• New Game & Final Area Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen...

    All Weapons and Items21Z1C GZZZG UOOOU UYRZZ NTOZ3
    Cell, countdown startedGMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM
    Enter last part of game unequipped"F-word"ME and the rest are all 1's
    Final boss is dead, but you only are rank 1, with no weaponsT1111 11611 11111 11111 11116
    Final stage, but with few weapons and items. Still need to fight the final boss.ELLEN DIANE JENNI FERBI GBOSS
    Same as first password, but strongerWZRJZ QZZZD UJ51O UIQZZ NZRZE
    Start a New Game With a Four Star Rank511111111111111111111111F
    Start as a 4 star general With some other items51222 22222 22222 22222 22222
    Start at final area with All Equipment (including All Key Cards)/All Weapons (full ammo)/Four Star Rank/Final Boss DefeatedWZZZZ YZZZZ UOOOU UYRZZ VZZZK
    Start at Final Boss5ZRZX OZZZG COO1U UYRZZ NZRZV
    Start game at jail with All Equipment (except Key Card #3)/All Weapons (full ammo)/Four Star Rank5LZLL LVZZZ UOOOU UORTZ TTTZZ
    Start new game with All Equipment (including All Key Cards)21111 1ZZZZ 11111 111SS S1SRV
    Start new game with All Equipment (including All Key Cards)/All Weapons (full ammo)21Z11 1ZZZZ UOOOU UYRSZ KSSZT
    Start new game with All Equipment (including All Key Cards)/All Weapons (full ammo)/Four Star Rank5ZZZZ YZZZZ UOOOU UYRZZ VZZZS
    Start new game with All Equipment (including All Key Cards)/Four Star Rank51111 1ZZZZ 11111 111SS K1SRQ
    Start new game with All Key Cards21111 1Z111 11111 11111 111BI
    Start new game with All Weapons (full ammo)21Z11 11211 UOOOU UYR1B 1S1CJ
    Start new game with All Weapons (full ammo)/Four Star Rank51Z11 11211 UOOOU UYR1B 1S1CM
    Unlock Every Weapon and Piece of Equipment5ZZZJ UZZJG 1CO3U UYRZR RPRZF
    Warp to Big Boss with more than the 9 required rocket launchers to defeat himDIANE JENNY SOLID SNAKE 12345


  • Reset the Timer

    When you escape the Final Level have your character smoke a cigarette and the time will be reset!

    Contributed By: ShadowBayne.

  • Warp to final boss without battling the super computer

    When entering the Super Computer's room, stay in the door frame and push right on the control pad. You'll automatically warp to the final boss and won't have to worry about the base's self-destruc countdown that the computer's destruction usually starts. Now you have all the time you need to beat the last boss.

    Contributed By: Wallpaper Kid.


  • Bypass expanding holes in the floor

    In the areas where the black holes quickly open up to swallow you just simply pause the game and unpause. When you return to game play the holes will be frozen in the state of expansion they were in when you paused. They will be invisible but smaller. Simply side step around where you saw them last and you will be in the clear.

    Contributed By: TerranRedneck.

  • Easy Bull-Tank

    When fighting the Bull-Tank you can reset its position by accessing your Sub-menu. This comes in handy if it gets too close, due to it having a 1-touch kill on you. To defeat it, use your Grenade Launcher.

    Contributed By: cro_.

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