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Guide #104: Faxanadu: Walkthrough
V0.4 (1/18/2000) (More of Subsection D; Another Password and Title)
By "Emptyeye" (emptyeye@juno.com)
This guide may be found at www.gamefaqs.com, or 
http://www.afreehome.com/dzzy/dzzyland.htm (A homepage I help run).

There are 7 Sections, some of which will be divided into subsections.

I: Version History
II: Intro
III: Basic Controls
IV: The Walkthrough
    A: Getting Started
        1. Preparing
        2. The Overworld    
    B: Apolune and the Tower of Trunk
        1. Preparing for the Tower
        2. The Journey to the Mattock
        3. To Forepaw! 
    C: The True Beginning
        1. The Preparation
        2. The Three Fountains
            a. Fountain #1
            b. Fountain #2
            c. Fountain #3
        3. Restoring the Main Fountain
    D: The World of Mist
        1. Finding a Freakin' Town!
        2. Finding a Freakin' Guru!
        3. The Tower of Suffer
V: The Table of Titles
VI: Passwords
VII: Outro/Legal Stuff/Special Thanks

Section I: Version History

V0.01 (1/1/2000) (First Release; As usual more a groundbreaking than anything

V0.05 (1/2/2000) (Added Subsection B of the Walkthrough, updated the 
Copyright; Added another title and password.)

V0.1 (1/3/2000) (Added part of Subsection C of the Walkthrough; Another 
three[!] titles, and three passwords)

V0.2 (1/6/2000) (Added the rest of Subsection C; Another 3 titles and 
passwords; Added a url.)

V0.3 (1/9/2000) (Started Subsection D; Another Password and Title)

V0.4 (1/18/2000) (More of Subsection D; Another Password and Title)

Section II: Intro

For the new year, a new guide, this one to the wonderfully translated game
Faxanadu. All joking about the translations aside, this is a fairly difficult
game, and I was surprised that there were no guides for it previously. So 
here I am to fill in that gap. :)  Basically, this will be a walkthrough
along the lines of my Ys I & II guide. I'll try to be as specific as possible
throughout it, so you'll know exactly what to do. After all, isn't that what 
you want in a guide? :P 

Section III: Basic Controls
Here I'll explain how to control your unnamed hero. :)

It's pretty basic really. Your Control Pad moves him around (Up and Down are
only used for climbing ladders), A jumps, and B 
stabs. Up+B uses whatever magic you have equipped at the time, assuming you
HAVE enough Magic to do so. Holding Up and A makes you fly when you have Wing 
Boots on. Down+B uses items except for Keys, which you can use the way you
go through doors (Press Up). A confirms choices, and B cancels them (Remember
this so you don't spend unneccessary Golds--note the way I spelled that--in
shops). Start pauses the game, and Select brings up the main menu. Also note
that Up lets you talk to people. :) I think that's everything....

Section IV: The Walkthrough
Um...The Walkthrough! :)
First some general tips: it's a good idea to get passwords whenever you come
upon a new town, acquire a new rank, etc. Also, try to always carry at least
3 Red Potions with you. I also like to have 3 of the highest buyable key,
and 1 or 2 of the next highest. 
 Here's a neat little trick. It works best at the later stages of the game,
because you'll have higher titles and will start with more Golds. Whenever
you find yourself at a town and you need to buy something, spend all your
money, then take a password. Reset the game and enter the password. You'll 
start with whatever item you bought and the amount of Golds relative to
your title! It's essentially unlimited Golds, if you understand what I'm
trying to say. 
    Subsection A: Getting Started
        Subsubsection 1: Preparing
Items to Acquire: Hand Dagger, Deluge, 3 Key Js, 3 Red Potions

  Okay, let's get going. You'll start the game outside of your hometown of 
Eolis. The hero will be puzzled that his town is in disarray. Walk to the 
door and press Up to go through it. 
  In town, walk left, going through the doors and talking to everyone inside
and out. You'll meet a Dried Meat salesman, Martial Artist, Magic Guy, Key
Seller, Armorer/Item Guy, and Guru (In no particular order). The Guru will
give you the Ring of Elf, which will allow you to see the King. Gurus also
give you passwords and new titles when you get certain amounts of Experience
Points (Shown on the "Player" option of the main menu). Continue going left--
careful of the Spiky things, you'll have to jump over them--until you come
to a castle guarded by a, um...guard. Go inside and talk to the King. He'll
explain the plight of the world and give you 1500 Golds to start you off. 
Yes, GoldS. With an S. I told you this game had wonderful translations. :) 
  In any case, leave and go to the Armorer. Buy a Hand Dagger and Deluge. 
Leave and Equip them by the Weapon and Magic options from the Main Menu,
respectively. Go to the Key Seller and buy 3 Key Js. Now go to the spike
things and DIE! Yes, I know it's a weird way to prepare for a journey, but 
trust me on this one. 
   You'll start back at the Guru's, minus your leftover Golds but with full
health and magic. You'll also have everything you bought before your death. 
See? I told you you could trust me! :) 
  Go see the King again to review what's wrong with the world and get another
1500 Golds. Now go back to the Armorer and buy 3 Red Potions. I guess now is
a good time to mention that the Hand Dagger is too short to hurt the spikes.
You can kill them with the Long Sword (Or better), but for now the only way
to kill them is to use Deluge.
  Go all the way to the right, kill the hopping eyeball, use a Key J on the 
door, and leave town.....(You CANNOT go back after you leave, so MAKE SURE
you've done everything necessary up to this point).
        Subsubsection 2: The Overworld.  
 Now you're in the Overworld. Take a moment to admire the scenery and take in
the almost annoyingly upbeat music, then continue. This isn't really that 
hard. Killing enemies as you go, go 3 screens to the right, 1 screen up, and
2 screen right. There's a door here which sells two VERY good, but VERY 
expensive items: The Magic Shield and Death (A Magic). You may want to save 
money for the Magic Shield by just killing guys in The Overworld for awhile
(This will help you get more Experience as well), but later on you can buy 
Death at a cheaper price. When you're ready, go two more screens to the right
and you'll enter the Town of Apolune (I recommend building up to 1000 
Experience first).

    Subsection B: Apolune and the Tower of Trunk
        Subsubsection 1: Preparing for the Tower
Items to Acquire: Small Shield (Assuming you didn't pick up the Magic Shield)

  Woo, now you're in the Town of Apolune. Talk to everyone and go into all 
the doors. I'll take a minute to explain all the symbols above the doors 
Shield: Armorer/Item Shop
Cross: Hospital
Key: Key Store
Bottles: Bar (Not an actual store, but rather a place you can pick up some
Also, a building that looks like a church probably houses a Guru. 
When you've talked to everyone, go into the Armorer and buy a Small Shield
for 800 Golds. You'll notice that a lot of the stuff that was available at
Eolis is also for sale here, but at inflated prices. This trend continues
throughout the game, which is why you should buy items as soon as possible.
While you're here, also buy Red Potions if you have less than 3. When you're
ready, leave town to the right.
  We're back in the Overworld. Just go 3 screens to the right, and use a Key
J on the door. Enter...the Tower of Trunk!

        Subsubsection 2: The Journey to the Mattock
Items to Acquire: Mattock
  You're now inside the Tower of Trunk (Dun dun DUN!!). Thankfully, unlike
the later Towers, this one is basically 1-way, so it's pretty easy. To start,
go 2 screens to the right. Climb the ladder and Deluge the spike, and go 1
screen up. Go 2 more screens to the right, another screen upm and 2 more
screen to the right (Stay on the bottom level). 
  You'll meet your first Boss, the Wyvern. Scream! Then realize that as long
as you stay on the top "stair", if you will, the Wyvern can't hurt you with
its blasts. All the Wyvern does is swoop up and then down. He then shoots
4 fireballs out of his mouth, and repeats. Just stay on the top stair and 
repeatedly stab with the Hand Dagger. When he swoops near you, he'll hit the
Dagger and bounce back. If you get impatient feel free to Deluge him as he's
trying to shoot fireballs at you. About 15 hits should kill him. When you've
won, walk to the right to claim your prize, the Mattock. Celebrate if you'd 
like. Then exit the Tower by going out the way you came in (As if you have
a choice. :P).

        Subsubsection 3: To Forepaw!

  Out of the Tower now, walk a screen to the right. Get the Mattock out by
selecting it on the Item option, and use it near the wall. It'll break and 
the path will be clear. 
  Go up one screen, right one screen, and up the ladder and over the gap. 
Now go BACK to the left one screen and up one screen. You'll probably wonder
what the glove is for, so I'll tell you: It temporarily increases your 
offensive power. It's not really worth it, so ignore it and walk 1 screen to
the right. Here you'll meet your first Magician. It's not a Boss, but he can
be dangerous because his attack is to cast Deluge AT YOU. This can be blocked
with a shield, though you'll still take some damage (Not as much as if it 
hit you head on though). It can also be jumped over, though if you miss 
you'll take full damage. Whatever you decide to do, walk 2 more screens to
the right and you'll come to the town of Forepaw.

    Subsection C: The True Beginning
        Subsubsection 1: The Preparation
Items to Acquire: Long Sword, Studded Mail, Wing Boots

  Okay, if you've followed me up to this point, you should be in the town
of Forepaw. By talking to everyone you'll learn of the three fountains that
have run dry. Oh yeah, the one symbol above the door that you haven't seen 
yet--the best I can describe it is a loaf of bread crossing..something else--
is a Dried Meat store. In general it's better to come here rather than going
to the Hospital because even though you'll need two pieces of meat, it's 
still cheaper than buying one treatment (Make sure you at least stop in the
hospitals though--the nurses can tell you important things). 
  Go into the Armorer and take a look at the Long Sword, Studded Mail and 
Wing Boots. These are the items you'll want to buy next, though at 6900 Golds
for the package you probably won't have enough for all three. I recommend
buying them in this order: Long Sword (1600 Golds), Studded Mail (2500 
Golds), and Wing Boots (2800 Golds). Obviously you want to know where such
a quantity of Golds can be obtained. So I'll tell you.
  Leave town to the right. Yay, more Overworld, more upbeat music. Anyway,
if we were looking for Experience, right here would be a decent place. You
could stand on the end, kill the three flying dudes, then jump (Or climb) 
down one screen and kill a fourth flying thing for a total of 100 points. 
Then you could go back up and repeat, sometimes earning an Ointment which
makes you temporarily invulnerable to attack (Except, oddly enough, that
projectiles like Deluge can STILL hit your shield) on the first screen--too
bad we're not after Experience. :P
  However, you DO want to go down one screen. Then, go left one screen, down
the ladder and one screen to the right. Note the door here. It needs a Joker 
Key (Key JO) to open, and you don't have one. You will eventually though. 
Anywhere right of here is a good place to build Golds, and Experience too, 
really. The last screen on the right is especially good because after you 
kill the Magician, you can sometimes get a Red Potion. When you have enough 
Golds, go back to town and buy everything.

(NOTE: This next Subsection is done slightly out of order from how the game
wants it, but my way works. Hehe. :P)
        Subsubsection 2: The Three Fountains
            Objective a: Fountain #1
  Now that you have the Wing Boots it's time to start restoring fountains.
Leave town and go two screens right of the Joker Key door. Kill the enemies
and use the Wing Boots. You only get 30 seconds of time, so make it count.
Go up three screens, dodging enemies, and you'll come to a fountain. Talk to
the man standing near it and you'll enter a conversation that makes NO sense
WHATSOEVER. Seriously. It speaks about the fountain being poisoned and how 
the "posion" is almost gone. More wonderful translations I guess. :) The 
bottom line, though, is that the fountain will once again flow. Talk to the
man again and he'll tell you to find the fountain in the Tower of Fortress,
and to see the "Guri" (I assume this should be "Guru") in said tower. For 
now, go back to town. 

            Objective b: Fountain #2
Items to Acquire: Elixir, Wing Boots, Key JO

  After taking the necessary preparation, leave town again (Call this
Point A). This time go UP one screen, up the ladder, and left two screens
(Stay on the top level). Use your last Key J and go inside the Tower (Oh,
the door one screen right of this is a hoax...you can't actually enter it.
You'll encounter several more throughout your journey).
  Now we're inside the Tower of Fortress. Go three screens to the right, up
one screen, over the gap (You may have to fall through it, stabbing on your
way down, to get rid of the second spike without using any Magic..of course
if you're impatient feel free to just Deluge him), left one screen, and up
one screen. Call this Point B. 
  Go up the ladder, and left one screen. Another WYVERN! Just do what you did
before, staying on the platform and stabbing when he draws near. 8-10 hits
should take him down. 
  Walk one screen to the left and go in the door. It's a Guru! Note that this
particular Guru WILL NOT give you a password. Rather, he gives you the Joker
Key (Key JO), and tells you to come back if you ever need more (You 
shouldn't). From here, go back to Point B. There are one of two ways to do
this. You can either go down one screen, thus taking you back to the start 
(DO NOT grab the bottle! It's Poison and will reduce your energy), and from
there take the "Long way" back, or you can try to go 2 screens back to the
right. HOWEVER, this means you'll have to fight the Wyvern one-on-one! It's
tough (The Fireballs do a LOT of damage), but it can be done. I'll detail 
this in an upcoming section because you HAVE to do it later on in another
 However you get back to Point B, go two screens right, up the ladder, left
one screen, and up one screen (Be careful; the pillars are in fact PITS and
will drop you back down one screen). Now go one screen to the left (Again,
the Bottle is actually Poison), and one screen up. You'll fight a SNAKE!! 
This is actually even easier than the Wyvern, since all you really have
to do is stand on the elevation and stab and he'll literally walk into your
sword. 11 hits brings him down. QUICKLY go two screens to the right--after 
the first screen, a foe tries to drop boulders on your head. These hurt.
A lot. Go up the ladder and grab the Elixir.
 Note that you can go one screen to the left and--assuming you're on the
top level--give the boulder guy three quick stabs, thus picking up a free
pair of Wing Boots, which you WILL need. You can only get the Wing Boots 
ONCE, so don't waste them. If you don't want to do that you can always go
buy Wing Boots back at Forepaw. You can go all the way to the left, and then
down, left, and down one screen to return to the Guru. 
 Go back to point B another time. Now go three screens to the right, 2 
screens up, and 1 screen left. Go up the ladder, and one screen to the right. 
Talk to the guy and give him the Elixir to get the second fountain flowing. 
Leave the Tower.
(NOTE: You may want to grab another Elixir before leaving the Tower, but
it's not necessary. Basically, when you're struck a fatal blow, it will
save you, refilling your Life AND Magic. Sweeet.)
            Objective c: Fountain #3
Items to Acquire: Ring of Ruby
  Okay, now that you're out of the tower, return to Point A. Climb up the
ladder, and JUMP OFF! You'll land near the Joker Key door. Key JO in hand, 
open the door and prepare for an annoying fight...
 It's a Wyvern. But this time there's no elevation to save you! Scream! Then
calm down. All there is to this battle is jumping over his fireballs and
stabbing him at the same time. However, if you fail in jumping over the 
fireballs, prepare to take MASSIVE damage. Like about half your life meter.
He shoots four fireballs, then swoops. He then repeats the pattern. When you
beat him, walk a screen to the right and talk to the guy to get Fountain #3
flowing again. Talk to him again and he'll give you the Ring of Ruby and
give you directions for continuing on in your quest. Note that when you leave
you'll have to fight the Wyvern again. Hope you have a few Red Potions on 

        Subsubsection 3: Restoring the Main Fountain
Items to Acquire: 3 Key Qs

  Go back into town and buy three Key Qs. Take a password if you haven't
already (Your title should be at least Warrior by now). Leave town and go
back to the door that led to the Tower of Fortress. Jump into the fountain's
water and push to the left. Eventually the rock will move and the ladder to
the next region will come tumbling down. Climb up, use a Key Q and enter...
*echoing voice* The World of Mist!!              

    Subsection D: The World of Mist
        Subsubsection 1: Finding a Freakin' Town!

  Okay, upon entering the World of Mist, you'll probably notice two things, 
one good, one bad. The good thing is that there's no more upbeat music! Yaay!
The bad thing is that you CAN'T SEE A DARN THING!! Well, almost. Everything
is shrouded in mist, hence this area's name. It's not THAT big of a deal, 
except sometimes you'll walk into pits you didn't see, which gets annoying.
  In any case, go 1 screen to the left, up 1 screen, and three screens to the
right. There's your town! It's the town of Mascon. That Subsubsection was 
  As a side note, if you leave town to the left (The way you came in) and go
up one screen and left one screen, you can kill the first snake thing for
bread, which is a good way to replenish life. Going one screen left of THERE
will put you in front of a door but DO NOT GO IN IT. It's a tower full of 
enemies that can hurt you without being anywhere near you. You can easily
get Red Potions here but you'll use whatever you have in your Inventory 
trying to get to them, so it's not worth it.
        Subsubsection 2: Finding a Freakin' Guru!
Items to Acquire: Large Shield, Thunder
  In the town of Mascon, do the usual routine of talking to everyone, and buy
Thunder magic. Whether or not you want to buy a Large Shield is up to you, 
as you'll be buying the Magic Shield soon enough, but I did. Both items 
together will cost you 4700 Golds, 3500 for the Shield and 1200 for Thunder.
You probably noticed that there's no Guru in this town. So we have to go
find one. 
  Leave town to the right and go one screen down, and four screens to the 
right. The door leads to some people, kind of like an unmarked building in
a town. Now go one screen up, one right, one up, and one right. Go through
the center door and....it's a Guru! This is your generic variety Guru who
gives you titles and passwords...but then isn't that what you want? As a 
warning, you'll get hit by the sword dude near the door whenever you exit.
There isn't much you can do about it. Also, the doors on the sides both
lead to enemies, but if you enter and exit the right door quickly, you can
kill both the sword guys for a quick 300 Golds. Repeat this process to get 
rich quick! This is also a decent way to build experience.

        Subsubsection 3: The Tower of Suffer
Items to Acquire: Pendant
(NOTE: Forgive me if this subsubsection sounds a bit more "angry" than the
rest of the guide...Amazon.com sent me the wrong item today and I'm rather
upset about it.)

  Okay, from Mr. Guru, go up the ladder, one screen to the left and one 
screen up. Use a Key Q and enter the door. Now we're in a lovely place known 
as the Tower of Suffer. As in exiting the Guru's door, you'll probably get 
hit at least once in this first screen, though it is avoidable. 
  Go up the right ladder and to the right one screen. Go up the far right 
ladder and up one screen. After most likely getting hit by the sworddude, go
right 3 screens, up the ladder, over the gap, and left 2 (Or was it 3? Can't
read my notes, sorry) screens. Go over the gap and up the ladder. 
  It's our old friend the WYVERN!! Hope you have a few Red Potions on hand..
anyway, wait until he swoops up, then climb up the ladder and use the 
standard strategy of jumping over the fireballs and stabbing him. Just be 
aware that this particular Wyvern will shoot FIVE fireballs before swooping,
as opposed to the four you're used to. When you win, go one screen to the
right to fight...ANOTHER WYVERN! Use the same strategy as usual. When you
win you'll receive the Pendant, which supposedly raises your offensive power.
I've yet to see that though. (Rest of Walkthrough to come in the Future)
 Go back to the left. Leave the Tower and return to the Guru either by death
or by hoofing it back (You'll have to fight the wyvern again on your way out).
Your title should be Hero by now.

(Rest of walkthrough coming soon)
Section V: The Table of Titles
Well this is incomplete for now, but eventually it will have all the titles 
you can acquire, the Experience you need to get them, and the number of Golds 
you start with at each title (When putting in a password).

Title                       Experience Needed                        Golds
Novice                        0                                        0
Aspirant                      1000                                     500
Battler                       2200                                     800 
Fighter                       3500                                     1200
Adept                         4800                                     1600
Chevalier                     6200                                     2100
Veteran                       8000                                     2800
Warrior                       10000                                    3500
Swordman                      12500                                    4300
Hero                          15000                                    5200
Soldier                       18000                                    6200
(I'll fill in the rest in the Future)

Section VI: Passwords
Just what it says. I'll tell you what each password starts off with before 
giving it. Note that passwords start you off with the BASE amount of
Experience Points for that level. In other words, if you accumulate 999
Experience as a Novice, and take a password, you'll start with--that's right
--zippo. Sucks, but that's life sometimes. 

 The Town of Apolune, with title of "Aspirant", Hand Dagger, Leather Armor, 
Small Shield, Deluge, Ring of Elf, 2 Key Js, 3 Red Potions:

 The Town of Forepaw, with all of the above and: title of "Battler", Long
Sword, -1 Key J:

 All of the above and: title of "Fighter", Studded Mail:

 All of the above and: title of "Adept", Wing Boots:

 All of the above and: title of "Chevalier", First Fountain Restored, 
-Wing Boots:
 All of the above and: title of "Veteran", Key JO:

 All of the above and: title of "Warrior", Second Fountain Restored, 
-1 Red Potion, -1 Key J:

 All of the above and: title of "Swordman", Third Fountain Restored,
Main Fountain Restored, 1 Red Potion, 3 Key Qs, -1 Key JO:

 The World of Mist, with all of the above and: title of "Hero", Large Shield,
Thunder Magic, -1 Key Q:

 All of the above and: title of "Soldier", Death, Pendant, -1 Key Q:

Section VII: Outro/Legal Stuff/Special Thanks
Hmm. The guide is finally starting to take shape. Yay. Hope it's helping you
This guide is Copyright 2000 by "Emptyeye". However, you can do pretty much 
what you wish with it except A. Say you wrote it, B. Quote parts of it 
directly (Paraphrasing is acceptable) without putting the quoted part in 
quotation marks and naming me/this guide as a source (THAT IS PLAIGERISM!!), 
and C. Sell/give this guide away for any profit of any kind. If you have any 
questions about whether what you do with this guide is in violation of A, B, 
or C, ask me first. I reserve the right to ask that this guide be taken down 
from your website at any time (Which won't happen under ordinary 
circumstances). Please ask before posting this guide on your website (I'll 
say yes). I respect all copyrights, trademarks, etc. in writing this guide. 
Special Thanks to Nintendo Power (For first showing me this game back when
I was like 5, and for showing you can get 1500 Golds from the King multiple