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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Link San

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                 \______| Daggers and wingboots, mantras and monsters
                                          await you. 
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1. Copyright
     2. Version History
     3. Introduction
     4. Walkthrough
     5. Ranks 
     6. Items
     7. Final Words
                   Copyright Link San 2004
    This FAQ is a copyright of Link San (Robert de Boer) and may be used
    for personal use only. This guide may not be copied for any site other
    than gameFAQs and GameSpot.
    If you have any questions or suggestions please mail me, if I see
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    updaten. So if you have any questions or suggestions please mail them
    to the following address: lsguides@gmail.com.
    I'll try to answer your mail as soon as I can. Thank you.
                              VERSION HISTORY
    14-6-2004 Version 1.0
    20-6-2004 Version 1.5
    28-6-2004 Version 2.0
    29-6-2004 Version 2.5
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ on one of the oldest RPG games around.
    Faxanadu is a game on the NES which was created by Hudson. In my eyes
    Faxanadu is the best game that ever came out on the NES, this is why 
    I wanted to write a FAQ on this game. Faxanadu probably is the most
    under rated game ever on the NES, when you think of the NES you
    automatically think of Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda or Donkey Kong.
    But Faxanadu is unknown to a lot of gamers. Although I only found out
    about Faxanadu about a year ago, it was still a great experience. And
    with the NGC, PS2 and XBox that means something. In this FAQ I'll go
    through as much as I can tell you. First off I'll start with the
    main thing, the walkthrough, then I'll handle the extra's of the game.
    See the Guru in the church-like building to receive the Ring of Elf.
    Notice the apparent eyelid spasm when he talks, everyone in the game
    seemingly has this affliction. Then die, yes die at the hand of either
    the jumping skull at the east end of town or the spiky clumps. You'll
    revive with full life and magic at the Guru.  
    See the King all the way at the West end of town and get $1500:
    Use the money to buy a Hand Dagger($400), Deluge($400), J Key($100),
    and a few Red Potions($160). SPECIAL TRICK here. if you spend all of
    your $1500 you can return to the king and get some more. Leave Eolis
    through the door locked with a "Jack" key at the East end of town and
    follow the path to Apolune. Directly before Apolune is a tool shop
    with some pretty expensive stuff that isn't necessary until later. 
    In Apolune buy a Small Shield($800), J($140). Continue East through
    the town and follow the path to the Tower of Trunk, for which you
    will need a Jack key. Follow the path in the Tower until you get to
    the Wyvern, stand here while fighting to minimize damage:
    Defeat the Wyvern to gain the Mattock. 
    Leave the Tower and go East one screen and use the Mattock on the two
    orange blocks, and continue on the path to Forepaw. In Forepaw, buy
    the Studded Mail($2500), Long Sword($1600), Wing Boots($2800),
    Q($500), J($200). Now leave town through the East end and go Southeast
    until you reach a screen where there is an open sky. In the next
    screen, where there is also an open sky, use the Wing Boots and fly
    all the way up to speak to a man standing on a floating platform.
    This guy says some weird stuff that I really don't understand, then he
    says something about starting the flow of the 3 Fountains. He directs
    you to the Tower of Fortress, which is Northwest of Forepaw, in order
    to acquire the Joker Key. Now go back to Forepaw, and instead of going
    down, climb the ladder up, and then climb the ladder where the phantom
    and the guy who shoots fireballs  is. Follow the path along the
    platform until you reach a door with a J lock, this is the Tower
    of Fortress. In the Tower of Fortress follow the path and jump on the
    platforms and the climb the ladder here:
    Head right once you climb the ladder until you come across another
    ladder, then climb the ladder and walk left to climb another ladder.
    Follow the path which goes Northwest until you come to the room with
    the Serpent , kill the Serpent and continue right to pick up the
    Elixir which is in the room next to the Stone Dropper. If you'd like
    you can kill the Stone Dropper to recieve a complimentary pair of
    Wing Boots. For the next legof this journey, if you run out of life,
    the Elixir will be used and you will regain all your health and magic
    but you will need to get another Elixir (you must have an Elixir in
    order to give to the Old Man). Now go back to where you climbed the
    first ladder you saw; this time at this point, continue right one
    screen and climb this ladder and continue Northwest.
    head right and speak to the Old Man who will request your Elixir to
    revive a spring. Now return to where you turned right after climbing
    the ladder in the picture in Step 16, instead, climb up on the
    platform with the Mushroom Man. Continue West, and fight another
    Then visit the Guru in the house in the next scene to get the Joker
    Key, now you can leave the Tower of Fortress by heading in a
    Southwest direction. Go to the small tower Southeast of Forepaw and
    enter with the JO Key. Avoid the Wyvern by taking a hit, and then
    speak to the Old Man. The first time, the spring will flow, speak
    to him a second time to receive the Ruby Ring. Now leave and go back
    to the screen with the Tower of Fortress and push the the top of the
    fountain to get the water flowing again; this will cause the ladder
    to come down on the left side of the screen. Go up the ladder and
    use a Q Key to open the door to the mist world and be prepared to
    not see well. Go all the way West, then North, then East and go
    behind the pillar to enter Mascon. 
    In Mascon, buy a Large Shield($3500), Thunder($1200), & Q($600).
    Leave Mascon in the East and take a slight detour by hopping along
    to the end of the first screen and then falling through the crack.
    Continue East on this platform for a couple of screens until you
    can climb a ladder, then go to this neat shop that sells a
    Death($9800), Elixir($4300), and an Hour Glass($5600), items hard
    to come by elsewhere(as well as cheap Red Potions for $300). 
    Once you buy what you'd like, it's time to find a Guru. Now follow
    the lower path South of the shop until you reach a burning house,
    in which you can receive some info from some unfazed residents.Now
    go North, then East until you reach 3 doors, choose the middle to
    reach the Guru. From the Guru, head Northwest on the upper platform
    to reach a half missing building--the Tower of Suffer--for which
    you will need a Q Key. In the Tower, take the right ladder, then
    go North and then East, killing many Tall Things with Many Legs 
    along the way until you reach a ladder to the upper platform, then
    follow the platform till here:
    Climbing this ladder will lead to a Wyvern that I prefer to avoid
    by using Wing Boots, because on the next screen there is another
    difficult Wyvern. For this Wyvern, you will need a lot of magic
    and Red Potions. My preferred strategy is to use magic and a few
    slashes to force him into the wall and then attack him when he
    swoops down. When he is defeated, he will leave the Pendant, which
    is supposed to raise your attack power, but I've noticed it seems
    to do the opposite. O well. This step is not necessary if you have
    a spare pair of Wing Boots. Return to Forepaw to buy a pair of
    Wing Boots($2800), and have a Q so you can return to the mist area. 
    Now head back to near the Guru near the Tower of Suffer, but instead
    of climbing the the ladder go West to here:
    Use Wing Boots and climb the ladder at the West side of the screen,
    and follow the path to the Last Mist Town; it is quite ambiguous as
    to whether this is still part of Mascon. Buy a Full Plate($5200)
    and K($1500). Follow the path East of town, when you can go North or
    East for 2 screens, go East until you reach a house where you can buy
    Fire magic($3000), my personal magic of choice. Now go back West 2
    screens and climb the ladder and going North on the screen
    immediately to the East. After going North, go West until you reach
    two red buildings, go in the left one to receive some info. Continue
    on the path until you reach a building at a dead end, use the K Key
    to get in. In the Tower of Mist go East until you reach a Wyvern,
    go North here and avoid the next Wyvern and fall through a floor crack
    to end up on the right side of the southern Wyvern. Now continue East,
    and walk along the upper platform until you reach a large monster that
    looks basically like a torso . This is the guardian of the Black Onyx.
    Quickly descend the ladder making sure you have at least half health
    to absord a hit or two. Now stand in the middle of the screen, so that
    the monster should be jumping right over your head, back and forth.
    Now anticipate his jump, and jump slightly before he leaves the
    ground, then strike at the apex of your jump. You should score a
    hit, but if you jump too late you'll get hit. This method works for
    this creature later in the game as well. Now you can leave the Tower
    of Mist or just die. Now go a few screens East of the Tower where
    there are 2 red houses(you went into the left one earlier). Now go
    back into the left door to get the Ace Key (you can return and get
    another A if you need to). Now enter the right building on that
    screen, using the A Key to enter the World of Branch. Follow the path
    until it forks East-West. Go East until you reach the town of
    Conflate. Pick up a Magic Shield($9800), Giant Blade ($8500), and
    you'll need to have two spare K Keys from the previous town. 
    Head directly West from Conflate and use a K to get in the door. 
    Continue West a couple screens and face another one of those big
    torsos, use the same strategy and receive the Battle Helmet. 
    Now go to 2 screens West of Conflate, where a path goes North;
    follow the path and and use a K Key to get in the door. Follow
    the path for a few screens and enter another door- note you will
    need a K if you wish to return to Conflate past this point, 
    unless you die. Go East a screen to here:
    Then go South. Head East until you reach a dead end with another
    Torso, this one guarding the Battle Armor. After killing the
    Torso, head West one screen, then North to pick up the Magical
    Rod. After doing this, a great example of bad NES programming
    takes effect. After going West a few screens, you will be forced
    to head North on the ladder. When you get to the top, however,
    you will not be able to get up without getting knocked back down
    by the swordman. There are three possible solutions to this small
    difficulty: use Wing Boots, an Hour Glass, or as usual, die.
    The drawback of dying is that you will need to buy another K to
    return here. Or as Éric has kindly pointed out: "You'll notice
    that when you're at the top of a ladder, and continue to press
    upwards, your player "flashes" between climbing position and
    standing position. If you "tap" the upward arrow and release it
    at the right moment, this will leave you in standing position at
    the top of the ladder. In this particular spot of the branch
    world, you can use this trick to hit the blue swordsman without
    having to walk into him and get bumped down. Now go back to the
    screen you couldn't reach, no matter which way you got back head
    North for two screens, then East, then North again. Get onto the
    upper platform, then head East and go down to reach the town of
    In Daybreak, buy a Tilte if you'd like($15000), and 2 K's
    ($1200 each). Return to the town of Conflate, using a K on the
    way and speak to the Guru there to procure the Ring of Dworf.
    Now go all the way back to Daybreak. Note: this return trip to
    Conflate may be avoided if you died before and "woke up" in
    Conflate. As long as you have the two Battle equipments, you
    should be able to obtain the Ring. Regardless, back in Daybreak,
    head East out of town and enter the door for which the Ring of
    Dworf is required. Stay on the bottom platform, and fall down
    the approaching pit while bearing to the right. Now walk into
    the Final Town (it's not the house, but the entrance on the
    right side of the screen). After making preparations in the town,
    leave the town and climb the ladder to go South then keep
    following the path, heading East when it forks. Now climb the
    ladder, disregarding the door for now. Go East, then North,
    then East again, then South to reach a small platform adjacent
    from a very small platform under a door. Jump on that platform
    and enter the door. Go East, South, then East; climb the platform,
    continue East past the , go North and quickly try to reach the
    door on the right side of the screen because the ghosts are
    infinite unless you defeat the thing that creates them. This next
    boss is King Grieve, , King of the Dwarves, who also happens to
    look nothing like a dwarf. For a nice trick of defeating Grieve,
    check the "Tips" section. Grieve is very difficult because his
    fire is completely unavoidable and the only way to defeat him is
    to have plenty of Red Potions. The most important thing to 
    remember is to not physically touch him as this depletes a great
    deal oflife. To attack him either strike him on the head or use
    magic on his head. Here's a tip from RG on defeating King Grieve:
    Whenfighting King Grieve, the programers supply you with an hour
    glass in the castle. Make use of it just before entering the
    king's room. He'll still be moving around, but he won't be
    shooting any fireballs. 
    If you are careful about not running into him, you
    can win without using a single red potion. After defeating
    King Grieve, you will get the Dragon Slayer, which allows you to
    equip the Battle equipment as well (they are actually
    automatically equipped when the Dragon Slayer is equipped). And
    now you look totally badass in your knight gear. Then head South,
    West, then South where you will see a castle; it is a guru. The
    Guru will give you the Demons Ring, and tell you to kill the Evi
     One at Dartmoor. If you need to return to the Final Town to stock
    up, do so, and again make sure you have a few Red Potions. Now
    follow the same path you used to go to King Grieve, but instead
    enter the first door you come across, then the second door in the
    small enclosed area to enter Dartmoor. Beware: Dartmoor is an
    infinite maze if you don't follow the correct pattern. From the
    entry screen, go South, South again, West, South, and South, until
    you reach a platform with three small spikes. Kill them to get
    some very convenient health, now go West on the upper platform,
    then North, North, North, until you see one last Torso , which can
    be easily avoided. Or a shortcut, as recommended by Mew seeker: 
    In the Final Dungeon, you can get down to the Ointment and then
    use a pair of Wing Boots to go right away to the Final Boss
    unharmed! Go in the door on the left side of the screen and face
    the Evil One. The Evil One  is not quite as difficult as King
    Grieve. Avoid making contact with it, and jump and it hit in
    the mouth. Occasionally use magic to repel to the far side of
    the screen and use Red Potions when your health gets low. Once the
    Evil One is defeated you will be teleported back to the King. 
    Now sit back and enjoy the ending!
     Title                 Experience Needed           Gold to Start With 
     Novice                         0                            0 
     Aspirant                     1000                          500 
     Battler                      2200                          800 
     Fighter                      3500                         1200 
     Adept                        4800                         1600 
     Chevalier                    6200                         2100 
     Veteran                      8000                         2800 
     Warrior                     10000                         3500 
     Swordman                    12500                         4300 
     Hero                        15000                         5200 
     Soldier                     18000                         6200 
     Myrmidon                    22000                         7500 
     Champion                    26000                         9000 
     Superhero                   30000                        10500 
     Paladin                     35000                        13000 
     Lord                        45000                        15000 
    Red Potion Eolis
    Wing Boots
    Hour Glass
    Key J   (Jack)
    Key Q   (Queen)
    Key Jo  (Joker)
    Key K   (King)
    Key A   (Ace)
    Special Items
    Ring of Elf
    Ring of Ruby
    Ring of Dworf
    Demons Ring
    Black Onyx
    Magical Rod
                                FINAL WORDS
    Thank you for looking at my FAQ on Faxanadu, I hope this FAQ was of
    some use to you. For questions mail me at lsguides@gmail.com.
    Thanks again and good bye.