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While sometimes getting boring, Duck Hunt provides for hours of fun.Aristotle8/10
One of the classics that you never hear about anymore...BostonianCrippler8/10
"The first light-gun game for the NES is a BLAST (pun)"BrandonJ338/10
Simple yet wildly addictivechrono trigger fan7/10
A Handheld Gun Rather than a Regular Controller? Awesome!CrazyCarl928/10
Duck Hunting With a Pistol?DandyQuackShot10/10
Probably one of the best NES games.Dave 008 Bond8/10
SMB made this game less popular....dgiglio848/10
Shooting mindless ducks can be fun!DKlug6/10
What are you supposed to do? Use your light gun to blind them to death?Doodleheimer7/10
Quack! Quack! ..... BLAM!DrDoak200110/10
Urge to kill........RISINGDuel00710/10
Much tougher than either Hogan's Alley OR Wild Gunman..Emptyeye8/10
The NRA Would be Proud! (You, however, should be ashamed!)Falsiloquos4/10
Maybe the best light gun game everGreatest One8/10
You know you went right up to the TV, and cheated.Green Goblin7/10
Who needs Next-Gen gaming when you have a gun?MacDaddy Mike9/10
Click, Plop, WOOF-WOOFMista Matt 899/10
Zap! Zap! Zap!Nabooru10/10
One of the better light gun games out therePsycho Penguin9/10
Zap the ducks to smithereensretrogoods7/10
One of the most entertaining games I have ever played!Spektre9/10
Roasted Duck? No… Peking Duck? Nah… Stewed Duck? Nope… DEAD DOG? OH YEAH!!!Tokyo Fusion7/10
Wouldn't YOU love to see the dog get it?Vegita6/10
I swear, if that dog laughs at me one more time!..Walker Boh Ohmsford9/10
Sniffing dog is almost the same as in Secret of Evermore.Yakuza7/10
Tired of shooting baddies...? How about ducks?YSF8/10
Burn Duckie, Burn!ZappaWappa8/10
No matter how good you are that damn dog still gets the last laugh....Zylo the wolf6/10

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