FAQ/Walkthrough by CtrlAltDestroy2

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/10/04 | Printable Version

BOULDERDASH                                                             v1.01
Gameplay Guide                                              by CtrlAltDestroy

v1.00 -1/9/04  (Origional Release)
v1.01 -1/10/04 +Added Passwords At-A-Glance
               +Made many clarifications
               +Fixed some incorrect information

   1. Introduction
   2. Rules of the game
   3. Quest 1
   4. Quest 2
   5. Quest 3
   6. Quest 4
   7. References
   8. Closing & Credits

_/ 1. Introduction \_________________________________________________________

Ahh, Bouderdash. What a great game. This was one of the games I grew up
with. I think I was playing this game as young as 7. I beat the first quest
and stopped playing for years and years, only to realize at the age of about
15 that there was more to the game. But anyway, It's a truly unique and
awesome game, and, in my book, it classifies as one of the best games ever.

I was browsing through the GameFAQs request list and spotted this game.
No doubt somebody has been waiting for very long for a guide for this game,
with nothing to go on but the map screenshots. Well, after many years, 
I decided to fire up my NES and write up a decent guide for the game.

Note that this game is very difficult to write a guide for, simply because
of how unique it is. What do you want me to do, give you the exact move
sequences to beat a level? I'm sorry, but I cannot do that. But I can
give you the basic strategies and tips for beating each level, and that
should help greatly. But understand, you still need some common sense.

Onward to my 2nd FAQ and my first General Walkthrough! Enjoy the game, 
and have fun!

_/ 2. Rules of the Game \____________________________________________________

I don't have the Boulderdash manual with me because I lost it years and years
ago. But the storyline goes something like this: Your name is Rockford. Your
father, Stoneford, gave you a treasure map to caves full of diamonds. So
go get rich!

...Unfortunately, that's about it when it comes to the storyline. But the
gameplay needs no storyline.

This game is made of 4 quests. Each quest has 6 worlds. Each world has 4
levels. That makes a total of 24 worlds and 96 levels. (wow!)

Each world takes place on a continent on the world map. You can choose to
do the 4 levels in a world in whatever order you want. If you beat a level,
the diamond on the world map screen will disappear and you won't be able
to play that level anymore. If you beat all 4 levels, you move on to the
next world. If you lose all of your lives, all of the diamonds will re-
appear and you will need to replay any levels you might have beaten. You will
also be given a 6-digit password which you may use to continue from that 
world later if you choose to quit.

Now, How do you play the levels?

You are the little miner kid. You can choose the color of your character in
the opening screen by hitting the arrow keys. The color of your suit is
just for looks, it doesn't affect the way your character performs. I like
Red best, although sometimes I'll choose white, black, or blue. The default
color is orange, and I really don't like orange so I change it all the time.

Anyway. The levels. You are the little miner kid dressed in whatever color
you chose. You can move using the control pad. You can push stuff using
A, and you can commit suicide by holding down A+B. (Suicide helps when you
get trapped and you don't want to wait for the timer to run out.) Oh, and
you can pause with Start. Those are the controls.

Not very many controls eh? Well, let me tell you how the levels work.

In each level, there are 6 types of tiles.
1. Empty Space
2. Wall
3. Dirt
4. Rock
5. Diamond
6. Bug

For this guide, I will use symbols to draw pictures of certain things.

O Rock
= Wall
< Diamond
# Dirt
@ Bug
Y You

1. Empty space: Duh. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Things can pass through
an empty space freely. 

2. Wall: Also self-explanatory. However, many walls in this game can be
destroyed. More on this later.

3. Dirt: A dirt square is an impenetrable square which nothing can pass
through... nothing except for you. All you have to do is move into a dirt
square and it will turn into an empty space forever. But nothing else
except for amebas and explosions have the power to get rid of dirt squares.
They look different in each world.

4. Rock: These are falling objects. If there is nothing below them, they will
fall. They will come to a stop if they hit a wall, dirt, or a diamond.
They will kill any living thing as they fall. That means you! Don't get
crushed by falling rocks. They also look different in each world.

There are some more strange properties of these things. Rocks will fall
until they land on something. But suppose a rock landed on top of another
rock. What would happen? 

 O   ROCK 2
 O   ROCK 1
==== FLOOR

The stack has become top-heavy and will fall. The
top rock will choose to either topple left or right. So you end up with:

OO                OO
====    -OR-     ==== 

Please be careful of this. The top rock can fall off and crush you when
it topples. Always be on the lookout for these stack-up situations.
Mostly, you don't really need to worry about your player getting
crushed by toppling rocks unless there are 3 or more rocks
on the pile. For example:
===     <-- This stack will not fall onto you.

===     <-- This stack will.

Note: A rock on the edge of a wall will fall off the wall.

    O                      /\
    ========   ---->       |========
                           |          The rock falls.

However, a rock on the edge of a dirt will not fall.

    O        <---- Rock stays put.

You can push rocks around. If you stand to the right or the left
of a rock and you hold down A and walk in the direction of a rock, and there
is room on the other side of the rock, the rock will move over 1 space.

      OY <---- push Left + A and this will happen:   O Y
     ###                                             ###

If you do NOT Hold A down, you will still push the rock, but you will walk
into the space the rock moved from. So:

      OY <---- push Left and this will happen:       OY
     ###                                             ###

Pushing rocks is useful for getting them out of your way, or crushing bugs.

That's about it for Rocks right now. What are rocks useful for, you ask?
Well, they are barriers... and they are also weapons. I'll get to this more
in the Bug description.

5. Diamond: Diamonds have the EXACT SAME PROPERTIES as rocks with 1
exception: you can pick them up. So, Diamonds will fall like rocks, topple
like rocks, and even kill things (like YOU) like rocks, but you can
pick them up. If you walk into one, the diamond is yours and you walk into
the space where the diamond was. If you hold down A and walk into a diamond
(similar to pushing rocks), you will pick up the diamond without moving.
I refer to this trick as A-grabbing.

6. Bugs. Ugh. Little meanies. Bugs are dangerous. They will cling to walls,
diamonds, dirt, and rocks, and move around them in a clockwise or
counterclockwise direction (depending on the bug). If you touch a bug, you

Stay far away from bugs. Even if you're right next to a bug, you'll still

Sometimes bugs will glitch and forget what wall they're following. When
this happens, they will simply spin around in a loop of 4 squares. You can
break the loop and get them back on track by moving something, like a rock,
into one of the 4 squares. More on this later.

But wait. Bugs aren't all bad. There are 2 types of bugs: Normal and Diamond

If you manage to drop a rock onto a diamond bug, he'll die PLUS he'll sprout
9 diamonds which you are free to pick up! However, if you manage to drop
a rock onto a normal bug, there will be a 9-square explosion and you may
get bonus points (the higher level, the more points.)

The thing with these bugs is: If any wall gets trapped within the 9-square
explosion (diamonds or no diamonds), it will disappear! 
(Except if it's the EXIT square, or if it's a level boundary wall) Most of 
the levels in this game require you to knock out walls like this in order 
to get to the exit or to pick up extra diamonds. Also, many levels require
you to obtain diamonds by killing diamond bugs, so get used to dropping
rocks on these things!

Note that dirt, diamonds, other bugs, and other rocks will disappear when
caught in the explosion. Be careful that you don't destroy something you

Now, then, how do you beat a level? Very simply: You are presented with a
level, a time limit, and a diamond amount. Your goal is to pick up the
required number of diamonds, then enter the EXIT square, all without getting
killed or trapped, or letting the time run out. IF you do this all correctly,
the level will be clear.

The exit square is a special square hidden somewhere in the level. It will
look like an animated box once you have fulfilled your diamond quota. Just
step into it to beat the level. You will be given bonus points depending on
how much time you had left, and the word GOOD, NICE, or LUCKY will appear
(also depending on how much time you had left.)

If you get all the diamonds you need and the exit appears, don't hesitate
to get more diamonds or kill more bugs before you exit! Doing so will give
you more points, and more points means EXTRA LIVES!!! Whenever you see the
word 1UP fall out of your character, jump for joy! Extra lives come when your
score hits multiples of 2000, I believe. But the maximum amount
of lives you can have is 9. Diamonds are worth different amounts of points
on each level, and extra diamonds past your quota are worth even more!

Now there are special objects in this game such as Amebas and Magic walls,
but I'll get to them when the time comes. 

That's how you play. Here's the step-by-step guide for each level.

_/ 3. Quest 1  \_____________________________________________________________

                        ===||BOULDER WORLD||===

Welcome to Boulder world. This is the first world of the game, meant to show
you how to play. Unfortunately, you have to practice some tough tricks here.
But then again, the entire game is filled with tough tricks. Be warned, you
will need to run through gauntlets of potential avalanches and even kill
some diamond enemies. So go ahead and relax and begin this awesome game!
Here's an overview of what will be expected of you in this world:

Level 1: Collecting Diamonds and dodging rocks
Level 2: Pushing rocks
Level 3: Collecting more diamonds and dodging more rocks
Level 4: Killing bugs for diamonds

PASSWORD: Any invalid password

+++World 1-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Basic level layout:

| S                   |
|                     |
|--------------       |
|                     |
|                     |
|    -----------------|
|                     |

This is just about the only self-explanatory level in the entire game.
When you start out, go up and run to the right and grab the diamond. If
you're scared of getting killed by the rocks, go slowly and think to yourself
"will this next move get me crushed?" 

This level completed on a demo, so feel free to watch the demo to see
several of the basic tricks used here. When you come to the first major
blockage as you're going right, use the trick that the demo uses. Go under
the top rock, then go right. Then go up and left. The top of the pile will
collapse and the diamond is yours.

1.      2.      3.      4.      5.
O#O#    O#O#     #O#     YO#    Y  #
##O<    Y#O<    OYO<    O O<    OOO<
#O#O    #O#O    #O#O    #O#O    #O#O
##O#    ##O#    ##O#    ##O#    ##O#

Continue to go through the level, collecting as many diamonds as you want.
You have enough time. Be careful so you don't get crushed by the rocks if
you're still getting used to gameplay. The important thing to remember
for now, if you're worried about getting crushed, is not to run down
if you're standing right under a rock.

After you've gotten your diamonds, proceed to the exit at your right.

+++World 1-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:

|   |   |    |   |   |
|                    |
|___|___|_  _|___|___|
|   |   |    |   |   |
|                    |
|___|___|_  _|___|___|
| @ |   |    |   |   |
|                    |

This level is shaped like a grid. The exit is right next to the beginning,
but of course you need 8 diamonds to open it.

We're getting a little more complex here with the rocks, and they even threw
in a bug in the bottom left cell just for fun. You can ignore it if you want,
but once you become more experienced then feel free to let it out and smash
it with a rock.

When the level begins, they'll be some falling rocks. Stay still until they
all settle. Grab the two diamonds hanging right above your head.
Then, go into the cells on your left for 3 free diamonds. Note
that, in order to get into the bottom left cell (the one with the bug),
you need to push the rock out of the way. Simply walk into it, or press
A+Left when you're next to it. Push the rock into the hole and collect the
two diamonds. 

Now go across the hall and grab the diamond in the cell to the right of
the starting point. Please do not go into the bottom right cell though,
because if you're inexperienced then you might get trapped. That is, if you
go over the 2 rocks at the entrance and then down into the cell, the top
rock will fall and block your exit. Besides, there is nothing in there.

Now we only need 2 more. Head up to the second row of cells, and enter the
first one on your right. A free diamond. The last diamonds are in the upper
cells, which you will need to push rocks out of the way to get to. Simply
push the rock 1 space to the right if you want to enter the top right
cells. There are 2 diamonds up there. If you want to get into the top
left cells, however, it's a bit more complicated. The rocks that block the
entrance look like this:

 =  #

What you want to do is remove the 2 pieces of dirt at the bottom of this
formation (Marked as Xs), like this:

 =  #

Be careful that you don't start at the top and go down, because the top
rock will topple and you'll get crushed. If you choose to do it this way,
simply move to the right quickly after doing so. I suggest starting at
the bottom and going up.

Two of the rocks will fall down, and you'll be left with a formation like

 =  #
O O 

Now You will need to remove the piece of dirt right under the boulder,
then step out of the way so it falls. Then the formation will look like

 =  #
O          <---Now simply push that rock to the left and you're in!
O=O            There are 2 diamonds in the top left cells.

Note that as we progress in the game, I'll expect you to figure out small
little things like that on your own. This game is all about looking carefully
at a situation and judging how to get by, what will kill you or trap you
and what will let you go free.

After you've gotten all the diamonds you want, go back to the bottom and
exit. Be warned that there is a boulder right above the exit and you might
get crushed if you're careless. If you want to avoid the risk altogether,
go down along the left side and step into the exit. If you're daring, go
underneath the boulder and run down :)

+++World 1-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
(it's kinda complex, so it's a very, very rough sketch.)
|                    |
|  S                 |
|   \     \    /  |  |
|    \     \  /    | |
|     \    \  |   || |
|      \   \  |  |  ||
|           \ |  |  ||
|                    |

Ok, things are starting to get really complex now. I feel bad making
a basic level layout, when it's more just like a big random room. But it'll
be up to you to know when you're going to get hit by a boulder now, to know
what you can and can't do.

Start off by grabbing the diamond on your left. Do not go straight left then
down, or risk being crushed. Instead go down, then left, then down again to
collect the diamond (unless you're fast...)

Now go diagonally downward to the right and you'll get 5 more diamonds.
When you hit the bottom, you'll see a passageway going back up diagonally
to the left that looks really dangerous. Go through it. Don't worry, if
you take careful steps and take your time you'll do fine. Collect any of the
4 diamonds you can, then go up and then right. There is another diamond
on your right along with what looks like an upside-down copy of the formation
you just ran through. Grab the diamond. 

You have 2 options from here. 
You can go down then right, or right then down. Right then down is a bit more
dangerous. Both ways will get you the rest of the diamonds. If you choose
to go down then right, and you choose to get the 2 diamonds underground on
the left, make sure you push all the threatening rocks out of the way
so you don't get trapped in there. If you go right then down, you'll have
to run down while rocks avalanche down on you. Of course, when you do the
other quests, I hope you'll be experienced enough to do both. In quest 4,
you will need to collect all of the diamonds in this level.

The exit is on the bottom right corner of the map.

+++World 1-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:
|                    |
| S                  |
|                    |
|                    |
|    @   @   @   @   |
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |

You might be kinda shocked when you first see this map. No Diamonds!

Well guess what. See those butterflies? They will give you the diamonds
you need. If you drop a rock on one, it will give you 9 diamonds. That
means you need to crush 2 of them. That's not hard, though, once I show you
how to do it.

All you need to do is push/guide a rock into this position:

 #@ #
 #  #

When you get a rock there, above the right side of the butterfly cage,
Go into position Y as shown in the next graph.

 #@ #
 #  #

Wait until the butterfly is at position @, then dash to the left across the
3 dirt squares. The rock will fall and hit the butterfly, and you'll be
rewarded with 9 diamonds. 

Do this with 1 of the other ones, or if you want, all of them. 

Don't worry
if you get killed or if you've messed up any of these levels in world 1,
because you're free to practice as much as you want. That's why it's a game!


Now you've traveled overseas to Asia. Waiting for you there is an icy cave
with new and more tricky puzzles. Here's new stuff you'll be learning:

Level 1: Dodging and tricking bugs
Level 2: Destroying bugs
Level 3: Working with Amebas
Level 4: Working with a Magic Wall

PASSWORD: 635870

+++World 2-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:
|S                   |
|                    |
|    @   @   @   @   |
|                    |
|                    |
|    @   @   @   @   |
|                    |
|                    |

Wow, you might think as the camera pans across this level. How am I going
to get those diamonds? Very carefully? Actually, no. I'll show you how to
get the diamonds and keep the bugs distracted very easily.

Basically there are 8 bug cages as shown in the map, each with a diamond
in it. They all look like this:

#@  #
#   #
# < #

The rest of the map is solid dirt.

Now to get those diamonds. start out by running the outline of a 7x7 square
around the bottom left cage. If you didn't catch what I mean, simply 
"draw" a box around the first bug cage so that the bug is still imprisoned
 by a 5x5 outline of a box of dirt. Next, go to position Y from underneath.

#   #
#   #
#@< #

Now hold down A and wait for the bug to go to position @. When it does so,
Hit Up on your control pad to A-grab the diamond, then quickly move down
one square and to the right 5 squares. The bug will still circle around
his cage and he won't bother you. Repeat the process 3 more times with the
remaining cages, then head to the exit at the bottom right.

Note that when you get to quests 2, 3, and 4, you need to collect more
than 4 diamonds and this method won't work. You need to use "Method X" for
the upper levels, which is a bit more complex so I'll cover it when we 
get there.

+++World 2-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:
|  @              @  |
|_____          _____|
|  @              @  |
|_____          _____|
|  @              @  |
|_____          _____|
|  @              @  |
|_____          _____|
|                    |

Although the idea in this level may look similar to 2-1, this time
you actually have to crush the bugs you let out of the cages. Fortunately
for you, there are a ton of rocks everywhere (they look like Mammoths in
this world.) All you need to do to beat this level is to go up, and one by
one let the bugs out of the cages, kill them, and take their diamonds.

First, you'll want to go to the entrance to the first penguin cage. There is
a rock right below the entrance to it, let it drop to get it out of your
way. Then you'll need to stand right below the entrance, so that if you go
up one square you'd let the bug out. When the bug is on the bottom of the
cage going left, A-grab the dirt right above you (to let the bug free) then
quickly go one square down, two squares right, then two squares up. You'll
be standing right below a rock. When the bug is about to turn the last corner
to come get you, dash straight to the left and the rocks should fall on 
the bug and kill it. Grab the diamond and go to the next cage.

You can do something similar for the next cage, as there is a rock located
at the same convenient position. Simply wait till the bug passes you, A-grab
the cage to let it lose, and run 2 squares to the right and 2 squares up.
When the bug comes, run to the left to drop the rock and squash the bug.
Grab the diamond and go to cage 3.

Look at cage 3. Hey! You can do the SAME THING! See those two rocks stacked
on top of each other? You can use these in the same fashion as the other
two times. Crush the bug and go to cage 4.

For cage 4, the nearest rock is a little farther away, but it can still be
used in the same manner. Once you A-grab the cage open, run to the right 4
squares and up 2 squares. Crush the bug when it comes, then grab the diamond
and carefully make your way to the exit at the bottom right corner of the

NOTE: Having trouble squashing the bugs?  You might not be digging your
paths correctly. Make sure you build your paths something like this:

#### ##
#### ##
#### ##
@    ##

That way, the bug only has one way to go: into your trap. The following show
INCORRECT ways to set up a bug trap, and will cause the bug to run into
you before you get a chance to crush it.

#   Y##
# #####
# #####
# #####
@ #####

###  ##
##  ###
#  ####
@ #####

When you crush bugs, always think about where the bug will go and when you'll
be able to drop the rock and crush it. Use dirt to help force the bug into
a specific path so you can crush it.

+++World 2-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|______   S   _______|
|                    |
|                    E
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |

A very unique character makes it's first appearance in this level: The
Ameba. Shown on the Level Layout as a @, the first ameba will quickly
multiply into many amebas.

A new ameba will appear above, below, or to the side of an existing ameba
every few seconds. Where the new one appears is random. Amebas will eat
dirt as well as empty space as they appear. They cannot, however, eat rocks
or diamonds and they cannot multiply diagonally.

There is a little secret with these things, though. If a set of amebas has no
where else to expand, they will turn into diamonds. ALL of them.

If you explore this level you will find 6 diamonds laying around, but thatís
not enough to fill your quota. So, you will need to trap the amebas.

Start out the level by running to the bottom and running between the amebas
and the first set of rocks. Then, paying close attention to the laws of
toppling, drop more onto them until they are trapped and will eventually take
up their entire space. Itís not that hard actually. You can even use YOURSELF
in place of the final rock. In fact, I suggest you do this because it will
be easier to collect the diamonds once they appear. If not, you might try
finding some rocks to topple and open the way to the diamonds, or if there
are no rocks that will topple you can try to destroy some of the rocks using
the bugs that are scattered around this level. However, itís much easier to 
do it the first way.

The amebas take quite some time to fill their space completely. (UGH! I HATE
LEVEL 6-3!!!!!) Fortunately for you, there isnít very much room for them to
expand in this particular situation and you can just wait it out. The last
ameba seems to take the longest to appear.

When the amebas turn into diamonds, carefully collect as many as you want.
Itís really easy to get yourself trapped or to get crushed as you greedily
collect your reward here, so be extra careful. When youíre done, the exit
appears near the top right corner of the screen below the row of pillars.
If you could only collect 9 diamonds, you can get the rest
using the 6 free ones that are scattered around.

+++World 2-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|         S     _____|
|E_____              |
|                    |
|                    |
|______              |
|               _____|
|______              |
|      ___!____      |
|                    |

Yet another new item appears in this level: The Magic Wall.

If you walk around this level you should notice that there are only 5 of the
ten diamonds available to pick up. That means you need 5 more diamonds from
somewhere else. Trust me, you will get much more than 5 from the magic wall.

The magic wall, marked on the layout with an exclamation point, will 
transform any rock that falls onto it into a diamond. It activates with the 
first rock that falls onto it and it deactivates a while later. HOWEVER,
there must be room underneath the wall for the diamonds to appear. You must
clear out the dirt and rocks underneath the wall before you can work with
it. You can activate it before the bottom is clear, but then you won't get
any diamonds.

Start the level by going straight down. Notice the trapped bug on your left.
Letís get some free bonus points by crushing it. Simply use A to push the
rock onto the bug. Make sure you use A, or you will be caught in the

Now continue downward and go underneath the magic wall. Get rid of all the
dirt you can, and make all the rocks fall. Once you have cleared out all the
space you can, push the two rocks off of the left side of the wall. (Please 
leave the small pile of rocks to the right of the magic wall in place, it 
actually helps rocks to topple into the wall.) When you go to
push the second rock, a rock behind you will topple and the wall will be
activated. As soon as you finish pushing that rock off, then start dropping
rocks onto the wall to your heartís content. There are a lot of rocks to
drop, and there are even more to get if you want to do some pushing.

Many more than 5, obviously. Many more than 10, if you donít want to collect
those other ones.

Once you have all the diamonds you want, go to the very top of the level and
then left, and the exit should be there. You can get to the exit by making 
the rocks in your way topple. 

Note that you can get that last diamond safely if you really want to. Just go
down, right, down(to get the diamond) then quickly left into the exit.

                        ===||==SAND WORLD=||===

Now weíre really starting to get complicated. Sand world is full of tricks
you already know, but are probably still afraid of. Take a look at what 
youíll need to do to complete it:

Level 1: Fighting Chaos (Iím almost serious!)
Level 2: Trapping bugs in a loop
Level 3: Very careful Maneuvering
Level 4: Crushing a bug to destroy a wall.

PASSWORD: 840137

+++World 3-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|                        |
|                        |
|    _____      _____    |
|   |     |    |     |   |
|   | SE  |    |     |   |
|   |     |    |     |   |
|   |     |____|     |   |
|   |                |   |
|   |     |    |     |   |

As you can see, this level is shaped like a giant letter M. The M is full
of a seemingly random and endless sea of skull rocks, diamonds, and dirt. 
My little sister calls this level the "Avalanche" level, and sheís absolutely
right because... well... youíll see.

Please donít let this level look threatening to you, itís actually very fun.

Start the level by going to the top of the empty room. Dig the dirt AND
take the diamond. Then quickly go back down and GET OUT OF THE WAY, 
because all hell is about to fall down on you. Once youíre out of the way,
though, youíre perfectly safe. OH YES, MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY
TO THE RIGHT AND NOT THE LEFT!!! If you go to the left, youíll be unable to 
pass the falling avalanche. So donít.

While that huge stream of skulls and diamonds falls, go over to the right 
side of the map and do the same thing. Take the dirt and the diamond, 
then get out of the way to the left. Now youíve got two avalanches falling. 

While youíre waiting for all the commotion to settle, why not go to that 
small compartment between the two rooms and see how many diamonds you can 
get? You can actually get them all except that one at the bottom left corner.
Youíll need to use a bit of your pushing skills and attention to the laws of 
toppling to get all you can.

When the dust settles and you have two pyramids of rocks and diamonds on each
side, go over to the right side. Itís actually very easy to get all of the
diamonds in this pyramid, so Iíll teach you how. First, get the single 
diamond at the bottom left corner. The entire left side of the pyramid will 
topple when you step back up. Next, grab the diamond marked as x.


then grab the diamond on the top of the pyramid. Then grab the diamond on
the bottom right side of the pyramid, and the entire right side should 
topple. Another diamond will replace it. Grab that one too. Now notice that
the diamonds will have all lined up in a path, but donít grab them yet. 
First, notice the oddball diamond that is out of the path. Grab it, because
if you donít then it will get trapped. Itís marked as an X.


Then just run from right to left through the entire path of diamonds.
Go up into the upper compartment.
notice the piece of dirt that is holding up some rocks on the right side.
get rid of it, then stand back and let the rocks fall down. Collect the 2
diamonds it uncovered. Notice that there is a sort of diamond path right
underneath you. Start at the bottom and follow that path. The rocks will
fall around you, giving you an easy way out. Push the rock out of the way
to get the last diamond on that side. 19 more to go.

Next, notice the left side. Get the diamond thatís just sitting on top.
Now stand below the upper dirt square and A-grab both of the exposed 
diamonds. Now go up top and collect the 5 exposed diamonds. Then carefully 
collect the next 4 diamonds (Just run down, left, and up really fast), 
then the last 2. 

Now go back to the middle of the compartment. Get rid of the 2 dirt squares
on the bottom left to expose even more diamonds. Grab the first 3 and A-grab
the fourth. Hey look! only 1 more diamond to go!

Go down out of the upper compartment and to the left, back towards where
the stage started. Simply enter the left side to collect the last diamond
and then walk into the exit. Feel free to collect some of the extra diamonds
sitting on that pyramid while youíre at it. The four sitting on top are free
to get. Be careful if you want to collect the 3 stacked on top of each other,
because toppling can kill you. First, push the top rock out of the way. Then
grab the first 2 diamonds and A-grab the last. 

+++World 3-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|_____S______            |
|            |           |
|            |           |
|            |           |
|            |           |
|            |           |
|            |           |
|____________|           |
|                        |

Now here we have a major dilemma. There are lots of bugs, but no rocks to 
crush them. You need 6 diamonds to pass the level, but only 4 are free for 
you to collect. That means... oh no! You'll have to let a bug out!

Don't be tricked by the first appearance of this level. Only 4 of the 
diamonds are free. The last 2 will involve letting out the 3 bugs in the 
middle... and you don't want to do that :)

Well, I take that back. Actually you do. You see, Later in this game you MUST
let out those three bugs. So why not just face our fear right now? It won't 
be as hard as you might be thinking it is.

When you begin this level, run downward and stand in front of the cage with 
the 3 bugs. When it looks like the bugs are in a conveniant spot, A-grab the 
dirt to let them out. Then run up to the top and to the right. When you 
emerge into a huge field of sand, go down, then right, then up, then left so 
that your path makes a medium-sized box that looks something like this.

   |  ___
   |     |
   |     |

DO NOT connect the end of the box yet. Just stand there at the end of the 
path until you are sure that all 3 of the bugs have passed you going down and 
have entered the box. When you're sure of this, connect the end of 
the box like this

   |     |
   |     |

Then follow your path back to where the diamonds were and collect the 6 free 
ones. What have you just done? You trapped the bugs. They will now forever go
around in circles in that big box and they won't come back to bother you as 
you collect your diamonds. You did this because the bugs travel in a counter-
clockwise direction.

When you've got all 6, proceed to the exit at the bottom right corner of 
the stage. Please avoid the bugs you have just trapped!

+++World 3-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|  <  |  <   |   <   | <  |
|     |      |       |    |
|     |      |       |    |
|  ___|__ ___|___ ___|_   |
|                       / |
|    | _____________  /   E
|    |              /     |
|    |       S    /       |

Although there are only 6 diamonds in this level, and although you only need 
3, this level is very challenging. CAREFUL NAVIGATION is key here. Think 
about every step you take. Will you get trapped? Will you let a bug out? Will
a rock topple and crush you? With small hallways and lots and lots of rocks,
this level is a real kicker so be careful.

First, go to the left and clear out some room between the trapped bug and the
vertical wall. Why? See that huge pile of rocks up there? You don't want to
get trapped, do you? If you don't clear enough room, not enough rocks will
fall and your hallway will be blocked.

Once you have cleared up enough room, go over the horizontal wall, removing
all the dirt around the big pile of rocks as you do. This will let a bug out.
Quickly before all the rocks fall and the bug comes to get you, remove the 
dirt from between the two "upright" piles of rocks. Next, go down along
the back side of the vertical wall and get the diamond. Once you have gotten
it, run back up to the left side and go into the bottom of the "X" formation 
and stay there. Wait until the bug comes, and use A to shove the rock onto 
the bug for some bonus points.

Next, go up into the top chamber. Grab the diamond and come out. Easy enough.

For the last diamond, go to the right and into the chamber that the bug came
out of. Try not to let too many of the rocks fall out of the chamber, as
this might ruin your escape. You can actually go thorough the entire chamber
without letting any of the rocks fall if you think about it hard enough.

After the 3rd diamond, go down to where you started then go right. Don't run
into the bug, but take the upper passage instead. (You can go past that bug 
and to the exit if you want, but I prefer to take the route with no bugs.)
Make sure you clear out some of the rocks as you climb. Simply navigate over 
and around the diagonal wall and into the exit on your right. Since the 
diamonds are worth a load of points in this level, you might want to grab 
that diamond north of the exit or perhaps the one south of the exit.

+++World 3-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      250|

Basic level layout: 
|  ______                  |
|      |   |   |   |   @   |
|  ____|_  |   |   |       |
|      |   |   |   |   @   |
|  ____|___|___|   |       |
|      |   |   |   |   @   |
|  ____|_  |   |   |       |
|      |   |   |   |       |

This will be the hardest level yet, so be patient with yourself. In here, you 
must perform a trick that will be a dominant motif in the rest of the game: 
Destroying a wall by crushing a bug. You see, if you explore the level and 
take all the free diamonds you find, you will notice that you are 2 diamonds
short. Those extra 2 diamonds are trapped inside of an enclosed compartment.
The only way to get them out is to lure a bug next to one of the walls of 
that compartment and crush it with a rock.

You can see the enclosed compartments on my mini-map. The left one has 1 
diamond (you don't want that one) and the right one has 2 (you want those).

But for now, let's just get the 16 free diamonds. Start out the level by 
pushing the three rocks (the two to your right plus the one that started on 
top of you) all the way to the right. If you do not do this, you will have to
suffer a loss of 1 of the 16 free diamonds, and therefore you must open BOTH 
of the compartments to get all 3 of the enclosed diamonds. And I'm pretty 
sure you don't want to do that.

After you've shoved the 3 rocks to the right side AND you've removed all the 
dirt you can, go up the shaft. You'll come to a rock blockage
where you have to let 2 rocks fall down. After that you'll come to an even 
bigger blockage with a diamond! Remove the dirt from under it and step to the
right, then let everything fall for a moment. After they've fallen, go down 
and grab the diamond. (If you couldn't grab the diamond, you didn't
clear out the passage enough or you didn't push the rocks enough.)
Then go back up. 

When you get to the top, topple the rock blockage to your right and grab the 
2 free diamonds on the sides of it. Go to the right until you come to the 
second column, it will have a diamond in it. Be careful because the rock to 
the left that's sitting on the wall can topple off the wall and crush you. 
Instead, follow the RIGHT wall down the ditch and grab the diamond. Once you 
have the diamond, move quickly to the left and then up to avoid the toppling 

Now go back up and make your way to the right again.
The third column has a few diamonds in it, so you'll want to go down there. 
Thing is, this is the column you'll have to destroy the bug in to get the 
last 2 diamonds. So take the following precautions. 

Right above the column is a rock up against the ceiling. Let it fall 1 
square, but no more. Stand in between the two rocks, then go down and grab 
the diamond. Then go down 1 more square. Then go left 1 square, then down 
until you hit the next rock. Grab the diamond underneath it manually, then 
run down, right, and back up to remove all that dirt. This is to clear room 
for your bug project coming up soon. 

Make your way back out of the column without touching any of the rocks or the 
dirt. Emerge into the wide open space on the right. There are bug cages here,
avoid them for now. Go down and around the bugs and the up to the top to 
collect the rest of the free diamonds. Now it's time for the big wall 

Somehow, go back to the left side of the bug cages. You can do this by 
tracing your steps back down and around, or by going between the 2nd and 3rd 
bug cages. When you get there, you'll want to block your path with a rock so 
the bug you let out will not have to travel all the way around the world 
before it gets to where you want it to go. If you're still feeling unsure of 
yourself or you just want to go slow, by all means keep the path open so you 
have lots of time to get ready. But be warned that if you choose to keep the 
path open, you'll have less time to recover if you make some disastrous 
mistake such as killing the bug in the wrong place. 

When you're ready, open the bottom bug cage by A-grabbing a piece of dirt, 
then quickly run and stand above the second column where we were earlier. 
Stand there and wait for the bug to catch up. When the bug appears and starts
to go down the 3rd column, quickly move in behind it and remove the piece(s) 
of dirt below the rock (the one I told you earlier to let fall 1 square but 
no more.) Stand under the rock so you hold it up.

The second Mr. bug disappears off the bottom of the screen, IMMEDIATELY drop 
the rock. It should hit the bug, opening the passage to the final 2 diamonds. 

If you screw up and miss the bug, or kill the bug in the wrong place, you'll 
have to do some improvising with the remaining 2 bugs and column #2. 
Hopefully the bug you just squashed removed at least some of the walls/rocks 
you wanted to remove.

The exit is at the bottom-right corner of the map. 


Whew! Time to take a break! Ocean World is, for the most part, easy and fun.
In fact, the only real difficult part of crossing the Pacific Ocean is Level 
2, which gets annoying at times. But level 1, 3, and 4 are mostly blow-overs.
They're more than blow-overs! They're fun!

I strongly suggest doing level 2 first just to get it out of the way. It may
cause some problems.

Anyway, here's a summary of the levels:

Level 1: A Whole new way to crush bugs.
Level 2: The annoying level. Turning bugs into diamonds and dodging 
Level 3: Magic wall madness! Fun fun!
Level 4: More magic wall madness! Fun!

PASSWORD: 840967

+++World 4-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout: 
|            S  @          |
|        E                 |
|                          |
|                          |
|                          |
|                          |
|        _____________     |
|        _@_@_@_@_@_@_     |

As the camera pans around this level, you will probably be thinking to 
yourself "What? Amebas? Squids? So I have to trap amebas AND crush squids in 
the same level? that's not fun!" Actually, You've got it all wrong.

Here's the basic level layout. You start with an ameba beside you. To your 
leftish is the exit. Down below is a big cage full of a bunch of squids 
(diamond bugs). There's a semi-secret trick that will not work in any of the 
other levels except this one. And that trick is: When a diamond bug hits an 
ameba, it will instantly be squashed.

Yes! You read right! All you must do is: guide a bunch of squids to go hit 
the amebas, and you'll have your own diamond mine!! Fun fun!!!!

Start off by clearing some space around the amebas. Don't go too far right or
left, try to stay above the bug cages down below. You don't have to clear too
much space, just enough. So start digging some dirt and letting all those 
rocks fall.

There's a huge vertical wall of 5 rocks on your left. Use that to determine 
where to stop clearing space.

When you're done clearing space, make your way down and to the left. You will 
come to a formation that looks like this:


Since you need to leave a clear path for the bugs to get through, pass 
through it like this.

# ##
# #O
O  O
O# #

next, go all the way to the bottom of the stage and run a straight line 
across to the right. Stop when you get 5 squares past the squid cage. (or, in 
practical terms, when you're directly underneath the first rock that is 2 
squares away from the top of the screen.)

Now run back to the left and stop where you started your straight line across
the bottom. Now go up one square and run a straight line to the right... 
letting all the squids out. Stop when you get to the place where you stopped 
before, directly underneath that particular rock. That is, stop when you're 
right above where your other path ended. Go up to the rock so that it rests 
on you. When squids start coming from below, step out of the way and let them 
have it. BONK. BONK. BONK. Meanwhile, all those squids are hitting the 
amebas. BONK. BONK. BONKBONK. NeNeNeNeNeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

You: XD

Now collect all your diamonds (XD I still think this level is funny) and head
for the exit.

A few notes. As you're collecting your mounds of diamonds, make sure a 
diamond doesn't fall on you. Secondly, if, because of some tragedy you don't 
get enough diamonds from all the carnage, it's probably because too many of 
the bugs got stuck and are spinning in circles in their cages. To fix this, 
let some rocks fall down to join the big row of rocks at the bottom, so you 
can push a rock through the cage. If a bug runs into it, the bug will 
suddenly realize that it's supposed to be following a wall and it will come 
after you. Go crush it.

Finally, make sure you don't spend too much time on the right side, there is 
a slim possibility that the amebas can multiply and seal off your escape 

+++World 4-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout: 
| S                        |
|                          |
|             _________    |
|       ||||||             |
|       ||||||             |
|       ||||||             |
|       ||||||             |
|       ||||||             |

This level is a PAIN. There are 6 columns, each with a squid going up and 
down. Obviously, since there are no diamonds, you have to squash the squids 
to get them. But with what? Rocks you say? The only rocks in this level are 
the ones that accompany the puffer fish in the 1-cell cages. Somehow, you 
have to use those rocks to destroy the squids... without getting yourself 

There are actually a few ways of doing this. I'll give you method E for Easy.
It's the fastest and easiest way to beat the level.

Start by running underneath all the rocks. This will expand the fish cages
by 1 square. It will also put 2 of your rocks in vital positions. In order 
to meet your 15 quota, you must squash 2 of the squids. 

Walk over to the top of the last squid column and next to the first puffer 
fish. Simply A-grab the single piece of dirt that traps the squid, then run 
away to your left. The rock will automatically fall onto the squid and you'll 
have 9 of your diamonds. But there's another trick here.

If you drop that first rock on the squid THE MOMENT THE 2ND TO LAST SQUID 
APPEARS ON YOUR SCREEN, something really cool will happen. The rock will fall 
and crush the first squid, and one of the diamonds will fall and crush the 
2nd squid. Unless the puffer fish gets in the way of one of the falling 
diamonds, you'll have all of your diamonds right there. Go pick them up, 
watch out for the puffer fish and watch out for the free squid.

You can also trap the puffer when it comes out. When you dash to the left as 
I instructed, and the puffer is chasing you, pass up all the squid columns 
and run a quick counterclockwise O in the dirt on the left.

|        ^
|        |
|        |

Catch the puffer in that O and he'll be stuck.

Now let's say the puffer got involved in your crush and he deleted some of 
your diamonds. The easiest fix to this problem is to collect your diamonds, 
then go down and around and stand on the right of the last rock in the row. 
Wait for the free squid. When he comes, step out of the way and the rock 
will fall on him. Collect your diamonds and you're OUTTA HERE

+++World 4-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout: 
|              S            |
|    \             /        |
|     \           /         |
|      \         /          |
|       \       /           |
|        \     /            |
|         \   /             |
|          _!_              |
|                           |

Don't worry that there are no diamonds in this level, cuz there is a magic 
wall! It's marked with a ! on my mini-map. It's in an awfully convenient 
spot as well... it's at the bottom of the hills. 

But of course, remember that you must clear out room below the wall before 
you may use it! So the first place you should go is under the wall. You can 
do this by first going to the right then down (around the huge V), or you 
can go straight down the V. When you get there, take out everything below the 
magic wall. Then you can start dropping rocks onto the wall! You only need 
10, but something tells me you'll drop much more than 10. Drop as many as you 
want, pick up the crystals and head to the exit! (it's down and to the right 
of the magic wall)

Words of warning: Some rocks will let puffer fish out. Other rocks will crush 
you if you're not careful. Keep a watchful eye.

+++World 4-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      220|

Basic level layout: 
|S                          |
|                           E
|   __!__   __!__           |
|   |   |   |   |           |
|   |   |   |   |           |
|   |   |   |   |           |
|   |___|   |___|           |
|                           |
|     @      @     @     @  |

Believe it or not, there are even MORE magic walls in this level! This one 
seems to be split into 2 sections. Problem is, you STILL need to clear out 
from under the magic walls in order to use them. That's why there are puffers 
at the bottom of the stage.

Be careful as you make your way to the right side of the rightmost box not to
drop any rocks on the magic walls. Doing so will activate them (both of them 
at once) too early. You want to activate them when you're ready. 

The trick here is to let out the puffer whose cage is directly below the box
on the right, and smash him with a rock that's up against the right side of 
that box. It's easier done than said. All you need to do is make sure you 
have a way to escape when it comes time to drop the rock. Notice how there is 
another rock on the right side of the mentioned rock, that's 1 square lower? 
ohh, bad. Get rid of it. Please. Let it drop so it won't bother you as you're 
trying to take care of business. Actually all you have to do is let it fall 1 
square down and you're okay.

Now simply A-grab the puffer's cage open, run up to the rock, and drop the 
rock when the time is right. All you have to do is run to the right when the 
puffer starts moving vertically, and the box will be open. 

When the box is open, clear it out and push those pesky rocks out of there 
too. Then go up above it and drop 8 rocks into it. If you run out of rocks, 
you will need to push some more over from the left side. 

The exit is blocked by some rocks, just let them fall if you're trying to get
out. It's over near the top right corner of the stage.


Okay Rockford, break time is over. Relic World may be a bit of eye candy,
but it's not simple. Relic world is TOUGH. I hope that you're experienced
enough now that I don't have to keep walking you through each and every
situation. (I keep saying that, but every time I do I just can't resist doing
it some more.)

What's for Lunch? Find out:

Level 1: Completing a level in a very small time limit.
Level 2: Timing yourself, positioning rocks.
Level 3: Navigating a very complex maze while being chased by a bug
Level 4: Another small time limit and lots more of destroying walls w/ bugs.

PASSWORD: 225378

+++World 5-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      130|

Basic level layout: 
|          @@@@@@@@@       |
|         ----------   <   |
|                          |
|     |====================|
|     ||E                  |
|     ||S______________    |
|     |===============|    |
|       @   @   @   @ |    |

The scary thing about this level is the 130 time limit. Also, this stage 
requires quite a lot of thought power and good navigation skills. There are 
literally several tricky parts, each of which can only be addressed with
an open eye.

The object here is to go to the right, then down and left through the bug 
cages, then up and to the right to the mound of diamonds (marked as <.) 
Collect your 40 and then go backwards through the whole level back to the 
entrance. All in less than 2 minutes. Not easy.

When you get down to the bug cages, notice how the bugs move clockwise.
That means you should pass through them on the bottom when they're on the 

If you're sharp, you can easily crush the first bug. Or the first two, or 
even three! Don't try to crush the last one though, or you will make a huge 
mistake. Trust me. I've made this mistake several times and I'm quite 
embarrassed with it. You might think you'll be crushing the bug, but you'll 
just get it stuck and it'll block your path. :(

(If you prove me wrong and you find that you are capable of correctly
squashing that last bug, feel free to do so! Don't let my guide hinder
your progress!)

If you want to crush the first one, use the rock that's on the right. Make a 
path like this:

= O=
= #=
=  =
=# =
=# =
=# =
Y  =

That way, the bug will be forced to go directly underneath the rock... giving 
you a chance to crush it.

If you want to crush a second bug, use one of the rocks on the left. Remember
toppling and let the rock topple onto the bug at just the right time. If you
want to crush the 3rd bug, you would have needed to go through the pile of
rocks in a certain way. If you keep from digging some of the dirt on the
bottom left side of the pile, there will be one rock left on top for you
to kick off onto some unsuspecting bug.

Once you've smashed enough bugs, go through the 4th bug cage and into the 
open area on the left. There's a bit of a kicker here. There is a freaking 
ton of rocks lined up horizontally right above you. 2 rows of them, plus 
some, to be exact. This means that you have to make sure you do not block 
the entrance back into the bug cages as you go up through them. Try to drop 
as little rocks as possible, and try to clear the way in front of the bug 
cage before you go up through that mess.

When you get to the pile of diamonds, there is yet another twist. Bugs guard 
them. The laws of gravity guard them too. Both are deadly.

Enter the pile of diamonds from the bottom, and run through to the end. 
Wait about 3 seconds before turning around and running through again. Why? 

Cuz for some reason, if you don't wait, you'll sometimes get crushed by the 
diamonds. Strange, I know. Just wait out the 3 seconds after grabbing a row 
of diamonds, just to be on the safe side.

Once you have fulfilled your quota (please don't get any more, it's too 
risky, you'll let bugs out, and you'll waste time), start heading back the 
way you came. Hope that your passage didn't get blocked, and remember to 
watch out for that last bug you left. Stay on top in the bug cages, and on 
the bottom in the hallway. Get into the exit quickly. I've never gotten a 
"Good" rating on this level, it's always "Nice" or "Lucky" for me. 

If you find out that your passage IS blocked, there still might be a glimmer 
of hope. Try to let the bugs out of the slot above you and use them to 
destroy the walls blocking you from the exit. I've never successfully done 
it, but I'm sure it's possible. 

+++World 5-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      110|

Basic level layout: 
|S                        |
|||                       |
||| |||              ||||||
|-- ||| ||||| |||||  ||||||
|\  --- ||||| |||||  ||||||
|  \    ||||| |||||  ||||||
|    \  ----- ------ ||||||
|      \---------------||-| 

This is the easiest Relic World stage. Don't get spoiled, because the last 2 
aren't nearly as easy as this one.

First, run underneath the rock and destroy the bug. Time your run so you 
don't hit the bug and die, obviously. Don't run when the bug is going up, 
only make the run when he is going down. Collect your diamonds.

Next, go to the next 2 slots. Run underneath the diamonds at the right time 
to destroy the 2 bugs. Collect your diamonds.

Next, go to the next 4 slots. Run underneath all of the rocks to destroy all 
4 of the bugs. Remember to time your run so that the bugs don't hit you!!! 
Collect your diamonds and move on.

The last part isn't a pushover like the other 3 were. This time you need to
guide the 4 rocks into positions similar to the positions of the 'pushover'
sections you just did. One at a time, drop/push the rocks so they rest on a 
dirt that blocks the entrance to the bug slots. The first one can fall 
straight down. The next one must be pushed over 1 square, the third must be 
pushed over 2 squares, and the last one must be pushed 3 squares. After 
you're done positioning them, run under them all and collect your last 
diamonds. Then head right.

These are the slots of death. 3 of them will make you die, one of them will
grant you access to the bottom of the stage. It's the 3rd one from the left.
So quickly run and go down the 3rd slot. When you get to the bottom, head

There is one more obstacle: a few bugs are guarding the exit. Just A-grab the
cage open and run straight up to one of the rocks above you. Then head left 
and down to the exit. The rock should hit the bugs, and you should hit the 

+++World 5-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

Basic level layout: 
|              S            |
|___________    ____________|
|          /   -\           |
|        /  -   - \         |
|   E  /  -  -  -   \       |
|    /  -   - -   -   \     |
|__/ -   - -   -    -   \___|
|                           |
|                           |

This level is hard for a few reasons. First, your exit is trapped in the left
compartment.  Second, you need to destroy some bugs to get diamonds, as this 
stage only gives you 10 of them down at the bottom-left corner. Third, 
you only have 100 seconds to complete this stage! Ouch!

Well, first of all, go down and collect your free diamonds. Then, when the 
bug is at the 6 o clock position in his cage, A-grab the cage open from the 
left side. Then run back up to the top of the stage. Run along the left wall 
if possible. If you're not quick, however, you may take whatever route is 
easiest for you.

When you get up there, run left along the bottom of the compartment wall, 
then take a sharp turn up when you come to a rock. Wait for the bug. Now this
part is tricky because you have to crush the bug EXACTLY when he is at the 
bottom, so that you can open the wall. That means drop the rock before he 
gets there.

If you screw up and kill him in the wrong place, Try again with the next bug
and the next rock on the left. Remember to keep your path on the bottom, 
right on top of the wall of the compartment. Anywhere else, and you can't 
destroy the wall with the bug.

Try this timing: Drop the rock when the bug is in the 2nd square to the right
of where you want it to get hit. It works for me.

Now that your exit is open, you don't have to worry about WHERE you crush the
bugs anymore. But you still need to crush 2 more to get your diamond
quota. Use the rocks on the right. Hurry, because the time limit is small.

When you crush the 3rd bug, collect the diamonds and hurry into the exit.

+++World 5-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      110|

Basic level layout: 
|                 |  || | |
|        S        |  || | |
|      ___________|  || | |
|  |  |____________  || | |
|  |  |------------  || | |
|  |  |______      / || | |      <-- Kinda Inaccurate. Sorry.
|  |  |      |   /   || | |
|  |  |  E   | /          |

If you don't like destroying walls with bugs, this is not the level for you.
You have to do it at least twice, but you'll probably end up doing it more.

You start out in a rather large chamber with 5 bugs circling clockwise 
around the room. There is a large row of dirt across the middle of this room. 
If you look on the far left and the far right side of this row, you'll see 
that you have 2 rocks poised and at your disposal.

There are 2 ways to clear the blockage on your right. The first is more 
tricky, but it's quicker and It's the way I've been doing it for years. Go 
over by the rock on the right, and get ready to push it onto a bug. Push the 
rock so that it hits the last bug when it's exactly in the bottom right 
corner of the room. Problem is, if destroy the bug in the wrong place (say, 
one square up) then the rocks will fall and block your exit. At which point 
you should try to push the OTHER rock (the one on the left side of your room)
and destroy another bug to get rid of those rocks.

If you successfully completed method 1, you'll be left with the open column 
on the right with three rocks being held up by a single piece of dirt. In the
next column will be a bug going up and down. Taking great care to time it so 
that the remaining bugs in your room don't come to get you, go down the 
column, release the dirt that blocks the next column, and drop the 3 rocks 
on the bug. 

In either method (I'll get to #2 in a second), the rock on the left has the 
same purpose. Either it's a problem solver if you messed up, or it can be 
used to get the diamonds in the floor below you by destroying a bug. OR, you 
can use it to just get rid of the extra unneeded bugs if they're being 
pesky. If you hit one off the left side at just the right time, it'll 
destroy them all.

Method 2 is much easier, but not as efficient. When the bugs are away, go 
over to the rock blockage on your right. Grab the first dirt and A-grab the 
second so that the 3 rocks fall. Then wait for the 5 bugs in your room to 
come over and go down that column. When they do, drop the rock on the right 
onto them. The problem with this method is that it lets out the bug in the 
next column, but that's not a big deal.

As for meeting your diamond quota, the two columns on the left have 2
more than you need. Please make sure you don't get hit by anything as you 
collect those diamonds. I usually like to run all the way to the bottom 
and then step sideways one square. Also watch out for the stray bugs, 
make sure you have something on top of you when they come. There are 14 
free giveaway diamonds as you're heading for the exit, so you don't have 
to grab them all.

When you've met your quota, go down the column and to the left. Pickup your
free diamonds if needbe, and then continue to the room on your left. Your
time should be running really low now, at about 30-40 seconds left. Notice
how the exit is blocked. It's easily fixable. Clear out room around the
rock in the middle of the room, so that there is only dirt below it. That 
means clear out ALL the dirt above it. When you let the bug out it will go 
across the ceiling, and you need room for it to do so. You also need room to 
push the rock to the left to hit the bug and open the exit. 

A-grab the bug's cage open from the right. It should go across the ceiling, 
down and into the place with the free diamonds, across the floor, then up 
the wall. Now's your chance. When it starts to go up, shove the rock onto 
it. Wait for the 2 extra bugs to go away, and the exit is yours.


This is the end of your quest. The first one at least. It has insanely 
challenging levels with lots of destroying walls, pushing rocks, dodging 
bugs, and careful navigation. So take a deep breath and "Try the next stage!"

Level 1: The Ultimate Careful Navigation level.
Level 2: Dodging rocks and other odd jobs
Level 3: A stupid, unfair level which should have never made it into the game.
         Be sure to do this level first.
Level 4: An easy level with lots of destroying walls.

If you missed my little note on level 3, DO LEVEL 3 FIRST. It's the hardest 
level of the batch, and even if you're skilled, victory on that level is 
pretty random. Once you have that level cleared, all the others should fall.

PASSWORD: 752053

+++World 6-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      220|

Basic level layout:
| |         | | |   |  | |         |  |
| |         | | | | |  | |         |  |
| |_______  | |___|____| |_________|  |
| |         | |        |S|         |  |
| |         | |        |_|         |  |
| |         | |        | |         |  |
| |         | |        | |         |  |
| |_________|_|________| | ________|  |
|  |    | E | |          |         |  |

This level seems a lot bigger than it really is, but it's the same size as 
all the other levels. Really!

I suggest you conquer this level last. It's got so many diamonds, you can 
get a 1up every time you play. So if you're at least semi-skilled, you can 
try this level infinitely. So if you've beaten levels 2, 3, and 4, you 
basically won.

This level is composed of 3 "diamond cells" which are big, enclosed boxes 
randomly full of diamonds, rocks, and dirt. You need to collect 75 diamonds 
from these cells, and the only way to do so is with careful navigation.

Start off by clearing the small column you're stuck in. You're given 5 of 
your 80 diamonds for free. Let 6 of the rocks drop, but leave the rock in 
the upper left corner of the room.

Next, let the bug out of the square cage on the right like this: When it's 
moving  across the floor of the cage to the right, enter the cage and go 
into the upper part of it. When the bug enters the room you started in, 
crush it with the rock I told you to leave in place. This will let another 
bug out of the mazey cage on the left. Step out of it's way and let it go 
into the 1st bug's cage. Use the rock in the 1st bug's cage to crush it at 
the bottom right corner. 1 push will knock the rock off, remember that rocks 
topple off the sides of walls.

Next, step into both the dirt squares on your right. Wait for the rocks above
you to settle down. Then quickly go down and out of the way as fast as 
possible to let the rocks pass you.  (it's easiest done by going down 2 
squares and left 1 square) Now follow the rocks down to the bottom of the 

On your left will be a bug cage with 2 bugs circling around boxes. This part 
is rather tricky. As a kid, I messed up this part all the time. What you 
have to do is run past both of the bugs and into the first diamond cell. 
Start running when the bugs are at the top right corner of their squares. 
Run into the cage, up, and all the way to the left. Walk through the first 
4 diamonds you come to and then  wait for a moment.

1 of the rocks will have fallen down, right into the bug cage. This will 
disrupt the bug's path and he will come to get you. Funny thing is, another 
rock has fallen right in front of your face. You know what to do. Kick the 
rock onto the bug.

Now, being very careful, collect as many diamonds as you can from this cell.
Remember to use lots of A-grabs and make sure you don't get trapped. Exit 
through the hole in the top right corner of the cell. Then go left, back to 
where you started the level.

Time to tackle the second cell. The entrance should already be open, so go 
for it. Try to loop back around and exit the cell from the same place you 

After cell 2 is done, go back into your entrance room and go left through
the mazey hallway. At the end there will be a rock which will topple and 
block your entrance. On your right will be a long column with a bug in it. 
A-grab the dirt under the top rock and it will smash the bug. Don't do it 
too soon, though, or you will actually trap the bug at the bottom instead 
of killing it. I'd say drop the rock when it's about 5 spaces below the dirt

The explosion will open the bottom of cell #2. So if there are any easy 
diamonds you left in there, now's your chance to get them. Cell #3 will 
also be open.

Enter cell #3, and run all the way along the bottom into the left corner. 
From there, clear out as much space as you can. Notice that when most of the 
cell is cleared out, there will be 2 rocks at the top left held up by dirt 
squares. The one on the left is very important, so don't drop it. Instead, 
let one of the bugs out from above the cell. It should go clockwise around 
the cell. When it comes to the left wall, kick the aforementioned rock onto 
it and the final hallway will be open.

Now there's only one more tricky part. Go to the bottom of the hallway, and 
kick the rock into the last room. There is a small bug cage in there, along 
with a rock you will use to open the exit. Go into the room and A-grab the 
marked dirt square to open the cage:

OO# @#=

Then run away and wait for the bug to circle all the way round the hallway 
AND cell #3. Meanwhile get into this position.

OO# # =
OO#   =

When the bug comes back, smash it! Get into the exit quickly. YOU WIN!!

+++World 6-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      190|

Basic level layout:
|    | |   |                         |
|      |   |  ___________________    |
|    | |   | |________   |   |   |   |
|    | |   | |  |  |  |  |   |   |   |
|    | |   | |__|  |  |  |   |   |   |
|    | |   | |  | E|  |  |   |   |   |
|    | |   | |  |  |  |  |   |   |   |
|    | |   |_|__|__|__|_ |___|   |   |
|    |     |  ___________|   |   |   |

Heh, you can always trust my maps to be completely out of proportion :) Hey, 
that's why they're BASIC.

This level is just plain weird. To start off, it will have 6 rocks dropping 
on you. You have to dodge them all. It's actually not that hard once you get 
used to it. Run to the top of the column and down the skinny column on your 
right. Since there are 4 rocks dropping on you while you're running down 
that skinny column, you'll need to move quickly and step into the little 
square niche next to the 3rd column. There is a bug guarding 6 diamonds on 
the bottom of this column, and the moment you step out of your niche you 
will let it out. You have no other choice.

There are 2 ways to do this next part. The first way is easiest, but you 
sacrifice 1 or 2 of your diamonds. The second way is harder, but it's needed 
in the later quests when you have to collect more diamonds.

Method 1. When the bug is all the way to the right, step into the column and 
collect  the 2 diamonds directly above you. Then dash to the right side and 
collect the other 2 diamonds that are right there. Then, run directly up and
stop for nothing. A diamond should topple and hit the bug, opening the wall 
for you. 

Method 2 is similar, but you have to pick up the diamonds that you used to 
crush the bug in method 1. Instead, you have to use the rock that's at the 
top right side of the column. So quickly collect those 2 diamonds, then run 
to the  top right, remove the dirt under the rock, and move out of the way 
so the rock falls on the bug.

Once the bug is dead, collect the 6 diamonds it was guarding at the bottom 
and head up the skinny passage that you just opened. However, don't go into 
the big open chamber just yet. There is a bug circling clockwise around this 
huge room. Wait for it to come around before you enter the room. Once it 
comes, it will start heading across the ceiling to the right. Follow it. 
Then it will go down. The second it disappears off the bottom of the screen, 
kick the rightmost rock off the ledge. It should hit the bug, opening yet 
another passage. 

In this column you just opened, collect as many diamonds as possible without 
letting the rocks fall and block your passage. They're all pretty easy to 
get, except for the top one. If you want the top one, think carefully about 
toppling and A-grabbing. It's pretty hard to explain exactly how you do 
it, but I have faith that you'll figure it out on your own.

Next, go under the rocks (they should block your entrance again) and stop in 
the little niche right next to the bug cage. Again, if you but move, you'll 
let the bug out.

Wait until the bug is at the bottom left corner of his cage, then dash left. 
MAKE SURE you collect the 2 diamonds on the left. Be quick! Go up to the 
next row and dash to the right. Collect the diamond on the right. Then, head 
up into the column with the rocks. Run up the right side of the 2 stacked 
rocks, time it so that the top rock topples and hits the bug that's been 
chasing you. It will open the diamond tank on your right.

Collect the 12 diamonds from that tank. Next, you'll want to block up the 
exit so that your next bug will not have to travel down into the narrow 
hallways just to go where you want it to go. Do not drop the rock that used 
to have the other one on top of it, because you need it. Instead, go up 
farther and drop a rock down to block up the exit.

When you've blocked the exit, let a bug out and crush it with the rock I 
told you to leave. This will open the diamond tank on the left. Pretty easy.

The next diamond tank on your left has the exit. Go ahead and let another 
bug out and crush it with the leftmost of the 3 rocks that's in the diamond 
tank. Remember, before you let the bug out, that if the previous bug 
destroyed the rock that was blocking the exit, you must replace it. Failure 
to do so will result in a great loss of time and possibly even losing 
the stage.

When the second diamond tank is open, collect the diamonds and the exit 
should open. Go on in. But if you still need diamonds, go ahead and open the 
3rd tank as well.


+++World 6-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Basic level layout:
|                @                   |
|                                    |
|              S                     |
|                                    |
|                                    |
|                                    |
|                                    |
|                                    |
|                                    |

This level is just plain stupid, annoying, and unfair. I'll never forgive 
First Star for making this level ;)

There isn't very much to it. There are amebas at the top of the stage. You 
must trap them. at least 65 of them. That's pretty much it. If you're doing 
this level first as I had asked, you'll have a lot of time for trial and 

First, you should secure the left side. Then, before the amebas block your 
exit, secure the right side. Use your body in place of the final rock. 

Even if you successfully cage them, they just may decide not to give 
you your diamonds before the timer runs out. It's just so unfair. 

If you successfully trap them and collect your diamonds (You should have 
about 15 seconds to spare), carefully make your way down to the bottom of the
level and out the exit. Watch out for the bugs that are sort of randomly 
placed around the exit.


+++World 6-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      170|

Basic level layout:
| @    @    @    @    @    @    @   @|
|===========||                       |
|           || S                     |
|           ||_______________________|
|           ||___________|___________|
|           ||                       |
|___        ||                       |
|   | | | | ||_______________________|
| E | | | | ||___________|___________|

This is the easiest of the volcano world levels. You shouldn't have any 
problem with it.

The first thing you should do is run around the central row of dirt (The one 
with all the rocks on it) and disconnect the dirt from the wall on both 
sides. That is, dig out 2 dirt squares from the left and 1 from the right.

Next, let the rightmost bug out of it's cage. Squash it with the leftmost 
rock and you will have 10 diamonds. (PUSH the rock to crush the bug)

Collect those diamonds, and then shave 3 dirt squares from the left side of 
the row, letting the next rock drop. Let the next rightmost bug out of it's 
cage, and use that rock to crush it and destroy the wall so you can go down 
farther. Note that the bugs will come after you faster if you "remove" the 
empty cages, and I suggest you do so to save time.

When the wall is crushed, you should emerge into a space identical to 
the one above it.

So, disconnect the row of dirt from the wall once more, and do the exact same 
thing you did before. Crush a bug to get the diamonds, and crush another 
one to get out.

The exit is on your left, but it's trapped. To open it, you'll need to let 
one of the 3 bugs out, get it to go down the empty column, and crush it 
there. It's pretty easy actually, since there is a bunch of rocks right 
there free for you to use.

When you beat Quest 1, you will see a cool little picture of Rocky jumping 
up and down on a pile of gold and diamonds. Awesome music will also be 
playing. It was because of this single song that I started sequencing video 
game music into MIDI. I love this song. I actually did successfully make a 
MIDI out of this one, and it's pretty accurate. You can find it on 

The word "WONDERFUL!" will appear below the picture. Hit A and then it will 
show Rocky flying in a plane and it says "GOOD JOURNEY."

Finally, it will show Rocky on an island waving to you, and it will say "TRY 
THE NEXT LEVEL! PASS WORD 423480  PUSH START BUTTON" Push start and you'll 
be taken back to Boulder World.

_/ 4. Quest 2 \______________________________________________________________

Physically, Quest 2 is IDENTICAL to quest 1. The only difference is that you
must collect more diamonds in less time. In some places this will change the
strategy, in others it will not. 

So in quest 2, you don't have to worry about extra bugs being added or
passages being blocked. That all starts in quest 3.

(v1.01 Edit!!! I found a physical difference in quest 2, it's in level
12-4. Could there be more?)

                        ===||BOULDER WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 423480

+++World 7-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

No problem whatsoever. Just go through the level and pick up 12 diamonds.

+++World 7-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

No problemo. The diamond quota is only 1 greater than last time.

+++World 7-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Come on. If you've gotten this far, you shouldn't need much help with this 
level. Remember how I said that last time you have an option to go 2 ways? 
Well this time you don't. You have to go both ways and collect both sets of 
diamonds, plus one. Not that hard, just apply a little bit of care to your 

+++World 7-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

The only difference here is that you need to squash 3 butterfly bugs instead 
of 2. Not that hard.

                        ===||==ICE WORLD==||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 457397

+++World 8-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

You need 5 diamonds this time, not just 4. So, I'm going to teach you Method 
X for grabbing the diamonds. You can use method X on the last 2 quests as 
well, as it's pretty easy and efficient.

Remember last time when you trapped the bugs going around their own cages? 
You can't do that this time, because they'll bump into each other and come 
after you. So, the idea here is to trap the bugs going around just the top 
part of their cages.

Now you can use the old method for this level to get 4 of the diamonds, and 
then just grab the 5th diamond and run away to the exit quickly. It will 
work, but make sure you understand method X so that next time around you'll 
be able to do it when you really need it.

First, draw a box around the first cage (let's make it the top left one this 
time). Then, stand on the left side of the cage, like this.

 #@  #
Y#   #
 #   #

Wait until the bug is at position @, then A-grab the cage open right there in
the middle of the left side. Step 2 squares up as to avoid getting hit by 
the bug.

When the bug exits the cage, go inside and grab the diamond. Exit the cage by
going right through the middle of the right side of the cage. The bug should
now be trapped going around the top section of the cage. Continue and do 
this 4 more times for 4 more cages, then head to the exit.

+++World 8-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Since you need 5 diamonds this time instead of 4, you're gonna have to get
creative with one of the bugs on the right. C'mon, you're a smart person.
You can do it. Just let a bug out and crush it, trap it, or make it run far
far away so it doesnít bother you as you're going for the diamond.

+++World 8-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

Just make sure you trap at least 9 amebas. The rest can be collected from
around the stage.

+++World 8-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

Same difference. Just drop lots of rocks into the magic wall like you did 
last time. 10 rocks into the magic wall is a piece of cake.

                        ===||==SAND WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 432579

+++World 9-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      190|

You need to collect 30 more diamonds than last time.

This is pretty tricky to do, actually. So I'm going to teach you a
dangerous-looking trick to get those last ones. 

After doing the same thing you did last time, plus scouring the left pyramid
for diamonds, you should have 23 more to go. Now please head up into
the upper left section.

Collecting the free diamond on the right will make your quota
go down to 22. Collecting the free diamonds on the top left will make
your quota go down to 14. Dropping the rocks from the right side
down to uncover a few diamonds will make your quota go down to 7
if you use some clever A-grabbing. So where do you get the
extra 7?

On your left. Collect the only exposed diamond by walking into it.
Then walk into the dirt square. Your job is to run down through the 2
diamonds, left through the dirt, down through the entire
column of diamonds, left, then back up and out again. Dangerous, yes, 
but 100% necessary especially for the upcoming quests. Better master
it now.

+++World 9-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

You need to let an extra bug out since last time. But don't worry, there's a
cool corollary to the trick I taught you last time. 

First, run down and A-grab the cage open with the 3 bugs. Then run up and 
right. When you come into the huge room, make a huge, counterclockwise 
box around the room. Don't touch the walls of the room, please.

 |  ___________
 |             |
 |             |
 |             |
 |             |

Next, make a small rectangle like this.

 |  _@_________
 | |_____      |
 |             |
 |             |
 |             |

When the bugs come to position @, simply walk up and close the loop. Follow 
the path all the way back to the bug and diamond place.

The cool thing about this trick is that you can now make loops off of 
anywhere on the big square. For example, you could do this to the next bug.

 |  _@_________
 | |_____|     |
 |           __|
 |          |  |
 |          |_ |      <-- And when the bug comes to about here, just close the
 |_____________|          loop.

Remember that all of your trap loops need to be on the INSIDE of the big box 
in order for the bugs to get trapped.

+++World 9-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

You need 1 more diamond since last time. You can easily get it north of the
exit square.

+++World 9-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      230|

Thank goodness nothing's changed but the time limit. Do the exact same thing
you did before to beat this level.

                        ===||=OCEAN WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 864111

+++World 10-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

Have fun running lots of squids into the amebas. Same strategy as before.

+++World 10-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

Ouch. This level is a real doozy. You need to crush at least 3 squids to fill
your quota. Use the same strategy as before to crush 2 squids with 1 stone.

Then, you'll need to crush the 3rd squid (he will automatically be free) with
rightmost rock, just like the backup strategy mentioned earlier.

Good luck.

+++World 10-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

Gee wiz, what is with these 180 time limits?!

Anyway, just drop at least 15 rocks into the magic wall. Piece of cake.

+++World 10-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Same strategy. Just drop 10 diamonds into the magic wall.

                        ===||=RELIC WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 995065

+++World 11-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Similar strategy here. You don't even have to let the bugs out that are 
guarding the diamonds.

+++World 11-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

The same strategy will get you all the diamonds you need. Just be sure to go
a little faster.

+++World 11-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      110|

Same Same Same! Just go faster. Open the exit wall first. Then I recommend 
opening the right wall so you can get more diamonds faster. Yea. See those 
two bugs in there? You have to crush 4 of the little goobers in all, and 
the fastest way to do it is to use your second crush to open the right

+++World 11-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      110|

The diamonds in the columns to your left will only give you 50 of the 70 
diamonds you need. To get the extras, you could open floor. But you only 
have 2 rocks so use them wisely.

The avalanche zone on the right can also give you some extra diamonds. 
Remember that 14 free diamonds are given to you at the very end, so make 
sure your counter is at most 14 before you go for the exit.

                        ===||VOLCANO WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 2===||== 

Password: 827100

+++World 12-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      210|

Same strategy, it's just that you need LOTS more diamonds than before. 

+++World 12-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      190|

Even if you use method 2 and you snag EVERY diamond along the way, You still 
need 1 more when you open the exit chamber. You must open the 3rd diamond 

+++World 12-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

Oh how I hate this level. 70 Amebas. Good luck.

+++World 12-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      160|

Today as I was revising this guide, I spotted an actual physical difference
in quest 2. It has to do with the column you crush the last bug in to open
the exit. It's 1 square smaller.

But that doesn't change your strategy. Do the same thing as last time.

At the end of quest 2, you'll get the same picture of Rocky jumping on
the gold pile and the word "WONDERFUL!" You'll also get the same
"GOOD JOURNEY" message.

After that, You'll see Rocky standing in relic world with 3 bugs. He'll
wave at you and it will say "TRY THE NEXT LEVEL! PASS WORD 532375 PUSH START
BUTTON" and once again, you'll be in Boulder World!! Looks like it's time 

_/ 5. Quest 3 \______________________________________________________________

Quest 3. Here's where things get really crazy. Not only have the time limits
and diamond quotas been modified once again, but extra walls have been added
and extra bugs have been added. That's why I'm bringing back the basic level
layout in such cases, as well as the level walkthrough.

                        ===||BOULDER WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

Password: 532375

+++World 13-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

| S                   |
|                     |
|                     |
|                     |
|    -----------------|
|                     |

Not only do you need 14 diamonds, but notice that the first hallway has been
blocked!!! Oh No! Luckily, they've given you a bug you can use to open the
wall with. How nice. [/sarcasm] 

Obviously, you'll need to A-grab the bug cage open, guide it somewhere, and
smash it right against the wall. It's not that easy to time perfectly.
It's sort of like level 5-3 where you have to smash the bug right against
the wall below you. Use the dirt to create a specific path for the bug so
you can crush it.

Here's how I usually do it. Collect the diamonds. Then let the bug out and
run up then left then down then right, right along the wall. The bug will
follow you, going along the wall as you do. Crush it with a rock before
it comes up to get you.

Once you get the bug squashed and the wall opened, collect all the diamonds
and head for the exit.

+++World 13-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

The only difference here is that the bug in the left cage has been let out
and is crawling around the cage.  If you want his 2 diamonds, I recommend
that you crush the bug. Just push the rock onto him when he goes into the
little hole. Not that hard.

+++World 13-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

You must get all of the diamonds but one in this level.

There are some hardly noticable physical changes to this one. Some
extra walls have been added to various places. Big deal.

+++World 13-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:
|                    |
| S                  |
|                    |
|   @   @            |
|    @   @   @   @   |
|                    |
|                    |
|                    |

Now they've gone and royally messed up this level. Just look! Two of the
butterfly cages have 2 butterflies in them! What's worse, you have to
crush 5 butterflies! How cruel!

Your previous method won't work on the cages with 2 because the diamond
explosion will 'delete' the other butterfly. The best strategy here
is just to open the cage, then run away and lead the bugs to a 
rock somewhere so you can crush them. If you're sharp, you can even
set it up so that a diamond falls on the second one. (but then you'd
have to do the same thing for the other double cage, since you're
quota would be short.)

If you don't want to crush one with a diamond, just crush it with
another rock. It's actually very easy to crush one and not the other
if they're outside of their cage.

Just crush the single-bug cages like you normally do.

                        ===||==ICE WORLD==||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

Password: 243481

+++World 14-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

This time around, two of the bug cages have 2 bugs in them. Although you 
are free to just avoid those two, why? Method X works fine for cages with 
2 bugs.

Just get 6 diamonds and exit.

+++World 14-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

They've gone and pulled the same stunt here. Two of the bug cages, the top 
two, to be exact, have 2 bugs in them. You can avoid those 2 cages if you 
want. You need 6 diamonds. I suggest crushing the first 3 like you normally 
do. Then, when you get to the top cage, let the bugs out and crush one of
them with the second rock on the right. Not the one you usually crush it
with, but the next one. This way, the other bug won't cream you as you're
dropping the rock on the first one. Once the first one's gone, I suggest
grabbing the diamond, avoiding the 2nd bug, and getting over to the other
side of the stage. Drop a rock into your path and the bug will not follow

Head over to the right side and let 2 of the bugs out and crush them. If
you've gotten this far, you should know how to do that properly by now.

If not, very carefully let them out and avoid them while you steal the

Collect 2 of the diamonds and head for the exit.

+++World 14-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

The change here is that 2 extra bugs have been added around the amebas.
This is bad. If the amebas surround a bug, and then turn into diamonds,
guess what happens to the bug? It gets crushed, and 8 or 9 of your
diamonds are deleted in the explosion. You can't have that for this stage.

When the stage begins, race down to the amebas and run under the first
row of rocks as usual. Then, let out the bug on the right and crush it 

Now since you need 18 diamonds, you need to trap quite a few. You need 12
ameba diamonds if you want to get out of this level alive. If your bug
destroyed some crucial rocks, just drop more from up above. With some
careful pushing, you should be able to trap those goobers.

+++World 14-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

They've placed a bug right above the magic wall. If you crush
it where it is, you'll destroy part of the magic wall. Better lead
it away and dispatch it. 

One word of warning, though. In your efforts to crush that bug,
you'll probably accidentally activate the magic wall too early.
So quickly destroy the bug, clear out what's underneath the
wall, and start dropping the rocks on it. You need at least 10,
the other 5 are around the level somewhere.

                        ===||==SAND WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

This world is where I first said to myself "Okay, now the game
creators officially hate me."

Yes, the later stages will make you question your sanity.

Password: 606664

The password says it all.

+++World 15-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

WHOA!!! Where the heck are you going to get 120 diamonds?!

Ok, Drop the avalanches as you normally do. Then get the diamonds 
in the middle slot.

Then start to clear out the right side. When you get to the last step for
completing the right side, (that is, the last 4 diamonds, when you have
65 diamonds left on your quota), there is a slight change of strategy.

This time what you'll want to do is run DOWN INTO that slot. There is
some kind of clear path that goes down from the top of the right side of
the stage, down into the center of the "M", and out the top of the left
side. Step carefully and use a lot of A-grabbing. When you emerge,
you'll find that the center has completely collapsed. This will
allow you to get even more diamonds. When I was through with it, I had
something like 20 diamonds left on my quota. A clearing out of the left
avalanche zone and the run through the top left side will give you
the rest of the diamonds you need.

+++World 15-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

When I first saw this level, I nearly died from shock. They've blocked the
bottom hallways. This means, letting a bug out will only give you 1,
not 2, of the diamonds. If you want the other one, you need to let the
other bug out. 

Your main problem is time. No hesitating, or you'll run out of it. Your other
main problem is: Where the heck are you going to put all those bugs?

Now it's time to teach you the shelf method. 

When you trap the bugs, make your first path the same as all the other times.

  |  _______________
  | |__1__|         |      Trap the first 3 at "1" like you normally do.
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |

  |  _______________
  | |__1__| |_2| |_3|      The next 2 bugs can go at 2 and 3, respectively.
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |

  |  _______________
  | |__1__| |_2| |_3|  
  |                 |  Once the first shelf is full, create another shelf
  |  _______________|  below it and add more bugs.
  | |_4| |_5_| |_6_||  <-- like this.
  |   __            |
  |__|_7|  ___      |  <-- the last bug can go here. 
  |       | 6 |     | 
  |_______|___|_____|  <---Alternate location for #6 if you're running
                           out of time.

Actually, that's all you gotta do. You only need to let out the middle 3
plus the 3 on the left and the 3 on the right.

The idea is to make the bug trap loops as small as possible. If you're
really good, you can even get them down to 1 square. This is to conserve
room. Don't worry if your shelves don't work out exactly how I show you,
or if you just can't fit 3 rounds of bugs on the top shelf. Just
make sure you have a place to put them.

A huge determining factor in whether or not the time will run out on you
is the order you let the bugs out. The smaller the path they have to take,
the shorter time they will take it in. That means, save getting the diamonds
on top until you have to run through them to get the bugs out, and save
getting the diamonds on the bottom until the very end when you've let
all the bugs out.

Here's the order I propose.

1. Let out the middle bugs and trap them.
2. Starting with the leftmost, let the bugs on the right out and trap them.
3. After you've trapped all the right side bugs, collect their diamonds.
4. Then, starting with the rightmost, let the left side bugs out and trap
them. Pick up a bug's diamond once you come back from trapping it.

There is a lone bug sitting on a diamond on the left side. Just ignore him,
he's not needed.

Whew! Make sure you don't run into any of them on your way to the exit.

+++World 15-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

Basic level layout:
|  <  |  <   |   <   | <  |
|     |      |       |    |
|     |      |   X   |    |
|  ___|__ ___|___ ___|_  _|
|                       / |
|    | ___________    /   E
|    |              /     |
|    |       S    /       |

Although the physical change in this level is not apparent at
first, you'll certainly find it as you're playing. The north entrance
to the exit chamber is blocked!! That means you need to enter from
the bottom. And that's easier said than done, because it's too easy
to block that entrance.

I highly recommend destroying a bug right next to the entrance
to the exit chamber, in order to destroy some of the walls and rocks
in the way. Actually you have 2 or 3 bugs at your disposal for this
purpose, so destroy as much of that diagonal wall as you want. 

You'll go through this level the same way you did, except that
when you grab the top right diamond, come back to the bottom
and enter the exit chamber. Grab that diamond and exit.
So you'll be getting all of the diamonds in this level except the one
marked with 'X". Good luck.

The exit chamber diamond is kind of tricky to get, so if you want
you're perfectly free to skip it and get the 'X' diamond instead. 

+++World 15-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      200|

This time, you must get all the diamonds in the level. That means you have
to open that other chamber you've been dreading all this time. But look! 
This time, they were actually nice to you and they gave you a bug right at 
the very beginning!! [/serious] Use this bug to destroy the wall to the 
right of where you started that blocks you from that last diamond!

Other than that, the rest of the level requires a strategy identical to the
previous versions of this level.

                        ===||=OCEAN WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

Password: 692551

+++World 16-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

The only physical difference here is a very strange one. A few new rocks 
have been added to the left side of the squid cage. I don't know why. It 
certainly doesn't hinder our strategy one bit.

You need 50 diamonds, so make sure as many squids get squashed
as possible. If they get stuck going in circles in the cage,
get em outta there by pushing rocks into them.

+++World 16-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

This is one of those odd cases where the physical change has made the
level easier and not harder. It's a good thing too, because this
level was too hard to begin with.

The difference is the addition of two rocks right below you as you
begin the stage.

Here's our strategy. First, go right and then down. Stay away from
the rocks for now, but go to the bottom left side of the first bug
slot. When the bug is in a convenient spot, open the slot from the
bottom and then go left to the side of the stage then up, and
squash the bug with the leftmost rock. (You will only get 6 diamonds.
I know. How sad.) It's better to squash it when it's higher
than when it's lower.

Collect 5 of the diamonds and leave the last one that's sitting on
dirt. Let the next bug out and squash it with that diamond. This
time, collect all 9 of the diamonds.

Let the 3rd bug out and squash it with the 2nd rock. Collect all
but the one diamond that rests on the dirt. Let the 4th bug
out and squash it with that diamond. Collect them all and your
quota should be down to 4.

Finally, go up to the top of the bug slots and drop the leftmost
rock on the rightmost bug as you've done with the previous
quests. This should fill your quota, so get out of here.

+++World 16-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

They've added a puffer fish right on top of the magic wall.
When you start out the level, go around the V to the right
and come to the bottom of the V. Let the puffer out from the
bottom and squash it. Then complete the level as normal.

+++World 16-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      190|

A few changes have been made to this level. First, the two right
puffer fish have been replaced with squids. There's 18 free
diamonds right there! Secondly, a puffer fish has been added on
the inside of the right box. Just dodge it when it comes out
and crush it. Between the squids and the magic wall, you'll
have all the diamonds you'll need.

Come to think of it, those squid cages remind me of level
1-4... hehe. You can use the same strategy to squash them here.

                        ===||=RELIC WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

Playtime is over. This is the first world you will probably have
sincere difficulty with, and the rest of the game is no 
different. From here on out, you'd better be used to a
good challenge!

Password: 724892

+++World 17-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      110|

This level is physically the same, but you must get a dangerously
high amount of diamonds. I say dangerous because in order to
collect that many, you'll need to brave some of the bugs that
are guarding the mound. Step carefully! The time limit doesn't help
much either, so hurry back!!

+++World 17-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

The first time I saw this level, I nearly had a heart attack and
fell over dead. The third set of bug columns- the one with the 4
bugs and the 4 rocks already lined up for you- has a bug on
either side, blocking your entrance. Not only is it a bug, but a
bug stuck in a 1-cell cage. If you want to let the bug out,
you must A-grab the cage and run away QUICKLY.

However, I have formulated a little strategy for this level that
might make the game creators gasp as much as I did when I
saw this level. It's clearly cheating. But all's fair, right? 
So let's cheat! It's fun!

Drop the rock on the first bug as normal. Collect the diamonds.
Then drop the 2 diamonds on the next 2 bugs. Collect all the diamonds
EXCEPT for one on the leftmost side. If the bugs got hit
higher than the bottom of the cage, make sure you don't remove
a diamond that would cause the leftmost diamond to topple and
fall out of it's place. You need it there.

When the diamond is in place and all the rest have been collected,
A-grab the 1-cell bug cage open from the bottom. (If you're extremely
unlucky, you'll get killed right here. But such is the price of
cheating the system.) then immediately run straight down, to the left
under the wall, and then up past the poised diamond so that it topples
off the wall and falls on the bug. This will cause some of the rocks
underneath to be destroyed, giving an easy exit later.

There is still another bug on the right side of the cage, so you
don't want to go for it yet. Instead, skip ahead and go for
the last 4 columns. Situate the rocks and drop them all on
the bugs. Collect your diamonds.

Now we have to do something about that other bug. Let it out
from the right side. I find it easier to run away from this
side. When it goes away, run under the 4 rocks to squash the
4 remaining diamond bugs. Make sure you don't hit the free
bug as you emerge on the other side. Quickly, before the free
bug comes back, collect the diamonds and head for the exit.

You can't use the same strategy to exit. You have to just let the
bugs free, you can't crush them like we did last time. So just
let the bugs out from the right, step out of the way and wait for 
them to go up, then exit the level.

+++World 17-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Huge problems here. They've blocked off some of the sideways
passages at the bottom of the maze area, making it harder
for you to run away from the bug you free. Also, they've
completely deleted the 2 bugs in the right compartment!

That means you must let out all of the bugs and crush them.
Remember to open the wall on the left side to your exit as
one of your crushes.

Note that after your exit is open, it's faster to crush the
bugs with the rocks on the right side, not the left. That's
because the bugs will go to the right side first. You don't
have time to wait for them to go right, then all the way
to the left.

+++World 17-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      140|

I'm not quite sure what the physical change in this level was, but
I have no doubt that one was made. 

But the overall strategy is the same. First open your passageway, then
grab the 50 diamonds in the slot, then open the floor if necessary,
then hit the avalanche zone on the right for some extra diamonds,
then hit the exit and grab the 14 free diamonds on the way.

If you get all of the diamonds in the 2 slots on the left and in
the floor, you'll have 24 left on your quota. Just grab 10 from the
avalanche zone and you'll be home free.

                        ===||VOLCANO WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 3===||== 

Password: 772974

+++World 18-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      210|

Same strategy, just this time go to town on the diamonds! Remember to do
this level last.

Oh yeah I forgot. Turns out that there is a physical change after all.
In the shaft on the right that you're supposed to run down before
going past the 2 circling bugs, there is an added wall square.
This will cause the rocks you drop to block your exit. How sad.
So you basically have to rush down as fast as possible so your
entrance into the bug cage is not blocked.

But now we have a problem. You're unable to time your entrance
into the bug cage, so the bug might hit you. But don't worry, there's
a fix to this problem too. When you drop the 3 rocks, let 1 or 2
of them fall down past the extra wall square. Then use your body
to block the remaining rock(s) from falling. You can clearly
see the bugs from there, and you are still able to determine when
to run into the boxes. How's that?

Oh, and don't forget to pick up lots of diamonds!


Darn!! Another physical change!! It's in the huge column
with the 1 bug going up and down. The change is that the little
hole in the bottom has been sealed, so that means 2 things for

1) You can no longer trap the bug by dropping the rock too soon.
2) You NEED to hit the bug on the very bottom of the column so
that seal opens.

That's all. Finally.

+++World 18-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      190|

Very interesting changes have been made in this one. First, there are
extra rocks falling on you at the very beginning. 

Secondly, in the huge shaft on the right side of the stage where you're 
supposed to crush the single bug- an extra wall square has been added.
That means you must push the rock a bit later than you normally would, or
the rock will miss the bug entirely. Count 4 seconds after the bug
disappears off the bottom of the screen and then push the rock.
The last change is not a physical change, but it requires a
physical response. Notice the diamond count. If you get to the
end of the stage having grabbed every last diamond along the way,
you'll notice that you're 1 short. "Where the heck am I going to
get 1 more diamond??" You yell. "There aren't any more left!!"

Notice that mysterious cell right above the last diamond tank, the
one with the 3 rocks in it? Well guess what. The wall right under
them is a magic wall. You can use the last rock, the one that
fell on top of the exit square, to squash the last bug to
open that compartment.

This means you are allowed to miss 2 diamonds in this level, so don't
feel bad if you have done so. Also if you're really good at timing,
you can open both the final diamond tank and the magic wall cell
with 1 bug hit. You have to destroy it right in the middle of the
two so both walls open. Easy? No. But it's a lot faster.

+++World 18-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      220|

Puh-leeze. Don't get me started on this one again. Just make sure
not to hit the extra bugs on your way out, okay?

+++World 18-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

There are a lot of changes to this level, and a lot of changes to your
strategy as well. Where shall I start?

The first thing you should notice is that the 6 bug cages to the right
have been shrunk. I'm not really sure why they did that, but it's a change

The second thing you should notice is the 40 diamond quota. This means
you must pick up all the diamonds in the level. This means you will need
to squash 6 bugs just to get out of the right side of the stage.

First thing to do is to cut one dirt square off the right side of the 
central row of dirt. This will allow passage for a bug. Let a bug out
and it will go to the right, down and into the narrow path underneath
the central row of dirt, and then back out. Crush it when it tries to
come back out. Collect those diamonds.

Then open the other side as you normally do. Then repeat the steps
for the bottom part of the stage, which is identical to the top part.
The only difference is that you should follow the first bug into the room,
because if you wait for it, it will destroy you because there is nowhere
to run.

The last change is at the exit. Remember the convenient little
column they put in so you could easily open the exit? It's gone.
Now the only way to open the exit is to crush 2 bugs on top of the

The time limit is quite stingy, and it's not uncommon to die
from TIME UP. You might be tempted to let more than one
but out at a time in an effort to speed things up, but
that strategy just gets too sticky. Don't do it. Instead,
I found a way to save extra time easily. After you collect
diamonds from the right-side compartments, seal them off with a
rock so the bugs don't have to go all the way into them
and back out. It really does save a lot of time.

If you REALLY can't go fast enough (How did you get all the
way to this level?!) and you REALLY must let out more than
one bug at a time, make sure you space them out. A LOT.
You'll see what I mean if you do it wrong.



Oh how cute. It shows a picture of Rocky with his landed plane standing
on a runway waving at you. It says "TRY THE NEXT LEVEL! PASS WORD 724045


_/ 6. Quest 4 \______________________________________________________________

This is it. This is the final stand. It's all you now. You against 24 more
levels. These are the same levels you've played 3 times now, but they all 
have been remixed for maximum difficulty. This will not be easy. 
But don't give up! The satisfaction of having beaten this awesome game
will be well worth it. C'mon, Go for it!

                        ===||BOULDER WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 

Password: 724045

+++World 19-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

| S                   |
|                     |
|                     |
|                     |
|                     |

Both hallways have been sealed up and you must collect all but 2 of 
the diamonds in this level. Use the bugs carefully to smash open 
both the walls. You only get one shot at each, so make it good.

Luckily they've given you some leeway on bug #2, his cage is a bit
bigger so you can let him out more safely than bug #1.

+++World 19-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:       80|

The difference here is that they've added a bug free to the
top left cells. You need all 11 of the diamonds in this level,
by the way. So don't pass any up.

The strategy for the top left diamond is really easy. Just
push the main rock all the way down the hallway so you're shielded
from the bug. Grab diamond #1. When you trap the bug against the
left wall, A-grab the dirt underneath the diamond so that the
diamond falls and lets the bug have a bigger cage. Then A-grab
the diamond at just the right time and run back to the exit.
Or you could squash the bug. It's up to you, really.

+++World 19-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

They've added a bug to this level. So what else is new?! You need
every last diamond in this level as well. Squash the bug if you want,
he can get annoying.

There are a lot more physical changes here, like additions of wall
blocks in various places. 

There's a really easy way to squash the bug. Right above the
bug cage and a square over should be a rock. Let the rock drop,
then push it so that it sits on the edge of the wall. Then
A-grab the bug's cage open and step up. The rock will
topple and hit the bug. :)

+++World 19-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Now every cage has 2 bugs. You need to squash 7 of the 8.
If you plan on crushing bugs with diamonds or crushing a bug
up against the wall (so it only gives you 6 not 9) then
you're gonna have to crush all 8 of them.

Grit your teeth and say "bring it on."

                        ===||==ICE WORLD==||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 

Password: 723846

+++World 20-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:       80|

You need all the diamonds. 4 of the cages have 2 bugs in them. The other 4
only have 1. Use method X to complete this level in the impossibly small
time limit and get your butt out the door. The time limit is so small,
You'll probably end up having to Hail Mary grab the last one!

+++World 20-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Similar situation. You need all the diamonds. 4 of the 8 cages have 2 bugs.
Get creative and squash/trap/whatever all 12 of the bugs in this stage
so you can steal their treasures and exit.

Whew! I made it in 5 seconds to spare!

+++World 20-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      150|

They've gone and moved the amebas to the left. You'll have to work
with them in a whole new environment. You need to trap at least 14
of them.

I highly recommend that you do something with the bug
that's right next to the amebas. He can get tricky to dodge.

+++World 20-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Only change since last time is that there's an extra bug blocking
your exit. Get him outta there before leaving.

                        ===||==SAND WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 

Password: 231750

+++World 21-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      170|

Not much to say here. Use all the navigation skill you have to snag those 
140 diamonds! Much Luck!

You'll get plenty if you do the through-the-middle trick and the
through-the-left-side trick.

+++World 21-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

A very interesting change: it seems that 2 bugs have been inserted into
your sand field to the right. Avoid them as you make your shelves. It's
not easy, I know, but it's the only way. There's nothing to squash them
with and it's horrible if you let them out. So just avoid them and do
your best with the shelf method.

Again, you need all the diamonds except the one stuck under the
bug in the lower left corner.

Since time is your main enemy here, your last 1 or 2 bugs will
probably not go on a shelf. Just ditch them somewhere quick
and convenient on the big square. Remember to make your loop
on the inside of the square or the bug will not get trapped.

+++World 21-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

They've added a bug north of the exit chamber, and you must
get all the diamonds. Rock on. 

Oh, and they've added some extra wall in the upper hallway,
making it kinda tough to get into the 3rd diamond chamber.
It might seem at first that it's impossible to get into there,
but the rocks will topple right away from the opening if you
dig the other side out.

The exit is really easy to block. If the exit chamber gets
blocked, use the new bug (north) to blow a hole in the

+++World 21-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

At first, you might wonder what the big change in this level
is going to be. The camera pan doesn't show it. You'll go through
the first part of the level as usual... use the first bug to get
into the diamond chamber, yadda yadda... make your way across the
top, yadda yadda... you need all 19 of the diamonds in this stage,
but you did last time too, yadda yadda... 
But don't worry, you'll come to it soon enough.

Remember column #3? It's sealed off from the top.

It actually isn't that hard to get around. Use one of the rocks
poised on the right side of column #3 to hit a bug and blast the
chamber open. 

Once inside, clear out the bottomish part like you normally do.

Notice how there's a stacked pile of 4 rocks in this chamber. Remove
the dirt from the left side of that pile, but not from under it.
Keep 2 dirt squares side-by-side under the pile. You're going to make
the pile topple so that one rock will fall onto that middle dirt
square. Once it has, remove the dirt from under the old pile and let
the remaining rocks drop.

Then go get a bug and kick the rock onto it. Collect the last 2 diamonds
and leave.

If you have any odd jobs to be done or if you've made any mistakes to be
fixed, there is that one last bug up top you can use for whatever you want.

                        ===||=OCEAN WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 

Password: 228733

+++World 22-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

The amebas start out on your left this time. Surprisingly, this
actually makes the level harder. How? Well, somehow, squids are
more likely to be deleted by explosions. Which means, less
diamonds. Try not to clear very much room to the right of the amebas.

The ameba-squid explosions probably won't give you all the diamonds
you need. Several squids will probably be stuck going in
circles in their original cage. They need to be un-stuck.

Push rocks into their circular path, then dispatch them and
take their diamonds.

+++World 22-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

Gee wiz!! How easy does this level get?! It's interesting that this level 
started off hard, but now it's freaking easy! Just look at all the rocks 
they gave you. Smash at least 4 of the bugs with those rocks (Try not to 
smash one against the wall so you're robbed of 3 diamonds, but you can and 
still win) then do the double-smash trick on the last two. Easy easy!

+++World 22-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      120|

The only tough part is that you need to let out the 2 puffer fish
in the "V" if you want to drop enough rocks into the magic wall.

Make sure you don't drop too many in there! The diamonds will get
backed up and the magic wall will stop working if you're not careful!

+++World 22-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      180|

18 diamonds should come from the squids. The rest come from the
magic wall. 17 is a lot of rocks to drop in there, so you
need to do a lot of pushing over from the left before the walls 

Heh, you never had to use that left box, did you? :)

                        ===||=RELIC WORLD=||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 

Password: 923838

+++World 23-1+++

|TIME LIMIT:      100|

When you get to the top, you'll find that somebody let the bugs out.

Who? Who Who Who?

But don't worry, they've supplied you with some convenient rocks
in order to squash them. And that's a good thing too, because
you need every last diamond in that pile!

+++World 23-2+++

|TIME LIMIT:       90|

Since this time limit is so horrible, we'll need to modify our
strategy one more time.

A very odd but pointless change was made to the first
bug column you start out with. Just squash the bug.

Then, do the 'cheat' strategy with the leftmost blocker bug.
That'll open the exit chamber. Then run across 3 of the bug
columns and drop the rocks on them, but spare the 4th for now.
(you'll be sparing your own life as well, because that blocker bug on
the right is still there). Instead, wait for that diamond bug to
go into the exit chamber and crunch it with a rock from the
diagonal row for 9 diamonds. If it gives you less than 9, you're
dead. Sorry. Then hurry and situate the rocks and crunch the
remaining bugs for the rest of your diamonds. Then exit!

+++World 23-3+++

|TIME LIMIT:      130|

Madness. Complete madness. Look, they've removed 8 of your free
diamonds. You only have 2 free ones. And look, they've added
a non-diamond bug in with all the diamond bugs. And the diamond
bugs in the rightmost corner have returned. You need all of them.

Since the non-diamond bugs will take a left turn at the top of
the staircase, use one to break open the exit chamber.

When you open the double bug cages, notice how while the
bugs are circling around the box, they will take turns getting
stuck. that means you can effectively leave the non-diamond
bugs in the boxes if you time it right. 

So: For the first cage, let them both out and open the
exit chamber. For the remaining cages, only let out the diamond bug.

If you use this strategy, you'll have just enough rocks to
complete the level.

+++World 23-4+++

|TIME LIMIT:      130|

Lots of diamonds to get!! The only difference is: in the 2 main diamond 
columns on the left, a diamond has been replaced with a wall in each column. 
Not only does it subtract from your total, it also makes it really easy to 
get stuck down there under the rocks that fall. If you don't want to get
stuck you must push one of the rocks out of the way before you go down
into the column. How? Well, delete one of the rocks with the explosion you
use to open the floor, then push the other one out of the way. If you don't,
I'm telling you, either you or your diamonds will get trapped down there.

Other than that, not much different physically from the other versions of
this level. You can get a lot of diamonds from the avalanche zone, so don't
feel bad if some of your diamonds get trapped in the columns.

Read on once you've beaten the level...

This is it! No longer will you have to sleep out in this barren wasteland,
in sub-zero temperatures, with no roof above your head. No longer
must you have to devour raw animals for food. No longer must you 
endure the proud, mocking voices of the citizens who have earned 
a place to live. No more. For tomorrow...


Nevermind, I must be thinking of something else.

Anyway, here goes your last struggle. The hardest world in the game.

                        ===||VOLCANO WORLD||===
                         ==||===round 4===||== 
                       a.k.a. "FINAL DESTINATION"

Password: 184904

***World 24-1***

*TIME LIMIT:      200*

And you thought this game wasn't going to have a boss. Bah. Guess
what. It does have a boss. The boss is this level.

This is the hardest level in the game, so may all
aspects of fortune be with you. Of course, with practice
it will become easy. Note that, on even a semi-good run
through this level, you're gonna get at least 2 or 3
1-UPs. That means you can do this level infinitely. 
That's why I say save it until last.

It's level 6-1 remade, of course. But check out your diamond quota.
120, you say. Right. Now guess how many diamonds total there are
in this stage.

... very good! There are exactly 120 diamonds in this stage.
That means you must get them ALL!!! EVERY LAST ONE!!! Any less, and
you don't pass the level. 

The key to beating world 24-1 is developing a pattern. Discover
a move method for depleting each of the 3 diamond cells. Remember
to use A-grabbing, and remember toppling and pushing. When you
find something that works for one of the diamond cells, for
heaven's sake keep doing it! If you find a way that doesn't work,
smile over at Mr. Thomas Edison and try another way until you
find one that works.

I have my own move pattern for beating this level, but there's
no way on earth I can dump it into a text file like this in any
understandable form whatsoever.

Oh yeah, they did throw in one more kicker into this level.
Remember in cell #3 there were those 2 rocks conveniently poised,
one of them ready to crush a bug to open the last hallway? They
are no longer there. In order to destroy that wall, you must
preserve one of the rocks in a similar position from falling
while you clear out cell #3. There's one 4 squares lower
than where the rock used to be, and I usually use that one.

If you don't, you have to do it the way the game creators
thought they made you do it. And that is to let all 3 of the
bugs out, destroy the wall inside of the bug container,
and run down with rocks falling at your back- similar to what
you did on the far right side. Not pleasant at all.

***World 24-2***

*TIME LIMIT:      190*

This level is hard also. You MUST get every diamond in the stage.

When it comes time to open the exit chamber, you'll notice there is
a spare bug in there. That is the bug you must use to open both the
final diamond cell and the magic wall chamber at the same time.

Once that wall is opened and you collect the 12 diamonds in the
cell, notice your quota. 4. Well, you can get 3 of those from
the magic wall, but where does the last one come from?

That's why there are 2 extra bugs waiting for you at the top of
the bug chamber. You must use one of them to break the wall 
ABOVE the magic wall, so that you may drop an extra rock into 
the magic wall. TRICKY!! Make sure you don't destroy the rock
you plan on dropping into the wall. There should be only one
available, so keep it safe.

***World 24-3***

*TIME LIMIT:      250*

Come on, you only have to do this stage one more time. You can do it!

To make things harder, they've added a load of bugs around the exit.
You must let one of them out if you want to exit safely. Thing is,
that's not safe at all either. Like I said, this level is mostly
luck. That's why I say do it first so you won't have to cry

Not only that, but they've removed some of the rocks surrounding
the amebas. How nice.

To make things easier, they've actually boosted the time limit. YEa!
Still, no matter the time limit, 80 diamonds is a lot to ask for. Make
sure the ameba cage is nowhere near small.

The last part, the let-the-bugs-out part, is the hardest part.
There are 2 ways of doing it. The first is coming in from the
top and navigating down. If you're careful, you don't need
to let any out. The second is coming from the left and letting
the 1 bug out and safely making your way to the exit.

Either way, it's pretty tough. Make sure you jump for joy a
few times when you finally beat this one.

***World 24-4***

*TIME LIMIT:      190*

Unfortunately for you, this level contains the most twisted physical
change in the whole game. There are 4 diamond slots, each with 10
diamonds in them. Do the math. You don't have enough. So where do
the extra 10 come in?

Well, if you look on the left side of all the bugs, you'll see that
the last two bugs are the diamond bugs from Relic World! You need
to crush both of them if you want to meet your diamond quota.

You'll use 6 of the bugs for destroying walls. There is one extra
non-diamond bug before the diamond bugs come. Crush it and then
let out the first diamond bug. He will follow the bottom wall
instead of the top like the non-diamond bugs do. Be aware of this
as you step out of it's way. You can easily crush it at the bottom
of the map with one of the many rocks lined up for you. Do the same
with the second. 

They've added an extra bug down below the diamonds at the bottom
right corner of the map. You don't have to deal with him if
you punch out on the left wall instead of the right.

Now quickly (because your time is running out) make your way
to the exit!! Destroy the 2 bugs to open the exit and get out
of here.

This is personally the last level I do (Since I'm sooo good at
level 1 [/brag]), so I like to call this exit door the "DOOR OF VICTORY" !

Yea! w00t! I win!!! 

Oh wait. Sorry. If you did the levels out of order like I asked you
to, save your celebration for last. Please ;)

When you win, it will have the same "WONDERFUL" screen as always.

It will then show the credits underneath all of the stage intro
animations, taking a freeze-frame of each of them. 

Finally, it will show Rocky standing on top of his pile of diamonds
waving to you. The words "The End." display underneath.

Sniff... How sad... how wonderful... The ending always makes me cry

Excuse me for a moment.


_/ 7. References \___________________________________________________________

Seeing that this is the only Boulderdash guide/FAQ in existence, I've 
this little bit of extra information.

1. Demos
2. Diamond Points
3. Bug References.
4. Misc. Numbers.
5. Graphics List
6. Glitches
7. Passwords At-A-Glance

1. Demos.

The first Demo shows World 1-1 being completed. Rocky picks up 15 diamonds 
and steps into the exit with 100 seconds to spare.

The second demo shows World 3-1 being played. No diamonds are picked up, and
Rocky commits diamond suicide with 180 remaining on the timer.

The third demo shows World 4-1 being played. Rocky lets out some of the
squids, hits them with a rock, and then a diamond falls on him.

In the demos he is wearing the default orange suit.

2. Diamond Points.

Diamonds give varying amounts of points in each stage.

Points for quota diamonds / Points for extra diamonds:

1-1: 10/15
1-2: 20/50
1-3:  5/25
1-4:  5/10

2-1: 50/90
2-2: 40/60
2-3: 10/20
2-4: 10/20

3-1:  5/10
3-2: 25/60
3-3: 50/80
3-4: 20/40

4-1:  5/ 8
4-2: 10/20
4-3: 10/20
4-4: 10/20

5-1: 10/15
5-2: 10/15
5-3: 10/15
5-4: 10/15

6-1: 10/15
6-2: 10/15
6-3: 10/15
6-4: 10/15

I guess the creators just got lazy for the last 2 worlds, they're all
10/15. And I believe they're the same for all 4 quests.

3: Bug References.

Diamond bugs move counterclockwise around the inside of a cage
and clockwise around the outside of something.

Non-diamond bugs move clockwise around the inside of a cage
and counterclockwise around the outside of something.

Points for killing Diamond bugs: Always 0

Points for killing non-diamond bugs:

Boulder World: 200
Ice World:     250
Desert World:  300
Ocean World:   350
Relic World:   400
Volcano World: 450

4. Misc. Numbers.

Number of Quests: 4
Number of Worlds: 24
Number of Levels: 96

Max. Number of Lives: 9
Points for a 1-Up:  about 2000, it changes slightly

Seconds left on timer when music speeds up: 30

Max. Seconds left for "Lucky" score: 30
Max. Seconds left for "Nice" score: 65

5. Graphics List.

Boulder World

Rocks:           Boulders
Dirt:            Dirt
Wall:            Pyramid Brick
Empty Space:     Dark dirt
Diamond Bug:     Butterfly
Non-diamond Bug: Moth

Ice World

Rock:            Mammoth
Dirt:            Ice
Wall:            Pillar
Empty Space:     Dark Ice
Diamond Bug:     None
Non-Diamond Bug: Penguin

Sand World

Rock:            Skull
Dirt:            Sand
Wall:            Pyramid brick
Empty Space:     Dark sand
Diamond Bug:     None
Non-Diamond Bug: Scorpion

Ocean World

Rock:            Head
Dirt:            Seaweed
Wall:            Pillar
Empty Space:     Bubbles
Diamond Bug:     Squid
Non-Diamond Bug: Puffer Fish

Relic World

Rock:            Marble
Dirt:            Vine
Wall:            Face brick
Empty Space:     Dark vine
Diamond Bug:     Voodo Man
Non-Diamond Bug: Moth

Volcano World

Rock:            Skull
Dirt:            Lava
Wall:            Face brick
Empty Space:     Dark lava 
Diamond Bug:     Voodo Man
Non-Diamond Bug: Spider

6. Glitches.

-"Imaginary Items" glitch
When the screen scrolls sideways, some seemingly random items can be seen
on the side of the screen. At first I thought these were the items that were
appearing on the other side of the screen, but I was wrong. It's just random.

-Disappearing Rock glitch 
In some very rare cases, a rock will just disappear when falling. I've
most often run into this glitch while clearing out cell #1 in world 6-1,
but it's popped up in a few other places too. Sometimes it happens in
world 6-3, if the rock has been surrounded by amebas which turn into

-Timer glitch
Because of an internal timer error, you will sometimes be robbed of up to 1
second from your time limit clock at the beginning of a stage.

-Exit square glitch
A rock will not topple off of the exit square, as seen in world 6-2.

-Ameba glitch
In some rare cases, amebas will turn to diamonds without having
completely filled in their space. It happens sometimes in
world 6-3.

-Bug Destroy glitch
Sometimes your score for squashing a bug is not displayed when you
squash it.

-1-Up Score glitch
The score at which you get 1-ups is supposed to be 2000, but it
changes. For example, sometimes it's 2100.

-Bug Offset Glitch
When a non-diamond bug is crushed, all the rest of the bugs in the level will
pause for a second. This can cause bugs to become offset in their cages 
(even if they're on the other side of the map) and it may cause some serious
timing problems.

7. Passwords At-A-Glance.

Here is a list of all the level passwords. Use it if you forget your
password. Please don't use them to skip levels. Trust me. Even if you say
"Aww, I can beat all these levels, I just can't beat them all at one time, 
Just get me to the next world" it robs you of a huge amount of satisfaction
from playing the game. 

If you want to use passwords to cheat, then why are you reading this guide?


1.  Anything
2.  635870
3.  840137
4.  840967
5.  225378
6.  752053

7.  423480
8.  457397
9.  432579
10. 864111
11. 995065
12. 827100

13. 532375
14. 243481
15. 606664
16. 692551
17. 724892
18. 772974

19. 724045
20. 243481
21. 231750
22. 228733
23. 923838
24. 184904


_/ 8. Closing & Credits \____________________________________________________

Thank you for reading my guide. I worked very hard on it. I worked very
hard on beating this game as well. I feel it's a great accomplishment
for me, and I hope that you'll have the same feeling when you beat the

If this guide has helped you in any way whatsoever (Even with the C64
version of the game which I hear is the same), PLEASE e-mail me telling
me so. 


Since this is a rare game, you're one of the few people in this world
to own it. (Unless you're using a ROM). So please tell me if you liked the
guide, if it helped at all, or what you think of the game in general.

Also, I'm a huge fan of StarCraft, Doom, MIDI music, Visual Basic, and
a few other video games. You may e-mail me for any reason, I always reply
to every message I receive.

Also, I understand that I was a bit vague on some of the level strategies.
That's because it's very hard to write a guide for this game. If you're
stuck somewhere and the level strategy isn't helping much, please mail me
and I'll try to clarify as much as possible.


All character names and trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

This game and all related stuff is property of First Star and Nintendo.

As for this document, you may use it in any way you want- seeing that it
probably won't be much help to anyone anyway. So go ahead, distribute it,
reproduce it, edit it, or take credit for it for all I care! It's my 
contribution to the world of videogaming. You do not need to ask my 
permission or that of GameFaqs.com to use this text file for any reason. 
I have no want or need to place a Copyright on this thing, so there is none.


Thanks to First Star for making this game, and thanks to
Gamefaqs.com if they decide to post it.

Special thanks to Drew for emotional support.

Anyway, I hope this game was as fun for you as it was for me. Thanks 
again for taking the time to read this document. May your future days be 
blessed with great riches. :)

    /\    /\   
   /  \  /  \
  \    ||    /
    \  ||  /