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G A R G O Y L E ' S   Q U E S T   II
for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Moises Baez
Version 2.2

1. C O N T E N T S

1. Contents
2. Revisions
3. Control
4. Walkthrough
5. Copyrights

2. R E V I S I O N S

Date       Versions
12/15/98   1.0 - First Release!
06/04/99   1.2 - Fixed Etruria section.
06/17/99   1.4 - New e-mail address.
               - Fixed Gibea section.
               - Corrected minor errors.
06/23/99   1.6 - Fixed Sidon section.
11/27/99   1.8 - Fixed Cave of Gaza section.
               - Fixed some appearances.
01/15/00   2.0 - Fixed Desert Sittem and King's Palace sections.
               - Fixed some appearance problems.
08/10/01   2.2 - Fixed the Remaining sections of the walkthrough.

3. C O N T R O L

Battle Mode
Control Pad - Left, Right
Select - Nothing
Start - Weapons
A - Jump/Fly
B - Shoot

Adventure Mode
Control Pad - Left, Right, Up, Down
Select - Nothing
Start - Items
A - Select/Talk
B - Cancel

4. W A L K T H R O U G H

- Your journey through the Ghoul Realm starts here. You talk to King Morock 
who is the ruler in this part of town. He will tell you that you will receive 
the Spectre's Fingernail once you are recognized as a true warrior. In order 
to become a warrior you must pass the training center.  

- Leave the Palace, talk to everyone, and go to the building to the far 
right. That is the training center. 

- Go in and go to the right. Go through the small isle until you see a man 
and a swirl. Talking to him will reveal that you need Arkob's Pot to get the 
fingernail. So enter and begin...

- Going through this center is very basic. You must scale the wall by jumping 
and pressing the control to the side the wall is facing you. In this case to 
the right. You will now be sticking to the side of the wall. Keep repeating 
the process until you are on the ledge on the other side. Below are spikes 
that take off health so you must fly to the other side from the ledge your 
on. To do so you must jump to the side and press the jump button again in 
midair so that you are flying in air. As you do this, keep holding the 
control to the side you want to go. If done right you will land on the ground 
past the spikes. Scale the wall and stop on top of it. There is a white stone 
to the side of you. Get on top of the stone. Now go to another stone on the 
right by flying to it and sticking on it. Go to the stone now to the left of 
you. From there jump and fly until you get the pot floating in midair. Your 

- Once you past the center you are told of a black light and you must hurry 
the King Morock. When you leave the building you must pass another level.

- Watch your step because hooded demons pop out of the ground. Also get the 4 
pots in the level. Close to exit there is a heart if you need it. Exit the 
stage and face Nagus. 

He is fairly simple. Get on the first ledge and start shooting away. He may 
shoot 3 balls or a fire ball. If he throws the fire balls just stay put and 
keep firing. The balls won't touch you and you can beat him before he throws 
out the third ball. If he shoots the 3 balls jump between the top and middle 
ball. To do this, you must jump off the ledge to the left and float in mid-
air until the balls pass. Get back to the ledge and keep shooting. If he 
tries to jump on you get off until he has jumped off the left ledge.

- After winning go through the door and go inside the Palace to see the King. 
He will give you the fingernail and now you can jump higher than before. Also 
you must proceed west to Gibea where King Barr is. Now you leave town to 

- Outside Etruria near the mountains out west there is a pot containing six
vials. Now keep going west until you meet a hooded demon blocking a road. 
to him and kill the demons in this small stage. Now go walk on the bridge to
the other side. There is another stage where you must scale fire, walls and
spikes. Be careful so you don't mess up!!! Get pass this stage to appear on 
the other side of the bridge. Now go north till you hit Gibea.

- In Gibea make sure you talk to everyone. 

- After talking to them you find out that the black light came over the town. 

- Go into King Barr's Palace and talk to the guards inside the Palace. It 
seems King Barr is trapped in some spell. You must go to Sidon to talk to 
Samuel to see if he could help King Barr.

- Leave and go east. Keep going east until you reach the end and see a sea of 

- Proceed north then west until you see a zombie looking man blocking a 
bridge. Talk to him, he will give you Dragon's Armor which increases life. 

- Cross the bridge, now there is a small stage you must pass. 

- This stage contains platforms moving back and forth. Jump on each one until 
you reach the end. Time your jumps right or you will die! Splashing down on 
the fire is instant death!

- After passing this stage go north and into the town of Sidon. 

- Talk to everyone including Samuel. 

- Samuel says that Hecate in the Cave of Gaza may know something. But before 
we go and see Hecate, we need the Night Drop which is to the east in the 
Forest of Hinom. 

- Leave Sidon. 

- Up north there is a pot containing six vials and to the east there is a 
demon who gives you three vials if you beat him. 

- To get to Hinom go north a few steps then go east. Hinom should be there.

- The stage of Hinom is sort of tricky. There are platforms and spikes with 
red floating demons. In this stage collect the 5 pots, a heart if you need 
it, and an extra man. The extra man looks just like Firebrand. Anyway, the 
boss is the Death Balloon. 

Its a guy who shoots bubbles in other words. When he does so, he contracts 
making himself smaller. The trick is to stick to the wall on the left. Right 
where the wall meets the spikes to be exact. Try to keep the boss on the 
screen. Shoot at him from there. When the 3 bubbles come press down. Stick 
back onto the wall until they have gone. Go back to the same position and 
shoot till you beat him. Afterwards leave, now you have Night Drop. You also 
you get Magic Buster.

- Now go west passing the town of Sidon. When you cannot go west anymore, go 
north to the Cave of Gaza.

Cave of Gaza
- Inside the Cave of Gaza are 4 pots. Each contain 6 vials. There is also a 
little house where Hecate is.

- Talk to her and she will take the Night Drop so she can make Candle of 
Darkness. Go to the center where the swirl is and use the candle.

- It tells you a short story about how the light sealed King Barr. So you 
need the Gremlin Stick located in the Desert of Sittem. Talk to Hecate again 
so she can give you Fallen Angel Wings.

- When you leave the house go to the stairs above you. Not the one you came 
from, there is another set of stairs. Leave the cave from here.

- After you left the cave keep walking until you see a zombie looking man 
blocking an entrance. Talk to him, and he will get out of the way for you. 
Enter the Gaza Valley.

- The Gaza Valley is a small stage where you have to fly over fire with your 
new wings. Now you can fly farther than before with Fallen Angel Wings. Its 
pretty straight forward. But watch out for those platforms that fall once you 
step on them. They are thin in appearance.

Desert Sittem
- After getting past the stage you will arrive in the Desert.

- In the Desert there are 2 pots containing 6 vials each. Go and find the 
Castle to enter another stage.

- This stage is one of the most treacherous up to this point. Watching your 
step and keeping an eye out for demons who come at you in numerous numbers. 
There is a secret passage close to the beginning. When you start descending 
down you will see brick walls. But there will be a point where to the right 
of you, will be rocks that appear to be cracked. Shoot your way through 
there. Inside there is a heart and an extra man. Keep going until you reach 
another set of rocks that blocks your way. Break them and go inside the Door. 
Now you will face Sand Frog. 

He is immune to your shots when he moves back and forth. He will deploy small 
versions of himself to get you when he does so. They don't take off hearts, 
they just don't let you jump, so he can hit you with his flying headbutt. 
Dodging these things and getting away a good distance is key to beating him. 
Now leave from where you came in. You are back outside, you get the Gremlin 
Stick and Magic Tornado.

- Now retrace your steps all the way back to Gibea where King Barr is at. 

- Use the Gremlin Stick on him. He will give you the ability to jump higher 
and he tells you to go to the King's Palace out west. You must break the 
Barrier there to go to the Capital.

King's Palace
- When you come to a bridge, above that will be the King's Palace. So pass 
this stage. You will need the tornado. It serves as a platform when you shoot 
it. You can create many platforms and you can climb up! Get the 3 pots then 
leave. Nothing really tricky here.

- Go north after leaving the bridge. In plain sight will be a pot with 6 
vials. You should also see the Palace. Enter the Palace.

- Talk to everyone. Hmm...seems that everyone has the Ku Ku Ku Syndrome. Go 
into the middle door in the main building. The King is waiting there.

- Talk to him. Talking to him reveals that he does not know what the black 
light is! When he tells you to go back to Etruria say no. Now he will fight 
you for defying him. 

- To beat him, dodge him when he comes after you. Shoot at him when his wings 
are open. When he is covering himself he is invulnerable. This should kill 

- Now that you have beat him. Again talk to everyone. Now they are cured!

- Anyhow, go into the right door on the main building. A man will say that 
the Essence of Ghoul Realm is hidden well. 

- To get the essence, talk to the third man inside. He's the one that will 
ask you a question concerning the Essence. Reply no in order to get the 

- Okay now leave and go to Mt. Imaus.

- Keep going north until you hit a tree. From there keep going east.

- You will see a tunnel that leads to another tunnel going to a Palace north 
of you. Go there.

- Get past the stage which has skull pillars with platforms that take you up. 
The skulls have spikes so you can get hurt. When you reach the end you will 
fight The Twin Guardians. 

To beat them fly really close to them and keep shooting with your Magic 
Buster. You may get hit but don't get hit when you fly close to them. You 
will get the Poltergeist Candle. 

- Go into the Palace and give the candle to the King of Ghoul Realm. He will 
thank you and give you more power to jump higher and fly farther.

- Now leave and go to the other tunnel that sits a few steps to the east. 
Finish the stage and get Achelon's Water.

- To get to Topete, retrace your steps to the King's Palace but keep heading
west and go north. Nothing special here. Learn about Lethe, The Labyrinth,
Doppelganger, and The House of Mirrors.

- Now go south into the desert to face Dagon, who has the scales you want. Go
into the desert and walk close to the middle of the desert. Right between the 3

- Beat Dagon who is fairly easy. You have to shoot him on his tail until his
face remains.

- Get the scales and go back into the King's Palace. Give the Water and Scales
to the scientist so he can make Soulstream for you.

- Now go back to Topete but this time pass it until you see a Blue Wolf. Fight
him so you can go and see Lethe. He is a worthy fighter.

- The trick is to keep him far away from possible. Shoot 2 shots at him from
the ground. Now get in the air before he does and shoot. This is so he can't
get close to you. Repeat the process.

- Now that you have beat him go through the tunnel. Pass the stage and pick up
the 5 pots.

House of Mirrors
- I am going to try to walk you through this stage because I'm pretty sure
people have been having problems. The broken mirror means that you cannot
teleport to another mirror. Only the mirrors intact are the ones that you can

- Okay now go to the right passed 2 broken mirrors and spikes. Now that you
have landed beyond the spikes, use you Magic Tornado to descend to the top. The
tornado is sort of a platform. Do not go through those 2 mirrors!

- Keep going to the right. You will see a mirror at the end of this part. Go
inside to go to another place.

- Now use your Magic Tornado to descend up again. Behind the left Crystal Demon
is a pot if you want it. There are 2 ledges with mirrors. Go to the one on the
left. You have to pass the spikes and attach yourself to a pillar in the

- On the first broken mirror you see is a demon. You will see him when you get
close to the mirror. Now keep going till you reach a small space with a broken

- To get out safely to the mirror above you, use your tornado. Go through the
mirror and you will arrive in a room.

- Go up using your tornado. Pass the first good mirror, keep going up. There is
a heart to the left next to the spikes. Go inside the mirror you see and go up
yet again.

- Still use the tornado. Get the extra man but DO NOT go through the mirror.

- Go back down and use the mirror you just came from. Go up and use the mirror
you will see to get a pot.

- Leave and keep going up. Behind the Crystal Demon is the mirror you want to
use. Go beyond the spikes until you see a mirror on the far right. DO NOT go
into the mirror. Instead, go up using your tornado. There will another mirror
waiting for you.

- You will now be in a room full of mirrors. You will start off on top. Go
inside the third mirror to the right. Watch out for the falling ledges when you
step on them. They have a crack beneath them.

- Now you are at the bottom. Go inside the first good mirror you see. Before
you start walking, you can plainly see needles from the ground ready to poke
you to death. Proceed with caution!

- Go inside the next mirror you see which will be above you. Use the tornado
yet again!

Now you will face Doppelganger. He can transform into you! Don't shoot when he
looks like you. Your own power will go down. I haven't yet figured out an
effective way to kill him. Just try to dodge him when he tries to fly through
you. Also do not shoot when he has taken your form.

- After you have talked to Lethe, go to Loosekeep to see the King Rushifell and
Queen Verona.

- There are many caves to choose from and only 1 will lead you to the right
path. The right cave to choose is the one that is furthest south.

- The entrance points directly to a gap between the mountains and the dead
trees. Go inside and pass this stage, get the 4 pots and heart if you need. Go
inside the town of Loosekeep.

- Talk to the King and Queen. They will give you the power of Magic Claw and
Hippogriff's Feather. Leave and go back to Lethe.

- You must go back into the stage to arrive on the other side. Lethe will make
the Candle of Ghoul Realm to use on the rock barrier.

Breager's Castle
- Keep walking until you see the Castle. It is in plain view. Go inside and
finish the stage.

- This is a difficult stage you have to go through. There is more spikes than

- Use the Magic Claw to shoot slime on spikes to stick on it. Also there are
these demons which carry lamps which light up the room. If you want to shoot
him, stay in one place. You don't want to get hit by spikes. When you reach the
end talk to Goza.

To beat Goza you need to shoot him on the head. There is a red spot right on
his forehead. Shoot at him with your Magic Claw. And keep shooting until you
run out of wings. Repeat the process. Don't forget to dodge his ball and laser.

- Goza now talks about how King Breager is now fully revived. He says that you
must beat him to be the true Red Blaze. Right before you fight Breager you get
the Mammoth's Hoof from Demogorgan. Also you get Bereal's Wings. This lets you
fly for an unlimited amount of time! And don't forget the Atlas' Armor, plus
the Darkfire.

- Now go into Breager's stage so you can reach him. This is the single most
difficult stage in the game. Luckily for the new wings, you can now fly as long
as you want. This will come in handy for Breager. Get passed the stage and
fight Breager.

Positioning yourself to fight Breager is hard. The moving platform in the
middle is the key. From where you start, jump high and to the right. You must
be level with Breager's face. Now where the moving platform stops, position
yourself on that imaginary plane. You must be above the platform, remember! Now
shoot!!! If you did it right, the 3 balls that come at you should miss because
they will go right between you. There now you can kick his teeth in!

All I have to say is enjoy the end...

5. C O P Y R I G H T S

Gargoyle's Quest II - The Demon Darkness is Copyright Capcom 1992, Copyright
Capcom USA. Inc. 1992, Licensed by Nintendo. This FAQ was written entirely by
Moises Baez. This FAQ is Copyright Moises Baez 1998-2000. Use of this FAQ
without written consent is prohibited and punishable by law.