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|                   |
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|I. Introduction    |
|II. Bosses         |
|                   |

Version 1.1 - Corrected e-mail
Version 1.0 - First Submission


Adventure Island IV, unlike the earlier games in the NES series, was never
brought to America due to how late in the NES' lifespan it was made. It's
definitely not like the other Adventure Island games(for one, your girlfriend
isn't captured this time; the dinosaurs are, instead) and it provides a
refreshing change to diehard AI fans like myself. This guide is designed to
aid people with the bosses, but not to cover any of the other parts of the
game because others have done so very well.

This guide will provide the most in-depth boss strategies possible, as well
as cover any "mini-bosses" in the game. If you enjoy Adventure Island games,
check out some of my other Boss FAQs on And, if you're looking
for more information on this game or any of the others in the series, check
out my reviews on Enjoy the guide!

| PART TWO -- BOSSES            |

.                          .
. Mini-Boss #1 - Large Bat .
.                          .

Large Bat is quite easily the simplest "boss" yet. You'll have to defeat him
to acquire the Hammer. 

When you first enter its lair through a door in the first area, you'll only
see a small bat. This tiny bat will quickly grow to form a rather large one.
This incarnation is capable of not only swooping down at you, but making
regular bats and sending them at you. The safest place in this room is in the
center, where you will be able to launch bones at the bat without too much

You should aim for its head because that is where the smaller bats
will emerge from. Occasionally, as I mentioned before, this mini-boss will
swoop at you, but it should be easy to evade. If a small bat does manage to
get past your bone tosses, just stand still and let it swoop around under
you. Whack it when you get a chance.

.                          .
. Boss #1 - Rock Monster   .
.                          .

Once the music changes after jumping up from the cave area, you'll know Rock
Monster is near. Proceed to the left to find him. You'll immediately note
that he has a ball in front of him -- this is his primary weapon.  Rock
monster is not much tougher than Large Bat. All you need to do is stand on
the first platform and launch bones at the eye visible amidst his body. Then,
when the ball reaches the left edge of the screen, walk right(falling from
the platform) and quickly hide under the platform. Jump back up and resume.

A rock will occasionally fall on the left side of the screen, but you should
be able to avoid it easily.  Score a good many hits, and he'll turn red. A
few more hits will reduce him to rubble.

.                          .
. Mini-Boss #2 - Big Cobra .
.                          .

Big Cobra is even easier than Large Bat if you have the red dino with you.
This snake's only attack is to touch you, but he walks towards you slowly,
so you should be able to beat him before he reaches you. On the dino, just go
berserk into an all-out attack. Without a dino, you should be prepared to
jump into the air every time Big Cobra jumps because it will shake the screen 
and toss you into the air as well(kind of like the big Hammer Bros. from
SMB3, huh?)

.                          .
. Boss #2 - Lava Spawn     .
.                          .

The Lava Spawn actually has three forms. As you might have guessed, it gets
more difficult with every new form.

(First form)

Stand on the edge of the top platform and fire at this form constantly with
bones. It will shoot fire at you based on where you're standing(low fire if
you're standing below platform; high if you're standing on top). Simply step
off the platform and wait for the fire to pass by you before resuming.

(Second form)

The second form is a little trickier, but only if you have slow reflexes.
Stand on the top platform, but be near the left edge, and toss bones at the
top fire ball preferably. It will soon zoom straight at you, and you'll need
to fall off the platform and wait it out underneath(much like you did with
the first form). After it returns, jump back and continue your assault. The
bottom fireball won't bother you if you're up top.

(Third form)

This form is brutal unless you know the secret. It is actually many tiny
fireballs, much like you saw just before the battle began. They will circle
around harmlessly above the fire pit at the start of the battle, but soon
they will come and circle around the platform you were standing on. So, the
idea for this fight is to avoid the platform and, instead, stand at the edge
of the walkway right over the lava.

Here, you'll have to duck to avoid the oncoming fireballs, but you can fight
them all day long without getting hit if you're constantly ducking. You might
splurge and stand up to get a few more accurate hits in, but it would
probably be best just to stay ducked unless you're confident in your timing.

.                          .
. Mini-Boss #3 - Walrus    .
.                          .

Like most early mini-bosses, Walrus is a piece of cake. You'll know you're in
his room when ice chips start rising up from a pit on the right side. He'll
soon leap up and you'll have to toss bones at him. Jump over him when he gets
too close and then resume your assault. Repeat this for a while(he has a lot
of health), and you should win with ease.

.                          .
. Boss #3 - Ice Machine    .
.                          .

Ice Machine is a pretty easy boss to avoid if you know its trick. The thing
you want to do is hit it immediately once it goes down in the very center of
the room to pick up an ice block. Throw as many bones as you can. It'll start
flying right over your head, now. You just want to hang around the center, so
when it does drop the block it's holding, it will fall close the center.

If you keep running back and forth, you'll easily be able to evade all of
these blocks, as most fall and go just as far as the middle(where the stack
of ice blocks lies). Only try to attack Ice Machine right as it is descending
to lift a block, and you should be in good shape. It will die after a little

.                                 .
. Mini-Boss #4 - Big Jellyfish    .
.                                 .

The fight with Big Jellyfish will be your toughest mini-boss fight yet. It
will lead the fight by doing what most Jellyfish do -- swim quickly at a
diagonal angle towards the opposite end of the screen. It does this twice,
and you should stand in the middle and hit it each time as it descends. After
two diagonal swims, the Big Jellyfish will start to swim side to side. You
should immediately float to the top right of the screen now and wait up
there. Toss axes at the opposite end of the screen when Big Jellyfish is in
the lower left corner.

After swimming both lengths of the screen, Big Jellyfish will resume its
diagonal assault. This is when you need to float back down to the bottom of
the screen and stand in the middle again. Repeat this pattern until Big 
Jellyfish is history.

.                                 .
. Boss #4 - Mechanical Spider     .
.                                 .

This will be your hardest fight yet. Poisition yourself on the left platform
immediately as you enter. The spider will crawl to the left, and you need to
avoid it. Its main attack is to shoot a crystal into the roof, which will
fall and cascade towards you. There is a trick to avoiding these, though.
Generally, if Mechanical Spider is on the left or right sides of the screen
during a battle, the crystal will be easy to avoid. It's when he's in the
middle of the screen that it gets tricky.

At this point the spider will stick two crystals to the ceiling. You will
need to go below the platform(very close to the spider) and hide under there
if a crystal gets stuck just above the platform. If it isn't stuck on the
ceiling above the platform, the first crystal will roll harmlessly under you
, and you can keep your position. Nevertheless, if the Mechanical Spider
fires off two shots, you will almost always have to dive from one platform to
the next right as the second crystal is descending.

This can be tricky to do, and it's best that you build up full health before
the fight to ensure an easier victory. AIM FOR THE ORB THAT COMES OUT OF HIS
BODY. It might not look like you're doing damage, but trust me, you are.
Mechanical Spider will be tough to take down, but if you practice evading his
attacks, it shouldn't take more than a few tries.

.                                      .
. Mini-Boss #5 - Large Skeletal Bat    .
.                                      .

This boss can be a royal pain, especially if you're not expecting him, are
low on health, etc. He operates much like the first mini-boss in the game,
Large Bat, except he summons smaller bats to help him A LOT more often. The
trick this time is to go all offensive. If you just stand back and try to
kill the small bats everytime they come and only get one or two hits off on
the bat before he swoops over to the next platform, you're going to lose.

Start the fight out by hopping down in the pit. From here, immediately start
smashing the bat with bones once he appears. Aiming for his head will often
score you some lucky kills on the smaller bats. You'll need to be careful how
long you attack, though, as he will eventually swoop over to the next
platform, and if you're in the air then, you will take a hit. Also, the
smaller bats will circle around some and then descend from the sky, which is
a very tough pattern to avoid unless you're running back and forth in the

But do your best to avoid the tiny bats and go all out offensive on big bat,
taking out the tiny ones when they get too close, and you should be fine.

.                                 .
. Boss #5 - Demon                 .
.                                 .

This guy is downright nasty, primarily because it takes so long to get back
to him if you lose(which you almost definitely will your first time). In his
initial form, he's pretty easy. He will swoop to one of the three points on
the screen and attack outwards with his fists. These can be avoided when
you're on the right side of the screen(and he's in the middle) by staying as
close as possible to the wall. Walk under him once he passes over and resume
attacking the eye, but ONLY USE THE BOOMERANG. The bone is USELESS!

While you're on the left side of the screen, things get a little bit
trickier. You won't be able to avoid him by standing there, should he swoop
down, so you'll need to mount the left platform as he descends and then
actually jump to the other side and resume. You will need to repeat this
pattern for a while. Eventually, Demon will turn pink, and this is when
things get tough.

He'll be fully visible, now, which means you can go ballistic on him. But
wait, there's one catch. He's going to tossing fireballs at you nearly
non-stop. Try to time it so you jump over one fireball and walk under the
next, but that won't always work. In the case that it does not work, be
prepared to duck and crawl under fireballs if you need to. Whatever you do,

.                                      .
. Mini-Boss #6 - Large Skeletal Snake  .
.                                      .

The hardest mini-boss in the game, Large Skeletal Snake will put up quite a
challenge, especially if you're low on health(highly likely at the point you
fight him). Not only does he move towards you, jumping and trying to touch
you, but you can also sink in the quicksand and be forced to START ALL OVER
AGAIN! The solution is, much like with the earlier Large Snake mini-boss, 
to simply throw your boomerang as it approaches, but when it gets too close
you should run under it as it jumps(slightly difficult to do at first!)

You may need to repeat this two or three times before the fight is over due
to the quick nature of Large Skeletal Snake! It's a lot harder to run under
him when you're in the quicksand, and you have to AVOID SINKING AT ALL COSTS!

.                                      .
. Boss #6 - Eggplant Wizard            .
.                                      .

This demented incarnation of the infamous Adventure Island eggplant is your
final foe. He has a variety of attacks, as well as a few pit traps in his
room. His pattern is this: launch large eggplant, fireball, launch small
eggplants, fireball. With this in mind, you should jump over to the middle
platform(the only location your tomahawks can hit him from) and attack but be
prepared to jump back should Eggplant Wizard launch any eggplant minions!

The large eggplant minion is not so bad and can be killed before he even gets
off the ground(when he's in the air, he becomes much more difficulty). The
small eggplant minions, however, are nasty. If you aim just right with your
tomahawks, you'll be able to take out all three before they reach you, but
chances are that you'll be forced to run or leap to avoid these small ones
once or twice. They can overwhelm you, as can the fireballs.

Surprisingly enough, this fight isn't terribly difficult unless you're low on
health. Otherwise it should be easily beatable your first or second time up.

You've beaten the game!