arial pull shot I have 
that these are the riskiest shots in the game unless they come off 
That is if a square leg, fine leg or point is in place.  If one or none of 
are in place then you can go ahead with the shot and it will be pretty safe.

Also the ground shot's of both the square cut and pull shot are safe as they
should go to ground and won't get you caught.

What To Do On A Wide:

If a fast or medium paced bowler bowls a wide down the leg side immediately
set off for a run because nearly all the time you will either get 4 for it
or you will be able to run at least 2.  But if it's a wide down the off
side then don't try to take a run because the keeper will glove it cleanly
at if you are out of your crease he will run you out.

Batting To Spin Bowling:

Spin bowling is slightly different to play but it seems you can more
consistently hit 6 over the top than off the other bowlers.

At the moment you can do pretty much the same as you did to the other
bowlers except for you can hit the ball straight for 6 or 4 if neither
mid-on or mid-off are back.  It's also pretty easy to go over the top on
both the on and off sides with a lot less chance of you being caught.

Part 3

Bowling Tips:

I'm yet to find any full proof tips for bowling and talking wickets.  So far
it's mainly down to varying deliveries and see what takes wickets.  If you
take a wicket use that same delivery again and most times you will get 2 or 
wickets in succession.

Note: If you have any quality bowling tips can you e-mail them to me, you 
get credit if your the first in with it.

Part 4

Fielding Tips:

Ok this is the most important section if the guide as you can set full proof
fields to get the opposition, if your lucky out for 0.

I will list what I consider to be a very good field so that you won't 
to many runs and take wickets quickly.

1. Move one of your slips and your gully fielder to close in on both the on
   and off side.

2. Move point back a little from where he is placed.

3. Move deep fine leg to a deep backward square leg.

4. Move your cover fielder around to the left a little.

5. Move your other slip to a forward square leg.

6. Move mid off around to a deep extra cover.

7. And finally move you're mid on to mid wicket.

So if you use this field you should keep the opposition down to below 20 or
so.  It is designed so that it saves boundaries and if the opposition plays
in the air nearly every time they will be caught.  This field should also do
well against a human player as well, since it will restrict the opponents
scoring options greatly.

Part 5

Bugs And Glitches:

Run Forever Glitch ?????

Ok so far I have only come a across one so far which is really weird.  I 
managed to play a shot on the on side along the ground that went three 
of the way to the fence, then the weird thing clicked in.  The fielders near
the ball didn't run over and pick up the ball they just stood there and 
do a thing.  This allowed me to run as many times as I liked with out the
fielders throwing the ball in from the outfield.  But the problem was that 
can run as many times as you like but you have to reset the system because 
is no way to get to the next ball and continue your innings.

I set the controller up so the batters kept running for about an hour and a 
to see what happened but nothing did.  I got my score up to just over 1800
before giving up and turning the system off.  If anyone out there knows how 
keep going with your innings if this happens can you e - mail me.

Also I don't think there is any way to deliberately set this glitch off, I
think it's random and very rare.  As I have only ever have it happen once.
If you know how to get this to happen whenever you want e-mail me please.

If you have any bugs or glitches of any sort e-mail me with them.

Contact & Feed Back:

Ok since this is one of my first guides can you please give me feedback on
it, I don't care if it's good or bad feedback about the guide.  You can
contact me at the following address: Skip_90@hotmail.com


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