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              1942 FAQ/Strategy Guide Version 1.00 Written by IONO

--Table of Contents--

I. A Small Word From Me

II. Introduction to The Game

III. Controls

IV. General Strategy and Enemy Guide

V. Frequently Asked Questions

VI. Final Words and Endnotes

VII. Copyright and Usage Notes

Update History

Version 1.00 - February 21, 2004

About everything you see here.

I. A Small Word From Me

While browsing through the NES system [Nintendo Entertainment System] on 
GameFAQs, looking back at all the wonderful games, having feelings of nostalgia 
rush at me, I came across 1942, I barely remembered this game, all I remembered 
was, it was a simple shooter by Capcom, the overhead view, moving up, down, 
left and right, shooting at all the little planes that were coming down at you. 
So simple, and yet so addictive. And to be honest, I have grown away from games 
as of late, with such complexity and size, and mere time consumption I thought 
my gaming days were long gone, but I remembered having fun with this game, its 
simplicity is what made it addicting, and it was still challenging, a game with 
such simply gameplay, why not sit down and play it, I could step away when I 
want, but that was where I was wrong, once I started playing again after all 
this time, I could not step away, and so I figured, after hours upon hours of 
playing it again, why not write a FAQ for it?
II. Introduction to The Game


You, plane.
Enemy, other planes.
What to do? Shoot enemy.

Nuff' said.

Alright basically you play the role of presumably the Americans who are 
fighting their way through the pacific to reach the Japan mainland, look at the 
title, "1942" and think of the historical time period, that is about all you 
need to know really.

III. Controls

At the Menu:

D-Pad: Nothing
A: Nothing
B: Nothing
Select: Switch Between 1 Player or 2 Player Mode
Start: Pick The Chosen Mode
At the menu.

During the Game:

D-Pad: Move
A: Roll or Dive Your Plane to Escape The Enemy and or Fire
B: Shoot
Start: Pause
Select: Nothing

IV. General Strategy and Enemy Guide 

Power Ups: 

Weapon power-ups are labeled "Pow" after destroying an entire orange plane 

The different power ups are as followed:

A bullet power up, where you either shoot 4 bullets at a time.
Another bullet power up, where you can shoot much more quickly.
A wingmen power up, giving you 2 wingmen on either side of your plane.
A "clear the screen" power up destroying enemy planes on that screen.
Or a "power up" that just gives you 1,000 points.

Bonus Points:

If you don't do a roll during the level it will increase your bonus points. The 
number of rolls you have remaining gets multiplied by 1,000.

Kill the last orange plane of a squadron and get 500 bonus points for the kill.

General Strategy:

A general hint is to never stop firing, there is not any reason not to stop 
firing, as if you're lucky stray bullets you fire off will hit incoming planes 
that are coming from the top or sides that you didn't see before you fired.

The only reason you may have not to fire is for an "Accuracy Game" where it's 
not official in the game, but just your own personal game trying to have the 
highest possible accuracy throughout the game, making sure every fire is a hit.

Enemy Guide and Enemy Plane Strategy:
Note: This is based upon you first weapon, 2 bullets per shot.

This is an enemy list giving the number of shots required for kill, their point 
values, as well as their tendencies and strategy to kill them.

--Gray Planes-- --1 Shot Kill-- --50 Points Each--

For the most part, the stupid plane, they come straight down, sometimes flip 
down and come back once again straight down for another pass at you. Aim, 
shoot, simple.

--Green Planes-- --1 Shot Kill-- --50 Points Each--

The smarter, yet still dumb plane, they curve around and sometimes just leave 
the screen and that's it. You might have to move with them to shoot them down, 
or you might have to sit still and just shoot straight and they'll run right 
into your fire.

--Double Engine Green Plane-- --1 Shot Kill-- --50 Points Each--

They play exactly like the normal Green Planes, only difference is the 
aesthetics in them looking a little different. 

--Orange Planes-- --1 Shot Kill-- --100 Points Each--

Always in a squadron, make sure you kill them all, as you will get 500 bonus 
points after you kill the last one as well as a weapon power up. Sometimes they 
curl around like the green planes and you just need to shoot straight, other 
times they will be flying across the screen in which case you need to follow 
and shoot them down.

--Medium Green/Gray Planes-- --5 Shot Kill-- --1,000 Points Each--

Left and right, back and forth, slow, very easy to handle, only probably can be 
the 5 shots required to kill them, just watch yourself and make sure you don't 
end up crashing into one of the other smaller planes and you'll be fine.

The Gray version is a lot like the green version, only slower.

--Large Green Planes-- --10 Shot Kill-- --2,000 Points Each--

These piss me off, I don't care if they're worth 2,000 points, it takes 10 
shots to kill them, and they're big, too big, they can crowd you easily, so 
make sure you don't over correct and slam yourself into another plane. You 
really need to just kill off all the planes around them, then go for the good 
shots, as they can shoot while not facing you.

BOSS Planes:

At the end of levels 7, 15, 23, and 31.

They are some BIG ass planes, think the size of MULTIPLE Large Green planes, 
and shooting a crap load of shots at you. All you can do is dodge, you may look 
trapped but you have to be alert of where all the shots are going, you may 
accidentally fly yourself into the line of fire trying to dodge them

Though they are worth 20,000 points, and you can't advance to the next level 
without killing them, so my advice is to do so and kill them. ^_^

V. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey I liked 1942 so I played 1943 and liked that too, but I found a ROM of 
1944 and it is the same game as 1943, what is up with that?

A: No idea, for some reason American "1943" Game = Japanese "1944" Game.

Q: Okay, gone through the game, any extra's, or anything else I can do?

A: Well, you can play the "accuracy game", it's nothing official but try and go 
through the entire game without having a shot miss, trust me it's tough...

VI. Final Words and Endnotes

I'd first like to thank Capcom for making such a wonderful game that is worthy 
of not only playing for hours, but the time to write out a guide for as well.

As in my 3 previous FAQs on GameFAQs, I'd like to thank and commend every other 
FAQ author, each FAQ I have written and submitted shows me just a little bit 
more of the effort and time it takes to write a guide, so once again, I'd like 
to thank, and commend every past, present and future FAQ author who writes, 
regardless whether it be a "FAQ" "Strategy Guide" or Full fledged 
"Walkthrough", I commend all of you, all of us.

VII. Copyright and Usage Notes

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Should we come to terms and I have clearly responded stating it is alright for 
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Written by Louis B.
Contributor name "IONO" on http://www.GameFAQs.com
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