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                         Metal Storm FAQ/Walkthrough
                            For the Nintendo NES
                            Written by Pseudonym
                                Version 1.1
                         Email: shdwswrm@hotmail.com

Table of Contents

Revision History
Terms of Use
Game Basics

Revision History

Sept 18th, 2005-Version 1.0
-Started the walkthrough and the game basics sections.
April 11th, 2010-Version 1.1
-Cleaned up some sections, beefed up the basics and walkthrough a bit.

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Q: How do you play in expert mode?

Normally, you have to complete normal/default mode before you can try expert 
mode. The password to the first level on expert: 8BF-SMCX-S8L   I recommend 
that you stay away from expert mode until you've finished normal mode a few 
times so that you know what you are doing. 


Metal Storm is an unjustly obscure game developed by Tamtex and published by 
Irem in 1991. Despite getting a pretty sweet spread on the cover of Nintendo 
Power it just never really caught on with most people until emulators made it 
cheap and easy to try out new NES games quickly... and on your computer too! 
The main game mechanic, the "Gravity Jump" as I call it -it's called something 
else in the manual, but I digress- lets you reverse gravity so that you can 
walk on the ceiling as well as the ground as it suits you. The game has many 
unique stages built around this mechanic while building on the idea and 
throwing some loops your way to challenge you as carry on to the end. 

This guide is written in mind for normal mode only. ** Now (mostly) 
grammatically correct, thanks to Wordís insistence on correcting my poor 
grammar and sentence structure. Ffffu... I mean, thanks Microsoft. If you have 
any suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism, please email me at 
shdwswrm(at)hotmail(dot)com with the heading "Metal Storm" or something 
similar. All flames, threats, childish comments, etc. will be deleted and 
you're email address filtered.


The year is 2501 and the dawning of a new century has brought mankind to the 
brink of disaster. The powerful LaserGun on the planet Pluto's battle station 
"Cyberg" is wreaking havoc.

It was originally designed to protect Earth from hostile aliens, but, due to a 
computer malfunction, is systematically destroying all the planets in the solar 
system. Most recently, the Earth nation watched helplessly as Neptune exploded. 

The system's self-destruct device could stop the LaserGun, but it has been 
mysteriously jammed and is aimed at Earth. Even if the device can be manually 
activated, there is only a slim chance that Earth can be saved.

Your mission is to enter Cyberg using the most sophisticated weaponry 
available, the M-308 Gunner, and unlock the self-destruct device!

Game Basics


Start Button: Pause the game.
Select Button: Not used.
B Button: Fire your weapon.
A Button: Jump.
Directional Pad: Move the M-308 gunner (your character).
Up/Down and A: Gravity Jump.

Gravity Jumps and YOU!

Using the Gravity Jump is simple, picking up a couple of the subtleties of 
this game mechanic take a bit of time to learn but make the game easier to 
play. I use a number of colloquialisms/informal terms for this in place of the 
real word- which, oddly enough, Iím not sure about myself- like ďflipĒ and 
ďGravity JumpĒ throughout the guide. I try to avoid words like ďjumpĒ in this 
way when I actually mean that you should jump.

Changing Gravity: UP+A will allow you to walk on the ceiling, the reverse, 
DOWN+A will return you to the ground. Keep in mind that most "walking" enemies 
are subject to the gravity change as well, so that you don't accidentally run 
into one when you use the Gravity Jump.

Hang Time: You can also change the gravity back the ground from the ceiling by
quickly DOWN+A again immediately after pressing UP+A and vice-versa. Doing this 
will make the M-308 hang in mid-air for a second or so, useful for dodging 
enemies and bullets.

Distance Jump: Sometimes a ledge is too high for you to reach. The solution: 
jump as high as you can, and at the highest point of your jump, do a 
Gravity Jump and press left/right as needed to reach the ledge. 


Armor    (A): Allows you to take an additional hit before you're destroyed. 
              It's non-stackable, you can't get more than one to allow you to 
              take more hits.

Weapon   (P): Upgrades your blaster into a wider and stronger laser. Very 
              useful for shooting through platforms that your regular weapon 
              can't penetrate.

Shield   (S): Blocks bullets from hitting you. You can move the shield to block 
              bullets by looking in the direction of the projectile. Very 
              useful for stopping most bullets but near useless against bosses. 

Crush    (C): Destroys all the enemies on the screen. Only found in stage 4-2 
              And 5-2. Itís sort of useless in most situations. 

Fireball (G): Makes you temporarily invulnerable while doing a Gravity Jump. 
              I find that itís useful in stage 4 to avoid getting hit. 

Bonus    (B): Gives you 5000 extra points.

Time     (T): Adds 100 seconds to your time.

NOTE: When you grab one powerup right after another, the newer powerup will 
negate the previous one except for ARMOR powerups. That being said, don't grab 
powerups indiscriminately; you have to pick and choose which ones you think is 
best for the situation. 


Snappers: Referred to as "defense gates" in the manual, these nasty buggers 
snap shut when you so much as hop a bit in front of them. It's best to jump in 
the centre of the two when you can, but there are a few times where you will 
just have to be extra quick to avoid being squished. 

Barriers: Barriers prevent you from passing through them (unless you want to 
get damaged) until you are in the right orientation- rightup side or upside 
down- to deactivate them. 

1-way Platforms: The only way through a 1-way platform is to jump past it in 
the direction indicated on the platform. UP means you rightside up; DOWN means 
upside down, you have to Gravity Jump somewhere beforehand. 


Most enemies in this game are variations of <random mechanical flying thing>, 
others are turrets, and a small number of other mechs that you encounter in 
stages 1 & 2. 

Turrets: There are three types of turrets. The white ones in general will aim 
and shoot at you. These are usually a pain in the butt. Try to destroy them 
when you see them. The red ones in general will only fire forward from their 
current position. They aren't as dangerous as the white turrets but they can be 
difficult to bypass at times and should be destroyed as necessary. Laser 
turrets appear in stages 5-1 and 5-2 and are there more to impede your progress 
(and get your zapped by the laser following behind you) than to destroy you. 

<Random mechanical flying things>: Most of these types of enemies aren't too 
difficult to destroy, however, there are three that you should watch out for. 
First one is the ship at the end of stage 2-1 and 2-2 and later in stage 4-1 
and 4-2 that fire bullets at an outward angle from the ship. The second one to 
watch for is the ship with fins at the end of stage 6-1. The third are the 
bird-like ships that will appear in stages 5-1 and 5-2 that fire large bar 
lasers as they appear on the screen. 

Other Mechs: The other mechs in the game really aren't much a problem at all. 
Nearly all of them travel along surfaces and are subject to the same change as 
you when you flip gravity. Just so you know and don't accidentally drop onto 
something when you use your flip ability. 

Screen Infos

Score: You will see it in the top left corner. Tells you how much points you 

Time: Found in the bottom left corner. It tracks how much time you have left to 
complete the stage, but when you run out of time, kablooie, ka-blam, and so on. 
For most stages this shouldn't be a problem, you should have amble time to 
finish each one.


Stage 1-1

Password: Just start the game.

Walk to the right and destroy the mechs you see along the way until you reach
the orange blocks about halfway between the ceiling and the floor that has the
white circular machine moving around on it. Destroy it and the next one that
appears on the ground ahead. Further on, there will be several horizontal 
platforms spaced upwards toward the ceiling.

Destroy the mechs on them, jump onto the lowest platform and then jump to the
orange block. Hereís where youíll have to use the Gravity Jump, otherwise you 
will fall onto the spikes. Walk along the ceiling until you see another mech 
and a turret on another orange block below you. Destroy them both and continue 
to the right to enter the second part of stage 1.

Stage 1-2

Use the Gravity Jump again to fall to the floor and destroy the turret ahead.
Jump into the little nook and grab the ARMOR and FLAME powerups. Use the
Gravity Jump here and jump downwards once and jump again onto the orange blocks
until you see the turret ahead. Wait until the turret fires and then walk over
it and destroy it.

Reverse flip here and walk forward a little until you see the turret on the 
platform ahead. Jump and fire at it until itís gone and then use the Gravity 
Jump again to hit the second turret from above. Destroy the mech and the turret 
below you and then the turret to the right. Just jump and fire at it until itís 
destroyed. Easy enough. 

You donít have to worry about the turret on the low platform unless you want to
get rid of it. You might as well, since they give you points, not that points 
matter much in this game. Destroy the mech below you when it passes under you 
and flip to fall to the floor again. Destroy the turret and use the Gravity 
Jump once again to smash the turret ahead.

Stay on the ceiling and jump down to the platforms below. Further on there will
be a large blue mech thatís hogging up all the space ahead. Fire at it until
itís gone. You may have to back up once or twice so donít hesitate to do so.
Stay on the ceiling, grab the WEAPON, and trash the two remaining mechs
here. Continue to the right to meet the boss.

Stage 1-2 Boss: The boss is the pale green piece of mechanical junk thatís
--------------- hanging from the ceiling. Itís quite simple to defeat really
but youíll have to use your Gravity Jump a few times to avoid getting blasted.
The boss has three potential weak points - one in the middle and one on either
side but only when the pink core appears there.

The smaller pink orb in the center of the boss fires at you after the dome
disappears. The dome should appear in the middle first so wait there and
blast it when it appears. It will then appear on either end of the boss and
then back in the middle. You can try to hit the dome while itís on one of the
sides and then Gravity Jump back down before the smaller orb fires at you.

You should Gravity Jump back down before the dome disappears to be on the safe
side since it takes a bit of time to flip over and fall to the ground. If
youíre patient, you can just wait in the middle for the dome to reappear and
blast it there. It should only take about two rounds of firing at the core to
defeat the boss.

Stage 2-1

Password: BJ6 H0ZQ BHB

This stage is very odd to say the least, but itís one of my favorites. Try 
firing upwards or even jumping toward the top or bottom of the screen. The top 
and bottom parts wrap around to each other. You start the stage in a corridor. 
Walk right and destroy the two mechs on the platform you see here. Now jump up 
twice and continue to the right.

Continue on until you reach another series of platforms with several green
electrified wall traps at either end. Stand between the two wall traps and
quickly jump twice to the platform above. If you take too long, the two of them
will snap shut and damage you. Walk right and continue jumping up through the
platforms and avoiding the snappers.

Thereís one set of them here and further ahead there will be two other sets
above and below you as well as a SHIELD powerup on the other side of a wall.
In order to get that powerup, use the Gravity Jump and quickly jump through the
platforms below to the bottom. Use the Gravity Jump again, do a short jump to
activate the wall traps and then jump to the Barrier powerup.

Do another short jump and then jump up past the wall traps. Continue to the
right through the corridor, use your flip again and then jump down through set
of two wall traps. Destroy the Sentry Ship ahead but watch out for the bullets 
it fires out from itís side. Youíll be safe as long as you are on the same 
level as it, and not above or below it.

Reverse gravity here to fall to the ground and then jump through the set of
four wall traps. The platforms where the wall traps are staggered to the right 
so you have to jump slightly to the right every time you pass through one to 
avoid getting hit. Or at least it will make it easier to avoid them. When you 
make it to the top, the second part of the stage is right ahead.

Stage 2-2

This part is more of the same stuff but there are a few new things thrown at
you here. Fall off the side and when youíre on the bottom part jump as far as
you can forward over the spiked platform and then do a Gravity Jump to nab the
1-up in the nook on the far right. Donít allow yourself to land on the spikes
obviously and you have to keep pressing right until you land beside the 1-up.

This part might be a bit tricky, you have to jump and then Gravity Flip in 
mid-air to reach the 1-up. You can just ignore it and fall off the side of the 
tan structure where you started and continue to the right. Do a Gravity Jump 
to the ceiling and walk to the far right corner to the white/pink door. Do 
another Gravity Jump to make the door swing upwards, and then jump downwards.

Avoid reversing gravity through the door- it will cause it to swing open and 
hit you. Go to the left corner of this compartment and do a Gravity Jump. 
Fall off the side and do another Gravity Jump to open the door. Continue to 
the right, jump up through the platform and destroy the two turrets. You can 
only get the bottom one when you have the WEAPON Powerup.

Just worry about the other turret in case you don't have one. Once they are 
gone, jump rightward until you get to the spike platform barring your way, but
I'm sure you already know what to do. Reverse gravity. Walk right a little more 
and then fall upwards into the hole. An ARMOR powerup is waiting there. Do 
another Gravity Jump to get out of there and one more to get back on the 

Now, jump across the hole and do a flip to the floor and jump through the 
platforms. Whew. The stage is almost done, donít worry about that. In order to 
get the SHIELD powerup in the little compartment below, do a Gravity Jump to 
the ceiling, jump through the hole and then do another Gravity Jump to snag it.

To get out, gravity flip beside the door and do a second one to continue on. 
The next part is pretty neat. Fall down into the hole. Itís an endless loop. 
You will just keep falling and falling until you do a Gravity Jump... or go 
into the space on the right. Further ahead itís more of the same. Reverse 
gravity in the corners to open the doors and jump through the openings.

Iím getting a bit tired of writing gravity jump/flip here as this stage is a 
little tedious, so I think that you can figure this out. When you get through 
the two doors, stay on the ceiling and jump through the platform to nab another 
powerup. You can also avoid going through the platform in order to get a SHIELD 
powerup a little further ahead. Itís up to you.

Continue ahead until you see a whole lot of platforms layered one on top of
each other and some Sentry Ships flying around. Stay on the same level as them 
as before you won't get hit. Try to get rid of them when you and keep moving to
the right. The boss is just ahead. 

Stage 2-2 Boss: A simple enough boss but thereís a chance that you will die if
--------------- you don't destroy one of the turrets quick enough or are just 
careless. There are five laser turrets that have to be destroyed. Each of the 
turrets will fire independently of each other roughly every 10 seconds of so. 
Normally it only fires when you are on the same platform as the turret. The 
blast shield will open exposing the gun inside before it fires so you have 
some warning to get the hell out of the way. With the WEAPON upgrade you can
shoot through the platform to the adjacent turret above/below while it's firing 
it's laser. Without it, you will have to jump to each platform and destroy the 
turret before it fires. 

Stage 3-1

Password: 576 5WHD M7D

This is another oddball stage. Did you notice the parallax scrolling in the 
background? Pretty cool stuff for an NES game. The Tram Cars you see moving 
along the track throughout this stage are the main obstacle here. They won't 
attack you but donít run into one obviously. Beep beep. Walk to the right and 
destroy the Tram Cars when they get in your way, which will be often enough. 
Youíll be sick of them by the time you are done this stage.

When you get to the spikes do a Gravity Flip and then another to get the FLAME
powerup. I wouldnít recommend getting it however when you already have a WEAPON 
because that one will negate it. There will be a SHIELD and a second ARMOR
powerup just ahead in case you get hit before then so that's nice of Irem. Drop 
to the floor if you havenít already and nab the ARMOR and then continue right.

When you get past the neon-green blocks there will be a White Turret positioned
at the top right side of the screen. You can stand on the edge and hit it as 
long as you have the WEAPON powerup- while walking right when it fires at you-
or just go head to head with it under the track. With the SHIELD, it'll absorb
the hits from the White Turret. Once itís gone, head right to continue to the 
second part of the stage.

Stage 3-2

Thereís more Tram Car action ahead. Yee haw. Head right until you see the two
powerups. You have a choice here, the ARMOR or the WEAPON powerup. Whatever you
grab, jump back through the platform on the other side of the wall and continue
right. Stick to the ceiling until you reach the wall of flame coming from the
machine below. Doing a Gravity Jump will solve that problem.

Jump to the platform above the spikes and onto the ground ahead. You have
to time it to avoid the Trams and donít press jump all the way down or you 
might hit the spikes on the ceiling. Head right and destroy the White Turret 
with the WEAPON powerup; without it, jump to the platform ahead and reverse 
gravity. Do another Gravity Flip when you see the long line of spikes ahead and 
continue on.

Jump across the holes and do a Gravity jump in the corner and jump onto the
small platform sticking out of the wall. Jump over the top and grab the Barrier
in the corner. Walk right again, jump onto the raised part of the ceiling where
the spikes are and do the final Gravity Jump onto the platform below. Go right
to start a meet and greet with the boss of this death trap. 

Stage 3-2 Boss: This boss is considerably tougher than the previous two bosses 
--------------- that you faced. You should have learned the mechanics of 
Gravity Jumps by now or you are going to have a hell of a time here. The boss 
is the round machine surrounded by the two rotating orbs that are its only 
means of attack. No lasers, bullets, or anything like that here; it'll just try 
to ram into you.

The room itself is divided into four equal areas by the lasers moving 
vertically and horizontally along the centre of the room. You can't touch those 
either or you'll go ka-blam. The boss will wait for a bit in its quadrant and 
then move into the quadrant that you currently occupy. You have to get the 
timing down right- just as it starts to move, or even just before it moves, you 
have to move into an adjacent quadrant yourself. 

Move too soon and the boss will follow you into the quadrant that you are 
moving to. It boils down this: You have a few seconds to hit him, move into a 
position to get yourself into another quadrant, move into an adjacent quadrant, 
and repeat from there until the boss is destroyed. As long as you give yourself 
an exit route and getting the timing down, you shouldn't have too much trouble. 

An alternate strategy given to me through email (thanks BM) that I never 
considered; with an ARMOR powerup, just stand in place and fire at the boss. 
The first time you will get hit but afterwards the boss (and the orbs) 
shouldn't be able to hit you. A bit of experimenting on my part shows that 
sometimes you can stand there or slightly off center from the starting point 
without an ARMOR powerup and sometimes the boss won't be able to hit you 
either, or you may blow up. 

Stage 4-1

Password: 863 9JQZ WQ[heart]

Here is where the game starts getting tough. This one in particular is one of
the more unique stages in the game. You start and end the stage inside a large
box that moves you around. Itís supposed to be an elevator from what it says in
the manual but you probably wouldnít figure that if you didn't read it 
beforehand. It starts off simple enough; just let it take you for a ride.

A FLAME powerup up will soon appear, followed by several Pods to ruin the
moment. Grab the FLAME if you want but stick to the bottom because a Rotator
Pod will show up there and if youíre on the top youíll have a tricky time
trying to get through it. The Flame is useful on this stage because you can
pass through enemies with it. You might want to keep that in mind.

Another Rotator Pod will appear at the top. Go to the ceiling and destroy it.
More Pods will follow, as well as an Armor powerup nestled amount several Pods
and a Weapon powerup. Soon after this, the elevator will start to move upwards.
A set of three wall traps are ahead. Since you are moving with the elevator
youíll have to time it. Itís not hard though.

Wait until you are almost level with the first set of wall traps and then do a
Gravity Jump. You should avoid getting hit this way. Now, stand on the right
side of the elevator and wait until the three White Turrets appear above you
and blast them all. The elevator will turn right at this point. Two sets of two
Pods will form a wall ahead.

Walk under the first set and then Gravity Jump over the second set. Further
ahead will be the same set of Pods, except that a Rotator Pod will be at the
top and another one at the bottom. Gravity Jump to the ceiling and destroy the
first one, and then fall back to the ground and destroy the second one. This
next part is a little harder. 

A Blue Turret will appear in the bottom right corner. You can destroy them but
you canít get rid of them permanently. You can also destroy the shots they
fire. Blast the first one. The elevator will move upwards again and another
Blue Turret will appear in the top left corner. Blast that one and destroy the
bottom right one again. A third and fourth Blue Turret will appear soon after.

Get the third one and while itís gone, get the fourth one. The third one will
reappear again. Gravity Jump to the ceiling and take care of it. The fourth one
will reappear again by this time. Be at the bottom to take it out before it can
fire at you. One last Blue Turret will appear at the top. Gravity Jump to the
ceiling and destroy it. Now, let the elevator take you to the boss.

Stage 4-1 Boss: This isnít really the boss of the stage; itís more of a mini
--------------- boss to tide you over. The boss consists of four red machines
circling around the perimeter of the elevator. They donít attack but they will
gradually speed up and slow down and then speed up again... you get
the point. Just stay where you are and jump over them as they pass by while 
firing at them when you can. While they are slowing down again take this time 
to blast as many of them apart as you can. They might fire at you but you 
should be able to avoid it. Once the remaining ones pick up speed again, 
destroy the stragglers to finish off the boss.

Stage 4-2

The stony Romanesque style elevator will be replaced with a more mechanical
looking one. The remainder of the stage is also much harder. You will get a 
SHIELD and an ARMOR right off the bat. Deadly foreshadowing much? Not with this
guide! Several Crab machines will appear around the edge of the elevator and 
and try to run into you. The SHIELD, if you did grab it, will protect you 
from them when they hit it.

Three more powerups will appear not long after- a WEAPON and a FLAME powerup, 
also a rare as heck CRUSH. Depending on what you grabbed earlier, you will 
want the WEAPON but you should avoid the other two. The elevator will do a 
shimmy downwards around the time those powerups appear so you donít have much 
time to grab them. Soon the elevator will take you to a round Sentry machine.

Stand under it and hit it from there. Watch it blow up. Rejoice. They are 
simple to defeat but donít stand on the side of it since thatís where itís 
bullets tend to go. Not long after the Sentry is gone, the elevator will go 
upwards and youíll run into another one on the left side. And after that, yet 
another one will appear on the right. The elevator will stop there and start 
going right again.

Destroy the Sentry from the top. Soon after, a new obstacle appears- the Wall 
Sentry- on the right. Itís weak point is the green part in it's center- you 
have to destroy it quickly or you will run into it. It also fires missiles 
toward the bottom so you should continually jump when you see one- speaking 
of that, another one will show up right afterwards. Yikes. 

Stand in the middle of the elevator once the first Wall Sentry is gone. Not
long after that, two more will appear on either side of you. Destroy the left
one first since the elevator will start to move left. Once the left one is
gone, destroy the right one. The elevator will start left again in a little 
bit. But alas, soon it will start going downward again, right through the
toughest part of this stage.

Several Pods will appear right down the middle of the elevator, effectively
splitting it into two. Right after that, a Sentry Ship will appear on the top
right. It's best to destroy it since its bullets might hit you while you are
on the way down. You can also just Gravity Jump to the ceiling and wait for 
it on the right and then flip back down later. 

Either way, once the Pods clear out, move toward the right side of the elevator
to make way for another Sentry Ship that will appear from the left corner.
This one is easier to destroy.  The elevator will start zigzagging left and 
right, while more Sentry Ships will start showing up and single Pods line the
center of the elevator.

Destroy the Sentry Ships when they appear so they don't fire at you- if they 
do, avoiding them might a little tough. One will appear on the top and another 
on the bottom so you can just wait for them and jump over the Pods as they show 
up. After a couple of zigzags, the elevator will straighten out and a long line 
of Pods will appear down the center. The elevator will turn one last time and 
then you will find the boss. 

Stage 4-2 Boss: This boss is similar to the stage 4-1 boss but quite a bit
--------------- harder. Itís made up of two parts- one is the red core bouncing 
around inside the elevator- it's necessary to destroy this to continue on. The 
other part is two guns - one on the top, and another on the bottom - that move 
horizontally along the elevator. They often will follow you around and will 
fire a laser beam at you that can be difficult to avoid if it traps you. 

Obviously, the first thing that needs to be done is to destroy at least one of 
the guns before you concentrate on the core. This is easy to do with the WEAPON 
upgrade as it will take apart one or both of the guns in a matter of seconds, 
without it you'll have to do some fancy footwork to avoid getting hit. There's 
no real strategy here, you'll need a bit of luck. Try to keep the guns together 
on one side so that you avoid getting trapped between the two guns or in a 
corner when they fire. 

Destroy one or both of the guns and you can get down to business with the core. 
The core by itself is defenseless, shoot it until it blows up and you'll be 
finished here. A second strategy to defeat this boss right off the bat is to 
just jump into it IF YOU HAVE THE ARMOR POWERUP from the beginning of the 4-1. 
It donít know why it works but it does. And thank God for that.

Stage 5-1

Password: P[heart]S X!R9 X3J

Yay! Weíre back on old solid ground with no more elevators. However, you have
to be quick on this stage because thereís an energy beam moving behind you that
will kill you if you touch it. In fact, you will quickly find out that lasers 
are the theme of this entire stage. Walk to the right until you see the Laser
Turret between the two small orange blocks.

Donít walk under it though, just wait for it to stop firing and destroy it. 
There will be two more Laser Turrets ahead. Youíll have to go on the ceiling 
to destroy the one on the ground as well as the next one you see. Later on 
there will two more. Destroy the vertical one and wait for the horizontal
one to stop firing and then Gravity Jump to the ceiling to take care of it.

With the Weapon powerup, you can destroy the horizontal one easier by standing 
at the edge of laser and hitting it that way. Continuing to the right youíll 
see another Laser Turret on the ground. Get rid of it and then drop to the 
ground but donít go any further until then. Now, walk forward until you see the
horizontal Laser Turret ahead. 

Destroy that sucka, do a flip to the ceiling, and then destroy the vertical one
while it's inactive. Grab the spoils of war, AKA the ARMOR and the FLAME 
powerups, and be on your way. The area will open up now and there will be a 
lone Laser Turret in the middle, as well as a whole bunch more of them further 
ahead. Destroy the one Laser Turret close to the ground and then grab the CRUSH 

Thereís a SHIELD inside the orange structure if you want it. You donít really 
need it for this stage though. The CRUSH should have taken care of the rest of 
the Laser Turrets here so just casually waltz to the right to find the exit to 
this area. The last Laser Turret to the right might still be lingering so you 
might want to take care of it, or maybe not.

Stage 5-2

Thereís more of the same here: Laser Turrets, the energy beam of death. You
know, the usual. The energy beam will also appear sooner and move faster so you
have to be even quicker than before on this part of the stage. If you still
have the WEAPON powerup from earlier, it will make this stage a snap, so hang
onto it as long you can. Destroy the first two Laser Turrets and grab the 

Continue right and head through the middle when you come to the stacked
platforms. Donít worry about the flying mechs here, they shouldnít be able to
hit you since they are flying near the ceiling. When you come to the opening in
the middle platform, fall off the side and wait at the wall ahead for the
flying mech to go across the middle.

After it does, jump to the middle platform and keep walking until you reach a
group of three Laser Turrets. One last flying mech may get in your way but you
can either jump over it, or jump to the top platform to avoid it. Get rid of
both of the two closer Laser Turrets and then drop next to the third one when
it stops firing and destroy it.

Reverse gravity onto the ceiling and continue walking to the right. There will 
be another group of Laser Turrets here, which are a bit tougher than the last 
group. With the WEAPON powerup, you can drop the floor again while the bottom 
Laser Turret isnít firing and fire at it through the wall. Otherwise, you will 
have to drop down on the other side of the wall and destroy it.

Once that bottom Laser Turret is gone, you will be in the clear from this point
on, unless you want to get the WEAPON powerup near the ceiling. In order to get
it, you have to gravity flip onto the orange blocks close to the ground, fall
into the hole to grab it, and then Gravity Jump back out. Itís a pretty tough
maneuver but if you want it you should at least have the Armor powerup.

Afterwards, walk to the right side where the Laser Turret is firing through the
opening. Wait for it to stop, reverse gravity to the ceiling, and then walk 
into the boss room. You should have more than enough time to get in there 
before the Laser Turret starts firing again.

Stage 5-2 Boss: An oddity that looks like three clenched fists stuck together. 
--------------- Itís a tough boss, you will need all your mad skillz so far in 
order to avoid getting hit. In fact, the ARMOR or the WEAPON powerup is very 
handy to have during this fight. The boss also comes in three fantastic 
flavors, each of which has distinctive methods of attack that the boss cycles 
through usually every few minutes. 

Blue mode, during which time it will fire angled lasers either toward the 
ground or the ceiling. Not too tough, but can get hectic later in combination 
with other attacks. Red mode, during which time it will fire lasers forward but 
will turn 90 degrees depending on your proximity to the ground or the ceiling 
when you pass close or under them. Donít jump through the middle of these 
unless they are close to the ground, just walk under when you can. 

The final mode, green, during which time it will fire a wide vertical bar 
laser. A little tougher than the other two modes IMO. You will need to use your 
Gravity Jump to avoid these in some situations. When you damage the boss 
enough, it will start spaz mode, rapidly switching modes every few seconds and 
firing at a much quicker pace than before. Stay at the back of the room to give 
yourself some space to maneuver and keep firing. 

As long as you keep your head and donít get caught off-guard by the multiple 
combinations of attacks, you should be fine. 

Stage 6-1

Password: 2QS Q8R8 KKQ

This stage is similar to stage 2 in that the top and bottom of the screen wrap
around to each other. The kicker is there are only platforms that slowly move 
upwards that you can stand on this time. Get your directions straight because 
you will likely be disoriented the first few times you try this stage. Try not 
to fall off platforms unless itís necessary, as falling into infinity is a 
simple to get hit by various enemies in this stage. 

There are also a lot of Barriers here- machines that will keep you from passing
through them unscathed unless you are in the right orientation, that is, you 
are upside down or rightside up- in order to deactivate them. Keep in mind that 
you can't touch the Barriers either or you will be blown into space junk. Make 
your way to the right until you see the first Barrier. 

Flip upside down to shut it down and land on the platform beside the second 
Barrier. A second flip is needed here so that you are on top of the platform 
and to deactivate the second Barrier. There will be a third Barrier ahead, as 
well as a SHIELD and a WEAPON powerup on two of the platforms. I prefer the 
WEAPON powerup to defeat the turrets quickly, but the SHIELD can help prevent 
damage. Grab the one you think would be best ahead. It doesnít matter which. 

The third Barrier will turn off when you are rightside up so you know what you 
have to do here. A White Turret will show up around the middle ahead- itís 
better to attack it from below on the platform to the left of it- as well as a 
second one close between an orange platform that you won't be able to shoot 
through. You will have to get under/above it to destroy it. A bit further you 
should see a long white platform ahead with several Flame Turrets.

Get rid of the first one from below and make your way onto the platforms above 
the white platform. When you are on the second platform above, quickly jump 
below, onto the white platform and then onto platforms above it again. When 
done quick enough, you should bypass several more turrets that you would have 
to destroy otherwise. The white Turret in the center of the platform will 
likely fire at you but it shouldnít be difficult to avoid. 

For the tough guys who want to fight their way through this little trouble 
spot: destroy the first Flame Turret and slowly make your way left to destroy 
the second Flame Turret. The White Turret in the center is a little tricky to 
remove. You might be able to get it from the left or you can get directly 
above/below it to take it out. Both will leave you in a pretty precarious spot.

After more random platforms you will encounter a new enemy here, a green ship 
with fins on the top/bottom; it flies onscreen quickly, fires a bullet and 
flies off-screen again. Go rightside up again if you haven't already done so to 
deactivate the Barrier on the far right and fire to the continuously 
right/up/down. You might hit a ship or two before it can do anything. The 
Barrier ahead should be off and you can continue to stage 6-2.

Stage 6-2

Here comes the pain. Beep beep. This is the hardest area of the game in my 
opinion. There will be Barrier right in front of you. Deactivate it and make 
your way to the right. You will find a much needed ARMOR powerup ahead, close 
to the spiked platform. Flip upside down to shut down the Barrier and wait on 
the platform until it reaches the middle of the screen. 

Jump across the void and fall onto the platform ahead. You can reorient 
yourself here as necessary. You should see a long platform with more White 
Turrets on it ahead. Itís even less of a good idea to fight your way through 
this area than in the previous area- you should just run for your life. Stay 
upside down on the small platform, jump onto the white platform and reverse 
gravity onto the larger blue platform below.  
Mind the White Turrets when they are firing at you- if you still have the 
SHIELD from stage 6-1, this will be a lot easier- and fall off the right side 
onto the platform below and make your way across the platforms to the right. 
You can land on the white platform and quickly run your ass to the right before 
they fire at you. Watch out for the Flame Turret at the end. 

When you reach the stacked platforms at the other end, move forward enough to 
reveal the two Flame Turrets on the long platform ahead. A couple of more Flame 
Turrets will show up on either side of the platform- again with the SHIELD 
powerup this part is a piece of cake, just slowly walk into the turrets and 
they will be destroyed. A couple of fin ships may make an appearance here. 

Without the SHIELD youíll have to jump over them after they fire at you, or if 
you are feeling adventurous, you can Gravity Jump past them. You would have to 
contend with the fin ship at some point though. So... maybe itís not such a 
good idea. When you reach the orange structure, continue to the other end of it 
where the two spike platforms that block your path. 

This next part is more intricate- something of a puzzle I imagine- that Irem 
figured that we needed besides the dick-slamming difficulty. Go upside down 
here to land on the spike platform above you, now fall off the right until you 
are on the spike platform was blocking your way before. Jump back onto the 
orange structure, except this time, youíre upside down of course, and jump onto 
the platform next to the Barrier. 

Flip onto the platform below and walk right to the edge- if you leave the tip 
of your foot on the platform, you wonít get hit by the Barrier when you appear 
at the bottom of the screen again. This is a good spot to reorient yourself 
because this next part is tricky and doing it all in one go would be tough. 
Gravity Jump to the platform above you and walk to the right edge. 

When the platform is near the bottom of the screen, fall off and hold right 
until you are above the spike platform ahead. 

Now quickly reverse gravity again before you are kabob and you will land on the 
safe end of the spike platform. Another way to do this- I donít personally like 
it, but your own mileage may vary- is to step off the edge of the platform and 
fall into infinity. When you are comfortable enough, you press right and 
reverse gravity onto the spike platform. Either way, you are in the clear. Walk 
right to greet the boss. 

Stage 6-2 Boss: The boss is made up of three blocks that move counter clockwise
--------------- around the sides of the screen. Usually two of the blocks are
closer together and the third one is further away. They donít fire at you but
I guess they really donít need to since you canít touch the ground or the
ceiling at all. You need to stay on the blocks to avoid being damaged.

There are several ways to approach fighting this boss. The best method I found 
to survive the start of this fight is to wait on the block you start on until 
it starts up the right side of the wall. Jump or fall off the side of it onto 
the block behind it and you should be fine for awhile. 

You can fire at a block, it will first turn red and then blow up, however, that 
leaves another problem when the blocks are destroyed. Ah-ha, you lose a place 
to stand and makes it harder to stay alive. *snap* The only real way to counter 
this is to hit all three as much as you can before you destroy the first and 
the second one. When the second block is gone you have to take a couple of 
quick shots at the last block that will hopefully destroy the last one. 

When you happen to destroy one before you weaken the other two... itís still 
possible to win, but itís tough. The two remaining block are further apart, you 
will likely have to do some tricky Gravity Jumps to stay on one when one 
travels along the top and then drop onto another when it travels along the 
bottom. ... Yup, itís a real pain. An ARMOR powerup will make it easier but the 
first method is best. Whoosh... onto the final stage of the game.

Stage 7-1

Password: 94J LZH3 93G

You start in a long corridor with one WEAPON, one SHIELD, and one FIREBALL 
powerup, at the other end. Grab what you need and head right... time for a boss 
rush mode. Yeah. *shudder* Luckily, they are the same as before. When you get a 
game over, you will start in the corridor again, but you will fight the boss 
that lost your last life on instead of starting at the beginning.

BOSS RUSH MODE shouldn't be too much trouble though, since you've beaten them 
before, there's no stage to deal with, and you get some sweet powerups to take 
into the boss fight. You canít do the Gravity Jump trick against the stage 4-2
boss here but the stage 6 boss should be easier now because you have access to
a readily available WEAPON powerup. After you defeat all six bosses again, you 
can move on to the final boss of the game.

Stage 7 Boss: A pretty lame final boss if you ask me. A large machine will 
------------- slowly move across to the left side of the screen, gradually 
exposing the four cores in its center. The machine won't damage you when you 
touch it but there's a timer that gives you a short amount of time in order 
to destroy the cores before you lose a life. Quickly take out the cores and 
watch it blow up. That's it. 


The whole thing erupts in a massive explosion and then quietly settles into 
silence. Presumably the M-308 escapes (somehow) knowing how these old NES games 
work, and the proceeding text crawl will congratulate you for saving the Earth. 

"Through your courageous efforts all the people on Earth will sleep peacefully
tonight. The massive computer that set out to destroy the blue planet has been

Leaders from the Earth nation will now bestow upon you a reward greater than 
any medal. And more valuable than all the gold known to man. You have earned 
everlasting life.

Yes! Your courage has won you immortality: now is your duty to return to the 
cosmos and protect the more vulnerable Earthlings from future alien attacks.

Hang tough!"

tl;dr, thanks for saving the Earth, gabba, gabba, now try expert mode so you 
can really be pissed off. 

Expert Mode

Password: 8BF-SMCX-S8L

Expert Mode is a far more difficult than normal. Good luck! Youíll need it.


Final Words

Goodbye. It's been fun writing this thing for you all. Well, not really, but I
had to have something nice to say since this guide is almost at the end. Heh.
Just kidding. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praise or
criticism, they should be sent to <shdwswrm@hotmail.com>. If you're looking for
specific information and it isn't in this guide, please tell me about it and
I'll fix it. If youíre planning on using this guide, Iíd appreciate it if you
emailed me first. Thanks.


-Irem for creating this game.
-NintendoAge for the transcription of the manual. 
-Wikipedia for some bits stolen (and then verified personally) by me. 
-Tidegear and Brian Miller for their general help and boss info that I missed 
 the first time. 
-Not Dave and anyone else who contributed codes for the cheats menu at GF. 
-Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Coke for when I'm writing.

And thank you for reading.

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