Save State Hacking Guide by dark lord zagato

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/24/04 | Printable Version

Faxanadu savestate hacking guide for Rocknes savestates

By Matthew Shay (
version 1.0 submitted to game FAQs at May 24, 2004

I.   How to use
II.  Stats
III. Inventory addresses
IV.  Misc
V.   Inventory Digits
VI.  End/Contact

I. How to use

To use this guide, you will need...
1. A Rocknes emulater. It can be found at
2. A hex editor.
3. A Faxanadu ROM.
4. A savestate, it will be a .rs0 file.

This is a guide for editing savestate data. To use this, you should
already know the basics of hexidecimal.

II.  Stats

03A7 Experience 1
03A8 Experience 2
03A9 Money 1
03AA Money 2
03AB Money 3
03B1 current MP
0448 current HP

For exp, set the digits to FFFF for 65535 points. Your level will
not increase untill you see a priest.

Set money 3 to 01 for 65536 GP.

For max HP and MP, set both at hex 50.

III. Inventory

03B4 Weapon Slot 1
03B5 Weapon Slot 2
03B6 Weapon Slot 3
03B7 Weapon Slot 4
03B8 Armor Slot 1
03B9 Armor Slot 2
03BA Armor Slot 3
03BB Armor Slot 4
03BC Shield Slot 1
03BD Shield Slot 2
03BE Shield Slot 3
03BF Shield Slot 4
03C0 Magic Slot 1
03C1 Magic Slot 2
03C2 Magic Slot 3
03C3 Magic Slot 4
03C4 Item Slot 1
03C5 Item Slot 2
03C6 Item Slot 3
03C7 Item Slot 4
03C8 Item Slot 5
03C9 Item Slot 6
03CA Item Slot 7
03CB Item Slot 8
03CC Item Slot 9
03CD Item Slot 10
03CE Item Slot 11
03CF Item Slot 12
03D0 Item Slot 13
03D1 Item Slot 14
03D2 Item Slot 15
03D3 Item Slot 16

Although there are 16 item slots, 8 is the maximum. Having more
than 8 will cause items to overlap.

Current Equipment
03D4 Equipped Weapon
03D5 Equipped Armor
03D6 Equipped Shield
03D7 Equipped Magic
03D8 Equipped Item

03D9 # of weapons in storage
03DA # of armor in storage
03DB # of shields in storage
03DC # of spells in storage
03DD # of items in storage

If you add 8 items, you must change the quantity digit to 8. Or
else the items will not appear.

IV. Misc

03E9 Music modifier
03EC Room modifier 1
03ED Room modifier 2
03EE Backround modifier
043E remaining time for Ointment
043F remaining time for Glove
0440 remaining time for Wingboots
0441 remaining time for Hourglass

V. Inventory Digits

00 Hand Dagger
01 Long Sword
02 Giant Blade
03 Dragon Slayer
FF (blank)

00 Small Shield
01 Large Shield
02 Magic Shield
03 Battle Helmet
FF (blank)

00 Leather Armor
01 Studded Mail
02 Full Plate
03 Battle Suit
FF (blank)

00 Deluge
01 Thunder
02 Fire
03 Death
04 Tilte
FF (blank)

00 Ring of Elf
01 Ruby Ring
02 Ring of Dwarf
03 Demon's Ring
04 Key A
05 Key K
06 Key Q
07 Key J
08 Key JO
09 Mattock
0A Rod
0B Crystal
0C Lamp
0D Hour Glass
0E Book
0F Wing Boots
10 Red Potion
11 Black Potion
12 Exixir
13 Pendant
14 Black Onix
15 Fire Crystal
FF (blank)

VI.  End/Contact

If you have any questions about this guide, i can be contacted at

FAQ Copyright 2004 Matthew Shay
Faxanadu is Copyright Nintendo