FAQ/Walkthrough by FatRatKnight

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Magician  Walkthrough
By FatRatKnight    (Lee Eric Kirwan)

This FAQ is Copyright 2006-2014 Lee Eric Kirwan

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0| - | - | - | - | - | --]     TABLE OF CONTENTS     [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
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      (line) Section             [search]

 0| - (   8) TABLE OF CONTENTS
 1| - (  39) INTRODUCTION        [INT20]
 2| - (  68) CONTROLS            [HOW11]
 3| - ( 126) GENERAL TIPS        [GNT73]
 4| - ( 226) CHECKLIST           [CHK09]
 5| - ( 354) WALKTHROUGH         [PNT99]
  5.1 ( 370)    TOWN             <twn51>
  5.2 ( 582)    WILDERNESS       <wld52>
  5.3 ( 803)    LAKE             <lek53>
  5.4 (1002)    FOREST           <frs54>
  5.5 (1219)    CAVERNS          <cvr55>
  5.6 (1647)    DUNGEON          <dgn56>
  5.7 (1974)    CASTLE           <cst57>
  5.8 (2273)    TOWER            <twr58>
  5.9 (2485)    TOWER TOP        <ttp59>
 6| - (2592) SPELL LIST          [SPE11]
 7| - (3514) ITEM LIST           [ITM66]
 8| - (4165) MONSTER LIST        [MNS21]
 9| - (4378) CLOSING             [CLO53]
  9.1 (4386)    Credits          <tnk06>
  9.2 (4412)    Contact Info     <cnt86>
  9.3 (4431)    Legal            <not54>
  9.4 (4452)    Version History  <vsn06>

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1| - | - | - | - | - | --]       INTRODUCTION        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [INT20]

A while ago, my message board name was Lee Eric Kirwan. Now,
the GameFAQs Username Reconciliation took place, and it now
matches my contributor name, FatRatKnight. This is for all
those who were familiar with my old board name.
Hello, I hope there will be less confusion in the future.

Meet Paul: A guy who can starve to death FIVE MINUTES after
a grand meal. He also feels more experienced after doing
trivial tasks like entering a store or delivering a letter.

Welcome to my text file. Right now, you're just four
sections away from the main point of this guide: The
walkthrough itself. There must have been times where you
just simply weren't sure what to do.

It's possible to miss vital items like the KEY, and there
you are several zones ahead. You might also avoid saving
due to the limited saves allowed. Or perhaps it's that
instant death trap just up ahead. Whatever the case, I
do my best to explain how to get through these things.

Even if it's things like what button moves you around, I've
got a section for that. Just look 4 lines ahead, and...

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2| - | - | - | - | - | --]         CONTROLS          [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [HOW11]

---Title Screen
 Start - Start game
 Select- Load Menu

---Load Menu
 Left  - Select game   < 1 < 2 < 3 < 4 <
 Right - Select game   > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 >

 Start - Load selected game
 Select- Title Screen

 Left  - Move left
 Right - Move right
 Up    - Enter/talk (While flying, move up)
 Down  - Search     (While flying, move down)

 A     - Cast selected spell
 B     - Use selected item
 Start - Pause game
 Select- Item/spell Menu

---Item/spell Menu
 Left  - Select rune/book / set spell level
 Right - Select rune/book / set spell level
 Up    - Select item/spell
 Down  - Select item/spell

 A     - Add rune / test spell
 B     - Remove rune
 Start - Exit menu -- back to Field screen
 Select- Change selection to item/spell/runes

---Shop/treasure screen
 Left  - Change selection
 Right - Change selection
 Up    - Change selection
 Down  - Change selection

 A     - Select item (When prompted, accept)
 B     - Nothing     (When prompted, reject)

---Puzzle room
 Left  - Move left
 Right - Move right
 Up    - Move up
 Down  - Move down

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
3| - | - | - | - | - | --]        GENERAL TIPS       [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [GNT73]

This is a list of things you should do:

You have 15 saves. There's 9 areas. Even with 1 save per
area, you still have 6 saves left. If you're not sure what's
ahead, use one! With 4 different save slots, use a different
one when you're unsure if you can make it at your current

It's possible that you didn't get a required item, and thus
forever stuck. Finding this fact out on your own is hard. If
you want a little help, I keep a handy list of required
items that you should have by the time you end each section.
They should help point out if you can win at all then.

When full on mana, but not shields, go ahead and cast a
shield spell. You can't regenerate mana if you're already
full of mana, can you?

Food stores are good. There are only three such stores in
the game, which I point out in my walkthrough. Each one you
find, you can just sit there for a good half-hour and take
the time to max out your shields and mana.

Hungry? Use the store!
Gold? You start with plenty!
Time? Save the game after you're done charging shields.
Limited saves? There's enough, don't worry.

Try to use some items before opening chests. If you know
the contents before you open it, even better, as you'll use
the right items. Thing is, you open the chest and find some
VEGETABLES inside, and you're already maxed out. Too bad,
you can't pick it up, and you can't use it, either. Use some
before you open it in the next playthrough!

As far as fighting, have fun blasting things early on. It's
a good idea to learn how to fight, after all, and there's
enough food shops around. Late game, it's advisable to run
away from nearly everything instead, as mana isn't as easily
replenishable with no more stores to go to.

There's still some required fights, but as stated, they are
required. You're saving up mana for those fights, right?

Such forced fights usually turns out like this:
 - You prepare yourself ahead of time with SHIELD spells
 - You set your spell to LIGHTNING(4)
 - You stand there in front of enemy
 - You rapidly fire LIGHTNING(4) until enemy dead

Save first if victory is uncertain with your current mana.

Need to save a little food? Avoid eating. At 0% Food, you
will lose Health, but at least you can't drop to negative
food. When you've lost enough Health, eat somehing. Whether
at 100% health or 20% health, you'll lose food% at exactly
the same rate, so let it burn a little Health as a way to
last just a bit longer, so you can recover after eating.

Additionally, your shields prevents enemy attacks from
reducing your Health. If your shields are thick enough, you
won't die any faster when starving mid-battle.

Just don't, you know, starve yourself to death. 60% health
is low enough already, and a single VEGETABLES is only worth
40% food, so anything less than 60% health won't be any more
efficient food-wise.

Messages slowly scroll into the screen. Sometimes, you can't
wait. You can pop into the menu for a quick bit then come
back out, and the message will instantly appear. It's not
often you need this, but maybe you want two real quick
drinks of water or something.

Treasure chests dropped from monsters only last a short
while, vanishing after several seconds. Get your KEY and
open the chest, quick!

If you're using this walkthrough (... You are, right?), and
I mention a spell you don't have, I keep a spell list near
the bottom of this guide. You can try finding the spell on
your own, but if you missed it, you still have a chance
through that list.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
4| - | - | - | - | - | --]         CHECKLIST         [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [CHK09]

Use this section to figure out what you're missing, if you'd
rather not have to wade through the walkthrough. Rest
assured, if you complete this checklist for each section of
the game, it is possible to make it to the end in Magician!

... Although, do make sure you don't save with like 2%
health, 100% venom, no food or water, and no mana. It gets
kind of difficult to win then.

------------------------------------ TOWN -------------------------------------
    50 starting mana.
[]+150 Enter the hidden store.
[]+ 75 Check with the Wise Man.
[]+ 75 Deliver the letter.
[]+150 Exit TOWN, going to WILDERNESS.
   500 total mana, 350 before exiting TOWN.

Required items:
[]KEY              Found in an unmarked shop, priced a reasonable 10g
[]MAGIC WATER      Do speak with the Wise Man

--------------------------------- WILDERNESS ----------------------------------
   500 mana upon entry.
[]+100 Search the secrets of a lonely tree.
[]+200 Find and restore the wizard Belseth!
[]+ 50 Destroy Pythonoplant!
[]+150 Exit WILDERNESS, going to LAKE.
  1000 total mana, 850 before exiting WILDERNESS.

Required items:
[]VIAL OF EARTH    A gift for rescuing a wizard
[]DRAGON EGG       Secrets of a lonely tree

------------------------------------ LAKE -------------------------------------
  1000 mana upon entry.
[]+250 Take the boat. Just a small fee!
[]+250 Exit LAKE, going to FOREST.
  1500 total mana, 1250 before exiting LAKE

No required items.

----------------------------------- FOREST ------------------------------------
  1500 mana upon entry.
[]+100 Defeat Mondo Fungo!                              The FOREST is the
[]+100 Purify a putrid pool.                            last place where
[]+ 50 Another Wise Man! Chat with him.                 you can get as
[]+100 Talk twice with the face of nature: A tree.      much food & water
[]+ 50 Please offer food to the beggar.                 you want. Use it
[]+100 Exit FOREST, going to CAVERNS.                   to recover!
  2000 total mana, 1900 before exiting FOREST

No required items.

----------------------------------- CAVERNS -----------------------------------
  2000 mana upon entry.
[]+100 Broken through a bridge to nowhere.
[]+100 Baby dragon and your past observation.
[]+100 Statue and your power.
[]+100 Puzzle room and your smarts.
[]+100 Exit CAVERNS, going to DUNGEONS.
  2500 total mana, 2400 before exiting CAVERNS

Required items:
[]MAGIC CHARM      The cute little dragon trades it for an egg
[]MAGIC CHARM      The statue lets you have it as a sign of strength
[]MAGIC CHARM      As proof of intellect for defeating a puzzle room
[]VIAL OF WATER    A going away present for leaving CAVERNS

---------------------------------- DUNGEONS -----------------------------------
  2500 mana upon entry.
[]+250 Find the great warlock Mensim!
[]+250 Exit DUNGEONS, going to CASTLE.
  3000 total mana, 2750 before exiting DUNGEONS

Required items:
[]VIAL OF AIR      Mensim entrusts this vial to you...

----------------------------------- CASTLE ------------------------------------
  3000 mana upon entry.
[]+150 Get around the first trap.
[]+150 Win against the Fire Demon!
[]+200 Exit CASTLE, going to TOWER.
  3500 total mana, 3300 before exiting CASTLE.

Required items:
[]VIAL OF FIRE     Pick this off the Fire Demon's stash

------------------------------------ TOWER ------------------------------------
  3500 mana upon entry.
[]+150 Find a room that disagrees with gravity.
[]+150 Construct... The ULTIMATE POTION!
[]+200 Move on to TOWER TOP.
  4000 total mana, 3800 before exiting TOWER.

Required items:
[]ULTIMATE POTION  This is it... The bane of Abadon!

---------------------------------- TOWER TOP ----------------------------------
   4000 mana upon entry.
[]+6000 Defeat Abadon and restore peace to Merlwood!
  10000 total mana, to be a true Magician!

Enjoy your ending.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
5| - | - | - | - | - | --]        WALKTHROUGH        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [PNT99]

Well, turn on your game already! That's the first step...

The second step, press start at the title screen.

Now, with the obvious out of the way, let's go on...

5.1 ----------------------------TOWN-------------------------------------------
This is the Land of           | After you do the above, you'll be greeted
Merlwood. Your quest will be  | with the message on the left here. And a
hard and hazardous, filled    | map of the game world is also shown.
with magic and epic battles.  |
Good luck...                  |

Your quest starts here. I'll explain a few things now.

First, your up button on your D-pad is going to be used, a
lot. At least, here in TOWN. This button allows you to talk
with the locals and enter some doors. A fair number of these
are of no help, but there are enough who are of help that
makes this practice of hitting up useful.

Don't worry, I'll list out those doors you can enter and
people who are actually willing to just hand gold away!

[2nd door] "Ye Olde Guild", a peasant is nearby.
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Affected by [C]. Initially says nothing important.
+-+      +-+        Talks about a house without windows or doors.
+-+      +-+
|C|      | |  [C] - Pay 5 gold. It affects [M]. +13/255 (+5%) water
+-+      +-+        Also, select it 4 times in one trip for a game over!
+-+      +-+
|E|      | |  [E] - Hear some gossip! Select it several times!
+-+      +-+        Some store near a wise man? Hmm...
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Get out of this silly guild!
+-+      +-+

Other than information, you get nothing useful. Why, oh why
should we bother entering the guild? Besides, there's this
guide you're reading!

[3rd person] Warriorak. A near-naked man. Outside 6th door.
  This guy hands out 500 gold. Try talking to him until he
  gives up his gold. Not like he needed any to retire...

[8th door] "Ye Olde Shop". Here's what they sell:
+-+      +-+
|W|      |V|  [W] -  10g, WATER FLASK; Full refill of 5 uses
+-+      +-+        Also, +51/255 (+20%) water per use
+-+      +-+
|B|      | |  [B] -  10g, CRUST OF BREAD: + 51/255 (+20%) food
+-+      +-+  [C] -  30g, CHICKEN       : + 77/255 (+30%) food
+-+      +-+  [H] -  30g, HAM           : + 64/255 (+25%) food
|C|      | |  [V] -  10g, VEGETABLES    : +102/255 (+40%) food
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
|H|      |X|  [X] - Exit this wonderful, awesome food shop.
+-+      +-+

Remember this shop. While you're still here in TOWN, you
can come back to this shop for food and water to power up
your shield spells.

It wouldn't hurt to max out on all food while you're here.
With the amount you'll burn through, it's not a bad idea,
actually. Don't worry about gold, you'll have plenty!

[9th door] "Ye Olde Mail"
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Post a letter.
+-+      +-+  Of course, by the time you get here, you'd
+-+      +-+  have none to post. Visit the 13th door first.
| |      | |  After you pick up a letter from there, you can
+-+      +-+  then select this option here.
+-+      +-+
| |      | |  For doing such a delivery,
+-+      +-+  you get 75 max mana. Cheers.
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Escape from the post office
+-+      +-+

[12th door] Largely plain looking door.
  Upon entry, you instantly gain 150 max mana. Yay!
+-+      +-+
|K|      | |  [K] -  10g, KEY; Required for opening chests
+-+      +-+  This KEY is vitally important, don't miss it!
+-+      +-+
|S|      | |  [S] -  20g, SUN-GLASSES; lose less water in WILDERNESS
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [W] - 300g, WALKING-STICK; Needed for STAFF OF POWER
|W|      | |
+-+      +-+  [1] -  60g, SCROLL (FIREBALL)  [FI-ST-MI-RA]
+-+      +-+
|1|      |X|  [X] - Remove yourself from this secretive shop.
+-+      +-+

[13th door] Large, distinctive building
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Speak with Wise Man for a letter.
+-+      +-+  Try to avoid saying no. Saying yes will do
+-+      +-+  wonders. You'll get a LETTER, to deliver to
|W|      | |  that "Ye Olde Mail". So get moving!
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [W] - Pledge against misuse of magic or something.
| |      | |  You'll be thanked for it, get a bottle of
+-+      +-+  MAGIC WATER and gain 75 max mana. Yay!
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Run out of the Wise Man place.
+-+      +-+

[14th door] "Ye Olde Guild"
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Affected by [C]. Why do we bother?
+-+      +-+        "BE WARY OF EVERYONE," right...
+-+      +-+
|C|      | |  [C] - Pay 5 gold. Same as last time. +13/255 (+5%) water
+-+      +-+        Save your gold. Not worth it. Bleh.
+-+      +-+
|E|      | |  [E] - Hear some gossip! Do you need to?
+-+      +-+        Huh, a wizard who became a statue...
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Yeah, good idea. Get out already!
+-+      +-+

Another guild... I can easily give you its information.
... Whoops, I already did up there. Eheh...

[15th door] "Ye Olde Shop"
+-+      +-+
|1|      |5|  [1] -  90g, SCROLL (SPEAR)       [PH-OL-MI-RA   ]
+-+      +-+  [2] - 100g, SCROLL (VEN)         [VE-NA-HU-NA-RA]
+-+      +-+  [3] -  40g, SCROLL (LIGHTNING)   [PO-NA-ST-RA-NA]
|2|      |6|  [4] - 200g, SCROLL (PHYS SHIELD) [PH-RA-NA-RA-HU]
+-+      +-+  [5] -  30g, SCROLL (RAZOR)       [PH-OL-RA      ]
+-+      +-+  [6] -  35g, SCROLL (AXOR)        [PH-RA-ST      ]
|3|      |7|  [7] -  10g, SCROLL (HELP)        [MI-OL         ]
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
|4|      |X|  [X] - Sneak back out and forget this place.
+-+      +-+

This shop sells scrolls. Buying these things will add the
scroll into your item list and the spell into its list.
Up to you if it's worth popping in.

After that last shop, there's a Warriorak who attacks you.
Good thing you just passed a scroll shop with various attack
spells in it! I recommend casting the AXOR(4) spell. Set
the AXOR spell in your spell list and set that number to 4.
Costs 6 mana to deal 5 damage, so after 9 or 10 of these,
that warrior guy should be dead.

Keep in mind enemies do regenerate over time. If you don't
rapidly shoot AXOR as fast as you can, it'll take longer and
longer for this guy to die. It may end up taking far more
than the 9 or 10 I suggest up there, so fire quick!

Another thing to try is VEN(4). Just hit him 5 times and
he'll collapse after a while. The poison will harm him
faster than the mentioned regeneration rate. If, however,
you are continuing from a game that has already won once,
the poison works too slowly to beat the new recovery rate.
There is a limit to the venom, and 5 shots of VEN(4) hits
that limit.

Once dead, hit down where he lays. The game uses a random
number to determine what you get, as follows:
 - Nothing, you unlucky person!
 - Gold. Anywhere from 5 to 255, in steps of 5.
 - Food. Any of the 4 food items.

The same is true for all measly humans you kill.

Beyond this quick battle, the screen doesn't scroll any
farther to the right. If you touch the edge, you'll leave
the TOWN. This is a point of no return, so make sure you
are prepared before you leave.

Remember that food shop? You can spend several minutes there
building up your PHY-SH with the PHYS SHIELD spell. Or the
other shield spells if you teach yourself those ahead of
time. Also, you probably wouldn't want to wait this long
again to charge your shield spells, so use a save!

In any case, make sure you leave TOWN with these:

List of max mana boosters:
   50 Starting value
 +150 Entering mysterious store
 + 75 Pledge yourself to Wise Man
 + 75 Deliver the letter!
 +150 Move on to WILDERNESS

Max mana:  350 (will be  500)
 - A full supply of food and water, or close to full.
 - KEY           (TOWN)

You'll also have other things like a POUCH OF COINS or a
-QUIT GAME-, but those you'll always have! It's not as
though I will ever need to list them, as there's no way
you'll ever get rid of them.

5.2 ----------------------------WILDERNESS-------------------------------------
You leave the village of      | Remember this, you will never again
Serenna and enter the Barren  | be able to enter the TOWN anymore...
Wilderness..                  |

Upon entry, use the SUN-GLASSES. It will cut how much water
you lose in half. They're only useful here, which is silly,
and aren't even required. Still, may as well save water.
What? Didn't get them? You are fated to suffer normal water
loss for this area! ... Eh? You're not scared?

Finally, talking to the random person here actually provides
useful information! Beautiful! Though, if they're attacking
you already (why'd you shoot them?), they won't want to
talk. In any case, you'll learn of MI-OL-ST and MI-NA-ST-OL
from the locals near the start.

Since this is the first time spells are mentioned without
you having to pick up the SCROLL, it's time you explore how
to produce the spell through the menu. Open the menu, hit
Select until some rune in the third spot is selected, then
play around down there. You need MI-NA-ST-OL shortly. It
would be quite a shame to forget learning the spell now.

If the game isn't letting you learn it, it's possible you
don't have at least 50 mana. Attempting to get a new spell
this way uses up 50 mana, so maybe you need to wait first.

But somewhere between the previously unmentioned mage and
wizard, is a tree with a hole in it. Search the tree, by
pressing down while standing at it. Two items will appear in
your inventory: DRAGON EGG and SCROLL (REVEAL) [MI-NA-RA].
You'll also gain 100 max mana as well.

Outside of a locked house are some sparklies. You'll also
sense powerful magic. Sparklies = powerful magic? With these
sparklies in the way, you can't see what it is, so REVEAL!
Oh, a wizard statue? Being petrified is kind of a sleep, so
WAKEY WAKEY to revive the wizard. +200 max mana for you!

He's quite thankful, however. Speak with him. You'll surely
for your troubles. Of course, Belseth is too busy walking
back and forth around here to actually follow you and give
further assistance. You'll just have to go ahead alone.

Keep going. You'll find the game sends not one, but two
Warrioraks at you now. Both attacks you. They each have more
HP than that first one, so it might take over 12 AXOR(4)s
each to take 'em out, more if you take longer. They may also
drop random stuff like the first Warriorak.

You might not have noticed the battle took place near a
special building, one without doors. A message even pops up
like a clue to do something! Cast REVEAL and a door will
appear for a moment. Now that Paul knows of its existence,
he can enter! Press up at that spot where you saw the door,
and you're in!

Inside the door is as follows:
+-+      +-+
|A|      |3|  [A] - 250g, ANTI-VEN POTION; Set VENOM to 0%
+-+      +-+  [H] - 250g, HEAL POTION; +51/255 (+20%) HEALTH
+-+      +-+
|H|      |4|  [1] -  80g, SCROLL (FLEET FOOT) [MI-MI-FI-NA-ST]
+-+      +-+  [2] -  40g, SCROLL (BOOMERAXE)  [PH-NA-HU      ]
+-+      +-+  [3] - 200g, SCROLL (VEN SHIELD) [VE-RA-NA-MI-ST]
|1|      | |  [4] -  50g, SCROLL (REPELLENT)  [PO-OL-MI-ST-NA]
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
|2|      |X|  [X] - Yo! The exit option! It's to let you exit!
+-+      +-+

Yes, it's a store. VEN SHIELD will prove useful shortly.
Disappointed by the low percentage boost to VEN-SH? That's
actually pretty decent coverage. 8% should be well enough
in the forced battle in the WILDERNESS.	If not, it wouldn't
hurt to pick up an ANTI-VEN POTION while you're here.

You'll see yet another Warriorak at another building. Unlike
the two you just fought, this one is willing to talk. Speak,
and you shall recieve... 500 gold! Uh, nice.

Then the game throws a hostile mage at you as you continue.
Unfortunately, your AXOR(4) proves mighty useless against a
mage. So switch to FIREBALL(4) or LIGHTNING(4) and let him
fry! Mwahaha! Fry I say! Make him feel- ... Er, what got
into me?

This battle takes place near a well. You may enter the well
like you would a door. Except Paul's so clumsy he falls
right in! Thankfully, it's a rather spacious well complete
with a treasure chest! Pull out your KEY and open it! Hit B
to use KEY, then down to search the treasure chest.

+-+      +-+
|W|      |2|  [W] - FLASK OF WATER; Full refill to 5 uses
+-+      +-+  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD; Mmm... Still fresh!
+-+      +-+  [$] - POUCH OF COINS; 5~255 gold, steps of 5, at random
|B|      |M|
+-+      +-+  [1] - SCROLL (FLY)         [MI-RA-NA-RA-ST]
+-+      +-+  [2] - SCROLL (FEATHERLITE) [MI-ST-RA-OL   ]
|$|      | |
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION; Refills 500 mana on use
+-+      +-+
|1|      |X|  [X] - Walking away from chests involves this option.
+-+      +-+

When you get out of the chest screen, the chest will vanish,
along with any contents you left in there. The game itself
will specifically say "THE CHEST DISAPPEARS" as though the
chest graphic vanishing wasn't enough of a clue.

Can't pick up that CRUST OF BREAD? Too bad, should have used
one of your three before you opened the chest. Good thing
you read this FAQ instead of opening it first, right? Even
if you mess up here, losing that CRUST OF BREAD isn't
anywhere close to fatal, don't worry about it.

Cast FLY(2). Hold up so you get back out of the well.

It won't take long before you see this blueish ground. Well,
not so much ground, more like bog. Walking in is instant
death, without the right spells. You are warned it looks
decidedly unsafe, after all. Might not be a bad idea to save
here, before the marsh, just in case.

I recommend waiting here for a bit, actually. You'll need
at least 350 mana to be safe. You won't need all of it for
crossing the bog itself, but there's a battle that takes
place right after it. Try to have at least 8% VEN SHIELD
before going through. More if you're worried.

In order to cross the bog:
 -  60 mana: Cast FLY(2) and go over the whole thing.
 - 160 mana: Cast FEATHERLITE(3) and FLEET FOOT(1) and dash through

Cast the FLY spell. Save yourself a bunch of mana and a
convoluted mess involving two spells. Charge on through!
But fire mysterously pops up to hit you... Oh, it's just
trivial damage, don't bother trying to avoid it.

Finally at a piece of land after the bog? There's a venomous
plant monster waiting for you...

>>>  Pythonoplant -- A venomous plant monster of the bog
Initial HP:  96/255     Regens +4 extra HP/sec
PHY-SH:  48    VEN-SH:  48    FIR-SH:  48    POW-SH:  48
Attacks with weak venomous droplets

Bosses have a tendency to regenerate health pretty quick.
Faster than usual enemies. So this boss regenerates either
5, 9, or 20 HP per second, depending on what playthrough
you're at. If it's your first loop, you only have to worry
about the 5 HP per second part, not the scary 20.

Pick LIGHTNING(4), stand in front of the Pythonoplant, and
zap away. You'll hear some tinks, but that's because you're
chipping away at that POW-SH. After a few hits, there will
be no more tinks. Keep firing, it won't last much longer!

You can also FLY and use several EXORCISE(4) instead. Float
inside the thing and fire away. Good if you prefer learning
a spell through inserting runes. The efficiency will end
this battle fast!

Once defeated, you get +50 max mana. Yay! It will also drop
a treasure chest. On top of the bog, no less. Cast
FEATHERLITE(4), get your KEY, and take its contents, quick!
As a dropped chest, it will vanish after several seconds.

+-+      +-+
|R|      | |  [R] - RUNE STONE
+-+      +-+  If you bought the WALKING STICK in the TOWN,
+-+      +-+  it and the RUNE STONE will automatically
|M|      | |  merge into the STAFF OF POWER. This casts a
+-+      +-+  5-damage LIGHTNING spell for free. Infinite
+-+      +-+  uses. It's a nice item to have.
| |      | |
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION; Mmm... 500 mana...
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Return to the harsh WILDERNESS view...
+-+      +-+

After you get the stuff from the chest, walk more to the
right. Yes, the screen ain't scrolling anymore, so this is
another point of no return. Besides, that FEATHERLITE won't
last forever, so get going before you sink and die!

If, during the battle, you got hit by some of the venom,
hope your VEN-SH held up to it. If not, hope you don't have
more than 40% VENOM. If you do, I hope you bought one of
those ANTI-VEN POTIONs back at that one shop. If not... Um,
go quickly. Real quick... There's another shop ahead.

So you beat WILDERNESS, eh? Here's what you should have:

List of max mana boosters:
 +100 Search hollow tree
 +200 Restore Belseth to life!
 + 50 Defeat the swamp monster, Pythonoplant!
 +150 Move on to LAKE

Max mana:  850 (will be 1000)
 - At least a little food/water.
 - KEY            (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have this:

5.3 ----------------------------LAKE-------------------------------------------
You leave the Wilderness and  | At least this place has a food/water
as dusk falls you reach the   | store...
Lakes..                       |

The SUN-GLASSES are now completely worthless. If you used
'em in the WILDERNESS, you now continue to lose water at the
normal rate. And no later area makes use of it. Bah.

Friendly peasant talks about PO-HU-NA-ST. It's not really a
good attack spell, but I suppose it's something...

The last bush looks like nothing special, but searching it
proves that it's the richest bush around! Get 50 gold!

And you might notice this watery stuff in the way. One may
assume FLY is the answer, but the background lightning will
kill you dead instantly if you try to FLY.

Instead, walk to the edge of the water, wait for boat guy to
come to you, then use the POUCH OF COINS. The fee for this
transportation is 50 gold, but you get across the water and
even get a complementary +250 max mana! Such service!

There's a trick to getting that +250 max mana over and over.
It's in this boxed text:

|The glitch involves coming back to the left side of the    |
|water. You can pay the 50 gold over again when you do, but |
|getting back there almost requires things like save states |
|and frame advance of certain emulators to have any chance. |
|Trust me, it's that hard.                                  |
|                                                           |
|Just FLY as high as you can going back to the left. Time   |
|your spell so it's right after a batch of lightning. When  |
|you get to the point where lightning strike is unavoidable,|
|cast IRON BOOTS, then before you hit the water, cast FLY   |
|again. Sometimes, even the entire drop isn't enough time...|
|                                                           |
|With enough luck, insane timing, or good frame advancing   |
|and save stating, you can make it back to the left side,   |
|ready to pay another 50 gold, for another 250 max mana...  |

Anyway, after our boat ride...

Oh! As if the first warriors you fought weren't enough, the
game sends another two at you! As tempting as it is to test
the STAFF OF POWER on them, they've got 255 POW-SH. It will
take a long time for the staff to dent them to death...
Stick with AXOR(4) against them.

More doors...

[1st door] It's where you battled warrioraks...
+-+      +-+
|W|      |B|  [W] -  10g, WATER FLASK   : + 51/255 (+20%) water
+-+      +-+        Good thing it's a full refill of 5 uses!
+-+      +-+
|C|      | |  [C] -  30g, CHICKEN       : + 77/255 (+30%) food
+-+      +-+  [V] -  10g, VEGETABLES    : +102/255 (+40%) food
+-+      +-+  [H] -  30g, HAM           : + 64/255 (+25%) food
|V|      | |  [B] -  10g, CRUST OF BREAD: + 51/255 (+20%) food
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
|H|      |X|  [X] - Leave the enchanting aroma of the food store...
+-+      +-+

Mmm... Food store. The second of three. Take the time to
recharge your shields here. And your 1250 mana. You do
have 1250 max mana now, right?

[2nd door] Just next door!
+-+      +-+
|M|      |2|  [M] - 250g, MANA POTION    : +500 mana
+-+      +-+  [H] - 250g, HEAL POTION    : +51/255 (+20%) health
+-+      +-+  [A] - 250g, ANTI-VEN POTION: VENOM set to 0%
|H|      |3|
+-+      +-+  [1] -  40g, SCROLL (DISPELL)     [PO-HU-NA-ST   ]
+-+      +-+  [2] - 350g, SCROLL (PHYCHIC)     [PO-RA-OL-HU-ST]
|A|      |4|  [3] - 200g, SCROLL (FIRE SHIELD) [FI-RA-NA-HU-NA]
+-+      +-+  [4] -  50g, SCROLL (MEDITATE)    [MI-FI-ST-HU-RA]
+-+      +-+
|1|      |X|  [X] - Select this option when you're done here.
+-+      +-+

The shop of scroll and potion. It wouldn't hurt to pick up
some of the potions here. More mana is always nice. If you
are still poisoned from that one battle, might I recommend

[5th door] Guarded by friendly warrior guy.
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Affected by [C]. Tell me again why we're here?
+-+      +-+        Ancient warlocks locked away in a war?
+-+      +-+
|C|      | |  [C] - Pay 5 gold. +13/255 (+5%) water. Thirsty?
+-+      +-+        Nothing quite like goats milk. ... Is there?
+-+      +-+
|E|      | |  [E] - Hear some gossip! Hmm, tunnels? Hum...
+-+      +-+        And it's MI-RA-HU-FI-NA! Got it? Good.
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Burns down the gui- I mean, you leave the guild...
+-+      +-+

The friendly warrior guy guarding this guild grants you
500 gold when you talk. Go get the gold! Got it? Good.
It's also best to leave unsaid where he could possibly
hide this pile of gold on him...

Now, before you continue to the right, I will suggest you
charge your shield spells. The neighborhood food store is
back that-a-way. You have time, right? Once you are nice and
satisfied with your shields and mana, I strongly recommend
you save your game...

... Once you go to the right, there are platforms to jump
on. You will be using the JUMP spell a lot here, which is
thankfully lightning-proof unlike the FLY spell, but that
doesn't change the fact things are frustrating here. And
there are ghost-like things called Fantomoid. Their attacks
depend on your POW-SH, the last spell the game didn't give.

With JUMP spells, you'll need to make around 26 jumps total.
You now have an idea of how close you are to getting through
this darn segment. Use multiple saves in other slots if you
need some practice at that one jump, like getting on a shell
or something.

A list of jumps that may describe the location well enough:

(3) low, Fantomoid ahead
(4) high, Fantomoid behind
(any) Turtle shell
(4) large rocky platform, top
(4) low, Fantomoid ahead

(3) semi-low, Fantomoids ahead and behind
(3) mid, Fantomoid behind
(2) semi-high, Fantomoid ahead
(3) high, Fantomoid behind
(4) Away from painful Fantomoids!

(any) Turtle shell, passing a Fantomoid
(2) low platform
(4) high platform
(3) mid, Fantomoid ahead
(4) low wide platform

(4) low platform
(3) large rocky platform, left
(3) large rocky platform, top (hold still until at top of jump)
(2) low platform
(any) turtle shell, passing a Fantomoid

(2) low wide platform
(3) low platform
(4) high platform
(any) turtle shell
(2) low platform

(4) The end!

Ah, finally... No more jumps! But you'll have to fight a
Manubat at the end of it all. It's the green gargoyle thing
flying around.

It spits fire and letting it crash into you will poison you.
The fire is stopped by FIR-SH, and the poison is blocked by
VEN-SH. This foe has no shields of its own, so any spell
should work well.

A combination of the STAFF OF POWER and SPEAR(4) spell will
make the battle relatively easy. Typically, I lose around
250 mana, 2~3% VEN-SH, and 20~30% FIR-SH, to give you an
idea. You'll probably get through this battle just fine,
even if you have no idea what the SPEAR spell does.

Once defeated, the screen will shift a few notches. That is
your cue to walk a little more to the right to get out of
the LAKE section. Done with frustrating jumps at last...

By finishing LAKE, you should have:

List of max mana boosters:
 +250 Take the boat trip! Yay!
 +250 Move on to FOREST

Max mana: 1250 (will be 1500)
 - High stock of food/water. Hey, this area sells 'em.
 - KEY            (TOWN)

5.4 ----------------------------FOREST-----------------------------------------
After crossing the Lakes a    | This area also has an infinite supply.
short walk brings you to      | Be sure that when you complete it,
Merl Forest                   | to save just before leaving here.

Go to the right. Got any other directions to go, genius?

That mage you quickly see? Hostile. Go have fun with your
STAFF OF POWER! After the quick battle, check your mana.
Having at least 500 wouldn't hurt, but even without any, you
can still win with just the staff. It just takes longer.
Wait for your mana or not, up to you.

Moving on, those scary, demonic, nightmarish trees of doom
can be ignored. It's the evil mushroom ahead that needs to
be beaten.

>>>  Mondo Fungo, the Evil Mushroom Spirit of the forest
Initial HP: 208/255      Regens +8 extra HP/sec
PHY-SH:  64    VEN-SH:  64    FIR-SH:  64    POW-SH:  64
Venomous droplets attack!

That's quite a chunk of HP. I recommend using LIGHTNING(4),
but if you didn't bother getting 500 mana before the battle,
you'll need your STAFF OF POWER to finish with success.

On the other hand, you can learn EXORCISE, walk inside the
mushroom, and fire rapidly. 5 shots at (4) is all you need.
It also chews through your VEN-SH rapidly, but the battle
ends real fast before it becomes a serious problem.

LIGHTNING(4) alone   costs: 2~5% VEN-SH, 450 mana
EXORCISE(4) alone    costs:  11% VEN-SH, 250 mana
STAFF OF POWER alone costs:  20% VEN-SH
A mix can expect results in between.

You do have plenty of space to make attempts at dodging the
green gunk. This boss likes to regenerate 9 health per
second in the first playthrough, so it might actually be
best to sit there and take the attacks so you can beat that
quick regeneration rate.

After that, a wizard who likes PO-ST-RA-MI-ST lets you know
about it if you chat. More importantly, there's a store:
+-+      +-+
|V|      |2|  [V] -  10g, VEGETABLES    : +102/255 (+40%) food
+-+      +-+  [B] -  10g, CRUST OF BREAD: + 51/255 (+20%) food
+-+      +-+  [H] -  30g, HAM           : + 64/255 (+25%) food
|B|      |3|
+-+      +-+  [1] - 100g, SCROLL(LIGHT)     [MI-OL-ST      ]
+-+      +-+  [2] - 200g, SCROLL(FIRESTORM) [FI-RA-NA-OL-HU]
|H|      |4|  [3] - 200g, SCROLL(FIRE RING) [FI-OL-NA-RA-ST]
+-+      +-+  [4] -  80g, SCROLL(BOULDER)   [PH-RA-NA      ]
+-+      +-+
|1|      |X|  [X] - Walk away from all that nice food...
+-+      +-+

The last store selling food. The last store, period.
Now, if we can find a source of water, this would be the
last place we can fully recharge ourselves without worry.

It happens that there's infinite water just a short distance
ahead. There are two Fantomoids between the shop and water,
so it's advisable to LIGHTNING(4) them away first. They can
rip your POW-SH or health apart, do be careful...

But, at last, you'll reach the pool of infinite water! ...
Uh, it smells... Can't be good water. Use your MAGIC WATER!
Suddenly, it glows brightly, the scent is pure, angels come
down and... Er, it's good water now. You get +100 max mana!
Use your FLASK OF WATER around this pool for free refills.

However, you still need a way to get past the pool. Although
it's now an angelic pool of infinite water, walking in is
still fatal. Of course, you could always FLY(1) over it...

After the pool is a mage (Try MI-ST-NA-ST!). After the mage
is a Gargolian. It's a red floating spirit-like thing.
Amusingly enough, FIREBALL works well on it, but LIGHTNING
or STAFF OF POWER works perfectly, too.

You'll find a friendly-looking place with a door next:
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  [M] - Speak with Wise Man
+-+      +-+  If you delivered that letter back in TOWN,
+-+      +-+  he'll chat with you in a friendly manner.
|W|      | |  Speak twice for a warning behind the second door.
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [W] - Pledge against misuse of magic
| |      | |  +50 max mana. This is what this place is for!
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Run out of the Wise Man place.
+-+      +-+

Moving on, you'll spot some grass. Three tufts slithering up
and down. Getting hit by them will damage your VEN-SH by 1%
or 2% each time. Without the VEN-SH, it adds 20% VENOM. You
can try to walk past them as they lower, but I prefer using
FLY(1), which you can guarantee that you avoid them.

Keep going, past the random peasant (the beggar knows!), and
you'll spot two more Gargolians. Like the first one, these
two aren't much harder to take out.

After that quick little fight, there's a tree. Once again, a
message shows up talking about it. Must be important! Just
wake it up with WAKEY WAKEY and it speaks! Using words you
can't understand... Thankfully, we have TRANSLATE! After
casting this, speak to it twice. +100 max mana.

There's an entrance in the hillside. Entering takes you face
to face with a beggar! If you use a food item, like CHICKEN,
the beggar will take it, and inform you who the first snake
isn't. I'll tell you who that first snake is. On the other
hand, you do get +50 max mana for it.

Using more food items will let the beggar tell you about who
the second and third snakes aren't. The fourth food item and
beyond, the beggar simply thanks you. There is no reward
past giving away your first food item, so move on already!
Hit down at that bulge in the floor to exit.

Continue right, since up is impractical, down is impossible,
and left just takes you back. You'll see a set of three
doors and the screen stops scrolling beyond that. Attempting
to enter any door will have a snake stop you and asks for
its own name. Answer correctly or die! ... Rough crowd...

  1st door: VENMOR      Zug battle
  2nd door: SHOME       Free treasure chest
  3rd door: FANGFEW     The way forward... To CAVERNS!

==1st door==     Zug battle
Behind door number 1 is Zug the cave man! His club hits your
PHY-SH hard should it hit. But, with the clever strategy of
staying on him like the hair on his face and using the STAFF
OF POWER, you'll surely be a winner! But don't forget, he
leaves behind a treasure chest leaving this amazing prize:
+-+      +-+
|B|      | |  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD
+-+      +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
+-+      +-+
|W|      | |  [1] - SCROLL (BOULDER)    [PH-RA-NA      ]
+-+      +-+  [2] - SCROLL (POW SHIELD) [PO-RA-NA-ST-RA]
+-+      +-+
|1|      | |  Finally, the game reveals POW SHIELD!
+-+      +-+  Still, there's food and water!
+-+      +-+
|2|      |X|  [X] - Leave with any acquired prizes
+-+      +-+

==2nd door==     Free treasure chest
And inside door number 2 is a single treasure chest, with no
guards of any sort! As attractive as such a chest may be,
this is actually the worst one as money has no use later on
and the other item actually harms you! This, my friend, is
the loser's door.
+-+      +-+
|$|      | |  [$] - POUCH OF COINS
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [!] - RING OF VEN
|!|      | |        This cursed item, upon picking it up,
+-+      +-+        will add 1/20 (5%) VENOM every 16
+-+      +-+        seconds. Please, avoid this item, or
| |      | |        else you'll face some difficulties
+-+      +-+        as you continue on.
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Escape from evil treasure chest
+-+      +-+

==3rd door==    The way forward... To CAVERNS!
And at last, but not least, is door number 3! Upon entering,
this door will take you to the dream resort known far and
wide as the CAVERNS! And you even get a free +100 max mana
to go with it! But remember to pack your lunch before you
head out, for it is a long trip without local stores.

Basically, another point of no return. The FOREST is the
last place with infinite food AND water, so if you want to
restore mana and shields, do so now, as you'll never get the
opportunity to do so later. This is also a good time to make
a save and keep that slot, just in case you screw up later.

And with that, you're done with FOREST! Joy!

List of max mana boosters:
 +100 Defeat Mundo Fungo!
 +100 Drop the MAGIC WATER into the pool
 + 50 Pledge yourself at the other wise man
 +100 Speak with the great tree, twice
 + 50 Give the beggar something to eat
 +100 Move on to CAVERNS

Max mana: 1900 (will be 2000)
 - Food and water to the absolute max.
 - KEY            (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have the following:
 - MAGIC WATER (Used in purifying the pool)

5.5 ----------------------------CAVERNS----------------------------------------
Taking the correct door       | There's no more infinite supply of food...
leads you into the dark       |
unfriendly depths of Mount    |
Vunar..                       |

It's dark. A LIGHT spell can help you see things for some
time, but you don't actually need it. For the curious, this
is how effective each level of LIGHT is:
   LIGHT(1) | 30 Mana - 15 seconds
   LIGHT(2) | 45 Mana - 22 seconds
   LIGHT(3) | 60 Mana - 29 seconds
   LIGHT(4) | 75 Mana - 36 seconds

However, only the main zone of the CAVERNS is dark. All the
other rooms are well-lit, with or without the LIGHT spell.
In such rooms, the LIGHT spell won't get used up. Also in
such rooms, entering and exiting the menu will *increase*
your LIGHT time by 1 second. Glitch, indeed.

As for the local monsters in the area, I recommend just
running past nearly every monster you come across. For one
thing, there are crawly monsters that are out of reach of
all your cheap attack spells. For another, there's no more
infinite sources of food to restore your mana and shields.

There's even Tarantulon (a spider) right there! This is a
perfect example right there why running away is effective!
Try as you might, there's no way you can kill Tarantulon
without using a ton of mana, such as FIRE SPRAY, and its
death provides no form of any reward.

The point is, running past the silly critter will only ding
your PHY-SH and VEN-SH by a small amount. Far less costly to
replenish than the mana you'd spend fighting it. Nothing
says you must kill every enemy...

In your valiant, heroic retreat away from the spider, you'll
see a bridge leading straight to a wall... One can spot a
weak point in the bridge, which can't hold much weight. Like
IRON BOOTS(1), for example.

Dropping down, you'll fall past two treasure chests and land
near a third. You can FLY back up to the two you went past,
and they're all worth the flight up, too. I recommend
opening the bottom chest last.

+-+      +-+
|B|      | |  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [H] - HEAL POTION
|H|      | |
+-+      +-+  Every little bit of food helps...
+-+      +-+
| |      | |  Don't forget to chow down before you open
+-+      +-+  the chest!
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Exit. What? Expected something fancy?
+-+      +-+

+-+      +-+
|B|      |A|  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD
+-+      +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
+-+      +-+
|W|      | |  [A] - ANTI-VEN POTION
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  This is the game saying "Oh, sorry about
|A|      | |  that RING OF VEN. Here, have a fighting
+-+      +-+  chance for it!" Yeah, 3 potions! Woo!
+-+      +-+
|A|      |X|  [X] - Exit. I'm really glad for this option.
+-+      +-+

+-+      +-+
|H|      | |  [H] - HAM
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
|M|      | |
+-+      +-+  Ooh, 2 MANA POTIONs! That's 1000 mana right
+-+      +-+  there! If you have too many of these things,
|M|      | |  drink some before opening this chest.
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Exit. Because it's healthy for you.
+-+      +-+

To the left of this bottommost treasure chest, there is a
hole that you obviously must fall into to continue. However,
if you drop in from the right side of this hole, you risk
instant death by something out of sight. Though, if you just
hold left the whole time, you'll avoid it.

If you don't want to risk forgetting to hold left, either
JUMP or FLY to the left side of this hole.

When you reach the bottom, there's a stalagmite bouncing up
and down, for reasons beyond me. If you fell from the right
side of the hole, it is in its safe "down" position, but for
only an instant -- It's why I tell you to hold left, so that
the dangerous "up" position doesn't get time to poke you.

There's three basic ways to get across this trap:
 - Walk past it as it lowers. FLEET FOOT(1) improves your chance.
 - FLY(1) over it. Go up a bit above the default height, then go.
 - JUMP(1) has a fairly decent chance to get around it.

For the curious, holding right while falling in an attempt
to "skip" this trap will fail, even with FLEET FOOT active.

As you move on, moths fly overhead. Annoying bugs that...
Simply fly overhead during the whole time you walk past
them. If you actually stand around, they'll eventually get
down to you and start messing with your shields, so be glad
you can skip them without losing anything at all.

The first passage is just past them. If you cast LIGHT, this
is made more obvious. Like any door, hit up to enter!

Inside is a baby dragon. Nothing tricky, just walk up to it!
As long as you have the DRAGON EGG from the WILDERNESS, the
dragon will steal it, hand you a MAGIC CHARM and +100 max
mana, then run off out of the room. One trial down!

Backing out and continuing, you'll see a stone golem. This
thing throws boulders upwards. You can either stand a safe
distance away and zap the thing or ignore it. Either way
works about as well as you can expect.

Eventually, you'll come across another passage, this one
guarded by an Oculus. Skip this floaty eye, and run inside!

Inside this room is a giant life-like statue. Get close, and
it shoots fire. All you need to do is beat up the statue
with your own spells.

Pick your choice of spells:
 - FLY(1) + LIGHTNING(4)    Fly up and zap the silly thing
 - SPEAR(4)                 Stand there and skewer it!

Either way, down it goes, pop comes this chest, with these:
+-+      +-+
|H|      | |  [H] - HAM
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [%] - MAGIC CHARM
|%|      | |
+-+      +-+  +100 max Mana for taking MAGIC CHARM
+-+      +-+
| |      | |
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Get the charm, then use this option.
+-+      +-+

Done there? Move on. You'll see a peasant (Maze of DOOM!).
Friendly guy seems to be lost. Keep going, you'll find the
third passage soon enough, guarded by two Oculus! Yeah, skip
them too. They don't need any self-esteem!

+----- -----+   +-+      +-+
|   #  ##$#T|   |V|      | |  [V] - VEGETABLES
| # # # # # |   +-+      +-+
| # # # #   |   +-+      +-+  [%] - MAGIC CHARM
| # #   # # |   |%|      | |
| # ## #  # |   +-+      +-+  [H] - HEAL POTION
| #    # #  |   +-+      +-+
| ###### # #|   |H|      | |  +100 max Mana for grabbing
|  #     #  |   +-+      +-+  the MAGIC CHARM
|# # ###### |   +-+      +-+
|T   #      |   | |      |X|  [X] - Typical exit button
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

 $ - Instant 2000 gold
 T - Teleporter
   - Walkable square
 # - Return to start tile

Inside... Is a devious puzzle room! Some spots can be walked
on normally while others take you back to start. The safe
tiles will be revealed as you step on them. Since time is
stopped here, you don't get hungry or regenerate mana. So
don't worry about messing up -- you'll never starve!

By walking on that $ tile I marked on my map, you get an
extra 2000 gold accompanied by a nice sound letting you know
something happened. Of course, at this point, all the gold
in the world won't help you with no more stores to find!

Get to the end, and you'll reach a treasure room. You need
its MAGIC CHARM, but the other stuff in there helps, too.

By now, you should have 3 MAGIC CHARMS. Back out and ignore
every monster as you continue right. You'll see a bone pile
next to yet another passage. Searching this one (press down)
gets you a RING OF HALE.

Enter the passage and you'll see an old lady in a rocking
chair. Just use your MAGIC CHARMs and you'll disappear into
the DUNGEONS with +100 max mana! And a VIAL OF WATER.

If you leave now, you should have the following:

List of max mana boosters:
 +100 Use IRON BOOTS to progress
 +100 Baby dragon's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Statue's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Puzzle room's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Move on to DUNGEONS

2400 max mana (will be 2500)
 - High supply of food/water
 - KEY            (TOWN)
 - VIAL OF WATER  (You'll see it appear in your inventory)

And lose the following:
 - DRAGON EGG (given to baby dragon)

... However, if you don't enter that last room, there is
something optional further to the right. This area is the
Maze of Doom. There's some useful things to gather from here
that will help you with food and mana.

However, it is a maze. One can get themselves lost real easy
if you're not careful. It may only be 15 rooms in size, but
this thing has devious one-way passages and fake passages.
A map will surely help!

Well, good thing I have a map, then! Oh? You want to see it?

     #+  +#O--O#+  +#+--+#O**O#  Treasures:
     #|1C >|2C   3C   4C   5C*#  2C - Staff, scroll, Mana Potion. It's nice.
     #+  +#O--O#+--+#+--+#O  O#  5C - Staff, REFRESH POTION! Yeah!
     ##  ##################  ##  4B - Chicken, water, heal potion... Bleh.
     #+  +#+--+#+**+#O--O#+  +#
     #|1B|#|2B   3B   4B|#|5B*#
     #+  +#+  +#+**+#O--O#+  +#  Recommended path:
     ##  ###VV########^^###  ##  1A 1B 1C 2C 3C 4C 5C
     \+  +#+--+#+--+#+  +#+  +#  4C 3C 3A 2A 1A exit
Exit   1A   2A   3A   4A >|5A*#
     /+--+#+--+#+--+#+--+#+**+#  Also, 3C has a friendly
     ##^^########^^############  wizard who gives 500 mana.

4B is not in my recommended path. It only has a little food,
some water, and a healing potion. You'll probably spend more
mana on shields and spells than what the CHICKEN is worth,
so I say don't even bother going there.

Whatever the case, here's the detailed list of treasures:

+-+      +-+
|/| O--O | |  [/] - STAFF OF MAYHEM   3-damage DISPELL
+-+ |2C  +-+
+-+ O--O +-+  [1] - SCROLL (SLOMO)    [MI-MI-RA-HU-NA]
|1|      | |
+-+.O... +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
+-+..... +-+
|M|..... | |  SLOMO is used two zones later. Even if you
+-+      +-+  forget its scroll, use the magic words!
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - I wonder what this option does!
+-+      +-+

+-+      +-+
|C| O--O | |  [C] - CHICKEN
+-+  4B| +-+
+-+ O--O +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
|W|      | |
+-+..... +-+  [H] - HEAL POTION
+-+...O. +-+
|H|..... | |  This stuff's guarded by a Manubat,
+-+      +-+  and is simply not worth it...
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - This is an exit button. Use when ready.
+-+      +-+

+-+      +-+
|/| O**O | |  [/] - STAFF OF KNELL    Weak, free VEN
+-+  5C* +-+
+-+ O  O +-+  [R] - REFRESH POTION
|R|      | |  +100% Health   Cures all Venom
+-+....O +-+  +100% Food     +100% Water
+-+..... +-+  Full mana recovery
| |..... | |  ... This tastes better than chicken!
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - It's your ticket out of this screen.
+-+      +-+

And here's the details of each room:

+  +   .....   2 Oculus
 1A    .....   Going left lets you escape the maze!
+--+   O....

+  +   .....   1 Bonejab (This thing is a skeleton of sorts)
|1B|   O....
+  +   .....

+  +   O....   2 Stone Golems
|1C    .....   Going up is a one-way passage to 1A.
+  +   .....   Going right is a one-way passage to 2C.

+--+   .....   1 Bonejab  &  1 Fantomoid
 2A    .....
+--+   .O...

+--+   .....   1 Zug
|2B    .O...   Going down is a one-way passage to 2A.
+  +   .....

O--O   .O...   2 Oculus
|2C>   .....   There is a free treasure chest here.
O--O   .....   This room is rather nice to visit.

+--+   .....   1 Leech
 3A    .....
+--+   ..O..

+**+   .....   1 Oculus  &  1 Moth
 3B    ..O..   Both up and down are fake -- You'll
+**+   .....   simply re-enter this room.

+  +   ..O..   1 Wizard, friendly (talk for 500 mana!)
 3C    .....   Going up is a one-way passage to 3A.
+--+   .....   Another nice room to drop by, for free mana!

+  +   .....   2 Fantomoid
 4A    .....   Going right is a one-way passage to 5A.
+--+   ...O.   Going up is a one-way passage to 4B.

O--O   .....   1 Manubat (Holds a treasure box)
 4B|   ...O.   Although there's treasure here, I doubt it's
O--O   .....   worth fighting for a piece of chicken...

+--+   ...O.   1 Moth  &  1 Fantomoid
 4C    .....
+--+   .....

+  +   .....   1 Manubat  &  1 Oculus
|5A*   .....   Both down and right are fake -- You'll
+**+   ....O   simply re-enter this room.

+  +   .....   1 Fantomoid  &  1 Tarantulon
|5B*   ....O   Right is fake -- You'll re-enter this room.
+  +   .....

O**O   ....O   2 Oculus
 5C*   .....   Up and right are fake -- Re-enter this room.
O  O   .....   Good treasure here. It's THE reason to enter the Maze

So basically, walk in, go up two rooms, then walk to the
right and pick up treasures without firing a single spell.
After getting two treasures, go back left two rooms, then
up once, then left all the way. Speak with the wizard in
room 3C who's definitely along the way.

You'll be back out with +1000 mana and a REFRESH POTION,
along with two mediocre staves. At the cost of some of your
shields, but that's easily fixable with the gained mana.

Once you're done, just walk back out of the maze and head
left into that last passage you so skipped, and finish the
place by finally using those MAGIC CHARMs.

You should still have the following after this:

List of max mana boosters:
 +100 Use IRON BOOTS to progress
 +100 Baby dragon's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Statue's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Puzzle room's MAGIC CHARM
 +100 Move on to DUNGEONS

2400 max mana (will be 2500)
 - High supply of food/water
 - KEY            (TOWN)
 - VIAL OF WATER  (You'll see it appear in your inventory)

And still have lost the following:
 - DRAGON EGG (given to baby dragon)

However, the maze will give these to you:
 * REFRESH POTION (Full recovery of food, water, mana, health)
 * STAFF OF KNELL (Weak, free VEN)

5.6 ----------------------------DUNGEONS---------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | There's infinite water here, just not
Abadon's Domain.              | infinite food.
You battle your way into the  |
Dungeons..                    |

Walk to the right. There's a lot of gates to choose from:

1: Monster Room - Zug                   - Basic, useful supplies
2: Puzzle Room  - Disappearing Tiles -  - Mana, mana!
3: Monster Room - Twin Evel Mdievel     - Healthy Amulet
4: Puzzle Room  - Teleporter Maze  - -  - Shielding Amulet
5: Monster Room - Mazaratty             - Stuff that's largely not worth it.
6: Monster Room - Manubat  - - - - - -  - Another "not worth it" room.
7: Puzzle Room  - Button Pathways       - Ring of Plenty of Food!
8: Puzzle Room  - Shifting Platforms -  - Mmm... Mana.

1 ------------------------------------ 1 ------------------------------------ 1
An Oculus sits outside this gate.      Monster Room: Zug

Inside is a cave man known as Zug. He's everywhere, eh?

Remember that you can stay on top of him like the hair on
his face, so that he'll never hit you. Feel free to use

Killing him leaves these as treasures:
+-+      +-+
|V|      |A|  [V] - VEGETABLES
+-+      +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
+-+      +-+
|W|      | |  [H] - HEAL POTION
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
+-+      +-+  [A] - ANTI-VEN POTION
|H|      | |
+-+      +-+  Mmm... Standard supplies...
+-+      +-+
|M|      |X|  [X] - Packed up and ready to go already?
+-+      +-+

2 ------------------------------------ 2 ------------------------------------ 2
A Leech is just hanging around.        Puzzle Room: Disappearing Tiles

+----- -----+   +-+      +-+
|m: :: :T: :|   |M|      | |  [M] - MANA POTION
|:::::::::::|   +-+      +-+
|:::::: ::::|   +-+      +-+  Basically, this is a very
|:::a:a::: :|   | |      | |  good room to enter. It's
| ::::::::::|   +-+      +-+  practically a free 1000
|::a:T:a:: :|   +-+      +-+  mana! 500 from this potion,
| ::::::::::|   | |      | |  and another 500 from the
|:::a:a::: :|   +-+      +-+  puzzle room itself.
| ::::::::::|   +-+      +-+
|:: :: :: ::|   | |      |X|  [X] - It lets you leave.
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

 m - recover 500 mana
 T - Teleporter
 a - Moving tile
 : - Disappearing tiles

My solution is to get on the moving platform and wait until
it appears on the top-right portion. Once there, and if the
disappearing tiles are timed well, dash towards the exit
tile. This can be a bit time consuming if you mess up,
though, but at least you're losing no food.

However, there's 500 free mana in this puzzle room. At the
exit tile? Don't leave yet! If you're not too frustrated
yet, go left, to the top-left tile in this room. When you
get there, you'll hear a sound indicating something
happened. What happened is you got +500 mana.

The prize is a MANA POTION at the end. With the mana from
the puzzle room as well, this is an extra 1000 mana by
walking in here. Nifty. All it takes is frustrating timing
to get through this puzzle room.

3 ------------------------------------ 3 ------------------------------------ 3
Two Fantomoid floats around.           Monster Room: Two Evel Mdievel

Inside are two suits of armor, walking on their own power.
Their names are Evel Mdievel. I don't recommend coming in
here, as the treasure isn't worth it, but in case you do
want it anyway, here's my strategy:

Walk to the left wall. Zap either Evel with LIGHTNING(4).
It's hard to position yourself perfectly, but if you can
turn to the right without stepping away from the left wall,
you are pretty safe from attack. Just keep on zapping them!

+-+      +-+
|$|      | |  [$] - POUCH OF COINS
+-+      +-+  [%] - AMULET OF MOR
+-+      +-+
|%|      | |  The amulet restores 50% Health.
+-+      +-+  This doesn't help your mana.
+-+      +-+
| |      | |
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - ... Must... Remain... Entertaining!
+-+      +-+

4 ------------------------------------ 4 ------------------------------------ 4
A solo Bonejab here.                   Puzzle Room: Teleporter Maze

+----- -----+   +-+      +-+
|6 /## /86 5|   |A|      | |  [A] - AMULET OF SHEELD
|#7#7 8#/#/#|   +-+      +-+  (+15% all shields)
|##7#/###8/#|   +-+      +-+
|8#3#2#2#3/#|   | |      | |  Ooh, shields. And you
|6#2#/1 /2/#|   +-+      +-+  lose practically
|#/#4////3/#|   +-+      +-+  nothing getting to it.
|4 3#/1#/ /#|   | |      | |  I do like puzzle rooms!
|#/2#4#3#2##|   +-+      +-+
|#$###1#8#/#|   +-+      +-+
|5 4## ##/5/|   | |      |X|  [X] - Without this, you're stuck!
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

 / - back to start
 $ - 2000 gold
 12345678 - Teleporter

Path to the end of the maze:
^.. >^.... ^^... <<. <<.. <<. >v.. >>..... ^^

Path that includes the worthless 2000 gold:
^.. >^.... ^^... <<. <^v<.. <<. >v.. >>..... ^^

Each dot represents a single teleport.

5 ------------------------------------ 5 ------------------------------------ 5
Yet another Bonejab guards this.       Monster Room: Mazaratty

A rather large rat charges at you. No, this isn't me -- A
FatRatKnight would be wearing a suit of shiny armor and save
damsels in distress. This enemy rat does no such thing! It
is called Mazaratty by the game's manual, and it lacks any
sort of shield.

Given that this thing is low to the ground, your cheap
attack spells are no good. Therefore, its treasures are a
lot more trouble than they're worth.

On the other hand, in the first playthrough, you could use
the RING OF HALE while flying above the rat with FLY(4). It
will take a while and a few re-casts of FLY, but the rat
will eventually go down. The treasure can make up for what
you spend here. In later playthroughs, the rat regenerates
far too fast for the FLY and RING OF HALE combo.

Y0u thought up the above strategy. No, not you, a user that
goes by Y0u. Other than that, FIRE SPRAY(4) isn't remotely
cheap enough, and it's the next best thing for these

+-+      +-+
|B|      | |  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD
+-+      +-+  [H] - HEAL POTION
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
|H|      | |
+-+      +-+  Useful, but the battle is
+-+      +-+  so costly, that the reward
|M|      | |  just isn't really worth
+-+      +-+  coming in here for.
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Escape the chest screen
+-+      +-+

6 ------------------------------------ 6 ------------------------------------ 6
Friendly wizard (FI-RA-NA-OL-HU)       Monster Room: Manubat

A Manubat flies around in here.

The cost to your shields and mana fighting this thing will
probably eat up more mana than the resulting MANA POTION
will restore. Regardless, if you really want it anyway, I
suggest STAFF OF POWER along with SPEAR(4) and hope you
kill the Manubat quick.

+-+      +-+
|A|      | |  [A] - ANTI-VEN POTION
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  You're going to spend more
+-+      +-+  than 500 mana beating the
+-+      +-+  stuffing out of that thing!
| |      | |
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Disdainfully leave from here
+-+      +-+

Right after gate 6, there's a water fountain. Go ahead and
search it! It will fill up your WATER FLASK for free! And it
won't run out. Nifty water supply, eh?

Still no infinite food, however. Don't sit for too long.

7 ------------------------------------ 7 ------------------------------------ 7
Two floaty Gargolians here!            Puzzle Room: What these buttons do?

+----- -----+   +-+      +-+
|ggbb: ####i|   |C|      | |  [C] - CHICKEN
|g##a#ohhhii|   +-+      +-+  [%] - RING OF ANA
|gi#jj#l#a##|   +-+      +-+
|#Nm#j#M#nkL|   |%|      | |  The ring, when used, will
|#:O#ji:eeK#|   +-+      +-+  restore 100% food and
|#f###k#c##e|   +-+      +-+  water. Now that's just
|ffgggg#c#:e|   | |      | |  sweet!
|ff#i###c:#e|   +-+      +-+  One-time deal, though.
|k:#:##:e#ee|   +-+      +-+
|FGHIJ ABCDE|   | |      |X|  [X] - Did you forget how to leave?
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

 abcdefghijklmno - walkable passage from button
 : - Fake passage, acts like a wall.

Puzzle room. Hit every button to proceed.

Step-by-step. It's... Long:
>>>>> <<><< ^^^^^ >>^>< v<><< vvvvv <<><< <<<<^ ^^>>> >>^^<
^^<^^ <<<vv >v^<^ ^>>>v v>vv> vv<<< <<vvv >>><> >>>>< >^^^^
^>^^^ <<vv^ ^>>vv v<vvv vv<>< <<<<> <<<^^ ^>>>> >^^<^ ^<^^<
<<vv> v>v^< ^<^^> >>vv> vv>vv <<<<< vvv>> ><>>> >><>^ ^^^^>
^^^<< <<^^

I hope it isn't hard to figure out on your own, but the
step-by-step and the map probably aren't going to help a
lot. And I have difficulties explaining it in words. Sorry.

8 ------------------------------------ 8 ------------------------------------ 8
No one sits in front of this gate.     Puzzle Room: Shifting platforms

+----- -----+   +-+      +-+
|## ## ....<|   |$|      | |  [$] - POUCH OF COINS
|/##/######.|   +-+      +-+  [1] - SCROLL (TWIN)  [MI-NA-OL-NA   ]
|.>../$##/#^|   +-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
|.##v#. #.>.|   |1|      | |
|.##.#^##^##|   +-+      +-+  Sweet! Mana! And a scroll
|.##.>.>../#|   +-+      +-+  containing the very spell you
|.##/####/##|   |M|      | |  will shortly need. Joy!
|^#/########|   +-+      +-+
|.<..< >../#|   +-+      +-+
|##/ # ## ##|   | |      |X|  [X] - Need help on how to leave?
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

 <>^v - moving platforms
 / - return to start
 $ - 2000 gold
 . - Path followed by moving platforms

+2000 gold route: ^ < < ^ > v > ^ ^ < v
     Solve route: ^ < < ^ > v > > ^ > ^ ^ < ^

It is not possible to get the useless gold and beat the
puzzle room in one trip. Just leave and re-enter anyway!

  ------------------------------------   ------------------------------------
Finally, no more gates! Keep walking right. Yep, you must
know how to walk to the right really well by now, eh?

Along the way, there's a fountain, Bonejab, and another
fountain. If you really need to preserve mana, stand back
and use the STAFF OF POWER on this skeleton. The fountains
can be searched to refill the WATER FLASK as much as you
like, but you still need to worry about food.

Got your fill of water? Walk forth, boldly ignoring the two
Oculus! But don't boldly ignore the chanting message. Hmm,
can't see anywhere the chanting would come from. Time for
REVEAL(1)! Enter the spot where you saw the door.

Inside, it should become very apparent that there's someone
just floating in there. So naturally, speak with him. Twice.
He enjoys this chat and hands you a VIAL OF AIR and +250 max
mana to go with it. Then he vanishes. Um, great. I think we
can just move on, now...

Exit the room, and walk to the right some more! Don't bother
with the Manubat along the way, you're too busy walking.
Eventually, you'll find a stone door that stops progress.

Thankfully, there's a nearby switch that, when you stand on
it, opens the door. Now, if only you can stand on it and
walk through the door. It's like you need to be in two
places at once. Thankfully, there's the TWIN spell! Use it,
move on. Done with DUNGEON, and +250 max mana!

You should end with this (assuming you skipped every gate):

List of max mana boosters:
 +250 Visit Mensim in his cell
 +250 Move on to CASTLE

2750 max mana (will become 3000)
- Decent supply of food, nearly max on water
- KEY            (TOWN)

Collecting nearly everything, this is what else you'll have:
* AMULET OF MOR    (DUNGEON) (one shot of +50% health recovery)
* AMULET OF SHEELD (DUNGEON) (one shot of +15% to all shields)
* RING OF ANA      (DUNGEON) (one shot of full food+water recovery)

5.7 ----------------------------CASTLE-----------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | Sort of a maze, with instant death traps
Abadon's Domain.              | like so many other areas...
You manage to reach Abadon's  |
Castle..                      |

At this point, if you want to avoid fighting (a good idea),
you'll kill only two more. That's right. Two.

I also recommend you save now. There are unfair instant
death traps here. Just as unfair as the bouncing stalagmite,
in fact.

There are six major rooms, which I label A B C D E and F.
You start in room A and must work your way to F and the exit
within. Whether the items are worth bothering for, I'll let
you decide that, but I haven't gotten much use out of either
staff here.

A: Leads to B or C; Secret passage to F.
B: Leads to C; Has STAFF OF BLAYZE
C: Leads to D, E, or F; Has a bit of food and water
D: Leads to E; Has STAFF OF MALICE (weaker than BLAYZE)
E: Leads to F
F: Leads to A, E, or exit; Contains a fire demon.

Also, the closed doors all can't be entered. I will be
ignoring them as I run through each room here.

Without this guide handy, getting through these doors is
trial and error. Good thing you're reading it, eh?

A ------------------------------------ A ------------------------------------ A
Naturally, you start on a platform above two Evel Mdievels.
Either ignore them with your incredible ignoring skills, or
drop down the platform and immediately run to the left and
zap them with STAFF OF POWER. Either way, stop just when you
touch the second pillar.

It is at this second pillar that a ball 'n' chain swings by.
Touching either the ball or flying into the chain is instant
death. If you kept walking, you'd never see it coming until
it's too late, and you're dead. Only way you'd know before
it happens is if you looked at the demo.

I already recommended you save at the start of this area, so
hopefully you don't have far to go back to.

You can get past this trap in one of two ways:

With both spells, you can slip under the ball 'n' chain.
Either let it swing over your head before you dash through,
or follow it as it swings by (and go quick, it won't wait
for you). This is the solution to every ball 'n' chain you
come across.

- REVEAL(1) + SLOWMO(1)     Shortcut to [F]
However, for this ball 'n' chain, there is a hidden passage.
Once REVEALed, you can go ahead and enter it any time. The
ball 'n' chain still swings too fast without a spell to
either speed you up or slow down the insta-death, but this
is a nice shortcut to room [F].

Actually, it is possible to reach the door without SLOWMO
or FLEET FOOT, but the timing required is near-impossible to
achieve. Use one of these spells, darn it!

Either choice you pick, you get the same +150 max mana for
your troubles around this trap. The shortcut is nice, as
there aren't any useful items in the CASTLE, but if you
still want to explore the place, go with the first option.

You'll come across a raised platform like the one you
started on when entering this area. Either path you take,
there will be a Bonejab in the way. Take the bottom path, as
going to the top only wastes mana getting up there. Ignore
or smash them, up to you.

Beyond the platform, there *should* be a ball 'n' chain, but
a glitch in the game sometimes prevents it from showing up.
Entering and leaving the menu may have it show up, but it's
so much more convenient to have it not show up at all.

Finally, towards the end, you'll see two doors:
1st door: To [C], faster way through the CASTLE
2nd door: To [B], leads to treasure: STAFF OF BLAYZE

These doors are guarded by two Evel Mdievels. Whether you
want to fight them is up to you. STAFF OF POWER them down if
you'd rather take it slow, waiting for your mana anyway.

B ------------------------------------ B ------------------------------------ B
This room has two Fantomoids. Take care around their
lightning death as you get the treasure and leave the room.

The treasure is located on the upper platform. JUMP(4) or
FLY(1) can get you up there just fine, but I prefer the
faster and cheaper jump.

The chest contains the following item:
+-+      +-+
|/|      | |  [/] - STAFF OF BLAYZE
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  This staff is an infinite source of
| |      | |  6-damage FIREBALL(2). It is effective
+-+      +-+  on the few Bonejabs you come across
+-+      +-+  from now on.
| |      | |
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Quickly, escape from this locale!
+-+      +-+

... The treasure is why you came here, right? I mean, why
would anyone skip the shortcut I pointed out earlier if it
weren't for this thing?

C ------------------------------------ C ------------------------------------ C
In this next room, you must immediately deal with Zug again.
Standard "like hair on his face," as detailed before.

When he dies, he drops these:
+-+      +-+
|V|      | |  [V] - VEGETABLES
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
|W|      | |
+-+      +-+  Neat! Food and water!
+-+      +-+  To make up for skipping the
| |      | |  shortcut. This doesn't hurt.
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Exit with a fuller pack.
+-+      +-+

Move on. Drop down. Skip or slay Bonejab. This is why you
got the STAFF OF BLAYZE in room (B), right?

Ahead of that skeleton are three doors:

1st door: To [D], more treasure, hardly useful.
2nd door: To [E], not much of note.
3rd door: To [F], final room.

By the way, there are three Fantomoids floating about. Pick
your door and go straight into it right away!

D ------------------------------------ D ------------------------------------ D
There's a ball 'n' chain. SLOWMO(1) and FLEET FOOT(1) gets
you through. Time your dash carefully, it's still annoying.

Up ahead:
 Two more Fantomoids
 Upper ledge requiring JUMP(4) or FLY(1)
 A chest on upper ledge
 A doorway to (E) on lower floor

+-+      +-+
|/|      | |  [/] - STAFF OF MALICE
+-+      +-+  [H] - HEAL POTION
+-+      +-+  [A] - ANTI-VEN POTION
|H|      | |
+-+      +-+  The STAFF OF MALICE is a weaker version
+-+      +-+  of the STAFF OF BLAYZE found earlier.
|A|      | |  This staff casts 4-damage fireballs.
+-+      +-+  Really, it's not a good staff.
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Exit with a fuller pack.
+-+      +-+

E ------------------------------------ E ------------------------------------ E
On entry, Bonejab is ready to walk into you to deal damage.
Going to the left wall is not outside the walking radius. I
recommend you ignore this thing and run to the right!

Once you drop down, there's this ball 'n' chain in the way.
SLOWMO(1) and FLEET FOOT(1) like before to sneak by.

There is an upper ledge, but either way has an Evel Mdievel.
Take the lower path, STAFF OF POWER through that one, and
keep going.

A Manubat guards the door to (F). Ignore it. Run straight
into the door.

F ------------------------------------ F ------------------------------------ F
On entry, two Fantomoids float here. Don't mind them, they
can be ignored rather effectively. Going further right,
you'll find a glowing bridge on a raised platform.

JUMP(2) onto the bridge. However, stepping onto the glowy
part can be lethal. Here's what you need to get through:

FIRE SHIELD. If you have zero FIR-SH, then moving over this
bridge by even a pixel will instantly melt you dead. Any
amount more than zero gives you 3 or 4 seconds, after which
you melt dead anyway. By itself, it's still too long a walk
to safely reach the other side.

FLEET FOOT(2) or repeated JUMP(3). This gives you enough
speed to reach the other side. Go with FLEET FOOT(3) if you
are paranoid about running out of (2) time too quickly.

There's an enemy at the end, however:

>>>  Fire Demon
Initial HP: 255/255      Regens +8 extra HP/sec
PHY-SH: 112    VEN-SH: 255    FIR-SH: 255    POW-SH: 112
Drops fire on you. Why do they keep dropping stuff on you?!

Zap with LIGHTNING(4). You win.
Walk inside him and rapidly burst with EXORCISE(4). You win.
Either way you go, you really should win.
You also get +150 max mana for your troubles.

This boss drops a treasure chest as well:
+-+      +-+
|F|      | |  [F] - VIAL OF FIRE
+-+      +-+  [M] - MANA POTION
+-+      +-+
|M|      | |  Have 3 MANA POTIONs already? Drink one first!
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+  This should be the last of four legendary
| |      | |  vials of the elements, or something. You're
+-+      +-+  near the end, go!
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Let the game's graphic clue you in...
+-+      +-+

After you get the VIAL OF FIRE (you DID get it, right?),
travel further to the right. A bit of exploration and you'll
find that there are three doors...

1st door: Backtrack to (A)          Oculus
2nd door: The last room of CASTLE!  Gargolian
3rd door: Backtrack to (E)          Oculus

I highly doubt you want to backtrack through the castle.
There's nothing of decent value for you to get by this
point. So, be a sane person and walk through the second
door. You may ignore the floating things around, as usual.

  ------------------------------------   ------------------------------------
The last room... It contains... Not much, eh? Nothing to do
here except leave the room uninterrup- Oh, wait. That sphinx
statue wants to talk... Guess its name, or DIE!

You are given a list of three names to guess:
Belseth: You met this wizard back in the WILDERNESS.
Mensim: You found that warlock hidden in the DUNGEON.
Tresh: You never met someone with this name.

As a video game, all characters have unique names that no
one else has. You already saw Belseth and Mensim, so
obviously those can't be the name of this sphinx.
Therefore, the name you haven't seen yet is the right one.

Respond with TRESH. Now you can leave.

You should finish with the following (Most direct path):

List of max mana boosters:
 +150 Obtained around first ball 'n' chain
 +150 Defeat the Fire Demon!
 +200 Move on to TOWER

3300 max mana (Will become 3500)
- Some food and water. You're near the end.
- KEY            (TOWN)

However, supposing you got everything besides RING OF VEN...

5.8 ----------------------------TOWER------------------------------------------
You progress deeper into      | Well, you close to the end.
Abadon's Domain.              |
You reach the base of         | Don't forget to save, if you're a
Abadon's Tower..              | bit worried. 3 saves left is plenty.

You'll need the FLY spell to climb this tower. Out of
curiosity... Where's the stairs?! Who built this thing!?

Your monster-ignoring skills will also be put to the test.
Ignore those monsters!

1 ------------------------------------ 1 ------------------------------------ 1
==Passage 1, right==  Manubat          The Blind Maze
+- --- --- -+   +-+      +-+
|  # ### ###|   |A|      | |  [A] - AMULET OF TAMMUS
| #   #   # |   +-+      +-+
|   #   #   |   +-+      +-+  This amulet restores 500 mana.
|########## |   | |      | |  It's only good once. In other
| # #m ##   |   +-+      +-+  words, it's a MANA POTION that
| # ##  # # |   +-+      +-+  doesn't take up the same slot
| #     #  #|   | |      | |  as the actual potion.
|   # #    #|   +-+      +-+  
|## ####### |   +-+      +-+
|##         |   | |      |X|  [X] - I don't believe you need advice here.
+----- -----+   +-+      +-+

  - Walkable tile
# - Return to start
m - recover 500 mana

The path to the end of this room:
<<<^^ ^>>>> v>>^^ ^>>^^ <<^<< v<<^< <v<<^ ^>^

The 500 mana path would include:
<<<^^ ^>>>^ ^<>vv >v>>^ ^^>>^ ^<<^< <v<<^ <<v<< ^^>^

It's a blind maze. One wrong step and... You return to the
start. Such a trivial punishment for the potential to regain
1000 mana in a single trip. Unlike a previous puzzle room,
the maze will not reveal tiles as you walk on them, so you
end up going through it mostly blind.

2 ------------------------------------ 2 ------------------------------------ 2
==Passage 2, left ==  Gargolian        Free Treasure Room
+-+      +-+
|$|      | |  [$] - POUCH OF COINS
+-+      +-+  [C] - CHICKEN
+-+      +-+
|C|      | |  Not particularly wonderful,
+-+      +-+  but it's free food.
+-+      +-+
| |      | |  Can't reject that, can we?
+-+      +-+
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - Escape with da loot, man!
+-+      +-+

Wow. This is direct. No monster. No puzzle. Neat!

3 ------------------------------------ 3 ------------------------------------ 3
==Passage 3, right==  Fantomoid        Spike Ceiling Room
+-+      +-+
|V|      | |  [V] - VEGETABLES
+-+      +-+  [B] - CRUST OF BREAD
+-+      +-+
|B|      | |  If you need food, crawl over
+-+      +-+  to this chest. But you're so
+-+      +-+  close to the end already!
| |      | |  At least this room gets you
+-+      +-+  some max mana!
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - This option closes the loot screen.
+-+      +-+

When you enter, you gain 150 max mana. This is the main
reason why you want to enter this room.

Alas, you'll also note the ceiling has spikes. Normally,
in such an out of the way place, they're harmless, but then
this room doesn't agree with gravity. The gravity is still
there, you just need a little weight. That's why you have
the IRON BOOTS spell!

So, cast IRON BOOTS at any level you wish. If it runs out,
cast the spell again. (4) is almost certain to last long
enough for that chest. If you just want to skip the food,
cast (1), save the mana, and exit right away.

4 ------------------------------------ 4 ------------------------------------ 4
==Passage 4, left ==  Fantomoid        Last Monster Room
+-+      +-+
|H|      |1|  [H] - HAM
+-+      +-+  [W] - WATER FLASK
+-+      +-+  [1] - SCROLL (WHO'S WHO?) [HU-HU-MI-HU-HU]
|W|      | |
+-+      +-+  The spell that calls up the
+-+      +-+  game's credits is found here.
| |      | |
+-+      +-+  There's also water. Thirsty?
+-+      +-+
| |      |X|  [X] - It's... Been good... Goodbye! ;.;
+-+      +-+

The chest is out in the open, ready for you to take!

But Zug, in his final appearance, doesn't agree. Gah.

You can try sneaking around him quickly, or just smash his
face in one last time. As usual, staying on him like the
hair on his face can keep you safe if you want to fight.

5 ------------------------------------ 5 ------------------------------------ 5
==Passage 5, right==  Tarantulon       Mana Fountain Room

Huh, nothing in here except a fountain. How boring.

Walking on the fountain, however, tells you that you feel
more experienced. At long last, Paul has gotten over his
hydrophobia! Alas, you get no max mana for it.

Here's what you do get for walking on the fountain:
 - Mana restored to MAXIMUM. Awesome!
 - Venom set to 0%

I recommend visiting this room after you visit passages 3
and 6. That way, you have more max mana to take advantage

Finally, cast as many shields as you can before walking on.
What good is 100% mana restore if you're only using 50%?

This is the room that really helps you prepare for Abadon.

6 ------------------------------------ 6 ------------------------------------ 6
==Passage 6, Left ==  Tarantulon       Fated Legends Room

This is the room where the four elements come together.

So... Use the following items in any order:

Now that the ULTIMATE POTION is created, go ahead and pick
up this final boss killing item. If you forget to pick up
this most necessary item after doing everything else...

Oh yea, you get 150 max mana for getting this potion, too.

Now that you got the max mana here, go back to passage 5,
fix up your shields, and wade around in that fountain!

  ------------------------------------   ------------------------------------

The only thing left is to keep flying up. You'll crash into
the ever-present screen edge. While you get 200 max mana for
it, it also leads to the final boss. So, prepare yourself.

Said preparation involves going back to that fountain,
shield yourself up with, at least, FIR-SH and POW-SH, and
then a dip in the water with a few more shields.

Having 1000 mana when you finally rise to TOWER TOP should
be enough. Should give an idea on how much shields you can
get in your situation. It also wouldn't hurt to save down
here, if you have any saves left to use.

Once prepared, FLY to the top. You get +200 max mana
in the transition to the top. To the final battle!

You should finish TOWER with the following:

List of max mana boosters:
 +150 Enter the spike room
 +150 Collect the ULTIMATE POTION!
 +200 Move on to TOWER TOP

3800 max mana (will be 4000)
- At least 1000 mana ready to blast Abadon with.
- At least 20% food/water, which is pretty low for this point anyway.
- KEY             (TOWN)

You should _NO LONGER_ have the following:
- VIAL OF EARTH (each of these were...)
- VIAL OF AIR   (...used in the making of...)

If you did take everything up to this point, you should also have:

5.9 ----------------------------TOWER TOP--------------------------------------
You stand atop Abadon's       | This is it. The final battle. Simple
Tower, face to face with the  | to win with decent shields and mana.
Dark Wizard himself!          |

>>>  The Evil Dictator Abadon
Initial HP: 255/255      Regens +15 extra HP/sec
PHY-SH: 255    VEN-SH: 255    FIR-SH: 255    POW-SH: 255
Flies all crazy-like and shoots you.

Hello Abadon. Please say hello to LIGHTNING(4).

When you stop hearing these tinks, you've shot through that
POW-SH. This means you're beating on his actual health. His
health regenerates at an insane pace, so that's your cue to
shoot even more aggressively and accurately.

Eventually, a message about Abadon weakening shows up. This
is the time to use the ULTIMATE POTION! Use it!

Enjoy the fireworks. And +6000 max mana. And the ending.

If you have trouble, reload your earlier game, the one
before this battle. Sit around here as long as your food
supplies last, keep at least 30%, though. Use this time to
recharge mana and shields as far as they go.

If you have full shields and 3800 Mana, waiting around won't
help you further. If my LIGHTNING (4) strategy isn't good
enough for you, feel free to try out your other spells and
experiment. Since 1000 Mana should be all that you need, a
buffer of 2800 Mana should give plenty of room for you.

In any case, the fountain alone provides plenty. Use that on
two FIRE SHIELD (4)s and two POW SHIELD (4)s, and you've
only spent 1500 Mana out of your 3800. You still have the
1000 for LIGHTNING death and 1300 left for any other
preparation necessary, or as a buffer.

If you really have trouble beating Abadon's regeneration
with just LIGHTNING(4), then try this instead:
- Cast AXOR(4) along with using RING OF HALE                    < 300 mana
- Once you stop hearing tinks (PHY-SH gone), cast PSYCHIC(4)     1000 mana
- Stay on him like the... Hair? ... On his face? He's bald!      Priceless

Don't forget to use the ULTIMATE POTION *after* the message
comes up.

Once Abadon is defeated, you can do silly things like kill
yourself after Abadon disappears. Though fun to see Paul
turning into a bone pile, then somehow return, only to
promptly turn into a bone pile again... This doesn't help in
seeing the ending messages or second playthroughs. Fun.

It's still possible to die from venom or starvation while
Abadon is in the process of being blasted, so make sure you
are still fed and cured of poison. After he disappears, you
are at no further risk, since the timers stop applying bad
stuff to your health.

You are treated to the ending. You will recieve a bonus
message if your max mana is 10000 at this point. This
message tells you to beat the game again. Clicking through
it sets you on your way through the next playthrough, from
the start, all over again.

If you didn't have 10000 max mana, you are told that you
failed somewhere and should find out what it is. You are
then dumped back into the title screen, no bonus
playthrough to fight through.

There are differences in this new playthrough. In the second
playthrough, enemies regenerate health faster. They are also
more aggressive. Not much more difficult than before, but
still harder.

But that's not all. Beat the second time, and the game tells
you to go do it one more time... This time giving enemies a
very powerful regeneration rate. Beat that, and the game
congratulates you on it. There's also a small change in the
ending. Then it dumps you on playthrough 3 again.

The puzzles are identical in all playthroughs. The only real
difference are the enemies you deal with. That's it. Though,
your stock of 15 saves are restored, at least.

Whenever you did save, there was a number by the area. That
number was telling you what playthrough the game was going
through. If it was WILDERNESS/1, for example, you were in
the first playthrough, not in much of a challenge. Yet.

Playthrough 1: No bonus - Enemies regenerate 1 health per second.
Playthrough 2: +4 bonus - They now regenerate 5 health per second.
Playthrough 3:+15 bonus - A frightening 16 health per second!

With Abadon regenerating another +15 per second, this means
Abadon in playthrough 3 recovers 31 health per second. Don't
worry, it's possible to beat that crazy regeneration.
PSYCHIC will work, but only after you crush that
non-regenerating shield he's got.

... And that is it. Now you know how to beat the game.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
5| - | - | - | - | - | --]        SPELL LIST         [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [SPE11]

Here's the quick list of spells. I've given a short description to
each spell. Apparently, most of the PO- spells are PHY, not POW.

Runes: Which runes used
Names: Game name of spell
Cst:   Cost of spell at (1)
UNKNOWN... is obtained with a non-working set of runes.
Such as FI-FI-FI-FI-FI.

|Runes         |Names      |Cst|
|??-??-??-??-??|UNKNOWN... |  1| Rarely heals; often kills you
|PH-OL-RA-  -  |RAZOR      |  3| PHY(1-2-3-4); straight
|PH-RA-ST-  -  |AXOR       |  3| PHY(2-3-4-5); curve down
|PH-NA-HU-  -  |BOOMERAXE  |  4| PHY(2-3-4-5); curve back
|PH-RA-NA-  -  |BOULDER    | 10| PHY(3-4-5-6); up, curve down
|PH-OL-MI-RA-  |SPEAR      | 25| PHY(3-6-9-12); 45 degree up, straight
|VE-NA-HU-NA-RA|VEN        |  8| VEN(1-2-3-4); straight
|FI-ST-MI-RA-  |FIREBALL   |  6| FIR(4-6-8-10); straight
|FI-RA-NA-OL-HU|FIRESTORM  |100| FIR; Drops from sky, rarely hits
|FI-OL-NA-RA-ST|FIRE RING  | 50| FIR(8-9-10-11)x3-4-5-6; low ring, straight
|FI-OL-HU-NA-RA|FIRE SPRAY |300| FIR; sprouts up from feet
|PO-HU-NA-ST-  |DISPELL    |  6| PHY(3-4-5-6); straight
|PO-NA-ST-RA-NA|LIGHTNING  |  7| POW(5-7-9-11); straight
|PO-OL-MI-ST-NA|REPELLENT  | 20| PHY(5-7-9-11)x2; wave forward
|PO-HU-RA-NA-HU|EXORCISE   | 20| PHY; 6 shot out
|PO-ST-RA-MI-ST|DEATH RING |300| POW; spining ring out
|PO-RA-OL-HU-ST|PSYCHIC    |400| PHY; globes around you
|MI-OL-  -  -  |HELP       |  2| Short, possibly helpful message
|MI-FI-ST-HU-RA|MEDITATE   | 30| Speeds time while player is immobile.
|MI-RA-NA-RA-ST|FLY        | 40| Move in any direction
|MI-RA-HU-FI-NA|JUMP       | 15| Quick leap upward
|PH-RA-NA-RA-HU|PHYS SHIELD|150| + 8% (20/255) PHY-SH at (1)
|VE-RA-NA-MI-ST|VEN SHIELD |150| + 4% (10/255) VEN-SH at (1)
|FI-RA-NA-HU-NA|FIRE SHIELD|150| +16% (40/255) FIR-SH at (1)
|PO-RA-NA-ST-RA|POW SHIELD |150| +20% (50/255) POW-SH at (1)
|MI-NA-RA-  -  |REVEAL     | 30| Use in specific spots (total 4)
|MI-MI-FI-NA-ST|FLEET FOOT |100| Faster movement for short time
|MI-MI-RA-HU-NA|SLOWMO     | 30| Use in specific spots (total 3)
|MI-ST-RA-OL-  |FEATHERLITE| 30| Use in specific area (total 1)
|MI-ST-NA-ST-  |IRON BOOTS | 30| Use in specific spots (total 2); slow
|MI-NA-ST-OL-  |WAKEY WAKEY| 30| Use in specific spots (total 2)
|MI-OL-ST-  -  |LIGHT      | 30| Use in CAVERNS only
|MI-RA-HU-OL-  |TRANSLATE  |100| Use in specific spot (total 1)
|MI-NA-OL-NA-  |TWIN       |100| Use in specific spot (total 1)
|NA-HU-MI-ST-MI|SOUND TEST |  1| Change the music!
|HU-HU-MI-HU-HU|WHO'S WHO? |  1| See the credits!
The number affects the power and cost of the spells. A list:
(1)- Base cost, base effectiveness, base duration
(2)- 1.5 times cost, power, and duration
(3)- double the cost, power, and duration
(4)- 2.5 times cost, power, and duration

The number means nothing for spells like TRANSLATE, as it has
no power or duration.

A higher number is only truly useful for the following:
 * Any attack spell (kill things faster)
 * FLY

Anything else can be re-cast many times for similar effect,
or can't use the higher number at all.

Picking up a SCROLL will automatically add it into your spell

Skrybe discovered EXORCISE. I never found the spell in-game...
adaml delivered the list to me. Which included Skrybe's EXORCISE
The costs were checked by myself.

I shall go into further details for attack spells:

             |     Mana cost     |  Damage dealt |
           |t|[1] :[2] :[3] :[4] |[1]:[2]:[3]:[4]|
RAZOR      |A|   3:   4:   5:   6|  1:  2:  3:  4|PHY
AXOR       |A|   3:   4:   5:   6|  2:  3:  4:  5|PHY
BOOMERAXE  |A|   4:   6:   8:  10|  2:  3:  4:  5|PHY
BOULDER    |A|  10:  15:  20:  25|  3:  4:  5:  6|PHY
SPEAR      |B|  25:  37:  49:  61|  3:  6:  9: 12|PHY Segmented
VEN        |A|   8:  12:  16:  20|  1:  2:  3:  4|VEN
FIREBALL   |A|   6:   9:  12:  15|  4:  6:  8: 10|FIR
FIRESTORM  |B| 100: 150: 200: 250|  4:  6:  8: 10|FIR 2/3/4/5 seconds
FIRE RING  |B|  50:  75: 100: 125|  8:  9: 10: 11|FIR 3/4/5/6 shots
FIRE SPRAY |B| 300: 450: 600: 750|  4:  6:  8: 10|FIR 3/4/5/6 seconds
DISPELL    |A|   6:   9:  12:  15|  3:  4:  5:  6|PHY
LIGHTNING  |A|   7:  10:  13:  16|  5:  7:  9: 11|POW
REPELLENT  |B|  20:  30:  40:  50|  5:  7:  9: 11|PHY 2 shots
EXORCISE   |B|  20:  30:  40:  50|  5:  7:  9: 11|PHY 6 shots
DEATH RING |B| 300: 450: 600: 750|  5:  7:  9: 11|POW 6 shots
PSYCHIC    |B| 400: 600: 800:1000|  5:  7:  9: 11|PHY 2/3/4/5 seconds

-----------------------| ??-??-??-??-?? = UNKNOWN...  |------------------------
Mana cost: 1
Effect: Low chance to heal you; High chance to just die
Found at:
 * Mess up your spells! Use any invalid combination.

This spell appears in your active spot when you select a
combination of runes that don't match any spell. This
"spell" does not get saved in your book, so you'll need to
spend another 50 mana whenever you want to select it again.

Using this means you want to die. The chances to die is very
high coming from this "spell," and it's certainly far more
colorful than just collapsing from using the -QUIT GAME-
item. The different ways you die from this spell makes it
worth it to try it a few times, at least.

However, there is a small chance that, instead of the
expected instant death, you instead feel better. In that
case, you are restored 20% health (51 internal units) and
are cured of all venom. If you want this effect, you are
either abusing save states, or are rather gutsy.

Fun glitches can be had by casting this spell in the TOWER.
Specifically, when in the spiked ceiling room, try this out
a few times. Go in and out the menu and play around with it
some more.

Also fun to try after you slay the final boss. An
interesting variation on the... Ending. You don't
get the usual benefits of the ending, but it's FUN!

-----------------------| PH-OL-RA       = RAZOR       |------------------------
Mana cost: 3,4,5,6
Effect: Type-A PHY shot. Deals 1,2,3,4 damage
Found at:
 * TOWN: 5th SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 30g

A small projectile goes straight forward. It'll disappear
after reaching a certain range.

A weak PHY-based spell. It's good to use only when you're
still getting familiar with the game. As you get better,
you'll realize this isn't really an effective spell to use.

Like with most Type-A shots, this can't hit those crawlies
low on the ground.

-----------------------| PH-RA-ST       = AXOR        |------------------------
Mana cost: 3,4,5,6
Effect: Type-A PHY shot. Deals 2,3,4,5 damage
Found at:
 * TOWN: 6th SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 35g

A small projectile launches forward from you, falling toward
the ground. Speed and distance increase with spell level.

Another weak spell, but it's certainly better than RAZOR.
The 5 damage instead of 4 for the same mana cost of 6 should
be quite telling. This should be your preferred early spell,
as those Warrioraks have no defense against it.

Although the spell does curve toward the ground, it is
unwieldy to use this spell against those low crawlies.

-----------------------| PH-NA-HU       = BOOMERAXE   |------------------------
Mana cost: 4,6,8,10
Effect: Type-A PHY shot. Deals 2,3,4,5 damage
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: 2nd SCROLL in hidden shop, for 40g

A projectile flies mostly straight out from you, curving
back toward you. Speed and distance increase with level.

It's equal in damage as AXOR, but more expensive. You'll try
out this spell, think the curve back is neat, then realize
it disappears after striking once, and there really isn't
too much help when the spell curves harmlessly back to you.

-----------------------| PH-RA-NA       = BOULDER     |------------------------
Mana cost: 10,15,20,25
Effect: Type-A PHY shot. Deals 3,4,5,6 damage
Found at:
 * FOREST: 4th SCROLL in shop, for 80g
 * FOREST: 1st snake door (VENMOR), defeat Zug, 1st SCROLL in chest

A rocky projectile flies overhead, arcing forward only

Very expensive in terms of damage per mana. Although the
direction this attack goes is largely unique, the low
efficiency generally means you want to look for other spells
to do the work. It can work on some enemies, but you'll find
better alternatives every time.

-----------------------| PH-OL-MI-RA    = SPEAR       |------------------------
Mana cost: 25,37,49,61
Effect: Type-B PHY attack. Deals 3,6,9,12 damage per segment
Found at:
 * TOWN: 1st SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 90g

A straight spear (?) is launched at a 45 degree angle upward
to skewer flying opponents. It's in several segments, each
will do its damage then disappear.

Although, for an attack spell, the cost is high, it does
great damage, if every segment hits. This is only good on
overhead enemies, but at least there are required fights
that can make use of this spell. It does certainly find more
use than BOULDER, as I see it, anyway.

-----------------------| VE-NA-HU-NA-RA = VEN         |------------------------
Mana cost: 8,12,16,20
Effect: Type-A VEN shot. Applies 1,2,3,4 points of venom
Found at:
 * TOWN: 2nd SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 100g

A green blob goes straight forward, slowly. Fairly standard
"go straight forward" sort of spell.

The only poison spell you get. The game uses the exact same
poison mechanic on enemies as it does on you. This means at
most 20 layers of poison can be applied, and damage will be
done every 8 seconds based on layers. Which will be 20
damage per 8 seconds when maxed out. Further use of VEN
after the venom is 100% will have no effect.

Unfortunately, bosses regenerate far more than 20 HP in
those 8 seconds. Also, all enemies will also regenerate
lots faster than 20 HP per 8 seconds once you're in the
second and third playthroughs. But, early in the game, it
does have some use against the human foes you meet.

Towards the end, anything that isn't human has 255 VEN
shield, except for rather few non-humans. You'll only fight
non-human enemies after FOREST. Well, almost -- You'll find
Zug a few times (VEN works alright), but Abadon has the full
255 VEN-SH. Good luck casting this spell 64 times before
you get through those shields!

Again, largely useless in playthrough 2 and 3, as enemies
regenerate faster than poison does damage. 20 in 8 seconds
is nothing when they would regenerate 40 or 128 health in
those 8 seconds.

The STAFF OF KNELL casts VEN(1) for free. It is found in the
Maze of Doom deep within the CAVERNS. Considering where you
find it, getting use out of it is tricky...

-----------------------| FI-ST-MI-RA    = FIREBALL    |------------------------
Mana cost: 6,9,12,15
Effect: Type-A FIR shot. Deals 4,6,8,10 damage
Found at:
 * TOWN: SCROLL at hidden shop before Wise Man, for 60g

A red bolt of fire goes straight forward. There's a few of
these sorts of spells with the same path.

A pretty good fire spell. Between this and LIGHTNING, you
can handle just about any enemy you come across. If there
are some you can't, just pretend they're not there and keep

The damage done is decently efficient, considering the other
spells. Not as efficient as LIGHTNING, but close. Certainly
good if you plan to attack Bonejab the skeletons instead of
ignoring them.

You find both these items in the CASTLE, but unless you plan
to throw FIRE RING(4) while using the STAFF OF BLAYZE on
Abadon, it would be difficult to justify grabbing these
instead of taking the shortest path through.

-----------------------| FI-RA-NA-OL-HU = FIRESTORM   |------------------------
Mana cost: 100,150,200,250
Effect: Type-B FIR attack. Deals 4,6,8,10 damage, lasts 2,3,4,5 seconds
Found at:
 * FOREST: 2nd SCROLL in shop, for 200g

Several small firey embers fall from above. They will pierce
unshielded enemies, but those with any shield will destroy
an ember that touches them, and damage the shield slightly.

Absurdly expensive, and having it actually hit an enemy is
quite a trick. Then it disappears so quick and you're left
wondering, whether you should have cast the darn thing in
the first place. The answer to that is yes, so you know
never to try it in the second place.

-----------------------| FI-OL-NA-RA-ST = FIRE RING   |------------------------
Mana cost: 50,75,100,125
Effect: Type-B FIR attack. Deals 8,9,10,11 damage, 3,4,5,6 projectiles
Found at:
 * FOREST: 3rd SCROLL in shop, for 200g

A circle of embers, from 3 to 6 in count, rolls forward. It
is low enough to hit crawlies, at least.

It's very expensive, but at least it does 66 damage with
that 125 mana. Fun to use against those mages, and it isn't
all that impractical, considering the damage output. Just
realize you will burn through that mana in a hurry.

By the time you can buy its scroll, there are no more mages
to fight. Bah. Have fun with it in the next playthrough,
when you remember the magic words. Though you can use it on
any Bonejab, but you're better off with FIREBALL.

-----------------------| FI-OL-HU-NA-RA = FIRE SPRAY  |------------------------
Mana cost: 300,450,600,750
Effect: Type-B FIR attack. Deals 4,6,8,10 damage, lasts 3,4,5,6 seconds
Found at:
 * DUNGEON: A friendly wizard tell you its words

Bolts of fire sprout up from your feet, swiftly shooting out
in random directions. Sort of like a spray.

While it is almost certainly the way to destroy those
crawlies in a hurry, losing 750 mana for it will only be
worth it if you insist it is. A single VEGETABLES will not
give the amount of food necessary to rest up for the mana
lost when casting this spell.

Still, it's got a good range. But hitting shielded enemies
will diffuse this spell in a hurry, thanks to how the game
works with those tinks destroying projectiles completely.

-----------------------| PO-HU-NA-ST    = DISPELL     |------------------------
Mana cost: 6,9,12,15
Effect: Type-A PHY shot. Deals 3,4,5,6 damage
Found at:
 * LAKE: Peasant speaks its words near the start.
 * LAKE: 1st SCROLL, at shop in 2nd door, for 40g

A white ball shoots out straight forward. Another one of
those straight forward spells.

Although a PO- spell, the damage type is PHY, not POW. It
hits slightly harder than AXOR, but 2.5 times as expensive.
I haven't used this spell much after first seeing it, and
after further analysis, won't be using it much anyway. It's
a weak spell to be sure.

Found in CAVERNS, at the Maze of Doom, the STAFF OF MALICE
produces DISPELL(1) at no cost. Not as though you'll make
yourself comfortable with this staff at this time, but if
you feel like using weak, free PHY damage for the moment...

-----------------------| PO-NA-ST-RA-NA = LIGHTNING   |------------------------
Mana cost: 7,10,13,16
Effect: Type-A POW shot. Deals 5,7,9,11 damage
Found at:
 * TOWN: 3rd SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 40g

A zappy lightning bolt is fired straight forward. It is,
indeed, yet another straight-shooting projectile.

One of two spells that deal POW damage. This is likely to be
a spell you'll make yourself quite familiar with. The best
one for most bosses, for the "stand back and fire" strategy.

The STAFF OF POWER duplicates the effect of LIGHTNING(1) for
free. Found early in WILDERNESS means you can get a lot of
use out of it.

-----------------------| PO-OL-MI-ST-NA = REPELLENT   |------------------------
Mana cost: 20,30,40,50
Effect: Type-B PHY attack. Deals 5,7,9,11 damage per projectile
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: 4th SCROLL in hidden shop, for 50g

A pair of white globes shoot forward, in a sort of a
crossing wave pattern.

For a Type-B attack, the rate at which damage comes out is
low, considering it only produces two projectiles. And
unlike the Type-A shots, you can't shoot three at a time.

-----------------------| PO-HU-RA-NA-HU = EXORCISE    |------------------------
Mana cost: 20,30,40,50
Effect: Type-B PHY attack. Deals 5,7,9,11 damage, 6 projectiles
Found at:
  ... Unknown...

Six white globes shoot out from you, in all directions.

It is best used when you are standing inside of an enemy.
When doing so, all six shots hit the enemy, dealing 66
damage while using only 50 mana. That's very efficient.
Any bosses you can sit inside will disappear quick.

WILDERNESS, FLY inside Pythonoplant. 3 shots.
FOREST, walk into Mondo Fungo. 5 shots.
CASTLE, overlap with that fire demon! 6 shots.

Only problem is that I never found the spell in game. I had
to get it from a list that someone else produced. There is
an item that duplicates the effect of EXORCISE(1), but that
doesn't tell you the spell.

The RING OF HALE does cast EXORCISE(1). As it is a type-B,
you can use it without interfering with your AXOR, FIREBALL,
or LIGHTNING spells. It is found in CAVERNS, hidden on a
corpse near the exit. Perhaps test it on the next Zug?

-----------------------| PO-ST-RA-MI-ST = DEATH RING  |------------------------
Mana cost: 300,450,600,750
Effect: Type-B POW attack. Deals 5,7,9,11 damage per projectile
Found at:
 * FOREST: A wizard in front of the shop speaks of it

Six lightning bolts circle outward from you.

The spell ends very quick, and it is quite difficult to hit
anything with it. And even if you do, the damage is minimal.
There's also the deal with the mana cost, tied in second
place for most costly spell.

You may attempt to use this spell in combat, but the result
will be a visit to the load game screen.

-----------------------| PO-RA-OL-HU-ST = PSYCHIC     |------------------------
Mana cost: 400,600,800,1000
Effect: Type-B PHY attack. Deals 5,7,9,11 damage, lasts 2,3,4,5 seconds
Found at:
 * LAKE: 2nd SCROLL, at shop in 2nd door, for 350g

Several white globes dance around you in some sort of pretty
hypnotic pattern.

Would deal a lot of damage, but any contact with enemies who
have PHY shield will break the projectiles of this spell.
Also, you're down 1000 mana for trying it. But if you get
rid of the PHY shield somehow, this would be a neat spell to
try... If you ever have the mana to spare.

Try it out against Abadon, but only after his PHY-SH is gone
from your other spells. Smash him with AXOR(4) first, then
once you stop hearing tinks, this spell will annihilate him
pretty thoroughly. Okay, maybe not, but it will get to the
point where the ULTIMATE POTION can be used rather quick.

-----------------------| MI-OL          = HELP        |------------------------
Mana cost: 2,3,4,5
Effect: Gives a message about your situation.
Found at:
 * TOWN: 7th SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 10g

A message is added into the message block, with a quick hint
about your current situation.

This is a pretty good spell to use when a hint is desired.
You might have wanted to try this spell in a few spots
before looking at this guide, but... Well, you're looking at
this guide. Too late now.

It tells you its default message if you're currently not in
some particular context, or already got its message about
the current spot you're at. Ideal times to use it are when
you come across some type of obstacle. Any obstacle. Other
than enemies trying to kill Paul.

YOU'RE DOING FINE.             Default message

***** TOWN *****
IT MAY BE USEFUL TO ENTER..    Outside wise man's building

***** WILDERNESS *****
SEARCHING OFTEN BRINGS         Anywhere near the start
REWARDS..                      Also, nearby the well

ALL WILL BE REVEALED..         Nearby the sparklies

A STATUE OF A SLEEPING         After REVEAL at sparklies

MAYBE THERE'S A DOOR..         Around hidden shop

THE ONLY WAY IS UP!            Down the well

TREAD LIGHTLY BUT RAPIDLY..    Near the marsh ahead

***** LAKE *****
NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS        Grim boat man approaches

LEAP WISELY..                  Approaching frustrating part

***** FOREST *****
THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU WOULD      Near foul pool

IT MAY BE USEFUL TO ENTER..    Outside wise twin's building


HE NEEDS NO GOLD..             Inside beggar hill

CHOSE THE RIGHT WAY..          At snake doors

***** CAVERNS *****
A WEIGHTY PROBLEM..            Rickety wooden floor

USE ALL YOUR CHARM..           Old lady room


***** DUNGEON *****
FILL YOUR FLASK..              Near a water fountain

MAYBE THERE'S A DOOR..         Around the faint chanting

DOUBLE TROUBLE..               Switch and door at end

***** CASTLE *****
SLOWLY AND BRISKLY DOES IT..   By ball and chain trap

HOTFOOT IT ACROSS..            Fire bridge

***** TOWER *****
A WEIGHTY PROBLEM..            Spike ceiling room


***** TOWER TOP *****
THE FATE OF YOUR PEOPLE NOW    Go! Defeat Abadon! Now!

-----------------------| MI-FI-ST-HU-RA = MEDITATE    |------------------------
Mana cost: 30
Effect: Time passes faster.
Found at:
 * LAKE: 4th SCROLL, at shop in 2nd door, for 50g

Paul sits there, floating in midair, unable to act. Food,
water, health, and mana ticks happen much faster.

The efficiency of this spell is worse than simply waiting
instead. The fact you pay an upfront mana cost is silly,
considering the purpose of this spell.

The spell lasts 10 seconds. During this time, you lose 4
food and water per second, but gain 21 mana per second.

 * 10 seconds pass
 * -37~40 food (about 15%)
 * -37~40 water
 * +159~180 mana (initially 189~210, but with that 30 cost)

If you instead waited you'll lose 1 Food and Water per
second, but get 6 mana per second. In 40 seconds, you've
lost the same amount as a single MEDITATE, but get a net
mana increase of 240.

MEDITATE gives you 27~30 seconds of mana in 10 seconds time,
but consumes 37~40 seconds of food and water. The bad food
efficiency probably doesn't matter too much when at a food
shop, but it means you pop into the menu more often to
switch between this and shield spells.

-----------------------| MI-RA-NA-RA-ST = FLY         |------------------------
Mana cost: 40,60,80,100
Effect: Move in any direction for 6,9,12,15 seconds
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS, bottom of well, 1st SCROLL in locked chest

Paul is lifted off the ground. At this point, up and down on
the D-pad will move him in those directions. Instantly ends
when you touch ground.

Will also cancel the IRON BOOTS spell if that's active.

Don't use at LAKE -- Instant death lightning bolts like to
kill you when you fly. Aside from that, it has a few uses.

WILDERNESS: Escape the well
FOREST: Cross the pool
TOWER: To climb up it. At all.


WILDERNESS: Alternative (and cheaper!) means to cross bog
FOREST: Evade poisonous grass
CAVERNS: Reach chests you fell past
CAVERNS: One way to minimize bouncy stalagmite risk
CASTLE: Expensive alternative to JUMP in most areas
Anytime: More mobility to fight

-----------------------| MI-RA-HU-FI-NA = JUMP        |------------------------
Mana cost: 15,22,29,36
Effect: Leap upwards and forwards!
Found at:
 * LAKE: Overheard at the sole guild

The leaps are actually pretty fast. Has rather limited
combat potential largely due to the fact you can only equip
one spell at a time.

It is used to get through LAKE, since FLY would kill you
through that background instant-death lightning. Other uses
would be to get up on platforms found in CASTLE, and that's
largely it. It happens pretty quick, at least.

-----------------------| PH-RA-NA-RA-HU = PHYS SHIELD |------------------------
Mana cost: 150,225,300,375
Effect: PHY-SH +20,30,40,50 (roughly 8%,12%,16%,20%)
Found at:
 * TOWN: 4th SCROLL at "Ye Olde Shop" near the end, for 200g

Provides basic protection versus physical attacks and PHY
based spells. Going from 0 to 255 internal units will take
1950 mana.

Like with all shielding spells, these last until they block
the related damage. It's therefore a good idea to sit at a
food shop and spend some time building them up.

-----------------------| VE-RA-NA-MI-ST = VEN SHIELD  |------------------------
Mana cost: 150,225,300,375
Effect: VEN-SH +10,15,20,25 (roughly 4%,6%,8%,10%)
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: 3rd SCROLL in hidden shop, for 200g

Gives just enough protection versus VEN based attacks, thus
stopping you from getting venomed. No effect versus the
poison from the RING OF VEN, sorry. Also does not stop
damage from ongoing venom in you already. Going from zero to
maximum takes 3825 mana. Expensive.

To give an idea, 100% venom is 20 internal units of VEN.
Having full shields lets you resist nearly 13 times as much
as it would take to max out your venom. That 4% is less of a
disappointing protection than you'd realize.

-----------------------| FI-RA-NA-HU-NA = FIRE SHIELD |------------------------
Mana cost: 150,225,300,375
Effect: FIR-SH +40,60,80,100 (roughly 16%,24%,31%,39%)
Found at:
 * LAKE: 3rd SCROLL, at shop in 2nd door, for 200g

Gives great protection against fire-based attacks. It is
also required in order to beat the game, as there is one
instant-death that can only be passed by having at least
one unit of FIR-SH. Takes 975 mana to max out this shield
type, starting from empty.

You are free to charge up all four types of shields without
any drawbacks, unless you consider spending time doing so at
a food shop to be one. Having all at 100% is a great way to
deal with most future enounters with minimal worries.

-----------------------| PO-RA-NA-ST-RA = POW SHIELD  |------------------------
Mana cost: 150,225,300,375
Effect: VEN-SH +50,75,100,125 (roughly 20%,29%,39%,49%)
Found at:
 * FOREST: 1st snake door (VENMOR), defeat Zug, 2nd SCROLL in chest

Supplies effective protection against lightning-based
attacks. For whatever reason, the instant-death lighting in
LAKE is not affected, bah. Having nothing here, but fully
charging it anyway, takes 825 mana to do so.

Maxing out all four shields takes 7575 mana. At 6 mana per
second, it'll take 1263 seconds, or over 21 minutes, to
finish. Despite this, you're only paying for 13 VEGETABLES,
and losing only 130 gold (if using the infinite water in the
FOREST). If you want this safety, I recommend saving after
you take the time to max out your shields.

-----------------------| MI-NA-RA       = REVEAL      |------------------------
Mana cost: 30
Effect: Useful only in four spots:
 * WILDERNESS: See Belseth trapped in a prison of stone.
 * WILDERNESS: Find a door to a hidden shop.
 * DUNGEON: Locate a door to discover the imprisoned Mensim.
 * CASTLE: Detect a hidden shortcut around a trap.
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: Early on, hidden inside a tree with a hole.

One of many spells used only in specific locations. It shows
hidden things that Abadon doesn't want you to find. Without
it, you won't find half the things you need to craft the
ULTIMATE POTION, the object of Abadon's downfall.

-----------------------| MI-MI-FI-NA-ST = FLEET FOOT  |------------------------
Mana cost: 100,150,200,250
Effect: Double walk speed for 3,4,5,6 seconds
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: 1st SCROLL in hidden shop, for 80g

It's expensive, and lasts only a short while. You're
probably not going to use this just to save on walking.

For the variety of puzzles you do come across, it's often
combined with other spells so that you can get by before the
other spell runs out.

WILDERNESS: Use FEATHERLITE to walk safely on the bog, but
it lasts too short to safely cross -- FLEET FOOT to the
rescue! (But FLY is an alternative - and cheaper - bypass.)

CASTLE: Swinging Ball 'n' chain swings too quickly. SLOMO
brings it down a notch, but you still move too slowly. Thus,
FLEET FOOT to the rescue!

CASTLE: The fire bridge will melt any mortal who steps upon
this bridge. FIRE SHIELD gives the needed protection, but
even that won't last long enough. FLEET FOOT to the rescue!

Still, it does have one other purpose. That silly bouncy
stalagmite in CAVERNS is easier to walk past if you are
fast. There are other ways around it, though.

-----------------------| MI-MI-RA-HU-NA = SLOWMO      |------------------------
Mana cost: 30,45,60,75
Effect: Useful only against one object type; Lasts 4,6,8,10 seconds
 * CASTLE: Swinging ball 'n' chain
Found at:
 * CAVERNS: SCROLL in chest at room 2C inside Maze of Doom

One of many spells used only in specific locations. In
particular, every ball 'n' chain trap in the CASTLE is
slowed down. This is not enough on its own to get you past
them, so you need FLEET FOOT to get through.

However, the secret passage in CASTLE may be reached without
needing to use both FLEET FOOT and SLOWMO. Technically, it
is possible to reach this passage without either spell, but
the timing needed is absurdly precise.

-----------------------| MI-ST-RA-OL    = FEATHERLITE |------------------------
Mana cost: 30,45,60,75
Effect: Reduces your weight. Lasts 3,4,5,6 seconds.
 * WILDERNESS: Don't instantly die on the bog
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS, bottom of well, 2nd SCROLL in locked chest

Although you can use this spell anywhere, there's only one
location where this is useful: The WILDERNESS.

The bog leading up to Pythonoplant can be crossed with a
combination of both this and FLEET FOOT, or cheaply crossed
by a single FLY spell. As for getting Pythonoplant's chest,
you need this spell to do so without dieing. Therefore, in
order to get STAFF OF POWER, you need FEATHERLITE.

Outside of this, it is much like other spells useful only in
specific locations.

-----------------------| MI-ST-NA-ST    = IRON BOOTS  |------------------------
Mana cost: 30,45,60,75
Effect: Makes you very heavy, halving movement speed. 5,7,9,11 seconds.
 * CAVERNS: Break through a bridge.
 * TOWER: Beat the pull of the spikes!
Found at:
 * FOREST: After the foul pool, a mage speaks its words

Like with FEATHERLITE, you can cast this anywhere. You'll
just be disappointed with the results when used outside of
specific locations.

You need to get through a bridge found in CAVERNS.
Thankfully, Paul is immune to fall damage. You also need it
to get back out of the spike ceiling trap found in TOWER.

Outside of that, enjoy your halved movement speed. Will
cancel FLY and FEATHERLITE if those spells are active. Can't
be used if FLEET FOOT is active.

-----------------------| MI-NA-ST-OL    = WAKEY WAKEY |------------------------
Mana cost: 30
Effect: Use in two specific spots.
 * WILDERNESS: After REVEALing him, use on statue Belseth.
 * FOREST: Use on face tree.
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: Spoken early on by a wizard

One of many spells used only in specific locations.
Supposedly potent enough to wake the dead, yet just as cheap
as a light spell. While you won't be waking anything that is
actually dead, it will wake statue wizards and tired trees.

-----------------------| MI-OL-ST       = LIGHT       |------------------------
Mana cost: 30,45,60,75
Effect: Usable only in a specific area.
 * CAVERNS: Brightens main zone for 15,22,29,36 seconds.
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: Spoken early on by a mage
 * FOREST: 1st SCROLL in shop, for 100g

The game normally uses a darker palette in the main zone of
the CAVERNS. This makes it difficult to see, but certainly
not impossible without light. Casting this spell makes the
game use a brighter palette, making it much easier to see
passages you can enter.

The side rooms and the Maze of Doom are all perfectly lit,
as well as all other locations. Therefore, in only one room
of the game is this spell useful. Then again, there are a
bunch of spells useful only once in this game, this is just
one of them.

When in the side rooms or the Maze of Doom, the timer
doesn't tick down. Staying in these places won't eat up the
time you have with LIGHT when you go back into the main

A minor glitch extends the time you've got with this spell.
After casting LIGHT, when in any location other than the
main zone of CAVERNS, entering and exiting the menu will
extend the LIGHT by one second. Max of 255 seconds; Going
beyond that turns off the LIGHT spell. You can re-cast it.

-----------------------| MI-RA-HU-OL    = TRANSLATE   |------------------------
Mana cost: 100
Effect: Use in one specific spot.
 * FOREST: After using WAKEY WAKEY, use on the face tree.
Found at:
 * WILDERNESS: SCROLL by Belseth once you speak with him

One of many spells used only once. No matter where Paul
travels, it seems everyone knows the same language. Even
freaking snakes seem to speak your language. It's only when
a tree speaks a forgotten language do you need this spell.

-----------------------| MI-NA-OL-NA    = TWIN        |------------------------
Mana cost: 100
Effect: Use in one specific spot.
 * DUNGEON: To get through the exit.
Found at:
 * DUNGEON: SCROLL found behind gate 8, puzzle room.

One of many spells used only once. If ever you needed to be
in two places at once, this is the spell you need. No one
knows of the adventures your twin has after being used as a
paperweight for that switch. Probably went on to replace
Abadon and defame all that you did, or something.

Good thing you can find its scroll right before needing it.

-----------------------| NA-HU-MI-ST-MI = SOUND TEST  |------------------------
Mana cost: 1
Effect: Changes the current music
Found at:
 * Displayed during the title screen demo.

An interesting spell. True to its name, this lets you get at
the other music played in the game. This is clearly the best
spell in the game -- Now you don't have to travel far and
wide to hear the songs local to each area!

-----------------------| HU-HU-MI-HU-HU = WHO'S WHO?  |------------------------
Mana cost: 1
Effect: Displays developer names, playing a cool tune!
Found at:
 * TOWER: A side room

Ah, so that's where the credits went. It's a spell! Is there
nothing Paul can't do? Honestly, do you know of anyone else
who can cast a spell that summons the credits at any moment?

No? That's what I thought!

Obviously useless in-game, but come on! You can summon the
credits in that message box at any time once you have this.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
7| - | - | - | - | - | --]         ITEM LIST         [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [ITM66]

Ah, items. Half the time in the menu, you're wrestling with
spells. For the other half, it is items.

|   Item Name    |Effect of using item |  Where?  |
|WATER FLASK     |+20% water (+ 51/255)|Various   |
|CRUST OF BREAD  |+20% food  (+ 51/255)|Various   |
|CHICKEN         |+30% food  (+ 77/255)|Various   |
|HAM             |+25% food  (+ 64/255)|Various   |
|VEGETABLES      |+40% food  (+102/255)|Various   |
|POUCH OF COINS  |Use at specific spot |Start item|
|KEY             |Unlocks all chests   |TOWN      |
|MANA POTION     |+500 mana            |Various   |
|HEAL POTION     |+20% HEALTH(+ 51/255)|Various   |
|ANTI-VEN POTION |Set VENOM to 0%      |Various   |
|REFRESH POTION  |Extreme recovery     |CAVERNS   |
|VIAL OF EARTH   |Use at specific spot |WILDERNESS|
|VIAL OF AIR     |Use at specific spot |DUNGEON   |
|VIAL OF FIRE    |Use at specific spot |CASTLE    |
|VIAL OF WATER   |Use at specific spot |CAVERNS   |
|ULTIMATE POTION |Use against Abadon   |TOWER     |
|STAFF OF KNELL  |Casts VEN(1)         |CAVERNS   |
|RING OF VEN     |Poisons every 16 sec |FOREST    |
|RING OF ANA     |+100% food & water   |DUNGEON   |
|AMULET OF MOR   |+50% health(+128/255)|DUNGEON   |
|AMULET OF SHEELD|+15% all shields     |DUNGEON   |
|AMULET OF TAMMUS|+500 mana            |TOWER     |
|DRAGON EGG      |Have at specific spot|WILDERNESS|
|MAGIC CHARM     |Use at specific spot |DUNGEON   |
|MAGIC WATER     |Use at specific spot |TOWN      |
|LETTER          |Give to specific spot|TOWN      |
|SUN-GLASSES     |WILDERNESS water save|TOWN      |
|-SAVE GAME TO A-|Saves the game.      |Start item|
|-SAVE GAME TO B-|Saves the game.      |Start item|
|-SAVE GAME TO C-|Saves the game.      |Start item|
|-SAVE GAME TO D-|Saves the game.      |Start item|
|-QUIT GAME-     |You die. The end.    |Start item|
|SCROLL : (spell)|Casts spell at (1)   |Various   |

--------------------------------- WATER FLASK ---------------------------------
Using it gives 20% water, which lasts for 51 seconds.

The WATER FLASK can have up to 5 uses. All WATER FLASKs you
pick up will always refill it right back up to the top.

The WATER FLASK isn't the only way to raise your water.
Getting drinks at a guild will also restore 5% water, or
13 seconds worth, but they cost you 5g each. Getting four
drinks in a single visit also kills you outright. Fun.

Sources of infinite water are found in TOWN and LAKE as an
item you purchase; In FOREST after you purify the pool, use
your WATER FLASK for refills; And in DUNGEON, with those
fountains, search them to refill your flask.

------------------------------- CRUST OF BREAD --------------------------------
Using it gives 20% food, which lasts Paul 51 seconds.

It's a food item. Not like I can say much about it. You can
have as much as three. I highly recommend maxing out your
food supply at a food shop.

----------------------------------- CHICKEN -----------------------------------
Using it gives 30% food, lasting a good 77 seconds.

I can certainly tell you this tastes like chicken! Infinite
food sources are from shops, found in TOWN, LAKE, or FOREST.

------------------------------------- HAM -------------------------------------
It gives 25% food, or 64 seconds worth. Such metabolism!

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of food if you know what
you're doing! Abuse the shops for food as much as possible!
You have more than enough gold for it!

--------------------------------- VEGETABLES ----------------------------------
Gives 40% food, lasting 102 seconds. Eat your greens!

It also costs 10g at the store, and no food item costs less!
If you're going to abuse the food shops for piles o' mana,
this would be the best food to grab.

------------------------------- POUCH OF COINS --------------------------------
A pouch specifically for storing coins. Nothing else.

Your money is stored in this thing, apparently. It's only
used in one spot in the entire game. Any such pouches you
find will give 5~255 gold at random, in steps of 5.

You start with it.

It is used at LAKE, for the boat guy.

------------------------------------- KEY -------------------------------------
Unlocks many secrets. Twenty-eight in total.

While most games have keys that break after one use, this
one not only fits every single lock, but it never breaks! As
there are some items you must get from locked chests, you'll
find yourself stuck in CAVERNS if you didn't pick up this
cheap little item four zones back.

You get it in TOWN, purchase at hidden shop for 10g.

List of chest locations to use the KEY:
WILDERNESS - Down a well
WILDERNESS - Defeat Pythonoplant
FOREST - Behind 1st snake door (VENMOR), defeat Zug
FOREST - Behind 2nd snake door (SHOME)
CAVERNS - Top chest seen while falling
CAVERNS - Middle chest seen while falling
CAVERNS - Bottom chest after your fall
CAVERNS - Defeat lady statue (REQUIRED)
CAVERNS - Found past the puzzle room (REQUIRED)
CAVERNS - In the Maze of Doom, room 2C
CAVERNS - In the Maze of Doom, room 5C
CAVERNS - In the Maze of Doom, room 4B, defeat Manubat
DUNGEON - There are eight chests, one behind each gate
CASTLE - Room B, on a high ledge above the exit
CASTLE - Room C, defeat Zug, seen upon entry
CASTLE - Room D, on a high ledge above the exit
CASTLE - Room F, defeat fire demon after the fire bridge (REQUIRED)
TOWER - There are four chests, one behind each of first four passages

--------------------------------- MANA POTION ---------------------------------
Provides 500 mana on the spot. You can hold up to three.

You regenerate mana naturally. 6 mana per second, in fact.
Waiting for 500 mana will take around 83 or 84 seconds,
which eats up 33% food and water. Food-wise, this takes a
trivial amount of gold if you're at a shop.

Still, you will appreciate finding these things in chests at
places after the FOREST. That's 33% of your limited meals
you don't eat up. As such, tastes better than chicken.

--------------------------------- HEAL POTION ---------------------------------
Provides 20% health on the spot. That's 51 units!

If you have even 1% food and water, you'll regenerate 1 unit
of health per second. If either one is at 0%, you'll lose 2
units of health per second, and if both food and water are
zero, you'll lose 5 units of health per second.

The percent you see there is how much out of 255 health you
are at. 1 unit does NOT translate to 1%.

------------------------------- ANTI-VEN POTION -------------------------------
Sets your venom to 0%. This is a life saver.

One unit of poison is 5%, so it maxes out at 20 units with
100% venom. For every unit of venom you have, you'll lose 1
unit of health every 8 seconds.

40% venom is right at the balance point where you'll lose
just as much as you gain, on average. At 100% venom, you
will lose an average of 1.5 units of health every second.

On a side note, the game hands you three of these early in
CAVERNS. As this almost immediately follows the choice of
having picked up the cursed RING OF VEN, it's almost as if
the game is saying "sorry about that. Here's a fighting
chance. Now keep going."

------------------------------- REFRESH POTION --------------------------------
Said to make you feel good as new. A lie; It does far more.

A powerful, POWERFUL item. Use it, and this happens:
 - Health set to 100%
 - Venom  set to   0%
 - Food   set to 100%
 - Water  set to 100%
 - Mana   set to maximum

Yep, full health, food, water, mana, and no more venom!
This is the reason you go into the Maze of Doom found in the
CAVERNS. You want this item.

Found in CAVERNS, Maze of Doom, room 5C. It is used to make
yourself feel really, really awesome.

-------------------------------- VIAL OF EARTH --------------------------------
It's a bottle containing what probably amounts to dirt. That
silly Belseth, giving you soil for your troubles saving him.
You still need it to produce the ULTIMATE POTION.

It's found in WILDERNESS, when you REVEAL the Belseth
statue, then WAKEY WAKEY him up, and speak with him.

It's used to get the ULTIMATE POTION at the end of the game.

--------------------------------- VIAL OF AIR ---------------------------------
Some bottle that holds air. You know, the stuff we breathe.
Basically, this thing's pretty empty, eh? Mensim, I could
have bought it at... Uh, no shops sell empty bottles.
Nevermind, these things are rare.

It's found in DUNGEON, when you REVEAL the hidden passage
and, once inside, speak with Mensim twice.

It's used to get the ULTIMATE POTION at the end of the game.

-------------------------------- VIAL OF FIRE ---------------------------------
It's a bottle that contains fire. Of the four vials, this is
probably the coolest one. I mean, when's the last time you
managed to bottle fire indefinitely? And only a fire demon
could do it!

It's found in CASTLE, after you defeat the fire demon and
open that chest that just pops out.

It's used to get the ULTIMATE POTION at the end of the game.

-------------------------------- VIAL OF WATER --------------------------------
This is bottled water. Despite containing water, you can't
actually drink its contents. Maybe that lady you rescue at
the CAVERNS decided you can find better use of water you
can't drink. And you do, somehow.

It's found when you beat CAVERNS. You can't avoid it, even
if you want to!

It's used to get the ULTIMATE POTION at the end of the game.

------------------------------- ULTIMATE POTION -------------------------------
The potion that contains the essence of the four elements.

Despite this, it actually does PHY-based damage against
Abadon (and also zeroes out the PHY-SH of Abadon), but
that's just fluff. It's the thing you need to end Abadon's
reign of terror.

When you face Abadon, you don't use this item right away.
Otherwise, you waste this item, and thus the chance to win
the game. Zap Abadon using your usual means first. Once the
message comes up saying that Abadon is weakening, THEN you
may use this item.

Found at TOWER, when you combine the four vials of elements.

It is used to beat the game at long last.

------------------------------- STAFF OF MALICE -------------------------------
Casts DISPELL(1) for free. It's a straight-ahead shot that
deals 3 points of PHY-based damage. It's a type-A shot,
meaning you can use a type-B spell along with it without
any problems.

Not a particularly wonderful item, but it's there in case
you want to mix EXORCISE(4) with another PHY-based attack.
At least it's found in the Maze of Doom, in a chest that
comes with a MANA POTION. May as well take it if you're
going for the REFRESH POTION.

Found at CAVERNS, in a chest at room 2C in the Maze of Doom.

------------------------------- STAFF OF KNELL --------------------------------
Casts VEN(1) for free. A straight-ahead shot that applies 1
unit of venom to the enemy. Type-A shot.

Just like you, enemies also maxes out at 20 units of venom.
In second or third playthroughs, they regenerate faster than
20 units of venom can ever hope to hurt. Not only that, but
cutting through 255 units of VEN-SH is quite an ordeal.
Anything that isn't human probably has 255 VEN-SH.

Maybe useful against Zug, where the 20 damage per 8 seconds
is a touch useful when you also use other attacks along with
it. Even if they regenerate like crazy in playthrough-3, the
extra damage makes that regeneration a bit easier to handle.

Found at CAVERNS, in a chest at room 5C in the Maze of Doom.
Sadly, besides Zug, this might see no use when found...

------------------------------- STAFF OF POWER --------------------------------
Casts LIGHTNING(1) for free. A straight-ahead shot that
deals 5 points of POW-based damage. Type-A shot.

The fact this staff is found so early gives this thing a
lot of use. Of course, the warriors in the next area just
happen to have 255 units of POW-SH, so you don't see its use
much in the LAKE, but it's a favorite thing for me to use
against that Manubat at the end of LAKE along with SPEAR(4).

Found at WILDERNESS, when you finally combine the WALKING

------------------------------- STAFF OF BLAYZE -------------------------------
Casts FIREBALL(2) for free. A straight-ahead shot that deals
6 points of FIR-based damage. Type-A shot.

Unfortunately, with the CASTLE shortcut, this makes it an
easy item to simply skip. Using this skip, you're not
actively encouraged to use FIR-based damage anyway, so there
is no big loss skipping this thing.

It's found in CASTLE, in room B.

------------------------------- STAFF OF MAYHEM -------------------------------
Casts FIREBALL(1) for free. A straight-ahead shot that deals
4 points of FIR-based damage. Type-A shot.

More unfortunate, it's weaker than STAFF OF BLAYZE and has
the same problem of being easily skipped. Trust me, this is
one item you're not going to ever miss by skipping it.

It's found in CASTLE, in room D.

-------------------------------- RING OF HALE ---------------------------------
Casts EXORCISE(1) for free. It shoots a small projectile in
six directions, dealing 3 points of PHY-based damage per
projectile. Type-B shot, so you can use a type-A spell like
LIGHTNING(4) without interference from this item.

It's a good item to use against Zug in the first playthrough
as you'll be staying on him like the hair on his face. In
later playthroughs, the regeneration makes this tactic a
little less friendly, but that's why you can shoot some
nice LIGHTNING(4) in tandem.

It's found in CAVERNS, search the bones pile near the exit
to the CAVERNS.

--------------------------------- RING OF VEN ---------------------------------
A spiteful enchanter produced this venomous object.

This cursed item will slowly poison you after you pick it
up out of its chest. It's a slow process, only dinging you
with 1 unit of venom every 16 seconds, so you can still
complete the game even with this handicap. This venom
injection ignores your VEN-SH, do be aware.

I can advise you on the obvious "don't pick up this item",
but I fear that this advice won't be useful for anyone who
doesn't read this FAQ or walkthrough. Since you know of its
existence now, you'll only get it for a challenge.

It's found in FOREST, behind snake door 2 (SHOME).

--------------------------------- RING OF ANA ---------------------------------
Restores the wearer from famine.

Use this, and your food and water stats hit 100%. While you
won't lose the item after use, its magical effects work only
once. Any subsequent attempts to use this item will simply
say the item doesn't work.

Considering the fact you don't have to fight something that
takes some serious mana, this ain't a bad item to snatch up.

It's found in DUNGEON, 7th gate. The button puzzle room.

-------------------------------- AMULET OF MOR --------------------------------
Wearing this amulet promotes health, but only once.

Once used, you regain 50% health. More precisely, 128 units
of health. It's like 2.5 health potions, in that sense.
Unfortunately, trying to use it as replacement food isn't
likely to help much, as even a single CRUST OF BREAD beats
this when it comes to starvation time.

Still, if you find yourself getting beaten into fine powder,
and need some emergency "get back into good health NOW,"
having this can be handy. It's guarded by enemies who would
enjoy wrecking your PHY-SH, but it's possible to find a safe
spot, so why not get this thing?

Found in DUNGEON. 3rd gate. Left Evel Mdievel of the two.

------------------------------ AMULET OF SHEELD -------------------------------
A necklace who the original owner gave it an obvious name.

If used, gives 15% (+38/255) to each of your four shields.
Even this won't get you past 100% shields, though.

In case you're curious, the mana necessary to produce the
same amount of shields is 1111.5 (if it were possible to
produce exactly 38 units of shields from your spells).
Considering a MANA POTION only restores 500 mana, this thing
is a good pick up, especially since a puzzle guards it.

This is found in the DUNGEON. 4th gate. Teleporter puzzle.

------------------------------ AMULET OF TAMMUS -------------------------------
This pendant holds an emergency reserve of mana.

As this recovers 500 mana once, it's exactly like having an
extra mana potion. You might need it, depending on how
exhausted of mana you ended up being. It's more than enough
to FLY your way to the other rooms for extra max mana then
work your way back to the fountain room.

Oh, don't forget the free 500 mana also found in the puzzle
room leading to this amulet. Yeah, you should be fine.

Found in TOWER, the first room you FLY to, on the right.

-------------------------------- WALKING STICK --------------------------------
A particularly expensive stick. Must mean something.

By itself, it does nothing. Paul has no need for a walking
aid at this time, so you're paying for a very expensive twig
when you first see it and gain nothing. At least, at first.
Seems the guy selling this knows its secret, and perhaps
that is why it isn't sold for 2g instead.

The secret is that this stick was once the STAFF OF POWER,
but has since been disassembled for whatever reason. The
other component has gone missing, perhaps only to be found
in the distant reaches of the WILDERNESS, guarded closely...

Found in TOWN, the unmarked shop, for 300g.

--------------------------------- RUNE STONE ----------------------------------
A small, flat slab of stone, complete with glyphs.

It's obviously magical in some form, but without some sort
of stick to help channel its powers, it's no more useful
than any other rock. If only you knew of its history...

It is a component of the STAFF OF POWER. The moment Paul
picks this up, while carrying the WALKING STICK, the two
will combine and fuse together, becoming the fabled staff
once more. A potent weapon that drains none of the wielder's
magical reserves.

This is found in WILDERNESS, defeat Pythonoplant found in
the bog at the end, and open its chest.

--------------------------------- DRAGON EGG ----------------------------------
Home to an unborn dragon.

In this egg is theoretically an infant dragon. Paul seems to
recognize it on the spot for what it is. Maybe it's the long
lost unborn child of a magical dragon family from afar.

Any mysteries around it may be unsolved, but having this
thing in your inventory when you approach the baby dragon in
the CAVERNS has said dragon steal the egg from you, but in
return gives you a MAGIC CHARM.

It's found in WILDERNESS, inside of a hollow tree. Search!
Automatically used for you in one room of the CAVERNS.

--------------------------------- MAGIC CHARM ---------------------------------
A small token. Definitely magical.

No one knows the purpose of the MAGIC CHARM. Some say it
promotes youth, others say it wards off negative energies.
Whatever the rumors that I make up on the spot in this here
FAQ, their purpose is clear: To turn an old lady back into
her young self again, to let you progress past CAVERNS.

All three are found in various side rooms of CAVERNS.
They are used to progress onto DUNGEON, by saving a lady.

--------------------------------- MAGIC WATER ---------------------------------
Not actually tastier than normal water.

You can end up drinking this. It's like regular water,
restoring 20% water, lasting 51 seconds. But if you do that,
you lose out on 100% completion!

Even more confusing is the fact you use the exact same
button sequence to drop it in the foul pool of FOREST. Just
a specific location is the difference.

Regardless, it's still good to note that, once the pool is
purified, you can use your WATER FLASK at the pool to refill
it, granting a source of infinite water. Coupled with the
nearby food shop, lets you wait until all four shields are
fully charged, with full mana to go with it.

The MAGIC WATER is found in TOWN, given by a wise man.
It is used to purify a pool in FOREST.

----------------------------------- LETTER ------------------------------------
Contains words. Clearly it's about you. Paranoia ensues.

You are a delivery boy suddenly. Actually, not quite. You're
just running an errand and giving the letter to the "Ye Olde
Mail" system. They'll handle delivering the letter for you.

Although, the recipient of said letter lives in the FOREST.
It gets there before you do. Once again, it turns out the
mail delivery system is faster than any method the player

This LETTER is found in TOWN, task from the wise man.
Send it to the "Ye Olde Mail". They have efficient delivery!

--------------------------------- SUN-GLASSES ---------------------------------
For use in sunny days.

These things are pretty stylish. I'm not sure how they could
produce something like this in Merlwood, but come on! It's
sun-glasses! They don't need an explanation to be cool! They
even convert solar energy into water!

It's only used in the WILDERNESS. What these do is cut the
amount of water you use up in half for the duration of your
stay in the WILDERNESS. You don't lose any extra water in
the WILDERNESS in the first place, so in effect, you lose
water at half the standard rate. Instead of every second,
it's now every other second that you lose a unit of water.

They immediately lose their effect once you leave the
WILDERNESS. Back to losing a unit of water per second
starting at the LAKE and beyond. These things are certainly
not required, saving you water in a place that isn't too
helpful to save it, and has no further effect.

Still, it can be found in the hidden shop in TOWN, for a
small cost of 20g. You're not exactly going out of your way
to pick it up along with the KEY and WALKING STICK.

------------------------------ -SAVE GAME TO ?- -------------------------------
Take a break, or take caution. Always nice to have!

Comes in four varieties:

These things let you save your game. You have 15 of these in
total. That's NOT to say you have 15 for each of the four
slots for a total of 60, you only have 15 to distribute
among the four slots. There's no tricking the game into
giving you more than 15 saves.

Although, you can always start over from scratch to get your
15 saves again, or pick an earlier save that hasn't used up
too many saves yet. You're doing pretty good if you haven't
used more than one save per zone.

If you start on your second or third loop, you get back 15
saves. Any you spent on your first playthrough don't stay
spent when you get on your next playthrough. No, you still
don't get to have more than 15 saves at once.

--------------------------------- -QUIT GAME- ---------------------------------
You collapse and die. Your quest is over.

That's one way to quit, I suppose. But I prefer flashier
ways to end the game rather than a boring "item".

To make it harder to quit accidentally, using this "item"
once will bring up a message without actually killing you.
On its second use, that's when you finally die.

------------------------------ SCROLL : (spell) -------------------------------
A handy scroll containing a spell.

All scrolls have these effects:
 * Obtaining one adds its spell to your list
 * You may carry only one of each scroll at a time
 * Use it to cast the spell at power (1), using mana

There is a number of attack spells found in SCROLL form, but
they can usually be ignored as an item. While the SCROLL
itself will never wear down with use, it still costs mana as
though you selected the spell and cast it that way. You
can't select higher power for a spell cast from SCROLL.

A list of spell scrolls:

| Spell       | Where?   | Where specifically?
| RAZOR       |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| AXOR        |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| BOOMERAXE   |WILDERNESS| In hidden shop
| BOULDER     |FOREST    | In shop; Also behind 1st snake door
| SPEAR       |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| VEN         |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| FIREBALL    |TOWN      | In unmarked shop
| FIRESTORM   |FOREST    | In shop
| FIRE RING   |FOREST    | In shop
| DISPELL     |LAKE      | In shop
| LIGHTNING   |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| REPELLENT   |WILDERNESS| In hidden shop
| PSYCHIC     |LAKE      | In shop
| HELP        |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| MEDITATE    |LAKE      | In shop
| FLY         |WILDERNESS| Down a well
| PHYS SHIELD |TOWN      | In last "Ye Olde Shop"
| VEN SHIELD  |WILDERNESS| In hidden shop
| FIRE SHIELD |LAKE      | In shop
| POW SHIELD  |FOREST    | Behind 1st snake door
| REVEAL      |WILDERNESS| Inside a tree
| FLEET FOOT  |WILDERNESS| In hidden shop
| SLOWMO      |CAVERNS   | Maze of doom, room 2C
| LIGHT       |FOREST    | In shop
| TRANSLATE   |WILDERNESS| Gift from Belseth
| TWIN        |DUNGEON   | Behind 8th gate
| WHO'S WHO?  |TOWER     | In a side room

And that leaves the following eight spells without a SCROLL:


/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
6| - | - | - | - | - | --]       MONSTER LIST        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [MNS21]

Name: In "quotes" if I made up the name. Otherwise, from the manual.
HP:   Last stand protection against your attacks. It regens towards 255
PHY:  Physical Shield versus a number of your spells
VEN:  Venom Shield versus your VEN spell
FIR:  Fire Shield versus your fire spells
POW:  Power Shield versus your LIGHTNING and DEATH RING spells

Basically, the higher the shield, the more you have to hit
them with that kind of spell before you start cutting into
their HP. It's like a secondary HP meter you need to beat
down, but shields don't regenerate.

This is a list of every type of potential threat Paul will
meet along the way. Every one you meet will have exactly
those shields.

|Name         :Appearance   || PHY : VEN : FIR : POW |
|"Peasant"    :Bland human  ||   0 :   0 :  48 : 255 |
|Warriorak    :Almost naked ||   0 :   0 :  48 : 255 |
|"Mage"       :Bald head    || 255 :   0 :   0 :   0 |
|"Wizard"     :Bearded ones || 255 : 255 :   0 :  48 |
|Fantomoid    :Shock ghosts || 255 : 255 : 255 :   0 |
|Manubat      :Green bat?   ||   0 :   0 :   0 :   0 |
|Gargolian    :Firey spirit || 255 : 255 :   0 :   0 |
|Tarantulon   :Spider       ||   0 : 255 :   0 :   0 |
|"Moth"       :Flying annoy ||   0 : 255 : 255 : 255 |
|"Golem"      :Stone thrower||   0 :   0 : 255 :   0 |
|Oculus       :Floating eyes||  96 : 255 :   0 :   0 |
|"Leech"      :Ground crawly||   0 : 255 :   0 :   0 |
|Bonejab      :Skeleton     || 255 : 255 :   0 : 255 |
|Evel Mdievel :Suit of armor|| 255 : 255 : 255 :   0 |
|Mazaratty    :Giant rat    ||   0 :   0 :   0 :   0 |
|Zug          :Cave man     ||   0 :   0 : 255 :   0 |
|Pythonoplant :Swampy plant ||  48 :  48 :  48 :  48 |+ 4 Health per second
|Mondo Fungo  :Evil Mushroom||  64 :  64 :  64 :  64 |+ 8 Health per second
|"Lady Statue":Pretty statue||   0 :   0 :   0 :   0 |
|"Fire Demon" :Flaming thing|| 112 : 255 : 255 : 112 |+ 8 Health per second
|Abadon       :Final boss   || 255 : 255 : 255 : 255 |+15 Health per second

A full list of critters seen for each area, in expected
order of when you'll encounter them. Keep in mind that,
while I do list HP that might be significantly smaller than
255, all creatures will regenerate up towards 255. What I
list is *NOT* their maximum, but their starting amount.

This little fact about the 255 maximum is very important
to note during playthrough 3...

Oh, and the regeneration rate of most creatures are:
 1 HP/sec - First playthrough
 5 HP/sec - Second playthrough (VEN is not so attractive anymore)
16 HP/sec - Third playthrough  (well, nice knowing ya)

|TOWN         || HP|PHY VEN FIR POW| Notes
|"Peasant"    || 32|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|"Peasant"    || 16|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|Warriorak    || 32|  0   0  48 255| Friendly, free gold!
|"Peasant"    || 16|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|Warriorak    || 32|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|"Peasant"    || 32|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|"Mage"       || 24|255   0   0   0| Friendly
|"Peasant"    || 32|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|"Mage"       || 32|255   0   0   0| Friendly
|Warriorak    || 40|  0   0  48 255|

|"Mage"       || 32|255   0   0   0| Friendly
|"Wizard"     || 48|255 255   0  48| Friendly
|"Wizard"     || 64|  0   0   0   0| Friendly; The petrified Belseth
|Warriorak    || 48|  0   0  48 255|
|Warriorak    || 48|  0   0  48 255|
|Warriorak    || 48|  0   0  48 255| Friendly; Offers free money!
|"Mage"       || 48|255   0   0   0|
|Pythonoplant || 96| 48  48  48  48| Must defeat to continue

|LAKE         || HP|PHY VEN FIR POW| Notes
|"Peasant"    || 48|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|Warriorak    || 64|  0   0  48 255|
|Warriorak    || 80|  0   0  48 255|
|Warriorak    || 96|  0   0  48 255| Friendly; Offers free money!
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 48|255 255 255   0|
|Manubat      ||128|  0   0   0   0| Must defeat to continue

|FOREST       || HP|PHY VEN FIR POW| Notes
|"Mage"       || 96|255   0   0   0|
|Mondo Fungo  ||208| 64  64  64  64| Must defeat to continue
|"Wizard"     ||112|255 255   0  48| Friendly
|Fantomoid    || 80|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 80|255 255 255   0|
|"Mage"       || 80|255   0   0   0| Friendly
|Gargolian    || 64|255 255   0   0|
|"Peasant"    || 80|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|Gargolian    || 64|255 255   0   0|
|Gargolian    || 64|255 255   0   0|

|Tarantulon   ||112|  0 255   0   0|
|"Moth"       || 80|  0 255 255 255|
|"Moth"       || 96|  0 255 255 255|
|"Golem"      ||128|  0   0 255   0|
|Oculus       || 96| 96 255   0   0|
|"Peasant"    ||112|  0   0  48 255| Friendly
|Oculus       || 96| 96 255   0   0|
|Oculus       || 96| 96 255   0   0|
|Oculus       ||112| 96 255   0   0|
|Fantomoid    || 96|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    || 96|255 255 255   0|
|"Lady Statue"||192|  0   0   0   0| Holds a MAGIC CHARM

|Oculus       ||144| 96 255   0   0|
|"Leech"      ||128|  0 255   0   0|
|Fantomoid    ||112|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||112|255 255 255   0|
|Bonejab      || 80|255 255   0 255|
|Bonejab      || 80|255 255   0 255|
|"Wizard"     ||160|255 255   0  48| Friendly
|Gargolian    ||112|255 255   0   0|
|Gargolian    ||112|255 255   0   0|
|Bonejab      || 96|255 255   0 255|
|Oculus       ||144| 96 255   0   0|
|Oculus       ||144| 96 255   0   0|
|Manubat      ||208|  0   0   0   0|

|CASTLE       || HP|PHY VEN FIR POW| Notes
|Evel Mdievel ||168|255 255 255   0|
|Evel Mdievel ||168|255 255 255   0|
|Bonejab      ||152|255 255   0 255|
|Bonejab      ||152|255 255   0 255|
|Evel Mdievel ||168|255 255 255   0|
|Evel Mdievel ||168|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Zug          ||224|  0   0 255   0| Has a treasure chest
|Bonejab      ||176|255 255   0 255|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||184|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||184|255 255 255   0|
|Bonejab      ||176|255 255   0 255|
|Evel Mdievel ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Evel Mdievel ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Manubat      ||224|  0   0   0   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||176|255 255 255   0|
|"Fire Demon" ||255|112 255 255 112| Must defeat to continue
|Oculus       ||208| 96 255   0   0|
|Gargolian    ||160|255 255   0   0|
|Oculus       ||208| 96 255   0   0|

|TOWER        || HP|PHY VEN FIR POW| Notes
|Manubat      ||224|  0   0   0   0|
|Gargolian    ||240|255 255   0   0|
|Fantomoid    ||240|255 255 255   0|
|Fantomoid    ||240|255 255 255   0|
|Tarantulon   ||240|  0 255   0   0|
|Tarantulon   ||240|  0 255   0   0|
|Zug          ||240|  0   0 255   0|

|Abadon       ||255|255 255 255 255| Ready for ULTIMATE POTION at 96 health

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
6| - | - | - | - | - | --]          CLOSING           [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \|= \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / =|/ \ / \ / \ / \ / [CLO53]

Ah, the end of the FAQ, at last. If you needed a guide to
the game, this isn't the section to be looking at. Still,
this is the place for odds and ends relating to this FAQ.

9.1 ------------------------------- Credits ----------------------------<tnk06>

adaml -  For posting a link to a site to help me.
         Also gave me a full list of spells, delivering
         Skrybe's discovery of Exorcise in the process.

Skrybe - For the Exorcise spell

blackwolf_2 - Locations of two hidden things I've missed.
         The gold at the start of LAKE.
         The door seen with REVEAL (1) at start of CASTLE.

Y0u - No, not you, a user named Y0u. Submitted a strategy
         on how to beat a rat... That troublesome Giant Rat
         of Gate 5 in the DUNGEONS!

My dad - For looking over my FAQ and telling me most of the
         faulty details I left in.
         Specifically, nearly everyting in the update between
         Ver. 1.09 and 1.20 was thanks to him pointing it out.

ZenicReverie posted a link to a PDF of the game manual at
Speed Demos Archive. Said manual had various monster names
that I use here. It's nice to have them!

9.2 ----------------------------- Contact Info -------------------------<cnt86>

It is difficult to contact me. I apologize. However, if you
have a GameFAQs message board account, I can be contacted
through that private message system.

GameFAQs message board name: FatRatKnight

As for E-mail, I seem to use it so rarely I ended up losing
it again. Even if I did have one, whether it's a good enough
way to contact me would be highly questionable anyway. I am
pretty active on the message boards, and I don't mind a PM
no matter how long it's been since I last visited the game.

But I will guarantee a response within a few days if you
send a private message to FatRatKnight through the GameFAQs
message board. I am always ready to look back here.

9.3 -------------------------------- Legal -----------------------------<not54>

Copyright 2006-2014 Leeland Eric Kirwan

This guide may *not* be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. Only www.gamefaqs.com may
publicly distribute this file, until such a time that I give
written permission to other sites as desired. Do not alter
this guide, do not present it as the work of anyone else.

CheatCC, or Cheat Code Central, will take special notice as
a site *not* allowed to host this file. David Allison, owner
of CheatCC, has infringed the copyright of many guides, with
modifications in many cases to make it appear the author's
intent was to have it hosted on CheatCC (or any sites owned
by or affiliated with David Allison). I will raise awareness
of this person's history here, in an effort to minimize any
support for one who has taken so many guides. This has been
apparently going on for more than a decade.

9.4 --------------------------- Version History ------------------------<vsn06>

2.00- Complete rewrite. Theoretically, I'm more skilled at
      writing stuff, so everything should be clearer.
    - Monster names were updated to fit the game's manual.
    - Added sections on items and monsters
    - Expanded on spells
    - Grouped some FAQ-ending stuff into CLOSING.
    - Legal section added

1.21- Text stuff. You know, when the text isn't quite perfect...
    - Added strategy for defeating a giant rat in gate 5 (DUNGEONS)
    - Altered the looks of treasure lists. Looks more obvious now.

1.20- Fixed up some texts.
    - Fun glitches added! 1 Emulator (LAKE) and 1 normal (CASTLE)
    - Added a bunch of things in GENERAL TIPS
    - Note about charging shields added (4.3: LAKE).
    - Door count error fixed for TOWN (4.1).
    - FOREST ghosts description changed.
    - Note to use FLY to get the 3 chests added in CAVERNS (4.5)
    - Note added about SCROLLS adding to your list (5:SPELL LIST)
    - Notes about time added for puzzle rooms.
    - Added directions and maps to puzzle rooms missing them.
    - Note about CAVERNS maze treasures added.
    - Puzzle rooms re-bordered (used to have ### borders)
    - Added controls for two more areas.
    - Added what to do to recover mana for pre- Abadon battle.
Major update, indeed.

1.09- Slight modifications to the text.
    - Added a general "boss" strategy in General Tips.
    - Added a note about more than one playthrough (4.9: TOWER TOP).
    - Error for one puzzle solution corrected.
    - Added what humans may drop, in the walkthrough. (near end of 4.1)
    - Added what those numbers do in the spell list, like (1), (2)...

1.06- Slight alterations in text.
    - blackwolf_2 posted locations of two things I missed.
    - New section added: General tips

 1/ 5/2006
1.02- Fixed errors for proper credit.
    - Added full-size borders as section separaters.
    - Added a TABLE OF CONTENTS. Included are search keys.
    - Slight text changes here and there.
    - Moved around THANKS TO... and CONTACT INFO

 1/ 2/2006
1.00- First submission. Has full walkthrough and spell list.
      Intro, and controls, too. That's about it.
      It's slightly rushed, but complete.

/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /|= / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ =|\ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
 | - | - | - | - | - | --]        END OF FILE        [-- | - | - | - | - | - |
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