General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 01/06/01 Dalez 1.65 84K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/05/99 DWagoner 1.7 46K
FAQ/Walkthrough 11/26/06 honestgamer 2.0 143K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/05/13 Ramina 1.0 160K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/07/02 CMoriarty 2.5 197K

In-Depth FAQs

Item/Magic Charts 01/04/99 Rhys 0.9 5K
Item/Spell/Enemy Lists 03/11/04 Apathetic Aardvark 1.0 34K
Japanese Game Script (JIS) 08/05/08 x_loto v3.02 140K
Name Generation Guide 02/22/09 Presenter 1.0 19K
Stat Guide 07/04/12 Chezni8 11K

Maps and Charts

Beranoor Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 9K
Castle of the Dragon King Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 17K
Cave To Rhone Map (GIF) 12/05/06 StarFighters76 58K
Charlock Castle Map (GIF) 11/29/06 StarFighters76 31K
Delkondar Castle Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 9K
Dragon Horns Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 18K
Full Moon Tower Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 14K
Hargon's Castle Map (GIF) 12/05/06 StarFighters76 38K
Ladatorm Castle Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 12K
Lake Cave Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 12K
Lighthouse Tower Map (GIF) 12/01/06 StarFighters76 57K
Liriza Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 8K
Lookout Tower Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 27K
Lorasia Castle Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 13K
Malroth Cavern Map (GIF) 12/05/06 StarFighters76 45K
Moonbrooke Castle Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 9K
Moonpeta Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 11K
Pelpoi Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 10K
Road to Rhone Pit Room Maps (PNG) 04/03/05 Ragn_Charran 7K
Rondarkia Road Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 46K
Rupugana Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 9K
Samaltria Castle Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 8K
Sea Cave Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 25K
Shrines and Travel Doors Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 28K
Silver Cave Map (GIF) 11/27/06 StarFighters76 20K
Spring Of Bravery Map (GIF) 11/27/06 StarFighters76 12K
Spring of Heroes Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 9K
Temple of Hargon Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 14K
Tepa Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 9K
Tower Of The Moon Map (GIF) 12/01/06 StarFighters76 29K
Tower Of The Wind Map (GIF) 11/29/06 StarFighters76 27K
Tower of Wind Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 18K
World Map (PNG) 08/05/08 x_loto 174K
Zahan Map (PNG) 02/18/08 x_loto 9K

Foreign Language FAQs

Patch Code Lists

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