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NES 1989

Version:        1.0     released on the 28th of June 2011
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
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| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   | 
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
| 04.) Items                                                     |   G0400   |
| 05.) Misc                                                      |   G0500   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
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01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Tao' for the NES, released by Vap in 1989.

The game was originally only released in Japan but thanks to a fan translation
it is now available to play in English. You can head over to
http://www.boojumsnark.com/ and get it. This walkthrough assumes the game is in
English but if you do not mind the language barrier you can tackle it and use
the walkthrough as a guide nonetheless.

This walkthrough was written by snark at http://www.boojumsnark.com/ herself
and I am simply an advocate to append GameFAQs-style formatting and post it
there as she does not have her own account. I am grateful for her supplying the
walkthrough but do want to point out that it is also available on her website.

Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

This game is post-industrial apocalyptic fantasy about a red clad hero who
develops an alter-ego named Tao who searches for the mysteries of existence
while trying to prevent an apocalypse. Some of the names of town and events are
based loosely on the quatrains of Nostradamus, e.g. the Grand Cross, Angolmois
the King of Terror, and also based on Shingon Buddhism and other esoteric
sects. Explore a futuristic and anachronistic world that has dinosaur and
pterodactyls for transportation. Murder mystery, sci-fi, and occult overtones.
Assemble 8 pieces of the trigram, and ather 7 chakra statues and 7 charms of
the Star Lords of Ursa Major.

A, B and direction arrows are used.

Lips  - Speak
Eye  - Look
Case  - Inventory/Food
Hand  - Take/Get
Sword - Weapons
Arrows - Return to Overworld
Shoes - Escape
Swords - Battle
Coin  - Status
Scroll - Sutra passwords
Statue - Chakra figure
Charms - Equip charms

Status Counter tracks
 Psychic power
 Coin Loans 

Password function can be entered by pressing SELECT at the beginning. 

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

Part I                                                               G0310

"In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, seventh month

From the sky comes a Grand King of Frightening Power

To resurrect the great king of Angolmois." -Nostradamus quatrain

1st Town: Angolmois 

The unnamed hero begins in his home town of Angolomois in 1999. A Huge crater
has slammed into the forest, and the townspeople are concerned about the bad
weather. The heliport is closed due to wind gusts, and the train station is
closed from an earthquake. Talk to everyone in town. The museum fee is 15
coins, and the Kadal Kajma shrine is 10 coins. (If you run out of money, your
mother will give you 30 coins more after getting on to you.) See the professor,
his assistant, and look at the strange fragment with 3 figures. The woman in
the hut has a Manji altar to Mara, and asks you to pray to him every day.

Below town is a forested area, where you can speak to more townspeople at the
Wild Beast Crossing, and at the Master's House. He will tell you the riddle of
"Future's way paved today" an anology of dawn and dusk, and tells you to seek
the Ancient One.

Visit the high priest in the Temple with the Tao symbol, and then enter the
Temple Grounds, which is sacred to Mara. Speak to all the monks, and make sure
to enter the waterfall of ascetics, an see the monk who is trying to enter
Satori. The treasure house has a door of 5 gates that will open later. See the
Head Priest and the mummified remains of Mara. The man near the waterfall
speaks of reincarnation and 9 lives as an animal to become human. The other
monks speak of Satori enlightenment and Buddha. Speak to the man inside the
temple stupa twice until he tells you about the treasured Maha Mara Scroll.

Leave and return towards the Master's house below town. Carry the old woman
from the Wild Beast Crossing. (She will not take no for an answer.) Go back to
the temple entrance and pay the 10 coin fee, and you will gain merit for your
good deed. A strange demon appears and threatens to loot treasure. Go to the
Temple Stupa to chase the demon. He enlarges and threatens to take your scroll.
Talk to the monk in the building near the waterfall about the fate of animals
and reincarnation.

Visit the ascetic as he is finally able to achieve Satori and morphs into a
bubbling fish. Visit the head priest, who says that the scroll was robbed from
the house of 5 gates. He speaks to you of the trigram and the 8 elements that
comprise it. Five are Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water. He gives you the
first element, which is wood. He initiates you and begs you to retrieve the
Maha Mara Sutra scroll. Speak to the other monks, and got to the treasure house
of 5 gates. The monk speaks of Suzaku the guradian angel of the South who keeps
the Scroll safe. The train station is now open. Ride the dinosaur to Moskva.

2nd Town: Moskva

The inhabitants are worried about the chickens and pigs that have run away, and
the lightning that struck the cathedral. The monk tells you strange things have
happened, and another man tells you the staion is a pig sty. The women in town
haven given donations, and some of them tell you they don't beleive in God and
do not want to give anymore to the Sister's Fund. The girl in the top left
house complains that the cathedral is ruined, and the Sisters debt cannot be
repaid. The cathedral is locked, but a noise is inside. One man tells you to
see the mountain witch, who is an Itako, a blind spirit-medium. Go right or
left to see her. A spooky idol of Mochonna is nearby, which natives say has
become angry due to the weather.

Climb Mt Osorezan, the Mountain of Fear and fight the mountain spirit. The
Witch appears after the battle and rewards you with a Chakra statue carved by a
monk from Bishmanda. The Ajna statue is the eye chakra and hits the brow. She
lets you know that a wind blows in far off Khalibad. The prison below holds
violent criminals, which is not important now. The building in the far right is
a clinic that can heal you for 15 coins. Ride the dinosaur train to the desert
town of Khalibad. Note: If you die the King of the underworld appears and
reincarnates you, and you will return to Angolmois.

3rd Town: Khalibad
Talk to the desert native inside the hut that reminds you to fight and train to
erase clouds from your soul, and the villager who tells you about the pain of
rebirth. Talk to the man who gives you an old Japanese sword, and equip it.
Speak to the natives about the development of Khalibad, the waste treatment
plant, an earthquake, and missing herds of animals. A man tells you to stargaze
in Om Temple. Go upward to Om temple and speak to the wealthy Rajah in the
jeweled Turban who tells you about the rebirth of man and stars and shows you
the constellation of Ursa Major. Go down and speak to the native girl in a hut
about missing herds swept up by a tornado. Left is the massage master who will
show you finger technique training for 20 coins, which should be done later.

Downwards is the waste treatment plant, which you dont have a pass for. Right
is Ridley tower. Go up and left back to the desert plain and talk to the
villagers, who tell you about the lack of animals, cannibalism fears, and to
watch birds high in the trees. Go up the ladder and talk to the odd chinaman,
who tells you to go to the hunter's tent. The corner right is the hunter's tent
who has no more animal skins. go outside and talk to the man about Genbu the
Turtle who guards the Northern skies, and tells you to go to Turtle Rock.

At Turtle rock, there is a girl who is being attacked by a three eyed lion.
Beat the beast, and then she will give you a canteen in thanks and your merit
will increase. Visit the hunter. Speak to him and look at his stack of cash.
Try too take the cash and fight him. He tells you that professor Yabahama in
Angolomois gave him the cash. Visit the odd Chinaman, who warns that bad people
chase money. Return to Monkva, then Angolmois.


Go to the professor's plase by the forest crater. The teary-eyed assistant
reports that Professor Yabahama retired and started a new venture in Khalibad.

He turns over an excavated treasure, which is an Omega candlestick. Return to


Visit the clinic and the Mountain witch, then return to Khalibad, and then go
by rail to the new town, Crosston.

4th Town: Crosston. 

Crosston is a strange town filled with monks and a church by a graveyard. Jonas
Spring in the center has a fountain where you can fill your canteen with water.
The Heliport pad is closed. Speak to all the townspeople and visit the house to
the far left of the spring. He is a monk from Kadalkajma that is looking for a
messiah. Walk into the Salem Church and talk and look at the doorman who makes
a joke about holy rollers. The inhabitants of the church crowd you and follow
you around, make sure to talk and look at them all quickly. The bottom left
area has a defected monk but in the corner above the closet, a floating soul
speaks to you about the heart of the Cosmos and Heaven. Speak to the culty
church members and walk to the organ. The comical organist has Groucho Marx
glasses for sale at a 30 coin price. Buy them and he will ramble about
Armageddon. The monk at the top tells you that he doesnt believe in rebirth
because humans are born once. Look at the crucifix and speak to the man that is
nearby it. Leave and go directly downward to the area pass the train rail.

The three huts contain the psychic training master, a young man that speaks 7
stars and the constellation Ursa Major. The upmost hut is the herbal druggist,
who will be of great use later. Listen to his diatribe about the aura. Go to
the leftmost home, and speak to the white-cloaked sister. She is upset about
the cathedral, and hand you the brass key to it. Go on the rails back to
Khalibad and then Moskva.


Use the brass key to open the cathedral. Inside is a child ghost who cries
about monsters, and a floating soul who speaks of the torments of hell.

Look at them and the Master appears, and thanks you for your compassion. Take
the Sahasra Chakra figure he gives you. he says that ghosts cannot enter
Nirvana, and that they are deaf to prayers and the toll of the grave bells, and
that the souls are torn between heaven and earth. Return to Crosston.


Return to the cottage of the white robed sister. Ganesh appears and the Pink
Elephant wants your life! Defeat him and the sister will share bad news.

The Head monk at Kadalkajma has fallen ill at the loss of the scroll. Return to
Kadalkajma to find out.


Go to the temple entrance and speak to the monk who tells you to get a potion
for the sick high priest from the druggist.


Ride the dino train back to Crosston and by the herb and instructions for 100
coins. Return to Kadalkajma.


Show the entrance monk the herb tea, and give it to the monk for a merit. The
monk is restored, but he wants to revive Mara. Go to the meditation house and
give 10 coins to learn how to concentrate on 1 point focus for a gain in
stamina. Go to Moskva.


Heal at the clonic and visit the mountain witch. She talks to the spirits and
says that the Mandarin Medallion revives Mara, and that a witness to a
whirlwind was taken, and a cryptic remark about a spinning red swastika. Go to


Talk to the native girl that saw the tornado. She speaks to you about the
animals being swept up to Tokyo to a hidden god. She is swept up to be
sacrificed on Fear Mountain. The witch appears and warns of the god Mochona
devouring sacrifices. She presents Yin Yang Seals, another treasure. The Master
in Red appears next and warns you that heavens truth is not high on a building,
and to find 3 jewels. Return immediately to Moskva.


Drums beat on Mt of Fear and the girl is on the Altar to the god of the Cosmos
Mochona. The god appears after you defeat the natives, and he has eight arms.
Fight him and he is angry that you defy him, and fight him again. Professor
Yabahama appears and stops you from defeating Mochona. He says that he could
hear space aliens as a boy and climbed on top of a building and became
possessed by an outer space god. He vows vengeance and leaves. The girl thanks
you for saving her and gives you the Vishuda chakra statue. Go to Crosston and
take the heliport pad to Kanbal.


Enter the hut of the monk who has a swastika or manji altar to Mara. Leave and
get the flame bottle from the girl you saved from a Lion. she also tells you
about a dragon lady that blows poison gas. A man warns that loans are Hell, and
other people say to look for a Red Swastika, and that this land is home to the
ancient one. The police station is nearby, as well as Sharky's Loan which is is
not to be used unless repaid very soon. The building at the far left has a
scarfaced fellow who sells you a machine gun for 500 coins. Take it! Go to the
red Swastika Shrine, where the ancient one tells you that the 3 treasures are
for sale. The man who sells you the gun warns that priests sell heaven. Go
upward to the home of the Master. He tells you to train more and find 3
treasures, but tells you that they are formless and to beware imitations.
Return to Khalibad.


In Ridley Tower, a thug invites you to see the billionaire Ridley. Ridley needs
you to find the 3 treasures and buy them for him. Take the money for an offer
you cannot refuse. With 2000 coins in hand return to Kanbal.


Return to the Ancient One's Red Swastika shrine and buy the first of the
treasures, a monks gold stole. He tells you to place it on the altar. Talk to
the Ancient One again, and he tells you about the 3 treasures and speaks to
lost souls. Equip it and go to the monks's hut. He gives you a brass incense
burner which is another treasure, and tells you the 5 gates are open at
Kadalkajma. Return to Angolmois.


Enter Kadalkajma shrine and go to the Treasure House. Suzaku the white crane
guardian of the South, is facing North, which is puzzling. The monks tells you
to speak to the Mountain witch. Go to Moskva.


The mountain witch says that the odd Chinaman found something terrible in the
ground of Khalibad. Go to Khalibad.


Go to Turtle Rock, and find that Genbu the guardian of the North is facing
South. Hmm... mysterious. Go to where the odd Chinaman was. A cop is there who
complains about Poachers. Look at him and he tells you that smugglers escaped
through a crossing, and dropped something. Try to take it. He thinks it is a
bomb. Look at it. It has a note and postcard that says" A Grand Cross over Atra
forest, a star falls." It is addressed to you! Look at it and take it. It is
the Anhata chakra figure! Return to Angolmois.


Visit the fellow who saw the meteor and red fireballs. He tells you about a new
museum exhibit. Enter the museum and see a mysterious artifact that was
excavated from the crater. It is the Mandarin Medallion! Take it from the
curator. Fight him, and notice his fangs. He dies, and an evil spirit is
transferred from his body to the Mandarin Medallion. The girl tells you to
escape as the police are coming. The policeman has a noose for you! Fight him
but there are more whee he came from. When you run out of lives, you will be
sentenced and incarcerated.

Inside you have been charged of robbery of the medallion and murder of the
curator. Meet Oomoto Hajime, also known as First Born. This criminal tells you
that Ridley still needs his favor, which is to become King of the World by
taking the 3 treasures. He mentions a Histar Lord of Demons who tempted Ridley.

He shows you a way out, provided you beat up the jailer. Voila! you are back in
Moskva, near the Mountain of Fear. Go back to Angolmois.

Part II                                                              G0320

"Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Histar."
                                      ---Nostradamus Quatrain


Go straight to the head monk of Kadalkajma and use the Medallion to revive
Mara. Select the Medallion from the weapons, and revive Mara of 8 virtues. He
tells a sad tale of how his disciples betrayed him, and the meal of poison he
ate to mummify himself. He speaks of the Mara Sutra scroll, and how it was
rewritten by other people's hands. For 500 years he slept in an urn, and he
presents it to you as a gift. It disintigrates, and Mara tells you to fly to
Tokyo via Kanbal and visit Mirokuji temple. Visit the Treasure house for a box
of incense for the 5th trigram piece. With the medallion in battle you can
transform into a demon and become TAO to defeat monsters. Go to Kanbal and fly
to Tokyo.


The enemies of Tokyo city are tough. Watch out for the scarfaced city dweller
who fights you. A cop tells you that a cult bought up the area. In the middle
of the city a hidden gang member tells you that the Heaven's Treasure sect is a
cult. Look at him and he said that those who says Amitaba are fools. A boy
tells you that the Ancient One is delusional, and in the upper left hand corner
an organic store sells vegetables, Miroku Buns and Kannon Tea. The building
flanked by trees is the headquarters of the Mercury Gang. in the upper right
corner is a compound for the Zen sect Heaven's treasure. The man beleives that
the leader is divine. A townsperson tells you to buy charms uptown. The Red
building is home to a monk that sells you the Amita disc. The strange disc
promises to make your dream come true. the monk chants Amitaba. Leave and go
left to the Amulet Charm house. The kimono cald lady tells you to buy a charm
to receive the grace of Lord Raum. Buy a Tonrou charm for wealth, and a Komon
charm for spririts. She tells you that the charms open a path back to Raum and
waken the Ancestor Spirit.

Go left and visit the man who speaks of a prophet beyond the Orient. Go to
Mirokuji temple, and lesson to the secret teaching of the Lord Raum who gave
birth to 96 billion souls 6 billion years ago. He speaks of Raum as the origin
and Mother of all souls and a great cataclylsm and 3 gems are awarded to he who
diverts the apocalypse. Return to the Mercury Gang. The members speak of their
leader who has gone astray and a female member bades you to find him in
Crosston. Go to Crosston.

Go to the spring. A cop tells you to stand back. A monk chants 'Nam Amida and
screams murderer! A Buddha's brow is gushing blood. A cop tells you that the
Mercury gang leader first born is responsible for killing the Buddha. He gets a
report that the meteor expert is missing. Go to Kanbal.


A townsperson reminds you that the 3 gems are formless. Equip the Komon charm
inside the altar hut in Kanbal. The Ancestor Spirit leaves the beads of Kukai
for you, which can be used to evade enemies. Inside Kanbal the cop wonders what
the Amita Disc is for, as it is really an animal eye encased in plastic. Go to


See the moutain witch who tells you that the 7 star lords of Ursa Major give
power, which would be in the charms.


Go to the cabin of the boy who saw the meteor. Enemies are especially tough
now, try to avoid the disembodied souls for now. Inside a forest demon tells
you to hand over the Medallion as Lord Histar has descended to the Earth and
fallen into the crater. The boy in the rice hat returns. Look at him, and take
the Amita Disc. The boy said that he took it to make wishes come true, and he
saw one at Salem Church. Go to Crosston.


Inside Salem Church, talk to the organist. He has transformed into a neon
Octopus! Defeat him, and take his Amita Disc. He awakes from a trance and tells
you that First Born saw his Mother's grave, and to visit the Psychic Master.
The psychic master below the church transforms into a blue beetle. Fight him.
Then he tells you about the Amita disc that first Born gave him at his mother's
grave. He speaks to you about using the disc, and how he was unskilled in the
way of 1 point, and the mark of his eyebrow. He warns about the Disc. He
teaches you his method and gives you the Manipura chakra figure and tells you
to fly to Bishmanda from Tokyo. In the next hut visit the man who talks about
constellation. He tells you about a planetary alignment on August 1999, a Grand
cross of planets that conjuncts one point, which signifies disaster. Buy nectar
and citron bodhi fruit from the druggist to restore your life. Fly to Tokyo.


Get the charm of Rokuzon to heal sickness and the charm of Bunkyo to give
insight. Go to Khalibad.


Go to Om Temple. Speak to the Turbaned Potentate and he will show you a scroll
of escaping death and rebirth.Look at it twice, and talk to him twice. It is
the Mara Sutra scroll! Fight the Rajah. He speaks of Karma and looks at your
heavenly Bunkyo scroll. He is now Mahikale! Defeat him and take the Mara Sutra
scroll and read it. Go to Moskva.

Speak to the mountain witch in Moskva and listen to her song "Kagome" Bird when
will you fly? Dawn dusk Crane Turtle Front Back.The century ends with a true
prophet. This cryptic verse is of importance later. Go to Angolmois.

Go to Kadalkajma shrine. The monks will talk about the 3 gems. Go to the monk
in the house near the waterfall. He will tell you that the Mara Sutra is a
scrap of paper and that truth is 3 gems. Talk to Mara. He will tell you the
path of 3 gems is ancient and that Confucious Lao Tzu and Christ walked that
path and found 3 gems and returned to Raum the mother. And the Sutras and
Scriptures are the same. Mara warns that teachings in this age are corrupt and
warped. Go to the ascetic's waterfall. The man under the waterfall says that to
find 3 gems the way must open. The doors of five gates: the eye nose ears and
mouth, and a 5th portal which is the way to Heaven. Fly to Tokyo via the
heliport in Bishmanda, or fly via Tokyo.


Enter the first red Torii gate to the left, and see the pale woman who cannot
speak. Look at her and see her thirst. She calls out for water.Enter the golden
city of Bishmanda pagoda. Go to the top right ladder and enter the far right
door. A sweaty monk is meditating for one week. Go left and talk to the monk
who tells you to open the hearts eye. Go down and enter the right pagoda. A
smoking girl tells you it is a girls' only tower. Look and see that she is the
Dragon lady the girl in Kanbal spoke of. Take something from her, and she will
be ready to fight. On her defeat she hands you a liter of poison gas, and tells
you to remember the world Isshikanten. The monks that walk around the pagoda
tell you that 4 princes of Hell guard Histar. The man in red is the Master who
tells you that the 3rd eye of man is clouded by delusions. Enter the left
pagoda and take the Yaksha Demoness Vajra and equip it, he tells you that the
3rd eye's vision can be restored. Go to the top left ladder. go to the far left
and speak to the native who says that the Amita disc is Evil, and that god
masquerades as Satan in Heaven's Treasure Cult. Walk right to the Odd Peddler,
who went down to Emma-Oh's hell and brought back a Mirror of Deeds that
reflects back the vices of lost souls. Go up the ladder to the middle pagoda.
The left monk tells you that Raum delivers souls, and the right monk is rather
strange. He is old, with a pit in his head where a jewel should be. He tells
you that wickedness leads to the Apocalypse, and that evil sprits roam freely.
look at him and leave. Go out and back to the thirsty woman. give her the
canteen. She tell you that the rainwater dried up. she is afraid of the Amita
disc, and tells you that Histar has 3 eyes. She tells you that his magic swept
up the animals, and that their 3rd eyes were harbested and placed in the Amita
discs for sale. Histar placed the 3rd eye in First Born, but it did not work as
planned. she goes on to say that the Amita disc flashes lightning and shows
Histar's true nature. She gives you a grenade! Fly to Tokyo.


Go to the invisible gangster and talk to him and look. He smokes and gives you
a lighter. Talk to him again and he tells you that "Isshikanten", the Dragon
Lady's word is a spell for the way of one point. Fly to Kanbal.


Talk to the girl. She gives you green gel to freeze enemies. Talk to the cop,
who tells you that First Born was killed and a animal eye encased in plastic
was driven into his head. Fly back to Bishmanda.


Go back to the sweaty monk who asks you to wash his back. Wash his back for a
merit. He notices you have his Chakra statues that he carved. He gives you a
treasure which is the Alpha candlestick. He tells you to listen at a Torii to
hear about the Messiah. He tells you to avert the Apocalypse by finding the 3
jewels. Return to the Torii with the woman outside of Bishmanda. She tells you
to find 3 treasures and open the mind's eye and that the trigram has 3 great
lights. she tells you that the 3 Jewels are in paradise and a secret doctrine
of Tennen Kobutsu, the Old Buddha. Fly to Tokyo.


Get the Rencho and Bukyo charm. Go to the Mercury gang headquarters and tak to
Yoshiko, who is Firstborn's daughter. Go to Crosston.


Talk to the old monk that moved to Salem Church. He learns that Tennen Kobutsu
is Messiah and in returns gives you the Swajista chakra figure. He lets you
know that First Born's wife is in terrible health since he has been murdered.
Go to Angolmois.


In the Kadlkajma shrine, talk to the monk in the Temple Stupa, who tells you
that Old Buddha opens the Mind's Eye. Talk to the monk in the top right house.
He says that the Minds eye is the door and that truth was not here. Talk to the
sweeping monk near the treasure house and see the apparation that tells you not
to meditate for Satori enlightenment. Go to Crosston.


Talk to the Doorman at Salem Church, and listen to him speak of the esoteric
kanji studies of Earth and the King of the World, and the invisible door of one
point. Talk to his assistant and listen to his story of Jesus on the cross and
the one point conjunction to the Heavenly Palace. Speak to the sisters about
the Old Buddha being Messiah and the monk who repeats this. Speaks to the monks
next to the crucifix who speaks of the doorman and the Heavenly Kingdom. Fly to


Go to the Mercury Gang hide out. Talk to First Born's widow and look at her and
speak again. Yoshiko is kidnapped. The gang leader comes in and helps the old
woman who faints. He tells you to give her nectar. Give the woman nectar for a
merit. The gangster tells you that she was not Yoshiko's real mother, and talk
to the girl in the compund who was her friend. The man is worried inside the
compound because his daughter transformed into a demon. Defeat Ganesh and speak
to the girl. Look at her and take her Amita disc. She tells you to find Yoshiko
inside the Heaven's Treasure Temple and to use the Chakra figures. Go to the
Heaven's Treasure temple and speak to the monk. He tells you that he is sold
out of discs. Fight him, and cosmos god Mochona appears telling you that you
are bad for his business. Defeat him and Yabahama tells you that luck and
granting wishes is his business and he and Mochona morph and disappear. A door
appears with no lock.

The girl told you to use a Chakra figure, and many of the monks spoke of the
minds eye which is the Ajna Chakra. Use it to open the door and take the urn of
incense. The path ahead is the Heaven's Treasure Crypt.

Heaven's Treasure Crypt

This spooky place is lined in smoky red. Go to the immediate left. The witch is
there and she shows you 3 figures inside the fragment that professor Yabahama
found. It looks like it has a diagram with demons springing from it. Use the
medallion and defeat it for Histar's mask and fly to Bishmanda.


Go to the middle pagoda and speak to the wizened old man. He tell you that
scrolls and souls are the same, and that many thousand pray in vain. Look at
him and he shows a gold object. He says that many gaze up at the way and that
the Spirit and Sutra are illusory gains. The next monk says that the Mind's eye
opens the gate which name is door, and that this gate is in the mind.The odd
peddler says that there are 3 treasures and the Heaven's treasure cult conceals
them. Return to the Heaven's Treasure Crypt in Tokyo.


Inside the Heaven's treasure Crypt. Venture further and the woman will return
you by wind magic to the charm shop for all 7 charms. Get the Hagun charm to
ward off evil spirits. Return and the witch will say that your father left a
Demon Sword below. Go ahead and the witch will give you a forgotten pass. Then
she will say a crytpic remark, Tendou beetle heaven's passage and that Jesus
points the way. Fly to Kanbal and then Crosston.


Go to Salem church and see the Crucifix. Look at it and find the Tendou beetle
or "Heaven's beetle" which is a ladybug with 7 spots. A riddle is spoken about
6 points on the beetle, with 1 point added by God. The shell cracks lady bug
fly home on the way of 1 point. then speak to the mustachio'd monk who says
"Future's way Paved Today" and tells you to go to the old sage master at Wild
beast Crossing. Go to Angolmois.


Go below in the forest to the Master. He explains the riddle. Road of Dawn is 3
Gems, and the Road of Dusk is Death, and to die is to go to Heaven in peace.He
gives you the last figure the Muladra chakra statue and tells you that the Old
Buddha is the Buddha of Truth. Go to Moskva.

Go to the top house is to the right and go inside. the Figure of Death is
inside. Defeat it ans a monk tells you that sin is hatred. Go to Khalibad.

Go to Khalibad. 

In Om Temple the man says rebirth will happen in Paradise. Go to the Waste
treatment Plant below and give the man a pass. Speak to him about toxic waste,
and he will say that your items are contaminated. Give him your flask, and he
morphs into the witch. The witch gives you clear stream water to rain down on
Histar! Go to Kanbal and get the aromatic spray from the girl. Fly to


Speak to the Master in red. He tells you that beyond Darkness in Paradise and
light dispels darkness. He gives you a flashlight. Go to Tokyo.


Go back to the crypt. The witch says pass by, pass by, the narrow path to
Heaven. Go up and a Shiba dog is given to you as a companion. Return and the
man will tell you about a 108 pound gold Buddha that will not budge. If you
speak to the souls, use a Histar mask or hagun amulet to evade them. Ridley
awaits above. Defeat his and he turns into a red angry soul that the dog will
scare away. Or you can use the Hagun charm. Above is Yoshiko who is glad you
have all 7 charms. she tells you to pass by pass by the path of Terror. She
also tells you she is to be sacrificed as Histar's bride. Defeat Ridley a
fierce guardian of Hell. Yoshiko collapses and bods you to find Histar's
central lair. Go forward into the red pit of boiling blood and lava, past the
crucified skeletons and descend into the inner sanctum.

Heaven's Treasure Crypt. 

Use the flashlight, as it has a longer range than the lighter. Go far right and
up through the crypt. Formidable monsters lurk in the dead ends. Avoid a set of
stairs after going outside (does this area of Tokyo look familiar?) above
Mirokuji that are inside the next crypt that are directly above one another.
One is a passage to Moskva and the one below goes out of the closet in Salem
Church. Go through the crypt until you reach a tiled central blue and gold
area. Take the bottom stairs. Go through the blue ice glass to the left and
speak to the odd Chinaman! He knew your father and he gives you a Demon Sword.
He tells you that 1 point cuts evil also. Go back the way you came and go up to
the first set of stairs in the tiled area.Go on the topmost set of stairs.

Final Boss

Fight Mochona. Fight Mahikale who says Crane Turtle all must die! Watch the
evolution of the buzzdevil into wingdevil and horndevil and whipdevil. Defeat
it. Defeat Ridley the gurdian of the 4 Celestial Kings of Hell. The witch
appears and laughs that the 4 Celestial emperors will appear. Fight Varama,
Yadana, Darama, and the Magus Devana Emperor. The last sings verse from a
childrens lullaby, "The mountain temple bell rings, we all go home."

Histar's Central Lair
Fight the Gold Gohonzon Buddha, who is Histar. It bades you to bow down and
worship it so that it may grant your earthly desires. Defeat it and the head
splits in two, revealing a red glowing star. Defeat it.

Histar is revealed as a red disc, fed by crackling pulses of lightning energy.
It says it is immortal and that it lives in perpetual bliss, and it owns the
Universe. Throw holy water on it, and it dissolves and shrieks and gives up the
3 gems. The Amita disc reveals Histar's evil nature. The area is now a colorful
paradise, and the Crane and Turtle Kagome song plays. The monk says that the
Earth has cracked. The sage says that the 3 gems are a vessel of truth.

The witch tells you that your ancestors smile and that you are in Heaven.
Ganesh is glad that he has found the way. Yoshiko notes that you have the
charms and gives you Raum's ray of light and bids you to return. Your mother is
glad that you were speaking the truth, and the ascetic monk from the waterfall
says that Satori has opened and effort is futile. Mara tells you that you have
reached salvation.

Go off the screen. It is now black and the song continues. A bird in a cage
appears. The North and South pole shift occurs, which is signified by the
reversal of the Crane and Turtle on Judgement day. The bird flies from the cage
and the song continues about Crane and Turtle. The old Buddha Tennen Kobutsu
appears and grants the 3 gems and opens the one point way. The treasures appear
and the end credits roll. Congratulations! :)

04.)                    ITEMS                                        G0400

Miroku Bun - increases skill

Kannon tea - increases psychic power

Vegetable  - increases stamina

Nectar     - increase life

Citron     - increase life
Water      - drink or can be given to others

Old Sword
Machine gun
Yasha Vajra
Demon sword
Medallion (to change into TAO)

Yellow    - Fire flames on enemies
Blue      - Gas choke
Green Gel - Freeze enemies
Red Spray - Melt enemies

Quest Items:
Brass key 
Clear stream Water
Gold Stole
Groucho Marx glasses
Histar Mask 

One for each chakra:

1. Ajna eye
2. sahasra brow
3. Vishuda throat 
4. anhata heart
5. Manipura solar plex
6. Swajista sacrum 
7. muladra base

One for Each star of Ursa Major. 

1. Tonrou - wealth use in battle for more gold the star Dhube
2. Komon - spirits. The star Merak. 
3. Rokuzon - health use in battle for life gain. The star Phecda. 
4. Bunkyo - Insight. The star Megrez.
5. Rencho - find friendship. The star Alioth. 
6. Bukyo Warrior spirit use in battle for more skill. The star Mizar
7. Hagun Repels enemies use in battle to make them forgive you and leave. The
   star Al Kaid. 

Trigram: Find all 8 treasured pieces. 

05.)                    MISC                                         G0500

Three Treasures: Three gems of buddhism
Isshikanten: Way of One point
Tendou the way of Heaven.
Kukai a monk of Shingon Buddhism, also known as Kobo Daishi. 

Lyrics from Fiery sunset:

"Fiery Sunset"

The day ends with a fiery sunset

The mountain temple's bell rings

Let everyone go home, hand in hand

Lyrics from Kagome:

"Kagome kagome, the bird in the cage,

Will you come out?

In the evening of the dawn,

the crane and turtle fell

Who stands before you now?

YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

v1.0     First release (28th of June 2011)

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