.S_sSSs     .S_sSSs     .S_SSSs      sSSSSs    sSSs_sSSs     .S_sSSs
  .SS~YS%%b   .SS~YS%%b   .SS~SSSSS    d%%%%SP   d%%SP~YS%%b   .SS~YS%%b
  S%S   `S%b  S%S   `S%b  S%S   SSSS  d%S'      d%S'     `S%b  S%S   `S%b
  S%S    S%S  S%S    S%S  S%S    S%S  S%S       S%S       S%S  S%S    S%S
  S%S    S&S  S%S    d*S  S%S SSSS%S  S&S       S&S       S&S  S%S    S&S
  S&S    S&S  S&S   .S*S  S&S  SSS%S  S&S       S&S       S&S  S&S    S&S
  S&S    S&S  S&S_sdSSS   S&S    S&S  S&S       S&S       S&S  S&S    S&S
  S&S    S&S  S&S~YSY%b   S&S    S&S  S&S sSSs  S&S       S&S  S&S    S&S
  S*S    d*S  S*S   `S%b  S*S    S&S  S*b `S%%  S*b       d*S  S*S    S*S
  S*S   .S*S  S*S    S%S  S*S    S*S  S*S   S%  S*S.     .S*S  S*S    S*S
  S*S_sdSSS   S*S    S&S  S*S    S*S   SS_sSSS   SSSbs_sdSSS   S*S    S*S
  SSS~YSSY    S*S    SSS  SSS    S*S    Y~YSSY    YSSP~YSSY    S*S    SSS
             SP                 SP                            SP
             Y                  Y                             Y

         .S_sSSs      sSSs_sSSs     .S     S.     sSSs   .S_sSSs
        .SS~YS%%b    d%%SP~YS%%b   .SS     SS.   d%%SP  .SS~YS%%b
        S%S   `S%b  d%S'     `S%b  S%S     S%S  d%S'    S%S   `S%b
        S%S    S%S  S%S       S%S  S%S     S%S  S%S     S%S    S%S
        S%S    d*S  S&S       S&S  S%S     S%S  S&S     S%S    d*S
        S&S   .S*S  S&S       S&S  S&S     S&S  S&S_Ss  S&S   .S*S
        S&S_sdSSS   S&S       S&S  S&S     S&S  S&S~SP  S&S_sdSSS
        S&S~YSSY    S&S       S&S  S&S     S&S  S&S     S&S~YSY%b
        S*S         S*b       d*S  S*S     S*S  S*b     S*S   `S%b
        S*S         S*S.     .S*S  S*S  .  S*S  S*S.    S*S    S%S
        S*S          SSSbs_sdSSS   S*S_sSs_S*S   SSSbs  S*S    S&S
        S*S           YSSP~YSSY    SSS~SSS~S*S    YSSP  S*S    SSS
        SP                                              SP
        Y                                               Y

Dragon Power                                                             v1.8
=============================| By Dragonlord |===============================
============================= ambios@look.ca ================================

This document  was intended to assist and guide one through the course of the
aforementioned  game.  It is  meant  completely for  usage on the  world wide
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Dragon Power Copyright  1986 Bandai. All Rights Reserved.

REVISION HISTORY ------------------------------------------------------------
 Version 1,8, 04/25/03
      -My ISP decided to give me a real e-mail account, so that is
       the only change in this version. =P 

 Version 1.7, 04/21/03
      -Just updated my e-mail address.

 Version 1.6, 07/13/02
      -Small corrections concerning names, etc.
 Version 1.5, 04/06/02
      -Reformatted this FAQ in addition to the Mega Man Xtreme 2 one. Check
       it out. :)
      -My e-mail address is now ambios_@hotmail.com.

 Version 1.4, 04/01/02
      -FAQ now allowed on DLH.net.
      -Moved the dialogue to a new section.

 Version 1.3, 01/23/02
      -More small corrections... =P

 Version 1.2, 01/04/02
      -Minor corrections, such as various spelling errors, throughout the FAQ.
       You won't notice them. =P

 Version 1.11, 06/12/01
      -Small, minor updates to the walkthrough. I really want to remove the
      dialogue,  as it's pointless... I'm going to give it a bit more thought.
      -This FAQ is now allowed on "Ultimate Final Flash"

 Version 1.1, 04/05/01
      -Various corrections to the walkthrough.
      -Additions to the FAQ section.

 Version 1, 04/02/01
      -Version 1 is complete and contains a full walkthrough, game genie
      codes, and lots more!
      -Erghh... 2 FAQs in 2 days. x_X
      -I'm thinking of moving the dialogue to its own section. Give me
      some feedback.
      -I don't know what I'm missing but I will work on making the
      walkthrough section more detailed, especially the boss strategies.
      I'll probably add a few entries to the FAQ section. More to come!

TABLE OF CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------------------

   1. Introduction
   2. Characters
   3. FAQ
   4. Items
   5. Walkthrough
      i.    Turtle Hermit
      ii.   Pudgy
      iii.  Desert Gang, Lancer
      iv.   King Ox
      v.    Rabbit Gang
      vi.   King Minos
      vii.  Rabbit Gang 2
      viii. The Seven Islands
      ix.   The Jungle
      x.    Tall Tower
   6. Dialogue Index
   7. Game Genie Codes
   8. Credits

INTRODUCTION ----------------------------------------------------------------
To begin with, please don't rip anything off of this FAQ or any other FAQ for
that matter. I put a lot of work into my guides and I wouldn't want someone
stealing anything from them. You probably feel the same about anything you
put a lot of work into.

In this FAQ, I have tried to cover everything in Dragon Power. The game was
a top request on GameFAQs for quite some time. I'm not exactly sure why; the
game itself is nothing to brag about. This guide will help you through your
adventures in Dragon Power.

Dragon Power is for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It features
characters from the famous Dragon Ball series. I am not one to know a whole
lot about the original Dragon Ball, so errors are a customary thing in this

       **** Best viewed in any resolution higher than 640 x 480 ****
CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------------------
As said in the previous section, Dragon Power features characters form the
original Dragon Ball series. You take the role of Goku, armed with either his
bare fists or the Power Pole. Throughout the game, you'll come across a few
familiar characters, only this time, they have different names for some odd
reason. From what I've observed, here are who the characters really are.

Game Name      | Respective Dragon Ball Name
Nora           | Bulma
Pudgy          | Oolong
Lancer         | Yamcha
Dragon Emporer | Shenron
Hermit         | Master Roshi

Note that these may be incorrect. This list was created based on what the
characters look like in the game compared to what they look like in the
Dragon Ball series.

FAQ -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here are some questions that you might have. I've included everything that
I think you'll need to know.

Q: Why does my game freeze after killing the first boss on Turtle Hermit?!
A: It's because your emulator crashes and doesn't process any further code.
   Goku will just keep jumping and the screen will sit there. I suggest
   getting a new emulator. RockNES for DOS is among the emulators that
   support the game completely.

Q: I really can't do a Wind Wave. How do you execute them?
A: I understand there's some confusion on this topic. The official manual
   says to press A and B at the same time. This isn't exactly correct. Try
   holding down B and Goku's hands will get into the 'fireball' stance. You
   can then press A to fire a Wind Wave.

Q: I'm running low on energy and all the enemies on the screen are dead.
A: I can't help you much here. Energy decreases at a constant rate. If you
   know how to hex edit a bit, then open the saved state. The offset with
   the power value is at 69h (that is, if you're using RockNES DOS saved

Q: I'm stuck on stage 2 searching for Pudgy! Where is he?
A: That flying white blob that gets away from you whenever you destroy a
   statue that it's under is actually Pudgy. You have to keep hitting him
   whenever you see him until he drops a key.

Q: Huh? I'm suddenly in a small room.
A: There are secret rooms on some levels. They can be located by going
   towards corners that fade to black at the bottom. Some of them are hidden
   well. All secret rooms contain items.

Q: Ooooh, an "S" appeared beside the turtle shell at the top of my screen!
A: This means your Wind Waves have become Super Wind Waves and now Goku
    fires three Wind Waves at a time as opposed to one.

Q: I picked up some sort of item and my Power Pole does a spiral attack.
A: This is because you picked up a RED Power Pole. This Power Pole is
   excellent for knocking out groups of enemies but not as effective against
   bosses (in fact, the game completely disregards you have the Red Power Pole
   when you enter a boss battle.)

Q: Where is the dock on stage 8?
A: After defeating the boss, Goku and Nora will have a talk and decide they
   need to go to the dock. This can be a little tricky to find. Right when you
   exit the door, head west where there are two red monsters, one larger than
   the other. Go up a little and kill the top one, then go to the top of that
   platform and press against the right corner. If you did it correctly, the
   screen will change.

ITEMS -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Throughout your journey, you'll find several items as enemies are destroyed and
new rooms are discovered. Here's a complete list.

Item           | Effect
Meat           | Restores 30 POW
Cake           | Restores 100 POW
Sandwich       | Increases Goku's speed
Power Pole     | Increases Goku's attack power and range
Turtle Shell   | Contains 3 Wind Wave attacks
Red Power Pole | Temporarily makes the Power Pole have a spiral attack
Oxygen Tank    | Restores 5 POW
"?"            | Contains from 100 to 1000 points

WALKTHROUGH -----------------------------------------------------------------
Turtle Hermit
You'll start off in a room with a few enemies. In this room, you can access
a secret room at the top left corner. Head right and you'll come to an enemy
with a sword. When you defeat him, he will usually drop the Power Pole. Grab
it and continue through the door. This boss shouldn't give you any trouble.
Get near him and pound the B button. When he's dead, Goku will start jumping
around, your game may or may not freeze (read: FAQ), and Nora will get

Continue up the mountain and Nora will keep yelling at Goku for being slow.
You have to take out two more sword enemies before reaching Nora and the

Now you have to battle the final boss. I can't give you much strategy, as
this game is really limited. Do what you did to the mid-way boss. Get near
the enemy and pound the B button. If you have the Power Pole, things will be
a lot easier since it does a larger amount of damage.  Also, be careful when
jumping, as the bee flying around on top will not hesitate to attack Goku if
need be.

You will then be at another screen with a few enemies and a blocked off path.
Clear out the enemies and you'll find that the boulder below the trees can
be destroyed with the Power Pole.

Head right through a lot more enemies and three mini-bosses. Your power
might be a little low here, so kill all the enemies and you might get meat
or cake. Head right off the screen to meet with the Hermit.

his second level introduces Pudgy, otherwise known as Oolong. He can morph
into anything he wishes (at least in the series, he can...) After the
dialogue, you'll notice that your Power Pole is gone.  This is because Dragon
Power takes it away after every level. That being said, kill the two enemies
nearby and enter the house.

The next part gets REALLY annoying. You have to enter each house and destroy
the statues to see which one Pudgy is under. You'll know it's Pudgy because
he flies away from you. As soon as you destroy the statue, try to hit him as
many times as you can. When you hit him enough, he'll drop a key. However,
you'll never get it the first time you see him, so keep entering houses,
looking for him, and hitting him.

Once you get the key, head right. You can now enter the houses you couldn't
before. Get past these and you'll soon be at a temple. Kill the hammer enemy
outside to enter. Now, what you have to do is destroy as many pots as you
can to find Pudgy. He's hiding in one of them, so destroy them all if you
have to. They can be destroyed by jumping on them. You will eventually find

Desert Gang, Lancer
The level will start in the desert. Go right a little and enter the first
'hut' you see. Kill all the enemies in the room and the door will open. In
the next room, don't bother trying to kill the two enemies that go back and
forth. They don't attack you directly and you can pass by them easily. The
next room is the same as the first, but you have a choice whether or not to
kill the enemies. After leaving that room, you'll be at a screen with two
large doors, a small door, and a closed door. Enter either one of the large

The boss battle theme will sound and you'll see the Crystal Ball at the
bottom of the screen. Fall down, punch the blocks to destroy them, and nab it.
When it stops flashing and you see the '5000' points pop up, jump back on the
platforms and avoid the bees at all costs. Exit the room through the right

That's one ball taken care of. Head left a little bit and kill all the enemies
on screen. The left closed door will open up. Enter. This is the same as the
part where you have to find Pudgy; destroy the pots and find the Crystal Ball.

That makes two. Keep going left. I would ignore the two enemies that go up
and down the passage as they take too long to kill and aren't worth it. Once
you reach another platform with two doors, one closed and one not, enter the

The key is convenient placed in the door at the bottom of the screen. Enter it.

Now you're in a room with a lot of blue blocks. I bet you can guess what you
have to do. Yes, destroy them all and find the key!

Now head back into the room that was locked before and you'll fight Lancer for
the Crystal Ball. Lancer himself is a fairly tough boss. He hops around and
does martial arts moves that can be rather annoying. He took out around 100
of my power, so I'd be careful. I would recommend hitting him each time he
lands from a jump, so that he doesn't have time to kick or punch Goku. When
you do kill him, you'll get another Crystal Ball, totaling to 3. 2 more to

For the fourth, head left past the four white things and you'll come to another
door. Enter and... Yup! Another break-the-pots-to-find-a-Crystal-Ball. =)

Only one left. And where could it be? Remember that one closed door at the far
right of the desert? You can either walk back through the desert or enter the
door at the top left once again. Either way, once you get there, enter the open
door and.. Lancer again?! Except now, he's even tougher. Get the Power Pole
underneath him if you don't have it already. What I'd recommend is using the
same strategy as said before. Try to hit him when he lands from each jump and
avoid him while he's kicking.

King Ox
You'll been in a fiery area. Head east through a bunch of rooms. All of the
small caves contain items, so I'd pick them up since you will need them later.
When you get to the far right of the stage, there will be fire blocking off a

After all that dialogue, you'll be back at the level, only the fire has all
be doused. Head up the mountain. Again, all the small caves contain various
power-ups that can help you out. There is one small cave, however, that
contains a valuable key that is required to continue. I believe it's the
third one up. Also enter the seventh cave for a shortcut to the top of the
mountain. Once you reach the top, you'll battle another boss. This boss is
REALLY annoying. He throws axes around and is quite difficult to hit. The
strategy behind it is to jump over the thrown axe, get near him and attack as
you can until the axe comes back. Jump over the returning axe, hit him, and

Rabbit Gang
Congratulations. You're half way through the game! Only now, there's a
problem. The rabbit gang has morphed Nora into carrots! You have to go
through the level to find 4 carrots. You'll see the rabbit that morphed Nora
be hopping around and keeping away from Goku. The first 5 houses all contain
items. The sixth is a shortcut to a later part of the level. Don't bother
using it or you'll miss a carrot. The first carrot can be found in the 11th
house in the top row of houses at the beginning of the level.

One down, three more to go. Head north up the road from that house and you'll
come to a wall that blocks off further passage and some stairs leading onto a
platform. Go up those stairs and enter the first house. There's another

For the third carrot, head east and pass by THREE white houses on the same
platform as the previous carrot.  The fourth house is a small blue one that
contains another carrot.

For the final carrot, go down the stairs from the platform and back onto the
main road. The fourth and last carrot is located in the single house at the
bottom of the screen shortly after getting off the platform.

Now head East and enter the mansion that the rabbit went into.

This battle can be real easy if you're careful. The rabbit doesn't attack
in any way. The only thing it does is... turn you into a carrot! Do not
make contact with it at any time or it's game over. The rabbit has a pattern
of attacking. I call the area at the bottom left the 'safe zone' because this
bunny is too dumb to follow Goku there. You can execute a few Wind Waves
safely from there when the rabbit stops. Two Wind Waves and a hit with the
Power Pole will knock him out, so if you have enough Wind Waves, go for it!

King Minos
You'll start on a new level without any dialogue. Make your way through the
first part and try to avoid the shooting fireballs, as they cause a lot of
damage. When you come to a fire blocking off a bridge, use a Wind Wave to put
it out. Afterwards, you'll find a two-headed dragon. Blast it with a couple of
Wind Waves and finish it off with Goku's fists. Enter the door and you'll see
that King Pilaf is locked up. 

To avoid the knives, jump towards the platform and quickly jump back to the
adjacent one. Duck under the flying block when it comes near you and walk
when it's away. Destroy the blocks trapping King Pilaf and he will be free.

Continue on past the arrows and DO NOT enter the door in the middle of the
two platforms. It's a path with enemies that leads to three lousy items.
Instead, go up the right platform and go up the stairs.  This is a repeat of
the other screen where you had to free a King Pilaf. Read above to see what to

It's not over yet, though! The next section of the stage contains randomly
placed blocks of fire that are insanely easy to avoid. There's always edges
that you can walk on instead of walking on the blocks where fire appears, so
use those. After those blocks, you'll see a giant alien. It can be killed
with one Wind Wave and gives you a complete power refill. Go up either one of
the stairs and you'll have to free King Pilaf again. Don't worry about
falling in the fire, it doesn't cause instant death, just a quicker loss
of power. Fall onto the first platform and wait until it goes down, then jump
onto the one on the right. You should then jump onto the blocks at the bottom
right so that you're safe. Jump onto the above platforms and destroy the
blocks to free him.

The next section is very small, one room to be exact. Just go down the
stairs at the top right and you'll have to free King Pilaf in the same
way as the previous paragraph.

You'll be in a room with a big green dragon that fires fireballs like mad.
Stand at the bottom and get into the Wind Wave stance. When the dragon is
almost aligned with Goku, fire. Timing is critical here. You have to fire a
few milliseconds before the Dragon is aligned. Two Wind Waves will destroy it.

You get to pick a wish now. Do NOT pick 4, as it just shows sandwiches
floating around the Hermit and then the storyline continues. "See the future"
gives you a really short glimpse of all of the upcoming levels. The first wish
will make the dragon float around at the title screen, which is no biggie.
I would recommend choosing "Power up," since it'll boost your power to 250
and you'll still have the same dialogue.

Rabbit Gang 2
These last four levels are situated away from Goku's friends. They involve
Goku fighting an army that is stopping Goku from retrieving the Crystal

You'll be on a planet now with falling meteorites. Oxygen tanks are scattered
around and are worth 5 power each, so you don't really need them.
Go up the stairs and kill the enemy to enter the door.

You'll have to fight a weird alien enemy bearing tentacles. It's really not
that difficult and I wouldn't waste a Wind Wave on it. Just get near it and
pound it with your fists. If you must, use a Wind Wave, but I wouldn't waste
more than one since they are so scarce throughout the course of these last
few levels.

After killing it, you'll be at a part of the stage with a lot of pipes and
electric barriers that flash off and on, sort of like Mega Man. Follow the
path and you'll come to a pipe that's disconnected. Kill the enemy near it
to complete that pipe. Then kill the last two enemies and enter the door.

The Power Pole is located right in the middle of the screen and can
be obtained by jumping. The rabbit is really weak and takes about five hits
with the Power Pole to put him back into hibernation. I would recommend
standing in the middle of the screen, where the elevation is highest. When
the rabbit jumps, walk underneath him to the other side of the top platform
and use the Power Pole. When he jumps again, walk back to the other side and
repeat.  If you follow this strategy it shouldn't be difficult.

The Seven Islands
Don't bother trying to kill those enemies that move fast in a pattern with
your bare fists because they take too long. Head East from where you start
and then North. The door that looks as if it's closed is really not. You can
enter it without killing anything around it. You'll be in the water with a
two-headed fish. Either kill it with one Wind Wave or make it go off screen
and off the screen at the far right.

After this, go west and kill the two red enemies. Then head North and touch
the top-right corner of the dock. You'll be at a boss battle with two huge
crab  enemies. These cannot be killed. What you have to do is stand on the
bottom enemy's head and hit the middle blocks with your head, which will
break them. Jump onto the top platform and head left off the screen.

You'll be on an island now. You have to be really careful on this section
of the level because if you press down towards the lake when on a bridge,
you'll fall in and have to fight an enemy. Keep following the path until you
see a door with a blue mark on it. There'll be a block blocking your path
which can be destroyed by punching it. Destroy all enemies in this room and
one of them will drop a key. Enter the blue door and you'll be in a room
with another two big crabs. Again, you have to destroy the blocks above by
standing on the bottom enemy's head and jumping.

The Jungle
You'll be in a jungle with spiders coming down from trees. Just keep walking
right and they won't touch you. Enter the lake and kill the two enemies, then
go to the top of the screen to get out. Continue on and enter the first door
you see to find your old pal, Hermit!

You'll somehow be transported to that "cave." Does this look familiar? You
have to destroy all the blocks to find the key.

Head east from the house, destroying any blocks you may need to. You'll come
to another lake at the far right of the screen. Enter it to fight the same
two enemies as before and go to the top of the screen to get out. Then head
to the lake on the right and do it again. Afterwards, enter the door by
pressing UP and B.

Kill all the enemies and enter the door. Then enter the door at the top by
pressing UP and B. Now you have to fight a gorilla who takes a whole lot of
hits to kill. The strategy behind it is easy. Jump whenever he shoots an
arrow. He goes from the first rope to the second and to the third and then
starts back at the first. Use this pattern to your advantage. Hop to the
platform where the gorilla is coming down and punch him a few times but try
to avoid his arrows. Don't expect him to die too early, he requires a lot
of hits.

Tall Tower
You'll be at the base of the tower. Defeat the two enemies outside and enter
the door. Now you'll have to go through a series of floors to reach the top.
On the first floor, you'll fight Krillin. He acts like any other enemy in
the game but uses a bit more defensive strategy by occasionally ducking when
Goku punches. The second and third floors contain nothing special.
Entering the left door on the fourth floor will bring up a dialogue.

You'll now be on the sixth floor. Keep entering the doors and following the
path. At the door to floor nine, you'll fight the same two crab enemies.
These can be defeated by jumping on top of the bottom crab's head, breaking
the blocks, and jumping onto the top platform. At floor ten, Goku will start
to get tired.

The next few floors contain enemies from previous levels. Floor 14 starts up a
battle with the boss from the early levels. Try to jump over his axes and use
Wind Waves, as said before.

You'll be in a room with Shogun, now. He flies around the room and throws
balls at Goku. You have to face upwards and use the Power Pole (or your fists)
to defeat him, then enter the top door. Just when you thought it over...

What the heck is that? That's the final boss, a Mech Warrior-like robot.
The final boss isn't as tough as he looks. You do not receive damage just
from touching him, so you can press right towards him and not get killed. He
has two attacks. He either throws his chain or shoots missiles. He won't even
shoot the missiles if you're near him, so what I suggest you do is hold down
right and keep pounding B. Waste any Wind Waves you might have left, as you
won't need them anymore after this. When you do defeat him, you've won!

Since you've completed the game, I don't think you'd want to redo it all over
again. I would personally pick wish 1 since 3 and 4 don't do anything

Congratulations, you've survived!

DIALOGUE INDEX --------------------------------------------------------------
Here is an index of every word said in Dragon Power. It is here for the sole
purpose of having a more full FAQ. The dialogue was previously found in the
walkthrough section.

1 - Turtle Hermit
Nora:  "Okay, okay. Let's go on a trip."
Goku:  "How do we search ?"
Nora:  "Use this! Dragon Radar. Now, let's go."

Nora:  "Yeow! Help!"
Goku:  "Oh no. Did she get caught?"

Goku:  "Hey. Are you alright?"
Nora:  "I'm fine. But get that band of thieves."

Nora:  "Let's go. We can't hang around here."
Goku:  "You must be scared."
Nora:  "It's only that it's a waste of time."

Turtle:  "I lose my way back to the sea."
Goku:    "Shall we take you to the sea?"
Nora:    "Don't joke. We have no time."
Goku:    "I will show him the way myself."
Nora:    "Wait a second !"

Hermit:   "Hi! I am Hermit. Who helped him?"
Turtle:   "This boy helped me."
Hermit:   "To thank him, I'm giving him a gift. Come on! Swift cloud!! Jump on
Nora:     "I want it too."
Hermit:   "Okay. Give me your sandwich."
Turtle:   "Why do you and Hermit want it?"
Hermit:   "Quiet!"
Nora:     "Okay! Here!"
Nora:     "Will you give me your Crystal Ball?"
Hermit:   "Okay."
Nora:     "We did it! This makes four."

2 - Pudgy
Boy:    "Pudgy lives here he does mischief by changing his shape."
Mother: "He hates to share food with people."
Nora:   "Goku, you look for Pudgy."
Goku:   "Me?"
Mother: "If you beat him, I'll give you ball."
Nora:   "It's a deal!"

Nora:   "Is this child Pudgy?"
Boy:    "I can't get mad."
Pudgy:  "I'm sorry."
Mother: "For you, a ball."
Nora:   "Oh, thank you."

3 - Desert Gang, Lancer
Pudgy:   "Where are you going ?"
Nora:    "Frying Pan Mountain."
Pudgy:   "Are you crossing that desert?"
Goku:    "I have to go."
Goku:    "What's that?"
Nora:    "OH MY GOODNESS!"
Pudgy:   "What happened?"
Nora:    "The balls are GONE! Find the 5 Crystal Balls."

Nora:   "I found it. There, there! Hey, hurry up! What are you doing? Slowpoke."

Goku:   "This door doesn't open."
Pudgy:  "Here's a keyhole. There should be a key."
Nora:   "Look for the key."

Pudgy:  "I think I see a key."

Nora:   "We did it !!"

Nora:   "With this, we are just like before."
Goku:   "GOOD! GOOD!"
Nora:   "Lancer was a handsome guy."
Pudgy:  "........"

Lancer:   "Follow them then I'm going to take 7 balls away."
Puar:     "Well, that's Lancer!"

4 - King Ox
Pudgy:   "There's King Ox in that castle at that mountain."
Goku:    "Wow!"
Pudgy:   "Let's quietly pull ourselves back up."
Nora:    "Don't be silly. Anyway, whatever, we are going."

Goku:   "We can't go further, it's too hot."
Nora:   "Hey ! What if we ask Hermit for help?"
Goku:   "I'm leaving now to ask him. Swift Cloud!"

Goku:   "Hey, Hello !"
Hermit: "You are the kid I gave a gift. So, what's up?"
Goku:   "Could you put out the fire?"
Hermit: "Give me your friend's lunch, I'll put out the fire."
Goku:   "Oh, thank you!"
Hermit: "A good deal, right?"

Hermit:   "Okay, here I go! Well, W--I-N-D, W--A-V--E. Come!"
Goku:     "What a surprise!"
Nora:     "You're great! You saved us."
Hermit:   "Hey kid! Now you owe me."
Goku:     "This Hermit, wants your lunch."
Nora:     "Are you joking?"
Hermit:   "It's a promise.

Nora:   "Hey! Pudgy!"
Pudgy:  "Huh!"
Nora:   "It goes like this."
Pudgy:  "What?"
Nora:   "Transform&Feed him."
Pudgy:  "YUCK!"

Nora:   "Hi !"
Hermit: "Hi ! You irritate me!"
Nora:   "I have burgers & sandwiches. How's that?"
Hermit: "So mach. Oh. Oh, it's great!"

Nora:   "Great! Great!"
Goku:   "One more ball left."

5 - Rabbit Gang
Rabbit:   "Will you shake hands w/me?"
Nora:     "Ha, who would touch you!"
Goku:     "Yeah! Nora became carrots."
Rabbit:   "Ho ho ho."

Pudgy:   "We need 4 carrots to make Nora turn back."
Goku:    "If we touch him we will become carrots."

Lancer:   "Goku ! Beat him up with magic pole."

Goku:   "Hey, turn this carrot back."
Rabbit: "Y Y Yes, I will."
Goku:   "Magic pole. Extend!"
Rabbit: "Hey! What are you going to do?"
Goku:   "Hello, I'm back."
Nora:   "Where did you go?"
Goku:   "Rabbit saw the moon."

6 - King Minos
Goku:       "Hey. Where's the Crystal Ball?"
Lancer:     "If you confess without fuss you wouldn't get hurt."
Nora:       "That's right, tell everything now."
King Pilaf: "Beyond the door above, it's hidden."
Pudgy:      "Okay. Let's hurry."

Nora:       "At last, we have all of them."
Pudgy:      "Let's hurry."
Nora:       "Dragon Emporer. Dragon, come out&grant a request."
Dragon:     "Well, I'll grant you one request."

  1.  Move Dragon in the title
  2.  See the future
  3.  Power up
  4.  I want the sandwich

Pudgy:   "Now we'll go our separate ways."
Nora:    "Yes ! We can't find balls again for another year."
Pudgy:   "Bye, bye."
Nora:    "Bye, bye."

Goku:    "Hi !! Hermit !"
Hermit:  "Good job Goku."

7 - Rabbit Gang 2
Goku:   "What ?  What happened ? I can't breathe."
Woman:  "Of course. You must use the Oxygen tank."

Rabbit:   "You again? I won't let you trick us again."
Goku:     "Ah, you turned Nora into a carrot, right?"
Rabbit:   "Round Head, the No. 1 killer, beat the kid."

Rabbit:   "Ok, tough kid your turn to become a carrot."
Goku:     "Oh no! I need my magic pole to win."

Goku:   "Yeah ! I got a Crystal Ball but it is not Grandpa's."

8 - The Seven Islands
Goku:   "The Crystal Ball must be around here based on the radar."

Boy:   "To get to the 7 island, you must go to the dock."
Goku:  "Thank you !"

Goku:   "Yeah ! I got a Crystal Ball but it is not Grandpa's."

Woman:   "Be careful of the bridge to the 7 islands."
Goku:    "OK."

Nora:   "We did it !!"
Goku:   "OK ! Beyond this, there must be a jungle."

9 - The Jungle
Nora:   "The fourth ball must be deep in the jungle."
Goku:   "I like this kind of place."
Pudgy:  "Don't be stupid! I'm a city boy. I hate this place."

Hermit:   "Hello! It's been a long time you guys."
Goku:     "Hermit !"
Nora:     "What do you do in such a place?"
Hermit:   "I vacation. Isn't it great? Mmmphh! In a cave there is a very useful
Goku:     "Really?"

Goku:   "There it is !"
Hermit: "For the key. Give me Nora's lunch."
Nora:   "You must be kidding."
Hermit: "You own me."

Nora:   "Hey! Pudgy!"
Pudgy:  "Huh!"
Nora:   "It goes like this."
Pudgy:  "What?"
Nora:   "Transform&Feed him."
Pudgy:  "YUCK!"

Nora:   "Hi !"
Hermit: "Hi ! You irritate me!"
Nora:   "I have burgers & sandwiches. How's that?"
Hermit: "So mach. Oh. Oh, it's great!"

Pudgy:   "Hey! There is a pass to go underground."
Goku:    "It's true."

Nora:   "Hey, look! It's a Crystal Ball."
Goku:   "Another ball, but it's still not grandpa's."

10 - Tall Tower
Pudgy:   "Wow! It's a tall tower, isn't it?"
Nora:    "Well, this is the last challenge."
Goku:    "Nora is trying hard, aren't you?"

Pudgy:   "What's happening in this building?"
Nora:    "We don't have time to act like cowards."
Goku:    "Looks like someone got mad at Pudgy."

Goku:   "How many more do we have to beat up?"
Nora:   "Be tough you are the only one I can depend on."

Nora:   "Great! Great!"
Goku:   "One more ball left."

Nora:   "Shogun must have the ball."
Pudgy:  "I wait here."
Goku:   "Hey, Pudgy! You must be scared."

Pudgy:   "He isn't carrying a ball at all."
Nora:    "You're annoying! It must be above here."

Nora:     "At last, we have all of them."
Pudgy:    "Let's hurry."
Nora:     "Dragon Emporer. Dragon, come out&grant a request."
Dragon:   "Well, I'll grant you one request."

  1.  Move dragon in the title
  2.  Continue game
  3.  I want her sandwich
  4.  Get hamburger

GAME GENIE CODES ------------------------------------------------------------
There are a few codes for Dragon Power that I dug up over the Internet. I've
listed them here. These are all 'start' codes, so they can only be used
BEFORE you start the game.

Code        | Effect
SZVOSZVG    | Start with infinite energy
EAXAILGT    | Start with extra energy
KAOETLSA    | Start with 24 Wind Waves

CREDITS ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-o- Dragonlord (ambios@look.ca)
    The guy who wrote the whole thing! Me! Okay, I did have a bid of help
    from some resources on the net listed below.

-o- Nintendo Code Center (http://www.nintendocc.com/)
    Game genie codes.

-o- Anime Dude (anime_dude7@yahoo.com)
    Various corrections to the FAQ
FAQ Copyright  Anthony Rossi 2002. All Rights Reserved.
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Last Revision on Friday, April 25th, 2003.