FAQ/Walkthrough by hand of g0d

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-------------------------------King of Kings-------------------------------- 
--------------------------Written by hand of g0d--------------------------- 
---------------------------version 1.0  08/29/01---------------------------- 
-------------------------------King of Kings-------------------------------- 
--------------------------1991 Wisdom Tree Games--------------------------- 
I.    Disclaimer 
II.   Version History 
III.  Introduction 
IV.   Controls/Story 
V.    Walkthrough 
  A.  Three Wise Men 
  B.  Flight To Egypt 
  C.  Jesus & The Temple 
VI.   Credits 
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-<[Version History]>-------------------------------------------------------- 
1.0 - Initial Release, full coverage. 
Hello, my name is hand of g0d, and I'm an 8-bit-oholic. 
It's true, I've spent more money on rare NES games than I have on what most 
consider to be, 'superior' platforms such as Playstation 2. However I was 
lucky enough to find this NES gem for a buck in a local thrift store along 
with 3 other Wisdom Tree games. I decided to write an FAQ for this most 
deserving game. I have not included answers to the Christian questions the 
game asks because, well I don't really know them, nor did I write them down 
so, just guess or something. Maybe I will include that in a future update, 
but most likely not. This game has 3 games on it, I will cover each of them 
in Easy mode. The other modes aren't that much different but be forewarned 
that there are more enemies, and some minor differences. Such as in the 
Three Wise Men game in Easy mode you encounter a platform you walk across 
with no problem, but in Normal and Hard modes the platform has moving gaps 
that you have to leap across. In any case I didn't think the differences 
were big enough to include seperate mode walkthroughs. Now on with the game. 
Three Wise Men: 
Controls: D-pad moves your character, B - camel spits, A - Jump 
Story: Follow the star to find baby Jesus and present him with gifts you 
collect along the way. 
Flight to Egypt: 
Controls: D-pad moves your characters, B - donkey kicks, A - Jump 
Story: Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus are traveling to Egypt on a donkey. 
Jesus & The Temple: 
Controls: D-pad moves your character, B - hold to run, A - Jump 
Story: Joseph and Mary cannot find Jesus, control each character to find 
-<[A - Three Wise Men]>----------------------------------------------------- 
1. Walk through collecting Frankinsense, avoid the cactii, then a rolling 
rock, jump onto a ledge and avoid the porcupine, you cannot kill it. 
2. Walk along the ledge, dodge the falling rocks and try to jump before they 
hit the ledge or it will disable you temporarily. Now avoid the cactus and 
climb a few ledges, soon you will see a fox. Spit on him, and he will move, 
do this two more times to kill him and finish the level. 
3. Here you play as a different wise man, collecting Myrah. There will be a 
scorpion, and some ledges you can jump up and go backward to get some Myrah 
once you pas it a red wall will come along pushing you back to the begining 
you have to jump over this rather quickly or it will appear again. Then a 
platform will carry you up, avoid the bird, hop along the ledges there will 
be some more birds and a scorpion before you finish. 
4. This one is fairly easy. First you will have to jump across some small 
platforms, avoid a scorpion, go up some steps, there will be another 
scorpion and then jump across 6 platforms made up of 1 tile each. 
5. Now as the third wise man you collect gold. Jump across ledges, jump 
over the mice you can't kill them, shoot the red bugs who will jump 
when you do. Progress as normal. 
6. Jump over the mice, a platform will carry you and fall at the end so 
make sure to jump off. Another platform does the same. The third will take 
you up, and it comes to a ledge and continues up, you can get off there 
because it doesn't go anywhere. Make your way up inclining purple ledges 
while avoiding the mice, walk all the way over and climb the platforms, you 
will see some red blocks but ignore them for now and continue upward until 
you cannot go further. Then jump across the red blocks up there (the first 
set are used if you fall from this top set) once across you've ended the 
7. Back to the first wise man. Avoid the ducks, there will be fish jumping 
out of the water, make your way up the waterfall to find a large monkey.  
Hit him 3 times to take him out. Now cross the waterfall, then avoid a duck 
and another fish at a waterfall. 
8. The fist jump there will be a snake in a jar type thing. Spit on it then 
jump immediately if you time this poorly you be hurt. Avoid the typical 
scorpions and progress through the stages platforms and jumps. 
9. You have reached baby Jesus! 
-<[B - Flight To Egypt]>---------------------------------------------------- 
1. You will simply be walking in a circle around a mountain, avoiding rocks 
and falling rubble. Pretty simple, and not much to elaborate on. 
2. Same thing except this time you've got snakes, goats, bouncing rocks, and 
at the top of the mountain will be an Egyptian, you can easily jump over him 
or kick him, up to you. 
3. Now for a change you are on flat land (sorta), there are some rabbits, 
who I suggest kicking since they jump, ducks, waterfalls, jump on the logs 
and watch out for the shepard at the end. 
4. Now you're in an ice area. There will be falling ice, and some cubes 
blocking your path. Watch out for the men with canes. This is just like the 
first two levels except you are going downhill instead of up. 
5. Same thing, but now it's snowing, there are also some bats, more men with 
canes, snowballs, and of course cubes. Now watch out for the polar bear, you 
have to jump over him, then another one. 
6. That's it, you arrived safely. 
-<[C - Jesus & The Temple]>------------------------------------------------- 
*Note - J means you will play the level as Joseph, M, as Mary* 
1. J - Make your way through the river's current while avoiding bees, and 
fish. When you come to log bridges, jump fast because they fall. 
2. J - Cross the waterfall using the logs. Go up and cross another, then 
you'll encounter a few bees. This waterfall has 3 logs. To cross it safely 
jump onto log 1, then back, then log 1, then log 2, log 1, then 2, then 3, 
and finally across. Cross another waterfall, then the last one will seem 
like the one with 3 logs but it's missing the 3 log so you'll have to jump 
from the 2nd log to the ledge. 
3. J - Make your way down using waterfalls. Keep an eye on your time and 
watch out for fish. 
4. J - Jump up the logs to the top of the waterfall. This is harder than it 
sounds. You will have to get off ever other log or so and stay on a ledge 
until a better log position occurs. Also keep an eye on your time. 
5. J - Now you are in a cave, make your way through watching out for falling 
spikes, and gaps in the floor. 
6. J - Same as 5, but now the floors also fall. 
7. M - Make your way through the town avoiding the dishes being thrown from 
windows and runaway wheels rolling and bouncing through town. 
8. M - Jump on roof tops, birds, and window cills. The birds however begin  
to lower when you stand on them too long. Some windows still throw dishes. 
9. Congradulations you've found Jesus. 
This entire guide was written by hand of g0d with zero help. 
I would like to thank Wisdom Tree for making unlicensed games for me to 
collect, as well as their counterpart Color Dreams. 
Thanks also to Nintendo Of America for the best gaming machine ever. 
CJayC for posting my FAQs and reviews, and for hosting the best site ever. 
You, for reading this, I hope it helped.