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Chaos World (NES)
Copyright 2006 Mitch Frizzell
April 19, 2006
Version Final

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough

1. Introduction

This is the walkthrough portion of my Chaos World shrine located at
rpgclassics.com This guide is only to be seen on rpgclassics.com and my own
site, mitchfrizzell.com If I find it on any other site, the webmaster will be
contacted, and if necessary, legal action will be taken.

Note that this is only the walkthough, for more info, make sure you check the
shrine. This file is 43709 bytes.

2. Walkthrough

2.1. Save the Princess

The game begins in the main character's uncle's house. Listen to what he says
and step outside for your first look at Rodetia, your home town. Take a few
moments to look around and talk to all the people here. The first thing you
need to do is talk to the King, because you can't even leave town without his

Note: If you are using the translation patch that this walkthrough was based on
(it's the latest AGTP patch) check the Glitches section of the shrine. The King
tells you that his daughter is sick and he knows that you want to save her
and become famous, bla bla bla. He then tells you that you need to prove your
worth in the dungeon arena before you set out.

Go downstairs and into the arena. You only have to fight one battle and it's
relatively easy. If you haven't done so already, read the tips section for help
on the battle engine.

If you lose, then take the advice of the King and quit; you're not going to
survive. Althernatively, start over with a new character and distribute your
points better, or differently. After the battle, go back to the throne room
and talk to the King. He tells you that you have proven your worth and he gives
you 100g and a donkey. The donkey allows you to hold 12 items, instead of the
usual 8, whoopee.

Now that we have 100g, let's go spend it! Head on over to the weapon shop and
buy the following items based on your class choice.

    * Fighter or Knight:
          o Leather Shield (Fighter only)
          o Leather Helmet
    * Thief:
          o Leather Helmet
          o Silk Cloak
    * Mage, Priest, Shaman or Bishop:
          o Ancient Staff
          o Silk Cloak
          o Magic Bracelet
          o Feel (Magic; Priest only)
          o Flame (Magic; Mage only)

If you have any extra cash, make sure you fill up on herbs, they help
tremendously. If you don't have the cash to buy everything, don't worry, just
go to the next step and buy when you can.

Head outside of the village and level up until about level 4. Don't worry, this
isn't Final Fantasy, so it should only take a few minutes. Every time you level
up, make sure you save at the Inn and go to the weapon store to see if there is
any new equipment you can buy, and, finally, make sure you stock up on herbs
before setting out again.

At level 4 you should be strong enough to kill all the enemies in one hit. If
not, don't panic you soon will be able to. The city guard tells you that there
is a chemist in a city to the north. Let's head to Rarm!

Upon arriving in Rarm, your first order of business is saving at the Inn
(notice it's 6g instead of Rodetia's 2g). After this, head to the Weapon Shop
and buy to your heart's content... or just buy the following items:

    * Fighter or Knight:
          o Chain Mail

After this, head to the northern "Item Shop". It really isn't a item shop, but
a potion shop that only makes one type of potion, and only if he has a special

You now need to get said flower, but you could use a little training
beforehand. Go into the "Rarm Cave" and train to level 5. The enemies are a
lot harder here, but you should be okay.

Note: The enemies here give you about the same amount of exp as the enemies on
the overworld. "Then why would I want to train in this friggin' cave???" Because
each battle nets you about 20g. Now see? This money will be very helpful in the
near future, so don't waste any of it.... as if you could. While training in the
cave, head one screen down and you will see a big gap in the floor. To cross
this gap you will need a rope, which you will get in just a few moments. 	

After you get to level 5, head back to Rarm, save and buy anything you couldn't
earlier. If you didn't earlier, talk to everybody in the town and they'll tell
you that to get the Flower of Impression you need to cross the gap in the cave.

There is a rumor of a man in Rarm that has a rope; let's recruit him. He'll be
the first addition to your party. Head to the eastern exit and carefully walk
walk north, along the very edge of the map (don't go too far, or you'll exit
town) When you get all the way around you'll see a man there. Talk to him and
he joins your party! His name is Baran, and he is level 1. I know you're
thinking, "Why in the world did you have me train 'till level 5 if I could
have been training with this guy?" The answer is simple: because it's a very
stupid idea to enter the Rarm cave with two low-level characters. Answer your
question? Well, anyway train Baran up one level on the overworld, and if you
haven't done so already, buy him a Chain Mail armor; then enter the cave to
train him there until level 3. 	

After this training, save at the inn and go back to the cave, all the way to the
gap. When you get to the gap, go up to it and open your item menu. Select the
rope and use it. Cross the gap, and go up to the exit to the next room. In the next
room, go north to the chest and open it to get a Pegasus Feather, and open it
again (no, I'm not kidding) to get a DualHerb. After this, go south and around
the bend to the exit which leads back to the overworld. Go south to the little
forest and enter it to finally get the Flower of Impression (just kidding, you
have to look around a little first).

Once you're in the forest you'll have to do some looking (and some finding) to
get the flower. Make sure you check every flower for the real one. I'm not
going to tell you where I found it because it helps if you level up a little in
here. Try to get your main character to 6 and Baran to 5. Exit the forest after
you have the flower and now you have two options. You can either go back to
Rarm through the cave, or you can use your Pegasus Feather to warp to Rodetia
and head up to Rarm from there. If you choose the latter, make sure you save in
Rodetia, beacuse it's a third of the price.

Either way, head back to Rarm and go to the upper item shop and have the guy there
make you the Potion. After arriving in Rodetia, enter the castle and give the
potion to Meldi and then talk to the King. He thanks you, and recognizes you as
an adventurer, giving you permission to use the guild. He also tells you to
visit Ruval and gives you his permission to enter. If you talk with Meldi
again, she'll ask you to check up on Prince Levin, her lover.

Head out of the castle and enter the guild in the town. Enter the guild, but
before you talk to the guy there, make sure you read the guild tips on the
Tips page of the shrine. Recruit the two people there and if you have any
females in your party, let them do the job here. Anyway, since you are a bounty
hunter/mercenary/guild member that does good for the common people, you need
another job. Let's follow the King's advice and head on over (north) to Ruval.

2.2. Rescue the Prince

Actually, before you go to Ruval, you need to do some shopping. First of all,
you'll want some magic for your magic users. Buy Feel for your Priest and Flame
for your Mage. Although you can buy better spells, I don't recommend it,
because you won't need it for a while.

If one of your party members is doing a job, (the waitress job) wait around for
her either by saving contiually at the Inn, or by wandering around outside for a
while. I recommend the Inn one, only because it's so cheap here.

Now that all four of your characters are with you head up to Rarm. Once your
there, you'll want to buy the following things:

    * Priest, Mage:
          o Ancient Staff
          o Silk Cloak
          o Magic Bracelet
          o Leather Helm

You should have the best equipment for everybosy else, so buy those, and make
sure you sell your useless equipment and fill up on herbs. Now, head north to
the town of Nazaal.

Note: If you started out with a Mage or a Priest, then you'll have a little
different party then what I had. If need be, check section 1 of the walkthrough
to see what you need to buy.

Now that we're in Nazaal, we're going to do something totally different. Go
outside the town and battle until you have enough money to buy the best
equipment! Here is a list (by the way, that's called sarcasm):

    * Fighter, Knight, Thief:
          o Chain Armor
          o Iron Helm (only fighter and knight)
          o Iron Sword (only fighter)
          o Iron Spear (only knight)

That should do it. If you didn't do so before, enter the guild and recruit the
people there, but don't bother doing the job, it can't be finished. Before
moving on, make sure all your party members are at least level 6. After you're
all done here in Nazaal, head north to the cave.

Note: If you have some extra money to spend before you leave, buy the Pois-c
for your priest (if you have one), it'll come in handy later.

Once, you're in the cave, follow the path until you see a guard; he'll tell you
to follow the coast, but not to enter the forest. Head all the way to the exit
(don't worry, there's no enemies here). Once you're back outside, go all the
way north, along he coastline (making sure not to enter the forest) until you
find another cave; follow this one to the exit and head west to the capital of

As you can see, Ruval is in ruins and the people are starving. Apparently,
Prince Levin has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have taken the city's food
and money as ransom, but yet, no Levin. Our job here, then, is to rescue the
Prince and restore Ruval to its former glory.

Our first order of buisness is to head over to the guild, which is what you
should always do when you enter a new town (after saving, of course). But,
alas, there is only one guy here and he won't join you; and there are no jobs,
so head on over to the Weapons shop; we have some major leveling up/purchasing
to do, so you'll be here for a while. Buy the following things for your party

    * Fighter, or Knight:
          o Iron Shield
    * Mage, Bishop, Shaman, Thief or Priest:
          o White Cloak
          o Silver Bracelet
          o Red Crystal (Shaman only)

Okay, now head out of town and train all your characters to level 9. I know
it's a lot, but the experience and money will come in handy later. Also, when
your health gets low, feel free to abuse the inn, it's really cheap here; this
especially helps when fighting Ghosts.

After all your shopping and leveling up is done, head out of town to the west.
But, before your leave, make sure you're stocked up on Herbs. Make your way
south along the coast all the way to the city of Ripona. On your way there,
make sure you don't enter the desert, and just to be safe, don't go into the
forest either. Buy this stuff when you get there:

    * Thief: Steel Bow

After this, level up to 10 and we'll move on. Head west, once again avoiding
the desert and the forest. You might notice a little tower in a valley to the
south; if you enter there, the guards will tell you that you need the king of
Ruval's permission to pass. Bah. Well, we'll come back later.

Keep on keepin' on..... west until you see a cave, this is Ruval cave; enter
it. Beware, though, the enemies are buff here and if you don't have the Pois C
spell, you'll be dead sooner than you can say "Baran is a Knight in Fairy

Anyway, go a little south and at the intersection go west. Ignore the stairs
here and continue west until another intersection, head south. When you hit the
bottom go east and open the chest for 347g and head back all the way west. Go
down the stairs to the south. Follow the corridor east and at the intersection
keep on going east, then go north, west and go down the stairs there. Follow
this hallway until you see two sets of stairs, go down the second one, the one
to the west. Go around and up the stairs to another simple room, and go up once
again. Another chest yay! Get the Flame Staff and equip it on you mage (if you
have one).

Now, backtrack all the way to the room in the pic and this time head north.
You're now back at the beggining of the cave; you might want to head back to
Ripona now to restock on herbs and save your game (I always do).

This time, head west to the intersection and go west this time, follow the path
north to the stairs. Follow this corridor around and go down this set of stairs.
Go west until the stairs and then follow the corridor around to the stairs to
enter the last area of the cave, and..... TA DA! The first boss battle!

Because of the nature of this game's battles, I can't really put a strategy
here, so just make sure you're healed up before you fight. Actually this fight
is really easy, it shouldn't be a problem. Strangely, although the kidnappers
were here, the bounty is gone and the Prince is nowhere to be seen. Anyway,
search the chests for an Iron Shield, and head all the way back to Ripona. Save
here and then move on to Ruval. Once there, you'll hear that the Prince is back
and that a man in black rescued him.... we'll have to investigate that later.
For now go to the castle and talk to the Queen, who gives you her horse as
payment for helping rescue the Prince and for returning the gold necklace which
was a gift from Meldi.

The King asks you to help in the rebuilding of the city, he also tells you that
to do so, you need to aply at the guild. Go to the guild now and recruit the
guy there, and then use him to do the job, you'll lose him for a while, though,
so only pick someone you don't care about losing. Now, we move on to bigger
things... anyway on to section 3!

2.3. An Assasination Plot

Now that we have saved the prince, we can move on to greater things.... or
maybe just south. Before you head out, though, make sure you talk to the King,
he'll tell you of a town called Izaruro; its mayor has recently died. He also
tells you that it's very far away, so you should visit Litton first. Head south
past Ripona, all the way to the little tower that we visited before. Once
inside, the guards will let you pass.

Upon entering Litton, a lady named Michenu tells you to kill the new mayor of
Izaruro and gives you the Anger to do the job. For now, there's no one to
recruit and no jobs, so just avoid the guild for now. Remember all that nice
gold you got in the last cave? Head over to the weapons shop and spend it all:

    * Fighter, Knight, or Thief:
          o Steel Sword (fighter only)
          o Plate Armor
    * Mage, Priest, Bishop, or Shaman:
          o Silver Staff (not shaman)
          o Mage Cloak
          o Orb Bracelet
          o Para-C (Magic; bishop and priest only)
          o Blue Crystal (shaman only)

You might want to stock up on herbs before you go, but that's up to you.

When you're all ready, leave the town (don't forget to save), and head south.
Go between the sea and the mountains, over the bridge, and you'll eventually
come to a cave. Go in it.

The first floor is simple enough. The second floor, although harder, is still
easy. Make your way around, grab the Maria and two Dualherbs, and enter the
third floor. Once again, very simple, grab the Pegasus and the herb, and go to
the fourth floor. Actually, I lied, there is no fourth floor, it was the exit
of the cave. Go north, and head west to the little port city of Izaruro. Upon
entering, a man acuses you of being a murderer, and they throw you in the
dungeon. Walk to the door and the son of the murdered mayor says that the lady
that gave you that sword must have been the killer, and lets you go.
Interesting. If you talk to him again, he says that he'll lend you his boat if
you agree to avenge his father's death.

Exit the house and save at the Inn, time to hit the stores... oh... wait...
there's no weapon shop here, so, time to hit the guild! Once your at the guild,
recruit Liza, the fighter, and take the job there, if you don't have anyone
suited for the job, then call someone, or take them out of your party.

Now, to be safe, level up to at least 16, and we'll move on to the next area.
Head back into town, make sure you have at least 2 Pegasus (you shouldn't need
very many herbs, but get a few anyway), save and exit through the north exit.
Finally, we get a vehicle. Get on the boat, and go east (the other rivers are
blocked), and follow the river all the way back to Litton. Get out and enter
the town. By talking to the villagers, you'll hear that Michenu came through,
and converted the majority of the population to Ideian; a religion that
requires its believers to kill those who opose it.

After sleeping at the Inn, one of your members suggests going back to Izaruro.
Let's do just that; get in the boat and head back.

In Izaruro, the mayor's son tells you that his father's Star Saphire has been
stolen. Late's get it back for him; talk to the man by the north exit and he'll
open the northern floodgates. Head that way and you'll come to a cave; go in
for our next dungeon. This dungeon is definetly the hardest yet, becuase of one
little things: holes in the floor; not visible, holes, though. To best navigate
this dungeon, check the maps. On the way, make sure you pick up the
following items: Elixir x2, Plate,  and a TriHerb. Follow the map, until you
get to the boss; once again, I can't really give a good strategy, just heal
before the battle. It should be a piece of cake, especially if you got to level

Kill the boss, grab the Star and head all the way back out. Get in your boat,
and make your way over to Izaruro. After giving the new Mayor the jewel, he
insists you keep it, and tellls you that there are others like it. He would aid
you in the search, but you'll need a compas first. Let's go to Ryuita, then!

2.4. Doppels, and Dragons, and Stones... Oh my!

Before leaving Izaruro, make sure you buy at least two Pegasus. Head out of
town and teleport to Rodetia; when you get there talk to the King, he'll give
you permission to enter Ryuita. Go north, past Nazaal and enter the cave. After
the cave, follow the coast up to another cave; don't go in this one, though,
head northwest to yet another cave. Go in this one, cross through and enter
Dolgis. Once you're in Dolgis, talk to the people to learn that the King is
worried about a dragon living in a cave nearby. As soon as you get to town, get
somebody on the job there. While your waiting for the job to be done, grab a L
Flame or L Freeze for your mage (or both) and level all your party members to

Once your ready, go east, and when you see a bridge, go south all the way to
Ryuita. Once you're in Ryuita, hit the shops for the following things:

    * Mage, Bishop, Priest, and Shaman:
          o Mirror Cloak
          o Flying (magic; Mage only)
          o Turning (magic Mage only)
    * Fighter, Knight and Thief:
          o Knight Armor
          o Knight Shield (Fighter/Knight only)
          o Knight Helm (Fighter/Knight only)
          o Mirage Sword (Fighter/Knight only)

After talking to the villagers here, you'll hear that Ryuita is having a little
civil war. There's two castles here, but neither grant you much info. Go to the
guild and do the job there; you won't be able to recruit the two people until
later. When you're ready, head on back to Dolgis.

Save here if you need/want to; head to the northwest of the city and enter the
cave there. This dungeon isn't as tricky as the last, but it's easier to get
through with the map. Check it out here.

On the third floor, you'll meet up with the boss. If you did the job at Dolgis,
then you'll have the Spring; at the beginning, you'll automatically use it (it
freezes the boss, so you can attack him without him hirting you). If you dont
have it, then the battle will be a royal pain in the rear. When (or should I
say if?) you beat the dragon, you'll get the Dragon, equip it on your
Knight/Fighter. To get out of here, simply use Turning, and use Flying to get
to Ryuita . Once you're in Ryuita, save, and head to the guild; recruit Marin
there. If you want to, sell any unwanted items at the shop; either way, head
up to the western castle.

When you talk to the King, he sees the Dragon's head and asks you to talk to
his son who is immersed in some new religion. The only problem is that you
can't enter the other castle... go downstairs, to the northern part of the
castle and enter the passage. When you exit, Michenu and Aless will attack you,
beating you mercilessly.

Go around and talk to the Prince. He says he won't forget Ideia, so let's go
back to the King and tell him that. Go back to the place where you entered the
castle and go up the left staircase, it'll take you out of town. Now, go talk
to the King; he tells you to leave, but if you talk to the Prince, he asks you
to visit Forus for him... interesting. Before leaving, MAKE SURE YOU HEAL AT
THE INN!! All your party members have 01 HP, so heal before you go. Head south
from Ryuita, and follow the coast all the way to Forus' little peninsula. Talk
to Forus, and he'll give you the compass, but asks for a book in return. Fly to
Izaruro to continue the story.

Talk to the mayor, and he'll unlock the floodgates; he'll also tell you of a
cave that has a jewel simialr to the saphire. It's north of Ruval, but, of
those who have entered, none have come out alive.

Sail west from Izaruro to the ocean; once you're in the ocean, follow the coast
north and eventually east to the point in the pic (a little dip). If you head
south on land from here, you'll get to Ruval; if you head north, you'll get to
the cave. If you need to, heal at Ruval. If not, sail north (and slightly east)
to the cave. Note: If you get to Boulder, then you've gone way too far ^_^
(I did that the first time) The most confusing dungeon in the game-bar none.
This dungeon is so confusing, I didn't even take the time to make a map for it,
so you'll have to follow my instructions: go down the middle stairs, down the
right stairs, down the left stairs, now, turn around and go back up, you'll see
a chest, it's Gaia. Equip it if you want and leave the room. When you leave,
you'll end up back at the beginning, now's the time to go back to Ruval if you
need to heal.

When you're ready, go fown the middle stairs, the left stairs, and up the right
stairs on the top of the screen. Follow the paths there to get the Moon Leave
the room, go through the northern exit and leav the dungeon, never to come back!
Well, make sure you're level 23, when that's done, you can leave.

Go back to Ruval, save and Fly to Izaruro (your ship will come too). Once
you're there, head back to sea for the next leg of our adventure.

2.5. The Downfall Of Rarm

From the mouth of the river, head west, in a straight line. It seems like
forever, but just keep on going until you get to land; from here, head south
until you see a castle, that's Faltesis. Enter at night, go to the guild and
talk to Roger. He says he'll talk to the General about the book for you. Do the
job there (or call someone to do it), and save at the Inn before we contintue.
In the morning, head over to the weapons shop, and buy the following:

    * Fighter/Knight/Thief:
          o Crystal Armor (not thief)
          o Thief Bow (thief only ^_^)
          o Silver Spear (knight only)

If you don't have enough money for all of that, it's okay; in fact, go outside
now and level up to 25, you should have enough (unless you have an all fighter
party). Once you're done there, save, and enter the castle.

Talk to Faltesis, and he gives you access to the rest of the castle, except for
the planning room. Go to the upper right room, and Aless will appear, telling
you to check the walls carefully. Open the box there to get the (drumroll
please)... Nothing!! Sweet. Now, check the walls, go through the fake wall into
the planning room, and get the Ancient Book.

When you try to leave, Faltesis captures you! He tells you to give the book to
Forus, and to come back when you're done. Now, we're going to go all the way
back to Forus' Cabin. If you're not sure how to get there, Fly to Dolgis, and
sail south all the way to his cabin. (Thanks to Darkstar Ripclaw for this tip
^_^) Give him the book, and he says he needs time to decipher it, so Fly back
to Faltesis. Faltesis tells you that he is at war with Sarvant, who is trying
to spread Ideia. Sarvant recruited Michenu, and together they created a
cannon; your next job is to destroy it.

From Faltesis, head southwest, until you see a bridge, cross it, cross another,
go north, and cross a final bridge to enter Emrond. First thing's first, head
to the guild, and do the job there. Seeing as you probably don't have a lot of
money, buy a Magic Staff and a Crystal Cloak for your Mage/Bishop/Priest/Shaman.
If you don't have enough, train outside until you can buy it all. Train outside
until level 26, and until the job is done.

When you're ready, head back across the first bridge and make your way
northwest all the way to a little river. Cross the river and keep on going
northwest until you get to a castle; go inside. Make your way around the castle
(Sarvant is sleeping on his throne), until you see a few guards. Heal up and
talk to them to start a battle; it's pretty easy, so don't worry.

When you defeat them, enter the next room and use the Flint on the cannon to
destroy it. On your way out, Sarvant will attack you; the battle is difficult,
without a doubt, but it's not impossible. Once you're done, fly back to
Faltesis, save, and talk to the general. He'll congragulate you, and give you a
Carriage, that lets you carry 27 items. Now, Fly to Dolgis, and head south to
Forus' cabin. Opon entering, you'll see that, sadly, Forus is dead. On his body
lay note that tells you to search the room with the chest. Check the floor in
front of the bookcases to find a secret passage; in there you'll find a letter
from Forus containing the Ancient, and LVolt.

Since Forus is dead, we need someone to decipher the book. But, before that,
you need to make sure you have recruited all the characters. Fly to all the
recent towns and check the guilds to make sure you have them all. When you're
ready, Fly to Ryuita, talk to the Prince, and call Mara to do the job at the
guild (it has to be her).

When you give her the job, a soldier comes up to you and tells you that you
need to head over to Rodetia; let's go there now. Talk to the King, and he
tells you that the people of Rarm have been turned into monsters! Also, if you
talk to a man in the gravyard, he mentions a man in Litton that knows how to
heal people like that. Walk to Rarm and see what's going on (walk because
there's new enemies now)

When you get there, you'll see that all the villagers are monsters. Anyways,
Fly over to Litton to meet this guy. In Litton, you won't find anybody who
knows how to fix the monster thing, but you will hear that Michenu came
through (if you notice more of the people are Ideians) and was heading to
Izaruro; Fly over there. When you get there, you hear that the mayor was attacked
again! (That stinking Michenu) Talk to him and he'll give you an Ideia Emblem.
Now, Fly back to Litton (or sail there, if you want) and talk to the Chemist
there (he has a item shop, just like the one there used to be in Rarm). He
tells you that the cure is in the Moon Stone Tower, south of Izaruro. Fly
there, and talk to the Mayor; he'll open the floodgates for you. Sail south,
west and finally east until you get to an island.

When you get there, before you go into the tower (note that this part is
totally optional), circle around the island and level up to level 28. One, it
makes the tower a little easier, and two, it gives you a little extra cash to
buy Stone Herbs with. It might take a while, but it's definitely worth it.

When you're ready, Fly to Litton and buy the StoneC for your Priest/Bishop;
I know I said the money was for Stone Herbs, but this way is a lot more
efficient. Now, Fly back to Izaruro, save, and head back to the isand, and enter
the cave. Alright, this cave is very linear, unlike the previous ones. Follow
the path around unil you get to the top floor, snatch the Pegasus, (now is a
good time to go back to town to heal, if you need to) and drop down the hole
in the middle.  Grab the Light, and drop down to B1 to continue. Head south and
to grab the Magic, head west and north to grab the Crystal, and make your way
around to the east and go up to 1F. This part, again, is very linear, make your
way up to 4F to grab the Earth, and the Kaiser. Equip those, and head east to
drop out of the tower. (Oh, and by the way, the light spell is the cure for the
Rarm guys)

Fly to Izaruro, rest and go talk to the Mayor. He tells you to get the 3 stones
concerning Ideia; he also tells you that there's a Rodetian town that is famous
for its emeralds. Before you go there, though Fly to Rodetia, walk to Rarm, and
use the Light that you got in the Full Moon Tower. It turns all the people back
to normal; if you talk to them, they're all oblivious to the fact that they
were monsters....

Note: Do NOT talk to the man at the entrance after you heal the people, it
starts a battle with Michenu, that'll probably kill you. If you want the exp,
though, go right ahead. Anyways, let's continue the quest, and gather those
stones and eradicate Ideia!

2.6. The Dark Crystals

Now, go back to Rodetia (the King doesn't give you anything, so don't bother
visiting), jump into your boat, and follow the shore east and north until you
get to Mynelt enter the town. Talk to the people to find that their mines are
full of enemies. Head to the weapons shop to buy a Crystal for your
Mage/Priest/Bishop/Shaman. When you're ready, talk to the elder, accept the
job, and head north to the mine.

For starters, head around the curve, north all the way to the top, go east and
down the stairs. In this room (remember this spot), go down the right hall to
a chest containing a Crystal, which is good to sell. Head back to that spot you
remembered (you remember right?) This time, go down the left hall, avoiding the
first staircase (it only leads to dead ends) and go around to the north, and go
down the staircase on the right. From here, follow the very linear path to an
apparently dead end. Enter the door in the middle, heal up and talk to the
monster to start a battle.

When you defeat him, Turn out of there and head back to town. Talk to the Mayor
and he tells you that he can't pay you for now, so go talk to the Bandana guy;
he stole the Sun Statue and some weapons that he stashed in a cave southwest of
Rodetia. He also tells you that you can have it all!

Fly to Rodetia, and sail west along the coast until you see some islands. On
one island there's a house with a man that refuses to talk to you; on the other
is the fabled town of Boulder. Ignore both of them for now (unless you need to
heal) and keep on going west along the coast until you see a cave (to the west
is the Full Moon Tower) enter and get ready for an easy cave with a big bounty.

Anyways, go east and down the stairs, and around the curve to grab a Flame.
Now, go down the stairs that you haven't been down; and around the curve
(avoid the first two halls) for the Turning spell. Go back around the curve
north all the way and go east for an Ideia. Now, (I know it's confusing) go
back east and south into the little hall and down the stairs (the one you
haven't been down yet). Go north up the left hall, and up to a Theif. Go back
to the beginning of this room, and head up the right hall this time; go through
the middle hall to get an Elixir. Now, go north and down the stairs. Grab the
Blizzard, and head back up the stairs.

Now, go down the closest set of stairs for a Dragon on the upper path and you
can get the Sun on the lower path. Almost done, just one more stop. Exit this
room and go north, (to the place you got the Theif Bow at), but go east and
down the stairs. Follow the path around and grab the Crystal. Turn out of here,
and Fly to Rodetia and heal. Sell all your stuff, sail to Boulder and talk to
all the people to learn that food is no longer coming in from Rodetia. Also,
pick up Field for your Priest. Now, Fly to Dolgis to continue the story. 

Once here, enter the building in the northern part of town and use the Sun
while in between the three pedestals. The lake outside will dry up, and you can
enter it to get the Guidance. Fly to Rodetia and do the job at the guild. When
you're done, you'll learn that the Elder in Boulder wears a badge similar to an
Emblem... hmmm.... let's go check it out.

Head to Boulder and talk to the "mage" looking guy in the northern part of
town, he thanks you for the food but tells you to come back later. Anyways,
talk to the elder (he lives in the only house here) any he says he doens't have
any badge. Well, let's give up our quest, then... Just kidding, enter Boulder
at night, talk to the Elder again to get the Fear. Now, time for a little coup
d' tat. Fly to Ryuita and talk to the people to learn that the Prince has
imprisioned the King and his (the Prince)'s brother! Let's go rescue them! Go
to the King's castle on the right, and talk to the guard at the back on the
left. He guards the jail, but he works for Adan; he tells you that he rests at
night, though.

Enter at night and sneak into the dungeon. Open the door of the cell, and let
the King and Prince out. When you try to leave, you are attacked by two Ryuita
Knights! When you've defeated them, go into the throne room and talk to the
Prince, he tells you that Mara has successfully deciphered the Ancient Book.
Head to the guild to finish the job.

So, Ideia has mind-control poison, eh? Let's go rescue Adan and defeat Aless!
Enter the Prince's castle (you remember how, right?) and enter the room on the
left. Go towords the exit, and you'll overhear part of a converstion. Something
about a potion, antidote, Michenu and Faltesis. Now, fly to Ruval; and do the
Nurse job there (there might be another job you haven't done yet, so do it
first). While you're waiting, take everyone out of your party except for your
main character, and just save continuosly at the the Inn, it only 4g for one.

Once you're done there, Fly to Emrond. When you get there, talk to the people to
learn that a strange woman went to Sarvant, waved her staff and, apparently,
made the old city, Carlint, come right out of the ground! Anyways, head
northeast to the place where Sarvant was, and enter Carlint. Head to the weapons
shop and pick up a Crystal for your knight, and a Crystalfor your fighter. When
you're ready, head back to Emrond, and sail south along the coast until you see
a tower: Emrond Tower. Hopefully, Michenu will be here. Note: Be very careful
of the Caverolls, they can kill you in in a flash. If you have trouble with
this one, clear out a floor, Turn, heal and come back, it's easy to get to the
higher floors.

Go up the left path for a Earth, and a Light in the middle. Go down the right
path for a Dragon, and head up the middle stairs to F2. Head up the left path
for the Blast spell; go down the right path down to the bottom, you'll see two
stairs. Avoid them, and head up the left side and grab the Light. Now, go back
to the stairs you came in from and go up the stairs nearby.

Go down either side to the stairs, and go up to 3F. Go left up to the top, down
the stairs and nab the Crystal. Now, go back, around the right side down the
stairs, and grab the Flame. Now, go back and down to the bottom, and up the
stairs to 4F.

Here, before you enter the room, heal your characters, and talk to the woman
on the throne. It's Michenu! Time to take her down! After you kill her, talk to
her to get the Michenu. Turn out of here, and Fly to Ryuita. In the next
section of this guide, we will (hopefully) take down Ideia, it's 400-year-old
leader, Aless, and save this world from the Chaos that has overcome it.

2.7. The Fall of Chaos and the Rise of Peace

Go into the castle and talk to the Prince. Apparently, Adan drank all the
mind-control poison, so others wouldn't have to go through what he went
through; he died in the process, though. When you leave the castle, the fortune
teller stops you and tells you to go to Rodetia. Fly there, and the people will
tell you that Ruval is about to attack! We need to stop Levin (possibly
mind-control poison is involved?)

Fly to Ruval and talk to the Prince and the King. When you're done, Fly back to
Rodetia, and talk to Meldi. She says that the Rainbow Flower can heal Levin...
Alright. Let's go get that Flower! Do the job at the guild to learn that the
flower bloomed in Carlint. Before we go, however we need to tie up some loose
ends. Get in the boat and sail to Mynelt. Talk to the Mayor to get the Cosmo.
Now, Fly to Ruval, save if you need to, and go southwest of the town into the
desert. Look for a tornado, and jump into it to advance the story.

Go up the middle, but don't go up the stairs; go up the left set, up and around
to the altar. Place your three crystals there, and a voice calls you to Carlint.

Walk out of here, and Fly to Emrond; from there, walk over to Carlint. Head up
to the northern part of town and enter the "castle". Head all the way to the
top of this part to see three staircases... hmmm.... take the right one, and
follow the path until you get to a flower patch. Pick the Rainbow Flower, and
walk out of here (once again, you can't Turn). Fly to Rodetia and talk to the

He tells you that Meldi went to talk to Levin alone; Fly to Ruval and enter the
throne room to start a battle with Evil Levin.

When you're done, sail north to the Ruval cave, but don't enter it; instead
sail due west until you see an island, enter the cave there. When you enter,
head down to the southeast corner, and go north a little to get a Photon; now,
head back south and go down the stairs. Head to the northwest corner and grab
the Holy , go back around and north to grab the Photon spell, and down the
stairs. Go to the northeastern corner for a Holy ; now, go own the stairs, to
the east side to grab a Wind . Go to the north and down the stairs to the last
floor. Go south down the right side to get a Dark . Go east and north to
finally fight Aless, he has more HP than anything you could even imagine.

Apparently Aless is a man >_>, and he isn't th leader of Ideia, there is
someone more powerful than him. He gives you his sword as he can finally rest

Turn out of here, and Fly to Ryuita. Save, get into your boat, and sail south
along the coast, going west when the land curves. You should see an island
with a temple, enter the temple.

Go south along the path, down the stairs, and nab a Sun on the right, the Love
emblem in the middle, and a letter from Aless on the left. He tells you to get
the other three emblems, one is here (you already got it), on is in the Grand
States, and the last is in Boulder. Fly to Rodetia and then sail to Boulder.
Talk to the "mage" that lives in a little hut outside of town. He tels you to
go Mynelt. Go there now. When you get there, talk to the miner guy to learn
that part of the mine caved in and a large chamber appeared out of nowhere!
Head into the cave; and head north, turn left, go down those stairs, down these
ones again. Now, follow the path around, avoid the first set of stairs and go
down the next set. Here's where the enemies start getting stronger, so be

Follow the path until a fork, go north, down the left stair, down the east
stairs and finally, down the south stairs. Run around and grab the Courage
Emblem. Get out of here, Fly to Ruval, sail north to the Moon Shrine, west to
Aless' hideout, and north to the Grand States.

Head west down the first path, north on the upper path and nab the Elixir. Go
a little east, and as far north as possible, and go west a little, following
the path to grab the Truth Emblem. Okey, now, Turn out of here, Fly to Rodetia
and sail to Boulder, to the little man in the cottage. He takes your Emblems
and makes a weapon out of them; an awesome weapon for your main character, that
you can't unequip. When you leave, the mage's house is vaporized. (Maybe we
shouldn't mingle with any more mages, eh?)

Fly to Nazaal. When you get here, go into the cave, cross over to the other
continent, and enter the forest (remember the one you couldn't enter before?
Walk northeast, and you'll eventually run into Chaos. Fight him (twice) and,
congrats, you've beaten the game! Enjoy the ending!

Once you've beaten the game, send me a save state file of your game right
before you fight Chaos, and I'll make you a "New Game +" save state, so you
can start a new game with your previous game's main character. Congrats on
beating one of the NES' most satisfying games. 

This walkthrough, in its entirety, is copyright 2006, Mitchell Frizzell