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A note to those who use this walkthrough; this work is based on the translation
and patching done respectively by one Xeur, and Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis
Translation Proclamation fame.

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				Table of Contents
			1. Walkthrough
				1a. The Beginning		TBGN
				1b. Prince Levin		PRLV
				1c. Ideian Advance		IDAV
				1d. Dungeons and Dragons	DGDR
				1e. The Emblems			TEBL
				1f. Ideia's Fall		IDFL
				1g. End of Chaos		EDCH
				1h. Casino Town			CSNT
			2. Lists
				2a. Shops			2ASH
				2b. Items/Equipment/Magic	IEQM
				2c. Guilds/Jobs			GLJB
			3. Battle				3BTL
			4. Enemies				4ENM

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	You'll have to forgive me for any errors I might make in this FAQ. This
is after all my first FAQ, so I'm apt to make beginner's errors and errors of
common sense.

	Seeing as this is also my first FAQ, I believe I should also mention
that the format for my FAQ here is derived from several contributors I looked
over at for the past month when I finally decided I wanted to make an FAQ
for Chaos World. In no specific order, these would be Outbreak's Resident Evil 4
(GCN) FAQ/Walkthrough, Mmeeva's Warlocked FAQ/Walkthrough, SOng's Dark Cloud 2
FAQ/Walkthrough, CyricZ's Ogre Battle 64 FAQ/Walkthrough, and marshmallow's
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) FAQ/Walkthrough. The latter four gave me
insight into things I needed to know when playing their respective games in my
youth, and I've decided to do some insight into them as a thanks, to come up
with a format.

	Most importantly though, I feel I should mention Xanathis and his own
FAQ for Chaos World, which having been the source of the info I needed three
years ago when I was a lost one in a large NES game, has made me use his format
in places where I did not intend to. Although more likely than not they will
never read this, I would like to thank them for giving me influence on my
format; the one I had lined out before bluntly sucked, so getting it right this
time is what I want to do.

	As for how it is I came to play Chaos World; I like RPGs. However, I was
a Nintendo boy years ago, so after the slew of RPG goodness for the SNES, I was
left with a draught with the N64 (Ogre Battle 64 and Paper Mario being my only
saviors), and I never bought into a PS2. So, while waiting to gather enough
money to buy a GCN in 2002, I eventually wandered onto the emulation scene. Sure
enough, I was able to fit right into it, and I was completing games left and
right. Of course, I hadn't then ever really actually KNOWN how FMV-intensive
modern-day RPGs were, and so I was able to go through NES RPG after NES RPG
without a problem.

	Chaos World was one of those; an anomaly on a system that by present-day
standards blows, it defied my expectations with a large world, a long quest, and
gameplay I could get into. Years later, when I finally bit the bullet and joined
GameFAQs.com, I realized that it was actual people who wrote the FAQs (thus
ending one era of ignorance for me), and I too could contribute and help. So, I
decided to do just that with Chaos World.

	Anywho, if you're still through this long and dreary introduction, have
fun with Chaos World, and I hope this work of mine can help you.

			        1a. The Beginning			    TBGN
	I highly recommend the use of FCE Ultra for this game, seeing as you're
probably playing a ROM format of this game.

	Choose your character's class from the available seven, choose his or
her gender, toggle up the available stat points, and then input his or her name.

	Once you're done all this, your character, whom I will refer by male
demoninations and the name of "Hero" for the rest of the game, will awaken, and
you'll be referred to the King. Outside, follow the path right, and up into the
castle. In here, continue on your way up the set of stairs, and on the second
floor, talk to the King who's sitting on the throne.

	The King will relate the background so far of Chaos World; his daughter
the Princess Meldi is sick, and those who have gone to find a cure have not
returned. A prophecy regarding an evil is coming true, as monsters gain in
presence. He'll give you first mission; go down to the basement and kill a
monster there.

	Well, take your cue and head down to the first floor, then go around the
staircase to the back. Talk to the guard that's standing in front of the stairs
back here, and he'll give you room. Head downstairs. Down here, you'll fight a
single Slug. You'll also see the battle system for this game, which is fairly
automatic; for a more indepth explanation, refer to section 3. Battle. For now,
just press the Fight button, and you'll win pretty quickly.

	With that out of the way, head back up to the throne room and talk to
the king once more. He'll give you a donkey to carry your items, and 100 gold.
Leave the castle back out to Rodetia town. Purchase what you need from the Item,
Magic, and Equipment Shop, and take care not to buy anything that'll be useless
at this point in time (that means all items except for a Regular Herb, and
Equipment that isn't compatible with your class). When you are finished, exit by
going to talk to the guards at the bottom of the town. They'll give you a
general direction of where to go; Rarm, in the north. After they get out of your
way, head out onto the world map.

				   WORLD MAP
	From where you exit from Rodetia, go straight north until you hit the
mountain range. When you do, walk along the edge until you walk into a small
town, which happens to be Rarm. That was rather easy, but from now on distance
between places will be much greater.

	Once you enter Rarm, sleep at the Inn if you need to recover (which you
more than likely do), and then head up until you're just past the garden to your
right. Once that's done, continue on the road right until you walk outside of
the layer of trees. Walk one space past the trees, but do NOT WALK ANY FURTHER.
Instead, walk up, and go around left. You'll wander into a hidden part of town.
Talk to the person who is standing here, and he'll ask to join you to do what
needs to be done in the cave outside of Rarm. Accept, and you'll gain the Rope
and Baran the Knight will join you (if Baran the Knight was your main character,
then it will instead be Leon the Fighter).

	Now, walk back into the main area of town, and talk to the person with
an item shop sign above the actual Item Shop. This guy here is a chemist, and
he'll offer to make you the potion required to save Meldi from her sickness if
you can get him a Flower of Impression. Local talk will inform you that the
Flower of Impression can be found in a forest past the cave that is just
northwest of Rarm. Get what new equipment you might want, and then leave Rarm.

				   WORLD MAP
	Out on the road again, all that you need to do is basically head to your
left and up and enter the cave that's within sight right after you leave Rarm.

				   RARM CAVE
	Welcome to your first dungeon. Don't worry; this isn't going to be your
own personal hell like some dungeons late on in the game. Start your journey
going down and left to the next set of stairs, and go down one floor.
Downstairs, head down and left to hit a dead end with a pit.

	Now, open your items up from the menu screen, and select the Rope. Use
it, and Hero will throw it across the pit. Walk across, and go up the stairs at
the end. Up here, go up and left to open a chest for a Pegasus Feather, then go
down, left, and up onto another staircase. You'll leave Rarm Cave automatically
after this.

				   WORLD MAP
	From the cave's exit, go down into the forest center. You'll
automatically go inside.

	In here, walk around the treeline in a general direction of left and up,
left and up. Eventually, you should get to the northeast corner of the forest.
Walk over to the flower that's here, stand over it, and press A to examine it
for the Flower of Impression that you need for Meldi's potion. With that in
hand, backtrack all the way to Rarm.

	Here, go and talk to the chemist who offered to make you the potion
earlier. Once he sees that you have the Flower of Impression, he'll make it
quickly, and sends you off with an order to hurry back to Rodetia and Meldi. You
know what to do now.

	Back at the castle, go up and talk to the King. He'll reference you over
to Meldi. From the thrones, go right and up, and talk to the pink-haired
attendant; she'll move out of the way. Go into the newly accessible room, head
straight up to Meldi, and open up your items. Use the Impression Potion, and
then talk to Meldi. She'll thank you for your help.

	Now go back to the King, and talk to him. He'll grant you the required
permission to journey to the neighbouring kingdom of Ruval, thus extending our
quest. He also allows you the ability to use the Guild, where you can find more
party members. He also orders you to investiage the Ideian religion, the cause
of a great war.

	Out in town, go to the completely brown building at the entrance to
town. This is the Guild, and you will find one in almost every town. Head in and
talk to the bartender, and recruit the two heros that are currently available;
Nande the male Priest, and Wendy the female Mage. Turn around and put Wendy on
the Waitress Needed Job, and fight around/stay at the inn for a number of
nights. After a while, go back to the guildmaster and talk to him, and Wendy
will be waiting. Once you've done that and everything else you needed to do in
town, leave the place.

			       1b. Prince Levin			   	    PRLV

				   WORLD MAP
	First off, go up to the town of Rarm. There's no point in going to Rarm
anymore except for a stop-off inn rest, as the Guild there is completely
useless, so ignore Rarm for now. From there, continue on your merry way north,
until you come to a bridge. Cross the river, and you'll see the town of Nazaal
nearby. Enter Nazaal.

	Nazaal is basically just another stop on the road before you get to
anything major. Talk to the people who are around, and although you'll get bits
and pieces of information on Ideia and today's present world, you'll mainly get
the warning not to go through the forest if you're headed to Ruval. Once you're
done stocking up with the new equipment, exit Nazaal out onto the world map.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Nazaal, head northwest into the cave.

	In here, go down and head around the linear path. Talk to the soldier,
and he'll give you some directions to Ruval once you get outside, and reiterates
the warning of not going into the forest. Once he gets out of the way, continue
on and head out.

				   WORLD MAP
	From the cave, head up the coastline from the left side, all the time
avoiding the forest. Eventually, you should come to yet another cave. Enter this
cave as well.

	It's the same thing as before; go and talk to the soldier, and he shall
step aside to let you through. Ignore the right path at the split here, as it
will yield you nothing. Instead, take the left road up, and exit out the stairs
onto the world map again.

				   WORLD MAP
	You should notice a large leap in monster difficult once you come out of
this cave. I recommend after the next little bit, you hang around and level up a
bit before you move on. Anywho, just walk left until you come across a castle
town; enter the kingdom of Ruval.

	In here, talk to the people that are strolling around the ruined
kingdom, and you'll learn their tale of misery and woe; the Prince Levin was
kidnapped recently, and his kidnappers have demanded a ransom of gold and food.
Unfortunately, although they have gotten it, they have not yet released Levin,
and the kingdom is suffering. We're here to fix that.

	Go up to the castle in Ruval, and enter. Go up the stairs to the throne
room, and talk to the king here. He'll beg of you to save Levin. Do the common
RPG drill of what you need to do in town (Buy a Poison-Cure Magic for your
Priest), then leave out onto the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	Like I said before, you should level up a lot. Level 13 is ideal for
what you will want ahead, and if the monsters outside the desert are not giving
you enough experience, cruise into the desert to fight the somewhat-stronger
monsters (once again, make sure you have at least one Poison-Cure Magic equipped
before you do this).

	Anyways, once you've finished leveling up, head down along the coast
south of Ruval. When you come down to meet the mountain range, there should be a
town at the foot of the range. Enter the town of Ripona.

	In town here, talk to the townspeople and you'll learn about mines to
the west that have not been used for years. Once you're done your information
gathering in Ripona, go through the obligatory equipment upgrading and then

				   WORLD MAP
	Head west from Ripona past the hills. Just below the forest, you should
see a building, but ignore that for now. Instead, continue on west and past the
second set of hills. Continue west on a straight line through the desert, and
you should see a cave in the mountain range. Enter here.

	This place is hell for those who don't know what to do. This is because
many of the stairs lead you back up to where you started, so you'll be going
around in circles. So just follow my lead from start to finish, and you
shouldn't have too much of a problem.

	Start off by walking left, and go down all the way that you can. When
you hit a split, walk right, and open a chest for 347G. Now head back ALL THE
WAY to the first staircase that you saw, and go down it. On the second basement
floor, head down, right, and go around the long path until you come to another
staircase. Go down here onto the third floor.

	Down here, take the completely linear path. At the end, you'll be
conflicted with a choice of two stairs; take the left set for now, and follow a
number of rooms to a chest containing a Flame Staff. Equip it onto whatever Mage
or Priest you have in your party right now, then go back to the two stairs and
take the right staircase.

	Now, take the road in the mines until you come to a split two rooms
later. Go left from here, and down the stairs. On the bottom, walk over to the
next set of stairs, and then heal yourself. For once you go down the stairs,
you'll come across the kidnappers. It seems that Levin's escaped from them
somehow, and they blame you for stealing their ransom bounty and releasing
Levin. Of course, it ends up in a fight.

	Deal with them, and afterwards, you'll obtain the Gold Necklace. Go back
to the split now from a while back, and this time head up instead of left. On
the next floor, go left and around upstairs to yet the next floor. Go down and
right from here, and then head up and right. This will plant you right back at
the entrance. Now exit the mines.

				   WORLD MAP
	Head back to Ripona from here. If you have a Pegasus Wing, now is the
perfect time to learn how to use it; it's basically Chaos World's form of being
instantly transported to a town, but only some of the places in Chaos World can
be Wing'ed to.

	Talk to the townspeople again. They'll thank you for defeating the
kidnappers, but they'll also mention a black-robed man who was supposedly the
person who rescued Levin....Hmmm...Exit back out onto the World Map, we've got
some investigation work to do.

				   WORLD MAP
	Head back north to the Kingdom of Ruval from Ripona. We've got to check
up on Levin.

	Back in Ruval, go to the throne room in the castle and talk to Levin.
He'll thank you for bringing him back his Gold Necklace, a gift from Princess
Meldi, and gives you his horse in return (this means more storage space for your
items, so you should be happy obviously). He also mentions that the black-robed
man who saved him called himself Aless. Talk to the king of Ruval now, and he'll
offer you some information on Ideia, but first you need to help him with a job
at Ruval's guild now.

	Now, go to the guild in Ruval. Here, you should be able to recruit Orion
the Shaman now, so go ahead with doing that, then put somebody on the Revival of
the City job. However, you don't need to COMPLETE the job to get the information
from the king on Ideia, so go straight back to King Ruval and talk to him. He'll
send you on a new direction - Izaruro in the south - and gives you permission to
go through the southern checkpoint near Ripona. Now exit Ruval.

			      1c. Ideian Advance			    IDAV

				   WORLD MAP
	From Ruval, head south to Ripona. Once you hit the hamlet, go west in
the general direction of when you were heading to the Ruval Mines. But, instead
of going to the mines this time around, go south through the opening in the
mountain range and into the checkpoint.

	In here, it's a simple thing of going to talk to the guards. They'll
step aside, thus letting you through. Head back out onto the world map, this
time south of the checkpoint.

				   WORLD MAP
	From the checkpoint, go south and right and you'll see a town. Head up
into the town of Litton.

	Immediately entering town, you'll be confronted by a lady who calls
herself Michenu. She goes over how awful it is that Izaruro's mayor was slain,
and also mentions that his killer became the mayor in place. She asks you to
slay the murderer, and gives you the Sword of Anger before running off.

	After that weird episode, you should ask around town for some directions
to Izaruro and more gossip. However, once that's done, all that's left for you
to do is the obligatory equipment-upgrading and a guild visit, and then you need
to leave Litton for the next area.

				   WORLD MAP
	Out here, go south across the bridge and river, then continue down south
in the narrow space between mountain range and ocean. Once you go down past
another bridge, continue on through the forest, but head west as soon as you
can. You should see a cave nearby. Enter it.

	Start off by going down to the end and right until you hit a staircase,
then go down a floor. On the next floor, head down and go right all the way
until you hit the end. Here, grab a Maria potion from the split up from a chest,
then continue on to a staircase. Upstairs, grab a Pegasus Wing and Herb from the
chests, then continue on up another set of stairs. You'll be put outside onto
the world map.

				   WORLD MAP
	From the cave, head north and west until you see a town on the corner of
the island, next to two rivers. Enter Izaruro.

	Immediately after going into town, you'll be confronted by citizens of
the city, who claim you are the murderer. You'll be thrown into the town jail.

	Once in jail, go up to the cell door. A man will come up and free you,
explaining he's the slain mayor's son. He knows you didn't kill the mayor, and
describes Michenu to an M as the real killer. The sword she gave you was also
the sword which slew the mayor, so it all matches up. After, go upstairs and
talk to the mayor's son again. Once he realizes you're searching Ideia, he'll
ask you to sail downriver to Litton to see what Michenu's been up to, and loans
you a boat.

	Now that you're free, exit the house and explore Izaruro without hassle.
Talk to everyone, and do the obligatory resupplying at the item shop and staying
at the inn, along with the visit to the guild. You might want to go and level up
outside Izaruro as well, as you'll be needing it for later.

	Anywho, once you've done what you wanted to, exit the town by the north
exit, going through the layer of trees. It'll automatically put you on the boat
outside of Izaruro.

				   WORLD MAP
	Out on the boat, head down the river going right. Head up and right
again at the turns on the river, until you approach Litton. When you do, dock on
shore (a simple process of just moving the boat against land), and head into

	Uh-oh....looks like Michenu's been here again, and for the worse. The
townsmen of Litton have become Ideian converts! However, there's nothing you can
do right now, so exit Litton.

				   WORLD MAP
	Take the ship, and go back along the waterway to Izaruro. We've got work
to do.

	Back here, talk to the mayor's son; he'll reveal that his father's
relic, the Star Sapphire, was stolen. Apparently, he was going to give it to us
before it was stolen, as it had something to do with the Ideian religion...Exit
the mayor's house, then go talk to the old man standing by the northern exit.
He'll reveal that the thief ran into the cave up north, and opens the floodgates
for you. Sleep at the inn, then head out of Izaruro.

				   WORLD MAP
	Out on the road again (or to be more precise, the river), head up north
along the river and you'll wander into a body of water surrounded by a mountain
range. Head up until you see a cave. Guide your boat along to where the cave is,
disembark, and enter.

	This is without a doubt the most hellish dungeon in the game, so I'll
try to provide exact directions. Nothing of what you get in this dungeon from
chests (Plate Mail, Elixir, TriHerb), is really worth the pain, and you can
purchase it elsewhere.

	Anyways, from the entrance, go down 4 spaces, and left another 4. Go
Down 9, Right 3, Up 1, Right 1, Up 1, Right 3, Down 8, Right 5, Down 6, and
Right 6 before going down the stairs.

	On this next floor, go down and right and go up at the split to open a
chest for the TriHerb. Now take the right part of the split, and continue
onwards downstairs. Here, go down and around, and face off in a boss battle
against the Dark Shaman. Once you take him down, open the chest for the Star
Sapphire, then leave the Cave.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Izaruro Cave, embark on your ship and head back to Izaruro town.

	Back in town, go and talk to the mayor's son. He'll thank you for
retrieving the Star Sapphire back from the Dark Shaman, and proclaims it as
officially yours. He then says you'll probably need to go to the sea to find
other items like the Star Sapphire, but he can't allow you to do that since you
don't have a compass. He then mentions his late father gave his compass away to
a man in Ryuita...

	Head outside and talk to the old man by the north exit once again. He'll
tell you that you need a pass from King Rodetia to get to Ryuita. Well,
obviously you won't want to walk all the way back to Rodetia, so go over to the
item shop in Izaruro, and stock up on Pegasus Wings. Head out to the World Map
after that.

				   WORLD MAP
	Out here, access one of the Pegasus Wings from the Item menu, and use it
to teleport to Rodetia. Once you get to Rodetia, head into the actual town and
castle itself.

	In here, head straight up to the castle and go to the throne room. Talk
to the king and he'll observe that Michenu was recently looking for you. When he
finds out that Michenu has been spreading the Ideian religion, he'll go berserk,
orders you to chase after her, and immediately gives you permission to head to

			   1d. Dungeons and Dragons			    DGDR

				   WORLD MAP
	Well, to get to Ryuita, we need to head north of Rodetia and then Rarm,
past Nazaal northwest to the cave that we once took on our path towards Ruval.
Since I've already detailed this part, I don't see any need to redo the parts
already done.

	Anywho, once you come out the first cave, go up the left side along the
coast, as you did before. This time around, however, DON'T go into the second
cave. Instead, continue on past that one, go up all the way to the northwest
point of the continent, and then head east all the way to the northeast cave.
Enter this cave.

	This place is, once again, as basic as the other two caves on the
island; in other words, all you merely have to do is talk to the guards that are
in your way, and they'll move out of the way so you can progress and exit from
the cave on the other side.

				   WORLD MAP
	Once you exit the cave onto Ryuita continent, you should see a townstead
to your southeast. Take the general direction into the town of Dolgis, part of
the Ryuita kingdom.

	Here, get what you need from the shops, and you'll learn an abudance of
information, all of it vital for some point in time. First and foremost is
directions to Ryuita, then information about a guy named Roger being here in the
nighttime, the Ryuita Knights are fighting a dragon in the northwest cave (not
the one you came from), a Sun Statue used to be inside the ruins here in Dolgis,
and the old Sage of Ryuita in the King's service used to have a compass. Once
you're done your news-gathering, head off to the guild.

	At the guild, recruit Dona the Female Shaman, and then put somebody on
the Dragon Slaying job. This IS IMPERATIVE TO COMPLETE. Wander outside around
the World Map and sleep at the inn for a while, then go back to the guild until
the job is complete. When it is, you'll get an item called the Spring. It will
be very, very, very, VERY USEFUL once you get it for a short while on. After,
get your party together, then exit Dolgis.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Dolgis, head straight east until you go through a large forest of
coniferous trees. Once out on the other side, you should see a bridge south of
you. Cross the bridge and river, then continue east from there between the
mountain range. Cross south through, and you should see Ryuita lying just before
a stretch of desert. Enter Ryuita.

	Here, go immediately to the guild and put somebody on the Soldiers
Needed job. Once you've done that, get your items in order at all the shops,
then talk around town. After you've learned some stuff about the going ons in
Ryuita, head up into the left castle.

	In here, try to talk to the King and Prince Alon and you will learn that
they aren't seeing anyone now. Well, since we can't do anything with that for
now, head downstairs and talk to the woman sitting to the left, whom is a
fortune teller named Remi. After she's done her yapping, exit the castle and
Ryuita as a whole. If we want to talk to the King, we're going to have to get
him to pay attention to us. We've got some dragon-slaying to do now.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Ryuita, head back northwest, go north across the river, and then
head east to Dolgis. From here, go north all the way to the coast, then head
west. You'll see a cave at the peak of the continent. Enter it.

	This cave will make your hell for you. Just like near the mines of
Ruval, many of the paths will have you going around in circles.

	Anyways, from the entrance, go right, head up, and go left around to the
stairs and go down a floor. On the bottom, continue down and take another set of
stairs, and then go right to take a third set within the immediate view. In the
vicinity of floor 4 is the Dragon we've all been waiting to find. Go and
confront him now.

	If you have the Spring item, good for you. Your party will automatically
use it, and you will continously attack the Dragon until it falls, while the
Dragon will be unable to do anything. This means you should've done the Dragon
Slaying job from awhile back, so if you didn't, you're in deep shit. Otherwise,
there shouldn't be too much of a problem.

	Once you win, you'll obtain a Dragon Necklace from the battle, and a
Dragon Armor from the chest. Now head out from the Dragon Cave back onto the
World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	Back out of the Dragon Cave, make your way through to Dolgis, over the
mountains and rivers, and all the way back to Ryuita.

	Before heading off to see the King, go and talk to the guildmaster
first. Your Soldiers Needed job likely hasn't been completed by now, but you CAN
recruit Marin the female knight now, seeing as you've slain the Dragon. After,
go and talk to the King in his left castle.

	The King will explain that his eldest son, Adan, has become infatuated
with a strange religion. The King doesn't want to hand his throne down to Adan
anymore, and asks you, a hero of great worship, to go and talk to Adan instead.
Exit the throne room and go downstairs.

	Down here, go around the stairs and up and talk to the guard near the
door. He'll explain that it's a one-way tunnel to Adan's castle. Go through the
door, and go up and right along the tunnel, and through the doorway at the end.
You'll exit out into Adan's castle. Go right from you are into the hallway, and
Aless and Michenu will come up. Aless will confront you and beat you easily.
After, he tells you that you'll never defeat Ideia, and will run off along with

	After, head down and around and talk to Adan in the throne room. He'll
tell you that he has no intents of throwing away the Ideian religion, and tells
you to tell that to his brother. Exit the castle by going upstairs on the left
staircase, and going left to drop out of the castle. You'll be put out on the
World Map, so go back into Ryuita. First and foremost, sleep at the inn.

	Go and talk to Prince Alon now, and he'll ask you a favor; go and talk
to the Master Forus, and learn some more stuff about Ideia. Exit Ryuita now.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Ryuita, go south through the stretch of desert. Once the mountains
are no longer blocking you off from the west, head along in that direction and
go past the two bridges. Head north and west from here, and take the lowest
west-point arm of the continent. You should see a hut here. Now enter.

				  FORUS' HUT
	Talk to Forus, and once he learns that Adan has embraced the Ideian
Religion, he'll tell you that you need to get the Ancient Book of Faltesis,
which has information on Ideia in it. He will then give you the Compass, which
he states you need to go across the ocean, for Faltesis lies across the
water...Head outside onto the world map, then Pegasus Wing yourself back to

	Go and talk to the son of the mayor. Once he sees that you have the
compass, he'll open the floodgates so you can head out onto the ocean. But,
he'll also mention a jewel much like the Star Sapphire lying on a cave north of
Ruval....the Ancient Book can wait. Head outside.

				   WORLD MAP
	Once out here, Pegasus Wing your way to Ruval, and go up onto the ship.
Follow along the coast of the Ruval continent until you get to the tip of land,
head west about twenty spaces, then go up. You should see an island. Go onto it,
and enter the cave that's on the island.

	Like the last time, the stairs are interconnected. Unlike the last time,
the circles you will be going through can be an endless cycle if you don't know
what you're doing, as there are some loops that just go around in a square.

	Start off by taking the left-most set of stairs, then the right-most
stairs going down. Go around in the next room into a dead end with a chest
containing Gaia magic, then head back outside two stairs. Once you get into a
room that goes right, go back down the stairs you just came up instead, and
you'll be put at the start of the dungeon instead (else you'll be in an endless
cycle as said before).

	Now that we're starting all over again, this time take the middle
stairs, and then the right stairs going down in the next room. You'll come into
a place with six staircases; take the rightmost stairs leading up, and follow
the linear path. You'll come to a chest. Open it to obtain the Moon Sapphire,
then exit the area. Now Pegasus Wing your way back to outside Izaruro.

			        1e. The Emblems			    	    TEBL

				   WORLD MAP
	From Izaruro, get into your boat and head north into the body of water.
Go along the riverstream west of here, and head out into the ocean. Now, go a
straight line west a LONG LONG LONG LONG way. Once you hit land, go south along
the coast. When you see a mountain range, you'll know you're getting close. Once
you see a bridge, you're almost there. Continue a bit more, and you should see a
castle. Get off your boat and head down into Faltesis.

	If it is nighttime in Faltesis, DO NOT GO TO THE INN. If it is day, go
out and wait until night. Once that is accomplished, head into the guild. You
should see Roger in here. Go and talk to him, and he'll offer to talk to General
Faltesis to let you get in good with him, and tells you to visit the General
tomorrow. Next, go and take the Memorial Service job, then exit the Guild.

	Now go to the inn, and in the morning, stock up on new items and
equipment, then head up into the castle at the top of Faltesis. Inside the
castle, go and talk to the General. He'll let you into the castle, but restricts
you from the planning room. From here, go into the northeast room, and Aless
will appear. He'll tell you to search the walls carefull, and then disappears.

	Check the left wall. If you walk against the middle of it, you should
find a hidden entrance. Inside is a chest. Open it, and you'll obtain the
Ancient Book of Faltesis, the items that we've been looking for! Now head
outside to the throne room again and talk to Faltesis. He'll ask you to take the
book to Forus while he talks to the Church of Ideia. Head out to the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	Instead of Winging your way back to Ryuita and walking all that way,
head out to Dolgis instead. Get on your ship, and go south from here until you
reach the arm of Ryuita where Forus' hut was located. Get off the boat, and head
into Forus' hut.

				  FORUS' HUT
	In here, talk to Forus, and he'll tell you to come back later for when
he is done deciphering the book. Now head outside again, and Wing your way back
to Faltesis.

	Go and talk to General Faltesis, and he'll explain some things. Minister
Sarvant, the man whom he is at war with, has embraced Ideia and enlisted
Michenu's help to build a cannon that could potentially destroy the world. He
then tells you to go to Emrond, where Sarvant is looking for help. At this point
in time, if you haven't already, go and take the Search for Father job at the
Faltesis guild, then head out onto the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	Starting at Faltesis, go southwest until you come to a bridge going over
the river, and cross it. Next, continue up northwest along the mountain range
and then head west some more and north over the river bridge. Now head straight
up until you run into some mountains, and then take the bridge to your east. You
should see a townstead on the small island across the bridge, so enter Emrond.

	First and foremost, take on the job, "Cleaning the Arsenal", at the
Emrond Pub. Afterwards, talk around Emrond, you'll learn some stuff about the
war and something vital about a tower being south of here, but that's for later.
Instead, walk around outside on the World Map or stay at the inn until the job
is done, and you'll get the Flint Key. Rest up and prepare yourself, then head
out onto the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Emrond, go across the bridge, and then go around the mountain range
and up. At the three-way, head west until you come across a bridge, then go west
a bit more and north. Wait until night falls, and then enter the fortress of

	In here, go right and go up the set of staircases. Upstairs, head left
and go around the long hallway, going down a set of stairs. Continue on the
rather linear path, and fight the two Ryuita Knights who block your way in the
next hallway. After that episode of drama is over, go into the next room, where
you'll find the cannon. Open up the Item menu and use the Flint Key on it, and
it'll destroy the cannon.

	Now, start backtracking, and Minister Sarvant will end up coming to you
and fithing you. Take him out, then leave Sarvant. Warp your way back to
Faltesis, where we have a grand prize to get from the General Faltesis.

	Talking to General Faltesis, he'll thank you for doing your part, and
gives you a carriage, thus lengthening the amount of stuff that you can carry
around. Now, head out to the World Map, Wing your way back to Dolgis and make
your way south to Forus.

				  FORUS' HUT
	Forus is dead, and the only thing he left behind is a note saying to
search the room with the chest. This obviously means for some investigation, so
go and examine the left drawer (not bookcase, drawer), and a secret entrance
will open. Head downstairs.

	Down here, open the right chest for the Large Volt spell, then check the
left chest. You'll get the Ancient Book, along with a letter from Forus
explaining such things as you being the only person able to save this world.
He'll also give you an easy mission; take the Ancient Book back to Alon. Wing
your way back to Ryuita.

	At the entrance, head straight up and into the left castle. Talk to the
Prince Alon in the throne room, and after learning of Forus' death, he decides
to leave the Ancient Book to the Guild. Now leave and head to the guild. Make
sure you have Mara of Ruval first, as you can get her now. In fact, you can get
EVERYONE now, and since I haven't mentioned everyone that you can recruit from
guilds, you might want to pop over to the guild section of this FAQ and get

	Anywho, back-on-track, take the The Ancient Book job and give it to
Mara. Now head outside, and you'll get a messenger from King Rodetia to hurry
back! Take his instructions, and Wing your way back to Rodetia.

	Back at the starting point of your journey, go to the castle and into
the throne room, and talk to King Rodetia. Talking to him, he'll reveal that
Rarm has been turned into a town of monsters, and asks Hero to help him,
believing this is somehow related to Ideia. In that case, head outside to
Rodetia town.

	Right at the castle, go right into a small area with a grave. Talk to
the man wandering around and he will say that the chemist in Litton should know
how to cure things, but he hasn't replied to this Rarm survivor's letters. You
know what we have to do; wing your way to Litton.

	In here, go and talk to the chemist. He will refuse to tell you, merely
because you are not an Ideian. Talk around to some of Litton's townspeople, and
you will learn that Michenu stopped by on her way to Izaruro. It's time that we
head back to Izaruro for a little reunion.

	Here, go and talk to the mayor's son. He'll reveal that Michenu tried to
kill him again, but failed. While she was trying to do this, it appears she
dropped something. The mayor's son will give you the Ideian symbol. Talk around
to the people outside, and one of the women will tell you about a tower to the
south. Now Wing your way back to Litton again.

	In here, talk to the chemist again. Once he sees the Symbol, he'll spill
the details; you need the Tablet of Light from the Full Moon Tower to the south
of Izaruro, and you should ask the mayor of Izaruro for more details if you want
to press on. Continue with this game of running around, and wing your way back
to Izaruro.

	Back at the ranch, talk to the mayor one last time. Once he understands
that your objective is to enter the Full Moon Tower (a prospect he thinks
suicidal), he'll open the floodgate for you. Now exit Izaruro.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Izaruro, take the boat down the river south. At the split, continue
on down and left. Once you get into more open waters, head out onto the island
landmass, and enter the tower that is in the middle of the island, aka the Full
Moon Tower.

	Welcome to Hellsville, Population: Monsters Only. Make sure you've
brought StoneHerbs with you, because it'll be a real pain in the ass if you
didn't; the monsters can petrify your characters, or if you must, stone them.

	But I digress. Once you get in, head left and take the stairs. Once you
get past this floor, it's a simple matter of going around and around in a single
cycle for three floors, until you come to a treasure chest at a dead end. Open
the treasure chest here, and you'll obtain a Pegasus Wing. Now go through the
crevasse in the floor, and you'll land over the top of a chest containing your
Tablet of Light. Jump down one more floor to land in the basement.

	Down here, head down and left and open a chest for a Magic Helmet. Go up
and around and open another chest for a Crystal Ring. Now, go to the stairs to
the east, and go around the various floors again. At the top of the tower,
you'll see two treasure chests in your current room. The top chest contains an
Earth Sword, and the bottom chest has a Kaiser Spear. Now go out the right side,
and you'll exit the area. Wing your way back to Izaruro.

	Go and talk to the mayor again. He'll reveal some information regarding
Ideia; apparently, there are three jewels involving Ideia; the Sapphire, the
Moon Ruby, and the Cosmo Emerald. You've already got the first two, and the
mayor points you towards the Rodetian city of Mynelt for emeralds...but first,
Wing your way to Rodetia and walk to Rarm from there.

	This is really a simple thing. All you have to do is start off by
opening the Item Menu, and using the Tablet of Light. It'll automatically heal
everyone back to normal.

                 from somewhere in the programming, Gideon Zhi's patch for
                 Chaos World replaces this person's text with a boss later on
                 in the game, and you also have to fight said boss. However, if
                 you are in want of experience, you can take on this person,
                 as many times as you want. _BUT_, in doing so, you will also
		 gain the A-Venom, which CANNOT be discarded from your inventory
		 along with being unable to visit Emrond Tower. As such, make
		 sure that you have at least done your quest up to Emrond Tower
		 before fighting this boss.

	SECOND NOTE: This only occurs if you have the Chaos World 'a' patch.
		     The second updated patch, the 'b' patch fixes this problem;
		     however, both patches are still floating around the
		     internet, so you should still be cautious before talking to
		     to the person.

	Anywho, head back out onto the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	From Rarm, head back to Rodetia, and get onto your boat. Ride left and
up along the continent while hugging the coast, and between a mountain range,
you should eventually see a small town to your left. Get off the boat here, and
enter Mynelt.

	In here, talk around to people, and you'll learn that monsters plague
the mines. Talk to the mayor, standing beside the house on the island, and he'll
request your help. Answer yes, and he'll notify the guards at the mine to let
you through. Get what you require in town, then head out.

				   WORLD MAP
	This is a pretty simple thing. All you merely have to do is go northwest
of Mynelt to the cave in the mountains.

	In here, talk to the dude at the front. He'll warn you that this place
is a maze, but don't worry; compared to the utter hellishness of earlier places,
this mine is a piece of cake, and it's not really difficult at all beside. The
only other thing of note is to make sure you have somebody who knows Paralyze-

	Anywho, go right and up, and at the split, go left, and head around to
the top left staircase. Downstairs, head straight right and take the stairs at
the end of the path. Go right again, then head up and take the now-linear path
until you come to a room seperate from the rest of the mine. Heal yourself, and
then take on the Dark Shaman.

	Once you defeat him and made sure that the mines are now free from his
terrorism, leave the mines and head back to Mynelt.

	Here, talk to the mayor again. He'll thank you and wishes he had a
reward for you, but alas, doesn't. He does, however, tell you to come back
sometimes later. Instead, talk to the guy in blue with a red bandana who's
walking around and he'll tell you that the Sun Statue of the Temple of Dolgis is
in a cave in southwest Rodetia. Exit Mynelt.

				   WORLD MAP
	Back out again, Wing your way to Rodetia, then get onto your boat. Sail
southwest along the coastline until you get caught between the mainland and two
islands, one with a hut and another with a townstead. Take the island with the
town on it and enter Boulder.

	In town, talk around, and you'll learn that Boulder is running out of
food. This will unlock the Boulder job in Rodetia, if you want 100% completion
rate in finishing all jobs (well, except for clearing the forest of Nazaal....).
But that's not the main thing. The main thing is that the Magic Shop in this
town is goddamn AWESOME. Make sure you pick up some stuff from the town here
before heading out to the world map again.

				   WORLD MAP
	Go back to to the mainland again, and sail to the southern peak of the
landmass. Turn around, and go up to the left. You should see a cave carved in
the mountains to your right. When you do, embark onto land and enter the cave.

	Inside, head left at the split, and go straight down to the left part
again to open a chest for an Ideian Potion. Now go right at the second split,
then go down once more. Head left from the next split and go downstairs onto the
second floor.

	Down here, go right and up until you get to a split, and head left and
go downstairs onto the third floor. On your last new floor, head down to the
left and follow the hallway all to the end until you find a chest that has the
Sun Statue in it. With that in hand, leave Boulder Cave. Once outside, Pegasus
Wing your way back to Dolgis.

	Back in Ryuita Kingdom's Dolgis, head north to the ruins of Dolgis.
Enter, and use the Sun Statue on any of the three tablets. Outside, you'll hear
water gushing. Head out, and you'll see that the pond that was formerly there is
now gone. Go down the stairs, examine the object from the front, and you'll
obtain the Ball of Guidance.

	Anyways, head back to Rodetia now, and put somebody on the Boulder quest
that you should now be capable of getting if you talked to everyone in Boulder.
Wander around until the job's done, and you'll learn that an old man in the town
has an emblem of a sorts. It sounds like something we NEED to investigate, so
head off back to Boulder.

	Once again in Boulder, go into the left-most house of Boulder during the
daytime, and talk to the man living inside. He'll deny his having any type of
emblem. Exit the town, and walk around until it is nighttime, then reenter
Boulder. Go to the man's house once again, and talk to him. You'll overhear him
scrubbing his emblem. Once he realizes he's been caught, he'll give you his
item, provided you keep his secret. And what luck! It's the Fear Emblem too!

			       1f. Ideia's Fall			    	    IDFL

	There's trouble right now brewing in Ryuita. Let's head off to the
kingdom which we haven't visited in a while.

	Talk to the people in town, and you'll find out that a coup has occured
as Adan has plans for executing the King and Prince Alon. Talk to the guard
outside the cell in the left castle, and he'll tell you that he rests at night.
Head outside of Ryuita, and wait for nightfall. Come darkness, head back into

	Go to the cells in the left castle, and go open the door with the King
and Alon in it. They'll thank you, but you'll be stopped by two of Adan's Ryuita
Knights. Take care of them, then head upstairs two rooms to the throne room.
Talk to Alon, and he'll mention that Mara has finished her decryption of the
Book of Faltesis. Go to the Guild of Ryuita now.

	At the Guild, you'll find out that Ideia began in a country south of
Ryuita called Carlint, and that they had mind-control poison...hmm....maybe Adan
has taken it? Head back up to the left castle, as we've got work to do.

	At Alon's castle, take the secret passage that leads one-way to Adan's
castle. Out there, head up the left stairs, and go across. You'll overhear a
conversation between Aless and Adan, but nothing too concrete comes out of it.
No, you don't go to Faltesis. Instead, Wing your way to Ruval.

	Here, take the Looking for a Nurse job at the guild with Mara. Walk
around until you're done the job, claim your Cure spell, then go and talk to
King Ryuita himself, in his bed in the room to the northwest of the throne room.
He'll mention that Levin is acting very strangely, and having just heard about
the mind-control poison of Ideia, it probably stems from that. Anyways, there's
nothing more that we can do here for now, so go and Wing your way out to Emrond.

	Talk around to everyone that's around Emrond, and you'll learn that
Sarvant has been replaced by a new unheard of town by a lady who has gone to the
tower south of Emrond. Investigate by heading northwest to the new city of
Carlint that is where Sarvant once was.

	In here, talk around, and you'll learn two vital pieces of information
for later on; the first is that the castle here only opens up for the chosen
ones, and the second is that a Rainbow Flower blooms in the castle. Pick up some
of the powerful equipment here, then head back out onto the World Map.

				   WORLD MAP
	First and foremost among all things, Wing your way back to Emrond, then
head west across the bridge and get onto your boat. Head down south hugging the
right landmass, and eventually, you should see a tower. Get off your boat, and

	Inside, enter the door. Go left from the start and head up to find a
chest with an Earth Ring inside. From there, head right and up to open another
chest for a Light Helmet, then go down to the right to get a Dragon Helmet. Now
finish your 360 around to the beginning of this floor, and then head upstairs.

	On the second floor, go left and loop down and around to the left for a
Light Bow. Now head to the northernmost point of the room for a Blast Spell. Now
head up the stairs going up at the top of this room onto the third floor.

	Coming onto floor three, circle around to the bottom and go to the
fourth floor. Near the top of the tower now, go down the top right stairs in
this room for a Flame Armor, and the top left stairs for a Crystal Staff. Now
that you're done the item pillaging in this place, go onto the fourth floor,
loop around to the bottom set of stairs, and head up onto the top.

	Heal yourself, then prepare for battle with Michenu. After, she'll die,
but not before mumbling a few words to finish the puzzle and giving you the
Michenu Staff. Now, leave this place and Wing your way back to Ryuita.

	Talk around and you'll learn that Prince Adan is dead. Go and talk to
Prince Alon for the full story, and you'll find out that Adan drank the entirety
of all the Ideian Potion around so that there would be none left for his people
to take, thus saving them from Aless and his schemes. Go down the stairs, and
Remi will confront you, and tells you that you need to go to Rodetia.

	Here, talk around, and you'll learn that Levin of Ruval is planning to
invade Rodetia....in the name of Ideia! Go and talk to King Rodetia and Princess
Meldi now, and they'll plead with you to stop him, Meldi asking you to go and
talk to him. Well now, in that case, go and Wing your way back to Ruval now to
talk to Levin.

	Go up to the throne room in the castle and talk to the King, who reveals
it's been Aless' fault and that he's still too weak to do anything. Now go and
talk to Levin himself. Hero will try to use a poison, but Levin hasn't been
poisoned, just brainwashed. He'll deliver a message to Meldi; Ruval will fight
to the last man until she is dead. Now warp back to Rodetia.

	Back here, go and talk to Princess Meldia once more. She'll realize that
the Rainbow Flower, if it really exists, is the only way to save Prince Levin
from his brainwashing. Now that you've talked to her, go down to the guild and
take the "Rainbow Flower Quest". Once somebody is on the job, wander around and
do whatever until it's done. You'll learn that the Rainbow Flower blooms at
Carlint Castle, which you already should've known.

	Now, we're kind of at a crossroads as to what to do next. Remember the
mayor of Mynelt telling you to come back later a long time ago? Yeah. Sail off
to Mynelt right about now and enter the town.

	Here, go and talk to the mayor, and you'll get the Cosmo Emerald from
him. This matches up with the Star Sapphire and the Moon Stone. Now, head back
out onto the World Map again.

				   WORLD MAP
	Back out here, Wing your way to Ruval, and head west to the desert. You
should see a cyclone going around and around in a circle. Get in it's path, and
it'll send you to the Sky Temple.

	Head straight up until you hit the middle set of stairs. From, here, go
left instead of taking the center staircase, and take the left staircase. Up on
the second floor, go up and right and walk up onto the pedestal with three
tablets. It is here that you must place the Star Sapphire, Moon Stone, and Cosmo
Emerald (doesn't matter where you put each one on, though).

	Once that's done, you'll hear a voice from above tell you that you can
now enter Carlint Castle. Exit the Sky Temple by the way you came in, Wing your
way to Emrond, and walk all the way to Carlint.

	Go up to the castle door, and enter. You won't be stopped this time.

	Inside, take the right path around and go up to the three sets of
stairs. Take the right-most set up. From here on, it's merely a very linear path
of going around in circles, so do what you must until you come to the room with
the flowers. Examine the top-left flower for the Rainbow Flower. Now, head back
to the staircase here, and walk STRAIGHT UP. Don't hesitate when walking into
the wall - by doing so, you'll drop right to the first floor. Now, exit the
castle and Carlint and Wing your way to Rodetia.

	Talk to the King, and you'll learn the bad news: Meldi had gotten tired
of waiting and has gone to see Prince Levin herself! Go quickly, and let us Wing
off to Ruval.

	Here, head into the throne room, and listen to Levin and Meldi talk.
Hero will automatically use the Rainbow Flower, which will dispossess a demon
called Dark Levin from Levin's body. You'll then have to fight Dark Levin.

	After you win, talk to Levin and he'll thank you. He'll then tell you
about the island of Idevelas in the northwest, and gives you the Doubt Emblem.
Now, head outside of Ruval and onto the World Map again.

				   WORLD MAP
	Take your boat, and sail around the outside of the landmass Ruval is on,
and go north to the island where you got the Moon Stone. From here, head
straight west, until you finally come to an island with red on it and a cave in
the middle. Embark off your boat here and enter Idevales.

	Head left at the start, and go down the first chance you get, and take
the right path at the bottom. Go right to the southeast corner of the room, then
head up, ignoring the first left path and taking the second for a Photon Shield
from a chest. Head back down, and take the first left path to go down to the
second floor.

	On the second floor, go right, up and left to a split. Go down and head
left and up, and obtain a Holy Staff from the chest. Head back to the split,
then go up ALL THE WAY and head right to open the chest for a Photon Helmet. Now
you can take the stairs and off to the next floor.

	With the second floor behind you now, head right, up, and left into the
split. Take the left path and follow it to a chest with a Holy Spear, then go
down and left for another staircase.

	On the fourth floor now, head right all the way, up a small bit, right
some more and up to get a chest with Wind Mail. Go back to the stairs and this
time take the left path. Go down and right along a long hallway to open a chest
for a Light Robe, then go back to the split and head up and right until you come
to some stairs. Head downstairs to floor five.

	From the staircase, go straight down and open the chest for a Dark
Crystal. Head down and go right all the way to the end, then go up to the top
and past the staircases. In here, you'll spot Aless. Heal yourself first, then
go and battle him.

	After, Aless explains he is not the real evil, and directs you to the
Underwater Temple between North and South Ryuita. He then gives you the Aless
Sword before dying. After, head back out to the World Map.

			       1g. End of Chaos			    	    EDCH

				   WORLD MAP
	Wing your way back to Ryuita, and head east onto your boat. Sail south
until you get to the peak of the continent, and then head west. You should see a
temple there surrounded by red water. Go up the red river and head into the
Underwater Temple itself.

	In here, just head straight down, as all the other paths are dead ends.
On the second floor, open the two side chests for a Sun Sword and a letter from
Aless, telling you to find the rest of the Emblems. He gives the locations of
the three remaining emblems. Now go and open the chest in the middle, and you'll
get the Love Emblem. With that pocketed and in hand, exit the Underwater Temple.

				   WORLD MAP
	Sail to Boulder now, but instead of entering the town itself, go to the
house on the island beside it and enter the hut.

				  SAGE'S HUT
	In here, talk to the Sage. He'll talk about the war between the
religions of Ideia and Mario 400 years ago, and how Ideia summoned a great beast
known as Chaos. He mentions two heroes whose souls were stolen by Chaos, which
sounds alot like Michenu and Aless. He then points us off to Mynelt for one of
the two remaining emblems, so off to Mynelt we go!

	Talk to the people in town, and you'll learn that part of the mine has
collapsed, revealing a new path inside! Head out to the map, and go into the
Mynelt Mines.

	Loop around to the lower left stairs, then two floors down, head all the
way right and up, ignoring the first set of stairs. Continue on until you get to
a split, and take the left path. On the next floor, ignore the first set of
stairs and instead take the first right path out. At the next split you run
into, continue down and take the path going around in the next room. You'll get
the Emblem of Courage.  Now that you've got the Courage Emblem, exit out to the
World Map again.

				   WORLD MAP
	Head to Idevales, which is north and west of Ruval. From that island,
head north until you see a small island with a cave on it. Get off your boat,
and enter the Grand States.

	Starting off, take the first path going left. Go down and left again
from the split, and head up when you can to get an Elixir by the pond. From the
Elixir, head up, right, up again, and go left. Take the second path going up,
and head up all the way. Head right a teensy bit and go up, and head around the
pond to open the chest in the middle for a Truth Emblem. Now that we are done
here, exit the place, and head back to the sage's hut near Boulder.

				  SAGE'S HUT
	Talk to the Sage here. He'll take all your emblems, and make the
ultimate weapon for Hero; the Flare Riser. No matter what class Hero is, he'll
permanently equip the Flare Riser. However, in exiting the house, a giant laser
beam will come down from the skies and vaporize the house. A voice challenges
you to come after him.

				   WORLD MAP
	Alright, this is it. It's the last battle for us all, and for the
entirety of the game. Take off to Nazaal, and head through the cave northwest of
Nazaal. Outside of that cave, remember this huge forest? Go northeast from here,
and you should see what looks much like a mountain. Go and examine it from the
left, and you'll fight Chaos, the last boss of this game.

	After you defeat Chaos in his two forms (with Hero doing most of the
damage), you win the game. Congratulations.

			       1h. Casino Town			    	    CSNT

There's a hidden casino town in Chaos World, that you can go to if you like.

First, you need to activate and complete the "Find Father" job in Faltesis.
After you complete it, go and talk to the actual father himself, and he'll give
you the Key of Temptation.

Now, Wing your way to Ryuita. Take the boat, and go up the river through the
mountains. You should see a cave. Head inside, and unlock the gate. Go through
the rest of the cave, and outside again, head into town.

Anyways, the three games here are explained fairly indepth, so have fun.

			          2a. Shops			    	    2ASH

The shops are done in chronological order of when you visit the various areas.


Item Shop             Equipment Shop              Magic Shop
---------             --------------              ----------
Herb........4G        Ancient Staff......100G     Flame.........50G
DualHerb....16G       Silk Robe..........75G      Large Flame...360G
TriHerb.....68G       Leather Shield.....80G      Siren.........400G
PoisHerb....6G        Magic Ring.........60G      Feel..........80G
ParaHerb....24G       Leather Helmet.....40G      Poison-Cure...120G
StonHerb....200G                                  Antima........480G

INN: 2G per person     CHURCH: YES


Item Shop             Equipment Shop
---------             --------------
Herb........4G        Ancient Staff......100G         INN: 6G per person
DualHerb....16G       Chain Mail.........180G         CHURCH: NO
PoisHerb....6G        Silk Robe..........75G
                      Leather Shield.....80G
                      Magic Ring.........60G
                      Leather Helmet.....40G


Item Shop             Equipment Shop              Magic Shop
---------             --------------              ----------
Herb........4G        Iron Sword.........160G     Freeze........120G
DualHerb....16G       Iron Spear.........180G     Confuse.......360G
TriHerb.....68G       Chain Mail.........180G     Poison-Cure...120G
PoisHerb....6G        Leather Shield.....80G      Antima........480G
StonHerb....200G      Magic Ring.........60G      Anti..........480G
                      Iron Helmet........150G     Force.........620G
INN: 7G per person    CHURCH: YES


Item Shop             Equipment Shop              Magic Shop
---------             --------------              ----------
Herb........4G        Iron Sword.........160G     Freeze........120G
DualHerb....16G       Iron Spear.........180G     Large Flame...360G
TriHerb.....68G       Red Crystal........400G     Large Freeze..720G
PoisHerb....6G        Chain Mail.........180G     Turning.......280G
ParaHerb....24G       White Robe.........230G     Feel..........80G
StonHerb....200G      Iron Shield........250G     Poison-Cure...120G
                      Silver Ring........290G     Paralyze-Cure.980G

INN: 3G per person    CHURCH: NO


Item Shop             Equipment Shop
---------             --------------
Herb........4G        Iron Sword.........160G
DualHerb....16G       Iron Spear.........180G
TriHerb.....68G       Steel Bow..........160G
PoisHerb....6G        White Robe.........230G
                      Iron Helmet........150G
                      Iron Shield........250G
                      Silver Ring........290G

INN: 10G per person   CHURCH: NO


Item Shop             Equipment Shop              Magic Shop
---------             --------------              ----------
Herb........4G        Steel Sword........600G     Feel..........80G
DualHerb....16G       Magic Staff........530G     AllFeel.......1200G
PoisHerb....6G        Silver Staff.......870G     Field.........1600G
ParaHerb....24G       Blue Crystal.......400G     Poison-Cure...120G
Maria.......80G       Plate Mail.........530G     Stone-Cure....2600G
                      Mage Robe..........440G     Paralyze-Cure.980G
                      Orb Ring...........840G     Mind..........2700G

INN: 11G per person   CHURCH: NO


Item Shop
---------            INN: 12G per person
DualHerb....16G      CHURCH: NO


Item Shop             Magic Shop
---------             ----------
DualHerb....16G       Flame.........50G		INN: 13G per person
TriHerb.....48G       Large Flame...360G        CHURCH: NO
PoisHerb....6G        Large Freeze..720G
ParaHerb....24G       Confuse.......360G
Pegasus.....30G       Paralyze-Cure.980


Item Shop             Equipment Shop              Magic Shop
---------             --------------              ----------
DualHerb....16G       Mirage Sword.......1600G    Large Freeze..720G
TriHerb.....48G       Iron Spear.........180G     Stop..........1200G
PoisHerb....6G        Knight Armor.......1200G    Flying........450G
ParaHerb....24G       Mirror Robe........1300G    Turning.......280G
StonHerb....200G      Knight Shield......1600G    Feel..........80G
Pegasus.....30G       Orb Ring...........840G     Poison-Cure...120G
                      Knight Helmet......1380G    Paralyze-Cure.980G

INN: 5G per person    CHURCH: YES


Item Shop             Equipment Shop
---------             --------------
Herb........4G        Mirage Sword.......1600G
DualHerb....16G       Silver Spear.......1800G
TriHerb.....48G       Thief Bow..........3400G
StonHerb....200G      Crystal Mail.......6500G
Pegasus.....30G       Knight Shield......1600G
                      Orb Ring...........840G

INN: 15G per person    CHURCH: NO


Item Shop             Equipment Shop
---------             --------------
DualHerb....16G       Mirage Sword.......1600G    INN: 16G per person
TriHerb.....48G       Magic Staff........530G     CHURCH: YES
ParaHerb....24G       Crystal Robe.......6000G
StonHerb....200G      Crystal Ring.......2000G
Elixir......500G      Magic Helmet.......480G
Pegasus.....30G       Knight Helmet......1380G


Item Shop             Equipment Shop
---------             --------------
DualHerb....16G       Flame Sword........3500G		INN: 8G per person
PoisHerb....6G        Silver Spear.......1800G		CHURCH: YES
ParaHerb....24G       Crystal Mail.......6500G
Pegasus.....30G       Crystal Robe.......6000G
                      Magic Helmet.......480G


Magic Shop
Volt..........1000G	INN: 9G per person
L Volt........4000G	CHURCH: NO

			  2b. Items/Equipment/Magic 		    	    IEQM
FIND = Cannot be bought; it can only be found in a chest or gotten as a game

       WEAPONS			                  ITEMS
+----------------+------+  +----------------+------+---------------------------+
|      Name      | Cost |  |      Name      | Cost |            Use            |
+-----------------------+  +---------------------------------------------------+
|Aero Bow        | FIND |  |Dual Herb       | 16G  |Heals moderate amount of HP|
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Aless Sword     | FIND |  |Elixer          | 500G |Revives dead, heal all HP  |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Ancient Staff   | 100G |  |Herb            |  4G  |Heals low amount of HP     |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Blizzard Staff  | FIND |  |Ideia Potion    | 80G  |Increases random encounters|
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Blue Crystal    | 400G |  |Maria Potion    | 80G  |Decreases random encounters|
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Crystal Spear   |16000G|  |Paralysis Herb  | 24G  |Heals Paralysis            |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Crystal Staff   | 6000G|  |Poison Herb     |  6G  |Heals Poison	       |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Dark Crystal    | FIND |  |Stone Herb      | 200G |Heals Petrification        |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Earth Sword     | FIND |  |TriHerb         | 48G  |Heals high amount of HP    |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Flame Staff     | FIND |  |Pegasus Wing    | 30G  |Go to any visited town with|
|-----------------------|  |                |      |a guild                    |
|Flame Sword     | 3500G|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Flare Riser     | FIND |  +----------------+------+---------------------------+
|-----------------------|  |      Name      | Cost |            Use            |
|Holy Spear      | FIND |  +---------------------------------------------------+
|-----------------------|  |Aero            | FIND |Strong wind spell.         |
|Holy Staff      | FIND |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Anti            | 480G |Grants resistance against  |
|Iron Spear      | 180G |  |                |      |enemy spells               |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Iron Sword      | 160G |  |Antima          | 480G |Enemy cannot spellcast     |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Kaiser Spear    | FIND |  |Blast           | FIND |Strong Holy spell.         |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Light Bow       | FIND |  |Confuse         | 840G |Confuses monsters.         |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Magic Staff     | 530G |  |Cure            | FIND |Heals all HP & stat.effects|
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Michenu Staff   | FIND |  |Feel            | 80G  |Heals some HP              |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Mirage Sword    | 1600G|  |AllFeel         |1200G |Heals some HP to everyone  |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Red Crystal     | 400G |  |Field           |1600G |Heals much HP              |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Silver Spear    | 1800G|  |Flame           | 50G  |Weak Fire Spell.           |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Silver Staff    | 870G |  |L Flame         | 360G |Strong Fire Spell.         |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Steel Bow       | 310G |  |Flying          | 450G |Pegasus Wing effects.      |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Steel Sword     | 600G |  |Force           | 620G |Higher Magical Resistance  |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Sun Sword       | FIND |  |Freeze          | 120G |Weak Ice Spell.            |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Thief Bow       | 3400G|  |L Freeze        | 720G |Strong Ice Spell.          |
|-----------------------|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|Thunder Staff   | FIND |  |Gaia            | FIND |Strong offensive spell.    |
+----------------+------+  |---------------------------------------------------|
                           |Guarding        | 840G |Higher Physical Resistance |
       ARMOR               |---------------------------------------------------|
+----------------+------+  |Mind            | 2700G|Heals confusion            |
|      Name      | Cost |  |---------------------------------------------------|
+-----------------------+  |Paralysis-Cure  | 980G |Heals Paralysis            |
|Chain Armor     | 180G |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Poison-Cure     | 120G |Heals Poison               |
|Crystal Armor   | 6500G|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Resource        | 4800G|Heals all HP.              |
|Crystal Ring    | 2000G|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Sleep           | 1600G|Puts an enemy to sleep.    |
|Crystal Robe    | 6000G|  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Stone-Cure      | 2600G|Heals Stone                |
|Dragon Armor    | FIND |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Stop            | 1200G|Paralyzes the enemy.       |
|Dragon Helmet   | FIND |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Siren           | 400G |Stuns the enemy.           |
|Earth Ring      | FIND |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Turning         | 280G |Escape from dungeons       |
|Flame Armor     | FIND |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Volt            | 1000G|Weak Electrical spell.     |
|Iron Helmet     | 150G |  |---------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------|  |Large Volt      | 4000G|Strong Electrical spell.   |
|Iron Shield     | 250G |  +---------------------------------------------------+
|Knight Armor    | 1200G|  This little blurb here is for all the items that you
|-----------------------|  cannot find at a shop, detailing their location and
|Knight Helmet   | 1380G|  thus where to find them.
|Knight Shield   | 1600G| +----------------------------------------------------+
|-----------------------| |       Name     |              Location             |
|Leather Helmet  | 40G  | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Aero Bow        |Find by doing a job in Izaruro     |
|Leather Shield  | 80G  | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Aless Sword     |After fighting Aless at Idevales   |
|Light Helmet    | FIND | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Blizzard Staff  |In the cave west of Boulder        |
|Light Ring      | FIND | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Dark Crystal    |Found in a chest in Idevales       |
|Light Robe      | FIND | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Earth Sword     |Found in a chest in Full Moon Tower|
|Magic Helmet    | 480G | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Flame Staff     |Found in the cave near Ripona      |
|Mage Robe       | 440G | |----------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------| |Flare Riser     |Forged in the sage's hut near      |
|Magic Ring      | 60G  | |                |Boulder, at the end of the game    |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Mirror Robe     | 1300G| |Holy Spear      |Find in a chest in Idevales        |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Orb Ring        | 840G | |Holy Staff      |Find in a chest in Idevales        |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Photon Armor    | FIND | |Kaiser Spear    |Found in chest in Full Moon Tower  |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Photon Helmet   | FIND | |Light Bow       |Find it in Emrond Tower            |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Photon Shield   | FIND | |Michenu Staff   |Win from Michenu after her defeat  |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Plate Armor     | 530G | |Sun Sword       |A chest in the underwater temple   |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Silk Robe       |  75G | |Thunder Staff   |Get from a job in Faltesis         |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Silver Ring     | 290G | |Dragon Armor    |The cave in Ryuita with the Dragon |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|White Robe      | 230G | |Dragon Helmet   |Found in Emrond Tower              |
|-----------------------| |----------------------------------------------------|
|Wind Armor      | FIND | |Earth Ring      |Found in Emrond Tower              |
*-----------------------* |----------------------------------------------------|
                          |Flame Armor     |Found in Emrond Tower              |
This next little section  |----------------------------------------------------|
here details the stats and|Light Helmet    |Found in Emrond Tower              |
the compatible classes of |----------------------------------------------------|
each piece of equipment.  |Light Ring      |Found in the Grand Estates in chest|
It should be noted that   |----------------------------------------------------|
all this information was  |Light Robe      |Found in Idevales                  |
provided by DWanderer,    |----------------------------------------------------|
along with the location   |Photon Armor    |Found at the Grand Estates         |
of all the unbuyable      |----------------------------------------------------|
equipment in the game, so |Photon Helmet   |Found in Idevales                  |
give him a heads up for   |----------------------------------------------------|
his contribution!         |Photon Shield   |Found in Idevales                  |
K = Knight F = Fighter    |----------------------------------------------------|
M = Mage P = Priest       |Wind Armor      |Get from a Job in Faltesis         |
S = Shaman T = Thief      *----------------------------------------------------*
B = Bishop
A = Attack, I = Intelligence, M = Magic, D = Defense
| 				     Weapons           			       |
| Blue       | 24A+,10D+,14I+,8M | S    | Crystal    | 35A+             | K    |
| Crystal    |                   |      | Spear      |                  |      |
| Holy Staff | 36A+,24I+,4M+     | MPBS | Iron Spear | 11A+             | K    |
| Iron Sword | 9A+               | FK   | Kaiser     | 29A+             | K    |
|            |                   |      | Spear      |                  |      |
| Light Bow  | 36A+              | T    | Magic      | 16A+,2I+, 8M+    | MPBS |
|            |                   |      | Staff      |                  |      |
| Michenu    | 32A+,24M+,4I+     | MPBS | Mirage     | 17A+             | MPBS |
| Staff      |                   |      | Sword      |                  |      |
| Old Staff  | 3A+, 2M/I+        | MPBS | Quartz     | 10A+,4D+,6M/I+   | S    |
|            |                   |      | Ring       |                  |      |
| Red Ring   | 24A+,10D+,8I+,14M+| S    | Short Bow  | 7A+              | T    |
| Short      | 5A+               | FK   | Silver     | 19A+             | K    |
| Sword      |                   |      | Spear      |                  |      |
| Silver     | 19A+, 8I+, 2M+    | MPBS | Steel Bow  | 20A+             | T    |
| Staff      |                   |      |            |                  |      |
| Steel      | 12A+              | FK   | Sun Sword  | 48A+             | FK   |
| Sword      |                   |      |            |                  |      |
| Thief Bow  | 31A+              | T    | Thunder    | 27A+, 16M/I+     | MPBS |
|            |                   |      | Staff      |                  |      |

|                                    Armor                                    |
| Crystal Ring | 18D+,4I/M+     | MTBS | Crystal Robe | 22D+           | MBSP |
| Dragon Armor | 20D+           | FK   | Dragon Ring  | 13D+           | FK   |
| Earth Ring   | 21D+,6I/M+     | MBSP | Flame Armor  | 26D+           | FK   |
| Iron Helmet  | 5D+            | FK   | Iron Shield  | 9D+            | FK   |
| Knight Armor | 17D+           | FKT  | Knight       | 10D+           | FK   |
|              |                |      | Helmet       |                |      |
| Knight       | 14D+           | FK   | Magic Helmet | 7D+,2M+        | MBSP |
| Shield       |                |      |              |                |      |
| Leather      | 3D+            | FK   | Light Helmet | 19D+,2I/M+     | MBSP |
| Shield       |                |      |              |                |      |
| Light Ring   | 24D+, 8I/M+    | MBSP | Light Robe   | 33D+           | MTBS |
| Mage Shirt   | 14D+           | MTBS | Magic Ring   | 3D+,1M+        | MTBS |
| Mirror Robe  | 17D+           | MTBS | Leather      | 4D+            | FKT  |
|              |                |      | Armor        |                |      |
| Leather      | 3D+            | FTKM | Orb Ring     | 11D+, 2M+, 2I+ | MTBS |
| Helmet       |                |      |              |                |      |
| Photon Armor | 36D+           | FK   | Photon       | 20D+           | FK   |
|              |                |      | Helmet       |                |      |
| Photon       | 20D+           | FK   | Plain Robe   | 2D+            | FKMT |
| Shield       |                |      |              |                |      |
| Plate Armor  | 13D+           | FKT  | Silk Robe    | 5D+            | MTBS |
| Silver Ring  | 6D+,1M+,2I+    | MTBS | Strength     | 16D+,12A+      | MBSP |
|              |                |      | Ring         |                |      |
| White Robe   | 10D+           | MTBS | Wind Armor   | 32D+           | FKT  |

			        2c. Guilds/Jobs			    	    GLJB

	Once you fetch the Potion of Impression for Meldi, you'll be able to
access and use all Guilds across the land of Chaos World. While most towns have
Guilds, some don't, and all towns with Pubs have Guilds (with the lone exception
of Rarm). When at the guild, you can do a few things;

	"Change - Allows you to change your party members between your current
		  ones and those in storage. Obviously, the hero cannot be
		  traded out.
	"Recruit - Every guild in the land has one+ of 15 different characters
		   that can be recruited. Some will join you right away, while
		   others will take a bit more to persuade them.
	"Job - This allows you to take on any available jobs at the current
	       guild. They take no effort past putting somebody on them and
	       leaving them for a set amount of time, and you can get some good
	       rewards. A list of jobs is below the character list.
	"Call - When a character is not in your party, s/he stays at the city
		they were recruited or dropped off at. Using Call makes them
		come to your current city within a set number of days.

	Note how that there are 16 characters, but you only have room for 15
characters other than yourself. This is because YOU are one of these characters.
Depending on which character and gender you choose, that person won't be
available to recruit. If I picked to be a Male Mage, for example, Kail would not
show up at Emrond.

Male Knight
Requirements: After heading to Rarm Cave and examining the pit, head back to
	      Rarm itself and go around the outside of town. You'll find him,
	      and he'll join you, giving you the Rope in the process.

Female Shaman
Dolgis Pub
Requirements: None

Male Bishop
Ryuita Pub
Requirements: Forus is dead

Male Thief
Faltesis Pub
Requirements: Defeated Sarvant

Male Mage
Emrond Pub
Requirements: ?

Male Fighter
Nazaal Pub
Requirements: Given Potion of Impression to Princess Meldi

Female Fighter
Izaruro Pub
Requirements: None

Female Bishop
Ruval Pub
Requirements: Finished Revival of the City job

Female Knight
Ryuita Pub
Requirements: Slain the Dragon

Female Thief
Nazaal Pub
Requirements: None

Male Priest
Rodetia Pub
Requirements: None

Male Shaman
Ruval Pub
Requirements: Rescued Prince Levin

Female Priest
Litton Pub
Requirements: Got the Ancient Book of Faltesis

Female Mage
Rodetia Pub
Requirements: None

Dolgis Pub
Requirements: None
"Dragon Slaying"
	Ryuita Knights: Looking for heroes to slay the dragon. F/K/W
Reward: Spring

Emrond Pub
Requirements: Talk to General Faltesis
"Cleaning the Arsenal"
	Commander Sarvant: Looking for people to clean up the Sarvant arsenal.
Reward: Flint Key

Faltesis Pub
Requirements: None
"Memorial Service"
	General Faltesis: Need someone to hold a service for the victims of the
        war. P/S/B
Reward: Thunder Staff

Faltesis Pub
Requirements: Talk to the child in the Faltesis House
"Search for Father"
	Faltesis Guild: Help search for the father of one of this city's kids.
Reward: 4G, Key of Temptation

Faltesis Pub
Requirements: None
"Trainer Needed"
	General Faltesis: Looking for an expert in soldier training. F/K/T
Reward: Wind Armor

Izaruro Pub
Requirements: None
"Floodgate Guard"
	Mayor of Izaruro: Need a guard whilst repairs are done on the south
        floodgate. K/T/S
Reward: Aero Bow

Nazaal Pub
Requirements: None
"Forest Development"
	Nazaal Dev Committee: Looking for helpers in developing the forest.
	Males only.
Reward: This mission cannot be completed.

Rodetia Pub
Requirements: None
"Waitress Needed"
	Currently looking for a waitress. Females only.
Reward: 200 Gold

Rodetia Pub
Requirements: Talked to one of the men in Boulder
"Food Delivery"
	Boulder Life Group: Looking for people to protect the food delivery
	team. F/K/W
Reward: 500G

Rodetia Pub
Requirements: Talked to Princess Meldi about Rainbow Flower after Levin has gone
"Rainbow Flower Quest"
	Princess Meldi: Looking for people to help search for the Rainbow
        Flower. T/S/B

Ruval Pub
Requirements: Saved Prince Levin
"Revival of the City"
	Looking for helpers to repair the city. Males only.
Reward: Lies Emblem

Ruval Pub
Requirements: None
"Repairing the Church"
	The Priests of Ruval: Looking for people to help fix the church. Males
Reward: 20G

Ruval Pub
Requirements: Freed King Ryuita and Alon and overheard Adan and Aless
"Looking for a Nurse"
	Ruval Throne Room: Looking for a nurse to take care of King Ruval's
	sickness. Female P/B
Reward: Cure

Ryuita Pub
Requirements: None
"Soldiers Needed"
	King of Ryuita: Soldiers needed urgently to protect the castle. Males
Reward: Large-Volt

Ryuita Pub
Requirements: Taken the Ancient Book to Alon
"The Ancient Book"
	Ryuita's Prince Alon: Decrypt the Ancient Book. It's written in archaic
        Ruval. P/S/B
Reward: Blast

Ryuita Pub
Requirements: Adan is dead
"Adan's Funeral"
	Ryuita's Prince Alon: Looking for someone to hold Prince Adan's funeral.
Reward: Dragon

			          3. Battle			    	    3BTL

	Chaos World has a unique battle system in that you can select a set of
four types of characteristics to follow when you attack; the game then
automatically leaves your party to fight on it's own, and it goes by while you
can let things continue, or else press B to stop the current set of attacks and
change your strategy.

	Before I list the various aspects of each characteristic, there is
something important to note; you can only have one spell effect going on,
including the hit-all attack magic. Thus, if you have some sort of defense magic
set up, you can't use any stunning spells, multi-target spells, etc.

	"Save MP" will mainly see Mages using stun spells on the enemies;
however, they will stop once they get below 50% for the most part.

	"Defend" will cause spellcasters to use defense and support spells.

	"Attack" will cause your offensive men to fight openly, while your
mages/etc. will usually cast some spells and support spells.

	"Use MP" is deceiving, as when you set your formation up with this, your
mages/priests/etc. will not use a drop of MP unless somebody is in major need of

			          4. Enemies			    	    4ENM

	It should be noted that the information here is rather limited, and is
solely information derived from looking at hex-code within the game.
Furthermore, the names are not rough translations of their Japanese
counterparts, so be warned once more. This information comes credit of

Also, to fit all this information into what is here right now, information had
to be compressed. This is especially true of the Locations. Here is what each
pair of letters stands for;

AC = Aless' Cave	BC = Bolder Cave	BO = Volder
CA = Carlint		CC = Carlint Castle	DC = Dolgis Cave
DO = Dolgis		DP = Doppel Cave	DS = Desert Castle
ET = Emrond Tower	FA = Faltesis		GS = Grand States
IC = Izaruro Castle	LC = Litton Cave	LI = Litton
MC = Moon Cave		MM = Mynelt Mines	NA = Nazaal
RA = Rarm Cave		RB = Rarm		RC = Ruval Cave
RD = Ruval Desert	RT = Rodetia		RV = Ruval
RY = Ryuita		SA = Sarvant		SO = Sea/Ocean
			WT = Water Temple

|     Name     |  HP | EXP | Gld | Lct |     Name     |  HP | EXP | Gld | Lct |
| Air El       |  94 |  17 |  23 | RD  | Aless        | 2010| 239 | 127 | AC  |
| Aless Guard  | 172 |  55 |  42 | AC  | Ape          |  23 |   3 |   8 | RV  |
| Armor        |  52 |  10 |  16 | DC  | Aspirid      |  83 |  19 |  26 | SO  |
| Warrior      |     |     |     |     |              |     |     |     |     |
| Atlantian    |  47 |   7 |  16 | SO  | Ballbird     |  25 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| Balmfoot     | 130 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Ball Drag    | 136 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| Bee Insect   |  62 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Bee Lord     |   9 |   1 |   6 | RC  |
| Bee Man      |  43 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Behemoth     | 189 |  61 |  51 | WT  |
| Blood Mask   | 136 |  47 |  42 | WT  | Blow Hole    |  74 |  20 |  23 | RB  |
| Bone Ghost   |  41 |   7 |  13 | IC  | Bottom       |  47 |   8 |  15 | SO  |
|              |     |     |     |     | Angeler      |     |     |     |     |
| Cave Roo     |  85 |  42 |  33 | AC  | Caveman      |  21 |   2 |  10 | NA  |
| Cave Roll    | 109 |  31 |  30 | CC  | Chaos        | 182 |  57 |  48 | MM  |
|              |     |     |     |     | Servant      |     |     |     |     |
| Claw Ape     |  28 |   4 |   7 | RD  | Co Atoll     | 105 |  20 |  21 | MM  |
| Cockatrice   |  76 |  31 |  40 | MC  | Dark Levin   | 167 | 207 | 127 | RV  |
| Dark Mask    | 111 |  32 |  33 | WT  | Dark Monk    | 121 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| Dark Shaman  | 121 |  52 | 120 | IC  | Death Knight |  49 |  10 |  16 | DC  |
| Death Ogre   |  64 |  11 |  13 | FA  | Deathbird    |  21 |   8 |  15 | RY  |
| Deep Lonos   | 117 |  23 |  22 | MM  | Deepbat      |  34 |   4 |  10 | RC  |
| Demon Mage   | 116 |  36 |  33 | DS  | Devil Shark  |  68 |  12 |  11 | SO  |
| Devil Ghost  |  14 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Dinodragon   |  77 |  15 |  17 | FA  |
| Doppel       |  82 |  23 |  25 | DP  | Doppel2      |  76 |  23 |  25 | DP  |
| Doppel3      |  70 |  23 |  25 | DP  | Doppel4      |  68 |  23 |  25 | DP  |
| Doppel5      |  55 |  23 |  25 | DP  | Doppel6      |  61 |  23 |  25 | DP  |
| Doppel7      |  55 |  23 |  25 | DP  | Doppel8      |  64 |  23 |  25 | DP  |
| Dracolich    | 197 |  68 |  48 | MM  | Dragonsnake  |  95 |  16 |  18 | FA  |
| Draw Omega   |  49 |  23 |  14 | RV  | Dread Harpy  |  82 |   7 |  10 | RY  |
| Dual Rhinos  |  73 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Earth El     |  99 |  18 |  20 | FA  |
| Ebelist      | 140 |  52 |  42 | WT  | Egg          |  81 |  29 |  26 | GS  |
| Erie Trail   |  86 |  14 |  33 | LI  | Feel Borg    |  74 |  18 |  23 | BO  |
| Fierman      | 164 |  55 |  42 | AC  | Fire         |  99 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
|              |     |     |     |     | Guardian     |     |     |     |     |
| Fish Head    |  71 |  10 |  15 | SO  | Flygoyle     | 111 |  34 |  40 | RB  |
| 4-Leg Ghost  |  34 |  17 |  23 | RB  | Foxy         | 150 |  42 |  39 | DS  |
| Gragoyle     | 115 |  35 |  33 | DS  | Ghost        |  11 |   3 |   9 | RV  |
| Ghost Armor  | 118 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Gnome Mage   |  11 |   1 |   9 | RC  |
| Gold Rhino   |  85 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Grace Cat    |  38 |   6 |  10 | LC  |
| Greedy       |  74 |  17 |  15 | MM  | Ground       |  46 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
|              |     |     |     |     | Spider       |     |     |     |     |
| Guarder      | 105 |  32 |  40 | MC  | Guardian     |  93 |  33 |  36 | MC  |
| Gust         |  43 |  17 |  17 | RV  | Harbringer   |  86 |  21 |  22 | RD  |
| Harpy        |  30 |   6 |  18 | DO  | Ice Mage     |  46 |   9 |  14 | RY  |
| Idea Armor   |  43 |   9 |   8 | DO  | Idea Armor   |  46 |   9 |  20 | DO  |
| Kidnapper    | 101 |  45 |   0 | RC  | Kidnapper2   | 128 |  54 |   0 | RC  |
| Killer Fish  |  62 |  10 |  16 | SO  | King Dragon  | 161 |  79 |   0 | DC  |
| King Liz     | 123 |  42 |  36 | CC  | Kingbat      |  25 |   3 |   8 | RC  |
| King Guard   | 191 |  59 |  42 | AC  | L Mantis     |  19 |   2 |   7 | RV  |
| Lace         |  50 |  17 |  15 | BC  | Land Mole    |  33 |   5 |  15 | LI  |
| Lich         |  45 | ?   | ?   | ?   | Lip Flower   |   7 |   1 |   4 | RC  |
| Living Armor |  93 |  19 |  16 | MM  | Liz          |  51 |  10 |  16 | RY  |
| Lizardbat    |  24 |   4 |  12 | RD  | Lizardfly    |  29 |   4 |  12 | RD  |
| Lost Soul    | 111 |  16 |  18 | FA  | Maneater     |  17 |   2 |   9 | RV  |
| Mantis       |  11 |   0 |   1 | RC  | Mary Jane    | 157 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| Mage         |  39 |  10 |  10 | RY  | Mask Mage    | 156 |  56 |  45 | GS  |
| Mastermage   |  14 |   1 |   5 | RA  | Masterwitch  |  23 |   5 |  12 | RD  |
| Metalbat     |  11 |   4 |  16 | RC  | Michenu      | 213 | 191 |   0 | ET  |
| Mimic        | 146 |  46 |  36 | AC  | Mush Mage    | 112 |  15 |  17 | BC  |
| Nail Shroom  |  97 |  18 |  16 | MM  | Night Fairy  | 100 |  60 | 100 | RD  |
| No Navel     |  14 |   2 |   7 | RV  | Octagonal    | 121 |  30 |  35 | SO  |
| Orc          |  13 |   1 |   6 | RA  | Orclord      |  15 |   1 |   6 | RA  |
| P Frog       |  31 |   4 |  18 | RV  | P Snail      |   8 |   4 |   6 | RA  |
| Pamel Blow   |  71 |  21 |  31 | RY  | Panther      |  55 |  30 |  12 | DO  |
| Queen Bee    |   9 |   2 |   6 | RA  | Queen Marina |  56 |  10 |  16 | SO  |
| Raiden       | 157 |  51 |  39 | MM  | Roach        |  69 |   4 |  15 | RC  |
| Rock El      |  99 |  13 |  15 | FA  | Round Bug    |  82 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| RY Knight    | 126 |  40 |  32 | SA  | S. Master    |  19 |   2 |  11 | RA  |
| S. Snail     |   9 |   1 |  30 | RA  | Sail Mermaid |  49 |  10 |  18 | SO  |
| Sandbug      |  25 |   3 |  11 | RD  | Sandfrog     |  25 | ?   | ?   | ?   |
| Sarvant      | 1450| 111 | 127 | SA  | Seasnake     |  85 |  14 |  18 | SO  |
| Sea Spirit   |  64 |  15 |  16 | SO  | Seagoyle     | 109 |  21 |  45 | CA  |
| Shark        |  57 |  11 |  15 | SO  | Shellsnail   |  17 |   3 |  11 | LI  |
| Skullknight  | 147 |  50 |  42 | AC  | Slug         |   7 |   1 |   3 | RC  |
| Snail        |  10 |   1 |   4 | RC  | Sorceress    |  37 |   8 |  12 | DO  |
| Spider       |  48 |   7 |  19 | LI  | Steel Roach  |  25 |  10 |  30 | LI  |
| Sudal        | 111 |  28 |  32 | SO  | Summoner     | 161 |  84 | 120 | MM  |
| Swordfish    |  55 |   8 |  16 | SO  | Tyranodon    |  61 |  11 |  20 | RY  |
| Unkimo       |  65 |  11 |  20 | SO  | Varvan       |  98 |  28 |  36 | MC  |
| Water        |  59 |  15 |  17 | SO  | Wheelsnail   |  19 |   5 |   2 | LC  |
| Wingfrog     |  21 |   3 |   8 | RV  | Witch        |  17 |     |     |     |

	I'd like to dedicate this section to the first contributor of this FAQ,
DWanderer. He actually gave me a good amount of worthwhile information. Although
it doesn't look like much, it having been the location of all the nonbuyable
weapons, the stats of each piece of equipment, and their compatibility with each
class, along with all the data that's up their on the Battle Section, it helped
save me what would probably have been several hours of time and likely fruitless
deduction. Once again, thanks, DWanderer -Darkstar Ripclaw

	With the second contributor, things were more of a mutual relationship,
with ninjasan8 taking some of my info, and me taking some of the info he has. He
also managed to find out some of the things about the Rarm glitch, which in
itself is useful. Nevertheless, we've both managed to benefit each other, and
even in this day and age, when obscure NES RPGs have become absolutely obsolete,
I believe he's onto something in working for full-out RPG shrines. His can be
found at the following address;


	Lastly, I want to thank the unknown author of the program located here
( http://www.losmonos.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/tablecsv.pl ), as it assisted me
greatly in creating some of the tables that one may find in this FAQ.

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