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        o         o        o__ __o            o__ __o        o         o/ 
       <|>       <|>      /v     v\          /v     v\      <|>       /v  
       < >       < >     />       <\        />       <\     / >      />   
        |         |    o/           \o    o/           \o   \o__ __o/     
        o__/_ _\__o   <|             |>  <|             |>   |__ __|      
        |         |    \\           //    \\           //    |      \     
       <o>       <o>     \         /        \         /     <o>      \o   
        |         |       o       o          o       o       |        v\  
       / \       / \      <\__ __/>          <\__ __/>      / \        <\

NES 1992

Version:        1.0     released on the 4th of March 2007
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
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                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.) Introduction                                                 |  G0100  | 
02.) Overview & Controls                                          |  G0200  |
03.) Neverland                                                    |  G0300  |
ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                             |  GZZ00  |


01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Hook' for the NES, released by Sony Imagesoft in 1992.

Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    OVERVIEW & CONTROLS                          G0200

The aim of the game is to get through every level and finally defeat Hook on
his pirate ship. To get through the stages, you need to collect various items

At the main menu, select START to begin a new game, CONTINUE to return where
you last left off when you died,  HI-SCORE to view the highest score, toggle
between SFX on or off and choose whether or not to alternate between two
players or just play by yourself.

The main game screen is the map overview. Move the compass in the corner to
select the next level you wish to play. If you have already completed a level
you may move around on the map and more destinations on the compass will
appear. You can do the levels in any order, but all of them have to be
completed eventually.

If you take damage you lose some health. When all the health is gone then you
lose a life. After three lives are gone the game is over, however, Tinkerbell
may just give you the chance to continue.


The status bar in the top left corner cycles through the important information.
The health bar indicates how much energy you have left before passing out as
well as the number of lives left. This decreases when getting hurt by enemies,
but can be increased by eating food. The thimbles are used with Tinkerbell, the
marbles used for flying and the fourth item is the required item to be
collected in the current level so you may exit. For more information about
items, read the upcoming section.

In underwater levels you also have an oxygen meter. Watch out if this gets too
low. It advisable to regularly refresh this because the health meter does not
fill up all the way to the top at the end of the level.


There are various kind of stages ranging from forest levels to underground
caves. They have different requirements to be completed. All platformer levels
require a certain item to be picked up to leave the area via the exit.

Forest        Cherries
Caves         Cakes
Underwater    Pearls
Town          Coins
Lagoon        Peaches
Ice Region    Popsicles

In the Nevertree you can find basketballs. Pick one up and try to score with
the B button. There is a time limit on this. It is for points only, however.

Underwater you cannot rely on Tinkerbell to help you out. Your health bar can
be replenish to the max by breathing air at the surface. This includes healing
damage. To exit, gather all items and return to the surface at any point.

'Flying' connects various areas with each other. In the flying levels, you need
to collect marbles that are inside the balloons to stay afloat. Avoid the ones
that have dynamite attached to them. Some clouds are also dangerous, as they
might zap you with electricity. At the end of the flight Pan will automatically
descend, often getting hit my a cloud as he does. It is unavoidable if that
happens as the game takes over the controls for you. The other balloons only
have 50 point value. You can also skip one flying level on the map.


Left/Right    Move Peter Pan
Down          Duck/Climb down ladder/Pick up items
Up            Climb up ladder
A             Jump/Swim/Pick up items
B             Attack/Use Metal Detector
B + Up        Send Tinkerbell to fight enemies
START         Pause/Unpause

Pan's sword attack is mighty weak, it is more for show so "attacking" is not
recommended. Instead you want to get Tinkerbell to remove enemies as needed.


Cakes:        Find all the cakes in the Underground caves to exit.

Cherries:     Neverland Forest and Nevertree levels require these to be picked
              up to exit.

Coins:        Towns require you to find all gold coins before you may leave.

Food:         Increases Peter's health.

Marbles:      These can be used to fly. On land, in conjunction with pixie
              dust they will also let you float. Does not carry over from one
              level to the next.

Metal         Once you find this you can search the ground for buried treasure.
Detector:     When it flashes, wait a couple of seconds and the gold will

Peaches:      Lagoon stages have these and you must find all.

Pearls:       Underwater levels have these hidden in clams. Find all to exit
              the stage.

Pixie Dust:   By using marbles you can float along this, just make sure you
              don't waste any.

Popsicles:    Ice Regions' key items.

Thimbles:     Used by pressing Up and B at the same time, it will send Tink to
	      fight the nearby enemies. You only have limited amount so use
	      them wisely. They only last for the level you are currently in.
	      They also enable you to take Tinkerbell in tow because otherwise
	      she won't follow. If you run of these then Tinkerbell will leave
	      so try to keep at least one because there may be more boosts in
	      the level.

Any items left over at the end of a level will add to your total score. The
items do not carry over from one level to the next.


Hermit:       Floats in a circle in the forest levels.

Snake:        In the Forest and Lagoon levels, hangs down from trees.

Pirate:       The most common enemy. Hook's henchmen.

Monkey:       In the Forest and Jungles, these guys sit on the tree branches
              and like to throw bananas in your path so you slip and slide
              a few meters.

Parrot:       Flies in a a square, similar to the Hermit.

Lost Boy:     They are your enemies at first because they do not consider you
              as one of them, as well as follow Rufio who dislikes you. They
              fire arrows similar to the pirates with the guns.


Zombie:       In the Underground caves, the will turn you into a Zombie for a
              few seconds which means you lose control over Peter.

Ghost:        In the Underground caves, they float around and damage you if
              you get in touch.

Dragon:       Jumps up and down in the Underground levels, breathes two balls
	      of fire but not really a threat. The fireballs do go through
	      walls, however.

Spider:       In the caves the like to hang around and poison Peter.


Snowman:      In the ice regions of Neverland, they roll snowballs into Peter.

Penguin:      Skates back and forth on the ice, watch it's movements and dodge

Eskimo:       Like Hook's pirates for the ice region, wearing a coat.


Jellyfish:    Fish in the Underwater levels, simply avoid these as best as you
              can. Remember you replenish health by breathing air at the
              surface so do not be too picky about losing a few bars.

Divers:       Like Hook's pirates but they somehow obtained diving gear. Fire

03.)                    NEVERLAND                                    G0300

You do not have to complete the levels in exactly the same order as they are
listed here, but you still need to collect certain items before you can move on
to some levels later. This walkthrough skips one flying level.

Pirate Forest:
Requirement: 4 Peaches

First jump over the pirates, there is nothing you can do against them right
now. Climb up the ladder and all the way to find some marbles. Jump to the
ladder on the right and collect the first Peach and Thimble at the top. You may
want to go back down to tow Tink now that you have Thimbles.

Climb all the way to the top, dodge the snakes and hermit, then jump over the
logs in the water. They will slowly sink but don't rush it as you need to re-
position yourself before the second jump to make the large gap. Use the
tortoise to get across the next puddle and the jump over the rock. Follow this
path to find the second Peach.

Climb down the long ladder to find the third Peach, but instead of going left
climb back up the ladder. Now go left, it's much easier to dodge the Hermit,
drop down to the stone block below instead of risking anything with the snake
and then jump to grab the ladder. It's easier if you send Tinkerbell to kill
this pirate, because jumping in the narrow corridor is risky. The next one can
be left alone but you may as well use up the Thimbles at this point. Grab the
final Peach and then drop down on the right side.

The monkeys are only annoying but don't actually hurt you. Float over the pixie
dust on the right and jump over/kill the final pirate as you exit.

Ghost Mine:
Requirement: 5 Cakes

The first cake is just ahead. Avoid the ghosts in the area while you are doing
this. You can find a thimble on one of the platforms on the right side. Further
right is some food if you need it. When the Zombie goes left, sneak by him and
go down the ladder. Dodge the spider and then go down the ladder first.

Collect the cake behind the dragon and then make your way right. Ducking
underneath when necessary, jump the two moving platforms and collect yet
another cake. Return up the ladder and feed Thud Butt (walk into him) so he
blows up the wall.

Here you find Tinkerbell and the Metal Detector. If you want to find some gold
in the level, go right ahead. Meanwhile, go down the two ladders, ignore the
next on and take the one a little to the right instead. You can either send
Tink to take care of the zombie, or lure him over and then sneak past. I've had
it happen that he disappears for some reason, but if not then you can lean
against the wall (press right at the end of the corridor) and he will walk back
left so you can just follow.

Either way, there is some food if you didn't take it earlier should you need it
now. Return up the ladder and float right across the pixie dust. Here is the
last cake, so go back left and down the ladder I told you to ignore earlier,
then dodge the dragon (plus fire) to exit.

Sunken City:
Requirement: 9 Pearls
             Alarm Clock

Remember that you can replenish your health by swimming to the surface. You can
use the anvil to dive quickly and not get hurt. You need to stay clear of all
divers, jellyfish and be aware of the whirlpools that make swimming tougher.

The first Pearl is just as you start. The second one is a little bit to the
right, guarded by a diver. Dive down a little further to find the third Pearl
already. Grab the anvil on the left to dive all the way to the bottom. The
fourth Pearl is here, but you need to swim back up yourself.

Get some air, then go a little to the right of where you found the third Pearl
earlier. Hang on to the anvil below the whirlpool. The fifth Pearl is in the
area just to the left, and the sixth Pearl on the right of the diver where you
landed with the anvil.

Swim up from here, you will find the seventh Pearl in an alcove. You can also
see the next Pearl already, it's a bit more on the right. Grab the anvil when
you have it to go all the way to the bottom and automatically collect the alarm
clock. Return near the start and where the first whirlpool was encountered. The
last Pearl is in the passage just to the right. There is a diver near the
entrance to it. When done, instead of continuing right you are better off going
into the top left corner where you started.

Requirement: 7 Cherries

Jump over the first Lost Boy and grab the first Cherry on the right. Bounce up
and collect the Thimble before using the trampoline to get higher up. Watch out
for the chestnut that is hard to see in the leaves. At the end, drop down for
the second Cherry. Climb the long ladder all the way up.

Step on the higher platform, and then on the lower one when it's all the way
down. Quickly go through the open gate and pick up the Marbles. Step on the
leaf, avoid the chestnut in the next platform and step on yet another leaf. Tow
Tinkerbell and collect the third Cherry. Drop down on the right and follow the
path up to the gate as before.

Open it again but this time go up the ladder. Get rid of the Lost Boy, then
float to the right. Climb down the ladder and remove the Lost Boy here. Grab
the fourth Cherry. Return to the gate, it is safer to drop down and re-open it
and climbing the ladder than to float over there. You will most likely get hit.
Ignore or kill the Lost Boy at the top, then bounce up on the left side.

Jump over both chestnuts and go down the ladder. There are some more Marbles on
the right, guarded by a Lost Boy, if you want these. Use the trampolines to
collect the final three Cherries. Open the gate on the right side and bounce
up. Climb the long ladder and the rest of the path is pretty straightforward.

At the very top you will find a leaf. Ignore it and instead leave via the exit
on the right side. After this level, fly and fight Rufio.

Fight Rufio:

The aim is to damage the opponent's tunic enough so that it falls off. To do
so, stab Rufio with the knife. The controls are B for attack, and A for
jumping. If you jump straight up you will also turn around which is necessary
when Rufio is behind you. Jumping with a direction button at the same time will
make you leap around.

When you beat Rufio he will give you the magic sword.

The Lagoon:
Requirement: 4 Peaches

Follow the only way right, then climb the longer ladder down first. Avoid the
Hermit and pick up the Thimble. Climb back up and find the first Peach here.
Grab Tinkerbell on the ledge further left and then go back down the long

Continue left and quickly climb up the ladder. Avoid the second snake and jump
to the tree with the second Peach.

Drop down on the right side and drop down again to the stone wall. If there is
a rolling rock in front of you, wait for it to disappear before continuing on
as you might hit it in the fall. First go left and collect the Marble, then
jump over to the Thimble. Dodge the Hermit and either grab the food up in the
corner or jump into the bottom right corner for the next Peach.

Use the tortoises as stepping stones and get past the monkey quickly. Kill the
pirate, then drop down on the left side. I suggest you drop down on one side
and kill the pirate here too. Grab the final Peach and use the pixie dust to
float right, then continue on to the exit.

Fly east from The Lagoon and enter the next stage where you land.

Marine World:
Requirement: 9 Pearls

Fill up your health that is most likely low after the last flying areas.

Start by swimming left and grab the first Pearl. Hang on to the anvil to get to
the bottom and go left for the second Pearl. The third Pearl is in the alcove
above, not the one all the way to the left but a bit before that. Get back up
for air.

There are two Pearls south central from, one at the guard near the start and
then two more on the right. Hang on to the anvil to get to the bottom on the
right side where you will find the last Pearl.

Wood Land:
Requirement: 6 Peaches

The exit is right here, but you need the Peaches first, naturally.

The only non-harmful way for now is down the ladder, and there is a juicy pack
of food waiting if you can avoid the pirate. Drop off the branches until you
find the Thimble in the bottom left corner. Go back up a bit to catch Tinker. A
little further down is the first Peach as well. Go left and use the Tortoise to
grab the Marbles, then return to the start of the level.

Go right and float over the pond. Kill the pirate down the ladder and then
dodge the rock for the second Peach. Descend another couple of ladders, then
ride the moving platform for the third and fourth Peach on either side.
Continue down the ladder on the right and go left all the way.

Float up to the platform, you should have just enough Marbles to do so if you
make a good jump on the Pixie dust first. Grab the Peach on the right where the
Hermit is, then return to the ladder and carefully jump around the Hermit here
to get the last of the Peaches.

At the top you probably don't have any more Marbles. There are some in the
bottom right corner but they aren't useful as you will use them up just being
in the area of the Pixie dust. I'm not exactly sure how the developers had this
in mind. There is some food in at the top if you are low which should give
enough strength to get across.

Winter Land:
Requirement: 6 Popsicles

The only way to go is left. Grab the first Popsicle and drop down below. Get
the Thimbles here and continue down. The second Popsicle is on the left, then
go right and move the ice cubes until they break. Collect the third Popsicle
dodge the pirate to tow Tinkerbell. Step on the block next to the ice cubes and
stomp it down to the lower level.

The fourth Popsicle is on the right, and some Thimbles are down the ice ladder
if you want them. Climb back up if you got them, then drop down on the left for
another Popsicle. Defeat the pirate and go down the ladder. Some food is on the
left but you want to go right. Dodge the fish jumping out from the sea. Get
Tinkerbell to move the Yeti, then climb the long ice ladders on the right side.
At the top, you can try to dodge the pirate and grab some more Thimbles. Stomp
down the ice block, move the ice cubes below to get the last Popsicle and then
continue down to the Yeti once more. Repeat what you did earlier to get up the
ice ladders.

A pirate guards some food and Marbles but the exit is already just above so
unless you forgot something the Marbles are not necessary. Hurry on up.

Fly from Winter Land to your next destination.

Pirate Tomb:
Requirement: 9 Cakes

Get the Thimble on the right side first.

Climb down on the right and ignore the ghost to get the first Cake. There is
some food on the left ledge. Collect Tinkerbell below, then return up a bit and
right. Get rid of the zombie. The cave he is guarding has two Cakes. Return the
same way you dodged him.

Now Thud Butt will let you through. There are a couple of Cakes below which
takes the total to five so far. Get past the dragon. The sixth Cake and a
Thimble is on the right.

Climb down the ladder and go left. Remove the zombie guarding the Marbles and
the Horn, the return right. Float over and continue up, grabbing the rest of
the Cakes along the way. Thud Butt should let you through if you have all so
far. At the top just float over to the left and the exit is where you started.

Fly east from the Wood Land.

Snow Peaks:
Requirement: 8 Popsicles

Quickly get out of the way before the Yeti bowls you over. Run left and jump
over the Eskimo pirates to get some Marbles. Return left and go up where the
penguins are. There is some food but more importantly one Popsicle before and
one after the pixie dust, taking your total to three.

Drop down on the left and jump over the pirate. Stomp on the ice block to get
it lowered, being careful about the yeti's rock in the process. Go right down
here and push the ice cubes to get the Thimble. With this in hand, grab Tinker
and another Popsicle before heading down.

Kill the pirate on the left and collect the Popsicle he's guarding. Be wary of
the falling ice picks. Go right and stomp the ice platform for the fifth
Popsicle. Jump up the platform on the right to return where you started.

Lift up the Yeti and stomp the ice platform on the left. Down there you will
find a Popsicle in the left branch past some ice cubes. Kill the pirate behind
it first.

Continue down for another Popsticle and some other goodies, then climb the
ladder all the way to the bottom. First go right and jump past the fish for the
last Popsicle, then all the way left and float over the pixie dust. There is
some food before you leave.

Inland Lagoon:
Requirement: 4 Peaches

Quickly jump left over the rolling rock and then continue up the ladder. Grab
the Thimble above the monkey. Jump down next to him and then make a leap over
to the snake-laden tree branch. There is a Peach as a reward for getting past
them. Jump into the bottom right corner to continue, where Tinkerbell and
another Peach await. On the way back left there is also some food if you need
it. Return to where you started, now we will go right.

There isn't much special about the path, just up a couple of ladders you will
already see the third Peach. There is some food a little left and down but it
involves jumping about so you have to get this one on your own. Instead the
path continues up where the monkey throws bananas. Get past the two snakes and
leap to the branch with another one. If you fall down you have to go all the
way around as before.

Jump from blue rock to blue rock for the last Peach. You might want to kill the
pirate in the process. Go up the short ladder as you return and send Tinkerbell
on a mission to get rid of this guy too. Continue right for a few more platform

Hook's Jungle:
Requirement: 5 Peaches

The only way is right for now, jump over to find Tinkerbell but avoid the
Hermit while you collect the Thimble behind him. Now take Tinkerbell in tow and
return left.

Climb up the ladder, kill the pirate and dodge the snake. Make a good jump to
the left to land on the stone blocks. Kill this pirate too and start ascending
all the way to the top. Here you will find some Marbles.

Past the snakes is the first Peach, and some food can be seen if you need to
get it. On the way to the right edge you should end up with two more Peaches
and some more Marbles.

Return to the bottom of the level, near the long ladder and where you can see
some pixie dust. Float right and grab the fourth Peach as you go up. When you
reach the top, follow the branches left until you find the last Peach. Now it
is up to you to get back to the bottom of the level safely and then continue
right where you dodged the Hermit near Tinkerbell earlier.

Skull Cavern:
Requirement: 8 Cakes

Grab the Cake on the left and go down the ladder here. When you get the items
(Thimble, Marbles and Cake) return to the start.

Get climbing up the ladder. At the top you can find two more. If you jump over
the zombie guarding the metal detector you can find some food and Marbles.

Return down the ladder and go right past Thud Butt. Float over the pixie dust
and collect the Cake at the top. Drop down to float back left. Thud Butt on the
left side will let you through now. There are two Cakes up the ladder and one
down. When done, return to the start and descend to where the dragon is.

The final Thud Butt will let you through now too. The rest of the level is more
about hazards that item collecting, and there are no split paths. You can take
a shortcut if you drop down the first gap and move left.

Fly to your next destination southwest.

Hook's Cove:
Requirement: 8 Pearls

I suggest two dives for this.

On the first trip, grab the Pearl on the left before the anvil, which takes
down to two Pearls divided by a thin wall. Swim up and take the second opening
you get to for the fourth Peal. Dive up and swim right.

On the second dive, around halfway down start swimming right. Grab the Pearl
before the anvil which takes you down to the tooth. Swim left and collect the
Pearl you see in the opening. All the way right is another Pearl. Now it takes
some strong swimming skills to get past the whirlpool. As you ascend, go right
to the next whirlpool. The opening slightly left of it has the last Pearl you
want to find.

On the map, backtrack until the Inland Lagoon and fly southwest.

Pirate Town:
Requirement: 6 Coins

Climb the ropes on the left side, then right where Tinkerbell is floating. At
the very top you can find a Coin as well as a Thimble to get Tinkerbell to tag
along. Return to the start.

Time your jump past the cannon balls, the second Coin is here. Jump right and
grab the flame as well as the second Coin. Jump right (far enough to get past
the water), then try to dodge the flames as good as you can. They only do
little damage but it is still better to not get hit. Grab the third Coin and
use the hook to get back left.

There is some food past the pirates, you want to get rid of the one on the
lower floor. Move the barrel right past the thick mast, in-between the two
cannon openings below. Jump onto the barrel to get shot up. If not then you did
not take the fire near the cannon.

As you land on the mast in the sky, continue up and right while you avoid
pirates and parrots. At the top where you find two pirates, there is also the
fifth Coin on the left side.

Jump back down a bit and use the hook to swing right to a non-working cannon.
Make your way up to the highest mast as usual and grab the final Coin. Climb
all the way down the Exit.

Hook Town:
Requirement: 8 Coins

Jump up on the right to the Coin, Thimble and Tinkerbell. The second Coin is on
the right. Jump right to the third Coin, then jump into the hook to swing right
(if you just drop down from above you won't swing very far!).

The fourth Coin is just above the barrel, which you will use soon. But first
continue right, grab the flame and the Coin guarded by the parrot. Climb up the
mesh rope on the right for the sixth Coin. Return to the barrel and jump onto
it to get blown up.

As you go right you can find the last two Coins. Return all the way right to
find the Exit.

Hook's Ship:

Similar to the fight against Rufio, but instead of visual damage you have some
health bars. Additionally there are pirates attempting to attach a chain and
ball to your legs which makes you immobile until you jump.

If you want to avoid that from happening you should stand in-between the
portholes but it is also a very minor inconvenience so that you should instead
focus on Hook himself.

When his health runs out you have won the game.

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00

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Sony Imagesoft for this game.

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