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                        THE TECHNOS ICE HOCKEY FAQ

                 By: KR Zhang (yanzhang@fas.harvard.edu)
                           V. 1.04 (9/09/03)
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             N E W S (hey! That stands for the 4 directions!) 
1.00 I started it. Any questions?
1.01 Stuff. A LOT of stuff.
1.02 Change of email
1.03 Change of email, again.
1.04 Change of email, one more time. Added a "philosophy" section
     for more analytical players and/or game designers, to put stuff
     I have learned from the game here. Added an addenum to the introduction.

After writing a few FAQs for fun, I stumbled on a nice little
translated game called Technos Ice Hockey. For the Japanese players, it
will be semi-hard to get, bt for the emulators, it was brilliantly 
translated by the renowned TransBRC company (thanks!) and seemed to be 
something I'd write about. So here goes.

By the way, Disconnected also wrote a good translation, but I will do
it on the TransBRC translation basis because it is more complete. And yes,
I know that this game translates somethings wrong, but so be it. They don't
actually go to the World's, I know that is true too, but it really shouldn't
affect the gameplay issues.

Nintendo, Technos Japan, etc. owns all the crap, la de dah... and I wrote
everything else, so don't rip off of it... blah blah blah. Now I can start.

Introduction (hey, didn't I just have one of those?)
Technos Ice Hockey is a nice game for the NES. You can enjoy it even if
you are NOT a hockey fan... (yes! You can!) It is a mixture of hockey,
beating people up, story about life (um, yeah), love story, and plain
old Technos Fun that you find in all of their games with silly deformed
men. The high-schoolers in the game are Kunio and his friends (although
he is called Ric in this translation), who also appeared in River City
Ransom, Crash 'N the Boys Street Challenge, and other similar games like
Renegade (yes, Mr. K. is Kunio), etc. But enough about that, let's begin.

This is a pretty fast-paced game, so expect good controls. You'll need
quite a lot of practice.

Joypad: Moves in various directions. 
        Press a direction twice to dash,
        When dashing, a sudden turn could be made by pressing up-up
          or down-down quickly. This move is good for outmenuvering the
          opponent, or simply to get the puck.

A: Tells goalie to low-block. 
   Swipes the stick in a circular motion. Very useful. Can be used to hit
     puck or people.
   When dashing (without puck), will do three consecutive swipes. Very
     powerful and my favorite offensive move.
   Passing (when in possesion of puck) to closest ally in your direction.
     (done by pressing it once firmly)
   Hits puck in air, set up for super shot, etc. (tap it once)
   Throwing pass. (hold button)

B: Tells goalie to high-block.
   Shoots puck. (when tapped)
   Charge up for super shot. (when held)
   Shoulder push (when opponent has puck)

A+B: Tells goalie to jump. Sorta pointless.

They can be combined in interesting ways. There are (in my knowledge)
at least 5 ways to shoot a shot!

1. Um, press B to shoot.
2. Hold B, and let go. A supershot would be done if the character has energy
   and held for sufficient time. Stronger than regular shot.
3. Press A to hit puck up, and then use B to shoot (charged up or not).
4. Press A to intercept a midair ball, sending it straight toward the
   enemy goal.
5. Holding + release A for a throwing pass, then shooting with A or B.

Supershot Info
A supershot is a shot that must be done by either charging up, or hitting
an airborne puck. They are usually very powerful and would do a lot of 
damage. Here is a list of supershots Kunio's team could do. As for the
other teams, their attacks will be in the "walkthrough".

Kunio: The main character has a fast, flashy, straightforward shot. The puck
       turns into a flashing disc and slices cleanly through the air, 
       charging at the goalkeeper of the other team.

Jack, and other members of the Dodgeball Club: they have a generic supershot
       which is basically a fast, flashing straight shot, not as strong
       as Kunio's though.

Alex: The second-in-command has a surprisingly weak supershot. It goes for
      a distance and slows down, spinning on the ground. If someone touches
      it, it blasts off in a direction after sending the someone into the
      lower stratemosphere.

Sam: This little guy has a wicked shot! It flies forward a distance and 
     becomes small. Afterwards, it wanders very slowly toward the opposition
     goal. However, it packs a lot of power and can knock almost anyone
     out of the way.

Moe: The default goalie has a very nice shot. It goes to the other goal,
     spins around it three times, goes back, and flies into the goal. It
     has a very good chance of success.

Joe: This guy's supershot will direct his shot up or down (whichever is
     farthest), bounce it off the wall, and send the puck soaring directly
     at the opponent.

Fred: The first recruit has a supershot similar to the Patriots: it will
      soar up the sky near the goalie, and drop down on him to go in the

Jeff: The second recruit has a shot that is somewhat subtle. It goes 
      straight without flashing for a while, making it look like a regular
      shot, then does a fast turn towards the goal.

Samurais: Haven't seen any supershots off of them...

Dodgers: A shot that goes forward, disappears, and then reappear in front
         of your goalie.

Girls: Changes shot into a teddy bear which bounces toward your goal and
       finally knocks the goalie out of the way with a jump.

Patriots: A shot that soars up the sky near the other goalie, and drops on
          him after a second. It will then bounce in the goal.

Killers: Some shot that spins around sideways. Pretty fast and powerful.

The Lincoln, Russian, and American teams have a combination of
supershots as opposed to one per team for the other computer teams. The
only different shots I have seen are: 

Various: The shot bounces off the walls three times, and then soars toward
         the goal.

Russian: The shot changes into a hawk with a semi-irregular flying pattern.

Canadian: This team's three main representatives have three different
  Paul: A typhoon-like shot. Very powerful, and eats anything in its path,
        including the players.
  Pete: A shot exactly like Moe's.
  Guy : The shot that bounces off the walls three times.


At the beginning, you see an introduction. Basically, Kunio (Ric in the game,
for some reason I can't give up Kunio's name, so stay with me. All other
characters will retain their names), Jack, and his friends play dodgeball
at Nekketu High School (played Super Dodge Ball? That's them!) and one
day, Kunio superspikes an Alex out from under a tree. It seems that he plays
hockey and his team is doing bad. So Kunio thinks about it and plays hockey
to see what he could do.

-                 W A L K T H R O U G H  (well, sorta)                     -

1st battle: vs. Southside Hockey (Southside)
Kunio faces off against Alex the first time. Kunio's starting suit is the
same as Alex's:

-Attack : 16-
-Defense: 25-

And has no special powers. A good way to get used to the game at the
beginning... this game will be quite easy, fast, and loose. Enjoy it while
you can to harass the hopeless opposition. They will make mistakes every 
time they can and will always tire out before a supershot. The only
threatening guy with any real ability is Alex. Watch him. Otherwise, the
other goalie will just let you pile in those shots... practice throwing
the puck into the air and then hitting them, and practice those supershots!

2nd battle: vs. Samurais (Southside)
The cinema shows Alex being scared of the Samurais, and Kunio, the new
captain, promptly uppercuts him. Mai (Alex's girlfriend) shows up and says
something. Then Kunio looks at the team, who turn into squids (???) and
says stuff to "get them in line". The cinema is pretty funny! Then Ted, the
Samurai's captain, has Kunio for tea and hints the SONIC BOOM attack.

You'll still have the high school suit, so this is pretty one-sided. But
hey, you got skills, right? The battle will be faster here. The opponent 
will not just let you go by, they will actually try to hit you. Luckily,
none of the Samurai's have a supershot. The only thing to really be scared
by is their SONIC BOOM. When they jump, they will sometimes do one, firing
a large wave of energy that will do a lot of damage to a person and knock
them out of the air. Try to hit them while you are close to them instead.
Otherwise, it is not a very difficult battle.

3rd battle: vs. Dodgers (Southside)
Kunio shows off, and tries a second victory against the baseball players
this time. Now you can choose suits... why bother with the High school
suit? Put on some Samurai gear!

-Attack : 28-
-Defense: 38-
-Special: B (air) -> Sonic Boom-

This time, pressing B after jumping will execute the Sonic Boom! This suit
will help you much in this match. Remember, Sonic Boom does not work well
if you are adjacent to the enemy, so time your jumps. And don't hit your

The Dodgers are a bit harder. Pretty big bats... they will now try to 
throw their pucks up and then hitting them, aka baseball. The team's super-
shot is making the puck go forward quickly, dissappear, reappear in front
of the goalie, and then coming in. This can be blocked if you are fast 
enough. Try to nail the guys with the Sonic Boom a lot, and do it so
it always comes out right. The Dodgers have another special ability, though,
and that is... also from baseball. If you fire a high shot and the goalie
sees it coming fast enough, he will knock it right back at you at super-
speed. What's worse, sometimes it is a supershot coming at super speed.
So be prepared for fast button tapping.

4th battle: vs. Shedevils (Southside)
Kunio wins again, and for some reason meets a girl Flo from Shedevil 
Academy. She wants to play too...

-Attack : 24-
-Defense: 12-
-Special: A (shot coming) -> Homerun Return-

Although it has lower stats, the knocking back shots could prove invaluable
in later matches, and also pretty effective in this one. But take your pick.
The Samurai suit is still not bad.

The girls prove surprisingly difficult in this match here... :). For they
will really get mad and hit you hard with those spins and shoves. They are
fast too... they could be in front of your goal in a second, so watch out.
Besides beating your team around like rag dolls, the girl's supershot is
also pretty nasty. It takes form of a Teddy Bear and hops gently toward
your goal, then it knocks the goalie right out of it. With the Baseball
suit, you could sometimes time it just right to bat the bear/ball back 
towards the other goal. However, said again, this is a tough battle. You
should master the art of hitting airborne pucks now, and do a lot of those.

5th battle: vs. Patriots (their school)
Kunio takes a shower with Bo, the Patriot's leader. (No, not like that. 
And Bo is also "Ryan" from RCR, as well as "Riki" from the other games) the
cinema is still wierd...

-    GIRL   -
-Attack : 28-
-Defense: 63-
-Speical: Kunio's team falls funny-

I like this suit for two reasons, one: incredibly high defense for against
such an agressive team you will be up against; two: it makes Kunio/friends
look adorable, fall adorable, etc. and is just plain funny. The baseball
suit, however, will help this round a lot more.

This is your defination of a ferocious match. The football players are
fast, strong, knows when to bounce off walls (their school has bump walls)
to become REALLY fast, and are downright MEAN. They would jump and drop kick
you like you were nothing, and they love to German Suplex you whenever they
could. They would charge up for shots in your goalie's face, so watch out.
They also introduce a new computer tactic: hitting the puck up, beat you
up with a Suplex or such, and retreiving the puck. Their supershot is a shot
which comes at the goalie, flies to the sky, and drop down, hitting the
goalie to go in the goal. With the baseball suit, this shot is almost 
useless. Just time it so that you swing a second after the sound of the
puck dropping, and it would be flying back in no time. Try to hit hard in 
this game, and watch those kicks and slams!

6th battle: vs. Killers (Hanazono?)
Kunio rides with the crazy leader of the Hanazono Military school,
who is an absolute psycho (don't his eyes tell you?). By the way, you
get a new character, Fred, starting this game. He is very well-rounded
also... I suggest putting him in regular lineups.

-   FOOT    -
-Attack : 32-
-Defense: 50-
-Special: B (air)    -> Drop Kick     -
-         B (ground) -> German Suplex -

This suit is good. It was won after a hard battle and you deserve it.
Both of the special attacks have high priority, and you should remember 

This round is also plain hard. The skaters will skate very fast, and they
know exactly when to intercept your passes and knock them back at you.
Moreover, the field is loaded with strange "mines" that explode if you go
on them, and some are around the center of the field! Watch out for that
too. The main thing about this round is the skater's speed, the next thing
their supershot. It will spin around aka Shuttlepuck and slide into your
goal. Block it (which is fairly easy), play baseball, or try to stop it low
with the A button. Also, when the skaters charge up, they will jump up into
a mad spin, hitting anything around them. Therefore, the Samurai suit will
be a great asset this round, allowing you to Sonic Boom the fools out of the
sky! You will also notice these guys are not as sturdy, so a few booms
could weaken them a lot. If you can just counter their speed, the Killers
will be a breeze.

7th battle: vs. Lincoln High (Lincoln High)
Alex, being a wimp, gets uppercutted by Kunio again. This time, they are
facing off against the last strong school... Lincoln High. Get ready!

-   SKATE   -
-Attack : 48-
-Defense: 19-
-Special: B (hold) -> Spinning Attack-
-         B (air)  -> Jump Kick      -

Handy suit... too bad it has a low defense. Now, charging up would let
you do the crazy spinning thingy, and jumping + B will produce a not
very effective jump kick. 

Lincoln High has everything: speed, strength, skill, stamina, and annoying
little rocks in their stadium that makes pucks bounce off in weird
directions. Use any suit you want, they will all make a good showing. This
fight is pure skill, they have no cheap moves, it is just up to you and
your practicing. Remember, they may be fast, but you are intelligent.

8th battle: vs. Russians (Technos Stadium)
Alex becomes a wimp again and decides to refrain from the World Challenge.
Kunio was ABOUT to beat him up, but decides not to and drags the team
toward the first challenge: Russians.

-Attack : 30-
-Defense: 80-
Old, regular High School suit on steroids.

Russians are big, strong, fast, sturdy, and red too. (???) Basically, you're
going to get your butt kicked if you didn't practice. Starting from
this match, the best teams of the world will all be crazy like these guys.
This match is just like Lincoln High, and is a battle of pure skill.

9th battle: vs. Americans (Technos Stadium)
The team gets a new player Jeff. He is pretty good. 

-Attack : 45-
-Defense: 72-
The LINCOLN suit on steroids. It is a lot stronger but a little weaker on
defense than the Lincoln suit. It is still pretty cool...

Americans are big, strong, fast, somewhat sturdy, and has funky haircuts.
This team is less sturdy than russians, so hit them as hard as possible. The
problem is, that the Americans tend to be aggressive, and will hit you
fast and hard wherever you are. They also like to hit the puck up, hit you
while it is in the air, then retrieve the puck. Finally, their cheapest
tactic: hitting your goalie repeatedly with two players when the third
prepares a shot. Again, can't say much about the latter matches... pure 

10th battle: vs. Canadians (Technos Stadium)
Nothing much to say. This is the final battle against the king of hockey...
the Canadian Team.

This match is very hard. Although less sturdy than the other teams, this
team has pure skill and speed. They love to jump and smash your head, and
pull off supershots rather quickly. A player to watch is the head guy of 
the team (whatever his name is) whose supershot (a typhoon) will suck up
any player in the way and speed towards to goal. On this team, you'll need
every ounce of skill as you need to pull quick supershots by hitting pucks
in the air or by charging up when the other team is away. Just know what 
to do, and you will win!

Find out by yourself, mister!

-                H O C K E Y   P L A Y E R S   I N D E X                   -

- NAME  -  POWER  -  SPEED  - DEFENSE -     SUPERSHOT      -      TEAM     -
- Kunio -   180   -    98   -    65   - Slicing Disc       -    Dodgeball  -
- Jack  -   162   -   121   -    63   - Flashing Shot      -    Dodgeball  -
-  Rob  -   174   -    92   -    62   - Flashing Shot      -    Dodgeball  -
-  Irv  -   165   -    84   -    69   - Flashing Shot      -    Dodgeball  -
- Evan  -   165   -    58   -    66   - Flashing Shot      -    Dodgeball  -
- Kunio -   180   -    98   -    65   - Slicing Disc       -    Southside  -
- Alex  -   186   -    92   -    72   - Spinning Mine      -    Southside  -
-  Sam  -   144   -    83   -    64   - Mini Puck Float    -    Southside  -
-  Moe  -   172   -    54   -   102   - Whirlwind Shot     -    Southside  -
-  Joe  -    96   -   118   -    58   - Single Wall Bounce -    Southside  -
- Fred  -   176   -   115   -    69   - Gift From Heaven 2 -    Southside  -
- Jeff  -   165   -    90   -    62   - Fake Shot          -    Southside  -
-  Ted  -   162   -    57   -    64   - None               -     Samurai   -
- Ushi  -   126   -    88   -    60   - None               -     Samurai   -
-  Ken  -    95   -    56   -    62   - None               -     Samurai   -
-  Ryu  -    97   -    88   -    59   - None               -     Samurai   -
- Eyes  -   126   -    48   -    65   - None               -     Samurai   -
-  Dan  -   188   -    99   -    66   - Invisible Puck     -     Dodgers   -
- John  -   185   -    94   -    62   - Invisible Puck     -     Dodgers   -
- Carl  -   179   -    74   -    59   - Invisible Puck     -     Dodgers   -
-  Lon  -   145   -    75   -    58   - Invisible Puck     -     Dodgers   -
-  Dao  -   143   -    72   -    55   - Invisible Puck     -     Dodgers   -
-  Flo  -   152   -   124   -    52   - Teddy Bear Shot    - Shedevil Aca. -
-  Amy  -   128   -   128   -    49   - Teddy Bear Shot    - Shedevil Aca. -
-  Lu   -   150   -   110   -    50   - Teddy Bear Shot    - Shedevil Aca. -
-  Kim  -   148   -    22   -    48   - Teddy Bear Shot    - Shedevil Aca. -
-  Sue  -   180   -   126   -    47   - Teddy Bear Shot    - Shedevil Aca. -
-  Bo   -   182   -    98   -    80   - Gift From Heaven   -     Patriots  -
-  Lou  -   185   -    96   -    92   - Gift From Heaven   -     Patriots  -
-  Ian  -   160   -    75   -    82   - Gift From Heaven   -     Patriots  -
- Bret  -   175   -    73   -    90   - Gift From Heaven   -     Patriots  -
-  Ben  -   180   -    81   -    75   - Gift From Heaven   -     Patriots  -
-  Ed   -   185   -    95   -    74   - Shuttlepuck        -     Military  -
-  Rat  -   167   -   110   -    60   - Shuttlepuck        -     Military  -
- Rico  -   164   -    99   -    85   - Shuttlepuck        -     Military  -
-  Len  -   186   -    89   -    94   - Shuttlepuck        -     Military  -
- Zeke  -   160   -    86   -    70   - Shuttlepuck        -     Military  -
- Nick  -   205   -    96   -   100   - Irregular Spinshot -     Lincoln   -
- Biff  -   188   -    92   -    74   - Mini Puck Float    -     Lincoln   -
-  Tim  -   175   -    55   -    95   - Irregular Spinshot -     Lincoln   -
- Greg  -   203   -    46   -   105   - Mini Puck Float    -     Lincoln   -
- Mark  -   177   -    53   -    93   - Irregular Spinshot -     Lincoln   -

What made this game good? It is hard to pinpoint. Is it that you can jump over 
the goals? Is it that you can smash someone and then rush into them with an A
to pummel them? Is it that you can make a hurricane that takes all the players
in its path out of the game for a while? I don't know, to tell you the truth.

Technos Ice Hockey is another one of Technos' franchise of SD (Super Deformed)
sports games. Being SD in itself is something Americans don't like to do, but 
many of us are very attracted to it... it somehow makes the senseless violence
less sharp and more tongue-in-cheek, to capture the spirit of the game in a light
atmosphere and funny characters. After all, it is a game, not a serious sports
simulation. Lighten up!

Maybe that is the key to what makes this game work! Future game designers 
should take this to note. The designers had one thing in mind, to make a game
as fun as possible, while climbing to an abstract motif. The game had nothing
revolutionary, but did what it have to do for its two main goals - comedic
entertainment and fast-paced fun. It focuses on small jokes, cartoony graphics,
and "special moves" to make a game that is definitely more than the sum of its

Remember NBA Jam? =)

(C) 1999 by KR Zhang (cronot@erols.com) happy.