Magician  Walkthrough
By FatRatKnight    (Lee Eric Kirwan)

This FAQ is Copyright Lee Eric Kirwan 2006

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0| - | - | - | - | - | --]     TABLE OF CONTENTS     [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
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 0 | - TABLE OF CONTENTS (here)  [Why use find?]
 1 | - INTRODUCTION (Look down)  [INT20]
 2 | - CONTROLS                  [HOW11]
 3 | - GENERAL TIPS              [GNT73]
 4 | - WALKTHROUGH               [PNT99]
  .1 | - TOWN                    <twn41>
  .2 | - WILDERNESS              <wld42>
  .3 | - LAKE                    <lek43>
  .4 | - FOREST                  <frs44>
  .5 | - CAVERNS                 <cvr45>
  .6 | - DUNGEON                 <dgn46>
  .7 | - CASTLE                  <cst47>
  .8 | - TOWER                   <twr48>
  .9 | - TOWER TOP               <ttp49>
 5 | - SPELL LIST                [SPE11]
 6 | - CONTACT INFO              [SRY97]
 7 | - THANKS TO...              [CRW02]
 8 | - VERSION HISTORY           [VSN06]

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1| - | - | - | - | - | --]       INTRODUCTION        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [INT20]

Welcome to my walkthrough. Right now, you're just three sections away
from the main point of this guide. The walkthrough itself. There
must have been times where you just simply weren't sure what to do.

It turns out, that if you miss certain things, such as the KEY, you
will have to restart from scratch. Perhaps you did get everything,
but you're stuck not knowing how to get past that instant-death trap.
Again, this is what this walkthrough is for. Why else would it exist?

Just in case you need to know, here's the controls in the next

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2| - | - | - | - | - | --]         CONTROLS          [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [HOW11]

---Title Screen
 Start - Start game
 Select- Load Menu

---Load Menu
 Left  - Select game
 Right - Select game

 Start - Load selected game
 Select- Title Screen

 Left  - Move left
 Right - Move right
 Up    - Enter/talk (While flying, move up)
 Down  - Search     (While flying, move down)

 A     - Cast selected spell
 B     - Use selected item
 Start - Pause game
 Select- Item/spell Menu

---Item/spell Menu
 Left  - Select rune/book / set spell level
 Right - Select rune/book / set spell level
 Up    - Select item/spell
 Down  - Select item/spell

 A     - Add rune / test spell
 B     - Remove rune
 Start - Exit menu -- back to Field screen
 Select- Change selection to item/spell/runes

---Shop/treasure screen
 Left  - Change selection
 Right - Change selection
 Up    - Change selection
 Down  - Change selection

 A     - Select item (When prompted, accept)
 B     - Nothing     (When prompted, reject)

---Puzzle room
 Left  - Move left
 Right - Move right
 Up    - Move up
 Down  - Move down

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3| - | - | - | - | - | --]        GENERAL TIPS       [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [GNT73]

This is a list of things you should do:

You have 15 saves. There's 9 areas. Even if you use 1 save per area,
you'll still have 6 saves. Use them if ever you're uncertain about
what's ahead. You also have 4 different slots to save to. No, you
don't get 15 saves for each slot, just 15 saves for use freely on
any slot. If you're uncertain that it's possible to make it to the
end, save on a different slot, of course!

Whenever you're full on mana, but not shields, you may as well
cast a shield spell, as you can't regenerate mana if you're already
full on it.

If you really want to save food, don't eat, even at 0% food. Sure,
having 0% food or water will reduce your health until you eat or
die, but the food and water stats can't sink below 0%, and health
regenerate if you have more than 0% food, water, and low to no VENOM.
Just remember to eat when you come across a treasure chest with food.

More to that last point, your shields will prevent enemy attacks
from hitting your health, so you won't actually die any faster by
starving mid-battle.

When you find a food store, make good use of it and recharge your
mana and shields to the maximum. There's only three such spots that
you can take advantage of. They are pointed out in the walkthrough.

Make a habit of using up some things prior to opening the chest,
especially if you know the contents. Wouldn't be nice to see some
VEGETABLES inside, and you forgot to eat one of your three.

When it comes to monsters in the early game, it's nice to learn to
fight by destroying them with your powerful spells. Late game, since
there's no more stores that sell food, you should run from nearly
everything instead. It just simply takes too much out of you to
kill each and every monster you find, and with limited food, you
can't afford to wait for your mana for long periods of time.

However, there are some required fights, but they're required. You
are saving up everything you can for those fights.

Such forced fights usually turns out like this:
You prepare yourself ahead of time with SHIELD spells
You set your spell to LIGHTNING (4)
You stand there in front of enemy
You rapidly fire away with LIGHTNING (4) until enemy dead

Save first if victory is uncertain with your current mana.

It is possible to forget some key item and be forever stuck. If you
think you're missing something, I have a convenient list of items
you should have at the end of each sub-section. Optional items are
marked with an asterisk *.

There are times where the messages are moving too slowly for you
to use items rapidly. There aren't many cases where you need it,
but you could go into the item/spell menu and back out to get your
second drink of water real fast.

After you kill a monster that drops a treasure, the chest will
eventually vanish on its own. So, get out your KEY quickly and
open the darn thing.

If you are using this walkthrough, and I mention a spell you don't
have, you should look up the spell list near the bottom of this FAQ.
Not too hard to go into the menu, select the runes in the correct
order, then select that book on the right end.

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4| - | - | - | - | - | --]        WALKTHROUGH        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [PNT99]

Well, turn on your game already! That's the first step...

The second step, press start at the title screen.

Now, with the obvious out of the way, let's go on...

4.1 ----------------------------TOWN-------------------------------------------
This is the Land of           | After you do the above, you'll be greeted
Merlwood. Your quest will be  | with the message on the left here. And a
hard and hazardous, filled    | map of the game world is also shown.
with magic and epic battles.  |
Good luck...                  |
Your quest starts here. I will list only what is remotely important.

2nd door
Leads to "Ye Olde Guild". It's pretty useless.
Here's the choices:
-1st item (mouth)
States a message. Affected by second item.
-2nd item (mug)
You pay 5 gold. The first item's message changes once.
Also, select this option 4 times to get a game over.
-3rd item
Short, possibly helpful message.
Select it again for another message.

As you can see, you get nothing. I don't really care much about it.
Moving on...

Outside 6th door, or the 3rd person seen
The near-naked man hands out 500 gold. Try talking to him until he
gives up his gold.

8th door
Leads to "Ye Olde Shop". Here's what they sell.
/WATER FLASK- - - 10 gold - 20% water/use (Full refill to 5)
/CRUST OF BREAD   10 gold - 20% food/use
/CHICKEN- - - - - 30 gold - 31% food/use
/HAM              30 gold - 26% food/use
/VEGETABLES - - - 10 gold - 40% food/use

Remember this location. As long as you haven't left the TOWN, you
can go back here to restock on food to power up your shields and
fill up your mana without risk of starvation.

Stock up on all the food you can, max out everything you can. It's
very cheap, and there's a rather low limit on how much you can
stock up on.

It might be a good time to learn VEN SHIELD and cast it a few times,
once you get some max mana from the later doors. A forced battle
will demand you're prepared ahead of time, even if it'll be a long
while later. However, even if you don't now, there's an alternative

In any case, charging your shields at a food shop will take a while.
If you want to take the time, go ahead and charge all your shields to
100%. Or else cast VEN SHIELD (1) once; that 4% is more than enough to
stop you from getting VENOMed until the next food shop.

9th door
"Ye Olde Mail". Visit the 13th door first. If you got the LETTER
from the 13th door, go back here and select the only non-exit
option for quick experience (+75 mana).

12th door
Looks plain, but entering instantly gives you 150 max mana.
I strongly suggest you buy the first three items.
/KEY- - - - - -  10 gold - Required to open boxes.
/SUN-GLASSES     20 gold - Reduce water lost in WILDERNESS
/WALKING STICK- 300 gold - Will become STAFF OF POWER
/SCROLL          60 gold - (FIREBALL) [FI-ST-MI-RA]

13th door . Large building
Selecting the first option will prompt you to take a LETTER and post
it at the "Ye Olde Mail" back at the 9th door. Just hit A to say yes
and go there to give the mail. The second option will give you MAGIC
WATER for use a long while later, as well as give you experience
(+75 max mana).

14th door
Another "Ye Olde Guild"... Gives information that I can easily give
to you. Ignore it.

15th door.
A "Ye Olde Shop" is here! Selling a set of 7 scrolls, too. Up to you
if you want a spell that you can equip into your item slot rather
than a spell slot. It's not terribly hard to look up some spell
list and get free spells that way. Such as this list:
/(SPEAR) - - -  90 gold - [PH-OL-MI-RA   ]
/(VEN)         100 gold - [VE-NA-HU-NA-RA]
/(LIGHTNING) -  40 gold - [PO-NA-ST-RA-NA]
/(PHYS SHIELD) 200 gold - [PH-RA-NA-RA-HU]
/(RAZOR) - - -  30 gold - [PH-OL-RA      ]
/(AXOR)         35 gold - [PH-RA-ST      ]
/(HELP)- - - -  10 gold - [MI-OL         ]

After all these doors, there is going to be a mean warrior guy all
of a sudden. Up to you if you want to fight him. If you do, I
suggest using AXOR (4). Basically, select the AXOR spell, and set
that number to 4. If it's not in your current spell list, then look
at the bottom of my FAQ for the spell.

He should fall soon nough, and you _might_ get a little gold or
something if you search here he dies. Or just walk past him and
ignore the slight damage you'll take.

Wait, you want to know what he'll drop, exactly? Here's a list:
5-255 gold (Random amount, in steps of 5)
Or random food (Wasted if you have 3 of chosen food)
Or absolutely nothing

This applies to all unfriendly humans you'll kill later on, too.

Then finally, you can walk to the right, beyond the point of no
return, off the edge of the screen. Now might be a good time to run
back to the first shop with all the food and prepare yourself with
spells of all sorts and possibly fully charged shielding spells. The
food is cheap enough that you can easily make the wait. Once you
move away from town, you'll get experience (+150 max mana), and move
on into the WILDERNESS.

You should end the TOWN with the following:
Max mana: 350 (will be 500)
- A full supply of food and water, or close to full.
- KEY           (TOWN)

You should have other things, like a POUCH OF COINS or a -QUIT GAME-.
But, you always have those things, so they will never again be
mentioned, unless when needed. The -QUIT GAME- is never needed, so
it won't be mentioned again.

4.2 ----------------------------WILDERNESS-------------------------------------
You leave the village of      | Remember this, you will never again
Serenna and enter the Barren  | be able to enter the TOWN anymore...
Wilderness..                  |
Use the SUN-GLASSES; They will slightly reduce your water percentage
loss rate.

As you walk to the right, you should notice a tree with a hole.
Search at that spot, by pressing down, and you'll get a DRAGON EGG
and a SCROLL (REVEAL) [MI-NA-RA]. Oh yea, +100 max mana, too.

You should see sparklies just outside some locked house. Cast REVEAL
(1) then WAKEY WAKEY (1) to revive the wizard, as well as gain +200
max mana. Then talk to the wizard for a VIAL OF EARTH and a SCROLL

Walking further, you should see two warrior guys. AXOR (4) should
take care of them easy.

Right around where the battle takes place, you should be close or in
front of a building with no door. A message even shows up as if it's
a clue to do something. Cast REVEAL (1) and you'll see a door flash
out of nowhere and disappear again. You can enter where the door is
now that you cast REVEAL. Oh, a shop. List of items:
/ANTI-VEN POTION - 250 gold - VENOM set to 0%
/HEAL POTION       250 gold - HEALTH +20%
/(FLEET FOOT)- - -  80 gold - [MI-MI-FI-NA-ST]
/(BOOMERAXE)        40 gold - [PH-NA-HU      ]
/(VEN SHIELD)- - - 200 gold - [VE-RA-NA-MI-ST]
/(REPELLENT)        50 gold - [PO-OL-MI-ST-NA]

If you don't plan on casting VEN SHIELD (1) at least once, Get an
ANTI-VEN POTION here. I don't think it's difficult to wait for
150 mana to regenerate.

There's another warrior guy, who loves to give money to you. Talk to
him for another 500 gold! Woo!

There's a mean mage after that. About six FIREBALL (4)s will make
toast of him easy.

Wouldn't you know it? There's a well right after another of those
battles. Enter it like you would a door. Oops, you fell. Whip out
your KEY, stand over the treasure chest, then use the KEY. Now hit
down to search. Inside the chest:
/WATER FLASK (drink as much as you can before opening the chest)
/CRUST OF BREAD (eat your third before opening, if you have 3)
/POUCH OF COINS (random amount, 5-255)
/(FLY)         [MI-RA-NA-RA-ST]

Cast FLY (2) and hold up to get out of this well.

Walk more to the right, and you'll see a bog. Wait until you have
at least 350 mana before trying to cross it. It's not that the
crossing of the bog itself is going to take that mana, but the
battle afterwards needs that mana.

There are two ways to get past the bog further right. FLY (2) for
60 mana, or FEATHERLITE (3) and FLEET FOOT (1) for 160 mana. I say
FLY (2) and save 100 mana. Flames will leap up to you. Ignore them,
they won't harm you too much.

After you land safely at the piece of land at the end, you will
fight a venomous plant thing. I just use LIGHTNING (4) on it, and
watch it die quickly, and give you +50 max mana. If you did not use
VEN SHIELD at least once before the battle, I hope you have an
ANTI-VEN POTION handy. Otherwise, you're probably doomed. Use the
potion _after_ the battle, otherwise, you'll just get VENOMed again.

A treasure chest will appear after it dies. You'll need to go a bit
fast to get the chest, as it will vanish after several seconds. Add
the fact that the spell I'm about to mention won't last forever.
Get out your KEY, cast FEATHERLITE (3), (Or (4), more time for error)
then get the contents of the chest:
RUNE STONE (will auto-merge with WALKING STICK)

Then walk off the edge of the screen to the right to finish the
WILDERNESS. +150 max mana.

You should have the following at the end of WILDERNESS:
Max mana: 850 (will be 1000)
- At least a little food/water.
- KEY            (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have the following:

4.3 ----------------------------LAKE-------------------------------------------
You leave the Wilderness and  | At least this place has a food/water
as dusk falls you reach the   | store...
Lakes..                       |
The SUN-GLASSES will no longer reduce water lost. I will no longer
mention it as items you should have. It could easily be skipped
anyway, as its only use is reduce water lost in one area.

There is 50 gold to be found in the last bush of the immediately
seen surroundings. Search that bush to take that gold.

You should almost immediately see some water in the way. FLYing
will do no good, as lighting will strike you down quickly.

Walk towards the edge. Use the POUCH OF COINS when the boat person
stops. This will take 50 gold. After you get off the boat, you'll
gain +250 max mana. No complaints, right?

Emulation-only glitch ahead. Those using the NES should skip
the boxed text.

|There is a glitch here. However, it's so darn hard to do that you|
|need perfect timing which only emulation or extreme luck can do. |
|On top of that, there's the lightning, which will strike you down|
|while FLYing, so that pushes the chance to borderline impossible.|
|                                                                 |
|Anyway, it involves going back to that boat person. Use JUMP (4) |
|back into the water, and just as you touch the water, FLY (2).   |
|After you FLY upwards and left for a while, use IRON BOOTS (1)   |
|just at the point prior to when lightning strikes and cast       |
|FLY (1) again as you come close to the water. Short of using     |
|save states and slowing the game down to a frame-by-frame speed, |
|it's just about impossible to do.                                |
|                                                                 |
|But, once you are lucky enough or use state saves and frame-by-  |
|frame motion, you can still make it back, ready to pay another   |
|50 gold, to get another 250 max mana...                          |

Anyway, after our boat ride...

Two mean warrior dudes wants to fight. AXOR (4) them to death, or
use the freshly gained STAFF OF POWER. Use any method you like.

More doors...

1st door
Food shop! This is a place to recharge your mana to re-build your
shield spells up. The second of the three infinite food/water
locations. The list? Here:
/WATER FLASK- - - 10 gold - 20% water/use (Full refill to 5)
/CHICKEN          30 gold - 31% food/use
/VEGETABLES - - - 10 gold - 40% food/use
/HAM              30 gold - 26% food/use
/CRUST OF BREAD - 10 gold - 20% food/use

2nd door
Scrolls and potions. This one's optional. If you find yourself in
need of potions, buy a few, I guess. Ah, the list:
/MANA POTION - - - 250 gold - +500 mana
/HEAL POTION       250 gold - +20% health
/ANTI-VEN POTION - 250 gold - Venom%=0
/(DISPELL)          40 gold - [PO-HU-NA-ST   ]
/(PHYCHIC) - - - - 350 gold - [PO-RA-OL-HU-ST]
/(FIRE SHIELD)     200 gold - [FI-RA-NA-HU-NA]
/(MEDITATE)- - - -  50 gold - [MI-FI-ST-HU-RA]

You might want an ANTI-VEN POTION if you, for some reason, don't
charge your VEN-SH. You'll probably have plenty of gold for other
potions, too, like a MANA POTION.

5th door
Oh great, another guild. This just has random information that isn't
useful if you're using this guide.

There's a warrior guy right outside the guild that wants to give
500 more gold to you. Woo... Now buy some food with that, alright?

Before continuing, I suggest you recharge your shields before
jumping across the gaps, using the local food store for supplies.
Might be good to use a save around now, the jumps can be a little

Basically, cast the SHIELD spells until all your shields are maxed
out. If you don't know them, look up my spell list and learn them.
Really, you'll need them for the later battles. The ghosts will
pound you in during the jumps without any POW-SH. Don't neglect
your other shields, though.

Now, get out your JUMP (4) [MI-RA-HU-FI-NA]  spell, and start
jumping across those gaps. You may wish to use a lesser jump spell,
like 3 or 2 on occasion. Also, ignore every ghost along the way,
they're not worth fighting.
Before you reach the end, you will make about 26 jumps.

Why not FLY? I already said it in the beginning, you'll be struck
down by an instant death lightning bolt. There are times where you
might be able to cast it, but those lightning bolts give no room
for error...

The JUMPs you'll need to make...
The text after each number describes what kind of platform you'll
land on.
For (somewhat) consistent turtle shell jumping, use JUMP (2) just
as it changes direction.

(3) low, Ghost ahead
(4) high, ghost behind
(any) Turtle shell
(4) large rocky platform, top
(4) low, Ghost ahead

(3) semi-low, ghosts ahead and behind
(3) mid, ghost behind
(2) semi-high, ghost ahead
(3) high, ghost behind
(4) Away from painful ghosts!

(any) Turtle shell, passing a ghost
(2) low platform
(4) high platform
(3) mid, ghost ahead
(4) low wide platform

(4) low platform
(3) large rocky platform, left
(3) large rocky platform, top (hold still until at top of jump)
(2) low platform
(any) turtle shell, passing a ghost

(2) low wide platform
(3) low platform
(4) high platform
(any) turtle shell
(2) low platform
(4) The end!

You will then fight a small dragon. It flies around. I'd skip it,
but you must fight it to progress forward. I use the STAFF OF POWER
along with SPEAR (4) against it. It'll go down with a little effort.
With some skill, you'll lose 2~3% VEN-SH, roughly 20~30% FIR-SH, and
take about 250 mana. If you're not so skilled, you'll still have
plenty of shields to burn through before your HEALTH starts taking
hits, as this thing won't touch your POW-SH at all.

Oh, hey, is that the edge of the screen? Does this mean a new area?
Yep, checkpoint of no return. By the way, +250 max mana to enter the
new area. Just go ahead, don't make the jumps back for food, alright?

By finishing LAKE, you should have:
Max mana: 1250 (will be 1500)
- High stock of food/water. Hey, this area sells 'em.
- KEY            (TOWN)

4.4 ----------------------------FOREST-----------------------------------------
After crossing the Lakes a    | This area also has an infinite supply.
short walk brings you to      | Be sure that when you complete it,
Merl Forest                   | to save just before leaving here.
Start by going to the right -- Where else would you go? The ground?

There's a mage up ahead. Blast him however you like, an easy target.
At this point, you could rest up until your mana is at 500 or so,
for the forced fight ahead. Check your VEN-SH, too, or else be
prepared by having an ANTI-VEN potion since last shop.

Ignoring the message about the trees, move on to an evil mushroom
that spits out VENomous droplets at you. I would stand in front of
it and use LIGHTNING (4) against it, and when I run out of mana,
switch to STAFF OF POWER.
By LIGHTNING (4), you'll lose about 2~5% VEN-SH, and 450 mana.
By STAFF OF POWER alone, you'll lose about 20% VEN-SH.

An extra tip fighting this thing, you have plenty of space to
walk around on, so that you don't get hit. It takes more time
to dodge these attacks than I care to wait, so I prefer to just
stand there and zap with LIGHTNING (4) and later up my VEN-SH.

Just beyond the mushroom is a pointless wizard and a store that
sells the following:
/VEGETABLES - - - 10gold
/CRUST OF BREAD   10gold
/HAM- - - - - - - 30gold
/(LIGHT)         100gold - [MI-OL-ST      ]
/(FIRESTORM)- - -200gold - [FI-RA-NA-OL-HU]
/(FIRE RING)     200gold - [FI-OL-NA-RA-ST]
/(BOULDER)- - - - 80gold - [PH-RA-NA      ]

Now, if we can find the water, this would be the last of the 3
infinite recharge places. Well, it just so happens that there is
infinite water a short distance ahead.

But first, kill the two ghosts that are undoubtedly in the way.
You may want to skip by them for now if you're in need of water.
Cast FLY (4) and zap away with LIGHTNING (4) to destroy those
ghosties good. Just remember, they can easily tear apart that
POW-SH of yours.

Now you'll reach the pool. At the edge, use the MAGIC WATER.
You'll gain +100 mana. Now, whenever you use your WATER FLASK
near the pool, it'll be refilled, and you'll drink some at the
same time. You might want to eat and drink until you get the MANA
to max out your shields. If you haven't already, destroy the nearby
ghosts for safe passage between your food and water supplies.

But, we still have the problem of how to get across. Falling in is
still lethal. Just FLY (1) your way across, and you'll make it, easy.

Continue right, beyond the friendly mage, to fight a fire spirit.
Blast it away, using your favorite monster-blasting method.

Oh, hey, up ahead is a door. Enter, pick second option, gain
+50 max mana, exit. That's all we're here for.

Now you'll face some moving grass. Just FLY (1) over that grass,
as there's no killing it. If, by some miracle, you don't know that
holding up raises your height while FLYing... Now you know.

Past the peasant, you'll face 2 fire spirits. The first one wasn't
enough, so they send two more to die by your spells...

Further along, you'll see a tree. Nothing special, except a message
comes up talking about this tree. Cast WAKEY WAKEY (1), then
TRANSLATE (1). Then talk twice for +100 max mana.

Hmm. Another door. Enter. Use CRUST OF BREAD for +50 max mana. That
beggar will take the bread and tell you who that first snake isn't.
I can tell you who that snake is. Another two food uses talks about
who the second and third aren't, and after that just thanks you. The
first gift gives max mana, the others don't, so why waste food?

Exit, by hitting down at that bulge in the center of the floor.
Move to the right, and you'll find a set of three doors. Before you
can enter each door, you must tell the name of the snake.
Just try and enter to be asked the question.
1st door: VENMOR
2nd door: SHOME
3rd door: FANGFEW

In door number 1, is some sort of cave man! All you have to do is
stay on him like the hair on his face while pounding away with the
STAFF OF POWER for an easy win. That club really hurts IF it hits.
Don't forget the treasure he leaves behind for this amazing prize:
/(BOULDER)    [PH-RA-NA      ]

And behind door number 2, is a free treasure chest containing a
POUCH OF COINS and RING OF VEN! The coins are absolutely worthless
beyond this point and the RING OF VEN will slowly add VENOM to you
on pick-up. There's no use to this door, folks!

And at last, but not least, is door number 3! This door will
instantly take you to the next area, into the CAVERNS along with a
+100 mana bonus! Before you go on the dream vacation, I suggest you
pack your lunch and shield to it's absolute maximum, as there's no
stores where you're going.

Just in case you missed the point, go back to the store, FLYing over
the grass and pool, and restock on food, water, mana, and shields.
Once you are completely filled, then you can continue. Quite simply,
we're leaving the land of (nearly) unlimited food. So, this is the
last point you'll get to buy food for the rest of the game. Be sure
to save, too, as at this point, you're certain to have the most food
you can have.

And with your prize behind the last door, you end the FOREST. Here's
what you should have:
Max mana: 1900 (will be 2000)
- Food and water to the absolute max.
- KEY            (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have the following:
- MAGIC WATER (Used in purifying the pool)

4.5 ----------------------------CAVERNS----------------------------------------
Taking the correct door       | There's no more infinite supply of food...
leads you into the dark       |
unfriendly depths of Mount    |
Vunar..                       |
It's quite dark, so you'll need to use LIGHT (4) on occasion. As you
can no longer get infinite food, I suggest we move quickly and run
from most monsters like a pansy. There's many of them now, unlike

In fact, there's a spider right now! Running straight through will
take roughly 6% PHY and 3% VEN off your shields. Fighting it is
worthless; Gives nothing on defeat, and takes far too much for what
safe passage gives. I've tried every attack spell. Nothing
cost-effectively destroys it like ignoring it and running does
(without the destroy part).

So after running away from spider, run to the weaker-looking boards
of the bridge. Cast IRON BOOTS (1) to break through, and gain
+100 max mana. You should fall past two treasure chests and land
near a third. Your FLY (any) spells will get you up to any of the
chests just fine. From bottom to top:

/HAM                 (Open this treasure last, to use)
/MANA POTION x2      (up some mana first.            )

Middle:             (Just remember to use any excess)
/CRUST OF BREAD      (items prior to opening chests. )


There should be a pit to the left of the bottom treasure.
Jump into the hole from the left side. You'll see...
What, you don't know how to get to the left side?
... Use JUMP (1) or FLY (1)...

At the bottom, you'll see a stalagmite moving up and down. If you
fell down from the right, you'll land where it is and possibly die
just like that. It "guards" the passage ahead. It'll be hard to
get past it, but there's three ways I know:

Run past it just as it lowers, and you might make it. FLEET FOOT (1)
will make the task easier, but you still run the risk of instant

JUMP (1) works well. Seems somewhat consistent. Higher JUMPs are
too strong, planting your face into the wall, and later planting
your feet into the spike... It's not perfect, as I managed to die a
few times trying JUMP (1). My dad mentioned this.

FLY (1) is quite safe to use. Just remember to follow the ceiling
a bit, alright? Don't just move straight across to the right, go
up a little too.

There will be moths ahead. Run past them, they'll mostly fly over
you in the time it takes to pass them, allowing you to avoid using
valuble mana for attack and shield spells.

A LIGHT (4) spell will help you see the first passage. Imagine it
like a door, and push up to enter. Inside is a baby dragon. Walk up
to it. It will take your DRAGON EGG, give you a MAGIC CHARM in
return, and run off. Oh yea, you also get +100 max mana. Back out of
the passage.

Up ahead is a stone golem that throws boulders. You can easily stay
out of range and zap it with the STAFF OF POWER.

Further along, you'll find a floating eye (avoid) and a doorway
nearby the eye. Enter to find a huge life-like statue. Getting close
makes it attack with fire. Run as close as you can, and use
SPEAR (4) rapidly. Nine SPEAR (4)s will do it, making the battle
quick and (somewhat) painless for you, with you losing about 20% of
your FIR-SH and approxamately 550 mana. Inside the treasure chest
that appears:
/MAGIC CHARM (taking it raises max mana by +100)

Continuing along, walk past the peasant and get to the next passage
guarded by two floating eyes. Go on, get in the passage already. Oh,
a maze... Here's the way through:
+----- -----+
|   #  ##$#T| $ - Instant 2000 gold
| # # # # # |
| # # # #   | T - Teleporter
| # #   # # |
| # ## #  # |  These puzzle rooms are great, as you don't
| #    # #  |  lose food and water while in one, giving
| ###### # #|  you all the time in the world, although
|  #     #  |  MANA won't recover while waiting. Time is
|# # ###### |  basically frozen. Up to you if you want
|T   #      |  the worthless gold.
+----- -----+

Just a path, that you might want if this map doesn't help:
>>>>> ^^<^^ >^^^ (<<^^vv>>) ^^ >^^<^ ^^^^^ ^>>vv vvv>> >^^<^ ^^>^

Ignore the parentheses (); surrounding the worthless gold path.

A treasure room is at the end. In the treasure chest:
/MAGIC CHARM (along with +100 max mana)

Back out of the treasure room, head right, ignoring every monster
you come across. There is a bone pile and a passage. Search the
bone pile to get the RING OF HALE. The passage takes you to an old
lady, which if you use the MAGIC CHARMS you got, you'll be sent to a
new area with +100 max mana, and a VIAL OF WATER.

If you leave now, you should have the following:
2400 max mana (will be 2500)
- High supply of food/water
- KEY            (TOWN)
- VIAL OF WATER  (You'll see it appear in your inventory)

And lose the following:
- DRAGON EGG (given to baby dragon)

Let's not skip to the next section yet, as there's a maze to the
right. Although there's no requirement to going over there, there
are some nice items that can put a little stress off your food and
mana supply. The main thing that one could want is a REFRESH POTION,
but there's also a pair of staves to get.

The maze... It's hard to navigate, and stuffed with monsters. Here's
a map that I will use:

  ^^      ^^
  1C>>2C><3C><4C><5C      Treasures in:
  ^v              ^v      2C, 4B, 5C
  1B  2B><3B><4B  5B
  ^v  vv      ^^  ^v      Reccomended path:
 <1A><2A><3A><4A>>5A      1A^1B^1C>2C>3C>4C>5C<
  ^^      ^^              <4C<3C^3A<2A<1A<exit

Notice, that 4B is not in my reccomended path. That's because it
doesn't have enough good treasure to make up for the effort of
getting it. Anyway, the treasures for each area:

/STAFF OF MAYHEM (Weak, free DISPELL. May as well take it)
/(SLOWMO)        [MI-MI-RA-HU-NA]
/MANA POTION     (Hey, 500 easy MANA is always welcome!)

/CHICKEN         (Not enough to make up for killing dragon)
/WATER FLASK     (Water is in high surplus in next area...)
/HEAL POTION     (20% HEALTH isn't going to save you.)

/STAFF OF KNELL  (Weak, free VEN. Well, it's there.)
/REFRESH POTION  (Restore HEALTH, MANA, FOOD, and WATER, all to max!)

    Up- 1B
Left +^^+ Floating eye x2 (avoid)
-exit<1A> Right- 2A

    Up- 1C
     +^^+ Skeleton (avoid) (Just hold up)
  Down- 1A

    Up- 1A
     +^^+ Stone golem x2 (kill)
     |1C> Right- 2C
  Down- 1B

Left +--+ Skeleton (avoid); Ghost (avoid)
- 1A <2A> Right- 3A

     +--+ Caveman (kill)
     |2B> Right- 3B
  Down- 2A

     +--+ Floating eye x2 (avoid)
     |2C> Right-3C

Left +--+ Leech (avoid)
- 2A <3A> Right- 4A

Left +^^+ Floating eye (avoid); Moth (avoid)
- 2B <3B> Right- 4B

    Up- 3A
Left +^^+ Wizard (restores 500 mana for talking)
- 2C <3C> Right- 4C

    Up- 4B
Left +^^+ Ghost x2 (avoid)
- 3A <4A> Right- 5A

Left +--+ Dragon (kill to get treasure)
- 3B <4B|

Left +--+ Moth (avoid); Ghost (avoid)
- 3C <4C> Right- 5C

    Up- 5B
     +^^+ Dragon (avoid); Floating eye (avoid)
     |5A> Right-fake

    Up- 5C
     +^^+ Ghost (avoid); Spider (avoid)
     |5B> Right-fake
  Down- 5A

Left +^^+ Floating eye x2 (avoid)
- 4C <5C> Right-fake
  Down- 5B

Once you're done with the maze, just head out of the maze and go to
that last passage and use the MAGIC CHARMs in that old lady room.

Copying completion list. This one's without going to maze:
2400 max mana (will be 2500)
- High supply of food/water
- KEY            (TOWN)
- VIAL OF WATER  (You'll see it appear in your inventory)

And again, you would lose the following:
- DRAGON EGG (given to baby dragon)

However, the maze will give these to you:
* REFRESH POTION (Full recovery of food, water, mana, health)
* STAFF OF KNELL (Weak, free VEN)

4.6 ----------------------------DUNGEONS---------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | There's infinite water here, just not
Abadon's Domain.              | infinite food.
You battle your way into the  |
Dungeons..                    |
Walk to the right. There's a lot of gates to choose from...

Gate 1 . Floating eye (avoid)
Inside is a caveman. The second one in the game. Remember that
you can stay on top of him like the hair on his face, so that
he'll never hit you.
Killing him leaves these as treasures:

Gate 2 . Leech (avoid)
+----- -----+ Puzzle room.
|M: :: :T: :|
|:::::::::::| M - recover 500 mana
|:::::: ::::|
|:::a:a::: :| T - Teleporter
| ::::::::::|
|::a:T:a:: :| a - Moving tile
| ::::::::::|
|:::a:a::: :| : - Disappearing tiles
| ::::::::::|
|:: :: :::::|
+----- -----+
Puzzle room. Get on the moving tile. When the opportunity presents
itself, move to the exit while the moving platform is on the
top-right portion. If you want to recover 500 mana, go to the
top-left corner. The treasure at the end contains a MANA POTION.
Good, since there's no fighting. Going through here can restore 1000
mana without needing to wait and lose food in the process, which
always helps.

Remember, as a puzzle room, time doesn't pass. Take your time...

Gate 3 . Ghost x2 (avoid)
Two armored dudes attack you almost immediately. If you really want
to attack them, hug the left wall just when one of them gets close
for defense. One of them leaves this treasure:
/AMULET OF MOR (I think it recovers 100% health)

Gate 4 . Skeleton (kill)
+----- -----+ Puzzle room.
|T /## /TT T| / - back to start
|#T#T T#/#/#|
|##T#/###T/#| $ - 2000 gold
|T#T#/T /T/#| T - Teleporter
|T T#/T#/ /#|
|#$###T#T#/#| Treasure:
|T T## ##/T/| AMULET OF SHEELD (+15% all shields)
+----- -----+
Slightly cryptic instructions ahead:


Each dot represents a single teleport.
Ignore the parentheses (); it's just surrounding the 2000 gold path.

Gate 5 . Skeleton (kill)
A giant rat attacks. I wouldn't exactly recommend walking in, but if
you want, go ahead and try to kill the rat. A user named Y0u suggests
using FLY (4) and the RING OF HALE to kill the rat without much
trouble. You will need to recast FLY (4) a few times, probably 4.
As the ring won't take mana, and the FLY spells take a total of
400 mana, probably, the treasure might be worth it.

In second or third playthroughs, the above strategy fails. If you can
find a good method besides FIRE SPRAY (4) for your current
playthrough, then go ahead and take the following:

Gate 6 . friendly wizard
A dragon attacks. Since the only prizes are an ANTI-VEN POTION and
MANA POTION, avoid this room too.

Right after gate 6, there's a water fountain. Search it for free
water, and it doesn't run out, either.

Gate 7 . Flame spirit x2 (avoid)
+----- -----+ Puzzle room.
|ggbb: ####i|
|g##a#ohhhii| CAPITAL letters - buttons
|#Nm#j#M#nkL| lower-case letters - walkable passage from button
|#f###k#c##e| : - Fake passage, acts like a wall.
+----- -----+
Puzzle room. Hit every button to proceed. It's not hard to figure
out, but here's a long step by step for you just in case you need it.
>>>>> <<><< ^^^^^ >>^>< v<><< vvvvv <<><< <<<<^ ^^>>> >>^^< ^^<^^
<<<vv >v^<^ ^>>>v v>vv> vv<<< <<vvv >>><> >>>>< >^^^^ ^>^^^ <<vv^
^>>vv v<vvv vv<>< <<<<> <<<^^ ^>>>> >^^<^ ^<^^< <<vv> v>v^< ^<^^>
>>vv> vv>vv <<<<< vvv>> ><>>> >><>^ ^^^^> ^^^<< <<^^
/RING OF ANA (Instant 100% refill of food and water)

Gate 8 . No one
+----- -----+ Puzzle room.
|## ## ####<|
| ## #######| <>^v - moving platforms
|#>##/$## #^|
|###v## ##>#| / - return to start
|####>#>## #| $ - 2000 gold
|### #### ##|
|^# ########|
|#<##< >##/#|
|##  # ##/##|
+----- -----+
If you want the useless gold, you can't solve the room in the
same trip. Of course, you could just exit and re-enter...

+2000 gold route: ^ < < ^ > v > ^ ^ < v
     Solve route: ^ < < ^ > v > > ^ > ^ ^ < ^
/(TWIN)         [MI-NA-OL-NA   ]

Another fountain. A skeleton (kill). Yet another fountain. These
fountains are water sources. As you can carry more food than water,
you may want to rest a short while here. You can't stay forever, as
there's no food source. Before you leave here, max out on water.

Moving on... 2 Floating eyes (avoid), a message about chanting...
Hold on, once you get the message of the chanting, cast REVEAL (1)
and enter the door that appears. Talk to floating guy twice for a
VIAL OF AIR and +250 max mana. That's nice, now lets move on.

After a bunch of walking, you'll go past the dragon (avoid) and
reach the end. Cast TWIN (1) and go on your way through the door.
That's it for the DUNGEON, and a quick +250 max mana.

You should end with this (assuming you skipped every gate):
2750 max mana (will become 3000)
- Decent supply of food, nearly max on water
- KEY            (TOWN)

Collecting nearly everything, this is what else you'll have:
* AMULET OF MOR    (DUNGEON) (Full Health recover)
* AMULET OF SHEELD (DUNGEON) (+15% all shields)
* RING OF ANA      (DUNGEON) (Food/water are maxed on use)

4.7 ----------------------------CASTLE-----------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | Sort of a maze, with instant death traps
Abadon's Domain.              | like so many other areas...
You manage to reach Abadon's  |
Castle..                      |
At this point, if you want to avoid any kind of fighting, you'll
kill only two more monsters. That's right. Two.

I'm ignoring all closed doors -- They all don't allow you to enter.

Hmm, right on a platform, above two armored dudes. If you want to
slay them, fall off your platform and immediately run to the left
and zap them. You could easily ignore them in any case. Walk to
the right, and stop when you just about touch the second pillar.
An instant-death type of ball on chain swings by.

There are two ways through: one of which takes you directly to (F).
You'll get the same +150 max mana either way you choose.

One way is to get by is to use SLOWMO (1) and FLEET FOOT (1)
together. You can get under it as it swings close or follow it as it
swings by. Just don't get hit or face instant death.

The other way is to first cast REVEAL (1) to see a hidden door that
is within the swing range of the ball 'n' chain. Remember where you
saw that door. Cast either FLEET FOOT (1) or SLOWMO (1) to reach
the door and skip to (F). Taking this path lets you avoid most of
the CASTLE easily, as well as some optional and easily skippable
items. It's a great shortcut, since you don't get anything special
going through the rest of the CASTLE.

If you took the shortcut, skip to (F) now. If not, read on.

You'll soon see two skeletons. One above, and one below. Just take
the bottom path and kill the lower one with your STAFF OF POWER.

There is a relatively long empty hallway. Although this has nothing
to do with beating the game, a glitch that crashes the game can be
caused by going into and back out of the menu around here. Chances
are, you'll create a ball 'n' chain from out of nowhere and die
quickly. If you later backtrack through this hallway, you'll see
the ball 'n' chain on your way back.

Ahead is two doors, as well as two armored dudes. The second doorway
leads to (B) which has a treasure and goes to (C). The first doorway
goes directly to (C).

A room which has two ghosts and a treasure on the second floor,
reachable by FLY (1) or JUMP (4). JUMP (4) is quicker. Ignoring the
ghosts and opening the treasure, you'll find the STAFF OF BLAYZE.
It's more effective on those skeletons than the STAFF OF POWER.
There's also a doorway leading to (C).

A Caveman shows his face immediately. Slay him. He's nice enough to
give you a treasure chest containing VEGETABLES and WATER FLASK.
Good time to fill up, right?

Drop down, slay skeleton, and walk to the three doors guarded by
three ghosts.
Doorway 1 leads to (D).
Doorway 2 leads to (E).
Doorway 3 leads to (F).

Your path is immediately barred by a ball 'n' chain. SLOWMO (1) and
FLEET FOOT (1) like before to get across. Another two ghosts, an
upper floor with a treasure chest and a lower floor with a doorway
leading to (E). In the treasure chest:

A skeleton is there, ready to hit you by walking into you. It will
go far enough that moving all the way left is not outside its
movement range. Ignore it, and run to the right.

Once you drop down, there's this ball 'n' chain in the way.
SLOWMO (1) and FLEET FOOT (1) like before to sneak by.

An upper path and a lower path each patrolled by an armored dude.
Pick the lower path, STAFF OF POWER one of them down, and walk

A dragon guards the door to (F). Just run into the door as soon as

Hmm, two ghosts. Ignore them, as usual, and run to the right.
JUMP (2) up to the raised floor, then FLEET FOOT (2) across the hot
walkway. Alternately, you can keep using JUMP (3) to get across.

There's a boss fire demon guy at the end. I'd just run up to it and
LIGHTING (4) as rapidly as I can. There's a specific spot a little
after the first line in front of him where you can avoid some of the
fire just by standing there. +150 max mana for defeating it, and a
treasure chest as well:

There's another three doors. First one (floating eye) leads back to
(A), the third one (floating eye) leads back to (E). The way forward
is the second door (flame spirit). I'm certain you don't want to
backtrack through this castle, so go ahead into doorway 2.

Inside is the last room of the CASTLE. Looks quite empty, but if you
try to back out, the Sphinx stops you and asks what name it is.
Say TRESH. Attempt to go through the door again, and you'll finish
the CASTLE. +200 max mana, too.

You should finish with the following (Most direct path):
3300 max mana (Will become 3500)
- Some food and water. You're near the end.
- KEY            (TOWN)

However, supposing you got everything besides RING OF VEN...

4.8 ----------------------------TOWER------------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | Well, you close to the end.
Abadon's Domain.              |
You reach the base of         | Don't forget to save, if you're a
Abadon's Tower..              | bit worried. 3 saves left is plenty.
You're going to need a FLY (1) spell, a lot. Start by flying upwards.
There's many passages to go into. Also, don't kill the monsters, as

Passage 1, right (dragon)
A map would help in this blind maze. Here you are:
+- --- --- -+
|  # ### ###| M - recover 500 mana
| #   #   # |
|   #   #   | Treasure at end:
|########## | AMULET OF TAMMUS (restore 500 mana)
| # #M ##   |
| # ##  # # |  The last puzzle room in the game...
| #     #  #|
|   # #    #|
|## ####### |
|##         |
+----- -----+

The path to the end of this room:
<<<^^ ^>>> (^^<>vv) >v>>^ ^^>>^ ^<<^< <v<<^ <<v<< ^^>^

Ignore the parentheses (); They surround the 500 mana path.

Passage 2, left (fire spirit)
Just a plain treasure room:

Passage 3, right (ghost)
Upon entry, you gain +150 max mana. Also upon entry, you get pulled
upwards. Cast IRON BOOTS (3) to keep gravity working on you as you
open the treasure:

Passage 4, left (ghost)
Kill the caveman, so you won't be bothered by his heavy club.
He doesn't have the treasure, as the box is just sitting there,
but he's still mean.
Inside the treasure is:

Passage 5, right (spider)
It's a fountain. Walking on it will fully restore mana, but only
once. Any VENOM you have at the time is cured as well. While it says
you feel more experienced, you don't get any extra max mana out of
it. Save it until you visit Passages 3 and 6, and that you spent all
your mana on shields. That's to make the most of it.

Passage 6, left (spider)
Use the following items in any order:
Then search where the fifth vial is to get the ULTIMATE POTION, and
+150 max mana.

Prepare yourself. Max out whatever shields you can and what mana you
have, without risking starvation or using any mana recover items.
You may as well save, too. Why not, since you're going to the final

The final battle shall begin once you FLY (any) up to the top.
Flying up there will end TOWER, give you +200 max mana, and begin
the final battle on the TOWER TOP.

You should finish TOWER with the following:
3800 max mana (will be 4000)
- At least 1000 mana ready to blast Abadon with.
- At least 20% food/water, which is pretty low for this point anyway.
- KEY             (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have the following:
- VIAL OF EARTH (each of these were...)
- VIAL OF AIR   (...used in the making of...)

If you did take everything up to this point, you should also have:

4.9 ----------------------------TOWER TOP--------------------------------------
You stand atop Abadon's       | This is it. The final battle. Simple
Tower, face to face with the  | to win with decent shields and mana.
Dark Wizard himself!          |
Please say hello to Abadon. Abadon, say hello to rapid bursts of
LIGHTNING (4)! Keep facing him and zap away with that spell.
Less than 1000 mana later, you should get a message about Abadon
weakening. Now's our chance! Use the ULTIMATE POTION!

If you have any trouble beating him with 1000 mana, load up that
save file just before the battle, wait as much as your food supply
will allow, and concentrate on recovering your shields and mana.
The RING OF ANA recovers your food and water fully, so that's nice
to use for food. The REFRESH POTION is to use during the battle,
for full mana recovery. The MANA POTIONs and AMULET OF TAMMUS will
also recover some mana helping you win, too. The AMULET OF SHEELD
also patches up 15% per shield, too. Really, with all these items
helping you get mana, you shouldn't have that much trouble. Heck,
just the AMULET OF TAMMUS will give a decent boost of 500 to mana.

The fountain at passage 5 alone should let you win well enough as
it is. 2 FIRE SHIELD (4)s and 2 POW SHIELD (4)s gets you most of
the shields that you need, and bring you down to about 2000 mana.
That alone should be enough. VENOM won't act quickly enough to
kill, and, if you have 100% health or have some HEAL POTIONs,
one type of damaging spell from Abadon won't kill.

Upon defeating Abadon, you'll get +6000 max mana. And an ending.
Also, you're done with TOWER TOP and now have to finish with

Anyway, I know that finishing with 10000 max mana will let you
restart the game on a harder quest. Everything's exactly the
same as before, except the enemies are slightly tougher.
A third playthrough makes the enemies very tough. You start
with what you originally started with...

What did you think that number by the area while looking
at your save files was for? You know, like WILDERNESS/1.

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed learning how to beat this game.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
5| - | - | - | - | - | --]        SPELL LIST         [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [SPE11]

Here's the quick list of spells. I've given a short description to
each spell. Apparently, most of the PO- spells are PHY, not POW.

Runes: Which runes used
Names: Game name of spell
Cst:   Cost of spell at (1)
UNKNOWN... is obtained with a non-working set of runes.
Such as FI-FI-FI-FI-FI.

Runes         |Names      |Cst|
??-??-??-??-??|UNKNOWN... |  1| Rarely heals; often kills you
PH-OL-RA-  -  |RAZOR      |  3| PHY; straight
PH-RA-ST-  -  |AXOR       |  3| PHY; curve down
PH-NA-HU-  -  |BOOMERAXE  |  4| PHY; curve back
PH-RA-NA-  -  |BOULDER    | 10| PHY; up, curve down
PH-OL-MI-RA-  |SPEAR      | 25| PHY; 45 degree up, straight
VE-NA-HU-NA-RA|VEN        |  8| VEN; straight
FI-ST-MI-RA-  |FIREBALL   |  6| FIR; straight
FI-RA-NA-OL-HU|FIRESTORM  |100| FIR; drops from sky, rarely hits
FI-OL-NA-RA-ST|FIRE RING  | 50| FIR; low ring, straight
FI-OL-HU-NA-RA|FIRE SPRAY |300| FIR; sprouts up from feet
PO-HU-NA-ST-  |DISPELL    |  6| PHY; straight
PO-NA-ST-RA-NA|LIGHTNING  |  7| POW; straight
PO-OL-MI-ST-NA|REPELLENT  | 20| PHY; wave forward
PO-HU-RA-NA-HU|EXORCISE   | 20| PHY; 6 shot out
PO-ST-RA-MI-ST|DEATH RING |300| POW; spining ring out
PO-RA-OL-HU-ST|PSYCHIC    |400| PHY; globes around you
MI-OL-  -  -  |HELP       |  2| Short, possibly helpful message
MI-FI-ST-HU-RA|MEDITATE   | 30| Speeds time while player is immobile.
MI-RA-NA-RA-ST|FLY        | 40| Move in any direction
MI-RA-HU-FI-NA|JUMP       | 15| Quick leap upward
PH-RA-NA-RA-HU|PHYS SHIELD|150| about + 8% PHY-SH at (1)
VE-RA-NA-MI-ST|VEN SHIELD |150| about + 4% VEN-SH at (1)
FI-RA-NA-HU-NA|FIRE SHIELD|150| about +16% FIR-SH at (1)
PO-RA-NA-ST-RA|POW SHIELD |150| about +20% POW-SH at (1)
MI-NA-RA-  -  |REVEAL     | 30| Use in specific spots (total 4)
MI-MI-FI-NA-ST|FLEET FOOT |100| Faster movement for short time
MI-MI-RA-HU-NA|SLOWMO     | 30| Use in specific spots (total 3)
MI-ST-RA-OL-  |FEATHERLITE| 30| Use in specific area (total 1)
MI-ST-NA-ST-  |IRON BOOTS | 30| Use in specific spots (total 2); slow
MI-NA-ST-OL-  |WAKEY WAKEY| 30| Use in specific spots (total 2)
MI-OL-ST-  -  |LIGHT      | 30| Use in CAVERNS only
MI-RA-HU-OL-  |TRANSLATE  |100| Use in specific spot (total 1)
MI-NA-OL-NA-  |TWIN       |100| Use in specific spot (total 1)
NA-HU-MI-ST-MI|SOUND TEST |  1| Change the music!
HU-HU-MI-HU-HU|WHO'S WHO? |  1| See the credits!
The number affects the power and cost of the spells. A list:
(1)- Base cost, base effectiveness, base duration
(2)- 1.5 times cost, power, and duration
(3)- double the cost, power, and duration
(4)- 2.5 times cost, power, and duration

The number means nothing for spells like TRANSLATE, as it has
no power or duration, and only raises the cost.

A higher number is only truly useful for the following:
Any attack spell (kill things faster)

Anything else can be re-cast many times for similar effect,
or can't use the higher number at all.

Picking up a SCROLL will automatically add it into your spell

Skrybe discovered EXORCISE. I never found the spell in-game...
adaml delivered the list to me. Which included Skrybe's EXORCISE
The costs were checked by myself. I also made the descriptions.

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6| - | - | - | - | - | --]       CONTACT INFO        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [SRY97]

E-mail: (Er, it's not there anymore...)
AIM: ... (You know what, I won't even list it now...)
Other: I post at the GameFAQs message boards. Lee Eric Kirwan

Sorry about this, but I must say that it's currently difficult
to contact me. Once it changes, this'll be updated.

For the best chance of contacting me about this FAQ, try the
corresponding Magician board on GameFAQs. You'll need
a GameFAQs account, though. It isn't difficult to sign-up,
last I checked.

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7| - | - | - | - | - | --]       THANKS TO...        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [CRW02]

adaml -  For posting a link to a site to help me.
         Also gave me a full list of spells, delivering
         Skrybe's discovery of Exorcise in the process.

Skrybe - For the Exorcise spell

blackwolf_2 - Locations of two hidden things I've missed.
         The gold at the start of LAKE.
         The door seen with REVEAL (1) at start of CASTLE.

Y0u - No, not you, a user named Y0u. Submitted a strategy
         on how to beat a rat... That troublesome Giant Rat
         of Gate 5 in the DUNGEONS!

My dad - For looking over my FAQ and telling me most of the
         faulty details I left in.
         Specifically, nearly everyting in the update between
         Ver. 1.09 and 1.20 was thanks to him pointing it out.

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8| - | - | - | - | - | --]      VERSION HISTORY      [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [VSN06]

1.21- Text stuff. You know, when the text isn't quite perfect...
    - Added strategy for defeating a giant rat in gate 5 (DUNGEONS)
    - Altered the looks of treasure lists. Looks more obvious now.

1.20- Fixed up some texts.
    - Fun glitches added! 1 Emulator (LAKE) and 1 normal (CASTLE)
    - Added a bunch of things in GENERAL TIPS
    - Note about charging shields added (4.3: LAKE).
    - Door count error fixed for TOWN (4.1).
    - FOREST ghosts description changed.
    - Note to use FLY to get the 3 chests added in CAVERNS (4.5)
    - Note added about SCROLLS adding to your list (5:SPELL LIST)
    - Notes about time added for puzzle rooms.
    - Added directions and maps to puzzle rooms missing them.
    - Note about CAVERNS maze treasures added.
    - Puzzle rooms re-bordered (used to have ### borders)
    - Added controls for two more areas.
    - Added what to do to recover mana for pre- Abadon battle.
Major update, indeed.

1.09- Slight modifications to the text.
    - Added a general "boss" strategy in General Tips.
    - Added a note about more than one playthrough (4.9: TOWER TOP).
    - Error for one puzzle solution corrected.
    - Added what humans may drop, in the walkthrough. (near end of 4.1)
    - Added what those numbers do in the spell list, like (1), (2)...

1.06- Slight alterations in text.
    - blackwolf_2 posted locations of two things I missed.
    - New section added: General tips

 1/ 5/2006
1.02- Fixed errors for proper credit.
    - Added full-size borders as section separaters.
    - Added a TABLE OF CONTENTS. Included are search keys.
    - Slight text changes here and there.
    - Moved around THANKS TO... and CONTACT INFO

 1/ 2/2006
1.00- First submission. Has full walkthrough and spell list.
      Intro, and controls, too. That's about it.
      It's slightly rushed, but complete.

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