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Guide #105: Magician (NES): Essential Spell List
V1.0 (3/17/2000) (Basically, gives the spells needed to beat the game, and
tells what they do. )
By "Emptyeye" (Emptyeye@juno.com)
This guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com, as well as 

Hmm. As I evolve in my writing I seem to be getting less organized. :P
Anyway, welcome to my Essential Spells List for the old NES game Magician.
I hope one day to make this a full-fledged FAQ, but I'm lazy and it will
probably never happen (For an example of my laziness see my unfinished 
Faxanadu FAQ). :P So you'll have to make do with this. 
Basically I'll list the spells in three catgories: Essential, Found, and
Cool for Messing Around. I'm going to be writing the guide under the 
assumption you have some basic knowledge of how the spell construction
system works. A note that if there's a spell/scroll you found in the game
and it's not under any of these, don't buy it (You can grab it if you find
it in a treasure chest or whatever). You'll just be wasting your cash. 
Here's how I'll do it:

Spell Name (Runes)- Purpose

Got it? That said, here we go....
Essential Spells
Spear (Pholmira)- Sends a diagonal spear upward.
Ven (Venahunara)- Sends a ball of poison straight at an enemy.
Fireball (Fistmira)- Sends a ball of fire straight at an enemy.
Fire Ring (Fiolnarast)- Sends a ring of fire straight at an enemy.
Fire Spray (Fiolhunara)- A fountain of fire erupts from within you.
Meditate (Mifisthura)- You recover mana faster, but also seem to burn food
and water more quickly.
Jump (Mirahufina)- Um, shouldn't this be self explanatory?
Phys Shield (Phranarahu)- Protects against Physical attacks/spells.
Ven Shield (Veranamist)- Protects against Venom attacks/spells.
Fire Shield (Firanahura)- Protects against Fire attacks/spells.
Pow Shield (Poranastra)- Protects against Power attacks/spells.
Fleetfoot (Mimifinast)- You go really fast!
Iron Boots (Mistnast)- You go sloooooowly, and get heavier too. 
Wakey Wakey (Minastol)- Used to wake up sleeping/stoned people/things.
Light (Miolst)- Um...lights up dark places.

Found Spells (Scrolls)
Boulder (Phrana)- Basically like spear, but at more of an arc.
Fly (Miranarast)- I shouldn't have to explain this...
Reveal (Minara)- Reveals hidden objects/things.
Slowmo (Mamarahuna)- Slooooows things down.
Featherlite (Mistraol)- You become light as a feather! 
Translate (Mirahuol)- Foreign tongues become understandable.
Twin (Minaolna)- Makes a copy of you.

Fun to Mess With
Sound Test (Nahumistmi)- Plays a different tune in the game with each cast.
Who's Who? (Huhumihuhu)- Shows the game's credits, while playing a weird 

So there you go. Let's see...um...later!
Special Thanks to: Epoetker (For bugging me enough to finally write SOMETHING
on this game!), Nintendo Power (For helping me out HUGELY with this game.),
my friend Alice (For being so soft and huggable. :P), and...the Lagged Riftez
Man (For nothing in particular). 
The usual legal stuff applies...man I'm going downhill....