Chaos World Guide v1.05
Last Updated: April 20, 2001
By: Xanathis (
Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Walkthrough
 A. Chapter 1: Sick Princess Meldi
 B. Chapter 2: Levin, Kidnapped Prince
 C. Chapter 3: First Signs of Michenu
 D. Chapter 4: Dragons and Princes Oh My
 E. Chapter 5: South Ryuita - Civil War
 F. Chapter 6: Rarm - Town of Demons
 G. Chapter 7: Ball of Guidance
 H. Chapter 8: Showdown with Michenu
 I. Chapter 9: Levin's Insanity
 J. Chapter 10: The Final Encounter
III.  Appendix A - Items
IV.   Appendix B - Magic
V.    Appendix C - Equipment
VI.   Appendix D - Guilds
VII.  Appendix E - Jobs
VIII. Appendix F - Formations
IX.   Appendix G - Player Characters
X.    Appendix H - Character <-> Equipment Charts
XI. Links
XIII. Copyright
Chaos World
Made by: Natsume
Year: 1991
System: Famicom (NES)
Time Needed to Complete Game: 18-22 hours
Difficulty Level (On a scale of 1-10): 4

Thanks go out to:
* Gideon Zhi for all the game help, suggestions, and mad walkthrough
editing skills. Along with making the translation patch of course (with
help from Jair and Xeur). ^_^
* Dragon Wizard ( for providing some spell effects.
* Phillip Mak ( for other spell effects, some notes on
formations/churches, and a shorter path to the dragon pestering the
Ryuita knights.

Chaos World is an interestingly fun, little known famicom RPG.
Thanks to the efforts of Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis Translation
Proclamation (AGTP), this game has been localized to english
for us non-japanese speaking folks.

The battle system is automated, so you choose what kind of
party formation you want and what type of tactics and then
the game does the battles for you. Saves you from repeatedly
hitting buttons to do battles which is nice. Another interesting
thing to note is that time passes in the game and you can watch
days turn to nights and vice versa. It is the only
RPG I've played that you get a pack animal to carry
stuff for you instead of a bottomless bag ^_^.

Note that some of these things can be done in other orders,
I just chose one of the possible ways. And this is jam packed
full of *SPOILERS*. So only use this if you really must ^^;
There are not actually chapters in the game, but I split it up
as such to make the walkthrough easier to read/follow.

Since you will probably be using an emulator to play this, some
I'll suggest are BioNES, fwNES, or RockNES. Since some favorites
like Nesticle and LoopyNES do not work well/crash with the game.

My favorite party is Fighter, Knight, Mage, Priest. It
works extremely well for you in case you're having troubles
deciding on a party. At least always have a priest in your party,
they are invaluable.

In the game, days pass. It is a good idea to exit towns
and wander around/fight battles until it becomes night. Re-enter
the towns to talk to people who were not there before or to
get different information.

Search already open boxes. Some have more than 1 item inside.
The Walkthrough

*************|Chapter 1: Sick Princess Meldi|*************

(Shop prices can be found in the appropriate appendices of Items, Magic,
and Equipment respectively)
Item Shop:

Magic Shop:

Weapon Shop:
Ancient Staff
Silk Cloak
Leather Shield
Magic Bracelet
Leather Helmet

Quick Note:
If somebody dies, you can go to the church in towns to revive them for
half your gold. Unfortunately, they only revive with 1 hp.

You start out in the kingdom of Rodetia. Talk to everyone in
town and then go into the castle. Go upstairs to talk to the king.
He will ask you to save his daughter the ailing princess. But to
prove your worth, you will need to fight a very weak monster in the
arena. So...go downstairs and then look for the other stairs down
guarded by a soldier. Talk to him and he'll let you down to fight.
After the quick battle, go back up to the king and he will give
you permission to go along with giving you 100G and a donkey. You
will also find out that there is a chemist in the town of Rarm who
can make a cure.

Stock up on some herbs and some cheap equipment then exit town.
A good thing to do right now is to stay near Rodetia and build up
a couple levels and some money so you can buy all the best equipment
and because the inn here is incredibly cheap compared to what you'll
see soon. This is also a good time to get familiar with menus.

After building up a couple levels, head northwest and you will
come upon Rarm near a cave. 

Item Shop:

Weapon Shop:
Ancient Staff
Chain Armor
Silk Cloak
Leather Shield
Magic Bracelet
Leather Helmet

In the upper item shop (there's 2),
the chemist will tell you to bring a flower of impression to him so
he can make a cure for the princess. Talking to everyone in town, you
will learn that you need a rope to cross a hole in the cave. Go to the
east side of town and take one step out, making sure not to go into the
world map. Head up and left, following the edge of town. Talk to the
people there. One will say he has a rope and join you. Now you have the
knight and the rope you need.

Rarm Cave and Forest:
Items: pegasus wings x1, DualHerb x1, Flower of Impression

This place is a lot easier if you go north to the town of Nazaal and
get the equipment from there first.

After stocking up on supplies again (monsters in the cave can be rough..
believe I was around level 5-6 when I went through), head into the cave.
When you come to the hole, go into the items menu and use the rope to make
a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue through the straight forward cave.
There's also a treasure chest in there containing a pegasus wings (veryyy
handy item, check the Appendix) and a DualHerb if you search it again.
Upon exiting the cave, enter the forest near the bottom.

In the forest, you will see a bunch of flowers. The goal here is to search
each one until you find the flower of impression. I found it in the top-right
part of the forest, but I don't know if it is placed randomly or not. After
you get the flower, head back to Rarm and give it to the chemist. He will
prepare a medicine for you. Go back to Rodetia now.

Back in Rodetia, go to the king and he will ask you to give the princess the
medicine. Go and use the item on the princess to heal her and then talk to the
king again. He gives you permission to enter Ruval now (another kingdom). Now..
head back into the town and go to the tavern/guild building. You can now use
the guilds (Appendix B)! At this point I was able to recruit a mage and a
priest, which I put both into my party.

Be Sure to recruit people and assign ones you aren't using to jobs whenever
you find another guild office.

Now it's time to head to Ruval. Remember the other town you visited by the
cave? Go north of Rarm and you will reach Nazaal. Talk to
everyone there and you will find out that Ruval is to the west past the
barrier cave. They will also warn you not to enter the forest, but to walk
around it...Listen To Them!

Nazaal Shops -
Item Shop:

Magic Shop:

Weapon Shop:
Iron Sword
Iron Spear
Chain Armor
Leather Shield
Magic Bracelet
Iron Helmet

Enter the cave and talk to the soldier, he'll let you pass. After exiting
the cave, walk northwards making sure to not enter the forest. You will come
upon another cave entrance. Enter that one, talk to the soldier, and pass him.
When you exit, you will be right next to Ruval.

*************|Chapter 2: Levin, Kidnapped Prince|*************

Item Shop:

Magic Shop:
L Flame
L Freeze

Weapon Shop:
Iron Sword
Iron Spear
Red Crystal
Chain Armor
White Cloak
Iron Shield
Silver Bracelet

Welcome to the second kingdom, Ruval. The monsters here are much tougher
than before and can whoop you up quite easily at first. Head into Ruval and
get better equipment as soon as you can.

You will find that Ruval is in a shambles. Talking to the townsfolk, you 
will discover that prince Levin has been kidnapped and money/food has
been charged as ransom. The king will ask you to save his son.

Once you get some equipment, items, levels...whatever you need...head south.
Avoid the desert as the monsters are stronger in there than elsewhere.
You will reach the town of Ripona and find some other good equipment you can
buy. They will tell you that there are some mines to the west that are abandoned
and to walk along the mountains avoiding the desert.

Ripona shops-
Item Shop:

Weapon Shop:
Iron Sword
Iron Spear
Steel Bow
White Cloak
Iron Helmet
Iron Shield
Silver Bracelet

Get a priest and buy the cure poison spell for him if you haven't already.
Lots of the monsters you will fight ahead can poison.

Exit town and head west. You will see a building a little south at one point,
ignore it. Right now you are not allowed to pass through there. Continuing
west, you will come upon a cave entrance. Enter it to find yourself in
the mines.

Ruval Mines:
Items: 347G, flame staff, Gold Necklace

This place is hard..the bats and roaches are amazingly buff. I was getting
beat up quite a bit at level 12-13. On the first floor is a chest of 347G.
If you need money bad, you can find it near the bottom left of the first
floor. A lot of the stairs link together here and form big circles that
you will waste your time upon so I will try to guide you to avoid running
in circles like I did.

First, take the stairs nearest to the entrance of the cave (or get the money
chest near the bottom left and take the stairs there). All 3 stairs link up
at one point or another so taking the closest will save time/battles.
Once you get to the second floor, head right and up and around to the stairs
down to the third level. Following the path, you will find two sets of stairs.
If you want a flame staff, take the left set of stairs and follow it to the
treasure chest. Afterwards, take the right set of stairs to the fourth floor.
Follow it up to a set of stairs which lands you in another part of the 3rd
floor. If you go up from here, it will lead you back to the first floor.
Otherwise, head left and down the stairs. Follow the path to yet another
set of stairs.

Prepare yourself before taking the last set of stairs. Down below you will
find the kidnappers (2 of them) who accuse you of taking their loot and the
prince. You're in for a tough fight if you aren't strong enough. My party was
level 14 and the priest could barely keep up healing everyone...taking 10
damage a hit from the kidnappers. You get a gold necklace for defeating them.

After defeating them, there's nothing to do but to leave. Exit the room and
head left. Go up the stairs and then head right and up to take another set
of stairs. Follow the paths/stairs and eventually you'll reach the first
floor. Head left and down, then right, up, and right again and you'll
eventually see where you came in.

Upon returning to Ripona, some of the townsfolk will thank you for saving
the prince. They'll mention something about a black clothed man possibly
being a companion of yours...hmm. After doing what you need to do in town,
head back to Ruval. The people in Ruval will greet you much the same. Go up
into the castle and talk to the prince. He'll get the gold necklace from you
and then say that he was saved by a man named Aless. The prince will then give
you a horse (yay) and say to speak to his father. Talking to the king, he will
ask you to have some of your companions from the guild help rebuild Ruval.
So...head out and to the guild, recruit the shaman if you haven't already and
put him to work rebuilding the city. Now go back and talk to the king.
He'll give you permission to pass the southern checkpoint.

*************|Chapter 3: First Signs of Michenu|*************

Item Shop:

Magic Shop:

Steel Sword
Magic Staff
Silver Staff
Blue Crystal
Plate Armor
Mage Cloak
Orb Bracelet

Remember that place we passed on the way to the mines that I said you
couldn't go through yet? Well now you can. So head south and west down
to the checkpoint and make your way through.

Upon entering Litton, a lady will run up to you and tell you how terrible
it is that the mayor of Izururo was killed and replaced by his murderer.
She'll give you the sword of anger and then run off. If you have a lot of
money left, kiss it goodbye because this place has a bunch of new
equipment for you to get.

Be sure to get your priest the cure paralysis spell. You'll be facing nasty
monsters that can paralyze you now.

Once you're ready to go, follow the coast south. After crossing a couple
bridges, you'll see a cave to the west. Go in and take the steps down
to the 2nd level. Following the path, you'll come to a split-up or right.
If you want all the treasure, go up and right to get a dualherb, then to
the upper left for another one. Otherwise, head right and follow the path.
You will find a chest with a maria in it. Take the stairs.

Immediately, you'll see a treasure chest which has a pegasus wings in it.
Following the cave you'll find another chest with an herb. Exit the cave
through the stairs.

Head north-west and you'll find yourself at Izaruro.

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

When you enter town, you will be arrested. Turns out that lady that gave you
the anger sword was the killer and used that weapon. Walk to the bars of
the cell and the dead mayor's son will let you free.

Go upstairs and talk the son, he'll lend you the use of the ship to go
get the killer. Exit the town through the north and enter the ship.
Sail east back to Litton. You'll find that the killer, Michenu, has
been up to no good. Exit Litton and sail back to Izaruro.

Talk to the mayor and you'll find out an item was stolen. If you go to
the north part of town and talk to the man there, he will tell you
that the thief ran to a cave to the north and then he'll open the
flood gates for you. Sail north to a cave in the mountains.

This is a good cave to put save states to use if you're using an emulator.
You can save every couple of steps and reload whenever you fall to save
time and energy.

Izaruro Cave:
Items: elixir x2, plate armor, triherb, Star Sapphire

This is one pain of a cave, there are trap tiles on the floor that
will drop you into a room below. If you fall down, go up the steps.
From those steps, go left a little and follow the wall down, 
head left (when you go left, you want to be aligned with the top
of the 2 tile high pathway...otherwise you'll fall),
go up and grab the elixir. Now, wherever you may try to walk, you'll
probably end up falling anyways.

After coming back up the steps, follow the wall all the way down and then
left. You will come up to some stairs leading down. If you line yourself up
so that you'll walk right against the wall above, go up, 2 steps past the
edge of the wall, then right to get another elixir. Head back left to
the same place where you walked up, go down a step then head left all the
way to the wall. Follow the wall all the way around to the chest with a
plate armor inside. Now backtrack your way back to the stairs leading down.

Take the stairs down. Grab the triherb from the chest there and go down
the next set of stairs. Prepare yourself for the boss fight with the
Dark Shaman. I beat him when my characters were level 16-17. He hit
hard, but didn't have much health. After defeating him, get the
star sapphire from the chest and leave the cave.

Sail back to Izaruro and talk to the mayor. He'll tell you that he'd allow
you to sail out, but you need a compass. Talk to the man in the north part of
town in the woods, he'll say you need a pass from the king of Rodetia to get
to Ryuita where the compass is. So head on over to the item shop and stock up
on some pegasus wings if you haven't already. Use one and warp yourself back
to Rodetia.

There isn't much to do here. Go and talk to the king. You'll find out that
Michenu was looking for you and that she's going to Ryuita already.
He'll immediately give you permission to enter the Ryuita kingdom.

Go north back to the border cave and go through it. Once out by the
gigantic forest, follow the shore north past the cave that leads to Ruval.
Following the shore around to the east, you'll eventually come upon another
cave. Take that cave to get to the kingdom of Ryuita. 

*************|Chapter 4: Dragons and Princes Oh My|*************

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

Magic Shop:
L Flame
L Freeze

First thing you'll notice is a big jump in the power of the monsters, so
head to town quick. In Dolgis, you'll find out that the Ryuita king is
busy with finding an heir to the throne and a problem with a dragon.
If you go to Dolgis at night, you'll find Roger (remember him? He was
in Ruval and his lover was in Litton) by the inn. Put somebody on the
job of killing the dragon. After a couple days, check up on
them to find that they couldn't kill the dragon.

If the monsters are kicking you around a lot, now would be a good time to
build up some levels. Hang around Dolgis, running to the inn whenever
you need it. The monsters pay out some good experience/gold here.

Once you are ready to go...head east through the break in the mountains.
You will come upon a bridge, cross it and go south-east. Welcome to the
capital of Ryuita.

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

Magic Shop:
L Freeze

Weapon Shop:
Mirage Sword
Iron Spear
Knight Armor
Mirror Cloak
Knight Shield
Orb Bracelet
Knight Helmet

You can learn that south Ryuita has been engaged in a civil war. It seems
that a 'pretty woman' has been visiting the castle of the eldest prince,
Adan. You'll also find some new equipment, but is extremely expensive...
so there goes your money again.

Going in the left castle, you'll meet a fortune teller named Remi but no sign
of Michenu. The king and Alon the younger prince will ask you to leave because
they aren't seeing anyone. Also, a man will tell you that entering a mountain
to the northeast will lead you to 'heaven'. If you go in the right castle, 
guards will prevent you from going anywhere inside.

Let's try and help the king. Put somebody on the job of protecting the prince
at the guild. Now head back to Dolgis and go north-west of there.
You'll find a cave. Go inside.

Dragon Cave:
Items: mirror cloak, Dragon Necklace, dragon armor

This is a very nasty dungeon just like the last one. It appears that
stairs lead back into one another and you end up running in circles.
I'm sure there's a number of ways to get to the dragon, but here's
what I did:

From the beginning - right, up, left all the way to the stairs. Then
go down, take the stairs, right, and another set of stairs.

(I did find a mirror cloak one place, but I don't remember how I got there.
It's not really worth the trouble since you can buy it in Ryuita anyways.
There might be other treasure in the cave, but I didn't find anything else.)

This brought me to the dragon. If you did the dragon job (you did didn't
you?), you should have the 'spring' item. You'll notice at the beginning of
the battle that your party uses it. What it does is freeze the dragon and
then your party can hit on it until it dies...very nice. You get a dragon
necklace from the battle and a dragon armor from the chest. Now make your
way back out of the cave...whew.

Ryuita knight Maria will join you after you've killed the dragon.

Returning to Ryuita, talk to the King. He will tell you that he is concerned
about Adan and asks you to speak to him since you are a great hero for
killing the dragon. Go downstairs and talk to Remi. She will tell you about
a legend. After that, walk north past the stairs up to the king and talk to
the guard on the left. You'll find out that the passage there leads to the
other castle but it's one way.

Go through the passage to the other castle. When you get into the castle, go
right. Aless (remember him?) and Michenu will appear. Aless will defeat your
party and then he and Michenu will leave. Go talk to the prince and he'll
tell you to tell his father that he's not giving up the Ideia religion.
Since you can't leave by the front doors, go and take the left stairs and
walk all the way to the left. You will fall outside of the city. Talk to the
king and he will ask you to leave. Then talk to Alon and he'll
ask you to visit a sage named Forus for help. After stocking up on supplies,
off to Forus we go.

Forus the Sage:
Head south from Ryuita. When you get to the end of the mountains, turn West.
Go west, across 2 bridges, and then a little north-west until you can go west
again. Follow the land until you find a little house. Go inside.

Talk to Forus and he'll get excited when he hears about Ideia. He'll mention
that the book of Faltesis had something about Ideia in it (If you remember
from the townsfolk in Ryuita, Faltesis is part of the civil war in south
Ryuita). Forus will have no choice but to give you the compass. Now use
a pegasus wing to get back to Izaruro and the ship.

Talk to the mayor and he'll open the floodgates for you. He'll also mention
an island north of Ruval that has a jewel like the sapphire stone you have.
Hop in your ship and follow the river north and around to the ocean.
Once in the ocean, sail north, following the shore. You'll eventually end up
sailing east and land yourself right north of Ruval.
Stop at Ruval if you want and heal/stock up.

Sail north and you'll find the island with the cave.

Jewel Cave:
Items: Gaia, Moon Stone

Interestingly enough, the monsters in here are doppelgangers that clone
your characters. They don't do a lot of damage per hit, but they are very
fast and can build up lots of hits. Watch out for the archer one
especially, it attacks almost non-stop. When you first enter, there will
be 3 sets of stairs. You'll quickly discover that just like the last cave,
the stairs are all interconnected somehow (BLAH).

Take the left most stairs, then the right most stairs leading down. Follow
the path around and take the stairs. You will find a treasure chest with the
Gaia magic in it. After that, leave and follow the path around taking the
stairs. Now turn around and take the stairs you just came up to find yourself
back at the cave entrance (if you follow the path right and take the stairs
again, you'll end up in a never ending loop).

Take the middle stairs now, and then the right stairs leading down. You'll
end up in a room with 6 sets of stairs. Take the top right stairs and
follow it. Eventually, you will end up in a room with a treasure chest
containing the moon stone. That's all the cave has to offer so make your
way out.

Interesting Note:
When you use a pegasus wing, it'll not only transport your party...but your
ship to. Use it when you want to save time or get lost.

Now would be a good time to go back to Litton and get Sylva to join you if
you haven't already since she wouldn't before.

*************|Chapter 5: South Ryuita - Civil War|*************

Now pegasus wing yourself back to Irazuzo. Sail out to sea again and keep
heading west until you see land. Once you hit land, sail south. When you
see a bridge, you know you're almost there. You will come upon the castle
of Faltesis.

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

Weapon Shop:
Mirage Sword
Silver Spear
Thief Bow
Crystal Armor
Knight Shield
Orb Bracelet

Go into Faltesis at night and go to the pub/guild. You'll find Roger there. He
says he'll ask Faltesis about the book and to come back the next day. Stay at
the inn or roam around outside until daytime.

Go to the castle and talk to general faltesis. He'll allow you in because of
Roger. Go to the top right room and a man named Aless (surprise!) appears.
He'll give you a hint. Go to the left wall of the room and in one spot you can
enter a secret room. Get the book from the chest (all the other chests in the
castle are empty). Now general faltesis will want to talk to you again. Go to
him and he'll say give the book to Forus.

The quickest way to do this is to pegasus wing yourself to Dolgis and sail
straight south until you see Forus' home. Give him the book and he will begin
deciphering it right away.

Pegasus Wing yourself back to Faltesis (you gotta love pegasus wings ^_^) and
go talk to general faltesis. He will tell you that Sarvant is trying to
spread the Ideia religion and has built a huge cannon with the help of
Michenu. Asking you to destroy it, he suggests letting some of your people
hang around Emrond because Sarvant is asking for help
from the Emrond guild (Emrond is the town in the lake northwest of Faltesis).

In one of the houses, a child will say that she misses her dad. This will
'unlock' a new job in Faltesis to find her father. When the job is done you'll
get 4 gold, but go and talk to the father. He'll give you a key. Go back to
Ryuita and head east, taking your ship up the river. Use the key in the cave
and you will get to a casino town with mini-games you can make some cash in.

Leave town and head south-west. Cross the bridge and go north-west. Cross
the bridge. Go north-east, cross another bridge, and enter Emrond.

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

Weapon Shop:
Mirage Sword
Magic Staff
Crystal Cloak
Crystal Bracelet
Magic Helmet
Knight Helmet

Talk to the townsfolk and you'll find out about a tower to the south.
Don't worry about the tower right now since you can't enter it yet. Put
somebody on the job of helping Sarvant in the guild and roam around a
bit until the job is done.

When they get done with the job, they'll tell you that Sarvant is very close
to finishing the cannon and that you need to act quickly. They also steal
the cannon's launch key..hehe. Time to head to Sarvant. Leave Emrond and go
west across the bridge. Then go north-west and you will cross another bridge
and then end up at Sarvant.

This place is real short and sweet. Enter Sarvant at night. Take the
stairs on your right and follow the hall. In a room, you'll find Minister
Sarvant sleeping and dreaming of Ideia ruling the world. Go down and take
the stairs. Talk to the guards here to fight a couple of Ryuita knights.
Enter the room and use the Flint item on the cannon to destroy it.

When you leave the room, you'll find everybody in a panic. When you try to go
upstairs, Minister Sarvant will fight you. He's pretty weak and dies in next
to no time. Leave the castle and head back to Faltesis. Somebody in town
will mention the Ancient Book. Also, general Faltesis will give you a
carriage for defeating Sarvant. Now you can carry a lot of items.

Pegasus wing yourself to Dolgis and sail south back to the home of Forus the

Forus the Sage:
When you go in, you'll sadly find that Forus is dead. There will be a message
about a room with a chest. Go and search the left dresser looking object. It
will reveal a hidden passage.

Take the stairs and open the right chest to find a spell. In the left chest
you will find a note from Forus. It seems he suspected he was going to die
and that his daughter told him you all could save the world. He also asks
for you to take the ancient book to Alon.

Wing yourself back to Ryuita and go talk to Alon (remember, he's the younger
prince). He'll say that they'll leave the ancient book to the guild. Go to the
guild and you can now recruit Enak who you couldn't before. You'll also notice
that the job of deciphering the Ancient Book is available. You can put Enak
on it, but when he gets done, he'll say that he can't read it all and asks
if you know anybody from Ruval. If you don't have Mara already,
wing over to Ruval and get her. Bring her to Ryuita and put her on
the job of deciphering the book.

You should have all 16 people now. If not, go back and check the towns for
anyone you might have missed. Good places to look are Litton, Emrond,
and Faltesis.

*************|Chapter 6: Rarm - Town of Demons|*************

When you exit the guild, a soldier will run up to you and tell you to hurry
back to Rodetia. So wing yourself to Rodetia. Talk to the king and you'll
discover that the people in Rarm (town northwest of Rodetia if you've
forgotten) has been turned to monsters! You will find a man in town that is an
escapee from Rarm who tells you a man in Litton knows how to cure the people.
Off to Litton we go.

After winging yourself to Litton, you will hear that Michenu had come by
and is on her way to Izaruro. Go to Izaruro to find out that the mayor
was attacked again. A woman will also tell you about the Full Moon
Tower to the south. If you talk to the mayor,  he gives you an item that
Michenu had dropped when she tried to kill him.

Go back to Litton and talk to the item shop person directly north of the
entrance to town. He will thank you for bringing back Michenu's symbol and
says he'll give you information just this once. He tells you that the only
way to cure the people of Rarm is by an item in the Full Moon Tower but that
no human can get it, only spirits. He says ask the mayor of Izaruro
for more information.

Go back to Izaruro (lots of running around...whew) and talk to the mayor.
He will open the floodgates so that you can sail south to the Full Moon Tower.
Hop in your ship and sail south down the river. When you reach a split, keep
going south and you'll reach some ocean looking water. Sail a little east and
land on the island. Enter the tower.

Full Moon Tower:
Items: pegasus wings x1, Light, magic helmet, crystal bracelet, earth sword,
kaiser spear

The monsters are incredibly evil with their spells. It will take all your
priest has to keep up. Bring stonherbs because monsters can turn characters
to stone. Anyhow... Go left from the entrance and take the stairs (The
right path is a dead end). Keep circling around each floor until you get
to the top. If you go all the way around, the chest has a pegasus wings
inside. Now jump down the hole in the center of the floor.

When you land, grab the 'light' item out of the chest and then jump down
the hole. The treasure chest to your lower left has a Magic Helmet inside.
The chest to your upper left has a crystal bracelet. You want to go right
and around and take the stairs. Keep following the stairs up through the tower.
On the top floor, you'll find an earth sword and a kaiser spear (both very nice
weapons). Now jump out of the tower and onto the world map.

Return to Izaruro. Talk to the mayor and he'll mention that there are 3
jewels related to Ideia...the moon, sapphire, and emerald. He'll then
mention a Rodetian town called Mynelt that's famous for emeralds. Save that
information for later.

Make your way to Rodetia and then walk up to Rarm. Go into town and use the
'Light' item. Tada...everyone's back to normal. Now if you recall the
information that the mayor of Izaruro told's time to go to Mynelt.

*************|Chapter 7: Ball of Guidance|*************

Item Shop:
Pegasus Wings

Weapon Shop:
Flame Sword
Silver Spear
Crystal Armor
Crystal Cloak
Magic Helmet

You can get to Mynelt several ways. The easiest way is to sail east from
Rodetia, following the shoreline as it curves north. When you get there,
you will find that they have problems with  monsters in their mines. You'll
also meet a miner that looks a lot like Roger. Talk to the mayor and he will
ask you to help. Say yes, and he will notify the guard to let you in.
Stock up and you're on your way.

Mynelt Mines:
Items: crystal cloak

The guard calls this place a maze, but it's pretty easy.
Be sure to bring paraherbs just in case the monsters paralyze your priest.
If you want to get in and out fast, here's the way to go:

Go to the top-left stairs and take them down, go right and take the stairs,
take the stairs on the right again, follow the path and stairs until you
find a hole in the wall. Enter the room and kill the Dark Summoner.
Make your way back out of the dungeon.

If you want treasure, from the entrance, walk up to the first fork and take
the right stairs. Go straight down and take the stairs there. You'll find
a crystal cloak in the chest.

If you go talk to the mayor, he'll thank you
and say that he wishes he had a reward for you but to come back later.
Talk to the miner I mentioned before and he will admit to having the
sun statue that belongs in Dolgis, along with some weapons, in a cave
south-west of Rodetia. So let's head there and get the statue.

Statue of Dolgis:
Sail south-west of Rodetia, following the shore. You'll come upon a couple
of tiny islands. The one on the right is the home of a sage that refuses
to speak to you. The island on the left is Bolder (your mage might have
mentioned the place after staying at an inn). It's a tiny town, but has
some great magic for sale. Sail west of there around the edge of the
continent and then north. You will see the cave on your right real quick.
Hop onto shore and enter the cave.

Bolder shop-
Magic Shop:
L Volt

Talking to somebody in the northern part of Bolder will reveal that they have
trouble getting food from Rodetia. This will unlock the Bolder job at Rodetia.

Cave of the Miner:
Items: Sun Statue, ideia potion, turning, flame sword, elixir, blizzard staff,
dragon armor, thief bow, crystal bracelet

If you want to run in, grab the sun statue and leave:
Go left to the split, then down. A little to the right is another split,
go down. A little down is yet another split, go left and take the stairs.
Go right and up, take the stairs you see on your left. Go left from there
and follow the path to the chest with the sun statue. Now make your way
out of the cave.

If you want all the treasure:
Go left and at the split, go left again. In the chest you will find an
Ideia potion. Go right from there, down, and take the right path. You will
find a copy of the 'Turning' spell in the chest. Go left, up, and right.
Take the stairs there. Follow it around to get a flame sword from the chest.
Go back up the stairs you came down and go down and left, take the stairs.

Go right, up, then all the way right to get an elixir in a treasure chest.
Go up from there and take the stairs. On your right is a chest with a
blizzard staff. Take the stairs back, go down and left, take the stairs.
Go all the way right to get a dragon armor. Now go left from the stairs
and follow the path around to the chest containing the Sun Statue.

Go back up the stairs. Now go up and left to get a thief bow. Go right
from there and take the stairs. Follow it around and get the crystal bracelet
from the chest. Now make your way out of the cave.

Go to Dolgis and enter the building in the north. Walk up the steps to the
pedestals and use the sun statue. It says you'll hear water running outside.
Go outside and you'll see that the pond has drained. Climb down and search the
weird looking object to get the Ball of Guidance.

Fear Emblem:
Put somebody on the Bolder quest, then roam around until the job is finished.
The person that did the job will mention that Bolder's elder has an emblem
of some sort. Sail to Bolder and talk to the old man in the north part of
town. He'll tell you to come back later. Go outside and roam until it's night
then re-enter Bolder. Talk to the old man and he'll tell you to see the elder
now because the elder has a strange hobby. Go in the leftmost building and
talk to the man. You'll catch him polishing a badge and he'll give it to you.

*************|Chapter 8: Showdown with Michenu|*************

Save Ryuita's King:
Go back to Ryuita and go to the castle. You'll find out that they're planning
on executing the King and young prince Alon. Go downstairs and talk to the
guard of the prison entrance. He'll tell you that at night he rests. Go
outside and roam until nightfall then enter the castle and head for the jail.

Go all the way down and release the prince/king. You will be forced to fight 2
Ryuita knights. Go back upstairs and talk to the prince to find out that the
book has been deciphered. Head on over to the guild building. One of the men
inside will mention a myth of a temple in the sea.

Go talk to the guildmaster and find out about the book. Turns out the Ideia
religion started in a fabled country south of Ryuita and that they have a
mind-control poison. She'll say that she thinks Adan has taken it and that
Aless is at the castle now. You'll get the blast spell as a reward.

Head into Adan's castle the way you did before. Walk up the left stairs and
walk as if you're going to jump out of the castle again. You'll eavesdrop on
a conversation between Aless and Adan about Ideia potion and Faltesis.

If you go to Faltesis, more than likely you'll find nothing wrong.

This is where things get confusing and you have to run around looking for
things to do to make the game progress. I'm putting them so that you don't
have to waste your time.

Assisting Ruval's King:
Go to Ruval and bring Mara along. Put her on the job of healing the king
of Ruval. When she gets done you get a cure spell. Go and talk to the king
and he will mention some concern about Levin (seems Aless slipped him the
mind control drug). There doesn't appear to be anything you can do for
Levin right now.

If you go to Emrond and talk to the people, they'll mention that Sarvant
is gone and the lady that did it went to the southern tower.

Visit where Sarvant used to be and you'll find a new town called Carlint.
You can buy some stronger weapons there, but can't enter the castle. So
let's head to the Southern Tower.

Tower South of Emrond:
Items: earth bracelet, dragon helmet, flame armor, crystal staff,
michenu staff

From Emrond, sail south to the tower at the end of the continent. Before
you couldn't enter it, but now you can.

Go left and you'll find a earth bracelet. Go up from there to find a light
helmet. Right and down is a dragon helmet. Now take the stairs up.

Left and down leads to a light bow. There is a blast spell if you go all
the way up and to the middle. The bottom two staircases lead nowhere, so
take the one near the top of the floor. Follow the passage around (doesn't
matter which way you go) and take the stairs.

Take the top right stairs to get a flame armor. Take the top left stairs
to get a crystal staff. Circle around to the bottom now and take the
stairs there. Behold...a lady in a throne. It's none other than Michenu!

Prepare yourself for a tough fight (I barely beat her at level 34)
and then talk to her. Turns out she swapped Sarvant with Carlint, a town
from 400 years ago. You also learn that Aless is the head of the Ideia
religion! <you fight Michenu> After the fight, she tells you that you
are the chosen one and to use all the jewels on heaven's altar. She
mentions the ball of guidance, which you already have. She also says she's
been alive for 400 years...and then she dies. You earn the Michenu staff
from her. So make your way out of the Tower.

*************|Chapter 9: Levin's Insanity|*************

Return to Ryuita. Talk to the townspeople and you will find out that Prince
Adan is dead. He died drinking all the Ideian potion to save his people
from Aless as you'll find out from talking to prince Alon. After talking
to prince Alon, go down the stairs and Remi will run up to you, telling
you to go to Rodetia quickly.

Go to Rodetia and talk to princess Meldi and the king to discover that Levin
is planning to have Ruval attack Rodetia. The king asks you to talk to
Levin. So warp over to Ruval and go talk to the king. Then talk to the prince.
Your character will try to use an antidote, but it turns out that Levin
hasn't taken the poison. He's been brainwashed by Aless. Go back to Rodetia
and talk to princess Meldi again. She'll say that you need the rainbow
flower to cure his darkened soul/mind. This should unlock a job in the Rodetia
guild to find the rainbow flower (if not, roam back and forth between
Ruval and Rodetia talking to the kings/princess/prince until it appears).

Take the job and roam around/stay at an inn enough to get the job done.
When your person gets done, they'll say it used to bloom in Carlint
castle (you probably knew that already if you visited Carlint and talked
to the people). After this job is done, sail to Mynelt. The mayor will
give you the third and final jewel - Cosmo Emerald.

First of all, we need to place the 3 jewels on heaven's altar. Warp to
Ryuva and head west into the desert. You will see a cyclone moving
around. Walk into it and it will send you to the sky castle.

Sky Temple:
Head up, ignoring all the passageways that branch out. They lead nowhere.
Don't take the middle stairs, it's a dead end. Instead, let's take
the stairs on the left. Now go up into the room and walk up the steps.
Use one of the jewels on each of the 3 stands. A voice will tell you
that you can now enter Carlint Castle and you're the chosen one. Now leave the
castle...that was easy wasn't it?

Carlint Castle:
Items: Rainbow Flower

Warp to Emrond and walk north-west to Carlint (once Sarvant). Enter the
castle. Go right or left, doesn't matter, and up. You will come upon 3
sets of stairs. The middle stairs and left stairs are dead-ends so
ignore them. Go up the right most stairs.

Follow the path around and go up the next staircase. Follow the path around
until it splits. Go up and take the stairs. Follow the stairs down to
the first floor and the flowers. Grab the rainbow flower (believe it's the
left one on the top row) and go back up the stairs. When you get to the top,
walk straight up and your party will fall to the first floor (nice shortcut).
Leave the castle.

Zip back to Rodetia and talk to the king to discover that princess Meldi had 
gotten tired of waiting and left for Ruval. Wing over to Ruval, be sure
to heal up and get any items you may need for a battle. Enter the castle and
go up to where the prince is. You will listen to Levin and Meldi talk and then
take out the Rainbow Flower. A demon called Dark Levin will appear and attack
you for ruining his chances of possessing Levin.

Talk to the royalty and they will thank you. Levin will tell you of the
illusionary isle called Idevelas to the north-west of Ruval. He'll also
say you need the 3 emblems to enter it and gives you the third one 'doubt'.

If you don't have all the emblems, check for the person that did the
"Revival of the City" job in Ruval, he has it.

*************|Chapter 10: The Final Encounter|*************

Hop in your ship and sail noth of Ruval until you are next to the cave that
had the Moon jewel in it. Now head straight west until you see an island with
a lot of red land on it. There's Idevales. Enter the evil place.

Items: photon shield, photon helmet, holy staff, holy spear, wind armor,
light cloak, dark crystal, aless sword

When you enter, head left. At the first passage leading down, take it and follow
it down and right. When you get to the bottom right corner of the floor, head
up and left to get the photon shield. Now go back down and take the stairs.

Left is a dead end, so go right, up, left. When you get to the split, take the
lower path and follow it left then up. Get the holy staff from the chest and
go back to where the first split was. Go straight up and to the right to
pick up the photon helmet. Take the stairs.

Go right, a little up, and left as soon as you can (all the area above that
is empty). When the path splits, continue going left to get the holy spear.
Now go back to the split and head down. Go left when you can and take
the stairs.

Go right from the stairs, up a little, and then all the way to the right.
Get the wind armor from the chest and return to where the stairs are. Go left
from there and then choose to go down instead of up. Follow the path to a
light cloak. Return to where it split up/down and go up. Follow the path
to the stairs.

Go straight down ignoring the path that branches off to the left. Grab the
dark crystal from the chest. Go down and right. Go all the way to the right
(ignore all those other paths...they're dead-ends). Then go up and
take the stairs.

Behold, it's Aless! Take him on and kick his sorry butt. Afterwards he gives
you a little speech telling you that he is not the true evil and that you
should go to the underwater temple between North and South Ryuita to find
out more. So it seems that Aless and Michenu were both training you and your
friends for the evil that threatens the world. Make your way back out
of Idevales.

Wing over to North Ryuita. Walk east and hop on your ship. Now sail south
until you get to the edge of the land south of North Ryuita. Sail west from
there and you'll spot the temple. Sail up the little river, hop off your ship,
and enter the underwater temple.

Underwater Temple:
Items: Love Emblem, Sun Sword

Hopefully, you're around level 40 or so by now so that you won't have too
much trouble with monsters. Anyhow, head straight down. Allll the way
down(Those two branches you see on the right make a pointless, empty loop..
so don't take em). And take the stairs.

Head straight down and open the chest, you will find the Love emblem.
Open the chest to your left to get a Sun Sword. Now open the right chest
to find a letter from Aless telling you to collect all 6 emblems. You need
the opposites of hatred, doubt, and fear (the ones you have) which are
love, courage, and truth. He outlines where they are at:
-The love emblem is in the Underwater Temple (you got that).
-The courage emblem is in a palace in the ocean called Grand States.
-The truth emblem is in the possession of the priest of Bolder.
There is urgency in Aless' note, which means little time is left. Leave
the underwater temple.

You can get the emblems in any order, following is the way I went.

Warp to Rodetia and sail south to Bolder. On an island to the right
of Bolder is a house with the sage that wouldn't speak to you before.
Talk to him now to find out the history of the war between Ideia and
Maria and how humans had summoned a demon named Chaos. He mentions that
two of the 4 heroes that sealed away Chaos had their souls stolen from
them. I'm guessing they were Michenu and Aless. Anyhow, he says the
emblem is in off we go to Mynelt.

Talk to the townsfolk of Mynelt. They'll say that there was a cave-in
in the mines that revealed a new cavern. Time to enter the mines again.

Mynelt Mines:
Items: Courage emblem

Take the first stairs on your left. Follow it all the way to the right,
passing the first stairs you see, around and take the second stairs.
This used to be a dead end, but now there is another stairs you can take.
Follow the passages/stairs until you get to a split.

Take the lower path and take the stairs. Go right, past a stairs, and
go downwards, taking the first path on the right. Take the stairs
at the end of this path. Here you will see a path branching left
and one that goes straight down a little to a stairs. Take the bottom
path and take the stairs. Follow the path around and open the chest to
find the Emblem of Courage. Make your way out of the mines.

If you go talk to people in towns and the royalty, by now they will
all be rejoicing over the end of Ideia. You'll find that Meldi and
Levin are going to marry.

Ok, we got 5 emblems. Just one more to go so let's find the Grand
States. Sail to Idevales. From there, sail straight north. You
will hit an island with a cave, enter it and you will find yourself
in the Grand States.

Grand States:
Items: elixir, Truth Emblem, light helmet, dark crystal, light bracelet,
holy staff, light cloak, photon armor

This place is tremendously huge and confusing. Also the monsters
like to paralyze/stone characters. I'm guessing you'll hate this place
as much as I did.

From the entrance go up to the 1st path leading left. Take that
path to the 1st down path. Go down and take that path until it
splits again. Go up and follow it left and up to an elixir.

From the elixir chest, go right then up and then left to the second
to last path going up. Go up and right. Go around and open the
chest to find the Truth Emblem. Now you may turn around and
leave if you want. If you want to collect the treasure, read on.

Go back to where you went right from and go left, follow that all 
the way up and around the water to a chest with a light helmet inside.

Go down, around the edge of the wall, up and right around the
water to a chest with a dark crystal inside.  Now go right, down, all
the way right, up, left, up, right, down, and then right to
a chest with a light bracelet.

Now take the path up that you see, and go right, down, right, up,
right to a chest with a holy staff. Go back left, go down as far
as you can, then left to a chest with a light cloak in it.

Go down, and all the way left. Go down again and all the way left
again. You've now gone in a big loop. Make your way back to the
entrance. From the entrance make your way all the way to the
right and up and you'll eventually come across a chest with
photon armor inside. Time to leave this crazy place.

Warp to Rodetia and sail back to the old man's house next
to Bolder. Talk to him and he will combine your weapon
with the marks to make the ultimate weapon: Flare Riser!
When you leave the house, some evil being vaporizes the house and
the old man. He challenges you to come after him. 
Ok..what's the last thing you can think of that you haven't
figured out yet? The big forest between the border caves!
So warp over to Nazaal and prepare to go in. Save, for there
is no turning back. Go through the border cave and enter the forest.

Walk deep into the forest until you see something that sticks out.
Looks sorta like a mountain. Walk up to it and prepare to fight
the final battle. Chaos is a huge tree demon and has 2 forms.
He'll do little damage to your main character, but can do serious damage
to the others. And your main character will deal most of the damage to him
while the others do little damage.I beat him with a part at levels
46-48 and he wasn't too bad.

Congratulations on beating an amazing little famicom RPG that
can sometimes be frustrating, but is great fun and entertainment.
Sit back, relax, get out a cup of ice tea, and enjoy the ending. :)
Appendix A - Items
In shops:
Ideia Potion - 80G - Increases enemy encounters
Maria Potion - 80G - Decreases enemy encounters
ParaHerb - 24G - cures paralysis
PoisHerb - 6G - cures poison
StonHerb - 200G - cures stone
Herb - 4G - mild heal item
DualHerb - 16G - medium heal item
TriHerb - 48G - strongest heal item
Elixir - 500G - revives dead
Pegasus Wings - 30G - warps you immediately to any visited town with a guild

Special Items:
Ancient Book - secret room in Faltesis - reveals some of the secrets
              of the Ideia religion
Anti-Venom - gotten from Michenu - used on Levin, only to reveal he hasn't
             taken the poison
Ball of Guidance - gotten in Dolgis w/ Sun Statue - used to enter the
                   sky palace
Compass - from Forus the Sage - allows you to sail into the open sea
Dragon Necklace - killing dragon in dragon cave - proves you're a hero
                  to the Ryuitans.
Emblems/Marks - all over the place - need 3 to enter Idevales
                and 6 to get flare riser and take on the final boss.
Flint (Cannon Launch Key) - Sarvant job in Emrond - used to destroy the cannon
Flower of Impression - in woods west of Rarm - used to cure the princess
Gold Necklace - defeating Levin's kidnappers - turns out to be an emblem later
                on in the game
Ideia Badge - from Izaruro mayor after the attempt on his life - to gain
              information on how to cure the Rarm people.
Light - full moon tower south of Izaruro - used to heal the Rarm people.
Rainbow Flower - Carlint Castle - prevents Levin from being possessed.
Spring Fire - dragon job in Dolgis - freezes the dragon in the dragon
              cave, makes killing him really easy
Star Sapphire - cave north of Izaruro - 1 of the 3 jewels of Ideia
Moon Stone - cave north of Ruval - 1 of the 3 jewels of Ideia
Cosmo Emerald - mynelt - 1 of the 3 jewels of Ideia
Sun Statue - cave southwest of Rodetia - allows you to get the ball of guidance
Sword of Anger - Michenu gives it to you in Litton - used to frame you for
                 the murder of Izaruro's old mayor
Temptation Key - Find the Father job in Faltesis - allows you entry into
                 the hidden casino town
Appendix B - Magic
*** = found, can't be bought
??? = not sure on the effect

Spell       Cost       Effect
-----       ----       ------
Aero        ***        powerful wind spell
Anti        480G       protects a character from enemy spells
Antima      480G       mutes enemies
Blast       ***        holy damage to a monster
Confuse     840G       confuses monsters
Cure        ***        powerful healing spell
Feel        80G        recovers some hit points
AllFeel     1200G      recover some hp to everyone
Field       1600G      strong heal spell
Flame       50G        fire damage to one enemy
L Flame     360G       strong fire damage to all enemies
Flying      450G       return to any town with a guild
Force       620G       magical defense up
Freeze      120G       ice damage to one enemy
L Freeze    720G       strong ice damage to all monsters
Gaia        ***        extreme elemental damage to one enemy
Guardin     840G       physical defense up
Mind        2700G      assists confusion
Para-C      980G       cure paralysis
Pois-C      120G       cure poisoning
Resource    4800G      ???
Sleep       1600G      puts an enemy to sleep
Stone-C     2600G      cure stone
Stop        1200G      stops the enemy
Siren       400G       ???
Turning     280G       warps you out of dungeons
Volt        1000G      electric damage to an enemy
L Volt      4000G      powerful electric damage to all enemies
Appendix C - Equipment
*** = found, can't be bought

Equipment            Cost
---------            ----
Steel Bow            310G
Thief Bow            3400G

Red Crystal          400G
Blue Crystal         400G
Dark Crystal         ***

Iron Spear           180G
Silver Spear         1800G
Kaiser Spear         ***
Holy Spear           ***

Ancient Staff        100G
Magic Staff          530G
Silver Staff         870G
Flame Staff          ***
Blizzard Staff       ***
Thunder Staff        ***
Michenu Staff        ***
Holy Staff           ***

Iron Sword           160G
Steel Sword          600G
Mirage Sword         1600G
Flame Sword          3500G
Earth Sword          ***
Aless Sword          ***
Sun Sword            ***
Flare Riser          ***

Chain Armor          180G
Plate Armor          530G
Knight Armor         1200G
Crystal Armor        6500G
Dragon Armor         ***
Wind Armor           ***
Flame Armor          ***
Photon Armor         ***

Silk Cloak           75G
White Cloak          230G
Mage Cloak           440G
Mirror Cloak         1300G
Crystal Cloak        6000G
Light Cloak          ***

Leather Shield       80G
Iron Shield          250G
Knight Shield        1600G
Photon Shield        ***

Magic Bracelet       60G
Silver Bracelet      290G
Orb Bracelet         840G
Crystal Bracelet     2000G
Earth Bracelet       ***
Light Bracelet       ***

Leather Helmet       40G
Iron Helmet          150G
Knight Helmet        1380G
Dragon Helmet        ***
Photon Helmet        ***

Spell-Caster Helmets:
Magic Helmet         480G
Light Helmet         ***
Appendix D - Guilds
In certain towns in the game you will find guilds. The guilds have
4 options - change, recruit, job, call.

Change - to change your active party.
Recruit - to get new people from the town to join your group.
Job - You can take on odd jobs in towns to get items and information.
Some jobs are required for you to do to advance in the game.
Call - It will call people from other towns to that town.

In the screen with the list of their names, you'll see symbols by
some. If you see a 'P', that means they are in your active party.
If you see a '*' like symbol, that means they are in the same town
as you. If there is no symbol next to their name, that means that
they are either in a different town from you or doing a job.

Calling people and doing jobs takes time. When you do them, you
will have to make days pass in the game before the people arrive
in the town or finish the job. Guildmasters will always tell
you when a job is finished. It will then be up to you to get
in the same town as the person doing the job (travelling to the
town or calling them) to find out the information and get
the reward.

Some jobs are restricted on who can do them. Some will say
males only and others will say female only. Others will show
a list of letters like F/K/P. That means the job is restricted
to those classes of characters. Which in this case would mean
the job could only be done by fighters, knights, or priests.
Appendix E - Jobs
Following are the list of jobs in the game in this format:

Job - Hirer
Place to find the Job
Character Requirements
Whether you HAVE to do the job or not
Class Codes:
F - fighter      K - knight
M - mage         T - thief
S - shaman       B - bishop
P - priest

Revival of the City - King of Ruval
Males Only
Required: Yes
Reward: Lies Emblem

Dragon Slaying - Ryuita Knights
Required: No (Yes if you want to survive the dragon)
Reward: Spring Fire

Food Delivery - Bolder Life Group
Required: Yes
Reward: 500G

Search for Father - Faltesis Guild
Required: No
Reward: 4G
Sub-Reward: Key to Heaven

The Ancient Book - Ryuita's Prince Alon
Required: Yes
Reward: Blast spell

Rainbow Flower Quest - Princess Meldi
Required: Yes
Reward: None

Cleaning the Arsenal - Commander Sarvant
Required: Yes
Reward: Flint

Forest Development - Nazaal Dev Committee
Males Only
Required: No
Reward: None, can't be completed

Waitress Needed - Rodetia Pub
Females Only
Required: No
Reward: 200G

Soldiers Needed - King of Ryuita
Males Only
Required: No
Reward: L-Volt spell

Memorial Service - General Faltesis
Required: No
Reward: Thunder Staff

Repairing the Church - Ruval Priest Alliance
Males Only
Required: No
Reward: 20G

FloodGate Guard - Mayor of Izaruro
Required: No
Reward: Aero spell

Looking for a Nurse - Ruval Throne Room
Females Only P/B
Required: Yes
Reward: Cure spell

Trainer Needed - General Faltesis
Required: No
Reward: Wind Armor

Adan's Funeral - Ryuita's Prince Alon
Required: No
Reward: Dragon Armor
Appendix F - Formations
In the battle menu you have 3 options - Fight, Plan, Flee
Under 'Plan' there are 2 options - Order, Tactic
Order arranges the order of your party as you would guess. Tactic is
the formation of the party. There are 8 formations to choose from and
they can affect battle outcomes a lot, especially when taking on the

Numbers indicate that person in your order. Top person is 1, next
person down is 2, and so on.

 1  4
Your party focuses on physical attacks and do more damage with them
than usual.

 2  4
1  3
The normal formation, where your people will do just about anything.
There is no real focus or concentration to what they do.

Your party will focus more on defense. They take less damage from attacks
and appear to be affected by negative statuses less.
I found myself using this formation the most to decrease damage.

Magic Attack:
1   4
The party gets into a position that increases the power of magical
attacks. Spellcasters use more mp this way.

A formation that ups magic attacks and physical attacks at the same time,
though not as much as the assault and magic attack formations do.

The party gets into a defensive position and focus on healing and
recovering from negative statuses.

Save MP:
A good formation if you want to keep your spell casters from using
up all their MP.

Use MP:
Gives your spellcasters permission to use mp freely but they won't
use it as much as magic attack.
Appendix G - Player Characters
The following is a list of characters that will join your party, their
sex, class, and where to locate them. The default character is the
male fighter (called Leon in the game). If you choose somebody other
than him, insert him where the character you picked would be.
If you chose the Male Priest...then you'd get Leon in Rodetia instead
of Nande.

Name        Sex     Class      Place
----        ---     -----      -----
Nande       M       Priest     Rodetia
Wendy       F       Mage       Rodetia
Baran       M       Knight     Rarm
Liza        F       Fighter    Nazaal
Orion       M       Shaman     Ruval
Mara        F       Bishop     Ruval
Sylva       F       Priest     Litton
Dona        F       Shaman     Litton
Midi        F       Thief      Izaruro
Enak        M       Bishop     Ryuita
Marin       F       Knight     Ryuita
Juno        M       Thief      Faltesis
Kail        M       Mage       Emrond
Appendix H - Character/Equipment Chart
The following are charts for what weaponry each class can equip.

Class   Spear  Sword  Staff  Crystal  Bow
-----   -----  -----  -----  -------  ---
Bishop   No     No      Yes     No     No
Fighter  No     Yes     No      No     No
Knight   Yes    Yes     No      No     No
Mage     No     No      Yes     No     No
Priest   No     No      Yes     No     No
Shaman   No     No      No      Yes    No
Thief    No     No      No      No     Yes

Class    Armor  Cloak  Bracelet  Shield  Helmet  Magic Helms
-----    -----  -----  --------  ------  ------  -----------
Bishop    No     Yes      Yes      No      No        Yes
Fighter   Yes    No       No       Yes     Yes       No
Knight    Yes    No       No       Yes     Yes       No
Mage      No     Yes      Yes      No      No        Yes
Priest    No     Yes      Yes      No      No        Yes
Shaman    No     Yes      Yes      No      No        Yes
Thief     Yes    Yes      Yes      No      No        No
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