FAQ/Walkthrough by Sif

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Ys II - Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter

Platform - NES
Genre - Action RPG
Release Date - 5/25/1990

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1. History	


V 0.4 I corrected some spelling errors and added new "strategy" for the final 
boss. Having an elixer + Fighting the last boss = hella easier. I've been 
meaning to go replay the game, or atleast stroll through areas again to clear 
some things up. I also realised I skipped something, but I'll worry about 
that later since it really is not that important. I'll eventually edit 
everything so it is less confusing, but don't expect that to happen any time 


V 0.3 I finished up the walthrough part and I'm going to go back and look 
through it to see if I messed up on anything. Also, I've been looking at some 
Ys sites and one said that there are side items. It was for the recent PC 
remake, but I'm going to look through a walktrhough for it real fast and see 
if I can find any in the game. I gave up on trying to find out what the bosses 
names are, if you can help email me and I'll give you the proper credit.

V 0.2 So far things are looking good. I looked at one of my old save stats 
and added items , along with descriptions of what I remembered, and added 
magic descriptions. I also started a new game to search out stuff I might 
of missed. I'm also working on writing up the last part
of the game.

V 0.1 This is a walkthrough for part of one of the most overlooked RPG series. 
This also happens to be my first walkthrough so bear with me. I haven't written 
in the last part of the game yet, it's the most tedious part of the game and 
I want to get it write. Hopefully I'll get it done by the end of this weekend, 
or by the time this semester starts ( that's this wednesday ,bah.) I know 
I missed some stuff, even tho it's nothing drastic, I will go back through 
the game and this walkthrough to add what I missed.

Upcoming Version(s):

Complete Items list (including what area they are found in)
List of Characters
Better plot summary
and things I might of missed


1. History/Index

2. Basic Plot

3. Controls
4. Walkthrough
   4.1.0 Lance Village
   4.1.1 Outside Lance
   4.1.2 The Underground Sanctuary
   4.1.3 Further Into The Underground Sanctuary.
   4.1.4 Back To Lance
   4.2.0 The Land Of Ice
   4.3.0 The Land Of Fire
   4.3.1 Lava Village
   4.3.2 Further Into The Land Of Fire
   4.4.0 Ramia Village
   4.4.1 Journey To The Demon's Shrine
   4.4.2 Through The East Gate
   4.4.3 Through The West Gate
   4.4.4 The sewers, A demon, and the Holy Cup.
   4.4.5 The Demon Shrine Sewers
   4.4.6 More Fun At The Demon's Temple
   4.4.7 Treasure Hunt In The Sewers
   4.5.0 Race To The Bell Tower
   4.5.1 The Final Battle Approaches
   4.6.0 The fight for Ys: Battle with the Devil.

5. Items

6. Magic List

7. Bosses

8. Thanks

2. Basic Plot 

      The story picks up right after Ancient Ys Vanished. Adol is awakened 
by a girl named Lilia and she tells him that he is in the land of Ys. Adol 
now must continue his journey and stop evil before its too late.

3. Controls and Game play

      The controls are the same as the original Ys, but if this is your first 
time playing the series I'll fill you in. The basic game play is you walk 
into things to kill them. You can't walk right into them or you'll die within 
3 seconds. What you have to do is to go off to the side a little so part of 
Adol hits them. It sounds confusing but you'll get the hang of it as you 
progress. In some areas , when you get hit, you are able to regenerate your 
health. This is a real lifesaver when you are leveling up ,or in a area where 
you are having a tough time getting through. 

A: Casts magic

B: Use Items

Select: Brings up menu.

Start: Pauses game.

4. Walkthrough

If you notice any errors, tell me.

4.1.0 Lance Village

      First thing you need to do is get to Lilia's house. It's at the bottom 
part of town ,so go east then south and you'll see a house with 3 barrels 
infront of it, go in it. Lilia's mom will tell Adol that she is sick, but 
Doctor Flair hasn't been around lately and only he can cure her. She gives 
Adol a letter for him and 300 gold to buy equipment. Go to the Weapons/Armor 
dealer, located right above Lilia's house and buy A Sword , and either a Shield 
or Armor, your choice. Before you leave Gido mentions that he is out of Iron 
Ore and will buy some from Adol, make a note to that. Now go and talk to 
everyone in town and listen to whatever they have to say. Now leave town, 
and its leveling time! In some areas when you get hit, you will regenerate 
your exp

Note: This is the first, and last time I will mention leveling up. From here 
on I will assume that you have been leveling. You should ALWAYS level up when 
you enter a new area, it's very tedious so save often because you can lose 
all you've worked for within seconds so SAVE OFTEN.

4.1.1 Outside Lance
      Go south, then east and when you go through the trees, get the green 
thing that's by one of them. It's a -Roda Nut-,remember where that is for 
future reference. When you leave the forest, head north and you will see Regs. 
He asks Adol to get the contents in the box to the east (you can't hurt the 
monsters guarding it until you are level 3),inside the box is the -Abyss 
Staff-. Now go back to Regs and he will tell Adol about the Goddess statue 
North of him. When Adol goes up to touch the statue he'll get "the gift of 

      Now leave the forest area and go to the North Eastern corner, open the 
box and you'll get the -Slate-. If you haven't already ,talk to Astal ,he's 
in the east area, standing by a gate. He will tell Adol that the Elder asked 
about two girls and mentions that he went back to town. Go back to town and 
go east, you will see the Elder standing by his house. He'll tell Adol about 
the two girls he saw, and then says he can enter the sanctuary. Get what you 
need from town and go back to where Astal was. 

4.1.2 The Underground Sanctuary

      When you enter the tunnel and go West you will see a Gold door, it's 
locked so continue through. You will soon encounter a green door, enter it 
and you will see one of the 6 priest statues, it's of the Priest Hadal. The 
bookn will disappear from Adol's inventory and the statue will talk to him. 
If Adol is injured he will be healed,  after that leave and continue going 
down the tunnel. You're now in the cave part of the sanctuary, keep on going 
until you see 3 passage ways, go to the one all the way to the right, go through 
the tunnel and go in the doorway. In here you will see the statue of Toba,  
the book will disappear from Adol's inventory and Toba will speak to him. 
After that ,go back from where you came.

4.1.3 Further Into The Underground Sanctuary

      Now go into the middle doorway, go through until you see 3 doorways 
and enter the one on the far right, you will see yet another room with 3 
doorways, enter the middle one and get the -Mattock- from the box. Go back 
through the left doorway ( to the right is dead end) and go in the middle 
doorway. Go through the right doorway and keep on going until you reach a 
dead end, go to the right side of the room, equip the -Mattock-, and hit the 
odd part of the wall. Enter the hole and there will be Dr.Flare, he will ask 
about the letter and will tell Adol that he will need a -Selseta Flower- and 
a -Roda Nut- to cure Lilia.

      Now go back two rooms and go to the doorway on the far left. Enter the 
doorway on the far left and when you go down the tunnel there will be two 
ways, go both ways. Down the left side will be the statue of Mesa, and down 
the right side will be the statue of Dabby. Leave the tunnel and enter the 
doorway on the right side. Another three doorways, take the one to the right. 

      Now four doorways, the one to the left, and the one to the right are 
dead-ends, so enter the one to the Southwest and get the -Fire Magic-. Go 
back through the middle doorway and go in the one on the left. Enter the middle 
doorway (the rooms through the right doorway are dead-ends) and then go in 
the middle doorway which leads to another tunnel. Go north and get the -Cleria 
Ring- from the box, then continue south and  there will be the statue of Jemma. 
Now go back to the three-way room and go to the right, cross the bridge and 
there is the first boss.

      From here go all the way south and stop, there's a door in that wall 
you are now facing, so keep on walking along the wall until you can see a 
door on the other side, go into that door and open the box and you'll get 
-Iron Ore-, now after doing that go east until you see a path going north 
and one going south that leads to a doorway. Take the north path up and you'll 
see a lake and next to it is the -Selseta Flower-, grab it and go south to 
the doorway. From here take the Northeast path and enter the doorway, go all 
the way north and continue until you see another path leading north and get 
-Light Magic- from the box. Exit the room and go south, then east and through 
the doorway. Take the right path all the way south and get the -Evil Bell- 
from the box. Now leave the Sanctuary and go back to Lance.

4.1.4 Back To Lance
      Now that you have the -Selseta Flower- and the -Roda Nut-, go behind 
the Elders house and give the -Selseta Flower- and the -Roda Nut- to him and 
he will give you -Lilia's Cure-. Go to Lilia's house and her Mother will give 
you -Return Magic- as gratitude for saving her daughters life. Now go to the 
house east of there,  Jira will ask you to go in the basement due to strange 
noises coming from it. When you go down there use the -Evil Bell- and the 
wall will break open. Go to the right and enter the Green door, inside that 
room will be the last priest statue Fact. It will talk to you and he will 
open the Gold door from the Underground Sanctuary. Buy whatever it is you 
need to buy (remember to sell the -Iron Ore-) and then go back to the 
Underground Sanctuary and enter the Golden Door.

4.2.0 The Land Of Ice

      Go up all of the steps until you have the choice of going East or West. 
Go up the steps to the west, then go west and keep on going down the step 
leading west and get the -Ice Orb- from the box. Go down the slide and go 
all the way up the mountain, and then go west and enter the doorway. Go east 
through the tunnel and you will se a door (dead end), pass it and continue 
going, go up and then on the side of the ledge (on the arrowish part) and 
use the -Ice Orb-, it will create a ice bridge. Go down the steps and then 
go to the right of them, up and left into the wall and get the -Spirit Gown- 
from the box. Go down the steps, west and up more stairs and enter the doorway. 
Go down the steps ,down the next two, and go off west. Go down the slide and 
get the Hawk 
Idol from the box, go down the other slide ,down the steps and through the 

      In here you will see blocks of ice, go to the bottom right of it and 
use Fire Magic on it (you have to be level 10 or above for it to work) and 
the blocks will disappear. Go through the doorway and get 
-Telepathy- from the box (use Telepathy to get hints from monsters), go down 
the steps and then all the way up the steps leading north(make not of the 
slide you just passed). Go through the tunnel, get the -Stone Shoes- from 
the box. Go back to the tunnel where you melted the Ice Blocks go to the doorway 
on the other side, go up the stairs, up the slide, all the way east, up the 
stairs, west and up the slide. Here you will see a Green goddess statue, make 
note of it. Go back to the cave where you made the ice bridge and go through 
the doorway on the other side.. Go east , down the two sets of stairs, west, 
up the first stairs, west, down five sets of stairs, west some more, down 
the stirs and up the slide at the west. Get the -Mirror Of Illusion- from 
the box and go back to the slide that I noted. Up the slide is a door, use 
-Mirror Of Illusion- and the real door will appear. Here you will fight a 
boss, move on when done.

4.3.0 The Land Of Fire
      Go all the way west and on to the next screen, from here go all the 
way north until you see a doorway to the east. Go northeast until you see 
another doorway, north from where you are is a doorway, go through the doorway 
and continue going northwest. Then through that door go west and up the little 
pathway, east and cross another path and then you'll come across another door. 
Continue going east and through the next door.

4.3.1 Lava Village

      Talk to everyone there and you'll eventually encounter Ruba. He will 
tell you that demons broke the bridge device and nobody can cross anymore. 
Use telepathy and talk to him, after he is done turn back into your human 
form ,he'll tell you what's up and you'll get -Whispering Earrings-. Someone 
in the town mentions that he senses something eerie by the ice passage. The 
ice passage is where you went after defeating the ice boss, go back there 
and use the -Evil Bell-. Use the telepathy magic and talk to the demons that 
appeared, one of them will tell you that the -Roda Leaf- is at the end of 
the passage. 

4.3.2 Further Into The Land Of Fire

      Go through the door to the west and go directly down to that greenish 
spot and get the -Roda Leaf-. Now go north, past the door from before, go 
all the west and through the door. Now go all the way to the southwest ,through 
that door, and continue going west. Go all the way northwest and you will 
see a door, before you go through it equip the -Roda Leaf-. Go west through 
the room, then go all the way west and then south and through the door. Go 
get the -Black Pearl- from the box, leave the area and go all the way Northeast 
and enter the door. Now go Northeast to yet another door and go all the way 
west to the wall, Adol will hear speaking but can't make it out. Equip the 
-Whispering Earrings-, it's Tarf, Ruba's son, and Keith in there with him. 
He will mention that you need to give them the -Black Pearl- so they can get 
out. Go up against the wall again and you'll pass it to them, now go back 
to Lava Village. Tarf thanks you for saving him and mentions that Keith left 
you a note back at the cell, Ruba lowers the bridge and thanks you for your 
help. If you want to read the note, go all the way west from Lava Village ,then 
go down until you see a doorway, and in that room go to he bottom left corner 
and Adol will read a diary left there. This isn't anything important, but 
it adds to the story, so skip it if you want. Now cross the bridge in Lava 
and then go north and all the way east, all the way south and then all the 
way west again and go through the door. Go through this room and in the next 
one work your way all the way north and enter the doorway and fight the 3rd 

4.4.0 Ramia Village
      After you defeat the boss, go through the door and enter the 
door on the right. Go all the way east again, and through the door. Go around 
and talk to the towns people, the lady by the steps, she will tell you that 
her daughter Maria was taken away and is going to be sacrificed. By the door 
there is a man named Goat, he will tell you about a dream he had about a girl. 
The girl in his dream told him that you were coming and that he should help 
you, so now he will let you pass through the gate, he also suggests asking 
Hadat for help. Goto the house southwest from you, there Hadat will give you 
the -Rira Shell- to communicate with. Now talk to Goat and he will open the 

4.4.1 Journey To The Demon's Shrine

Note: This, to me is one of the most complicated parts in the game, and the 
longest part at that. I'm going to try to explain it as clearly as 
possibly ,since there is a lot to do. This is the demon talking part of the 
game, and use telepathy often to talk to demons so you know whats going on.

	Two demons are guarding the gate, use telepathy and talk to one of them, 
they will let you pass. Go left and up the stairs, if you go right you'll 
see a room to the middle ,that's Dolga's room. Make a note of it. Go east, 
up the stairs, west,all the way north, and all the way east. In the next area 
keep going until you go down the first set of stairs, no go north up the pathway 
that you see, and then take the way to the right. You will se a demon guarding 
the game, he will tell you that you need a permit to pass. Now go back all 
the way south, up the stairs to the east, then go north, take a right (the 
building has nothing in it, don't bother), south, and keep on going in the 
area until you reach a door. Go through that room and past the door, now take 
the next door to the right (down the stairs is a dead end), and through the 
doors until you're outside again. Now go south and then east until you see 
a door, enter ,talk to the demon using telepathy, and then you will get 
-Permit-. Continue going west until you see two doors, enter the one to the 
far left (the other is a dead end), go down ,take a right , and go through 
the door. Go east  ,take the stairs to the north, enter the door to the west , 
and talk to the demon using telepathy. I don't know if you need to talk to 
him, just something I think you should see just to know what's going on. Now 
go back to the guy that asks you for the permit. When you go all the way south 
from that building you will see a door, take the stairs to the right to get 
to it. Talk to the demon using telepathy, kill him, and use -Whisper Earrings- 
on the door.

4.4.2 Through The East Gate

	Equip the permit ,use telepathy and talk to the demon so he will open 
the gate. In the next area take the west path, now go north towards the 
building and go through the door that's all the way west and get the -Peace 
Ring- that is in the box. After they talk about the people that escaped, they 
will reveal the password for the west gate. 
If you havn't already been to the west gate heres how to get there. From inromt 
of Dolga's room go west, up the stairs, take a right and go all the way north, 
and then west. 

4.4.3 Through The West Gate.

      Talk to the demon and he will let you through. To the south you will 
see a building, it lead's to the sewers, you don't have to go there yet but, 
take note of it. Go all the way south (not down the stairs) and then enter 
the room to the left, there will be a empty box and a demon that will say 
that the goddess pendant was moved. Leave the room,  go up the stairs, and 
go west. Go down the stairs to the south, through the door to the west and 
get the -Iron Shield- from the box. Now go outside the room and take the path 
going west . Go in the door and through the first door you encounter in the 
room, go left from the door and go north. Once you come to the end of the 
wall, go north and down the stairs , keep going west enter the first door 
you see. Go all the way north and get the -Time Stop- magic from the box. 
Now go to the building that leads to the sewer (the one I told you to keep 
note of, it's by the west gate)

4.4.4 The Sewers, A Demon, And The Holy Cup.

	When you enter the room, go up and talk to the wizard Dalles. He will 
threaten Adol and warns him not to go on. Ignore him and go on anyway, BUT 
WAIT! since Adol ignored his warning, he is now turned into a demon. Continue 
going into the sewers anyway, you have now enterd the most confusing area 
of the game (you'll see later on). Go south and then across the bridges, theres 
a greed door go up to it and read what it says. Now cross the bridge left 
of you, go south and keep on following the pathway and cross the bridge that 
you encounter. Keep on following the pathway east ,then go south. Take the 
path that allows you to continue going west, then go north and take a left, 
south, and then all the way west and you'll see a Green door. The people in 
the room don't trust that you are really human and tell you how to return 
back to normal. Now need need the -Holy Cup-, it's in the room with "a 
different color", I think thats a bit mistranslated since the only difference 
about the room is that the walls look weird (they arn't brick patterned). 

     Exit the sewer and from the front of that building, go up the stairs, 
go west and up another set of stairs.  In the next room take the pathway north, 
then take the stairs down, go all the way east behind the stairs, and up the 
steps that are there. Go all the way west until you reach a building and go 
inside the door. Use the light magic and get the -Holy Cup-, now go back to 
Ramia and he will handle it from there. Now go back to the hideout in the 

     They will now let you in, talk to everyone and they will tell you whats 
happened. Lilia will tell you that Keith saved them from the demons and told 
everyone to hide there. She will then give you the 
-Shrine Key-, laughter occurs and they all turn into stone. Now go back to 
Dolga's room and enter the door. Here you will fight the fourth boss. Inside 
the room is a statue, it's useless for now so just head onwards.

4.4.5 The Demon Shrine Sewers Part 2

     Go to the east gate, now start going east , then north, east again, north 
and into the doorway. Go through the doorway, south, through the door, all 
the way north, and through yet another doorway. Go all the way west and follow 
the path to the south, staying on the left side of the screen. Cross the bridge 
to the east and continue going south (the path northeast leads where you came). 
Now go all the way west and you'll see a statue, go up to him and Adol will 
notice that he is holding a sword, take note on where he is. Now go all the 
way east, north and cross the bridge. Continue going north and you'll see 
another bridge,  cross it, and theres a fork in the road. Take the top path 
all they way east, and then go south until you see a bridge. Cross the bridge 
and go all the way north where you will fine the -Silver Pendant- in a box. 
Now go back to that statue in Dolga's room, equip the -Silver Pendant- and 
touch the statue. Leave through one of the doors in the next room, Hadat will 
call you through the shell and tells you to go back to his place, Tarf is 
there waiting for you. He will tell Adol that someone has been asking people 
about him, and that he enterd the temple. Now go back to the statue and do 
the same thing again.

4.4.6 More Fun At The Demon's Temple

Note: The sewers are the trickiest parts to write out(as you can tell), so 
I'm going to try to explain what to do as easy as possible, which is why I 
sometimes might have written out a longer way.     

     Go all the way south, don't worry about taking the west path, it's just 
a dead end, and go through the door to the east. Go south, east, through the 
door, through the next door, follow the path all the way east, and go through 
the next two doors. Go down the stairs and enter the left room, in there you 
will get the -Battle Shield-. Now go back up the stairs (the door to the right 
leads to dead ends), and through the door thats all the way to the west.Go 
through the door in the room and go east and follow along the wall (it will 
go north, west, south and then a bridge) and cross the bridges. Then go all 
the way north, cross the bridge to the east,and then go south and follow 
through everything, crossing all the bridges you see, and end up going all 
the way north to Keith. Now go to the Dragon door in the first sewer.

4.4.7 Treasure Hunt In The Sewers

Note: This is the part I hated the most when I first played through the game, 
I still hate, and always will. I will try to guide you through this as painless 
as humanly possible.

     Cross two bridges to the left and go south. Follow through the path until 
you find stairs, now take the pathway leading north, then go south through 
the pathway to the right and keep going until you see a treasure box. Go up 
the stairs and get the -Battle Armor- from the box.
Go east and up the narrow path, take a right when you reach the stairs, keep 
going along the path ,go down the stairs ,up the narrow path and through the 
wall. Go south and follow the narrow path, keep on going until you see a 
treasure box, then go west, turn south and you'll see stairs, remember where 
they are. Continue going west and down the norrow path, go north and up the 
stiars. Follow the path and you will find the -Battle-Sword- in the box. Now 
go back and go up the stairs that I noted, and get the -Falcon Idol- from 
the box. Keith is in the room south of you, talk to him and he will tell you 
about Maria and the sacrifice that will take place. Go in the door, go up 
the stairs to the left,go west, take the path south and continue going and 
enter the door you come across. The Goddess of Ys is in the room and will 
ask you to go up to her, she will tell you that the -Dream Idol- is needed 
to reverse the effects of the stone curse. Now go back and take the pathway 
all the way north, and through the door to the east you will fight the fifth 
boss, move on when done. 

4.5.0 Race To The Bell Tower

     Go through the room and you'll see Maria. Talk to her and she will plead 
that you go back. Continue going on and you'll eventuall come to a room with 
windows and while you walk through it, you will hear a bell ring. Keep on 
going and you'll come across another room with windows, and you will once 
again hear another bell ring. In the next room you will see a door along the 
path, go through it and there will be a protected treasure box, make not of 
it. Keep going and you'll hear the third bell ring when you reach a outdoors 
part.  Continue and the fourth and final bell will ring when you reach the 
rooftop. Go up the stairs to the west and you will see a wizard, and after 
you talk to him ,he will dissapear. Now start leaving the bell tower and enter 
get the -Dream Idol- from the box that was protected. As you leave the Bell 
Tower you will see Maria's corpse, now head to the Goddess of Ys and give 
her the -Dream Idol-. She will tell you that the -Black Pearl- is needed for 
it to work, go back to Ramia and talk to Tarf. He will tell you that he must 
of dropped it when he talked to Goat, and then Goat will tell you that a robed 
man picked it up and went into the shrine.
When you go to the gate, the demon will tell you that the meeting is over, 
and that Dalles braught something back. Now goto the meeting room and get 
the -Black Pearl- from the box. Now go back to the Goddess.

4.5.1 The Final Battle Approaches

     The Goddess tells you to go on the top of the Bell Tower and use the 
-Dream Idol- to reverse the spell. Now go back to the Hideout, Lilia is no 
longer there, and one of the kids found a letter from Dr.Flare with the -Gold 
Pendant- attatched. Now go to the man with the sword that you saw 
before(eastgate sewer). He will introduce hisself as Sada of Ramia Village, 
and will give you the -Cleria-Sword-. He will also mention that there is some 
armor at his place. Go to Ramia and get the -Cleria-Armor- from Hadat. Now 
go to the statue in Doga's room and use the -Gold Pendant- on it. Follow the 
path , go up the stairs and through the door, there you will fight the sixth 
boss ,continue when finished.

4.6.0 The fight for Ys: Battle with the Devil.

     You will see Tarf and he tells you that everyone is waiting in the core. 
As you continue you will see Maria, and she will tell Adol how she survived. 
Go some more and all the way up the narrow path, someone will call Adol when 
you touch the wall, go back and a wall will open up. There you will see Keith, 
talk to him and he will tell Adol that Goat is waiting for him. Continue and 
you will then see Goat, there is a forcefield preventing you from going on, 
go east and Adol will see someone turning the corner, keep on going and Lilia(?) 
will give you the -Goddess Ring-. Equip it and you'll be able to continue 
onward. Look at the two statue's and you'll hear a voice, after that Goban 
and Luta Gemma will come. Goban gives you the -Silver Harmonica-, and Luta 
Gemma gives you the -Cleria-Shield-. Play the harmonica and you'll free the 
Goddesses of Ys Lair and Feena. Lair will put the power of Y's in your sword 
and Feena will give you -Shield Magic-. Now go through the door and take part 
in the final boss. After you defeat him, sit back and enjoy the ending.

5. -Items-

Abyss Staff - Grants you the gift of magic.
Black Pearl - Given to Tarf and Keith to be released from the cell. Used with 
Dream Idol to break the stone spell.
Canal Key - Opens door to the water room in the Demon temple sewers.
Cleria Ring -
Dabby - The third book of Ys.
Dream Idol - Breaks the stone spell.
Elixir - Revives you after falling. Replenishes all HP and MP
Evil Bell - Opens wall in Jira's basement, and reveals demons at the ice 
Fact - The sixth book of Ys
Falcon Idol - Adds long lasting homing to Fire magic. It atacks enemies until 
it goes out.
Gold Pendant - Used on the statue in Doga's room.
Goddess Ring - Gives you strength in attacks
Hadal - The first book of Ys
Hawk Idol - Adds homing to fire magic.
Herb - Heals injuries
Holy Cup - Breaks a demons spell.
Ice Orb - Creates a bridge of ice.
Iron Ore - Sold to Gido to make stronger armor.
Illusion Mirror - Makes a bridge of ice.
Jemma -  The second book of Ys
Letter - Given to Dr.Flare to notify him about Lilia's illness.
Mattock - Breaks through weak walls.
Mesa - The fourth book of Ys.
Peace Ring -
Permit - Allows you to pass the east gate at the Demon's Shrine.
Rira Shell - Allows you to communicate with Hadat
Roda Leaf - Lets you breathe in poison areas.
Roda Nut - Half of the cure for Lilia, and replenishes MP
Scroll -
Selseta Flower - Half of the cure for Lilia
Shrine Key -
Silver Pendant - Used with the statue in Doga's room.
Slate - Tells a prophecy of Ys.
Silver Harmonica - Given to you by Goban, used to free the Goddesses of Ys.
Spirit Gown - Gradually restores HP.
Stone Shoes - Allows you to walk up ice slides.
Toba - the fifth book of Ys.
Whisper Earrings - Allows you to hear distant sounds.
Wing - Takes you anywhere instantly.

6. -Equipment-

Short-sword - Bought for 100 gold in Lance
Long-Sword - Bought for 1000 gold in Lance and Ramia
Talwar - Bought for 5000 gold in Lance and Ramia
Hyper-Cutter - Bought for 50000 gold in Ramia
Battle-Sword - Found at the Demon's Temple
Cleria-Sword - Given to you by Sada


Chain-Mail - Bought for 200 gold in Lance
Breast-Plate - Bought for 2500 gold in Lance and Ramia
Plate-Mail - Bought for 10000 gold in Lance and Ramia
Reflex - Bought for 20000 gold in Ramia
Battle-Armor - Found at the Demon's Temple
Cleria-Armor - Given to you by Hadat


Wood-Shield - Bought for 100 gold in Lance and Ramia
Small-Shield - Bought for 1500 gold in Lance and Ramia
Large-Shield - Bought for 8000 gold in Lance and Ramia
Iron-Shield - Found in the Demon's Temple
Battle-Shield - Found at the Demon's Temple
Cleria-Shield - Given to you by Luta Gemma


Fire Magic - Shoots fire from sword and melts blocks of ice.
Light Magic - Reveals hidden objects.
Return Magic - Brings you to any town of your choice.
Time Stop - Freezes time, while slowly draining MP.
Telepathy Magic - Turns you into a demon, allowing you to talk to other 
demons, while slowly draining MP.
Shield Magic - A shield that drains MP. (When you get hit Adol's MP decreases 
as well)

7. -Bosses- 

Note: If you or your fire magic doesn't hurt the boss, then level up and try 

1. Giant Bat

This is quick and simple, equip the fire magic and when it lands, shoot the 
hell out of him. It will eventually die and you will move on.

2. Ice Monster

Another easy boss, just shoot him to hell with fire magic.

3. Demon Head.

Yet another easy boss, when he stops shoot him with fire magic.

4. Dolga, the wizard.

Again, all you do is shoot him with the fire magic ,when he appears.

5. Blue Demon

Like always, a easy boss. Just shoot the face under his cape, when shown.

6. Dalles, the wizard.

He seals your magic, so all you do is atack him when he reappears.

7. The Devil

     This is one hell of a hard boss. You had it real easy, now witness one 
of the hardess bosses you'll ever face. Equip the Goddess ring for extra 
strength and use the shield magic. If you have an exlixer you will have a 
better chance of survival, but the bad thing is the shield spell doesn't 
reactivate after your MP is replenished. Try to avoid getting hit by the magic 
orbs that are floating around, they drain your shield fast, and really try 
to avoid them when your MP is gone. When two of them hit you at the same time, 
you actually get hit by both of them. The people that made the game were EVIL, 
they made you think just because all the bosses were easy, the last one would 
be too. Stay sharp, be quick, and you'll be able to defeat him.

8. -Thanks-

V.M.I ,Nihon Falcom, and Nintendo (no thanks to NOA) for making such a 
brilliant game.

David Mullen for translating the game for our 

GameFaqs.com for posting this, and providing release date info

and to you for actually reading all of this.

Copyrighted by "Sif",You can use this walkthrough in anyway you want as long 
as you give me some credit, and e-mailing me(smashsmack@yahoo.com) telling 
me how ,where ,and why you are using it.