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How do you get back to the stage where I fight the shotgunner?

I have beaten the shotgunner and I'm on my way to the 2nd building and I found out i forgot the get the uniform. So every time I try getting back to the stage I'm in a maze that I just can't seem to get through.

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Zyrden answered:

To get there you need the compass. You can only get the compass after you get 4 stars, and its in the 2. building. So youre screwed if you died in the prison and didnt get the uniform/bombsuit (Yeah that happened to me T.T) It is through the jungle, but without the compass youll walk through infinite screens. After you got 4 stars call Jennifer, shell put the compass in a room near pettrovich (cant remember which)
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BS_Aspuro_II answered:

Not 100% sure where you are, but I think I recall the jungle maze you are describing.

Try going UP twice and then LEFT twice. Then use Card 4 to re-enter Building One.

BTW--Check out the FAQ/Walkthrough of Bagman007 on this site. It is great.
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