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Imagine my surprise that Christmas Morning many years ago to find Double Dragon 2 instead of Dragon Warrior 2. DOH! A few gifts later that same day, however, I had Dragon Warrior 2 so all was well for a young greedy Bruplex. So maybe I was a little biased towards this game to begin with.
DD2 is nothing like it's predecessor, which is not necesarily a bad thing. In the time that has passed, you have converted your brother Jimmy to a good guy and you once again hit the streets to beat up a lot of bad guys. My main complaint with this game is the clunky play control and lousy animation. Play control has long been the most important feature of a game to me. Something about DD 2 just feels awkward and clumsy. There are no real problems with hit detection, the game just plays very stiffly and not at all smooth.
It is also a very easy game; no where as hard as the original Double Dragon. I believe this game was put out by Acclaim, who have a reputation for making a lot of money off of really bad games ( I won't even talk about their Wrestling games!) This game suffers from a lack of fun.

Graphics=6.5 I don't like the look of Double Dragon 2. Everything has a crude look, including your characters. I also didn't care for the animation or the overall smoothness of the game.

Sound=5.0 Lousy Acclaim sound! I do not know many games that have good sounds by Acclaim.

Playcontrol=4.0 There are a lot of moves, all of which are poorly animated and very rough. It goes along with the whole choppy/rough theme. This game is totally void of grace. If you value smooth movement and gameplay, this is not your game.

Stoyline=3.0 Black shadow warriors have gunned down your girl *yawn* and you seek *stretch* revenge. Ugh.

Challenge=5.0 Nine lousy stages of easy to pound enemies. The biggest challenge may be sticking to this game long enough to play through it.

Overall=5.6 There is something so clunky about DD 2. The game lacks fluidity, which instantly makes an impression on me. (An example of a good fluid game would be Mega Man 3). Not one of my favorites and a game I'd rather not play again.

BRU's MUST GET OMETER=3 Unless you are dedicated to the DD series, stay away. If you are looking for a good fighter, check out FINAL FIGHT on SNES or MIGHTY FINAL FIGHT on NES.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10 | Originally Posted: 02/12/00, Updated 02/12/00

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