Here's Dizzy in an amazing new adventure packed with action, mystery, surprises and lots of interesting new characters
-Escape from an underground Cave!
-Explore the mysterious forest!
-Break into the Cursed Castle!
-Cheer up the Sad Princess!
-Discover Saint Peter at Heaven's Gate!
-Talk to the Yolkfolk!
-Summon King Arthur from the Crusades!
-Wake Daisy from her Sleeping Curse!
-It's all up to Dizzy!
-It's Wacky, Wild and Fun.
-High in the trees!
-Lift me up!
"What's up Leo!"

"A superbly crafted adventure set in a magical world!"

"One of the UK's best-selling action adventure games!"

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#12 lowest rated NES adventure game (#621 on NES, #11200 overall)


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#35 hardest NES adventure game (#741 on NES, #12111 overall)


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#41 shortest NES adventure game (#1021 on NES, #11522 overall)


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