Metal Gear FAQ/Walkthrough (NES) v1.10
By Robert Dacunto ( 
Copyright (c) 2004 Robert Dacunto

Table of Contents
I. Disclaimer 
II. Update History 
III. Characters 
IV. Bosses 
V. Weapons & Equipment 
a) Weapons 
b) Equipment 
VI. Controls 
VII. Story 
VIII. Review 
IX. Walkthrough 
a) Operation Intrude N313 
b) Outer Heaven 
c) Inside Outer Heaven 
d) "Gray Fox" 
e) Looking for Dr. Pettrovich  
f) Looking for Dr. Pettrovich, Part 2  
g) Deceptions  
X. Tips/Tricks
XI. Credits
XII. Other Stuff

I. Disclaimer

Metal Gear is copyright (c) 1988 Konami Industries Co. Ltd. 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
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II. Update History 
Version 1.0 (5/22/04)
The first version of my Metal Gear FAQ/Walkthrough. Sections I to X 
have been completed.

Version 1.10 (7/29/04)
Fixed minor spelling errors, made some minor changes to the Disclaimer, 
Review, Walkthrough and Story sections, and added each character's 
Transceiver Frequency to the Characters section.

Version 1.11 (9/17/04)
Few minor corrections. Nothing big.

Version 1.20 (9/20/04)
Major overhaul of the guide. Many gramma/spelling errors have been fixed, 
and I've changed most of the strategies for each area, or made them more 
clear and understandable.

III. Characters

Name: "Solid Snake", real name unknown 
A new member of Unit FOX-HOUND, just out of Master Miller's boot camp. 
Physically strong with an IQ over 160, "Solid Snake", albeit new, is 
one of FOX-HOUND's most skillful soldiers. Ordered by "Big Boss" to 
infiltrate Outer Heaven and find out what happened to Gray Fox and put 
an end to the mercenaries. 
Name: "Big Boss", real name unknown 
The founder and leader of Unit FOX-HOUND, "Big Boss" is the greatest 
soldier ever. He served throughout the Cold War on over 70 special 
missions. Legendary throughout the world, "Big Boss" was assigned by 
the U.S. Government to put an end to Outer Heaven. His frequency is 
120.85, and later changes to 120.13.

Name: "Gray Fox", real name unknown 
Unit FOX-HOUND's most skilled warrior, and the only man ever to receive 
the highest code name of "Fox". He was the first man to infiltrate 
Outer Heaven but was captured by the mercenary forces. His last 
transmission back to FOX-HOUND was "Metal Gear..."

Name: Dr. Pettrovich Madnar 
Captured alongside his daughter, Ellen, by the mercenary forces of 
Outer Heaven, he was forced to create weapons for Outer Heaven, or 
otherwise have his daughter killed. He created both the TX-11 Arnold 
and TX-55 Metal Gear.

Name: Ellen Madnar 
The daughter of Dr. Madnar. She was kidnapped by Outer Heaven to 
'persuade' her father to construct weapons for Outer Heaven.

Name: Kyle Schneider 
Leader of the resistance forces against Outer Heaven. His frequency is 
120.79. Later changes to 120.16.

Name: Jennifer 
One of Schneider's resistance members. Her brother was captured by 
Outer Heaven and since then she has infiltrated the fortress as a 
member of the medical staff to save him. Her frequency is 120.48.

Name: Diane 
Another one of Schneider's resistance members. She's the intelligence 
operative of the resistance and knows a lot about Outer Heaven and its 
capabilities. Her frequency is 120.33. Later changes to 120.91.

IV. Bosses

A boss equipped with a riot gun.

"Machine Gun Kid" 
A machine gun-wielding boss.

"Twin Shot" 
Twins that cooperate and fight similarly.

The tank 
The tank is equipped with two machine guns and a single turret.

The bulldozer 
An average bulldozer that crushes everything in its path, but it is 
very slow.

Two TX-11 Arnolds created by Dr. Pettrovich Madnar. 

"Coward Duck" 
He wields a boomerang and uses hostages as a shield.

"Fire Trooper" 
Wields a flametrooper very skillfully.

The super computer 
The super computer that governs the TX-55 Metal Gear, developed by Dr. 
Pettrovich Madnar. Has its own defense system.

"Big Boss" 
The leader of Outer Heaven.

The walkthrough will contain strategies on how to beat each boss.

V. Weapons and Equipment
a) Weapons

Handgun - A standard issued handgun. Based upon rank, it carries: 
1 star: 50 bullets 
2 star: 100 bullets 
3 star: 200 bullets 
4 star: 250 bullets

Submachine Gun - A typical submachine gun. Based upon rank, it 
1 star: 50 bullets 
2 star: 100 bullets 
3 star: 200 bullets 
4 star: 250 bullets

Grenade Launcher - Used for taking down powerful/armored enemies. Based 
upon rank, it carries: 
1 star: 15 rounds 
2 star: 30 rounds 
3 star: 60 rounds 
4 star: 60 rounds

Rocket Launcher - Similar to the grenade launcher, but more effective. 
Based upon rank, it carries: 
1 star: 5 rounds 
2 star: 10 rounds 
3 star: 20 rounds 
4 star: 30 rounds

Remote-Controlled Missile - Excellent for taking out enemies or devices 
around corners without even being seen. Based upon rank, it carries: 
1 star: 5 rounds 
2 star: 10 rounds 
3 star: 15 rounds 
4 star: 20 rounds

Plastic Explosive - Based upon rank, you can carry: 
1 star: 5 explosives 
2 star: 10 explosives 
3 star: 15 explosives 
4 star: 20 explosives

Mines - Effective against armored vehicles, and of course, personnel. 
Based upon rank, you can carry: 
1 star: 5 mines 
2 star: 10 mines 
3 star: 15 mines 
4 star: 20 mines

b) Equipment
Rations - Military issued food used for replenishing health. Based upon 
rank, you can carry: 
1 star: 3 rations 
2 star: 6 rations 
3 star: 9 rations 
4 star: 12 rations

Cigarettes - Unhealthy, but useful at the end. You start out with them 
in your inventory.

Binoculars - You can see one screen up, down, left, or right.

Body Armor - Reduces damage taken by half.

Bomb Blast Suit - Similar to body armor but protects from explosions.

Gas Mask - Obviously used to survive in a gas-filled room. Oxygen gauge 
doubled and the decreases slower.

Oxygen Tank - Similar to the gas mask except it is used underwater.

Cardboard Box - Useful for hiding from the enemy and transporting to 
different locations.

Mine Detector - Mines placed into the ground will be shown.

Antenna - The transceiver is jammed some times in certain areas, so the 
antenna is used to get around the jamming.

Flashlight - To navigate around dark environments.

Infared goggles - Used to detect laser sensors.

Compass - Navigate around areas.

Cards - Eight different security cards to open locked doors that 
correspond with the card's number.

Uniform - A uniform that belongs to Outer Heaven personnel. Useful to 
sneak around areas infested with Outer Heaven personnel because they'll 
think you're one of them.

Antidote - Cures you if poisoned.

Transmitter - Guards become alerted of your presence immediately if 

VI. Controls

Up cursor - To move up. 
Down cursor - To move down. 
Left cursor - To move left.
Right cursor - To move right.
B - Punch 
A - Shoot
Start - Pause 
Select - Weapon\Equipment\Transceiver Selection

VII. Story

In South Africa, 200 kilometers north of Garzburg, the fortress of 
Outer Heaven stands, constructed by the 'legendary' mercenary and 
filled with mercenaries from the world over. Some time ago Dr. 
Pettrovich, a brilliant scientist and engineer, and kidnapped along 
with his daughter by Outer Heaven mercenaries. Outer Heaven blackmailed 
the doctor in developing weapons for the mercenaries, or otherwise they 
would kill his daughter, Elen. 

The United States Government became worried after making a discovery of 
weapons of mass destruction in Outer Heaven and calls upon "Big Boss," 
leader of the high-tech special forces unit, FOX-HOUND, to take down 
Outer Heaven. "Big Boss," the "greatest living soldier" ever, 
dispatches "GRE Fox," their most skilled and experienced soldier, to 
infiltrate Outer Heaven, discover what they have and deal with it 
accordingly. The operation was code named "Intrude N313." 
Unfortunately, "Gray Fox" was captured, but not before sending out one 
last transmission: "Metal Gear...". Following this, "Big Boss" 
dispatched a rookie, Solid Snake, fresh from FOX-HOUND boot camp, to 
infiltrate Outer Heaven, rescue "Gray Fox" and take care of Outer 

Snake's infiltration by an air drop was successful and it wasn't long 
before Snake made his way through the guards to meet up with the 
resistance forces under the command of Kyle Schneider. With the help of 
Kyle, Diane and Jennifer, Snake was successful in rescuing "Gray Fox" 
from Outer Heaven's prison, and it was in his jail cell that "Gray Fox" 
revealed information about Metal Gear, the bipedal nuclear-equipped 
tank, capable of firing a nuclear missile anywhere. It is also equipped 
with Vulcan cannons and missiles, allowing it defend itself from any 
would-be attackers. 

Snake's next objective was to rescue Dr. Pettrovich, who, according to 
"Gray Fox," was the developer of the Metal Gear. Snake's mission was 
now to destroy Metal Gear at all costs, and to do so, he needed 
Pettrovich. If Outer Heaven was allowed to use Metal Gear, and it was 
planning on it soon, it would become a military super power instantly. 
So, Snake rescued the doctor and his daughter, Elen, and found the 
secrets to destroying Metal Gear. 

Snake forced himself to the 100th floor basement of Outer Heaven, 
fighting his way through carefully laid traps and the best of Outer 
Heaven's mercenaries. Kyle was captured, believed killed, but Snake 
continued, and it was here, deep underground, where Snake confronted 
the nuclear-equipped tank. 

Snake destroyed Metal Gear, but before he could rejoice, he was 
confronted with his last challenge, none other than his own commander, 
"Big Boss," the man who sent him on the mission. He was in charge of 
Outer Heaven all along, and had deceived both the U.S. and Snake. "Big 
Boss"'s plan was to establish himself and his mercenary company into a 
larger military establishment, with Outer Heaven as its base. He had 
sent the rookie "Solid Snake" in to cause information confusion in the 
government, but Snake proved much more capable than "Big Boss" figured, 
ruining "Big Boss"'s plans. The two fought on the 100th floor basement 
as the self-destruct sequence for the fortress commenced. 

Snake defeated "Big Boss" and escaped Outer Heaven as it was destroyed. 
His mission was successful, but he was all alone; he had been deceived 
by the man he trusted and idolized, his leader, the legendary "Big 

VIII. Review

Metal Gear was the first game where the point was not to run around 
killing everyone, but rather to use stealth and sneaking tactics to 
accomplish the mission. It was something new, and something great. The 
story was even better than what most games then had to offer; not as 
complex as its sequels to come, but definitely shined when compared to 
games like Zelda, which were basically rescue the princess and save the 
world from evil. 
I've also played the MSX version of Metal Gear, and it far surpasses 
its Nintendo counterpart. The English version of the NES Metal Gear had 
some really horrible translation problems and the graphics are nothing 
to talk to about (the music, too). The English instruction manual had 
some really bizarre stuff in it (Vermon CaTaffy?). But, despite these 
drawbacks, Metal Gear was something new and fresh, and it was great.  
It was the start to something awesome, as we will see many years later 
in Metal Gear Solid. You can find Metal Gear for the Nintendo at 
GameStop (, or 
you can find the ROM somewhere on the internet, but I won't tell where. 

Now, let's all hope Hideo Kojima decides to do a remake or port of this 
game, as well as Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. 

IX. Walkthrough
a) Operation Intrude N313

The operation begins with "Solid Snake" (and apparently three other 
operatives) landing in a clearing in the jungle. "Big Boss" will 
contact you and tell you your mission objectives (all though his 
grammar is terrible). Well, following the transmission head right into 
the next screen and wait for the guard to fall asleep (yeah...pretty 
stupid), and then head down into the next screen. The guard might wake 
up (I feel asleep!), but you should be fast enough to get past him (or 
you could always just walk up to him and punch him to death as he's 

Anyway, in the next screen there are three dogs. You have to take the 
right path, but it'll be difficult with those dogs. Run and try to 
avoid the dogs. If you get bit, it's okay, just continue on to the 
right path and the next screen. Next screen will feature another dog, 
but like before, just run past it until you arrive at the next screen 
with a guard and the truck. Inside the truck is a pair of binoculars. 
Wait for the guard to get sleepy then punch him until he dies. Enter 
the truck and grab the binoculars. Now, as soon as you exit the truck, 
quickly go down to avoid his burst of bullets at you. Then run past him 
and head south to the next screen, where two more guards await you.

Stay behind the trees and take note of the guards' pattern of movement. 
When the first guard is not looking to the right and the second not 
looking up, head down and punch the first guard. Then hide behind the 
trees and wait again to get a perfect shot at the second guard. It's 
easy, you just have to time it carefully. Once they have both been 
disposed of, head south and kill the poor puppy. Then continue on until 
you reach a small building flanked by two guards. I find it easier to 
take out the left guard and just sneak away. Take note of his pattern 
of movement and when he's not looking forward sneak down to him and 
kill him. Then continue on down to the area with three trucks. There are 
also two guards here. Stand north to the top left 

truck and wait for the two guards to look to the right. On the left 
side there are two, one than you can enter and that you cannot. Enter 
the one that you can and grab Card 1. Then exit and quickly run to the right 
side of the screen. Don't worry if you get hit by the guards. Jump into the 
lower right truck, which takes you to Outer Heaven.

b) Outer Heaven
Uh oh! The truck have started to move! It takes you to the front of 
Outer Heaven where more trucks are located that you can enter to get 
some equipment or take you to a different area. When you exit the truck 
after it arrives there will be a single guard posted at the entrance. 
He will soon leave as another guard comes to relieve him. As he's being 
relieved enter the truck to the top left to get some rations. If you read 
the Cheat/Trick section, you would know that you can get three rations 
in one by just going to your transceiver and back after you take a 
ration. You can only carry three at this point, so if you have been 
damaged previously use a ration and open up the transceiver to get another 
ration to fill it up.

Once you exit the guard will attack you. You can easily avoid him by 
running into the truck to the right, which will take you to another 
area. Once you exit, enter the truck that's directly below you. Once 
again it takes you on a little journey. Once you exit, head down two 
screens to another little truck depot. The top truck to your left is 
holding some plastic explosives and the truck to the bottom right is 
holding Card 4. Now enter the second truck at the top left to take you 
back to outside Outer Heaven. Kill or sneak past the guards again and 
enter the truck to the bottom right that takes you to 
the front of Outer Heaven again.

Wait for the guard to walk away and, using Card 1, enter the building. 
Go right and up, sneaking past the guard, and into the 

next screen where a door is located. There is a guard standing in front of 
the door, and he will spot you as soon as you enter this area. Ignore him and 
run past him. Using Card 1, enter the door and kill the guard who charges you.
Grab the gas mask and exit. The guard will once again notice, but just ignore 
him and instead continue along to the left side.

Head left along the wall to the room with three guards. 
Don't bother answering your transceiver; it's Big Boss telling you 
stuff you all ready know. Wait for the guard along the north wall to look to 
the left. When he does, run up behind him and kill him. Then take the second 
path up. Guards will begin charging you from all directions; ignore them and 
continue forward. 

If you're hit, and you're worried about your Life, use a ration.

In here, you will see an elevator and crates. Ignore the guard and just 
head right into the next area where there are three trucks. There is also a 
single guard patrolling the area. The left truck has a handgun, but 
unfortunately, no ammo. When you exit, wait for the guard to walk towards you;
when he starts to turn back, follow him and enter the rightmost truck. Inside 
are some mines. When you exit this truck, the guard will spot you. So, just run
to the left and ignore him. Do not, repeat, DO NOT enter the truck in the 
middle. It is filled with enemy soldiers. If you do enter it, turn around and 
exit, only to find the guard in here will see you and more guards will arrive.
So, yeah, a good idea not to enter this truck. 

c) Inside Outer Heaven

Hide behind the crates, out of the guard's sight. Wait for him to be relieved. 
When he leaves, equip card 1 and take the elevator up to the only floor it can 
go. In here there are cameras, so be careful. It's rather easy to just sneak 
past them. It's similar to future Metal Gear games; just walk directly under 
it. Your objective is to head down alongside the left wall. Sneak past the 
guards and enter the door. In here is some ammo for your handgun (20 bullets). 
About time. Using card 1, enter the door to the south.

In here is a prisoner, so release him (walk up to him) and then head into the 
door to the right. Equip your gas mask since the room is obviously filled with 
poisonous gas. Just travel along until you reach the door to the south east. 

Equip card 1 and quickly enter the room. A camera guards the two doors on the 
left side. The bottom most door on the left side contains a POW who has 
information on "Gray Fox." Release him and then exit the room. The camera will 
see you, but just avoid the guards and head along the path the guards came 
from to an open door.

Inside this room is a rolling...something. Wait for it to reach the 
right side and grab the plastic explosives. and then head back to the 
entrance. Wait for it to roll against the left wall and then head into 
the door on the right.

Continue heading right into the next screen. There are two guards 
here. It's easy to kill them with your handgun or punching them. I'd 
prefer punching them since it's easy and doesn't take up any ammo. 
Continue heading right into a screen with two cameras. You need to get 
into the door at the bottom right. Go around the boxes and ignore the 
camera above the door (doesn't matter if it sees you). Inside is Card 
2. Now you need to get inside the other room to the left, using Card 2. 
Inside are some rations. Exit and head back to the room that connects to the 
gas room (where you found the POW who told you about "Gray Fox"). Enter 
the gas room. Enter the previously locked room (the top most door) with Card 2 
and inside are Remote Controlled Missiles.

Then head back to the area where you found Card 2, and head north to 
the next screen. You have to use your Remote controlled Missile here to 
destroy the power box that powers the electricity along the floor. 
Obviously since it's remote controlled, you control where the missile 
goes. Direct it into the purple power box and then head along the path 
to the next screen.

Head right, where a door is located. It's kind of hard to see. Use Card 1 to 
enter it and inside there is a prisoner. He will tell you about Diane, a 
resistance member, and her frequency (120.33). If you give her a call a guy 
name Steve will pick up. Apparently she's out deep within 
Africa, in the middle of Outer Heaven. Okay! Exit and head north to 
the next screen. 
Kill the two guards and head to the left side. This area has three guards. Your 
objective is to enter the northern door using Card 2. Lean up against 
the wall in the middle of the room and wait for the two guards patrolling the 
middle wall to come towards you . They won't see you, so knock out the 
one to the bottom first and then the one at the top. The third guard is 
patrolling the western side and won't see any of it. Enter the room 
when he walks south. Inside is a Cardboard Box. When you exit there 
will only be two guards, so it's easy to enter the door to the south 
west, where the disappearing guard was patrolling earlier.

Inside here there are two guards and a room in the middle. Quickly 
enter the middle door using card 2 and grab the silencer. Use Card 1 to 
enter the door. Grab the grenade launcher and then exit, 
retracing your steps back to where the elevator was a few screen ago. Now that 
you have a silencer, the guards can't hear you when you fire your hand gun.
Using card 2, take it down to the second floor.

Once you arrive on the second floor you will notice two cameras along 
two adjacent walls. Use the crates as cover to avoid the camera along 
the vertical wall and head south to the next screen. Here is a sleeping 
guard that you can easily kill. Once he's been taken care of, head 
south to the next area. You will see some strange devices in this room, 
and if you don't know it, they are laser traps. Unfortunately, you 
can't use your cigarettes, and you don't have infrared goggles, either. 
Just have to use my directions to get through it. Head south from the 
center of the screen until you hit the wall. Then head right until you 
hit the eastern wall. Then head down until you reach the next screen. 
Thought you were out of it, eh? Not yet. Still plenty of more traps. 
From where you're standing, go down until you reach the area in between 
the second and third laser device. Go between them and then head south 
until you hit the wall. Head left, passing the three laser devices, and 
then head north until you reach the wall. Then head right until you're 
standing in front of the door. Enter it with Card 1 and rescue the 
prisoner. Go through the laser devices again (following the same path as 
before) until you reach the sleeping guard once more and dispose of him. Take 
the left path now. 

This is a small room, so just follow the path until you're into the 
next screen which has three guards. Watch their pattern of movement and 
take down the bottom guard so you can have clear access to the path 
that leads left into the next screen. The door on the right contains 
some ammo, use Card 2. Door on the left has some plastic explosives. 
Head back right, kill the guards with your handgun (you should have 50 
bullets by now, especially if you used the Transceiver trick), and take 
the northern path. Avoid the camera by sticking to the wall and take 
the elevator to the first floor. There are two guards stationed here. Don't go 
in between the crates; a hole will form. 

Instead, Head 
to the left side and take out the guard. Head south to the next room and sneak 
by the cameras (there are three of them here; time it carefully) to enter the 
door on the left with Card 2. Rescue the prisoner and he will tell you that 
"Gray Fox" is locked up somewhere. At this point you will receive your second 
star if you have rescued all the POWs I've told you to rescue up to this point. 
Exit and head south. I don't know about you guys, but as soon as I entered 
this area I was seen. They just come running at you, so it's easy to take them 
down with the hand gun. Enter the door on the right with Card 2 to get the sub 
machine gun. Exit, sneak by the two guards, and use card 1 for the left door. 
Inside is a prisoner is suggests that you let yourself be captured in order to 
gain access to the prison area where "Gray Fox" is located. Sounds like a good 
idea..right? Exit the room and head south to the next screen. Take out 
the guard here and enter the truck. As you walk further into the truck, 
a guard will come up behind you and capture you.

d) "Gray Fox"

Well, you're in prison, and it's really easy to escape. Go along the 
west wall until you're about in the middle and punch it. For some 
reason it opens up into "Gray Fox"'s cell. Rescue him and he tells you 
about the final weapon, Metal Gear, and that in order to destroy it you 
must rescue its creator, Dr. Pettrovich. In order to escape from Fox's 
cell, do the same thing you did in the last room, only on the southern 
wall. Find the spot and punch it until it opens. Exit the cell and head 
right. Notice you have no equipment or weapons. When you enter the 
right room, you will be confronted by SHOTGUNNER! What a name. Quickly 
avoid him and enter the right most room along the south wall to 
retrieve your equipment. Dispose of the transmitter inside your 
equipment. Exit and quickly enter the left door using Card 2 to get 
Card 3. Now it's time to fight Shootgunner.

Boss Strategy: Shotgunner 
He's a very easy enemy to defeat. Just equip your Remote Controlled 
Missiles and hide behind the crates. Took me four shots with the remote 
controlled missile to defeat him. He's a joke, really.

Following the battle use your newly acquired Card 3 to enter the door 
on the east side behind the crates. Kill the dog and equip Card 2 to 
enter the southern door. Inside is body armor. Once you exit the dog 
will attack you, so quickly shoot it or punch it. Follow the path to 
the next screen. The first door you cross contains the Bomb Blast Suit. Open 
the door with Card 2. Exit the room and continue around the path. Ignore the 
first door (it leads outside) and continue left until you reach the next 
screen. Use Card 3 to enter the door on the southern wall. Inside 

is an enemy uniform which you can disguise yourself with. Exit 
the room and open the door on the right screen to exit the building.

When you're outside, head east twice. You'll arrive at a truck. Ignore 
it and head south twice. Look familiar? Use card 4 to enter the 
building. Sure, it looks tough with four guards, but all you have to do 
is stay close to the wall and head right. Take the elevator to the 
third floor. 

Head east upon exiting the elevator. Take out the bottom guard patarolling the
middle section and head to the left. Use Card 2 to open the door. Walk along 
the southern wall to the left screen. It should be a familiar area. Run up to 
the left wall and walk south, avoiding the camera. Open the door to the left 
side and grab the ammo. You can now carry up to 100 rounds of ammo with your 
level 2 star. Use Card 1 to open the south door, and open up the door to the 
right. Equip your gas mask and follow the path to the other door.

Open up the top door on the left wall with Card 2 and grab the missiles. Use 
the transceiver trick to fill up on missiles. Exit and head right to the next 
screen. Enter the room with the rolling thing and exit on the other side. 
Continue heading right until you reach the room with the two doors and the 
cameras; enter the first door with Card 2 to fill up on Rations. You can now 
hold six. Exit, and head north. Use the remote controlled missile to destroy 
the panel and head north.

Kill the guard in your path and head north on the left side; this the elevator 
room that we took up here just before. Kill the guard and enter the elevator, 
taking it to the second floor.

Get up against the horizontal wall with the camera and 
head left to the area with the three guards again. Do the same thing 
you did last time, only using Card 3 to enter the room along the west 
wall. Pass through the small room and into the next door, and quickly 
avoid the rolling thing again and get into the next room. Avoid the 
guard and head down into the next area.  
Three guards patrol the area. It's probably easier to just avoid them, 
but if you want you can kill them one by one. Just don't get caught 
doing it. Either way, head south into the next area. Here, there are 
doors on the east and west side. The door on the west holds some mines 
and three sleeping guards (that can easily be taken care of), whereas 
the east door holds a POW (use Card 1). Once you've been to both rooms, 
head south.

There is an electric floor here, but it is not yet activated. The guard 
can and will activate it if he sees you, so be careful. If you have a 
missile, use it to kill him just to be safe, but, I wanted to conserve my 
missiles, so I did it the hard way (not really). Wait for the guard to turn 
away and then shoot him. Enter the left door with Card 3 and grab the infrared 

Now, let's do some backtracking. Remember where the laser trap was? 
Yeah, head there. It's simple to find. Just keep on going north from 
the second electric floor room, pass the rolling thing room, and you're 
now in the room with the three guards. Take the left path to go to the 
armory to get some ammo. You can also stock up on plastic explosives in the 
left room.

Then take the lower right path to pass the sleeping guard and into the 
laser trap room. You can use the infared goggles now, but if you've memorized 
the path I said earlier, it should be no problem for you.

In the second trap room, head left to the next screen. Enter the door in the 
middle of the room with the two guards with Card 3 and rescue the prisoner. He 
will tell you that Dr. Pettrovich is somewhere in a prison cell on the 
rooftop. Exit the room and use Card 3 to enter the door on the left of the 
room to face Machine Gun Kid.

Boss Strategy: Machine Gun Kid 
It's near impossible to kill this guy without remote controlled 
missiles. You have to hide behind the wall, otherwise his machine gun 
will just rip you apart. If you don't have any remote controlled 
missiles, you're screwed. So, just hide there behind the wall and own the 
little b*tch. It took me about three or four shots to kill him. (I can't 
really say for sure, since sometimes I wasn't even sure if I hit him or the 

After putting an end to Machine Gun Kid, use card 1 to gain access to the 
door along the north wall. Take the Iron Glove, exit and return to the laser 
trap room. Hopefully you took the Bomb Blast Suit way back when, because you 
need it now. Gather up ammo for all of your weapons, especially missiles, and 
of course, rations. Use the extra-item trick if need be. By now you should 
know how to find them. Simply retrace your steps, or go back in this 
walkthrough to find their locations. I don't feel like repeating myself!

Retrace your steps back to the elevator, and take it to the 
top level. This is the roof, where the prisoner told you Dr. Pettrovich 
was. Equip the Bomb Blast Suit following Big Bosses' 
transmission and head west. Wait for the first guard to look away from the 
bottom or right side and then head down along the wall. Kill the first guard 
while he's looking away. The other two guards are simple; just wait till they 
look away from the bottom of the screen and put a bullet in them.
Head west. There are now two guards here. They can be avoided; just wait till 
they look away from the bottom of the screen and then head west into the next 

The single guard here will probably see you as you enter the room; kill him 
before he does anything. Head to the far left side of the screen and head 
south. It's kind of hard to see, but to the right side as you walk down this 
path, there is a door. It does not require a card key. Inside is ammo. You can 
now carry 200 rounds of ammo for your hand gun and SMG, and 60 rounds of ammo 
for your grenade launcher.

Exit and continue heading south. Use Card 2 to open the door and rescue the 
prisoner. Upon rescuing this prisoner you will receive your third star if 
you've rescued all prisoners I've told you rescue up to this point.

Now, retrace your steps a bit to the screen with 
the two guards and two possible paths. Take the south route now and 
start crossing the bridge. If you fall off you will die, and it's not 
that easy because it's swaying. Take it slowly. Upon crossing it, you're 
greeted with another bridge to cross doing the same thing, only in 
the opposite direction. I wonder why they built such things in their 
base, when they to have to cross it. Oh well. I found them very easy to cross; 
just take your time and wait for the section you're on to partly line up with 
the section you're trying to get on to.

There is a new type of guard in this area after exiting the bridge scene. 
Ignore him for now and keep close to the northern wall. Head west. Now, in 
here, there are two of those new guards, and an electrified floor. It is not 
active yet, but if they see you, it will become active. If you didn't keep 
close to the northern wall, you probably will be seen by the guard standing in 
front of the entrance and killed. Sneak by the guard by following the wall, 
and when you're behind him, kill him. Dispose of the other guard by the door. 
I'd rather not destroy the panel, since it's a waste of a missile.

Enter the door with Card 3 after killing the guard in front of it and take the 
Mine Detector. Return back to where you got off the second bridge and head 
east, along the bottom path. The top path is a dead end. Kill the two guards 
here and prepare for your next boss fight in the next area to the right.

Boss Strategy: Twin Shot 
Another simple fight. Hopefully you have your grenade launcher. Run 
east, heading for the empty alcove. Hide in it and equip your grenade 
launcher. Fire your grenade launcher at the rightmost twin and kill 
him. Go to 
where he was standing and kill the other twin with the grenade 
launcher. Ten shots with a grenade launcher will kill one twin. So, twenty 
rounds for the entire fight. With the boss fight over, use card 3 to enter the 
rightmost door.

Unfortunately for us, Dr. Pettrovich is no longer here. Exit andt ake out Card 
2 and use it to open the door to the left. Rescue the prisoner who tells you 
where the good doctor is now located. Ten kilometers north, in building #2!

e) Looking for Dr. Pettrovich

Return to the elevator and head down to level 1. Remember not to head in 
between the crates (hole). Head east, kill the guards, and use Card 4 to open 
the door on the left wall. We're back in building one. Avoid the guard and head 
west to the elevator. Take the leftmost path to head south, since the right 
path has a hole in the way. Head to the entrance of the building, all the way 
to the far right, at the bottom. If you need some rations, they're in the top 
truck on the left side. Jump into the truck on the right side, and when it 
arrives, take the truck that its directly below it. When it arrives at its 
destination, head west. Upon exiting the truck, equip the mine detector and 
head north, avoiding the mines. Here, the next boss battle.

Boss Strategy: The tank 
Equip your body armor and mines. You can use the transceiver trick to 
make the tank go back so you can safely place eleven mines in front of 
its path. If not, place about two or three mines each time it go backs 
and then hide behind the wall and allow it run over the mines. Repeat 
until it's destroyed.


This is risky, hard, and silly. Stand in front of the tank with your body armor 
equipped; wait for it to come towards you and let it shoot you once. You should 
all ready be charging the tank, in an attempt to run through it. When you're 
shot, you become "invincible," so you can easily run straight through the tank 
during these precious few seconds.

Head north and equip your mine detector to navigate the mine field. 
Once you've made it through the mine field put on the enemy uniform you 
found earlier to get through without detection. Even though your sprite 
doesn't change, don't worry, the guards won't know. 

Enter the door to 
building two (it's unlocked) and head west (not entering the water). There's 
one guard on this side that you can kill if you want. The door can be opened 
with Card 4 and holds some ammo if you need it. Go back to where you entered 
and head down into the drainage system. Head left and follow the path to the 
door. Use card 4 to open the door. Now you will have to fight another armored 
vehicle, this time a bulldozer. 

Boss Strategy: The bulldozer 
The bulldozer is slow, as we can see. Once it reaches you it will crush 
you, so you must be fast. It's easy to exit the room and equip the 
grenade launcher. Once you have it equipped, return to the bulldozer 
and immediately open fire on it with your grenade launcher. About eight 
grenades will kill the bulldozer. Once it is out of commission, 
continue with finding the doctor. 

Equip card 4 and enter the next room. Laser traps are set up in this 
room, and this time they change their direction. So, equip the infrared 
goggles and navigate through the lasers. You should have no problem 
with them. Enter the elevator and take it to the top floor. 

Take out the three guards one by one, starting with the middle guard, and 
enter the door to the left with card 2. Rescue the prisoner, who tells you that
Dr. Pettrovich is located on the second floor. Exit, proceeding east. In this 
room, there are four guards, but you can sneak past them or kill them (if you 

Either way, take the south path. Kill the single guard that is along the path 
and continue south to see another one of the "new" guards blocking the door.

Dispose of the guard and use Card 4 to gain access to the room. Grab Card 5 and 
leave, head east and kill the guard here. Use Card 4 to enter the next room and
run towards the elevator, ignoring the guard. I don't like to waste bullets. 
Use the elevator to reach the first floor. 

Take out the two guards as you exit the elevator on the first floor and leave 
the room. The door to the west is unlocked, so head west. There are no guards 
in this area, so head west again, and you'll be on the other side of the water 
system. Kill the guard and enter the next room, using Card 5. Take the ration 
if you need it (Use the transceiver trick if you want, you freaking cheater). 
Exit, head east and then north into the next room, using card 2 (pain in the 
ass switching back and forth with these cards) to open up the door on the left. 
There are two guards on this side, so be careful. Grab the Antenna on the desk 
and exit. Head east, killing the guards along the way until you reach the wall, 
and head north, re-equipping Card 5 to enter the door on the right side. Rescue 
the prisoner, who gives us a tip on how to defeat Arnold, who holds a Card key. 

Retrace your steps a bit to where you can enter the water (the area just before 
the antenna room). Follow the shallow water along the northern side (if you 
enter the deep water, you will take damage, and the southern side leads to a 
dead end) to the right side and then exit. Head south and around the path to 
reach the door that holds Card 6. Use Card 5 to enter this door.

Return to the water and follow it back to where you entered, only 
getting off along the opposite side where you entered. Head up and then 
west to the next screen. Equip your infrared goggles to navigate 
through the laser trap. These change direction, so be careful. You have to 
reach the elevator. Ride it to the second floor. Be sure not to go to the third 
floor; if you do, the elevator refuses to head back down. Once you exit, head 
east, taking out the two guards that flank the elevator. 

Take the northern path in this area, killing the two guards down the narrow 
path.Equip Card 6 and enter the door, grab the Antidote and head back around, 
equipping the old Card 1 to open the door in the south. Ignore the Arnolds for 
now, and instead use Card 5 to open the door along the south east corner. Sneak 
past the guards (it's easier to kill them) and open the door in the middle of 
the room. Rescue the prisoner, who tells you not to cross the desert with a 
compass. Exit, return to the Arnold room, and enter the door to the right side. 
Use Card 5 to open the door to the north and rescue the prisoner. He tells you 
Jennifer's frequency, and gives you your fourth star. Call Jennifer (120.48), 
and depending on whether or not you have a 4 star ranking, she may answer or 
not. So, hopefully you rescued all the prisoners I told you to and you didn't 
kill any. If you didn't rescue some and you killed others, you can't talk to 
the lovely Jennifer. 

She's going to give you a Rocket Launcher. Nice girl. Go around the path and 
use Card 6 to open the door. Grab the Rocket Launcher that Jennifer left for 
you and return to the Arnold room. Use Card 1 to enter the door to the bottom 
left, now. Go around the path, avoiding or killing the guard, and then enter 
the open door along the north west corner of the room. Grab all the 
ammo you can find, using the transceiver trick (you'll need this ammo), 
and head back to the Arnold room. 

Boss Strategy: Arnolds 
Like I said, the Arnolds and every other boss are easy, just take a lot 
of hits. Have your body armor equipped, and definitely your 
newly acquired rocket launcher. Just stand there in front of the 
Arnolds, firing rockets at them. Four for each of them and they're 
done. They can run at you and touch you (thus doing some damage), but 
you should be able to kill them before they can do any serious damage 
to you. 

Grab Card 7 following the fight. Equip Card 2 and exit the room by 
using the door in the north east corner of the Arnold room. A guard 
will be in front of you, and will most likely see you, so kill him and head 
east. Slaughter the guards here (a SMG is preferable) and then call Jennifer 
(120.48, if you forgot all ready). She opens the door for you on the northern 
wall which holds the Compass. Use Card 1 to open it up.

f) Looking for Dr. Pettrovich, Part 2

Head back to the Arnold room and use Card 5 to enter the door in the 
south east corner of the room. Kill the guards and head east. 
Enter the door past the sleeping guard with Card 5, and confront yet 
another rolling thing. Avoid it as you did with the other two and  enter the 
elevator. Take the elevator to the first floor, exit the elevator, and kill the 
two guards here. Take the south exit. There is a trap on the right part of the 
room, another hole. So stay away from it. Exit the room via the door on the 
left side and then head north, and then into the water. Take it around 
to the next screen and exit the water. Go left after leaving the water and use 
Card 7 to open the door. 
Equip the compass and head north about four screens. Kill the scorpions as you 
navigate through (use the Antidote you found earlier if one bites you), and 
then when you reach the jungle, head north and until you find building three. 
Some ammo is located in the bottom truck. Use Card 7 to enter the building and 
kill the guards who obviously were anticipating you (mysterious, huh?). Head 
west until Big Boss calls you, telling you to enter the door on the 
left. If you do so, you will enter a trap. Why would your boss do such 
a thing? Well, I told you in advance, so obviously don't enter the 
Head up, keeping close to the right wall. There are a lot of pits here, 
so keep your finger over the transceiver button. Continue to hug the 
right wall. When you reach the crates, walk left, and immediately north as 
soon as you can. Stay right there, in between the crates, because a pit forms 
right below. Now, slowly walk to the left, just slightly above the pit that 
formed. As soon as you start to see the next pit north of you start to form, 
open up the transceiver. When you exit the transceiver screen, the pits will be 
gone, and you can walk safely to the left side of the room. Don't walk south, 
for another pit will form. 

Instead, go north along the left wall and then into the elevator. Take it down 
to the 100th Floor Basement (sure is a big place. What's on all the other 
ninety-nine floors? Are they even necessary?!). Two laser-equipped cameras 
will be flanking the entrance to the elevator along the two walls. They can 
easily be avoided by sticking to the center. 

Enter the door to the south with Card 7. Grab the Oxygen Tank and head back to 
the elevator, (don't forget the pits. Follow the same path as before) exit the 
building, go across the Scorpion desert, and back to building two, where 
supposedly our Doctor Pettrovich is located.  
Once you've returned to Building two, head east and equip your Oxygen 
tank. Swim north until you arrive to the shallow water. Get out, sneak 
past the enemy soldiers (there are four here; two flanking the water, and two 
north of the exit. Probably best to kill them), and position yourself in the 
middle of the room. Head north after that. If you positioned yourself 
correctly, you'll land on a space in the floor that is not electrified. Equip 
your Remote Controlled Missile and destroy the control panel that is next to 
the door along the left wall. Enter the door to the left with Card 1 and grab 
the ammo. Schenider will call, and begins to tell us who the leader of Outer 
Heaven is. But, then, he gives a yell and disappears. Exit, equip Card 7, and 
enter the door on the right.  

Boss Strategy: Coward Duck 
Definitely not a name to frighten your enemy. Coward? 
Duck? Eh. Anyway, Jennifer gives you a ring, telling you that her 
brother is amongst the Duck's prisoners. So don't kill any of them. 
Unfortunately for us, he uses the hostages as a shield. Thus the name 
coward. So anyway, head left until you reach the 
wall. Head straight up and rescue the left prisoner. Keep close to the 
north wall, turn to face Coward Duck to avoid being hit by his 
boomerang. Shoot him ten times with the hand gun to finish him off. Oh 
yeah, watch out for the pit in the middle of the room.

Anyway, grab Card 8 that he leaves behind. Rescue the prisoner on the 
right and then the center, who also happens to be the brother of 
Jennifer, our lovely resistance member. He tells us to take the left 
elevator when escaping the fortres. Retrace your steps back to the 
Scorpion Desert. Equip your compass and head north.
Upon reaching the screen after the scorpion infested desert (the jungle area), 
run west thrice, then north, then west again. Equip your Card 6 and enter the 
building. Equip Card 5 to open the door in the upper left which holds a 
prisoner. Returning back to the room, equip Card 3 and enter the door 
in the upper right corner to enter a gas filled room. So, quickly equip 
your gas mask and enter the northern door. Another annoying rolling 
thing that's protecting some plastic explosives. So, grab the 
explosives while avoiding the rolling thing (you should be an expert at 
it by now). Exit and head left, then go into the unlocked door which 
has a flashlight that you can take. Exit, punch the wall to the left 
side (a few steps up from the bottom wall, however), and enter to fight yet 
another boss with an equally retarded name as the rest.

Boss Strategy: Fire Trooper 
Walk up and hug the wall upon enter, following it until you stand next to Fire 
Trooper. Be sure to avoid his fire while trying to get next to him. All a 
matter of timing. Hit the boss fifteen times  with your hand gun until he dies. 

Equip Card 6 and enter the door behind the now-dead Fire Trooper. 
Inside, our quest finally ends for Dr. Pettrovich.

g) Deceptions

Dr. Pettrovich wants his daughter, Elen, back. She was kidnapped by 
Outer Heaven. So, now it's time for some backtracking. Head to the 
entrance of this building and use Card 5 on the left door. Put on your 
gas mask, punch the wall above you, and thus opens a hidden room. 
Anyway, enter it and follow the path. Equip Card 1, open the first door you run 
into, and rescue the prisoner. Continue along the path, equipping Card 5 to 
open the next door, which has some rations that you might need. Exit, 
and then continue to follow the path. Here, punch the 
middle of the left wall (not exactly the middle..just a little bit 
below it) and enter the door that forms. In here, there is a pit ahead, 
so walk along the bottom of the screen to avoid getting killed by it. 
Punch the wall located north west of the bottom door to find another 
hidden room. Grab the ammo if you need it and then equip Card 6 to open 
the door at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to have your flashlight 
equipped now. You can use the transceiver trick to avoid the pits. I 
just stick close to the crates. In the first room, take the far left 
path down. It's a narrow path. In the second room, stick close to the 
bottom crates. A pit will form to the right of the screen, right below 
that set of crates on the right side. If you run south as soon as 
clearing the bottom crates, you'll avoid the pit. In the third room, it's 
impossible (for me) to get through it without using the transceiver. There 
are three pits here that completely block your path. Maybe there is another 
way, I don't know. What I did was stick close to the crate on the right side. 
I stood in middle of the crate on its left side, right next to it, and then ran 
down. The pit forms as soon as you begin to move, so be quick and call up the 
transceiver. It'll be gone. Stick to the far right side and head south.  

When you reach the end of this trip, use Card 1 to open the southern door. 
Take care of the dogs inside and then head south. Kill the guards, and then 
use Card 6 to open the door to the right. Watch out for the pit. Hug the south 
wall and follow it until you reach the eastern wall. Punch it to find 
another hidden room. Ellen is inside. Rescue her and exit. Use Card 6 
to open the bottom door to return to "Gray Fox"'s cell.  
Head east and equip Card 3 to exit the building. Run west thrice, then 
north, then west again to return to the building where you found the 
doctor. Return to Pettrovich's cell and he tells you about Metal Gear 
and its super computer, and how to destroy it. Hope you have plenty of 
plastic explosives. 
Exit the building and return to building three and find the elevator. 
Take it down to basement level 100. Avoid the cameras and enter the 
door on the right wall with Card 8. Rescue the prisoner, who informs 
you that your noble leader, "Big Boss," is in fact the leader of Outer 
Heaven. What a surprise. Exit, head west, and you get a call from "Big 
Boss" who demands you halt. Obviously you cannot trust the man anymore, 
so ignore his order. Run past the cameras and use the Card 8 to gain 
access to the door along the northern wall. Put your gas mask on and 
run to the north east part of the room. Punch the wall until you hear 
the sound, plant some plastic explosives there, and then head through 
it when the hole is made. Move along the east wall until you reach the 
door. Careful of the mines in this room. Equip your mine detector. 
Equip card 1 and open the door to enter another electrified floor. 
Unfortunately, there is no control panel to destroy, so you have to run 
across it even though it's electrified. Use your rations when you're 
about to die and when you make it across enter the door to face the 

Boss Strategy: The Super Computer 
Kill the guards in the room and then plant plastic explosives around 
the super computer. When all sixteen have been planted it will explode. 
Most retarded boss I have ever seen. Why the Hell did they take Metal 
Gear out and replace it with a Super Computer?!
The self-destruct sequence has been activated. Go through the door that 
opened up to face the final boss (heal before you do, obviously).

Boss Strategy: "Big Boss" 
It seems that the prisoner was right. "Big Boss" was behind it all. He 
had deceived us. The whole idea of doing it was rather stupid if you 
asked me, especially if you knew the guy you sent was your...well, 
you'll find out in Metal Gear Solid. Anyway, equip your rocket launcher 
and use the crates for protection from his attacks. Body armor is a 
good idea, as well. Oh yeah, and don't forget to equip your cigarettes 
(I guess back then it was okay to use cigarettes for good. Metal Gear 
Solid had it, also, but they had Nastasha giving us that annoying 
Surgeon's General Warning, also). You can walk around to lure "Big 
Boss" to the bottom of the screen or to the right side, this way he 
doesn't fire on you (AI back then wasn't that great, as you can see). 
Ten rockets will finish off the greatest soldier ever.

Now, it's time to escape. The cigarettes add 1000 seconds to our timer, 
so take Jennifer's brother's advice and use the left elevator to escape 
from Outer Heaven as it explodes around you.

X. Tips/Tricks

How to Avoid the Holes 
The holes are very annoying. You have no chance of surviving them if 
you walk over one. They usually protect the entrance into important 
areas, or a quicker way and safer way to get some place. But, there is 
a way around them. When you know you're about to come up to a hole, get 
your hand over the button to get into your transceiver. As soon as you 
start seeing it form press the button and enter your transceiver. Then 
exit and it will be gone. But, don't go forward. It will still kill 
you, even though you don't see it. Instead, walk around it and then 
continue forward.

Extra Anything 
Need more rations or ammo? Whenever you enter a room with rations, take 
it and then go into your transceiver. Exit it soon thereafter and more 
rations will appear. Repeat until you have enough.

To input passwords, press continue at the main screen.
All Weapons and Items  

XI. Credits

First and foremost, I'd like to thanks Hideo Kojima for creating a game 
that was so unique and that would become one of the greatest video game 
series of all time. He's a true genius.

Secondly, to Konami for publishing the Metal Gear series.

XII. Other Stuff

Anyway, to conclude this FAQ/Walkthrough, if anyone happen to note any 
errors in the guide, please feel free to contact me at Please, put "Metal Gear FAQ" in the 
subject name, otherwise I'll delete it. I'm not really interested in 
anything else.