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Secrets of the Mantra
Version 0.8
By Isaac Sherman at

-1. Intro
Welcome to my first FAQ!  I thought it would be
best to start with a relatively short game, as well as one that I know and
enjoyed so many years ago now.  It was a great game then, and still is a fun,
if nostalgic, way to spend the day.  Anyway, here's the basic outline:

0. Table of Contents
1. Legal Stuff
2. General Strategies
4. FAQ
5. Passwords and cracking them (working on it)
Miscellaneous (including general controls)
7. Contact Info
8. Version
9. Outro

1. Legal Stuff
This Document, hereafter referred to as
"the/this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)",  is property of Isaac Sherman
hereafter referred to as "me".  No one may copy, distribute, electronically,
physically, or mentally, any part of this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
without my express written consent, or under the grounds that you plan to play
the game using the aid of this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), in which case
you are hereby granted permission to mentally copy this FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions), or to place it on your hard drive, or other primary electronic
storage media, and/or to print one copy (one and only one, no more, no less,
unless granted permission for extenuating circumstances* by me), for your
personal use only, including but not limited to playing, reviewing, or deciding
to purchase this game.  All rights reserved.  This document copyright 2001
Isaac Sherman.

*Extenuating circumstances are comprised of extremely abnormal
situations, combined with an article involving a legal agreement.  In this
case, the extremely abnormal situations are limited to losing, or damaging the
printed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in some way.  All other circumstances
are to be described by me, in writing (whether electronic or mechanical).   In
other words, e-mail me if you have any questions.  Contact info is the 7th

2. General Strategies
TALK TO GURUS.  You can save, but only by
gaining titles can you hang onto your hard-earned gold if you die.  (Though
keeping high-priced salable items is also a good idea).  Dying isn't always
bad, either, especially after a shopping spree.  It's cheap, but, for instance,
in Forepaw, the third city, you can buy any item in the shops by dying if you
are an Adept or higher.  For more info, see the Miscellaneous section.
best battle strategy is to watch the way enemies move.  Zombies and similar ilk
move back and forth, on one level. The eye-beasts jump, one or two small jumps,
then one big one.  Remember, this is an NES game, and so the AI
is quite
predictable.  More so because the programmers wanted game quality and length
over difficulty (though they succeeded in both, my opinion).  Use magic only
when you either can't hit an enemy without it, are low on life, or are fighting
a boss, in which case, blast away. For the most part, I attack madly, and heal
as necessary.  Keep lots of red potions (2 is usually enough, 3 if you're going
into dangerous territory).  Elixirs, if you have them, are good too.  They
restore all HP and MP, and activate automatically when you die.  

strategies for writing this are based on you playing or watching the game, and
simultaneously reading this FAQ.  I will not introduce new enemies by
description (I will give them a name, and clarify which if there are ever two
new enemies on the screen, but that's it).  If you think that's a bad idea, let
me know.  In other words, for the most part I won't even attempt to describe
the enemies.  That's one of the great things about the NES: the graphics are
what you want them to be.

3. Walk-through (still in progress)
You start
outside the city of Eolis, a small city, and your hometown.  You are an Elven
Guru-in-training, and you were on a long journey.  Enter the city.  Talk to the
guru, who is in the building in the screen to the left.  It looks like a
church.  Now go to the right as far as you can, and die.  That's right; let the
Eyebeast kill you.  You'll get a message about having negative thoughts.  This
is the death screen.  Get used to it.  Anyway, you'll wake up with the last
Guru you talked to, with full health and magic.  That way you don't need to
waste 400 coins healing yourself.  Anyway, go get some money.  Talk to everyone
in town, and go into all the buildings.  All the way to the right is the castle
(jump over the 4 Muffins of Death).  After talking to the king (who gets on his
feet when you enter, strangely), you'll get 1500 coins.  Go buy a dagger and
Deluge magic, perhaps a few potions if you're feeling timid, then two or three 
Jkeys.    Or one, if you're not an extreme tight-wad (it costs more, later).
out of Eolis through the door with the Eyebeast and wave good-bye, as it's the
last time you'll see it for a long time (unless you die before you get to the
next town).  Go through the next screens, using Deluge on the Muffins-of-Death
for health.  Make a note of the store with the Zombies outside.  Don't bother
going in: you buy two things there, and right now they're out of your price
range.  You can buy the Death magic (the second best in the game) for 12,500
(or 212 Eyebeasts, but who's counting?). coins, and a Magic Shield for 7,600
(129).  Go to the guru in the next town, talk to everyone, go to the Hospital
(if needed) and then go make money.  It's not that bad.  It took me an hour and
a half, and I was level 8 by the time I was done, but I got it.  I recommend
going all the way back towards Eolis, where you have the single Eyebeast, and
the screen next to him.  Then, if you need health, Deluge the Eyebeasts for
health.  If you run low on magic, go to the Hospital.  Be sure to reserve
enough magic to blast any Eyebeasts if you get very low.  Repeat until you have
enough to get the Death magic, but don't equip it until you get to a boss (it
sucks magic away very quickly, and none of the enemies here need it).  If you
qualify as benefitting from dying (see my table of when it's OK in
miscellaneous), do so.  Then go make enough money to get the magic shield.  On
the plus side, you should already be around half-way there.  The shield isn't
necessary, but it's a very good shield, and will completely block almost all
ranged attacks (including most bosses).  There are better places to make money,
but you won't be able to come back here, either.  I did it, and will be writing
this FAQ  as though I did, but I will also test out different magicks as they
come (in case you didn't know, or didn't bother).

Once you are done in Town #
2, go to your first (and simple) dungeon, the Tower of Trunk.  Work your way
through (It's very linear).  You'll fight two new enemies.  Hippie-Horse-heads
and some Blue Fishmen that float for a long time when they jump.  They aren't
hard (though perhaps intimidating at first).  The HHs run back and forth, until
you get closer, when they jump.  Position yourself directly beneath the apex of
it's jump, then stab at it, and they'll net you 100 coins every kill.  Better
than 59 for Eyebeasts.  In the first room with Blue Fishmen and Muffins of
Death, if you kill all three you'll sometimes get an hourglass.  Continue on,
and you'll find your first boss (supposedly a Dwarf).

All right.  Your first boss.  Don't panic.  If you bought Death magic,
he'll be easy.  Hit him 3 times, and he's dead.  Otherwise, empty Deluge into
him, then stand on the very edge of the ledge (just above his fireballs), and
stab him when he gets close enough.  If you have the Magic Shield (which I hope
you do), just stand in front of him, and let his fireballs hit you.  They won't
penetrate if you don't attack.  Stay close, and stab him as he flies away. 
Back up, and repeat until he's dead.   

Congratulations.  You beat the first
boss.  But there are more where he came from.  Get the Mattock, then go back to
town, save, heal, and talk to everyone.  This is your last chance to get Death
and the Magic Shield.  If you haven't already, I claim no responsibility for
your reckless actions.

Anyway, when you're ready, leave town.  Go past the
Tower of Trunk, thumbing your nose at it as you go by, then stand in front of
the discolored rocks that are just your height.  Use your pick, and head onward
and upward.  Again, this are is fairly linear, but there are new enemies.  The
Mudmen move slowly, and jump occasionally.  They drop bread, and hit hard if
you let them hit you.  The more difficult of the new enemies are the Mages, who
drop 115 coins, and shoot Deluge at you.  Finally, you have Reapers, which fly
around the screen through solid objects.  Kill them for bread.
You'll see a
Glove sticking out a ledge in one of the rooms.  Don't bother getting it.  It's
power isn't much, and doesn't last long, either.  However, right next to that
screen is a Mage.  The Magic Shield is a big help, as you can walk towards them
while they shoot at you.  The small shield will work too, sometimes, but not
usually.  Kill the Mage, then keep going straight.  Jump over the Mage at the
bottom (or kill him, if you want to), and enter Forepaw.

This town has some
lovely and overpriced merchandise.  Get a longsword first (you'll kill the
Mages in three hits, the Muffins in 1 (the longsword can hit them), and the
Fishmen in two.  It also extends you reach quite a bit.  An upgrade in every
way.  The scale armor is the next item on the list, and worth every penny. 
Don't bother getting the Winged Boots yet.  Your mission is now to restore
water to the fountain.  First, buy another Jack Key and head out of town to the
right.  Go up the ladder, killing the three Reapers on the way by, and head
left on the top level.  Kill the Mages, then enter the Tower of Fortress.  This
one is less linear, so I'll explain in sections.

First, notice the bottle on
the ground directly above the door.  That's poison.  Don't get it.  You can't
get it now, anyway.  Kill the Fishmen who are sneaking up on you while you were
observing the poison, then head right.  Keep heading right until you can head
left again.  This is what I call the healing room.  All three enemies drop
bread, are easy to kill without magic, and are easy to avoid.  I come back here
if I think I can make it without dying (otherwise I use a Red Potion).  Then
just go in and out until you're back to full health.  Head left on the upper
level until you get to a ladder.  Kill the mage, and climb up.  You'll usually
get hit by the Hippie Horsehead (Call this room the Fortress Hub).  Head right
twice and go up the ladder.  Then head left and climb the next one.
Keep going
up, until you come to a room with a Snakething.  It stands three squares tall. 
If you have the Long Sword, just hit it 11 times.  It's dead.  If you stand on
the ledge next to the ladder (two squares tall) it won't hit you unless you let
it.  Kill the two Bumblers, and exit to the right.  Here, you'll find
Crazed Dwarf
The eerie music starts playing, and boulders drop
towards  you from the roof!  Quickly exit the screen to the right.  Go up the
ladder, get the elixir, and kill the Crazed Dwarf (three stabs with the Long
Sword usually kill him.  One shot of Death will do the same).

He should drop
Winged Boots.  If he doesn't, you'll need some now.  If you used your elixir,
get another one.  Head left, kill the Snakething again, if you want, the same
way.  Then head to the left, until a ladder leads down.  Drop down, kill the
Bumblers (talk to the Guru, if you want, he's in the building), and go down
again.  You'll be back at the beginning.  Exit the ladder so that you avoid the
poison, go to the healing room, and go left, then up.  Now you want to find the
old man.  Head right until you can only go up (in a room with a Mage and a
Hippie Horsehead).  Then go up until you see an old man standing by a fountain.
 Go left, kill the bumblers, up the ladder and talk to the old man.  Give him
your elixir to start the spring (I recommend that you go get another, but it's
not necessary).  Now it's time to leave.  Jump past the bumblers through the
hole in the ground.  Get the ointment, and work your way down and out.  The way
is fairly simple.  From the ointment, go down, left, left, down, then left
until you see the door (don't forget the healing room if you need it) and
you're out.

Next head back to town to pick up some new footgear.  Heal, talk
to the Guru, stock up on potions (I should hope you have a routine by now),
whatever, and leave town to the right.

The fast way down is to go up one
screen, then jump off the edge to the right.  You'll bypass most of the enemies
and get going.  You should land on the platform above the door, head right, and
drop down, where two Blue Fishmen are jumping around, trying to kill you.  Head
right, into an almost identical screen, and kill two more Fishmen.  Use the
Winged Boots, and go straight up.  Ignore the Reapers, go up another screen
(through the place where the "Sky opens up"), ignore the Mages (your Shield
should take care of them) and then up again to the old man.  If you have
problems, or you really need to kill the enemies, use two pairs of winged
boots.  He'll start the fountain going, and tell you to find the first
undiscovered fountain.  Go get the Joker Key from the Guru in the Tower of
Fortress.  You can fight another of the Flying Dwarves if you take the direct
route (kill him easily by standing on the ledge, swinging your sword
frantically.  It shouldn't take long, but I'm impatient sometimes), which from
the Fortress Hub is directly left, or you can go back to the Snakething and
head left, then down.  You'll see three bumblers and an almost concealed door. 
Go in the door; he'll give you the Joker key.  The final fountain is easy; but
be warned: you'll fight another Flying Dwarf in the first room, with no ledges
or protection.  Bring plenty of Red Potions, especially if you don't have the
Magic Shield.  Talk to the Guru, and he'll give you the Ruby Ring.  If you
haven't done your shopping, do it now, because you won't be back here (pick up
a pair of Winged Boots if you don't have any).  When you're finished in town,
head up to the fountain.  Stand for a minute, admiring the beauty of the
fountain, then, push the stone (it's as tall as you, but hidden behind the
fountain).  Once it's  been pushed, head up the ladder.  Wave goodbye to
Forepaw.  It's on to Mascon.

Check your items.  You should have a few red
potions, a pair of Winged Boots, and a Queen Key.  If you don't have Winged
Boots, go get a pair.

Go through the Queen door.  You'll come out in a misty
valley, populated by Mages and Bumblers.  Go left one screen, then up.  You see
a new enemy: an Orc.  They're annoying if they get on a level below you, so be
careful.  Head right twice.  You'll see a pillar on the right side of the
screen.  Up the ladder leads to a Queen Door with a 3 screen dungeon, with an
unlimited supply of Red Potions (be sure to kill the Evil Tambourine Men
quickly).  But first, kill the Orc, then head right.    You'll come to Mascon. 
It's a great city, with new equipment (definitely get Thunder), but a bit
over-priced.  There's only one thing missing; a Guru!  He's nearby, but he's
not in the town.  When you're done, head right and kill the bumblers, then head
down (if you want the secret shop, head down one of the double-wide gaps.  Head
right, being careful to stay on the blocks.  Keep heading right until you see
the ladder leading up.  Go up it (it's only one square and hard to see because
of the mist).  Head across the ladder-bridge, and go up.  You should see two
Bumblers and an Orc, and a door.  Go through the door.  If you didn't get
Death(9800) earlier, this is the only other place, and for 2,700 coins less. 
You can also get an Elixir  (4300) here, which is always a good buy. 
Hourglasses (5600) aren't that useful (get 1 if you don't have one already, it
helps later), but the prices on Potions (300) is good.  Head right (you'll see
more floating enemies, called Evil Eyes in this FAQ) until you see a building
guarded by two Orcs.  Talk to the people inside.  You're getting close to the
tower of Suffer.  Anyway, kill the orcs and go up, then left, then up again.
You'll find more Evil Eyes and Orcs on your way.  You should be in a screen
with a ladder going down, two pits in the ground, a Mage and an Orc.  Head
right to a screen with three doors.  The two on the outside each have an enemy
inside (which you can only kill with magic, because they're both in buildings),
but the center holds the Guru.  You're about half-way to the nameless city.  Go
up, and left one screen.  Be sure to jump across screens so you stay on the
higher level.  Above the mage in this screen you'll notice a ladder.  Up the
ladder is a screen with a Wyrm (a new enemy which drops very good bread) and
two evil eyes, as well as a Queen door leading to a dungeon.  If you don't have
a pair of Winged Boots, you'll find a pair at the upper-right of the dungeon,
as well as a Pendant at the lower-right (which doesn't do much, though I think
my attacks became less powerful after getting it).  I'll place the walkthrough
for this dungeon later in the FAQ, under Misc.
Keep heading left, then use the
Winged Boots to get up the ledge to the ladder.  From there (which has a new
very rare enemy, which I will call a Lich), head left until you reach a screen
with lots of ladders.  Up then right, and you're at the Nameless City.
It has a
Guru, Hospital, Key shop, some new armor (Full Plate, definite buy at 5200
coins), a Mattock (completely worthless, as far as I've found, though you may
be able to go back to get Death and the Magic Shield.  I say this because of
the reference to the Shield at the entrance to town, but I have _not_ tried it.
 If anyone finds out before I do, and tells me, I'll gladly acknowledge them
here).  If you want to look around, get a few Queen Keys and go

Otherwise, grab a King Key or two and head right (the Flying Squids
give you bread, and are easy to kill.  Use them for healing.), then down two
screens, then right again until you can go up.  Here you'll come across more
new enemies: the Swarms, and OrbWorms.  Keep heading right.  Ignore the ladders
for now, and go right until you come to a building.  Go inside, and get the
Fire magic.  It's a little bit more powerful than Thunder, but it has
tremendous knock-back ability.  Now, go back two screens, climb the ladder (not
the one that leaves the screen.  It leads to a 3-screen dungeon which has some
weird enemies in it, but nothing else.  Don't waste a key on it.), head left,
then up.  Head left until you see an Evil Tambourine Man.  Kill it, then  enter
the second building (The first requires the Key of Ace.)  Leave, and head left
to another Tambourine Man.  Here, you have a choice.  You can either go left
high, or left low.  I prefer high because it's easy to fall, all the way back
to the Nameless City.  If you're confident, go low.  Otherwise, high is much
easier.   Use a King Key and enter the Tower of Suffer (located above the Guru
in Nameless City?).  Kill the Golden Knights.  I recommend not moving.  Just
stab when they get in range (if you want to conserve HP, you can just let them
jump over you.  They tend to bunch up).  Keep heading right until you run into
more new enemies, the Strange Ones.  I think of them as looking like cousin It,
but that's just me.  They're very fast.  Kill the first one, then lure the
second down.  Turn and kill it before it hits you.  That'll slow it down.  Go
up the ladder.  You'll see a Flying Dwarf.  Kill it with Death (which you have
no excuse not to have) or use your sword.  If you want to use your sword, stand
at the top of the second short ladder, and stab madly for a while.  It'll die. 
Next, go to the right.  New enemy!  It's a weird robot looking thing, big
enough to classify as a boss, but not very hard.  We'll call it Schmanko.  The
blue Mini-Colossus is jumping around to annoy you, but they die real quick. 
The easiest way to kill the Schmanko is to jump straight up and attack. 
Basically, just hit B right after A.  It'll die pretty quick, and you can go
right again.  Here, get on the high ground.  Ignore the new enemies below (Orc
Skeletons, probably the hardest normal enemies in the game, are basically
souped-up Orcs (slightly smarter, maybe death was a good thing?)).  Very
annoying.  Go left with your sword drawn, to kill the Weird One.  Keep heading
right, and you'll come across your next...

Bouncing Dwarf
been any in a while.  Anyway, I think he classifies as a boss.  Start out by
getting on the ladder, and dropping down.  Keep a potion handy.  The way he
moves is to come towards you, hover along wherever he stops, then jump at you
again.  If you stand still he'll usually miss.  But usually doesn't cut it. 
Trap him against the wall, and jump up and down, slashing like mad.  Fire is a
good spell to use to trap him against the wall, but Death does more damage. 
It's not really necessary, though, as he'll go down pretty quick if you keep
hitting him.

Grab the black onyx, and get the hell out of there.  On another
note, however, at the top of the tower, you can find an elixir.  They're always
good to have, except that you have to get past a Flying Dwarf, a Crazed Dwarf
(and climb a ladder with rocks falling on your head), and a Bouncing Dwarf. 
Oh, and there are pits in the ground too, which will drop you onto the open
rooms below, and you'll have to start all over again.  Sounds lovely, doesn't
it?.  No real strategy, you just have to get lucky, and kill the enemies as
quickly as possible, and hope the A button doesn't lock up at the wrong time
(mine has before, but not there, thankfully).  Is it worth it?  I don't think
so, not with a shop that sells them so nearby, and so relatively easy to get
to.  But if you're up for the challenge... by all means.

Once you're out,
return to the Nameless city to save, heal, stock up, etc., but buy two King
Keys.  You'll need them later.  Go back to the man who told you to bring him
the Onyx (he's on your way to the Tower of Suffer, on the left in the screen
with two doors).  He'll give you the key of Ace, which will unlock the door
next to him.  Head in.  I don't know which got me first: no mist or the up-beat
music.  Anyway, I was happy as I headed along the pathway toward the next city.
 You'll notice several enemies that are either new or that I have not
discussed.  The first are the Birdmen, which you may have seen if you were
exploring around the nameless city.  There are some Bigmouths that come up out
of the ground.  And there are Kobolds, these blue, nasty-looking critters that
run very quickly and/or jump, then stop, all the while with smug looks on their
Anyway, head to Conflate.  First go right until you come to a ladder
leading up.  Then head up, then left.  You'll see a Rope Snake on the ladder
going up.  Climb the ladder, then head right, past the Flying Squid, and the
Mages, and into Conflate.  You're almost done!  Get the Giant Blade
(reminiscent of DemonSword, in a way...), which improves your range of attack
very slightly, and your strength a great deal.  Talk to everyone, and stock up
on potions.  Note that there is not a key shop here.  Go left, past the
Orbworms, through the King Door, and on to fight another Bouncing Dwarf.  Use
the same strategy to kill him; get him against a wall or the edge of the
screen, and he'll die eventually.  Once you're done, get the Battle Helmet. 
Then head back to the screen with the Flying Squid.  If you did badly in the
last fight, consider getting more potions.  It won't be getting any easier. 
When you're ready, head up the ladder.  Head right and use a king key.  First,
head right until you come to a door (if you fall down the pit, .  Go through
it.  You'll be in a room with 2 Bumblers, and a Golden Knight.  Kill all the
enemies before moving to the next room.  On the higher ledge at the right, jump
into the next screen.  There's a Kobold above you and an Orc Skeleton in front
of you.  The Skeleton will throw himself happily down the pit, and the Kobold
will jump at you.  Kill the Kobold and drop down the pit.  Kill the Birdman and
the Kobold, and head right, kill the hidden Kobold, then stick to high ground
as you go to the right.  Two more hidden Kobolds.  Kill them, and climb the
ladder at the top.  Kill the Muffin of Death and get the Magic Cane.  Go back
down and right, and fight another Bouncing Dwarf using the same strategy (note,
the low road will prevent you from being hit).  Get the Battle Suit and go back
to the screen with the ladder.  Use  the Hourglass (or, alternatively, Winged
Boots) to get back up the ladder.  The Orc Skeleton who so cheerfully threw
himself over the edge will almost always knock you off.  Once you're back up
that annoying ladder, head up again.  Kill the Weird One (which will usually
hit you.  If you're low on life, heal in some way.).  Head right, either high
or low doesn't really matter.  When fighting the Orc Skeletons, don't move. 
Let them come to you, then let 'em have it.  You won't get hit this way. 
Charging them will just get you injured.  There's a Phantom here, which isn't a
threat, but kill it anyway.  Head right, then up, then right by the high road
again in the room with the Birdman and Phantom, and the rope ladder-bridge. 
Kill the enemies in the next room, and head right to Daydreak (possible typo
{not on my part}, but I'll leave it in).  If you have 15000 coins, you can buy
Tilte magic, the most powerful in the game.  I recommend it.  If you don't have
a Giant Blade yet,   Save, buy another King Key, and head back to Conflate. 
It's harder going back than coming.  Jump over skeletons when they get near
you, then kill them quickly.  Get to the Guru, and he'll tell you some valuable
information.  Get the ring of Dworf (again, not my typo), and go back to
Daydreak.  Stock up on potions.  You won't need any more keys for the rest of
the game, unless you want an Elixir (which really isn't worth it).

Head right
from Daydreak, go through the door, and head left.  Eerie, upbeat music starts
playing.  Kill the Birdman and drop down the hole, and enter Dartmoor to the
right (it took me a while to find this city.  There's only one guy here besides
the usual shopkeepers, and you can buy the Giant Blade for 13,000 coins if you
so desire.  I recommend maxing out your inventory with potions.

When you're
done in Dartmoor (remember to save), leave town the way you came in, and go
down.  Head left, down another pit, and right.  You have to take the high road
at this part, because there is a bottle of poison which will knock you back if
you take the low road.  Another new enemy, the Minotaur, is here, and with him
two Bumblers. The Bumblers are more annoying than the Minotaur, but kill them
all just to be safe.  Check the door.  It'll tell you that you need a ring.  Go
up the ladder, then right.  You'll see a Ropesnake on the ladder.  Ignore it,
then head up.  Go right, then down. You'll see a block floating in the air,
with a door on top. Jump over to it and go in.  This is the second-to-last
dungeon.  Somewhere in here, the Castle of Fraternity, is a Guru, as well as a
Dragon-Slayer.  Kill the Bumblers by standing on the second ledge, facing left,
and swinging madly.  They should both run into it.  Next, head right.  Another
Muffin of Death.  Kill it for food, then head down, but don't move as soon as
the screen starts to change.  Stay on the ladder until the Birdman jumps past
you, then jump to the left, and kill the Schmanko as well as the Birdman.  Head
right, and you'll see two Hippie Horseheads.  Kill the one on the bottom, then
head right.  Kill another Schmanko and head down.  Kill yet another Schmanko
and enter the room.  Talk to the Guru, who'll tell you something, then it's off
to find the Dragon Slayer.
First make sure you have at _least_ 3 potions.  This
is the hardest boss in the game.  Leave the Guru, and go up.  Head right.  See
if there is an ointment in the corner.  If there isn't, re-enter and come back
in until there is.  Once it's there, kill the Snakething and charge left. 
Ignore all enemies.  Back at the room with the Hippie Horseheads, go right on
the high ground.  Ignore the Flying Squid, then jump across the pit quickly. 
Head right again, you should see the SnakeThing below you.  Grab the ladder and
climb up.  Switch to Death magic.  Leave the room at the upper-left and come
back in.  Hit the Ghost Nest with Death quickly, before it starts filling up
the room with Ghosts.  Kill any remaining ghosts.  Then try to jump across to
the ledge without touching the poison.  If you touch it, don't worry, just
climb back up and go through the door, for your next...

First, switch to Tilte.  If you plan on using magic, use it only on the
right side.  Usually you'll hit him with it, get knocked back, and when you're
sure you have him you'll exit the room, and have to start over.  Let your
shield take his fireballs, then run over to the right side of the room.  When
he gets to you, use Tilte.  Be sure to have a potion at the ready.  If you get
to about 1/4 of your life bar, use it.  Once you're out of magic, stab at the
dragon whenever he comes down, and whenever he starts to fly away.  He takes a
lot of hits, but he'll go down eventually.  Be prepared to try a few times. 
Just keep your potions stocked up, and keep at it.

When you kill him, you'll
automatically equip the Dragon Slayer, the Battle helm and the Battle suit.  Go
talk to the Guru before you leave (he'll give you the Demon's Ring), then go
save.  Go back to Dartmoor, stock up, and save.  It'll be time soon.  Go back
to the door that you needed the ring for and go through, then go through the
next room.  You'll find yourself in the last area of the game.  This place is
difficult to figure out, but I'm here for you.
First, go down the ladder.  Then
go down again, kill the Schmanko, then right.   Climb down the ladder, there
should be a Ghost's nest.  Stay on the ladder, and get hit by the ghosts.  Then
turn (you should be able to attack, now, and attack the Ghost-Nest.  It should
take 3 hits with the Dragon Slayer.  Head left.  There should be a room with an
ointment and a ladder leading up.  Do Not Get The Ointment.  It's a waste of
time.  Climb the ladder, and you should see a Bouncing Dwarf.  Ignore it, just
run toward it and it'll jump over you.  Go through the door.

The Evil One
Compared to King Grieve, the Evil One is easy.  Keep at
least 2 potions ready, and just charge at him.  Keep jumping and attacking. 
He'll die very quickly.

Once you beat him, sit back and enjoy the ending. 
You've earned it.  Whatever that's worth...

4. Frequently Asked

None yet.  Ask me some.

5. Passwords (and Cracking
Haven't figured this part out, yet.  Still working on it.


Basically, I crammed sections that wouldn't fit anywhere else

First, the controls.

A is jump.  B is the action button.  By itself, it
will attack, used in conjunction with up it will also cast your selected magic.
 With down, it will use the item you have in hand.

Left and right move left
and right, respectively.  Up and down can be used with B to use magic and
items, as well as when climbing ladders.  Up also goes through doors and talks
to people.

Here are the Titles you get from Gurus, and the experience
required.  If I am sure of it, after the Required EXP is Gold when you
die/restart at that level.  This will be filled out in a later version.

   Required xP   Gold
Novice       0          0 G
Aspirant     1,000
Fighter      3,600
Adept        5,000      3,500 G
Chevalier    6,500
(I think)
Veteran      8,000 (Ditto ^)
Warrior      10,000
Hero         15,000
Soldier      18,000
Myrmidon     22,000
26,000     9,000 G
Superhero    30,000     11,000 G
Paladin      35,000    
13,000 G
Lord         45,000     15,000 G

***A Cheat (sorta)***
You can hold
more than eight items.  First, go into a shop and max out your inventory. 
Leave, equip one, and go back in.  Buy a ninth item.  The items in your
inventory will swap with the active one, so you can always have 9 items.  
Game Genie codes section will be here too.

7. Contact Info
Number one, I am
looking for contributions.  Not monetary, of course, but missing info. 
Anything that I may have typed inaccurately, etc., to improve the accuracy of
the FAQ.  I will be adding Game Genie codes at some point, and I plan to make
it more structured.  For those of you who would like to contribute, send me an
e-mail at riskbreaker@mac.com.  All letters will be read, though not all will
be responded to (all contributions will be acknowledged in this FAQ, and by
e-mail).  Questions already answered in this FAQ will be answered, but with a
good-natured slap on the forehead and directing you to the correct part.


I have enjoyed writing this FAQ (especially the Legal section :-), and
will write more in the future.  I'm curious to see the response, so, please
respond.  That's about it.  Just one more thing;

Credits and

Richard Bannister, for porting an extremely useful emulator
(RockNES), which was used to review and determine the accuracy of this FAQ. 
Replays were especially useful.

Hudson, for making this game.

God, for
helping me write this FAQ.

SpiderWeb Software, for giving me a break when I
was bored.

Apple Computers, for an awesome computer.