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\ Introduction /

I came across this game while surfing the net. It was never released in America, 
but the ROM comes with a great English patch that translates what little text 
is in the game. Anyway, I had always liked a good game of Adventure Island, 
and I was curious to see what the fourth one in the series was like. So I 
downloaded it and played it through. It was actually quite fun and innovative 
(though there are some elements of the game that come dangerously close to 
copying Mario and Zelda, but I digress), and the gameplay wasn't as linear 
as it was in the first few. 

\ Table of Contents /

1. Controls
2. Gameplay
3. Dinos
4. Items
5. Hazards
6. Walkthrough 
   ~Part 1 - Rock
   ~Part 2 - Fire
   ~Part 3 - Ice
   ~Part 4 - Water
   ~Part 5 - Sky
   ~Part 6 - Finale
~Thanks to

\ 1. Controls /

D-Pad - Controls your character left and right, and also ducks

Start - Use to enter the item menu

A - Use this button to jump

B - Use this button to use the current weapon or item you have equipped; 
     also hold it down to run

\ 2. Gameplay /

You start out the game searching for lost dinosaurs that were eaten by a giant 
face. You start the game equipped with bones that you throw at enemies, and 
two Heart Containers for health. 

Menu Bar

You'll notice a little menu bar along the bottom. This displays various things 
including (from left to right):

- Amount of fruit you're carrying. This is shown by 8 dots. Every time you 
pick up a fruit (whether you defeated an enemy or it just appeared), one of 
the dots fills in. When all 8 dots fill in, one of your hearts refills. Not 
very reliable, especially later on in the game. You'll want to find eggs that 
contain meat. Meat will restore all of your life. 

- Your life. You start with 2 hearts and can end up with a maximum of 8. every 
time you're hit, one heart gets taken away. Increase your maximum life by 
collecting Heart Containers and 1/2 Heart Containers.

- This space is used to tell you if you're carrying half of a Heart Container. 

- This space shows you what weapon you are currently using. To change it, 
go into the menu screen by pressing start and select a weapon or item with 

Pick Ups

Along with fruit, there are other items that appear on the playing field. 
They can be obtained by destroying enemies or opening an egg.

Invincibility Star - Picking up one of these causes you to become temporarily 
impervious to enemies and spikes. 

Heart - Picking up a heart fills one of your Heart Containers back up.

Meat - Picking up meat restores all of your hearts. 


You can't actually save your game, but you can rest in your house to restore 
your health and get a current password. The password will even work with the 
last Teleport Egg that you used, so you won't have to go through a lot of 
trouble making it back to an area that you previously died in. 

Teleport Eggs

The first major item you get in the game is the Teleport Egg. Whenever you 
see a pedestal with the Teleport Egg design on it, you can press up to set 
the egg. Using your egg from the menu will cause you to return to this spot 
whenever you want. If you use another pedestal, however, it replaces any 
previous egg that you have placed. 


Any time you die, you are returned to your house, unless you have a Fairy. 
Any teleport egg you have used will still be in place, however. 

\ 3. Dinos / 

As you save the Dinosaurs from captivity, you will be able to visit the 
Dinosaur village and take the Dinosaurs with you. They all have their unique 
abilities and attacks, so make good use of them.


Spade is just a little red dinosaur that spits fire and walks. Pretty basic.


Heart is a little blue dinosaur that strikes with his tail. Again, this is 
a pretty basic one.


Club is a unique dinosaur in that he can fly and use aerial attacks by dropping 
rocks on enemies. 


Diamond is a decent swimmer without an attack of its own, but it increases 
the power of your own attacks.


This powerful little critter curls up into a ball and spins to attack. Use 
this to quickly destroy any enemy.

Note that you can put away a dinosaur as an item and bring it back out later. 
If you incur damage while on a dinosaur, the dinosaur will take the hit for 
you and disappear. 

\ 4. Items /

Pressing start will display the menu screen, which looks something like this:

|                                   |
| ------ITEM SELECT---------------- |
|    ---WEAPON & ITEM---  -POWER-   |
|   |   A   B   C   D   ||   S   |  |
|   |   E   F   G   H   ||   T   |  |
|   |   I   J   K   L   ||   U   |  |
|    -------------------  -------   |
|    ---SPECIAL ITEM-------------   |
|   |   M   N   O   P    Q   R   |  |
|    ----------------------------   |

The following is a description of each item:

A - BONE - This is your basic weapon, and it will be used mostly throughout 
the game, until you get the Boomerang and the Tomahawk. It's long distance, 
and many can be thrown at one time.

B - HAMMER - This doesn't have much use other than to break a few boulders 
and help in boss fight. It's more powerful than the Bones, but it has such 
a short range that it doesn't even work effectively. The Hammer can also be 
used to smash small rocks which yield hearts.

C - TORCH - As with the Hammer, the Torch isn't very effective as a weapon 
due to its poor range. It's useful only in dark areas where you need to light 
torches on the wall to see certain platforms. 

D - WATER GUN - Unlike the Hammer or Torch, the Water Gun is used throughout 
the game to douse hostile fires and water wilting sprouts for you to bounce 
on. It has a decent range, but it's ineffective as a weapon due to its low 
power and inability to shoot rapidly. 

E - SNOWBOARD - This item is mainly used to get enough speed to jump certain 
gaps. It only works on the snow, and if you try to use it on regular land, 
you'll find that you'll have to jump around. This item becomes obsolete once 
you leave the snow area.

F - SPEAR - This is a decent weapon, but it's pretty close range to be too 
useful. The real secret in using the spear lies in its ability to stick into 
wood. Use it to ride platforms across gaps by jumping up while holding up 
on the directional pad, and sticking the spear into the log with B.

G - UMBRELLA - This item cannot be used as a weapon, but it is invaluable 
for getting across gaps you normally couldn't jump across. Simply take a leap 
and use the Umbrella to glide the rest of the way. If you land in water with 
the Umbrella out, you can use it as a boat to travel along the surface of 
the water. 

H - BIG HAMMER - There's not much to say about this item. It is not a good 
weapon, and it's used once in the game.

I - SURFBOARD - This item is handy for traveling across the surface of the 
water, but by the time you get it, it is already not of much use.

J - BOOMERANG - Finally, a long range weapon that's more powerful than the 
Bones! You can't throw more than one at a time, but you'll find it easy to 
hit the enemy you're throwing it at, and it's powerful enough to kill normal 
enemies in a single blow. Every once in a while it will mess up and travel 
in circles around you, but that makes it a lot harder for enemies to get close 
to you, so it's good if this happens! The Boomerang is also necessary for 
hitting certain switches.

K - SKATEBOARD - This is the only vehicle that can travel on regular land 
effectively, but it's not much use by the time you get it, as you'll want 
to concentrate on tricky jumps and keeping you health up.

L - TOMAHAWKS - This is the best weapon in the game, but you get it really 
late, towards the end. Still, it's invaluable for the final Boss. They work 
exactly like the Bones, except they are much more powerful. They are used 
for hitting a certain switch.

M - RECOVERY HEART - This can be used once to restore a single heart.

N - POTION - This can be used once to restore all your hearts.

O - HOME ICON - This can be used once to return to your house at any time.

P - TELEPORTATION EGG - One of the first items you find, and one of the best. 
Set it on a pedestal and use it to return to that specific pedestal whenever 
you want. See the Gameplay section for more details.

Q - COMPASS - A bit misleading, the Compass actually displays a map of the 
area that you're in. The only real useful thing about it is that an arrow 
will show you which way to go.

R - FAIRY - If you die while you have a Fairy in your inventory, she will 
automatically restore all your hearts and disappear. This way, you won't have 
to start all the way from your house. 

S - P-POWER - This item is a key to get past a certain area in the game. 

T - J-POWER - This item is a key to get past a certain area in the game.

U - D-POWER - This item is a key to get past a certain area in the game.

\ 5. Hazards /

Hazards in the game consist of enemies and objects that hurt our hero. 
Following each is a little description.

Snails - Wander aimlessly

Monkeys - Throw coconuts

Bugs - Meander through the air

Water droplets - Drip from the ceiling... this is the most questionable hazard, 
I mean, come on, it's just water! 

Spiders - Move up and down

Birds - Fly and swoop

Bats - Swoop at you in caves

Moles - Keep coming out of a hole in the ground

Pigs - When you pass a flower, this guy comes charging at you!

Skulls - Sit stationary, spinning

Fish - Sleep until you disturb them, sometimes drop hearts

Seahorses - Swim up and down

Jellyfish - Swim erratically

Frogs - Hop at you quickly

Armadillos - Take many hits to destroy

Fireballs - Come out of the lava to make you hurt

Firebirds - Flaming birds that live in the lava

Shell creatures - These strange creatures hop up and down

Snakes - Slither around and spit things at you

Snowmen - Cannot totally destroy 

Penguins - Slip and slide on the ice

Icicles - Fall from the icy ceiling

Seals - Much like the penguins, slip and slide on the ice

Rabbits - Jump up and down and all around

Storks - Fly around the skies delivering babies... actually, they try and 
hurt you.

Mines - Move in an arc

Urchins - Move up and down

Crabs - Walk sideways back and forth

Mosquitoes - Buzz at you annoyingly

Grasshoppers - Hop at you

Spiny snails - Not your garden variety snail

Fake rocks - Little rocks on legs; not a pet!

Clouds - They hover over you and make your jumps fall short

Spinning snails - The fast variety of snails; as their name implies, they 
spin and dash at you

Anemones - They sit in the water and shoot things at you

Ant lions - They live in the ground waiting for unwary prey

Scorpions - Scuttle around the desert environs

Block mouse - A mouse that hides under a block

Ghosts - Indestructible nuisances that haunt the Pyramid

Skeleton bats - Like regular bats, only dead

Torches - Irate flames that are out to burn you

Skeleton snakes - A dead snake; acts like their living kin

Skeleton bulls - Charge at you when given the chance; you must destroy the 
body and the head.

Skeleton rhinos - Charge at you when given the chance; you must destroy the 
body and the head.

Hedgehogs - Spiny little critter that walk along the ground

\ 6. Walkthrough /

Part 1 - Rock


Water droplets 

You start off the game in front of your house. You can enter the house if 
you want, and sleep in the bed to get a password for your current game. When 
you're ready, head right past the ladder and enter the door. The creature 
here will give you a TELEPORTATION EGG. You can't use it yet, but it appears 
in your menu, which you can access by pressing Start. 

Head down the nearby ladder, and head right, throwing your bones at any 
enemies in your way. After a short walk, you come to a tall tree that goes 
off the screen and a path that leads down. The only way that isn't a dead 
end is the underground cave, so drop down in there now. Take care of the bat 
that swoops at you and head left, avoiding the water droplet... apparently 
our hero is allergic to water or something.

Anyway, the egg in the corner contains meat in case you are hurting. On the 
right side of the cave is the exit. Jump out to the right to land on a ledge 
with a door. The mole in here tells you that you need a hammer, which you 
don't have yet, so head outside and climb up the really tall tree.

You can ride the log to the left for some fruit if you want, but you'll have 
to dodge a spider and a bird on the way over. Also, you won't be able to get 
back across and you'll have to fall down and go through the cave again. 

Heading to the right of the tall tree, you'll se a small rock on the ground. 
Tripping over it causes you to lose health, so you'll definitely want to avoid 
it. The bird just beyond will drop an egg when you hit it, and the egg contains 

The nearby door contains a monkey that challenges you to a race up a slippery 
metal pole. Press the A button as fast as you can to beat the monkey up the 
pole. For winning, you receive a COMPASS. Using this in the menu will show 
a unique map of the Level that you're on. 

You can play this mini-game three more times for three more prizes, but due 
to a glitch, you'll have to drop off the cliff to the left and climb back 
up before you attempt the mini-game again. If you don't, you won't be able 
to climb up the pole again. Anyway, the other prizes you can get are a RECOVERY 
HEART, which can be used in the menu to restore a heart, a POTION, which can 
be used to restore yourself to full life, and a HOME icon, which returns you 
to your house when you use it. 

Climb down the tree to the right of the door, and head into the alcove to 
the left. The small bat inside the doorway will descend slowly and turn into 
a large bat. Keep a steady stream of bones hitting the bat, but watch out, 
because it will swoop at you after a while. It can also shoot out smaller 
bats at you. It takes about 15 hits to destroy, and you get the HAMMER after 
the battle. You should equip it soon, if not now.  

Head back outside and use the green sprout to bounce up to the ledge with 
the tree on it. Climb up and head left to the other tree. Climb down and enter 
the door you passed before. Now the mole will let you play since you have 
a hammer. To win the prize, you must hit all 20 moles. The trick to hitting 
the moles is to always swing your hammer before you reach the mole. Even if 
the hammer has hit the ground, the mole will count as being hit if you simply 
touch it with the extended hammer. Also, you don't have to jump to get the 
ones on the platforms, you can stand under them and the hammer will still 
reach. Once you win this contest, you'll receive a FAIRY. If you die, the 
Fairy will revive you once, and you'll still be in the same place. If you 
lose your Fairy, you can always play the game to get another one. 

Head back up the tree, go to the right, and climb down the other tree. This 
time, head right into the cave and use your Hammer to destroy the boulder 
that's in your way. Pass the green sprouts and continue to the right. On the 
small mound, you'll see a flower and a pedestal. Walking past the flower 
triggers a pig to come flying at you from the left, so be ready to jump him. 
Pushing up in front of the pedestal will set your Teleportation Egg on it. 
Now you can teleport to this spot any time by using the Egg from your menu.

Continue right and pass up the sprouts again. Jump in the cave and continue 
to the right past the campfire and the water droplets. Kill the skull from 
across the pit, and head across yourself. Head across a series of tricky jumps 
until you reach a Teleport pedestal. If you use this pedestal, it will remove 
the egg from the other one, and you'll end up here when you use the egg from 
the menu, so keep that in mind. Also, if you want that egg you saw earlier, 
you can swim under the platform to get it, but all it contains is health.  
Now head to the right. 

When you reach a fork in the path, press down to duck, and then right to crawl 
under the passage. The door here leads to another egg room. Kill the swooping 
bat and step on the switch to activate a platform. The jump to the next 
platform is tricky, and there is a water droplet that keeps falling, so use 
caution. The egg contains a HEART CONTAINER. This increases your life by one 
whole heart. 

Head back under the tunnel and take the upper path this time. Head right and 
pass up the egg for now. The Boss resides in the next room.

Boss Fight===

There's a pretty easy pattern you can use in this fight. The Boss rolls a 
ball at you, and when it hits the far wall, it will bounce off and arc up 
into the air. If you stand on the ground in between the two platforms, you 
can jump over the ball when he rolls it, and safely stand underneath it on 
its way back, all the while throwing bones at it. After it rolls the ball 
a few times, a rock will fall from the ceiling. If the ball hits the rock, 
the bouncing pattern will change and the ball will be much harder to dodge. 
To prevent this, quickly head over to the rock, switch out your hammer, and 
smash it. Now no more rocks will appear, and the strategy will remain the 
same throughout the duration of the battle.


After the battle, you receive a TORCH. You end up in a darkened area somewhere 
underneath the first level. Light the torch on the wall to see the platforms 
that take you across to a door. Entering the door will bring you back to your 
house. Get the password now if you want.

Part 2 - Fire


Shell creatures

Enter the door to the right of your house. The creature here explains that 
he has destroyed the large boulder for you, so climb down the ladder and head 
left. Fight your way past the frogs and spiders until you reach a pit. If 
you go left from here, you can enter the village of the creatures that you 
need to rescue. Take note that every time you save one of these creatures, 
you'll be able to jump on one and ride it. Check out the section dedicated 
to the dinosaurs.

Head to the right, jumping over the pits of lava, and crack open the egg for 
some health. You can't play the mini-game here quite yet (and if you have 
a Fairy already, there's no point), so head back to the left. Get rid of the 
armadillo and pass more pits of boiling lava. When you reach the wilted sprout, 
jump into the pit. Head to the left first to light the torch, and then head 
back to the right to reach a door. 

A giant bloated snake falls from the ceiling and starts slithering towards 
you. Throw as many bones at it as you can. You should be able to destroy it 
before it touches you, but it can jump and cause you to fly up into the air 
with the shockwaves. Open the egg that drops to get a WATER GUN.

Head back out and light the torch again so you can see. Head to the left and 
jump in the opening in the ceiling to get back up to the first wilted sprout. 
Shoot it with the Water Gun to revive it, and bounce on it while shooting 
the shell creature. When he's out of the way, bounce up to the ledge and take 
care of the bat flying up and down the passage (use your bones from a distance). 
Enter the door here. 

The switch here causes the platform all the way on the left to go up and down. 
The other two platforms fall when you stand on them, so you have to time the 
jump well to reach the egg. The egg contains another HEART CONTAINER.

Head back out, use the sprout, and fall down the pit again. Light the torch 
again and squirt the sprout to the left. Use the teleportation egg on the 
pedestal, and continue left. Douse the fire on the platform with the water 
gun, and smash the small rock for some health. Head all the way to the left 
side of the cave and head up. If you pass up the sprouts here, you can head 
to the left to find an egg with health on it. Return to the two sprouts and 
up to a barren wasteland peppered with debris from volcanoes. Head to the 
left avoiding snakes and fireballs while making tricky jumps. 

Jump into the pit on the far end and crawl under the tunnel to your right. 
Jump into the tube, Mario-style (do I smell a lawsuit?), and head down either 
the second or third tubes. The egg here contains health. You can get maximum 
health by leaving the screen and returning, as the egg will still be there.  
Go back up through the tubes and left through the tunnel.

Continue left, and ignore the door (just another hard to reach egg with 
health). Douse the platforms and use the next Teleportation pedestal. Head 
up and right to the next Boss.

Boss Fight===

The first phase of this fight is a giant fireball. Stand on the platform, 
throw bones, and walk off the left side of the platform when the two fireballs 
come at you. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The second phase of this fight is two smaller fireballs. Stand on the platform, 
throw bones, and walk off the left side of the platform when the fireball 
comes at you. Repeat as necessary.

The third phase consists of four small fireballs that circle around the 
platform you were using. The safest place to stay is right at the edge of 
the ledge near the lava, while ducking. This way, they will all pass 
harmlessly over your head. Continue throwing bones until the battle is won. 


After this battle, you receive a SNOWBOARD. Equip it and head to the left 
to return to your house. 

Part 3 - Ice



If you head right and talk to the bird thing again, he'll tell you to search 
the first cave. Before you do that, though, there is something else we can 
do first. Head through the first cave, ignoring the new opening, and head 
to the second cave. About halfway through, you'll find a wilted sprout. Use 
it to reach a door. Inside, run under the spikes to hit the switch. Run back 
under the spikes and then jump on top of them to reach the platform you just 
activated. The egg contains a 1/2 HEART CONTAINER. Collect two of these to 
create a full heart. Wow, this is reminding me of Zelda now... First Mario, 
then Zelda. What next, are we going to find a Morph Ball or something?

Anyway, head back to the first cave, and jump into the newly opened pit. Equip 
your Snowboard and head to the right. Down in the corner is another door. 
Take off your Snowboard as you enter and watch out for the ice cubes that 
come flying out of the pit. A walrus jumps out at you and runs across the 
screen. Equip the bones and attack him with all you've got, jumping over him 
when necessary. You get the SPEAR for winning this battle. 

Drop down the pit that the walrus came from and immediately walk left over 
the ice platform before it melts. Head to the left and use the ice tube to 
return to the upper platform. Jump up to the left, and from here, jump to 
the log and stick your Spear into the underside. Now, you'll be able to ride 
across. Stab the penguins while heading right and avoiding the icicles. When 
you reach the egg, notice that you can crawl through the clear ice cubes. 
The egg contains health.

Head down the ice tube all the way to the right, and stab the penguins down 
here. The egg just contains health, but it's pretty easy to get, if you find 
that you need it. Slap on your snowboard and head to the right, jumping the 
big gaps and using the pedestal. 

Back on the surface, head to the left and enter the door there. Press A as 
fast as you can to push the penguin off of the ledge. You receive the P-POWER 
as your reward. Now head to the right and enter the door here. You are allowed 
to pass now that you have the P-Power. 

Head to the left, and jump into the ice when you have the chance. Walk under 
the mine to the right when it swings upward, and collect the egg for an 
invincibility star. Walk to the left through all the enemies, and collect 
the health from the egg if you need to. Sink to the bottom of the passage 
to the left and head left into the dry area with the door. You'll have to 
make a Snowboard jump to reach the door, however. Once inside, Snowboard jump 
to the long platform and from there to the little ones until you reach an 
alcove with a switch. Stepping on it causes the platform near the entrance 
to move. The egg contains the other 1/2 HEART CONTAINER that you needed. 

Head back up to the surface and out of the freezing waters. Continue 
Snowboarding to the right and jump in the cave at the end. Crawl through the 
clear ice blocks to the right and drop down the hole. There is another switch 
room to the left, and you know what that means. Go all the way to the right 
and use the collapsing platform to reach the switch. Snowboard jump to the 
newly activated platform and to the egg from there. You get another 1/2 HEART 
CONTAINER. Crawl back out through the ice. 

The door all the way to the left of this area contains health, if you need 
that. Either way, head through the clear ice to the upper right. When you 
reach a stone block, push it to the right until you reach a pedestal and a 
wilted sprout. Head up, and kill the penguin on the ledge to the left. Take 
the block that was behind him and push it over so that you can reach the boss 

Boss Fight===

This Boss is best tackled with good old fashioned bones. He picks up ice cubes, 
and drops them on you if you stand still for too long. The trick is to run 
to one of the sides of the screen, and immediately turn around and run towards 
the center of the room. This guarantees that the ice cube will be dropped 
near the edge of the room instead of you. Keep doing this and throwing bones 
at this Boss, and he'll go down in a few minutes.


After the fight, you receive an UMBRELLA. Head left across the platforms to 
reach your house again. Rest up and get the password if you want. 

Part 4 - Water

Spiny snails
Fake rocks

Talk to the bird thing in the room to the right again. He mentions that the 
ice has melted. Head back to the right until you reach the entrance to the 
second cave. Instead of going in the cave, use the sprouts to head up to a 
higher platform. Swim down the small passage that was previously covered with 
a giant ice cube. Don't surface when you have the chance, however. Swim to 
the right, and enter the door here.

The jellyfish in here isn't that hard to beat. Throw bones at it while avoiding 
its path of travel. You get the BIG HAMMER for defeating it. Exit the room 
and swim straight up to find a pedestal. From here, head right to dry land. 
Eventually, you'll come across a crystal. Use your new Big Hammer to smash 
it and continue onward. Pass the mosquito here, and jump over the next two 
gaps with the Umbrella. The rock on the high platform beyond is actually a 
fake rock that grows legs if you try to hit it, so just jump over and use 
the pedestal.

Skip the pit that you see and head right. Climb up the two platforms here 
and head left to a door. There is another switch room here, and it's time 
for more life force! Now that you have the Umbrella, jumping is a lot easier. 
Step on the switch to activate the platform that leads to the 1/2 HEART 
CONTAINER. This should bring you up to 6 hearts. Now head back out and drop 
down. Head left into the pit. 

Use the Umbrella to fly over the spikes and pits to the right. Don't drop 
into the pit yet, as you'll need an item before you can progress onward. Head 
up through the hole in the ceiling to the right, and head left to access 
another mini-game. In this one, you have to push A as fast as you can to beat 
the rabbit, but you'll also have to press B to jump over the logs. If you 
land on the log, you'll trip and lose time. For winning the race, you get 
the J-POWER. Head to the right and drop back into the cave. Drop into the 
first pit you see, but watch out for the snail on the way down. Enter the 
door to the right, and the rabbit will let you through.

Head all the way to the right in this new area, and fall into the cave. Follow 
the path here, and continue past the sprout and enter the door at the end. 
This is another switch room, but the egg contains meat. Head back out and 
water the sprout. Kill the snake here and use the sprout beyond him to reach 
a higher ledge. Take the upper path and use the teleport egg on the pedestal. 
Cross the gaps with your Umbrella and kill the enemies along the way. Drop 
into the cave at the end and continue to the right. 

Just past another teleport egg pedestal is the entrance to the boss chamber. 

Boss Fight===

This crystalline boss is pretty tough. He shoots balls of energy out that 
cause crystals to fall from the ceiling and bounce around the room. You'll 
have to hit his core, which is exposed when he shoots the energy out.

A good strategy for avoiding the crystals is to wait under one of the two 
platforms. This lets you easily avoid them, but you'll have less of a chance 
to attack the monster. Also, it's harder to jump over it when it charges at 

After a buncha hits, this boss is history.


You receive a SURFBOARD after the battle. Surf to the left to return home. 

Part 5 - Sky


Spinning snails
Ant lions
Block mouse
Skeleton bats

Get the password and heal if you need, and talk to the bird thing to the right. 
He says your next adventure awaits you in the sky, but that's not much of 
a clue. Fortunately, you have the guide, right? Sure do. Climb down the ladder 
and head to the left. Pretty soon, you'll come across two platforms that lead 
to a hole in the ceiling. Climb on up and head to the left to find yourself 
in the clouds! 

Before you attempt this area, however, you may want to bring along the bird 
dinosaur from the Dino Village. It makes this area that much easier. 

Head to the left past a Teleport pedestal and use the sprout. Be careful, 
because the clouds collapse. Continue left through a moderately difficult 
section filled with spinning snails and clouds. Enter the door at the end, 
and face off the pig for the D-POWER. To win it, you must press the A button 
as fast as you can to win the simple race. I have found, however, that the 
race tends to be incredibly glitchy. If you aren't moving when you press A, 
head to the left a few areas, and return later. Head outside the door and 
drop down the first gap in the clouds to land in the water. 

Head left killing fish until you reach a platform with a crab. Climb up onto 
it and jump to the left. Enter the door here and show the pig your D-Power 
to pass through the gate. Head to the left and fall off the cloud to land 
in a desert area. Watch out for the ant lions (look for their pincers sticking 
out of the sand), and continue to the left. Skip the first pit and go all 
the way to the left and enter the pit there.

Exit the pit on the other end, and head to the left. Watch out for the mouse 
under the block. Pick one of the two movable blocks and throw it on the other 
so that you can get up the cliff. Head left and enter the pyramid. 

Head to the left until you reach a stone block. Pick it up and bring it back 
to the right. Use it to reach the platform with the ladder on it. Be careful 
when you reach the top of the ladder, as you'll have to avoid fireballs on 
your way up. Enter the door here and step on the switch. Try to time it so 
that you bounce off the sprout and fly over to the platform without getting 
hit by fireballs. The prize is finally that last HEART CONTAINER. Climb back 
down the ladder and use the block to reach the other platform.

To the left, make sure you squirt the torch out from a distance, or else it 
will attack you. Grab the block here, and head back to the right. Drop off 
the small ledge and head left into a false wall. You can actually tell the 
difference between the real walls and the fake ones. Head to the left until 
you see the path leading up. Follow it up until you reach a Teleport pedestal. 
Use the platform to jump up. Jump left through the hole in the ceiling to 
land on a ledge within another false wall. Jump on the top of the ladder to 
the left to reach the ledge with the sprout. 

Use the sprout and follow the path all the way to the right. Climb down the 
ladder, and enter the door on the right side of the room. Trigger the switch 
in here, and glide over to the platform with the Umbrella. Time your jump 
to reach an egg containing health.

Exit the room and climb the ladder to the left. Return to where you landed 
after you used the sprout, and douse the 2 torches here. Grab the block in 
front of the idol head and use it to reach the wilted sprout within the fake 
wall to the left. Use the sprout and use the next block to reach another high 
fake wall. Enter the door just beyond. Inside, you'll have to fight a giant 
skeleton bat (he's easy, just stay in the pit and throw bones at him) to 
receive the handy BOOMERANG. Use it immediately outside to hit the switch 
and collect the health from the egg. 

Use the Teleportation Egg to return to the nearest pedestal, and head right 
off the ledge. Head to the switch that you see immediately to the left. This 
opens the gate and you can continue onwards. Head to the left, but ignore 
the wilted sprout for now. Within the secret wall to the left is another 
Teleportation Pedestal. Head back to the wilted sprout and use it. 

You now need to use the ball to roll across the spikes. Walk the opposite 
way that you want to go to control the ball. Be careful of the flames in this 
part. Jump across the pit to the platform, and from there to safe land. Head 
into the fake wall and use the ladder to the left. It leads to yet another 
Teleportation pedestal. Use the ladder to the right, and climb up the ladder 
beyond that one. Head to the left, and drop down the platforms. Use the first 
ladder (the other just leads to another pedestal), and head through the wall 
to the left (the other path just contains ANOTHER pedestal).

Head to the left through the invisible wall and descend the ladder. Ignore 
the other ladder here, and drop through the pit to the left beyond the fake 
wall. Now you have a choice between three ladders. The only one that leads 
anywhere is the middle one. Head to the right after using that ladder, and 
ignore the path with the sprout. Instead, head up the path to the left. Use 
the pedestal to the right, and jump into the hole in the ceiling. Head to 
the right to face the boss. 

Boss Fight===

You'll probably find it easiest to hit this Boss with the Boomerang, as it's 
very hard to concentrate throwing the bones while dodging the Boss' attacks. 
It uses its hands to attack you, and it also swoops at you. There is a fairly 
simple strategy you can use to win this fight. When the Boss is in the middle, 
make sure you are as far against the wall as possible. This way the hands 
won't reach you. Right after it throws its hands, jump over it onto the 
platform. Repeat this while attacking, and you should be fine. 

When the Boss turns pink, stand in the corner and jump the fireballs. Every 
time you jump, throw the Boomerang, and it'll go down in no time. 


After the battle, the final Dino is saved and you receive the SKATEBOARD. 
Bust out some mad tricks, yo! After a few short scenes, heal in your house 
and get the password. You may think of bringing along the Star Dino for this 
final quest.

Part 6 - Finale

Skeleton bats
Skeleton snakes
Skeleton bulls
Skeleton rhinos

Head to the left of your house (hm, that tree that used to be there 
disappeared... strange). A new area has opened up. Drop down the hole and 
continue falling and killing enemies. Enter the door and through the bat 
filled hallway.

You'll enter a room full of ladders. Take the first one to get to an egg with 
health. The second ladder is the one you're looking for. Use that ladder, 
and then take the one on the left. Drop down another ladder into a room and 
head to the left. Kill the skeleton creatures with your Boomerang. When you 
reach the sprout, use it and head up to a new area. Head all the way to the 
right and enter the door. Hit the switch to activate the platform, and use 
it to reach the final HEART CONTAINER of the game. 

Exit the room and drop back down. Head all the way to the left past the ladder 
and jump up the ledge. Head to the left past the sprout and climb down the 
ladder. Use the platforms and ladders to ascend to an egg with health. Drop 
back down the pit to the right, and use the sprout this time. Use the next 
sprout here and climb the ladder to the right. Use the ball to the left to 
cross the spikes and drop down the pit against the far wall. Use the pedestal 
and drop down the next hole.

Make sure you don't fall through the quicksand here, or you'll have to start 
from a significantly far distance back. Head to the left staying on the 
platforms and destroying the enemies. At one point, you'll have to fall off, 
and slog through the sand. Enter the door here.

You'll have to fight a giant bloated skeleton snake now. This enemy is 
annoying simply because he jumps at you a lot. Just hit him a lot to get the 
TOMAHAWK. Float over the spikes to the left and use the Tomahawk on the switch. 
Head to the left side of the room and drop in the pit.

Use the ball to cross the spikes, jumping when necessary to avoid the... water 
droplets. Climb up through the hole in the ceiling at the end and walk off 
the edge of the platform with the Umbrella to reach a pedestal. 

Head to the right to encounter the final boss.

Last Boss===

This giant eggplant type guy is the one that ate all the Dinos and your 
girlfriend (I think it's your girlfriend). Anyway, jump to the middle 
platform and start chucking Tomahawks at the dot on his forehead. When he 
spits a ball out, jump back to the left platform and wait for the ball to 
form into something. It either turns into a medium eggplant (which bounces 
around the room) or three small ones, which take one hit each. Either, way, 
take care of these nuisances before resuming your attack. This fight isn't 
actually that difficult.


Well, you've saved the island! Sit back and enjoy the ending!

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Well, me I guess, for writing it.

CJayC for posting it on GameFAQs.

There's not much else to say!


This document is copyrighted by law, meaning you shouldn't steal it and use 
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me first.