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   ____             _               ____  _ _ _       _____     _      _    
  | __ )  __ _ _ __| | _____ _ __  | __ )(_) | |___  |_   _| __(_) ___| | __
  |  _ \ / _` | '__| |/ / _ \ '__| |  _ \| | | / __|   | || '__| |/ __| |/ /
  | |_) | (_| | |  |   <  __/ |    | |_) | | | \__ \   | || |  | | (__|   < 
  |____/ \__,_|_|  |_|\_\___|_|    |____/|_|_|_|___/   |_||_|  |_|\___|_|\_\
                  ____  _                 _   _             
                 / ___|| |__   ___   ___ | |_(_)_ __   __ _ 
                 \___ \| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \| __| | '_ \ / _` |
                  ___) | | | | (_) | (_) | |_| | | | | (_| |
                 |____/|_| |_|\___/ \___/ \__|_|_| |_|\__, |
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Table of Contents
1. - Introduction
2. - Walkthrough
3. - Disclaimer
1. - Introduction
Welcome to Barker Bill's Trick Shooting! That's right, the game that shows off 
your shooting abilities! That really is the only point of this game. You could 
play with multiple people as a party game or alone to rack up your own personal 
high score.
The controller is only used in the main menu. Select will switch between game 
modes and the start button will choose the game mode. You could also pull the 
trigger when your desired game mode is highlighted. There are a total of four 
game modes for your own entertainment!
2. - Walkthrough
There are only four different game modes in this rather quick and simple game. 
You will need a light gun to play it or an emulator that features a light gun 
mode. Select whatever mode you would like and start shooting!
Let's start off with a quick description of the HUd. The bottom left will be 
your score. To the right of that will be what round you are in and how many 
lives you have. To the right of that wil be how many shots you have. In the 
bottom right will be the top score.
Note - Diamonds count as extra lives when hit,
                                Balloon Saloon
The game mode, Balloon Saloon, will begin with a panel of bunnies holding 
balloons and a dog standing behind the panel. The dog will say "Ready!" and 
that will be your time to shine. You have three shots for each balloon. That 
means if you miss three times, you lose a life. Also if a balloon flies off the 
screen, you lose a life.
More balloons will float up the further you progress. For example, you will 
start with two balloons floating up at once. Afterwards it will increase to 
three at a time and then it will go up to four at a time. It will never surpass 
four balloons at once. There will also be an increase of total balloons per 
After the first two rounds, the dog will start appearing on the screen at 
random times. I know it's very tempting to shoot the dog but you shouldn't. If 
you do hit it, you will lose a life. 
   - One Balloon   - 100 points
   - Every Balloon - 5000 points
                                Flying Saucers
This game mode will begin with a man and his assistant walking onto a stage. 
They will both throw a saucer into the air and they will then drop, that's 
right, gravity plays a role in this game. All you have to do is hit them before 
they hit the ground. As you progress further into this game mode, the saucers 
will drop quicker and you will see more of them. You will also see a bird fly 
by every now and then, don't shoot it or you will lose a life. There's not much 
to this game.
   - One Plate   - 100-500 points
          -The points for one plate depends on the height of the plate when you
           shoot it. The lower it is, the more points it will be.
   - Two Plates  - 1000 points
   - Every Plate - 5000 points
                                 Window Pains
This game mode is also very simple, just like the others, how surprising! You 
will see some windows and then a lot of open spaces where it appears as if 
windows should be there. The number of windows will decrease through the rounds 
and the number of falling objects will increase. The hat is the only notable 
object in the game, it will stop in the middle window pain and then drop again. 
The rest just drop at a steady rate. After a few levels, two objects will fall 
at once.
   - One Hit   - 100-500 points
          -The points for one item depends on the height of the item you hit. 
           If it's in the first pain, you will get 100 points, second pain is
           200 points, and so on.
   - Every Hit - 5000 points
                                  Fun Follies
This mode will be a mixture of the previous three. However, there are some 
added bonus modes. You are given a slot machine every few rounds for a chance 
at some extra lives. 
In the fourth round you will play a new mode called Trixie's Shot. A woman will 
dance and hold coins. You just need to shoot the coins that she throws to 
finish this. Again, avoid the bird. Points are simple for this mode too.
   - One Coin   - 100-500 points
          -The points for one shot depends on the how long it takes you to 
           shoot it, so think fast!
   - Every Coin - 5000 points
In the ninth round, you will enter another new mode called Bill's Thrills. The 
man will throw some items at the woman's head and you will need to hit them. 
Just like the other rounds, avoid the bird to save your lives. The points 
system for this mode is the same as the others. 
That's really all there is to this simple and basic game. It's not even worth a 
FAQ or anything but I wrote it anyways. I hope you enjoy this game because it 
is a good time killer. 
3. - Disclaimer
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted  2007 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
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