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				      Save State Hacking Guide (v0.9)
					     By: HereticalG0d

I. Introduction
II. Legal Stuffz (disclaimer)
III. Guide
  a. Character Offsets
  b. Character Values
  c. Item Offsets
  d. Item Values
  e. Sword Offsets
  f. Sword Values
  g. Armor Offsets
  h. Armor Values
  i. Shield Offsets
  j. Shield Values
  k. Power Offsets
  l. Power Values
  m. Magic Offsets
  n. Magic Values.
IV. Troubleshooting
V. Thanks

|Version 0.9 (3/22/04)|
|    Created Guide    |
|Version 0.92 (5/3/13)|
|     Minor Edits     |
| Fixed Grammar, etc. |

I. Introduction
Ok, this would be the first guide I've ever written for GameFAQs. I was playing
 went on GameFAQs to see what guides they had for the game, and was surprised
to see that there wasn't
 a save state hacking guide! I felt compelled to make one. So this is the
product of a couple hours of gaming, and a little while of save state hax0ring.

Here's what you'll need to hack Crystalis save states:
A Crystalis ROM
A NESter NES emulator (You could use different emulators, but the offsets would
be different.)
And you'll need to download a copy of Hex Workshop from
(This is just the preferred program. It's possible to use other hex editors.)

Now that you have all the required stuff, let's get hacking!

II. Legal Stuffz (disclaimer)
The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is copyright Nintendo Inc.
I am in no way affiliated with that company nor do I wish to be (no offense).
None of the statements or opinions in this guide reflect the opinions and/or
beliefs of any of Nintendo's staff.

Crystalis and all related characters/names are copyright SNK.
(Yes, it's true, they don't only make fighting games.)
I am in no way related to that company or any of its games and/or characters.
And just like with Nintendo, nothing in this guide reflect the
opinions/statements of any of this
 company's staff (not that I know of anyway).
Any other companies I missed, I'm sorry. I'm kinda new at this. (Don't sue. ;))

This guide is Copyright 2004 Michael Phillips (that's me).
If you'd like to use it, just email me and ask for permission
Basically, just ask if you can use it and leave the whole document intact and
I'll probably allow you to use it. Understand that copying this document either
in its entirety or partially without permission is copyright infringement.

III. Guide
Here's the actual guide portion of the document. :P
Here's some info on hexadecimal values.

Offsets: Offsets are the location of data in hex.
Byte: A byte is a piece of data, consisting of 8 bits. Ie. 00 is a byte.
Word: These are two bytes put together. When entering values into words...
There's something to remember. You MUST switch around the first byte and last
byte of each word. ie. 03E7 (Hexadecimal equivalent of 999) MUST be changed to
E703, otherwise the value will be screwed. Now that that's settled, here's the

  a. Character Offsets
Here are the offsets that I was able to locate in the game.

Level: 43E (This doesn't seem to do much, it doesn't really look like it
changes anything other than the level display... I'll look into it more.)

Condition: 72D

Current EXP: 721 + 722
Required EXP: 723 + 734

Max Life: 3DD
Current Life: 3DE

Current MP: 725
Max MP: 726

Attack: 3FE

Defense (1): 41D (This is the shield defense.)
Defense (2): 41E (This is the armor defense.)

Cash: 71F + 720

  b. Character Values
These are the maximum values for each of your character's stats. I'll place the
hexadecimal equivalent of each number in parentheses after the number itself.

Level: Your level in Crystalis can only go up to a maximum of 16 (10)

Current EXP: The fact that this has two bytes (two different offsets) means
that it allows a maximum value of 65535 (FFFF) although you never need that
much EXP to level up.

Needed EXP: The fact that this has two bytes (two different offsets)
means that it allows a maximum value of 65535 (FFFF) of course, I don't know
why you'd want to increase the amount of experience you need to level up.

Max Life: Your max life can be a value of up to 255 (FF)

Current Life: (see Max Life)

Current MP: Your current MP can reach 255 (FF)

Max MP: (see Current MP)

Attack: It would seem as though you'd be able to increase this to 255 (FF) but
it may only display correctly a value of up to 99 (63)

Defense(1): This allows for a value of 255 (FF) but it won't show it.
The highest value that you'll be able to see is 99 (63)

Defense(2): (see Defense(1))

Cash: Another 2 byte (2 offset) value. This can reach 65535 (FFFF),
then even when you kill monsters in the game and take their money, it won't go
up any higher.

Condition: The following values are the various conditions your character
can be in.
00 = Normal
01 = Paralyzed
03 = Poison
04 = Mutated (This one's cool, turns you into a slime. Only trouble is you
can't use weapons in this condition.)

  c. Item Offsets
These are the item offsets. Change these values to get different items.
(Note: Some items are required to clear certain parts of the game.)

1st Row = 1D92, 1D93, 1D94, 1D95, 1D96, 1D97, 1D98, 1D99
2nd Row = 1D9A, 1D9B, 1D9C, 1D9D, 1D9E, 1D9F, 1DA0, 1DA1
3rd Row = 1DA2, 1DA3, 1DA4, 1DA5, 1DA6, 1DA7, 1DA8, 1DA9

There are 24 total item slots. Each can hold one item.

  d. Item Values
The following values provide the corresponding itemz.
Some of these items serve no purpose other than to be given back to their
rightful owners to progress in the game. (Such as the Statue of Onyx.) The
numbers in parentheses after each item is what row it should go in when placed
in your inventory (I haven't figured them all out yet.)

1D = Medical Herb (1)
1E = Antidote (1)
1F = Lysis Plant (1)
20 = Fruit of Lime (1)
21 = Fruit of Power (1)
22 = Magic Ring (1)
23 = Fruit of Repun (1)
24 = Warp Boots (1)
25 = Statue of Onyx
26 = Opel Statue (1)
27 = Insect Flute
28 = Flute of Lime (2)
29 = Gas Mask (2)
2A = Power Ring (2)
2B = Warrior Ring (2)
2C = Iron Necklace (2)
2D = Deo's Pendant (2)
2E = Rabbit Boots (2)
2F = Leather Boots  (2)
30 = Shield Ring (2)
31 = Alarm Flute (1)
32 = Windmill Key
33 = Key to Prison
34 = Key to Stxy
35 = Fog Lamp
36 = Shell Flute (2)
37 = Eye Glasses (2)
38 = Broken Statue (2)
39 = Glowing Lamp (2)
3A = Statue of Gold
3B = Kirisa Plant
3C = Ivory Statue
3D = Bow of Moon
3E = Bow of Sun
3F = Bow of Truth

  e. Sword Offsets
Each of the following offsets has a sword that goes to it. I haven't tried
mixing up sword combinations but I know that not all swords can be used with
all bracelets/balls.

1st Sword = 1D82
2nd Sword = 1D83
3rd Sword = 1D84
4th Sword = 1D85

  f. Sword Values
These are the values for each of the 5 swords. I've also included the
recommended offset placement for each of them in parentheses following
the sword's name.

00 = Sword of Wind (1D82)
01 = Sword of Fire (1D83)
02 = Sword of Water (1D84)
03 = Sword of Thunder (1D85)
04 = *Crystalis (1D82)

*It would seem as though Crystalis is all 4 swords combined, so it goes in the
first sword slot. I'm not sure if any other swords are allowed to be there.

  g. Armor Offsets
It seems as though it doesn't really matter which piece of armor goes where.

1st Armor = 1D86
2nd Armor = 1D87
3rd Armor = 1D88
4th Armor = 1D89

  h. Armor Values

15 = Tanned Hide
16 = Leather Armor
17 = Bronze Armor
18 = Platinum Armor
19 = Soldier Suit
1A = Ceramic Suit
1B = Battle Armor
1C = Psycho Armor

  i. Shield Offsets
As with the armor, it doesn't seem as though it matters which slots the
shields go into.

1st Shield = 1D8A
2nd Shield = 1D8B
3rd Shield = 1D8C
4th Shield = 1D8D

  j. Shield Values

0D = Carapace Shield
0E = Bronze Shield
0F = Platinum Shield
10 = Mirrored Shield
11 = Ceramic Shield
12 = Sacred Shield
13 = Battle Shield
14 = Psycho Shield

  k. Power Offsets
OK, these are the balls and bracelets It would seem as though each offset
has a specific ball/bracelet that must occupy it.

1st Item = 1D8E
2nd Item = 1D8F
3rd Item = 1D90
4th Item = 1D91

  l. Power Values
I've added the recommended offset for each value in parentheses after the
value itself.

05 = Ball of Wind (1D8E)
06 = Tornado Bracelet (1D8E)
07 = Ball of Fire (1D8F)
08 = Flame Bracelet (1D8F)
09 = Ball of Water (1D90)
0A = Blizzard Bracelet (1D90)
0B = Ball of Thunder (1D91)
0C = Storm Bracelet (1D91)

  m. Magic Offsets
I'm not sure if the order in which the spells are placed really matters.

1st Spell: 1DAA
2nd Spell: 1DAB
3rd Spell: 1DAC
4th Spell: 1DAD
5th Spell: 1DAE
6th Spell: 1DAF
7th Spell: 1DB0
8th Spell: 1DB1

  n. Magic Values
I've added the recommended offsets for each of the spells in parentheses
after each of the values, just in case it's required for them to be in order.

41 = Refresh (1DAA)
42 = Paralysis (1DAB)
43 = Telepathy (1DAC)
44 = Teleport (1DAD)
45 = Recover (1DAE)
46 = Barrier (1DAF)
47 = Change (1DB0)
48 = Flight (1DB1)

IV. Troubleshooting
This section is reserved for any e-mails I get that address bugs that people
have found in this guide.
If you see anything I missed, or can think of some more offsets I could get,
please email me ( and I'll update the guide.
If you've found a bug, please include the word "bug" somewhere in the email's
subject. And put something about this guide in there so I know what yer
talking about. :P

V. Thanks
Ok, this is where I'ma ramble about who I'm going to thank for helping with
this guide.

SNK: For making a great game in Crystalis.

Nintendo: For making the NES.

Konami: For making the Suikoden series. It's the series that got me into the
wonderful world of RPG's. Great games, buy 'em if you find 'em people.

Breakpoint Software: You guys made Hex Workshop. That base converter
helped me quite a bit while I was hacking my save states.

StarFighters76: Your guide is what got me through the game, and I also used
a bit of the info in your guide to help people with the items. Thank you.

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