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Bad Dudes

For the Nintendo Entertainment System

A FAQ/Walkthrough written by Ian Rogers


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Version 1.1

Revision History


Version 1.1

Two people e-mailed me about a rather interesting bit of info, it seems 
that the level 1 Boss is named Karnov, and he also has a game named 
after him.  Hmmmmm, interesting.  I've also fixed a few errors, and 
added a few names to the Acknowledgements section.  


Version 1.0

Well, it's finally finished.  Believe it or not, this FAQ has been in 
its half finished stages for a very long time now, and I'm glad it's 


I can remember first playing Bad Dudes a very, very long time ago.  And 
enjoying it too.  But not in the same sense as most people enjoy games, 
oh no.  My friend and I would play Bad Dudes simply to make fun of 
every aspect of this silly little game.  From the overworked storyline 
to the choppy frame rate, and especially that distorted voice yelling 
out "I'm Bad!" at the end of every level.

Those were good times.   Now I own Bad Dudes for myself, and have 
beaten it many times, and the ending is as funny and as lame as I 
remember it from all those years ago.  So I'm here to bring you a FAQ 
for that game that we all know and love, Bad Dudes.


Table of Contents

Part I: The Basics

1. Storyline
2. Controls/Moves List
3. Items and Weapons
4. Know Your Ninjas

Part II: The Walkthrough

Stage 1: The City
Stage 2: The Truck
Stage 3: The Sewer
Stage 4: The Forest
Stage 5: The Train
Stage 6: The Cave
Stage 7: The Hideout

Part III: The Rest

1. Tricks and Codes
2. Game Genie Codes
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Acknowledgements
5. Copyright Info

Part I: The Basics

In this opening section, I'll be dealing with some of the general info 
that you'd expect.  Read through this section for some basic 
information or if you're looking for a few tips.


1. Storyline

(Retold by me, Ian)

One sunny morning two dudes, Blade and Striker, were discussing various 
wholesome moral issues.  Suddenly, a large Army Man walked into the 
room.  Blade and Striker were obviously confused by this man's 
presence, especially when he related the following cryptic message:



Suddenly, the two dudes knew what was wrong.  According to that 
morning's newspaper, the evil Dragon clan had kidnapped their honorable 
President and taken him to their secret base. 

Since it was quite obvious that the Army, the Marines, the Navy, and 
the Air Force were all powerless to stop these fiends, they decided to 
do it themselves.  

So Blade and Striker, dressed in their favorite black tank tops and 
ripped jeans, set out to rescue the President with a hearty shout of 
"I'm Bad!"


2. Controls/Moves List

NOTE: All of the controls and moves are exactly the same for both Blade 
and Striker.  The only real difference is their hair color (Blade has 
brown hair, and Striker has Blond) and they each have a slightly 
different tint between them.

Basic Controls

D-Pad Left/Right: Move
D-Pad Down: Duck
D-Pad Up: Look Up

A Button: Punch/Kick/Use Weapon
B Button: Jump

Start: Pause the Game
Select: No Purpose in the actual game, but it lets you skip the mission 
briefing sequence in the beginning.

Special Moves

Pick Up Items
Controls: Hold down and press A while on top of the item
Description: If an item or weapon is on the ground, this is the only 
way that you can pick it up.  Extremely useful.

High Jump
Controls: Hold Up and press B
Description: Allows you to jump extraordinarily (or some would say 
ridiculously) high off the ground.  Use this to avoid certain enemies 
if necessary, or to jump up to a higher platform.

Low Jump
Controls: Hold Down and press B
Description: Allows you to jump down to a lower platform.  That's about 
all it's good for.

High Punch
Controls: Hold Down and press A
Description: This causes you to punch up above your head.  It's 
absolutely useless, or at least I haven't found a place where it comes 
in handy.  

Low Kick
Controls: Hold Down and press A
Description: Kicks low to the ground if an enemy is nearby.  If no 
enemy is around, you will simply punch air.  This move is critical when 
taking down the smaller enemies.  If you have a weapon, you will swing 
that weapon instead.  Note that swinging a weapon while kneeling is 
about twice as fast as swinging a weapon while standing up.

High Kick
Controls: Push A and B at once
Description: Jumps and high kicks.  This is not as effective as the 
Spin Kick (see below).

Spin Kick
Controls: Hold Left/Right and press A and B at once
Description: Causes you to leap forward a little bit and perform a very 
long and powerful kick that does a lot of damage to the enemy.

Flaming Punch
Controls: Hold A for several seconds to start flashing, then release A 
to punch.
Description: The awesomely powerful punch will down any regular enemy 
in a single hit.  It can even take down more than one ninja at a time 
if they are standing close to each other.  The only downside is that it 
takes awhile to charge it up.


3. Items and Weapons

Throughout the game, whenever you see a red ninja, be sure to kill him 
and take the item that he drops.  It can be one of four objects that 
can greatly help you on your mission.

Cola: Refills 5 bars of your life.

Clock: Adds on 5 seconds to your time.  This item is pretty much a 
waste, as I have never once encountered time problems when playing a 

Weapons: The Dagger and the Numchucks are powerful weapons that will 
kill ordinary ninjas in one hit.  You carry them around with you until 
you die, and you can even take them between levels.  

Their one flaw is that a weapon takes slightly longer to use than an 
ordinary punch, which can work against you when fighting large amounts 
of ninjas.  The solution to this to kneel down and use your weapon, as 
this eliminates the speed problem entirely, allowing a weapon to be 
used at the same speed as a normal punch.

And in case anyone is wondering, there is no difference whatsoever 
between the dagger and the numchucks.


4. Know Your Ninjas

Throughout your journey to save the President, you will encounter many 
different ninjas that are loyal to the Dragon clan.  Here's a list of 
them, complete with point values.

NOTE: For information on Bosses, see the end of level walkthrough that 
that Boss is in.  

Blue Ninja: 100 Points
This is your basic ninja, blue, slow, and dumb.  You can take him down 
easily in one hit.  Don't expect too much from these clowns, but they 
can gang up on you easily, so be careful.

Gray Ninja: 200 Points
These nasty fellows like to throw either spinning blades or handfuls of 
tacks at you.  You can block their attacks by punching the objects as 
they come flying towards you.  You can also kick the tacks that lie on 
the ground.  The ninjas themselves take two hits to kill.

Red Ninja: 400 Points
The Red Ninjas are extremely important because they will leave an item 
behind after being killed.  Red Ninjas will usually run on to the 
screen, attack you, then run away, so you'll need to be quick if you 
want to attack them and snatch their item.  They take two hits to kill.

Blue Swordsman: 700 Points
Watch out for these nasty fellows!  The blue swordsman will jump up 
high then thrust downward hoping to remove several bars of your life.  
The easiest way to kill them is to dodge their attack by walking 
backward as they jump, then punching the ninja before they swing their 
sword when they hit the ground.  Two hits will do it. 

Gray Swordsman: 700 Points
They're basically the same as the Blue Swordsman, except that these 
guys will make more of a scene by thrusting their sword down all the 
way.  Watch out for them in later levels.  It takes the usual two hits 
to kill them, use the same technique described above.

Red Female Ninja: 400 Points
These nasty ladies are no big deal.  They walk up to you slowly with 
the intention of throwing a few puny punches or kicks your way, but one 
simple punch will put them down.  The only reason these gals exist is 
for a few easy points.

Blue Female Ninja: 400 Points
Same as above.

Little Blue Ninja: 300 Points
This short little fellow will slowly creep towards you and deliver a 
few kicks or punches.  Just duck down and kick him once to get him out 
of your hair.  Another easy enemy.

Little Gray Ninja: 300 Points
Exactly the same as the little blue ninja, but this guy will do a 
couple of flips around your head, making him a little harder to hit if 
you're not ready for him.

Flaming Orange Ninja: 1,000 Points
These mysterious individuals will see you, spontaneously burst into 
flame, then proceed to run towards you at full speed.  You can't kill 
these guys with your fists alone, so if you see one coming, do a high 
jump straight into the air as they run under you.  But if you have a 
weapon, duck down and start swinging it as the ninja charges straight 
into you and ends up getting killed.  I'm sure you could use the 

Dogs: 200 Points
Technically not a ninja, but are in this section anyway.  These vicious 
canines will stand in one place, then suddenly run after you if you get 
too close.  Dogs are tough to kill without a weapon, so I try to avoid 
them by jumping up to either a higher or lower level to get them to run 
away.  If you do get too close however, duck down and start swinging 
your fists, taking small steps closer until the dog attacks you, 
getting itself killed in the process.  

Part II: The Walkthrough

In writing these walkthroughs, I've tried to give some basic 
information that should make the level a little easier for you.  I 
haven't gone into large detail because, well, I really didn't think it 
was that necessary.  


Stage 1: The City

Items to find: Clock, Cola

Notes: Try to stay on the upper fence through most of the level, but 
you should jump down to the ground if too many enemies are closing in 
on you.  Also, watch out for the Swordsmen later in the level, and try 
to save your energy for the Boss.


In the beginning of the level, several blue and gray ninjas will come 
running at you from either side.  Take care of them with a few regular 
punches, and watch out for any tacks that the gray ninjas will throw on 
to the ground.  

You should also encounter a red ninja here who will drop a clock if you 
kill him.  Grab the clock (if you desperately need the extra time) then 
fight off more gray and blue ninjas that should be attacking you.  If 
you have some seconds to spare, try charging up a Flaming Punch, then 
using it to knock out several enemies at once.

About halfway through the level you should see a large blue truck with 
the word "Dudes" written on it.  The doors will open, and three blue 
ninjas will jump out, then three more after them.  Punch or kick each 
of them one at a time, then head onward.  Right after you pass the 
truck, a very important red ninja should pass by.  Kill him and grab 
the Cola that he drops.

After the second red ninja, there are more gray and blue ninjas to 
come.  Take care of them the same way as before, then watch out for the 
Blue Swordsman that follows them.  These guys will jump up and swing 
their swords at you, taking away a large chunk of your life.  When they 
jump up, move backward to dodge their attacks, then punch them back.

After several more enemies, you should reach the boss.


The boss of this level is Karnov, the Turkish circus performer who 
breathes fire.  You might also remember him as later starring in his 
own game by Data East.

If you know what to do, this guy is actually pretty easy.  This sumo 
wrestler type fellow will follow you around and periodically attack 
with punches or breath fire on you.

To take him down easily, dodge his attack, then punch him back 
immediately.  Then, quickly dodge back right after you punch him.  
Repeat this tactic over and over again, and you should be able to 
defeat him.

And oh yes, one more tip.  Should Karnov have you backed into a corner, 
jump down (or up) to a different level, then punch him as soon as he 
follows you.  Or, run backwards as a means of escape.

Using Flaming Punches also works well against Karnov.  One hit will 
usually knock him back more than a regular punch, which should give you 
a little more breathing room to spare.


Stage 2: The Truck

Items to find: Numchuks, Cola, Dagger

Notes: Be especially careful that you don't slip between the gap in the 
middle of the two trailers.  If you do, not only will you lose a lot of 
life, but it's very difficult to jump back on to the truck again.


You suddenly find yourself on the back of a large truck traveling at 
high speeds out of the city.  A large group of blue and gray ninjas 
will rush to attack you suddenly from either side, so be on your guard.

A short while later, a red ninja should appear who will drop a very 
valuable set of numchuks if you defeat him.  Grab the weapon and use it 
on the enemies.  Remember that if you duck down, you can swing your 
weapon faster than you usually can.

As the level automatically scrolls right, it should eventually come 
time for you to leap over the gap in between the two sections of the 
truck.  Before doing so, watch for ninjas on either side, then do a 
high jump (Up+B) when the coast is clear.  You should make the jump 
over the gap when it reaches the point right in the middle of the 

Soon afterward, another red ninja should come, and grab the Cola that 
he drops.  In addition to the regular ninjas in this part of the level, 
there are also a swordsman lurking about.  When the swordsman jumps up, 
dodge to the side then hit him with your weapon as he hits the ground.

After more fights, a final red ninja should come that will drop a 
dagger.  If you still have your numchuks, do NOT pick up the dagger.  
Instead, save it in case you die.  I myself like the numchuks better 

You'll know that you've reached the end of the level when the truck 
stops.  Jump off and head to the right, attacking any ninjas that 
follow you.  Then you have to fight the boss...


The boss in this level is a little tricky, but you should be able to 
beat him easily if you have plenty of life.  The boss is a short ninja 
with spiky nails who scampers around on his hands and knees.

To defeat him, duck down in one spot and either punch or swing your 
weapon frantically.  Then, inch a little closer to him.  As he runs 
around, you should be able to get a few hits off him.

If he ever stands still and raises one arm, run to the other end of the 
screen and wait, because you can't hit him while he's like this, and he 
can suddenly move and attack you without warning.

If all goes well, you should be able to beat this guy and continue on 


Stage 3: The Sewer

Items to find: Dagger, Cola, Dagger

Notes: Watch out for the gaps in the lower part of the floor.  The 
farther you go, the more frequent these gaps will be.  Avoid them using 
high jumps, or stay on the upper portion of the level, which is what I 
usually do.


As always, the level begins with a small hoard of blue and gray ninjas 
attacking you from either side.  Get rid of them, and a few more ninjas 
along the way, until you encounter a red ninja who drops a dagger.  
Pick it up if you don't already have a weapon.  

As you progress further, some swordsmen will appear.  If you can, get 
down to the lower level to fight them, since you can see them better as 
they leap down on you when you are below.

Also, some gaps will begin to appear in the lower level.  Jump over 
them, or you'll fall into the sewer and lose some life.  As you move 
along, there should also be a red ninja that drops a Cola around.

Continuing on, there are more ninjas and a few more swordsmen.  There 
is one particularly nasty point in the level when you will be forced to 
cross on some small platforms, and ninjas are coming at you from both 
sides at the same time.  When this happens, you need to kill all the 
ninjas on the screen as fast as you can, then jump across the platforms 
as quickly as possible before the next bunch moves in.

You'll know that you've reached the end when you get to a red ninja 
that drops another dagger.  That dagger (or the numchuks, if you still 
have them from the previous level) are necessary to defeat this next 


A normal looking green ninja who magically splits into five ninjas, 
this guy is really hard if you don't have a weapon.  When he splits 
himself, the "real" ninja will hide in the corner, while the other four 
ninjas will attack you two at a time.  The boss can only be damaged if 
the "real" ninja is hit.

As I said before, this boss is really easy if you have a weapon.  When 
the green ninjas come at you, duck down and swing your weapon like 
there's no tomorrow.  The ninjas should run into your swinging blade, 
recover, then attack you again getting themselves killed.  When all 
four ninjas are down, the leader will attack you.  Use the same 
technique on him, until he goes off and splits form again.  Repeat this 
process two or three more times until he's finished.

If you don't have a weapon however, you're in trouble.  When the groups 
of green ninjas come rushing at you, charge up a flaming punch and use 
it when they get close.  As they become stunned, punch or kick them 
again to defeat them.  Repeat this process with the next group of two 
ninjas, then use whatever attacks you can on the final green ninja.


Stage 4: The Forest

Items to find: Dagger

Notes: This level is difficult simply because of the lack of Cola to 
recover your health.  Because of this, getting and saving your weapon 
is extremely important for success.


You start off on the top of a cliff in the middle of the forest path.  
In the beginning, some blue and gray ninjas will rush to attack you.  
Stay on the upper level as you fight them.  I say this because there is 
a dog on the bottom that you will want to avoid.  

After more ninja battles, things level out, but there is an orange 
ninja waiting to burst into flame and run at you a little ways away.  
If you have a weapon, kneel down and swing it as fast as you can.  If 
you don't have one, get ready to High Jump as soon as he runs at you.

After the orange ninja are more groups of enemies, plus two gray 
swordsmen.  After you defeat them, the screen will scroll down and you 
can continue onward.

On this bottom level there are a lot more enemies, but nothing really 
difficult.  Try to stay on the top cliff once again, because it will 
allow you to avoid a few of the wandering ninjas.  There is also a 
second orange ninja here, but he just runs away in the opposite 
direction.  You've almost reached the second drop down point when you 
meet a red ninja who drops a dagger, which you should definitely pick 
up if you've lost your previous weapon.

The end of the level should be pretty easy, especially if you grabbed 
that dagger.  Just kneel and swing the weapon wildly at those enemies, 
and should be fine.  Then, it's time for the Boss...


If you know what to do, this boss is actually ridiculously easy, with 
or without a weapon.  He follows a predictable pattern of attacking, 
pausing, moving forward, then attacking again.

To defeat him, simply attack him with your weapon immediately after he 
punches at you, then move to the left to dodge his next attack.  That 
fancy kick thing he does may seem scary, but it's just as easy to dodge 
as a regular attack.  If you don't have a weapon to use, throw flaming 
punches instead, they work just as well.


Stage 5: The Train

Items to find: Numchuks, Cola, Clock

Notes: This is arguably the hardest level in the game because of its 
length, the amount of enemies, and the lack of weapons and health.  The 
fact that you're very high in the air on a moving train, and you'll die 
if you fall off doesn't make things any easier.  Hopefully, you have a 
weapon left over from the previous level, because it helps 
tremendously.  Also, don't forget to use high jumps when leaping over 
the gaps between the train cars.


As soon as you start off, hoards of ninjas will be rushing at you.  In 
this level especially, the ninjas like to attack you in large groups, 
coming from all sides, so be prepared.

As soon as you jump over to the next car a ninja swordsmen will attack 
you.  Because you're higher off the ground, it is impossible to see 
where he is in the air when he leaps, so be extra careful when fighting 
these guys.

On the third train car, a flaming orange ninja will run at you suddenly 
from the left.  Use the same method to defeat or avoid him that you did 
in the previous level.  Watch out, because a few seconds after that, a 
second orange ninja will come at you from the right.

Next, a red ninja should appear who will drop some numchuks.  This 
comes at an almost perfect time, because on the next car is a mini-
boss; your old friend the fire breather from the first stage.  He's 
even easier to defeat using the numchuks.  Simply attack him, dodge 
back to the right, then attack again.  It only takes a few hits to 
defeat him.

From there, the rest of the level just seems to continue onward in a 
never-ending cavalcade of ninjas and swordsmen.  Be on the lookout for 
the next red ninja, for he drops a much needed Cola.  I almost always 
die somewhere around this point, losing whatever weapon I have and 
returning to bare fists, which makes things even more difficult, 

The final train car is blue with a metallic top.  You'll know that 
you've gotten there when you meet the final red ninja, who ends up 
dropping a useless clock.  From there, we move on to...

The Boss:

This huge guy likes to jump around and swing his large chain mace, 
which hits either high (so that you can duck under it) or low (so that 
you have to move back and dodge).

The only real way to beat this guy is by madly jumping around trying to 
avoid his attacks.  Defense is very important, because that chain mace 
takes out a large chunk or your life.  If you can manage to stay in one 
place for long enough, charge up a flaming punch and release it when he 
gets close to you.  You could also try ducking down as he swings and 
hitting his lower section, then dodging backward.

Whichever method you choose, pray that your life holds out until you 
can defeat him, and prepare to enter...


Stage 6: The Cave

Items to find: Numchuks, Cola, Dagger, Dagger, Cola

Notes: This level is made much easier by the fact that there are plenty 
of items for you to pick up, and the two Colas are placed at really 
useful locations.  Don't let your guard down however, especially in the 
beginning of the level before you pick up the numchuks.


As you drop down into the cave, be prepared to fight off the usual 
round of blue and gray ninjas, as well as a few swordsmen and some dogs 
that hang out on the bottom level.  I usually try to avoid the dogs, 

Also, watch out for the stone structures on the cave ceiling.  The ones 
that stand out will fall when you get close to them, so keep an eye 
out.  Don't worry, they're really easy to spot.

Right after the floor levels out, there is a little red ninja who will 
drop some numchuks.  This simple weapon should make the rest of the 
level a breeze, but if you do mess up, there are two other daggers that 
you can pick up along the way.  

I really don't expect that you will have any major problems with this 
level, just duck down and use your weapon on those pesky ninjas.  There 
is also a Cola to be found, which will help you a great deal.  

Towards the end of the level there are a few shallow pits with spikes 
in them.  Use high jumps to make it over these safely.  The final pit 
also has a stone spike hanging from the ceiling, just waiting to fall 
as soon as you jump across.  The only way to avoid this trap safely is 
to high jump into the air to get the spike to fall, then falling back 
the way you came as it plummets to the ground.

Right after that is the final red ninja who will drop a much needed 
Cola.  That should give you the extra life power you need to defeat the 


This boss is not really that difficult, but he is very tricky.  He runs 
and jumps around the room, jabbing his pointed stick in different 
directions, and you'll have to watch out for him.

If you have a weapon, I find it easiest to go over to the right side of 
the room and jump on to the ledge.  When the boss follows you, hit him, 
then jump down.  When he follows, hit him again, and jump back up.  
Repeat this process, and with some luck, you should be able to defeat 

If you don't have a weapon however, don't worry!  There is an even 
easier way to beat this guy, although it does involve a little luck.  

When the boss is jumping around like crazy trying to stab you, follow 
him around and try to get him to turn his back to you.  When he does, 
punch him immediately and he should be stunned for a split second.  
Punch him again and again, and incredibly, he won't be able to fight 
back.  Enough of this harsh treatment should be enough to put him out 
of the game.


Stage 7: The Hideout

Items to find: A Dagger, and possibly some numchuks

Notes: The last level is not without it's share of difficulty.  The 
ninjas are flying at you more relentlessly than ever before, and a 
seemingly endless array of gray swordsmen doesn't help much either.  
Try and hold on to your weapons as long as you can, because you're 
really going to need them, especially for the final battles!


As soon as you start off, a huge squad of ninjas will be attacking you 
from either direction.  Do your best to fend them off, preferably with 
a flaming punch or two.  After the initial chaos, there should be a red 
ninja that drops a dagger that comes in very handy.

That dagger should help you defeat the gray swordsman who attacks you 
next, dropping him in one hit.  Immediately after, the floor drops down 
and you can move on.

There are several blue ninjas who will slide down poles and come at you 
three at a time right here.  Regardless of how menacing they may look, 
it's really quite easy to get past them, just one simple toss of your 

As you continue on, you will meet a few more weaker ninjas, but nothing 
too difficult.  That is, until you get to the edge of the screen, where 
three gray swordsmen in a row are waiting for you.  Hope you still have 
that dagger...

As you drop down, yet another group of ninjas on poles are waiting for 
you.  Once past them, there is a large structure forming a second floor 
and several walls for you to navigate around.  Jump on top of it, and 
attack any ninjas that follow you.  If you plot your way carefully, you 
can avoid the orange ninja and the swordsmen that are waiting for you 
here, which helps out a lot.

After passing this point, there are a few more ninjas.  In addition to 
them is that blue fire-breathing boss from the first stage.  He's not 
very hard, just use your dagger or flaming punches, then dodge his 

Now is the time when you will match wits with all of the bosses that 
you have already defeated.  For information on any of the Bosses listed 
in this section, consult the Boss section of the level in which that 
boss is located

Suddenly, without warning, an elevator will drop down, and out pops 
that huge boss from stage four!  Don't worry, he's even easier than 
before because of his reduced health.  Like before, just use your 
weapon or flaming punch, then dodge his attack.

After defeating him, you will automatically jump inside the elevator, 
as you move up to the second floor, which also completely refills your 
life!  The downside is however, there are more bosses yet to be 

The first boss you meet up with is that little ninja from stage two.  
Exactly as before, duck down and punch frantically as you get close to 

Moving on, you'll encounter the evil green ninja from stage three.  As 
he splits form, just use a flaming punch and a few more regular punches 
on the groups that he sends out then go for the ringleader.  Luckily, 
he should only change form about two times before you can finish him.

Next up is that mace swinging boss from stage five.  Be sure to dodge 
his attacks, and then hit him whenever you can.  Thank your lucky stars 
that he takes fewer hits to defeat this time!

Finally, it's none other than that quick shooting swordsman from stage 
six.  Since you will almost definitely be without a weapon by now, try 
to get behind this guy and stun him so that you can hit him multiple 

After all of those long and difficult battles, it's time for the final 
confrontation, the moment of truth, the.....


The Dragon Clan leader is attempting to escape in a helicopter!  As you 
emerge on to the scene, he'll jump on to the landing gear and the 
helicopter will start to fly away.

To defeat the leader, do a high jump on to the helicopter, then get 
ready to start punching madly.  The leader will fight you off with the 
occasional jab of his sharp claw.  Try to avoid this if possible.

Although you can't knock the leader off of the helicopter (that I know 
of) you can drain out his life.  Simply punch him as fast and as 
furiously as you can.  Nothing fancy here, just regular punches.  If 
you should fall off the helicopter, jump right back on and start 
punching some more.

If you can last long enough (hopefully you have at least one life to 
spare) the leader will eventually be crushed.  And not a moment too 
soon, might I add.

Congratulations, you've just rescued the president and beaten the game!  
Enjoy the ending!

Part III: The Rest

Tricks, Game Genie Codes, and a whole loads of Frequently Asked 
Questions.  Yep, they're all here.


1. Tricks & Codes

Both of the following were taken from Gamesages and proper credit has 
been given.

The Extra Lives Code

To gain 63 extra lives, plug a second controller into your NES.  Now, 
go into the title screen.  On that second controller, press B, A, Down, 
Up, Down Up.  Then, press Start on Controller 1.  Have fun.

-Submitted to Gamesages by <cyke27@aol.com>

Faster Fire Punch

This dirty trick is surprisingly simple.  Press and hold A to charge a 
flaming punch, then press Start to pause the game.  Continue holding A 
for several seconds, then unpause the game.  You should now have a 
flaming punch fully charged up without having to wait!

-Submitted to Gamesages by Kyle Brochu


2. Game Genie Codes

Here they are, the usual bunch of Game Genie Codes.  I especially liked 
the cheat to become invincible myself.  Or, if you've mastered the 
game, try beating it with one life and one continue!

SZNKASVK        Infinite lives 
GXOKASVK        Infinite continues
PENXYZLA        Start with 1 life and 1 continue
TENXYZLA        Start with double lives and continues 
PENXYZLE        Start with triple lives and continues
PESAIYIE        Gain double usual energy from drinks
APEETPEY        Become completely invincible!


3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the biggest tip you can give me to help me beat the game?
A: Well, that's a good question.  The trick that's helped me the most 
is kneeling and swinging quickly when you have a weapon.  If it wasn't 
for that little move, I would have never beaten the game, and you 
wouldn't be reading this FAQ right now.

Q: Is there an easier way to earn extra lives?
A: Nope, you can only gain extra lives by beating levels, one life 
after each level.

Q: How do I skip that annoying screen telling me that the President has 
been kidnapped?!
A: Simply press the Select button.

Q: Do you have infinite continues?
A: No, you only have three continues in the game.  Use them wisely.

Q: How to I defeat those ninjas with the swords?!
A: It's kind of simple really.  Just wait for them to jump high in the 
air, then move over a bit to your left or right.  When the ninja lands, 
punch him or use your weapon.  Then, simply repeat the process.

Q: What's the deal with the final boss?  He looks so...strange.
A: Don't ask me.  Probably a bad make-up job.

Q: What's the point of those clocks?
A: The clocks give you five seconds of extra time.  But, since time is 
extremely plentiful in this game, there's no need for them at all, 
really.  So feel free to ignore them if you like.

Q: What's the ending of the game like?
A: I'm not listing it in this FAQ, but if you really want to know just 
e-mail me.  It's pretty funny, in a lame sort of way.

Q: What's the deal with that strange noise at the end of every level?
A: Oh, that.  It's just the sound of the dude yelling "I'm Bad!" out of 
your NES.  I actually find it quite funny.

Q: Are the items that the red ninjas drop randomized?
A: That's an excellent question.  I've found that most every time I 
play the game, the items dropped are the same, except for stages 4 and 
7.  In stage 4, I once found a Cola that an enemy dropped.  In stage 7 
I have gotten numchuks or a Cola later in the stage on several 
occasions.  This was just an odd feature of the game that I discovered 
when writing down items.

Q: How do I kill those orange ninjas?
A: You can't kill them with your bare hands, you need a weapon.  To do 
so, kneel down and swing your weapon wildly as the ninja bursts into 
flame and runs towards you.  With any luck, you should hit him.  If you 
don't have a weapon, get ready to do a high jump as the orange ninja 
runs toward you.

Q: Is there any difference between Blade and Striker, besides the 
different tints in their color?
A: No, not that I know of.

Q: Is there a simultaneous two-player mode?
A: Unfortunately no, that would have made the game a lot more fun.  If 
you want to play with two people you have to take turns.

Q: Why don't most of your level walkthroughs go into further detail?
A: Honestly, I felt that it wasn't really needed.  Besides, would you 
really use an enemy by enemy listing of the entire game?

Q: What's this Flaming Punch that you're always talking about?
A: To do it, hold the A button.  After a few seconds, you'll start 
flashing.  Release A on the closest enemy, and you'll unleash a much 
more powerful punch.  This is especially useful when dealing with some 
of the bosses.

Q: Do you have any random, seemingly useless but interesting 
information to tell me?
A: Yes.  In Robobcop 2, in the scene at the arcade, you can see the Bad 
Dudes arcade game in the foreground.  Just something interesting I 
wanted to add.

Q: Hey, that Level 1 Boss looks familiar.  Who is he?
A: That boss is in fact Karnov, who went on to later star as a hero in 
his own game by Data East.  For those of you who know of the game 
Karnov (I didn't until someone e-mailed me) you'll know that he also 
breathes fire in that game as well.  It doesn't, however, explain why 
he's attacking you now in a city while working for a gang of evil 
ninjas.  Go figure.


4. Acknowledgements

First off, the biggest word of thanks goes to the folks at Data East 
for making the Bad Dudes arcade game and it's NES counterpart.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ on their website.

I would also like to give a hearty round of applause to my trusty NES, 
and all of the fun that it's given me.

Special thanks to K. Clark <black_0mega@hotmail.com> and Adam 
Lamontagne <adamlamontagne@hotmail.com> for giving me the bit of 
information about Karnov.  Who, coincidentally, both e-mailed me with 
the exact same day.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Gamesages and it's contributors for the codes 
and tricks.

Thanks to the Unofficial World of Nintendo for the Game Genie Codes!

Finally, a sincere thanks to my good friend Michael Rushia (who ends up 
getting thanked in most of my FAQs for one reason or another) for 
selling me his copy of Bad Dudes in the first place.

Thanks a lot everybody!


5. Copyright Info

This Bad Dudes FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright 2001 by Ian Rogers

This FAQ may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission 
of the author.  Altering this FAQ in any manner whatsoever is also 
prohibited.  Anyone wishing to post this FAQ on any website other than 
GameFAQs must have my written permission first.  This FAQ may NOT be 
translated into HTML under any circumstances.  This FAQ may not be used 
as a means of profit for anyone other than the author.

Well, I guess that's the end of that.  Hope you enjoyed my Bad Dudes 
FAQ, as hard as that may have been for you, heh heh.  

And once again, feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, or 
information you may have on this game.  I'll be waiting to hear from 

And with that in mind I bid you farewell, leaving behind two final 
words to my readers:

I'm Bad!