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Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge Item/Hacking FAQ (NES)
July 11, 2006 v1.1
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1. Items
 1a. Inn
 1b. Health Food Store
 1c. Item Shop
 1d. Sports Item Shop
2. Tips
3. Hacking


1. Items

 1a. Inn
RULES      B 1  Learn the basic rules of the event.
HINTS      S 1  Get basic hints for the event.
INSPIRE    B 2  Get cheering for the event.

 1b. Health Food Store
HP-UP  50% G20  Restores 50% HP
HP-UP 100% G25  Restores 100% HP
<!(&/&X![  S 2  A random character, possibly a teammate, loses almost all HP.
TRADE-OFF  G 2  -40 HP, +10 POW, +10 SPD, +10 DEF

 1c. Item Shop
ARMOR      S 5  +20 DEF
ITEM KIT   G 3  +20 POW, +20 SPD, +20 DEF

 1d. Sports Item Shop
  The items available here depend on the event.

400 meter hurdles
SPIN KICK  G 2  Less precise timing required to perform the spin kick
GREASER    S 9  Patches of grease are laid out to slow down the opponent
TACKS      S 5  Patches of tacks are laid out to trip the opponent
SPAZZ ROLL B 7  Replaces the shoulder ram with an invincible roll; only 3 uses

Hammer throw
ROCKET     G 4  Increases the distance thrown by about 1/3
SPIKES     S 7  Reduces the chance of botched throws
ROLLER     B 1  Ball rolls instead of bouncing; inceases risk of water hazard
SONIC SPIN G10  Get more power for less button mashing

CHOMPER    G15  A fish periodically appears and drains all the opponent's Oxy
GUM        S 5  Reduces Oxy consumption rate, but doesn't protect against hits
WEBBING    B 4  Increases movement speed in the water

Roof top jumping
RETREAT    B 2  Allows you to move backwards
REBOUND X1 G 4  Gives 1 extra rebound for recovering from falls
REBOUND X3 G10  Gives 3 extra rebounds for recovering from falls

Fighting scene
QUICK-UP   G15  PP recovers much faster
SONIC JAB  G15  Punching throws a projectile, but it costs you all your PP
BIG ATTACK G25  Can drain the opponent's PP even from a lower grappling position
SPOOL JOB  G 2  Replaces the running punch with a long range rolling attack

2. Tips

-None of the items at the Inn do any good.

-The <!(&/&X![ item can be a big help but it won't affect opponents you are 
about to face in the current event.

-The TRADE-OFF item may be a good buy if the event doesn't require too much HP.

-The maximum for Power, Defense and Speed is 127.

-Changes to Power, Defense and Speed revert after the event is over, but HP is 
not restored.

-If a character loses all his HP he'll get some back. But the only way to get 
back more is with health food.

-The computer always cheats. However, it never buys items. You won't stand much 
of a chance against the computer unless you buy items.

-The object of the game is to get the most money (medals). So you should only 
make purchases that will pay for themselves.

-GREASER and TACKS are good buys and complement one another well.

-If you don't have autofire you may need the SONIC SPIN.

-An alternative strategy for the Hammer throw is to forget about making Par and 
just get as many coins as possible.

-CHOMPER is unpredictable but often saves the day. WEBBING is definitely worth 
the money.

-RETREAT is very cheap and potentially useful. The important thing is getting 
to the end of the course, not the time.

-SPOOL JOB is the best buy for fighting; even though it's weak, it can drain 
the opponent's PP effectively to set up throws.

3. Hacking

  The following addresses contain important information that could be used for 
making useful codes.

0331-0335  Gold medals of Team 1 - Team 5 (value must be in decimal, not hex)
0336-033A  Silver medals of Team 1 - Team 5 (the only valid values are 00-09)
033B-033F  Bronze medals of Team 1 - Team 5 (the only valid values are 00-09)
0340-0344  Current HP of the five Southside High members (Team 1)
0345-0349  Current HP of the five Washington High members (Team 2)
034A-034E  Current HP of the five Lincoln High members (Team 3)
034F-0353  Current HP of the five Jefferson High members (Team 4)
0354-0358  Current HP of the five Thorney members (Team 5)
06C0-06C4  Speed of active member (Player 1 - Player 5)
06C5-06C9  Power of active member (Player 1 - Player 5)
06CA-06CE  Defense of active member (Player 1 - Player 5)

000331:40 would set the gold medals of player 1 to 40
000340:FF would set Crash's HP to 255

The "Current HP" codes fix HP between heats and between events, but you can't 
make characters invincible with them.

The player-team matchups are chosen at the beginning of the game, but "Player 5"
is always the unplayable Thornley team.

Speed, Power and Defense of inactive members are not stored in RAM.



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